rwwmeeting in about an hour00:58
rwwmeeting in 15 minutes01:46
* ianorlin knows01:48
rwwjust reminding everyone with a memory as good as mine :)01:48
grantbowand mine01:52
rwwspeaking of which, time to look up my meetingology quick reference01:53
* rww pokes nhaines with a stick01:57
rwwalrighty. who's here?02:00
rwwwell that's not a lot of people :(02:01
* eps ponders02:01
rwwwill give it a few more minutes i guess02:01
rwwi assume pleia2 is out. she probably even told me this last meeting. i don't remember :s02:02
joseyeah, she's not right here :)02:02
josebut I am!02:02
jose(though I don't live in CA)02:02
rwwthat's okay, we like you anyway02:02
rwwelky is busy watching some video that sounds suspiciously like teletubbies02:02
elkyit's a pet penguin with a penguin backpack that walks to a fish market in japan02:03
elkyand the market just gives him fish by the looks02:03
elkyno, a real penguin02:03
rwwit would be better if it were pingu02:03
darthrobot`Title: [Pet Penguin In Japan]02:03
rww#startmeeting Ubuntu California meeting 2014-07-1302:03
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rww#chair rww02:03
darthrobot`Current chairs: rww02:03
rwwToday's exciting meeting agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14July1302:04
darthrobot`Title: [CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/14July13 - Ubuntu Wiki]02:04
rwwspoilers: it's empty02:04
rwwAnyone have anything to talk about?02:05
elky"lyz is awesome for doing the after meeting stuff from last time"02:05
Corey+1 ^02:05
rwwrww is silly for not remembering that it was his job to do the meeting reminder this week02:06
rwwnow everyone is missing out on this enthralling meeting02:06
rwwany other business? if not, I'm ending this meeting at 19:1002:07
rwwand then we can talk about my cat or something02:07
ianorlinnhaines any news on planned installfest in October?02:07
ianorlinnot sure of anything in southern California else planned02:08
rwwnothing in North California, as far as I know. The response to us asking for some ideas has been... minimal02:09
grantbowsummer time02:10
rwwalrighty, endmeeting time, if nobody objects02:11
* eps misses Linux picnics02:11
* ianorlin wants eps to explain what those are02:11
epsianorlin: see http://www.linuxpicnic.org/02:12
darthrobot`[R: www.linuxpicnic.org] Title: [WebHome < Picnix21 < TWiki]02:12
darthrobot`Meeting ended Mon Jul 14 02:13:22 2014 UTC.02:13
darthrobot`Minutes:        http://ihas.5cat.com/~darthrobot/ubuntu-us-ca/2014/ubuntu-us-ca.2014-07-14-02.03.moin.txt02:13
=== rww changed the topic of #ubuntu-us-ca to: Welcome to the Ubuntu California Local Community (LoCo) Team! | Website: http://ubuntu-california.org (has links to mailing list, forum, and more!) | Next Meeting: July 27th | This channel is publicly logged at irclogs.ubuntu.com | We have an unlogged channel at #ubuntu-us-ca-offtopic
DonkeyHoteieps: those stopped? i hadn't noticed02:15
rwwoh. is anyone around with root on ubuntu-california.org? it is b0rked02:16
rwwping jyo, this seems like the sort of thing he would have02:16
DonkeyHoteirww: might be a linode issue02:16
rwwDonkeyHotei: Newark had trouble earlier today, but they claim it's resolved. could be, though.02:17
rwwgrantbow: can you grab the forums bullet on the meeting checklist?02:24
rwwone of these years i should probably fix my forums account02:24
grantbowrww: ok02:25
grantbowI still haven't merged my two forum accounts yet02:27
nhainesianorlin: sorry, I'm in a park with terminal problems. but no info yet about the next OCLUG installfest.02:32
rwwgrantbow: I have one, but I don't know how to log into it, and I think it might still list me as an ubuntu member02:33
joserww: want me to post a link or something?02:34
joseI can help you with that02:34
rwwwith what02:35
rwwlogging in?02:35
joseposting the minutes to the forum?02:35
rwwoh. I think grantbow's doing it02:35
grantbowjust did it02:35
joseoh ok :)02:35
grantbowthanks for volunteering, it's greatly appreciated02:35
josecool :)02:35
