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bzoltanogra_: rsalveti: pong07:11
bzoltanogra_: rsalveti: I mean ping (why on Earth the i is next to o)07:12
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Monday and happy Shark Awareness Day! :-D08:04
matv1I want to report a (minor) bug in the osk but it is not general. Its app related. against what should I report it?08:43
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cwaynehuh, latest devel-proposed just shows me a blank screen10:03
mandelogra_, you, that are wiser, any idea how to know if my phone is charging or just dead??10:11
mandelogra_, I think I manage to screw the hw by compiling too much :-/10:12
cwaynemandel: i once had to leave my n4 plugged into the wall for 2 days until it powered back on10:13
mandelcwayne, really?? lord.. and hw people complain about us!10:13
mandelat least my software can be restarted!10:13
cwaynei know right?! :)10:13
cwayneit was funny, i'd even gotten the replacement from google all set up10:14
cwayneand it finally turned back on like nothing happened10:14
mandelcwayne, well.. is going to be hard testing things today :-/10:17
ogra_mandel, what are the symptoms ?10:17
mandelogra_, I was compiling then I got disconnected (I was using phablet-shell). I have plug it to the wall and I see no led no nothing, if I try to turn it on nothing happens10:18
mandelogra_, it was really hot while compiling10:18
mandeland I've tried diff sockets and diff usb cables10:19
ogra_try holding the power button for a really long time10:19
ogra_(and use the wall plug indeed)10:19
mandelogra_, any adaptor recommended?10:20
mandelogra_, I have a 5V one, is that good?10:20
ogra_mandel, well, 5V and as many amps as you can get10:21
* ogra_ uses a 2.5A one here 10:21
mandelogra_, I have a 2A I think, the ones from the old nexus 710:21
ogra_sounds good10:22
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cwayne129 seems super broken, get a busted welcome wizard on boot, anyone else seen this?10:57
ogra_busted ?10:57
cwayneogra_: completely blank11:01
ogra_we had hangs and broken OSK with it ... thats a new one11:02
cwayneon a fresh flash11:02
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cwaynei believe john-mcaleely saw it as well ^11:02
john-mcaleelycwayne, I did indeed ogra_11:03
john-mcaleelyclean flashed device11:03
cwayneogra_: btw any chance of landing that lightdm override today?  Figured I should ask while you're happy :D11:12
ogra_cwayne, i thought you are a lander now11:12
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matv1is failing mms a known bug? i cant really tell on LP? and isnt mentioned in the last landing mails11:17
ogra_matv1, theoretically it should work ... sergiusens might know if there are open bugs11:18
cwayneogra_: oh yeah.. but i didn't wanna get in anyone elses way (I know you'd been doing work on ubuntu-touch-session earlier)11:19
matv1ok thnx11:21
matv1i also have a small osk bug but it is limited to one app afaiks. to what should i report that? the app in question?11:23
ogra_matv1, depends on the app ... is it a native app ?11:30
matv1as oposed to html5 you mean?11:31
matv1its google maps11:31
matv1so no11:31
ogra_then file it against the webbrowser-app (with mentioning webapp-container in the description)11:31
matv1will do11:32
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bzoltanmvo_: hi, do you know if installing .click on the desktop is expected to work?11:46
popeybzoltan: it works in that it installs to /opt, but with no confinement11:46
bzoltanpopey:  how to do that?11:46
mvo_bzoltan: sort of, see https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/development-1406-click-ftd for the status11:46
mvo_bzoltan: what package are you trying to install? I assume latest utopic?11:47
bzoltanmvo_: any kind of package, a simple qml app for example. yes, on utopic11:47
mhr3_mardy, where can i see some online accounts logs? having trouble adding u1 account11:48
mvo_bzoltan: just give it a go with "pkcon install-local foo.click"11:49
bzoltanmvo_:  that fails with "Failed to contact PackageKit: Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.PackageKit: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.TimedOut: Activation of org.freedesktop.PackageKit timed out"11:49
