tjbenator0Spam filtering now functional. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.00:22
ruben23hi guys i have a ubuntu server- is there any solutions where i can image the whole system or even snapshot to revert from aworking system...so anything happens i can revert back right away.01:07
ruben23guys any suggestion how can i backup my working ubuntu server and save it as image incrementally- in any event i can revert to a working image and restore it.01:23
tjbenator0You could use something like rsnapshot to back up config files, etc.01:45
tjbenator0You could restore files as needed01:45
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kriskropdhow do I know if removing tomcat6 from my server will affect another package that depends on it?02:03
lordievaderGood morning.07:43
lordievaderHey cwhy1, how are you?08:40
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Abhijitubuntu server is does partition as specified in sample.seed file in cobbler. but it do not understand the network configuration. instead halts for user input for network configuration.09:53
Abhijitwhat do i need to do to make cobbler sample.seed work perfectly with ubuntu server 14.04?09:54
Abhijitlammy, is spamming with porn links in pm.09:54
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zartooshhi there is ubuntu-destop package, but there in no ubuntu-server package. Is ubuntu-minimal close to ubuntu-server ....? thx12:07
RoyKzartoosh: ubuntu server is just ubuntu desktop without the desktop part12:07
Abhijitubuntu server is does partition as specified in sample.seed file in cobbler. but it do not understand the network configuration. instead halts for user input for network configuration.12:09
peetaur2zartoosh: minimal is basically 'server' without the server... just install ssh, or whatever you need.12:10
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zartooshRoyK, Abhijit  peetaur2  thanks for your feedback. I am investigating installation of ubuntu-server on a separate disk. The debootstrap automaitcall install some packages which conflict with ubuntu-server, i.e. it install buysbox, but ubuntu server requires busybox-static.12:22
* Abhijit goes back to check what did he contributed?12:22
peetaur2zartoosh: think of those ubuntu-minimal/server things as starting points... just install them once, then install what you want (and remove ubuntu-minimal also, which won't uninstall the things it installed)12:23
peetaur2remove only if it is because of a conflict12:23
RoyKzartoosh: why busybox?12:23
zartooshRoyK debootstrap install busybox as default, it is not my choice.12:24
ikoniawhy would you just not do a standard ubuntu server install12:24
ikoniarather than this round the houses approach12:25
peetaur2if you don't need it, then you shouldn't care which one is installed... just mash some keys until it's happy12:25
peetaur2yeah good question.. what is he starting with ... these should be installed already by the installer12:25
ikoniadownload ubuntu server, burn CD/usb stick, install done12:25
ikonia20 minutes work12:25
ikoniarather than this complex process12:26
zartooshikonia, it is for field implementation which there is no access to ubuntu.archives,12:26
ikoniawhat has that got do with anything ?12:26
ikoniaburn CD/usb stick12:26
ikoniano acccess to ubuntu.acrhives needed12:26
zartooshikonia, you are right as I said I am investigating possible solution...12:27
ikoniathere is no need for a solution12:28
ikoniathere is no problem12:28
zartooshikonia, :)12:28
ikoniaI'm not joking12:28
ikoniaI don't see a problem, so I don't understand why you are doing this12:28
zartooshikonia, okay so, as I said just looking at possibility of using debootstrap, that is all..12:29
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punkgeekcan i encription /root with LUKS ?14:21
LarsNI'm running into a problem while trying to do an unattended installation using Preseed.  Specifically the partitioner starts, and then nearly immediately crashes out with a "not root filesystem" error.  The partitioning part of the preseed file is listed here: http://pastie.org/938900415:12
