JasonOhisto,  I created an LVM partition and I can't find it00:01
JasonOThis was from the Alternate Install CD00:02
stef1awhat antivirus software 9fr00:04
stef1awhat free antivirus software is good on ubuntu?00:05
daftykins!antivirus | stef1a00:05
ubottustef1a: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux. except where files are then passed to Windows computers (perhaps using samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus00:05
WillieBot[ Antivirus - Community Help Wiki ] - help.ubuntu.com00:05
editionyou know the purpose of opensource?00:06
stef1aedition: who are you speaking about00:06
JasonOI created an LVM partition and I can't find it. This was from  the alternate install CD. Can someone please help me?00:07
editionneed help with jack!!!00:07
daftykinsedition: at this stage it would make more sense for you to post to askubuntu.com or trawl forums for a response00:08
psusiJasonO, what do you mean exactly?00:10
JasonOpsusi: During the install from the alternate CD I gave 100GB of disk space to LVM. It created a partition? And I can't find it.00:11
stef1adaftykins: ... really?00:11
daftykinsstef1a: really you don't need AV? correct.00:11
psusiJasonO, still too vague to be understood00:12
TJ-JasonO: "sudo lvs" will list all found/known logical volumes. "sudo pvs" will list all physical volumes that host volume groups.00:13
JasonOTJ-: Thanks I've ran those but it doesn't help me know where the 100GB went to.00:14
JasonOpsusi: That's all I can say.00:14
TJ-JasonO: If you assigned 100GB to an LVM then it'll be contained in a PV00:15
JasonOMy wireless in Trusty disconnects from time-to-time. It's been a major issue. Is there anyway to fix this?00:15
JasonOTJ-: Yeah but it doesn't show.00:16
TJ-JasonO: "sudo pvscan" might help, if "pvs" isn't reporting any PVs00:16
TJ-JasonO: Usually, on boot PVs and the VGs within them are auto-detected and device-mapper nodes created under "/dev/mapper/" and "/dev/$VG_NAME/" for each Logical Volume (LV). If there are no LVs then the DM nodes won't show up.00:17
TJ-JasonO: But even without any LVs defined, the partitions allocated to PVs will always show up for the "pv*" commands00:18
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editionreinstalling Jack :/00:24
SchrodingersScatedition: good luck, it seems like I've had points where I was giving up, shutting everything down, and then the settings took :|00:24
editionthe support for Jack is shocking00:25
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editiontoo experimental00:25
andygraybealis cheese still the awesome webcam photo taking app?  is there another foss webcam photo taking app that is better?00:34
editionVLC :)00:34
editionbetter in terms of features?00:34
andygraybealvlc does webcam pictures?00:35
editionno it does video streams00:36
andygraybeali just need a simple camera app for my webcam on my laptop.. my lady took th ecamera00:36
editionuse cheese.00:36
andygraybealcool thanks!!!  i just hauled in a bunch of chantrelles00:36
andygraybealand i want to brag about it00:36
andygraybealcause i'm an attention hore00:37
andygraybealand i'm excited the chantrelles are up00:37
JuxTAposedoes anyone here know the file size limit on windoze 8?  not 8.1, but 8....I'm transferring a 24gb file from linux to windoze 8 and it stops....00:38
JuxTAposemy internet search results are worthless piles of misinformation, lol...00:38
rwwJuxTApose: is it going to a FAT32 or NTFS filesystem?00:38
JuxTAposeit's a brand new windoze 8 computer...00:38
JuxTAposeso whatever the regular version of windoze 8 is....00:39
rwwso NTFS00:39
JuxTAposearticles keep saying it's that new FS, but that's only windoze 8 server....00:39
rwwlarger than any files you have, for sure00:39
JuxTAposenot really...00:39
rwwNTFS's maximum file size is a few hundred terabytes, so yes00:40
JuxTAposei record video and audio for live events and I can't use NTFS, it's file size limitation is too small...00:40
JuxTAposeno, that's partition/addressable size rww, not single filesize00:40
JuxTAposei use exFAT for recording00:40
rwwCtrl-F MaximumFileSize00:41
trism Reflect the vector using the angle of incidence is the angle of reflection.00:41
rwwat any rate, it's higher than 24GB, so that's not the problem00:41
rwwFAT32 is 4GB, hence me asking00:42
JuxTAposeokies, thanks00:42
JuxTAposeI need exact technical effective info on it...00:43