mvo_bzoltan: ok, give me a sec to check the status11:50
mvo_bzoltan: could you please install packagekit-plugin-click for a start?11:50
bzoltanmvo_: ok11:51
mvo_bzoltan: and remove python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat please11:51
mvo_bzoltan: or actually, please install unity8-desktop-session-mir11:52
mvo_bzoltan: that should have the dependencies you need11:52
bzoltanmvo_:  it removes the packagekit-tools python3-aptdaemon.pkcompat unity-scope-click packages11:52
bzoltanmvo_:  if that messes up my desktop I will buy you a flight ticket to Helsinki and you come over to fix my desktop :D11:53
mvo_bzoltan: haha, I guess ssh will be enough11:53
mvo_bzoltan: but you could simply try it in a container/vm first :P11:53
mvo_(less expensive :)11:53
bzoltanmvo_: should I have the packagekit-tools installed?11:55
mvo_bzoltan: once you install the real packagekit (instead of the pkcompat stuff) you can simply reinstall them again11:56
bzoltanmvo_:  all right... now I can install .click packages11:56
bzoltanmvo_: i wonder what happens with my env after the next reboot11:57
mvo_bzoltan: if you are uncertain, please mail me you /var/log/apt/history.log (or the latest few sections )11:58
mvo_bzoltan: but it should not harm if you just replaced the pkcompat with pacakgekit and installed the click plugin11:58
bzoltanmvo_: no harm :) thanks12:00
bzoltanmvo_: i was asking this because dholbach filed this request -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/125552112:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1255521 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "Offer option to install the project as click package locally" [Medium,Confirmed]12:01
bzoltanmvo_: it does make sense, but I do not think it will be possible to backport to Trusty12:02
* mvo_ nods12:05
bzoltanmvo_:  At some point we will need the .click installation on the LTS super desperately. The lTS is here for 5 years. The day will come when I can not backport Qt, QtCreator or anything what is needed for the latest SDK... so delivering the whole SDK in a confined ubuntu-sdk.click package is something what will be required.12:18
bzoltanmvo_:  i know it sounds crazy :)12:18
popeybzoltan: we're backporting sdk to 14.04 now?12:21
popeyI have heard yes/no/yes/no/yes/no over the last month or two12:21
popeywould be nice to have a final commitment12:21
mvo_bzoltan: I understand, I don't think its cazy at all. we can always use debs in the same way as clicks if needed, i.e. just bundle it all in one huge ubuntu-sdk deb (I'm hand-waving a bit here as there are some details to work out how the sdk find its own private qt instead of the system qt etc). but its approximatly what would have to be done for a click sdk as well :)12:24
bzoltanpopey: :) I think many people are confused with the term "SDK" ... The tools, so the QtCreator and its plugins with the click and phablet-tools are continously backported to Trusty. i spend significant part of my time on backporting and testing the SDK tools for Trusty. What we do not backport to Trusty is the API set. The last UITK package for example was release on 22nd of May and I will not ever push a new UITK package to the SDK PPA,12:24
bzoltanpopey:  so tools we backport, runtimes not.12:25
sergiusensogra_: he left?12:27
ogra_sergiusens, look like12:27
popeywhy bother backporting the tools if you can't run the apps you create, because you're missing the libs?12:27
bzoltanmvo_: the SDK can find its own private Qt if it is built against a private one... not a big deal. I have started to work with the Qt5.0 pre-alpha and back then I created packages what installed under the /opt/ that worked out pretty well. All it requires a full rebuild of the whole SDK stack. Takes few days of hacking the packages.12:27
sergiusensogra_: fwiw, sending doesn't work as uploads don't work ;-)12:27
ogra_i thought tha was fixed12:27
sergiusensogra_: I wish12:27
bzoltanpopey: good question... As much as the  LTS is target for application developer we have APIs and the apps do work. But the developers should not expect APIs released in 14.10 to be available in 14.0412:29