LarsNIs there anything special I need to do if I've got Intel Matrix Raid devices?  I "think" the installer might not be seeing the raid device?15:13
kullyhey all; how can I hide hidden folders from an ftp user. Guy will be connecting in VIA filezilla and it's showing all the hidden ubuntu files/folders of his directory15:20
kullyi.e. .ssh .bashrc etc15:20
DeltaHeavykully: Not sure if you can. You could change the ownership/permissions of them and take away execute rights for that use.15:23
DeltaHeavyIn order to "enter" a directory you need to have execute permissions.15:23
kullyok cool. I'll look into that, also is there anyway to have him redirect to a certain directory on sftp login?15:25
kullyi.e. instead of hitting his /home/ dir to hit /var/www/ upon sftp log in15:25
DeltaHeavykully: I believe so. I highly suggest the use of SFTP over FTP. You can do quite a few things to make it secure. I usually have the SFTP user jailed in their home directory and have local mounts in their homedir, one for each website they'd be editing on that server.15:26
DeltaHeavykully: You also might want to change the default shell for that SFTP user to '/bin/false'15:26
LarsNkully: from within the filezilla client I believe you can direct it to /var/www as an example.15:26
LarsNkully: also depending on which FTP server you're running you can make changes on the server side.  I agree with DeltaHeavy though, if you can direct him/her toward sftp you're in a lot better shape security wise.15:27
DeltaHeavykully: To make it so that dir is their default directory (I reccommend the other method I told you about, and I can help you do that), just change the user's home dir.15:27
DeltaHeavyFTP is insecure as hell and garbage for a few other reasons. Slower being one of them.15:27
kullyLarsN I'm trying to make this as simple for the user as they arn't to tech literate. I just want him to click on filezilla and beable to drop the files in the directory15:27
LarsNif you have to use FTP, you should set the user's shell to /bin/false, as he/she'll be sending username/password in plain text.15:27
DeltaHeavyFTP IMO should be considered a "Legacy Protocol" and avoided at all costs.15:27
kullyyeah I'm using sftp authenticating with rsa15:27
LarsNkully: filezilla supports sFTP out of the box.15:27
kullyright i'm using sftp for this15:28
LarsNfor true double-click only, you could go so far as to provide a set of keys for this user/folder and associate the private key within filezilla.15:29
LarsNkully: iirc, (and it's been years since I've used FTP), you should be able to do virtually anything you want with vsftp.15:29
DeltaHeavyHe's using SFTP though. Forget about FTP.15:29
DeltaHeavykully: You going to change their home dir, or just do network mounts? IMO if you set up the account right you can just remove all folders like .bashrc and .ssh15:30
kullyyea i didn't want to use vsftp because that would negate all the other security settings I have in place15:30
DeltaHeavyActually, if you're using RSA auth, they NEED to have permissions into .ssh I think. I could be wrong though.15:30
kullyyeah they need permissions to .ssh15:30
kullyI was thinking of creating a symlink to the directory in the dir15:31
kullybut I want filezilla to not show hidden files/folders15:31
LarsNkully: one second, installing filezilla to look :)15:31
kullyhaha thanks!15:31
DeltaHeavykully: That'd be less secure IMO. I'd just give them access to .ssh.15:31
DeltaHeavyLike, it COULD be less secure. It sounds weird.15:32
kullyyeah currently he does have access to all that stuff, and that's ok, I just don't want him to see it. He's the COO and he'll be like what are these files and why can I see them. I just want to see /var/www/whatever/documents15:32
kullyso I want to redirect the sftp default directory for just his user to /var/www/whatever/documents15:33
LarsNkully: so, when you setup the new site in Filezilla15:33
LarsNand set it to SFTPd15:33
DeltaHeavykully: And expalin "It's needed to log in without a password" and be done with it. The .bashrc and all that can be fixed by changing their shell to '/bin/false'.15:33
LarsNunder "advanced" you can set the "default local directory"15:33
LarsNwhich would let you have /home/someuser  be his home directory, but /var/www/ as what shows up15:34
