Prf_Jakobmlankhorst: It might be a bug, which version of ubuntu? And what does dmesg say?13:44
mlankhorstutopic, nothing extraordinary in dmesg13:46
Prf_JakobDoes it say it has 3D or not?13:47
mlankhorstit says it doesn't13:48
Prf_JakobHmm okay, what drivers does the host have? We have backlisted most of the foss drivers.13:56
Prf_JakobYeah that would probably explain it.13:59
mlankhorstcan I override it? developing with blob is a pain13:59
Prf_JakobTry to enable it in the app, and then look in the vmware.log, there should be a error message that mentions a flag.14:01
Prf_JakobI don't have it swapped into memory.14:02
mlankhorstactually it doesn't seem to mention a flag in the message log14:03
Prf_JakobDang it, I'll ask internally.14:04

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