bzoltanpopey: That is a very fundamental issue... i have discussed it with many people. We have a horizontal convergence story for form factors, but not vertical for different releases.12:31
bzoltanpopey:  So if we have a super cool and new API what is based on a service what is available in 16.04 than this API will not be available in 14.04. Simple because the service can not be backported.12:32
ogra_bzoltan, use lxc conatiners to run the apps then12:32
bzoltanogra_:  something like that12:32
bzoltanogra_:  what I would expect is actually a real emulator ... like the phone emulator12:33
ogra_that will be a lot overhead12:33
bzoltanpopey: I know it sounds provocative :)  but you do not expect an android app to  run on a windows desktop just because the android SDK is running on windows. From this point the diff between 14.04 and 18.04 could be as much.12:34
bzoltanogra_: I mean from the point of UI ... the dev opens the IDE, creates and app and chooses the target framework. All the devices supporting that fw should be available as emulators. For scopes development it is pretty serious topic right now.12:36
t1mpbzoltan: latest UITK still works fine on trusty12:36
bzoltant1mp: I know ... but i am not allowed to push it to the SDK PPA12:36
t1mpoh.. ok :s12:37
ogra_bzoltan, well, it will be slow and have much overhead to use a full VM ... vs just a container12:37
bzoltant1mp: but anybody is free to set up a community PPA with the backports of the APIs.12:37
t1mpwell it works, doesn't mean it cannot suddenly stop working if we need to use a new feature of qt53 or something that is only available in utopic12:37
bzoltanogra_:  a container is fine as long it looks and works the same as the real OS. Like full blown shell with indicators and services...12:38
bzoltant1mp: yeps... it is not about technical challenges, but more about commitment to to real support.12:38
ogra_what makes oyu think an emulator will work like the real device :)12:38
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ogra_you might be able to fake the resolution ... but thats something you can do with a container too12:39
bzoltanogra_: :D well... i know very well that it will not as it does not do it right now12:39
t1mpogra_: what makes you think that a desktop with 14.04 will work like a real device?12:39
ogra_t1mp, nothing ... thats my point, only a real device will behave like one ... if you emulate anyway take the less demanding emulation12:40
t1mpogra_: as soon as we start using a qt5.3-specific feature, everything will break on 14.0412:40
t1mpit is all a matter of how we want to use our resources.. I'm glad I don't have to make the decisions ;)12:41
ogra_t1mp, thats why you use a 14.10 container to run your stuff ;)12:41
ogra_or rather a "$framework container" :)12:42
t1mpthey are all just different (levels of) VMs for me, I don't know what's better in this case12:43
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bzoltanogra_:  I am happy with any container as long 1) it is possible  to set up with a single click 2) it looks like a real OS and simulates as much service as technically possible and 3) it is possible to deploy apps and scopes and other development projects we promise to support.12:43
ogra_a container just uses your system HW while a VM emulates an actual machine12:44
cyphermox_slangasek: sounds like something that again should have been "fixed", or at least made much more unlikely to happen with the last urfkill upload, so starting with image 123 in devel-proposed IIRC12:47
ogra_cyphermox_, well, there was a user reporting connection issues afrer upgrading to #128 (witho both, WWAN and WLAN)12:50
cyphermox_ogra_: which bug?12:50
ogra_(teh last urfkill landed in 127)12:50
cyphermox_without a bug, and logs, it could be anything really12:51
ogra_cyphermox_, no bug, just a feedback mail on the ML12:51
cyphermox_ogra_: yeah12:51
ogra_and no further answers to the mail ... might be a red herring but still something to keep an eye open for12:51
cyphermox_ogra_: yeah12:52
philliphi, would be great if someone can help me finding "Nach Netzwerken wird gesucht..." on the phone. I would like to fix https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/1327318 but I dont know where to change it, thanks.12:55