rwwIf you want help with NTFS's maximum file size, I guess ##windows would be a good place to ask (or read the documentation I linked). If you want help with why your file copy is stalling (which is unrelated to NTFS's maximum file size) under Ubuntu, here would be the place.00:44
JuxTAposethanks rww : )00:45
JuxTAposethere is a windoze channel here?  lol...too funny00:46
rwwwith 490 people in it, even00:46
JuxTAposethey would have more if they spelled it ##windoze00:52
[[thufir]]ll .ssh/known_hosts    shows some files.    are those my ssh keys?  I can ssh into digital ocean ok, but they're not named "key".    http://pastebin.com/1Td5tUus01:14
rww[[thufir]]: no, they're the public keys of servers you've interacted with01:14
[[thufir]]rww: ahh, that makes more sense.  how do I find my keys?01:14
rwwif you generated keys, they would be in ~/.ssh/id_something (for private) and ~/.ssh/id_something.pub (for public)01:15
rwwIf you're trying to copy your ssh key over to a server, I think there's an ssh-copy-id that might be helpful01:15
rww("something" is usually rsa, though it could be dsa or ecdsa)01:15
[[thufir]]rww: interesting, that's what I thought.   I *can* ssh, so it's working, but I don't see how.  when I look in ~/.ssh/ there's nothing like a key or .pub at all.  just hosts.   the keys must be somewhere, but where?01:16
[[thufir]]I want to confirm where the keys are, etc, in order to configure workbench to ssh into a dig ocean server.  but, I can't find the key which ssh uses (works fine from the CLI).01:17
rww[[thufir]]: ssh supports password authentication, so it might just be authing based on a password (and if you're in Unity, I believe it caches that password sometimes)01:17
rww(apologies if this is obvious, I don't know your expertise level)01:17
[[thufir]]I'm not an expert by any means.  that being said, I recall creating keys for different things, and, I can just "ssh" without anything extra.  I mean, the remote server prompts me for a password, but that's normal, even with keys, right?01:18
rwwif the only file in ~/.ssh/ is known_hosts, and you're not otherwise telling ssh to look elsewhere for keys (on the command-line for example), you're evidently not using key authentication01:18
rww[[thufir]]: the prompts for key passphrases and server passwords are different. can you copy-paste the prompt you get?01:19
rww(with identifying details removed, if necessary)01:19
editionhow to re-install jack?01:20
[[thufir]]rww: http://pastebin.com/XEENM0Q9  expires in ten min.01:21
rww[[thufir]]: yeah, that's the prompt for password-based authentication01:21
[[thufir]]rww: ahh, ok, so, if I were using keys, then it would just log me in without a password prompt?  interesting.01:21
rww[[thufir]]: or it would prompt for the passphrase of your key, if you had one set01:22
rww[[thufir]]: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Keys might be useful01:22
Ben64edition: sudo apt-get remove jackd && sudo apt-get install jackd ??01:22
editionill try again...01:22
editiondidn't reset the settings01:22
[[thufir]]rww: ok, thanks.  now, I want to use workbench (mysql gui) to ssh in remotely.  I need to setup keys, and then tell workbench where to find the key, and it will ssh into the remote server?01:23
Ben64edition: you can try purge but make sure it doesn't remove things you need as well01:23
editiongreat. how?01:23
Ben64"purge" instead of "remove"01:23
editionsorry. idk.01:23
[[thufir]]edition: apt-get purge <something>01:23
rww[[thufir]]: no idea, I haven't used that feature of workbench01:23
rww[[thufir]]: but that sounds reasonable01:23
Ben64edition: but why jack? i've seen you talk about it for hours here already01:23
[[thufir]]rww: thanks.01:24
rww[[thufir]]: once you get keys set up, #mysql might be of help (or someone else in here, if anyone shows up)01:24
[[thufir]]rww: of course, there's even #workbench, they don't like to hear about it in #mysql01:24
editionJack had issues with getting access to the audio device01:25
editiongot locked by freedesktop, or something01:25
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editiongladish says that Jack is Sick01:42
AndroidLoverInSFdoes any ubuntu file manager have queueing of file operations like mac's pathfinder 3rd party app01:42
editionLADI says Jack is Sick01:54
rwwedition: ?01:54
editiontried reinstalling jackd.01:54
editionno support pages for LADI.01:54
rwwwhat's all this "X says jack is sick" stuff01:54
rwwoh, ladi's a program. nvm.01:55
editionthis is driving me to the drink01:55
* edition swears at the computer.01:59