kullythat's exactly what I neded. Perfect15:34
DeltaHeavyI spent a lot of time configuring SFTP to make it safe, as for small web projects I store the password for that account in plain text on my local machine for an SFTP plugin for my text editor. Since that's a huge problem, I secured the ever living crap out of my SFTP account.15:34
LarsNwant to clarify, I haven't tested this....  :)15:34
kullyyeah I'm going to test it now; seems like that's what I'm looking for though15:34
LarsNbeen so long since I've used filezilla, I thought that feature was there, but wasn't sure.15:35
kullyyep. That works like a charm15:36
LarsNkully excellent.  I'd still suggest working to ensure strong security around the user and SFTP in general.15:37
DeltaHeavykully: I also suggest making an 'sftp' group and applying this to the **END** of your /etc/ssh/sshd_config - http://paste.ubuntu.com/7794011/15:37
LarsNbut glad the filezilla parts work at a minimum.15:37
DeltaHeavykully: That in combination with changing the default shell to /bin/false, and making some entries in /etc/fstab for local mounts, you're gold.15:37
DeltaHeavyI can walk you through it if you wish. It's safe enough for me to comfortable have my password for any secured account in a plain text file on my local machine, that I fear may one day be accidently pushed to a git repo :p15:38
LarsNanyone here an Preseed wizard with experience around Intel Matrix "raid" devices?15:38
DeltaHeavyIt's basically a bare SFTP account not capable of any shell or shell-like activities.15:38
kullyDelta: yeah I'm setting those things now too. That's perfect.15:39
kullyi'm in a good place now thanks guy15:39
kullyand gals15:39
DeltaHeavykully: np, if you need any help feel free to come. ALso I forgot to mention to MAKE that group (the one I call 'sftp') and apply it to the user you want.15:40
DeltaHeavyBack when I was using Ubuntu mainly as a desktop I heard upgrading from version to version was somewhat buggy and problem prone. Is this still the case? I have a LEMP server running 12.04, and it'd be nice if I could upgrade it to 14.04 but I don't want to gamble with a production server. Are there ANY disadvantages to running the update?16:11
DeltaHeavyI assume my LEMP stack will be updated and I suspect everything will work fine on newer versions of the server software and PHP. I'm using MariaDB so it won't effect that.16:12
bekksDeltaHeavy: That assumption heavily depends on the software used.16:13
DeltaHeavybekks: It's a production server for 2 websites that are almost completely static. Is that what you meant? Otherwise I'm not sure what you mean.16:14
DeltaHeavyAlso if I do it I'll be doing in the middle of the night where I can handle up to 6hrs of downtime.16:14
bekksstatic websites with mariadb and php? Sounds - odd :)16:14
DeltaHeavyFurther downtime wouldn't be disasterous either. These aren't high traffic websites.16:14
OliPicardGreetings all, I am using a VPS with a hosting firm. I have tried to run a graceful reboot on the server using shutdown -r now and reboot now however the server is unresponsive. any idea why?16:15
DeltaHeavybekks: They do a few things via PHP/MariaDB. Mostly dealing with the YouTube, MailChimp, and EventBrite API which is pretty minimal, and as entries are added to the API I store them in the DB too for insurance.16:16
patdk-wkthe upgrade stability depends on many things16:25
patdk-wkif you made config changes the debian/ubuntu way or not16:25
patdk-wkthe changes packages have made (if any)16:25
patdk-wkand if you are using no-longer supported features (big issue with php)16:26
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: I know all the PHP in this site will be compatable with v5.5. I've made very little configuration changes in /etc/nginx/nginx.conf and /etc/php5-fpm/<whatever the pool file is>, and would be A-OK with making these changes again. Are there ANY other drawbacks to doing an upgrade?16:32
DeltaHeavyI remember doing it from 8.04 to 8.10 which ended up being disasterous but I was a GNU/Linux noob at the time.16:32
patdk-wkI had big issues back in 7.x 8.x and 10.x for upgrades16:32