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1327318 in Ubuntu Translations "[German][indicator-network] Nach Netzwerken wird gesucht..." [Medium,New]12:55
ogra_Wellark, can you help phillip ?12:57
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alecuboiko: ping. I've been asked by design about renaming the icon title of the Dialer app to "Phone"13:11
alecuboiko: I'll fwd you the mails13:12
boikoalecu: you mean the name that appears on launcher and lens?13:12
alecuboiko: exactly that, yes.13:13
boikoalecu: are you going to work on that or do you want me to change that?13:13
alecuboiko: I don't know anything about how you guys release that app, so I'd prefer if you do it :-)13:14
boikoalecu: that's fine. would you mind reporting a bug requesting that?13:15
alecuboiko: sure13:15
boikoalecu: thanks!13:15
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alecuboiko: https://bugs.launchpad.net/dialer-app/+bug/134157013:17
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341570 in dialer-app "Dialer app should be titled "Phone" according to designs" [Undecided,New]13:17
cwaynealecu: btw, saw the 6 pinned apps in latest devel-proposed.. guess it's time for me to customize :)13:18
alecucwayne: yay! Let me know if you need any info for that, and please let me know how I can try one of your customized images.13:19
cwaynealecu: i think the only info I'd need is whats the dconf key that's used13:19
cwaynealthough Im sure i could find it pretty easily13:19
cwayneas for how to try it:  ubuntu-device-flash --channel devel-customized :)13:20
alecucwayne: the dconf key is shown in this MP, around line 100: https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/unity-scope-click/header-apps/+merge/22584413:21
cwaynealecu: perfect, and then its a list of "application:///app-name"?13:22
alecucwayne: actually, it's a list of click package names, or in the case of non-click packaged apps, it's the .desktop file name (without the .desktop extension). The default list is on line 237 of the MP13:24
cwayneah, perfect, thanks :)13:24
alecucwayne: though, re-reading this gives me some pause. Let me check with pstolowski if we should be using packagename_appid instead of just packagename13:25
cwaynealecu: ack13:25
alecupstolowski: let's discuss that ^ on our standup13:26
pstolowskialecu, ok13:30
rickspencer3popey, on the bus this morning I noticed that songs weren't advancing in the music player when the screen was locked13:45
rickspencer3is this a known regression, shall I log a bug?13:45
Aki-ThinkpadAny official hardware for sale yet?13:50
popeyrickspencer3: yes please!13:52
rickspencer3dang it :)13:52
popeyAki-Thinkpad: you'll know when it is13:53
rickspencer3popey, what's the best way to log the bug? $ubuntu-bug music-app from a shell?13:54
Aki-Thinkpadpopey, got the inside scoop?13:55
popeyAki-Thinkpad: yeah, don't tell anyone, but there will be two phones available later in the year...13:55
popeyrickspencer3: we landed a new music app in the store today, so maybe try with that too..13:56
Aki-Thinkpadpopey, Oh go make another driving video.13:57
* Aki-Thinkpad grumbles13:57
* rickspencer3 updates apps13:58
rickspencer3popey, so, I tested it with the new music app14:04
rickspencer3it advanced but was choppy14:04
rickspencer3I'll log that bug14:04
Wellarkphillip: where are you seeing this string and on what device?14:14
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pmcgowankenvandine, should I see something on the services screen? its blank for me14:35
kenvandineyou should14:36
kenvandinepmcgowan, do you have a sim in?14:37
pmcgowankenvandine, yes14:37
kenvandinewith my t-mobile SIM, i see "411 & more", "Customer Care" and "Voice Mail"14:38
kenvandinepmcgowan, one sec14:38
kenvandinepmcgowan,  run /usr/share/ofono/scripts/list-modems14:40
kenvandinepmcgowan, near the end, you should see org.ofono.SimManager14:40
kenvandinewhich includes ServiceNumbers14:41
pmcgowankenvandine, yep, none there14:41
kenvandineok, so the code works :)14:42
kenvandinenot sure if there's an ofono problem...14:42
kenvandineor if your sim really has none set14:42
pmcgowanseems odd14:42
pmcgowanI will poke around a file a bug if need be14:42
kenvandineok, file it against ofono14:43