kriskropdhow do I know if removing tomcat6 from my server will affect another package that depends on it?01:59
rwwedition: if #ubuntu isn't working out for you, perhaps try http://askubuntu.com/ ?01:59
editionno use!02:00
editionsame person on askubuntu has the same problem. no answers!02:01
rwwgunarm_: would you kindly fix your IRC client?02:01
editionis there a channel for linux multimedia?02:01
editionie: Jack02:02
rww#jack ?02:02
HikaruBGhi guys02:03
editionTHANKYOU rww02:03
HikaruBGI am trying to install Microsoft Office 2013 on Ubuntu 14.04 with PlayOnLinux02:03
editionyou mean wine?02:03
HikaruBGbut it comes up with Error in POL_Wine02:03
HikaruBGPlay On Linux i mean02:04
HikaruBGit still uses Wine, yes02:04
HikaruBGit just presets it with the necessary configurations and installs all software to separate virtual disks,02:04
HikaruBGedition, do you know what error POL_Wine means?02:05
editionno idea02:05
HikaruBGThanks, Anyone else?02:06
gustavo9Hi everyone I need some help on a disk image02:06
rypervenchegustavo9: What's your issue?02:07
gustavo9I have a disk image and if I run qemu-system-i386 myimage.img runs great but once I do a raw copy with dd to a usb thumb it just doesn't work02:08
EyePulphowdy; running 14.04 - I have /etc/network/interfaces set up with static values, and I ifup/ifdown eth0, and do resolvconf -u, but /etc/resolv.conf still contains what appears to be dhcp values - it doesn't pick up any of the dns-nameservers values in my interfaces file.  What am I screwing up?02:08
gustavo9This image contains an operating system based on 2.4x linux kernel02:09
rwwEyePulp: interfaces has a line "iface eth0 inet static", and not "iface eth0 inet dhcp"?02:09
gustavo9with a LILO boot02:09
EyePulprww: iface eth0 inet static02:09
EyePulpI can gist the file if that would help02:10
HikaruBGspeaking of a disk images, how is it possible to create a copy of a partition?02:11
rypervencheHikaruBG: dd can do that02:11
EyePulprww: resolv.conf.d/base & head do get appended if I edit them, but my issue is these original settings keep coming back, so I'm trying to figure out how to eliminate them02:12
EyePulpI thought going static in interfaces would solve it, but not yet apparently. =\02:12
rwwdo you have network-manager installed? it might be doing something silly02:13
EyePulprww:  unknown - how should I test?02:13
rwwapt-cache policy network-manager , check the Installed: line02:13
gustavo9rypervenche: got any ideas?02:13
HikaruBGrypervenche, thank you!02:14
arrubinI have a laptop with NVIDIA Optimus, but I am not trying to use Optimus. I installed with the integrated GPU and later switched to discrete and installed the NVIDIA drivers. Everything worked fine, but the discrete GPU is terrible for battery. I switched back to integrated in the BIOS and removed the NVIDIA driver. X starts and I am able to log in, but then it just sits there and does nothing. It will not load the desktop.02:16
arrubinWhat might I have missed that the NVIDIA driver left behind?02:17
arrubinI have no xorg.conf.02:17
rypervenchegustavo9: Don't know. I would think it might have something to do with the boot loader, but that kernel is so old and lilo is...old. I can't help with that.02:17
gustavo9ok, this is weird cos I the image is comming from a compact flash and I'm trying to make it work on a usb thumb I guess it has something to do now on the other hand this image actually boots on a qemu virtual machine but doesn't from the thumb :(02:19
rypervenchegustavo9: What happens when you tell your system to boot from the USB drive?02:23
kriskropdhow can i find which installed packages depend on a particular package? in my case, tomcat602:25
rwwsudo apt-get purge tomcat6 and see what it asks you to remove (it'll prompt before removing)02:25
gustavo9rypervenche: it only displays LI02:26
rww(which you should then say N to, probably)02:26
gustavo9I algo suppose that my image is a whole disk image not a partition image and I need to mount the disk image to copy the partition's image, shouldn't I?02:28
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kriskropdrww: it doesn't list anything, but the thing is I don't remember installing tomcat6 so I'm betting it was a dependency for some java thing that I don't remember02:30
kriskropdrww: i suppose it should be fine, since I don't use it or java on the server, but i have my concerns - fixing a broken system is a pain02:30
kriskropdrww: well, i turned the service off, apt-get removed it, recovered some memory and don't see anything breaking yet, tho I should probably reboot it to make sure02:33