patdk-wkI haven't had really little annoynces with 12.0416:32
DeltaHeavyHow will it differ than a clean install of 14.04?16:32
patdk-wkand 14.04 has been very smooth16:32
DeltaHeavyOr is it pretty much the same.16:32
DeltaHeavyI guess going from LTS to LTS would be a lot smoother too since they'd focus on that more I guess.16:33
patdk-wkwell, it's pretty much almost exactly the same16:33
patdk-wkthe difference is, preferences set from 12.04 default install will hang around16:33
patdk-wkvs getting 14.04 preferences16:33
patdk-wkbut that is normally a gui/gnome thing, not server16:33
DeltaHeavyYeah, that's totally fine with me.16:34
patdk-wkthe one thing you might have issues with, if your using 12.04 or so16:34
patdk-wkubuntu didn't have mariadb back then16:34
patdk-wkand now does16:34
patdk-wkthat might cause alittle package upgrade issue16:34
patdk-wkeasy enough to solve, but might be annoying for a little bit :)16:35
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: I'm using a 3rd party PPA. I think I'd just dump my DBs, uninstall MariaDB, remove the PPA, and start from scratch with the official repo in that case.16:36
DeltaHeavyI didn't know 14.04 came with MariaDB in the official repos though. Great news.16:36
* RoyK prefers postgresql over {mariadb,mysql} any day16:39
DeltaHeavyAgree'd, but when working with some PHP site that other developers will probably have to use one day, I prefer going with what MOST people know.16:40
DeltaHeavyMind you with PDO I don't think I"d have to worry about that =/16:40
patdk-wkyou do16:40
DeltaHeavyI need to get on a good ORM for all the PHP work I do outside of a framework.16:40
patdk-wkpdo while a nice idea, is broken and buggy16:41
DeltaHeavyIt is? I havn't noticed :p16:41
patdk-wkI had so much fun attempting to get lastinsertid working16:41
patdk-wkfor mysql, it just works :)16:41
patdk-wkfor everyone else, buggy as crap16:41
patdk-wkand the bugs change from version to version :)16:42
DeltaHeavyAh, yeah. When I'm working with PHP sans framework MaraiDB/MySQL is my goto.16:42
DeltaHeavyAs much as I wish everybody would move away from PHP and MaraiDB/MySQL all together :p16:43
RoyKDeltaHeavy: from PHP to what_16:43
patdk-wklisp :)16:43
patdk-wkI can never have enough brackets16:44
DeltaHeavyRoyK: Anything lol. I'm trying to move mainly to Python personally.16:44
DeltaHeavyDjango specifically. Everything that's small fish I still do in PHP.16:44
RoyKperl in good old cgi mode16:44
RoyKthat'll make your day16:44
patdk-wkI use perl as my backend code16:44
patdk-wkand normally php/lua for frontend16:44
DeltaHeavyIn College I had to make a website in Perl without using any libraries like 'CGI'16:44
patdk-wkI still have some websites coded in C16:45
RoyKlike nagios, hardcoded html i C16:45
patdk-wkna, it used html template files :)16:45
patdk-wkbasically I created php/mysql into a small c cgi16:46
patdk-wkit was back in php v2 days though16:46
patdk-wkhmm, this is giving me horrible results16:55
patdk-wkusing xz -9, I'm only getting a max of 2% better compression vs gzip -916:55
jamescarrif an init.d script has a call like   log_daemon_msg "Stopping $DESC"17:10
jamescarrwhere does log_daemon_msg go to!?17:10
patdk-wkdepends on what log_daemon_msg function does17:10
patdk-wkmost likely, syslog17:11
jamescarrI thought so too, but alas nothing17:11
TJ-jamescarr: upstart captures console output and flushes it to "/var/log/boot.log"17:12
jamescarrpatdk-wk: right but given this is a stock 14.04 setup I was assuming there was a common location it would log to17:12
jamescarrsyslog wasn't it17:12
jamescarrTJ-: checking...17:12
jamescarrTJ-: no dice, seems that is just the boot.log17:13
patdk-wklog_daemon_msg doesn't sound like, console output :)17:13
Chris_hubuHello everyone17:14
lietzmkHello Chris17:14
Chris_hubuI used to use Debian on all my servers but am moving to Ubuntu. One some VMs I'm going to use Ubuntu 12 (Xen VMs) and to manage them via opennebula17:15
Chris_hubuany downsides that I'm not aware of related to the fact that I'll stick to ubuntu 12 for a while?17:15
lietzmkI believe you get updates to Debian longer then ubuntu. LTS 5years17:17
Chris_hubuthat I know17:17