kenvandinebut, maybe we need to improve setting stoo14:43
kenvandineso make it affect uss also14:43
kenvandinewe should provide something other than an empty page :)14:43
kenvandinepmcgowan, and maybe ask awe if there is a way to confirm if your SIM really has none14:44
* kenvandine knows nothing about that stuff14:44
jgdxpiiramar, could you try reproducing this bug #1334802 using the new details? It seems it's only reproducable using 'any'.14:49
ubot5bug 1334802 in ofono (Ubuntu) "ofono tech pref 'any' does not persist" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/133480214:49
* jgdx appends syslog14:49
om26erIs there a way to force device to deep sleep with usb cable connected ?14:58
ogra_i dont think so14:59
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om26erthought so :/15:02
nik90_charles: hey, I wanted to bring another bug regarding the alarm snap decision to your attention. Bug 132458015:05
ubot5bug 1324580 in Ubuntu Clock App reboot "alarm will only ring for a minute and stop whether or not the user interacted with it" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132458015:05
nik90_charles: please raise its priority since it is rather important that the alarm doesn't stop ringing after a minute and also is dismissed on pressing the button in the snap decision15:06
charlesnik90_, in  meeting now, will look atfer the meeting15:06
pmcgowanom26er, only if you lose the usb connection, cause thats whats keeping it awake15:06
nik90_charles: np15:07
pmcgowanawe_,  hey, I am not getting any ServiceNumbers reported, is there a way to check if thats correct at ofono layer?15:07
awe_pmcgowan, I'm in a mtg; get back to you in a bit15:08
om26erpmcgowan, heh yes :) we kind of needed that the other way to automate a user experience to be run in the lab.15:08
jgdxpmcgowan, also seeing blank "phone" page15:09
pmcgowanjgdx, MP in process to fix15:14
anpokhm camera on nexus4 stopped working today.. using devel-proposed from tue/wed last week, showing only black background with controls on top. After some days of working.15:14
captainskyhawkHey, everyone -- flashed by Nexus 7 2013 with the command "ubuntu-device-flash --channel=devel --bootstrap", but instead of rebooting into Ubuntu, it just goes back to the recovery15:14
anpokare there any logs I could look for errors?15:14
jgdxpmcgowan, ack15:14
captainskyhawkAfter rebooting, it just sits on the screen that says "Google" with the unlock icon15:15
captainskyhawkTried searching on google, couldn't find much for the 2013 nexus 715:15
awe_pmcgowan, service-number should work fine at the ofono layer.  'list-modems' can be used to examine them.15:17
awe_pmcgowan, that said, we have no mechanism to make them visible to the user15:18
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1337189 in address-book-app (Ubuntu) "No access to Service Numbers on SIM" [High,Confirmed]15:18
pmcgowankenvandine, it is the new field, its looking for serial number15:19
pmcgowanawe_, we do now15:19
pmcgowanawe_, I see none in list-modems, so its safe to assume none are defined? that seems odd but who knows15:20
awe_which is?15:20
pmcgowansim services on the phone page in system settings15:20
kenvandineawe_,  ServiceNumbers in org.ofono.SimManager is empty15:20
kenvandinefor pmcgowan15:20
awe_if you see none from list-modems, it's safe to assume none are defined15:20
kenvandineworks for me15:21
kenvandinei figured, didn't know if maybe it was an ofono bug15:21
captainskyhawkThat's cool, I can hook up my nexus 7 and do a "adb shell" to it, and access some sort of filesystem, but it's not doing anything else with Ubuntu touch15:21
awe_can one of you guys comment on the above bug and/or more it to ubuntu-system-settings package?15:21
pmcgowankenvandine, perhaps we should explicitly say "None defined" or something15:21
Stskeeps /g bijjal15:22
pmcgowanawe_, which bug?15:22
balloonst1mp, quick question on the ubuntu-sdk-team ppa for trusty; will  ubuntu-ui-toolkit be updated?15:32
popeyballoons: I asked bzoltan1 that earlier...15:33
balloonspopey, heh, I keep forgetting to ask because it's been out of date for some time, and I'm curious why. I believe you can just install the deb (which fixes my needs for testing)15:34