* rww nods02:33
rwwtomcat's usually for java webapps, so if you're not running one of those...02:33
CLnetnetwork2012 clnetworking.info@gmail.com02:36
AndroidLoverInSFanyone successfully upgraded and didn't break their mythtv from 12.04 to 14.04 ubuntu upgrade? i don't want to break mythtv by upgrading to 14.0402:37
editionhow to get list of wifi SSIDs, in the terminal?03:03
kriskropdrww: a while back (back in 2011 or 2012), I had experimented with phpVirtualBox on this particular machine, I'll bet tomcat was used back then for the java applet that gave console access03:03
rwwsounds right03:03
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glitchi need help with xrandr i know my stats but need help setting the command03:07
glitchviewport in 1920x1080 viewportout 1820x1020+50+20 as i would input it in nvidia but i need it set to be persistant03:10
moondogglitch: if you use arandr it will create a script for you.03:14
moondogthen you can run that on start up03:14
akkichrome cant detect the java plugin03:14
glitchare you using chrome 3503:14
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glitchmoondog:  thank you03:15
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ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:17
glitchakkik:  you need to down grade chrome to 34 there is no current java plugin that chrome 35+ will accept03:17
akkikthanks glitch03:17
* edition is so frustrated with JACK.03:17
akkikglitch: thanks03:20
glitchmoondog: you still here it will not help me set overcan (crappy tvhas no adjustments03:24
stonnerhow to disable vesafb on ubuntu 14.04?03:27
SchrodingersScatStringsStar: so buttons, mister03:37
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EyePulpany ideas why dns-nameservers is ignored in /interfaces under 14.04?  it's a static iface, and I get no errors with resolvconf03:48
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ZazyCan someone help me with grub?04:11
BeldarZazy, State the issue for help.04:14
ZazyI had to delete my /boot and efi partition and after I remade them and tried to use them after fixing my fstab and crypttab, running update-grub or grub-install /dev/sda, it didn't work04:15
BeldarZazy, You can't just switch from efi to legacy which is what grub-install /dev/sda is04:15
Beldar!bootinfo | Zazy04:16
ubottuZazy: Boot info script is a useful script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://bootinfoscript.sourceforge.net/ and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).04:16
ZazyBeldar: doesn't having grub-efi resolve that?04:16
BeldarZazy, Not sure what you actually mean run the boot script so we can see what is there now04:17
ZazyBeldar: ok04:17
windowsxpanybody have the idea to bypass checkpoint from ubuntu 14 so that i could get an access to the restricted sites04:17
Beldarwindowsxp, checkpoint?04:17
SchrodingersScatwindowsxp: restricted sites?04:18
windowsxpyes, our company uses checkpoint to block some sites04:18
Beldarwindowsxp, ask them, that is way odd topic04:18
windowsxpyoutube, facebook are blocked here through checkpoint04:18
Beldarwindowsxp, For the record we do not help you bypass filters like this ever.04:19
windowsxpcan you recommend any channels who have the perfect idea how to bypas?04:20
Beldarwindowsxp, I know of none, I'm not employed nor have any in my way.04:20
SchrodingersScatprobably #freenode04:20
Beldarwindowsxp, Use your smartphone and keep your job. ;)04:21
ZazyBeldar: here's the output http://pastebin.com/5zW8t2yd04:22
windowsxpsince am new to linux am askin' this question04:22
Beldarwindowsxp, Honestly it is a dumb question, just saying.04:22
akkikwhat means linux programming04:23
windowsxpmight be dumb for you04:23
Beldareven considering that is dumb, rules are rukes for reasons04:23
Beldardumb for anyone04:24
coolmsni have a problem to ubuntu i try to install angry birds breakfast and get an error that says angry birds cannot install because is an error04:30
Beldarcoolmsn, where is the install from?04:31
Beldarand how are you installing?04:32
coolmsnfrom original cd04:32
coolmsni install in wine04:33
Beldarcoolmsn, maybe #winehq04:34
Zazycoolmsn: or the #playonlinux channel if you u want to use playonlinux to manage wine04:36
coolmsnthanks all04:37
Zazyalso when I use su to login into my user after chrooting into my os drive from this live session, I get an error saying "open: Permission denied Error locking counter". Running ecryptfs-mount private, to gain access to my /home folder also gives the error "open: Permission denied Error locking counter"04:43