TJ-jamescarr: Are you calling the init.d script manually then?17:17
Chris_hubuwhat I meant is, would you see anything wrong about keeping ubuntu12 on production VMs/servers for the time being?17:18
lietzmkI switch from Debian to Ubuntu, 4 years ago, that is the biggest for me17:18
jamescarrTJ-: via service foo start17:18
sarnoldChris_hubu: the ubuntu update manager thing doesn't prompt 12.04 users about 14.04 until after 14.04.1 is released, which ought to be in a month or two17:21
sarnoldChris_hubu: there's nothing wrong with staying on 12.04 LTS if you'd rather17:21
Chris_hubuthanks a lot, sarnold I wasn't sure.17:21
Chris_hubuanyone here ever used opennebula on ubuntu servers?17:22
lietzmkI'm going to leave 12.04 on my main production server till 2017, then replace the whole box17:22
TJ-jamescarr: well, "log_daemon_msg()" is in "/lib/lsb/init-functions" and calls "log_daemon_msg_{pre,post}()" in "/lib/lsb/init-functions.d/50-ubuntu-logging" - they all write to stdout17:24
DeltaHeavyHow can I alter the DEFAULT user:group ownerships recersivly in an entire directory?18:46
sarnoldDeltaHeavy: see the bsdgroups option in mount(8)18:53
DeltaHeavysarnold: This isn't a mounted volume though. It's in the root fs.18:56
patdk-wkchown I mean19:13
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: I'm still a little confused. I'm Googling and it seems 'bsdgroups' is in fact a mount option.19:16
DeltaHeavyI don't see it in the chown man pages anywhere19:16
patdk-wksee it?19:16
DeltaHeavyNot in chown19:16
patdk-wk  -R, --recursive19:16
patdk-wk              operate on files and directories recursively19:16
DeltaHeavyI know that one19:16
patdk-wkwell, then what is the question19:17
patdk-wkcause yours wasn't specific enough19:17
DeltaHeavyHow can I alter the DEFAULT user:group ownerships recersivly in an entire directory?19:17
patdk-wkoh, heh19:17
DeltaHeavyNote the 'DEFAULT' in all caps :p19:17
patdk-wkwell, oviously you can't default a user/owner19:17
patdk-wkthe group depends on the directory owner19:18
patdk-wkmaybe you want to make the directory sticky?19:18
patdk-wklook in chmod for that19:18
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: That's crappy >: I have a bunch of document roots and for small projects I use an SFTP plugin for my text editor. I upload these files through a special account that has a chroot'd enviroment and no actual shell access. It gives each NEW file it uploads a user:group of its own user, when I want it to specifically be webdev:sftp19:20
patdk-wkwell, that is easy :)19:20
patdk-wklogin as the webdev user :)19:20
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: But these files aren't uploaded through there because it's not an account I want to be throwing out access to everybody, nor store in a plain text file on my computer in order to use the plugin.19:21
DeltaHeavyThis account is specifically for all SFTP operations.19:21
patdk-wkmaybe rethink how you do permissions?19:21
DeltaHeavyHow should I go about that?19:21
patdk-wkor use acl's instead?19:21
patdk-wkI dunno, I don't know your goal19:21
DeltaHeavyI was thinking of giving in and just using ACLs.19:22
DeltaHeavyBasically I want the owenrship of webdev:sftp for all new files created regardless of what user made them.19:22
patdk-wkacl's have what you want though19:22
patdk-wkwith it's inherit option19:22
DeltaHeavyYeah, probably. I just don't have the time to learn them right now.19:22
patdk-wkwell, doing what you want, won't happen, that would be a security issue19:23
patdk-wkyou could make a small script to do it19:23
patdk-wkuse inotify, and change the user19:23
patdk-wkso it happens instantly after upload19:23
patdk-wkbut then your likely have issues updating the file, depending on the other permissions19:23
DeltaHeavypatdk-wk: I usually just run 'sudo chown -R webdev:sftp *' to fix it as I'm not adding files often, but I'd like to fix this proper some time.19:26
DeltaHeavyI think I'll just learn how to use acls19:26
DeltaHeavyUnix file permissions are way to limited.19:26
patdk-wkyes they are, but they are simple :)19:27
DeltaHeavyYeah, I'm not hating on them.19:28

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