grantbowI think I read about a window of time where merging the forum accounts was simple and now it's more difficult to do.02:36
rwwoh, I see. so if my forums login is under my old email, I have stuff to do, and if it's not, I can just SSO login02:39
rwwexcept I have no idea if it is or not02:39
rwwand i need to be logged in to see my profile page02:40
rwwi am remembering why i didn't bother fixing this last time i looked02:40
* grantbow too02:50
joseI asked someone to merge my accounts *before* the second one was created :P02:51
pleia2rww: yeah, I'm in Germany this week08:19
nhainespleia2: oh! bongiorno!08:20
pleia2world cup last night was \o/08:20
nhainesMust've been exciting!08:20
pleia2yeah :)08:20
nhainesBy extra time I was on the edge of my seat.  :)08:21
nhainespleia2: what city?08:22
pleia2just outside of frankfurt08:23
pleia2deutsche telekom is hosting our OpenStack QA/Infra sprint :)08:23
nhainesAh, no Sauerbraten there, but still good Döner Kebab and also the Eiscafes serve gelatro.08:23
pleia2shame I don't eat pork08:24
pleia2and I grew up on sauerbraten, so I'm ok :)08:24
nhainesAlso I don't know where the 'r' came from but I blame my wireless keyboard.08:24
nhainesAlso Döner Kebab is lamb.08:24
pleia2ah, neat08:24
nhainesDonno what's in Currywurst but I also recommend it.  :)08:24
nhainesAnd if you like mushrooms then Jägerschnitzel is good.  In the US it's usually pork but I think it's veal in Germany.  Double check.  :)08:25
pleia2is it fried?08:25
* pleia2 off fried food to until the gallbladder comes out next week08:25
nhainesOnly technically!08:25
pleia2I'm not supposed to drink either, but I made an exception last night ;)08:25
nhainesI was going to say, you should give your gallbladder a good send off.  ;)08:26
pleia2alas, it hurts, so it's not will power keeping me away from fried stuff08:26
nhainesIf you ever change your mind about pork, Kassler Rippchen is pork loin with Sauerkraut.08:27
nhainesHope the gallbladder procedure goes well.  :)08:27
pleia2good to know08:27
pleia2thanks :)08:27
nhainesHope mine never goes.  I know I definitely like to keep my liver on its toes.08:27
pleia2folks in my family haven't really had problems post removal (and we all drink a lot!)08:28
pleia2so I'm hoping I got those genes08:28
nhainesIt's worth a try.  :)08:28
nhainesI picked up an Aventinus doppelbock to celebrate the victory.  It was glorious.  (and so was the World Cup victory.)08:28
pleia2I got random-beers-from-bar08:29
pleia2they were fine, nothing worth writing home about though08:29
nhainesGermans take their beers seriously, so I'm sure they were all pretty decent.08:29
nhainesAlas, I didn't drink when I was visiting last.08:29
nhainesI presume I'll make up for lost time on the next visit!08:30
pleia2I shouldn't anymore, last night my gallbladder was muy angry at me and had trouble sleeping08:30
nhainesOn the bright side, now you know for sure!08:30
pleia2yes, I'm very happy about that08:30
pleia2constant pain is no fun (nor is avoiding fried foods + alcohol)08:31
nhainesWhat will you eat to celebrate once you're recovered?  :)08:31
pleia2well, I'm going to philly 2 weeks after the surgery, so I'm thinking I'll celebrate in my favorite city of carbs and microbrews08:32
nhainesThis immediately reminds me that I should go to Philly's Best up the road, eat a cheesesteak, and then have a Tastykake.08:32
nhainespleia2: how's your German?08:34
nhainesIt's easy.  For example, "Mein Hund trägt eine Krawatte." means "My dog wears a tie."08:35
pleia2for instance: https://twitter.com/pleia2/status/48826663720466432008:36
darthrobot`Title: [Twitter / pleia2: On a bus, need to get off at ...]08:36
nhainesHehe  :)08:36
nhainesOnce you know "haupt" means 'chief' or 'main', things start making more sense.  :)08:36
pleia2yeah, they smoosh words together a lot :)08:36
nhainesEnglish lost its nerve with kennings once the Normans invaded, but the Franks doubled down and now German has tons.  :)08:37

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