popeyballoons: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/07/14/%23ubuntu-touch.html#t11:4615:34
popeyballoons: specifically http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2014/07/14/%23ubuntu-touch.html#t12:2415:34
bzoltan1balloons: no, the UITK will not be released anymore to the SDK PPA15:34
balloonsbzoltan1, ahh, no to runtimes :-)15:35
balloonsok, thank you for the clarity15:35
bzoltan1balloons: no probs15:36
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slangasekcyphermox_: ok, thanks for confirming that my "Flight mode" bug is probably-fixed; I'll let you know if it recurs15:44
cyphermox_slangasek: well, let me know if it looks fine once you're running an image > 127 or so15:45
slangasekas soon as I see that this is promoted :15:45
cyphermox_any time now ;)15:45
kenvandineLaney, sil2100: FYI i submitted my libqofono patch upstream16:08
Laneythanks ♥16:09
barrymandel: ping16:16
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mterryslangasek, any luck with bug 1323732?16:47
ubot5bug 1323732 in adduser (Ubuntu) "adduser should support managing additional password/shadow/group files from libnss-extrausers" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/132373216:48
mterryogra_, how ready is the image for a no-password phablet user?16:48
slangasekmterry: getting back into it today16:48
mterryslangasek, awesome, thanks16:49
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mterryogra_, I'd appreciate a review of https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/livecd-rootfs/no-password/+merge/225560 and a comment on whether this will interfere with your adb shell work17:31
dakerthe new fligh mode checkbox broke my wifi workflow :(17:34
mterryLaney, can you review https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/locking-hash/+merge/224346 when you get a chance?  Or if not you, who should I be bugging about USS these days?17:36
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pmcgowanyay one event alarm!18:00
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mterrytedg, how ready are indicators for locked-user mode?18:12
frecelpopey: is the clock updating properly for you on the home screen on r129?18:14
popeyhello frecel18:14
frecelI caught it twice today being a few minutes behind the actual time18:15
tedgmterry, Not too ready, haven't had time to do anything special yet. So they're likely to be largely "session-ish"18:16
popeyfrecel: interesting, will keep an eye out18:17
popeyfrecel: caught it!18:18
frecelpopey: is there a wiki page with all the core apps?18:26
popeyfrecel: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Avengers18:28
mhall119popey: I added an updated answer to an old AU questions of yours: http://askubuntu.com/questions/360554/how-do-i-sync-google-contacts/497752#49775218:35
mhall119now sure if you can change the accepted answer or not, I would hope so18:35
dakermhall119: is that icon correct ?18:36
kenvandineelopio, i've updated my content-hub/testability branch to include some test images for picture transfers18:37
mhall119daker: huh, I don't think it is, weird it seems to be a mix of the contacts app and the dialer app iccons18:38
mhall119kenvandine: ^^18:38
mhall119daker: it's what was on my screen though18:38
popeymhall119: get more people to upvote it ☻18:39
kenvandineyou mean the icon in the notification?18:39
dakermhall119: i have seen it a lot of times, i tought it was some caching issue18:39
mhall119kenvandine: yeah18:39
kenvandinelooks crazy :)18:39
kenvandinerenatu, ^^ see that?18:39
* kenvandine wonders if it's possible to set two icons and notify-osd stacks them18:40
renatukenvandine, yes I saw sometimes two icons in the notification18:41
mhall119daker: do we have up to date docs anywhere for debugging HTML5 apps using the chrome console?18:58
mhall119all I could fine is http://daker.me/2013/11/web-apps-remote-debugging-on-ubuntu-touch.html but that's from last year so I don't know if it still works18:58
dakermhall119: i am not really sure, the app needs to run with --inspector19:05
dakerbut looking at QTC script it's not the case anymore19:05
dakerzbenjamin: anyidea why we don't run HTML5 apps with --inspector anymore ?19:06
mhall119bzoltan2: alex_abreu: ^^19:07
