cmaloneyEvening? :)00:53
widoxyep, its evening time :p00:53
rick_h__this guy has the right idea https://www.flickr.com/photos/7508761@N03/14461809287/00:58
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/OoYFZ6 - P1030784.jpg | Flickr - Photo Sharing!00:58
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cmaloneyGood morning12:11
rick_h__tired, lot of time outside wore me out this weekend13:41
jrwrenalmost zero outside time for me this weekend :(   I'm jealous.13:41
rick_h__yea, was nice. Last weekend with the family though for a month so :/13:42
jrwrenWife is sick, so stayed at home and had no fun13:42
jrwrenwell, had lots of indoor fun13:42
rick_h__ah, :( on being sick13:42
rick_h__well traveling to or from somewhere every weekend for the next 413:42
rick_h__and they're international so leave on Sat, back on Sat but will have a dead sunday13:43
jrwrenah, right.13:43
rick_h__so we made sure to go out and have a big family weekend13:43
rick_h__thus now zzzzz13:43
jrwrenwhat you doing post london?13:44
rick_h__there's a team lead sprint in germany13:44
rick_h__basically 'report to Mark S on how the cycle is going and what it is you're not going to get done' sprint13:45
brouschThat sounds frightening13:45
rick_h__heh, well it depends on how your cycle is going13:45
rick_h__last one I did went pretty well I think.13:46
rick_h__this one is going to be a bit rougher for sure13:46
brouschCan you blame Windows and OSX?13:46
rick_h__heh, no. OSX is the one thing we've gotten out the door13:47
jrwrenblame jrwren for killing your CI :)13:47
brouschBut it took all of your time to do so!13:47
rick_h__I have to blame hiring slowness and growing projects13:47
mrgoodcatlol jrwren already broke something? tsk tsk13:56
mrgoodcatif you aren't breaking things you aren't diong enough13:56
rick_h__I like to say that if you're not swimming you're not in deep enough.13:57
rick_h__the breaking part seems a bit unnecessary :P13:57
jrwrendude, I broke EVERYTHING just a couple hours into my first day.14:00
jrwrenmrgoodcat: EVERYTHING!!!14:01
jrwrenno one could work.14:01
jrwreni wasted hours (days) of other peoples time.14:01
rick_h__special talent for finding the weak ponit14:01
jrwrenAt least, that is how I tell the story.14:01
rick_h__I phrase it that it's taken a village to train jrwren, and recover from his melt downs :)14:01
jrwrenFor the record, that was only a partial melt down. Full shall never occur.14:02
cmaloneyNever say never. :)14:05
jrwreni can pretty much say never given my lack of melt downs in the past.14:15
jrwrenmy body tends to react to stress, so while i may not consciously know i'm stressed, my body tells me that I am.14:15
jrwreni guess I could ignore that, but I like to think I'm not that foolist14:16
cmaloneyYeah, I tend to internalize a lot of things and blame myself for things going wrong14:16
cmaloneyIt's agift.14:16
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Accept mah invite. :)15:14
cmaloneybrousch: You too.15:14
cmaloneyGoing to see if I can get rick_h__ on the go train as well (the game(15:15
rick_h__ruh roh15:15
cmaloneyrick_h__: http://www.amazon.com/Shin-Kaya-Tibet-Spruce-Floor-Board/dp/B000JX6X86/15:17
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/A0KiWv - Amazon.com: Shin-Kaya Tibet Spruce Go Game Floor Board - 2-3/8 inch: Toys & Games15:17
rick_h__oh, that other GO thing you all were chatting about15:18
brouschcmaloney: I don't see any invite15:18
brouschDoes it go to email?15:18
cmaloneyLog into http://www.dragongoserver.net/]15:19
bookiebotDGS - Error15:19
cmaloneyLog into http://www.dragongoserver.net/15:19
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/M2HG - DGS - Dragon Go Server15:19
cmaloneySometimes email doesn't work15:19
brouschI should learn the rules first15:21
cmaloneyWhat better way to learn than by getting spanked by an amateur. :)15:21
brouschcmaloney: Nice mustache15:21
cmaloneyThat's how I'm learning from ColonelPanic00115:21
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/WdO3ij - application/pdf15:24
cmaloneyThat's "The Way to Go" ebook15:24
cmaloneyit'll give you a good foundation for the game15:24
cmaloneyAnd feel free to ask questions.15:25
cmaloneyI'm just looking to get other folks into the game. :)15:25
brouschGeez, this website feels like Ajax never happened15:26
cmaloneyThis is why you'll want to install BW-Go15:26
cmaloneyThere are other go sites out there, but they don't have decent remote protocol options15:27
* ColonelPanic001 spanks cmaloney 15:28
ColonelPanic001KGS is my favorite, but no mobile app. ugh.15:28
brouschMight as well not exist at all15:28
cmaloneyYeah, KGS also requires Java to interface.15:29
* brousch slaps ColonelPanic00115:29
cmaloneyThere's also whatever server qGo uses.15:29
ColonelPanic001I actually have a physical goban, but I've used it maybe once in the past four years15:29
ColonelPanic001turns out it requires other people15:29
cmaloneyColonelPanic001: Funny that15:30
cmaloneyI'm thinking of getting a starter set at some point15:30
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/bbTZ5b - Amazon.com: 9x9 / 13x13 - 3/8" Beginner's Learning Board and Stones Set: Toys & Games15:30
cmaloneyhttp://www.amazon.com/Go-Game-with-Wood-Board/dp/B00000IZPL <- this one is too small unfortunately15:31
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/gUSsSp - Amazon.com: Go Game with Wood Board: Toys & Games15:31
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/2fkv2Y - Amazon.com: Go Game with Wood Board: Toys & Games15:31
ColonelPanic001thnk that's the one I have15:31
cmaloneySame one. :)15:31
cmaloneyI have a magnetic one as well15:32
ColonelPanic001hm, maybe not then. It's just a usual plank of wood, but it's a 19x1915:32
cmaloneySame small size.15:32
ColonelPanic001little "asian store" in the mall down here has some nice ones15:32
cmaloneyyeah, it's 19x19, but under a foot across15:32
ColonelPanic001nothing too special, but maybe 6" tall, drawers for the stones, etc15:32
ColonelPanic001ah, nah, mine's probably 1.5' square15:32
ColonelPanic001well, maybe. I don't even know the last time I had it out, maybe I'm wrong15:33
cmaloneyI <3 Indian food but man it can look like a dog's breakfast at times.16:25
brouschI'm told that's only pre-packaged Indian food17:07
brouschFresh looks more edible17:07
rick_h__heh, ok I laughed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqAUmgE3WyM18:24
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/DVAj8 - Useless Box Kit from ThinkGeek - YouTube18:24
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greg-gis it just me, or have big trucks just continued to get even bigger and bigger23:52

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