dakerit was their but at some point it was removed https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/trunk/revision/135#share/qtcreator/ubuntu/menu.json19:08
dakerremoved here https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/trunk/revision/16719:09
alex_abreumhall119, mmmh no idea why it was removed ...19:11
alex_abreuit shouldn't have been19:11
dakersee https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/trunk/revision/16719:11
alex_abreuyeah I saw19:12
dakeri have to go, breaking the fast in few minutes19:12
mhall119daker: enjoy :)19:13
mhall119and thanks for find this19:13
frecelis there a way of testing the keyboard on the desktop?19:19
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bzoltan2alex_abreu: mhall119: no idea why it was removed, I will check it with zbenjamin tomorrow19:46
pmcgowanjgdx, kenvandine with the latest I am getting a binding loop detected on the cellular page which seems related to the tech selection stuff, did you see that?19:48
rickspencer3hey, if I side installed, like this, how do I uninstall?19:51
rickspencer3pkcon -p install-local com.ubuntu.developer.ralsina.hello_0.2_all.click19:51
mhall119rickspencer3: IIRC, you sudo click unregister --all-users com.ubuntu.developer.ralsina.hello19:57
* rickspencer3 tries19:57
elopiokenvandine: thanks a lot. Richard and I will work on the address book tests that use it this week.19:57
kenvandineelopio, cool, let me know how it goes19:57
elopiosure. We'll soon show you the branch.19:58
jgdxpmcgowan, I saw it on the flickable. Is that what you're seeing?20:01
kenvandinepmcgowan, could be something that's dependent on a value that isn't set yet20:01
pmcgowanjgdx, kenvandine yes ad yes20:02
pmcgowannot sure how it will manifest20:02
jgdxkenvandine, ^ you mentioned something about a hack re: the flickable? :)20:02
kenvandineok, that stuff is common, not sure we can really do anything with it20:02
kenvandinewell is it causing a problem?20:02
kenvandinethe hack on the flickable shouldn't be related20:03
kenvandineand actually that page doesn't have the hack, i don't think20:03
pmcgowankenvandine, the concern would be depending on values the display may not be correct20:03
pmcgowanbut it may never do anything20:03
kenvandineyeah, we can look at it20:04
kenvandinegot a line #?20:04
mhall119ralsina: ping20:05
pmcgowankenvandine, no line number, just the flickable20:21
ralsinamhall119: pong20:23
mhall119ralsina: hey, what are you using for your push notifications docs? I'd like to make sure we're ready to pull them into the developer portal as soon as they're ready20:28
ralsinamhall119: it's docutils but I can convert to anything in a hurry20:42
ahayzenHi, anyone seen an issue where the 'phone number' in system-settings is not your actual phone number?21:10
popeyahayzen: i didnt know we had such a field, where do you see that?21:22
ahayzenpopey, System Settings app... then 'about this phone' at the bottom... then the first line is 'phone number'21:23
ahayzenpopey, it is displaying what i believe was my temporary number before my real one was transferred to the sim21:23
popeyi dont get that21:24
popeyi see no phone number field21:24
ahayzenpopey, hmm do you have a sim card in the phone?21:25
ahayzenpopey, which image you on? i'm on #130 now21:26
popeyme too21:26
ahayzenpopey, magic!21:27
popeyahayzen: screenshot?21:32
ahayzenpopey, gimme a sec...21:33
ahayzenpopey, https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3XynHVKfrvMbE56TDNqVDFhenc21:35
ahayzenpopey, the top one says 'Phone Number' and starts with 075...my actual number starts 077 ;)21:36
ahayzenpopey, so why doesn't yours show you the phone number?...and why is mine incorrect lol21:38
pmcgowanahayzen, popey we are getting that info from ofono21:38
popeymy phone21:39
ahayzenpmcgowan, it is showing my temporary number that came with the sim... not my real number which was transferred a few days later21:40
ahayzenpopey, hah... who is your network operator?21:40
popeypmcgowan: shall i file a bug in ofono?21:40
ahayzenthey use o2 right? ...and i'm on o221:41
ahayzen...and should i file a bug for my issue as well?21:41
pmcgowanpopey, if no number is returned we dont show the field21:41
popeyyes, o221:41
pmcgowanahayzen, and if multiple numbers are returned, we show the first one21:41
pmcgowanseems bugs are in order21:42
pmcgowanthen we can get some command line info21:42
ahayzenpmcgowan, hmm is there anyway i can check what it is returning?21:42
popeywonder if ofono-scripts has something21:43
pmcgowanyeah do a list-modems and check subscribernumbers in the simmanager21:43
pmcgowanahayzen, popey ^^21:44
popeyno number listed21:44
pmcgowanpopey, thats the entire output?21:45
popeyalso, i need to file a bug about airplane mode21:46
popeystab the airplane switch a few times and you can break it21:46
pmcgowanpopey, by contrast, my att sim output http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7795555/21:47
ahayzenpmcgowan, 'SubscriberNumbers' has 1 number... the incorrect number...21:47
pmcgowanahayzen, interesting, then please file a bug, need to figure out where that new number is provisioned21:47
pmcgowanthat will be common21:47
ahayzenpmcgowan, ok i'll ping you the bug in a bit...21:48
pmcgowanpopey, I cant understand why ofono is getting no data for you, something not right there21:49
popeylemme try the other phone21:49
pmcgowanyou have no interfaces defined21:49
popeyvother phone gives way more info21:50
popeyok, other (main) phone has loads of data21:50
pmcgowanahayzen, add the output from the list command to the bug, maybe there will be a clue21:50
ahayzenpmcgowan, will do21:51
popeyprobably because one of my phones has run out of tarriff21:51
popeyor because i pressed airline button lots21:51
pmcgowanpopey, lol21:51
pmcgowanmaybe the modem is off, et me look again21:51
pmcgowanyeah its off21:51
pmcgowanpopey, turn the modem on21:51
* beuno watches pmcgowan troll popey by covertly asking "have you turned it off and on again?"21:52
popeypmcgowan: http://popey.mooo.com/screenshots/device-2014-07-14-225307.png21:53
popeywhat do I press?21:53
pmcgowanpopey, flight mode ;)21:53
popeyflight mode is off21:53
pmcgowanpopey,  or do enable-modem script21:53
ahayzenpmcgowan, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/134180521:54
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1341805 in ofono (Ubuntu) "ofono displays old number after a new number has been provisioned" [Undecided,New]21:54
popey   /ril_0     gsm               disconnected21:54
pmcgowanahayzen, thanks21:54
pmcgowanpopey, enable-modem not working?21:56
popeyroot@ubuntu-phablet:~# /usr/share/ofono/scripts/enable-modem21:56
popeyConnecting modem /ril_0...21:56
popeypmcgowan: no21:56
popeybut this almost certainly is that I ran out of credit on this sim21:57
popeyso lets not worry till I add more credit21:57
pmcgowanok lets see if thats it, I have a sim like that as well21:57
popeypmcgowan: cant make emergency calls... is that implemented yet?21:59
pmcgowanpopey, dont htink Ui is in yet22:00
popeyhmm, says I have credit22:02
popeywonder if this is as a result of me mucking about with airplane mode22:02
ahayzenpopey, hmmm but i duck in a out of airplane mode as i use it for 'silent' mode ;)22:04
ahayzenpopey, even in flight mode it still shows the phone number22:05
popeywill play more22:09
jarreed01 So I have an idea for the Ubuntu Touch OS. It is something I use everyday on my android. It is a tilt control setting were if my phone tilts enough to be placed in my pocket or if my android is set face down the screen will lock. If I would like this specifically and other tilt controlls, like turning auto-tilt on and off, to be implemented into the Ubuntu Touch OS how would I go about making a setting page on the status 23:27
jarreed01 lled "Tilt Controls" were I can implement these controls and other ones. Also by doing so will it have to be an app for some one to install or who would I contact to get it intergrated into the system so its built into everyones Ubuntu Touch phone. I posted this idea on the xda forums. I was told that it was an interesting idea and to try posting this here and on #ubuntu-devel23:27
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nik90_jarreed0: post it on the ubuntu touch mailing list. Join https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-phone23:47
jarreed0nik90_: ok thanks. will do23:52

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