john38Hello i have a small Compaq desktop with an Intel Atom processor 1.67ghz single core 1GB ram and integrated intel chipset video card which ubuntu version would be best suited for this computer??04:44
function9john38: xubuntu04:45
john38function9, not Lubuntu04:45
function9john38: yeah that too04:45
coolmsnjohn38 not lubuntu gnome04:45
john38function9, i thought Lubuntu was lightweight i wasnt sure which one though04:46
john38coolmsn, so which lubuntu do i get thought all lubuntu ran LXDE desktop04:46
function9john38: try them all, which ever rocks your socks04:46
BeldarZazy, Do you want gpt partitioning?04:47
john38function9, i just need a very lightweight ubuntu04:47
ZazyBeldar: Yes, that's what I'm using currently04:48
coolmsnjohn38 lubuntu is for old computers04:48
BeldarZazy, Ah, why?04:48
john38coolmsn, ok cool i'll get that then04:48
Beldaryou have only three partitions Zazy04:48
coolmsnyou can install xbuntu04:48
john38yeah but i got a intel atom single core 1.67ghz processor04:49
john381gb ram04:49
john38low end04:50
coolmsni have computer like me and ubuntu 12 with gnome classic work so fine and with dock and mac os x theme04:50
ZazyBeldar: My computer came with EFI firmware and gpt and didn't feel the need to change that (is there a problem with it?) and I have a boot partition, an efi partition, swap, a root partition, and an extra storage partition04:50
coolmsnthat is goosd04:51
BeldarZazy, Can't say really, this a computer that had W8?04:51
john38ok thanks04:51
coolmsnyes is so good04:51
BeldarZazy, Your ubuntu install looks to be a non efi is all04:51
ZazyBeldar: yes04:51
ZazyBeldar: It was until my boot and efi partition got messed up04:52
ZazyBeldar: and I tried to make a new 104:52
BeldarZazy, If you want a efi you have to install ubuntu i efi, the grub info I see has no efi notation, did it ever boot?04:52
coolmsnme boot04:52
ZazyBeldar: yes it booted in efi mode before04:53
BeldarZazy, Ah, I'm not really up on this stuff, if it were me I would set the computer to legacy boot and wipe the disc and msdos, but thats me.04:54
Beldarand go msdos*04:54
coolmsnthat is to mee04:54
Beldarcoolmsn, Can you post relevant support please.04:54
ZazyBeldar: ok04:55
BeldarZazy, If you decide to go msdos wipe the mbr.04:56
Beldarthan install04:56
ZazyCan someone help me recover my home folder thats using ecryptfs? I tried using the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory help page, but got errors saying that "open: Permission denied" and "Error locking counter"04:58
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cha0z_1hello, i am using ubuntu13.10 and when I am trying to open file manager it starts and immediately shuts down... What I can do for this?05:32
cha0z_1* Also I can't see the desktop contents (in the desktop) From the terminal all files are ok, so i suppose is a fm problem05:32
Zazycha0z_1: What05:33
cha0z_1Zazy, ?05:33
Zazycha0z_1: What's the name of your file manager?05:33
cha0z_1Zazy, I am using the default file manager of Ubuntu 13.10. I dont know the name, Is it nautilus? idk05:34
cha0z_1Also I can't right click :P05:34
cha0z_1Zazy, how to reinstall the default file manager?05:38
Zazycha0z_1: sudo apt-get install --reinstall nautilus05:40
cha0z_1Zazy, thx i am doing it now05:40
cha0z_1hmm still the same situation05:41
cha0z_1I will reboot05:41
Zazycha0z_1: wait05:41
cha0z_1ok Zazy05:41
Zazycha0z_1: when you run nautilus in terminal, what messages come up? post them on http://dpaste.com/05:42
cha0z_1I also made a unity --reset Zazy_ and removed ubuntu105:42
cha0z_1sure Zazy wait a min05:42
cha0z_1omg Zazy http://dpaste.com/2SM0ZJY core dump I think I buffer overflowed my nautilus :{05:43
cha0z_1Zazy, the error is a about a samba dir but I dont think that I have even enabled samba and shared dirs!!!05:44
subcoolhey, i bought and installed, what i thought to be the seagate hybrid drive.- but its only seen as one large drive..???05:46
subcoolwhat am i missing.05:46
subcoolits supposed to have 8gb of SSD to it.05:47
Zazycha0z_1: That's probably not the problem then. Is anything else not working besides nautilus?05:47
sireebobsubcool: i'm not 100% sure, but i think that is normal.05:48
cha0z_1Zazy nope when I am trying with sudo it just opens and after a while a crash happens. Then the classic report blah blah the issue05:48
sireebobi think the OS, if sufficiently modern, will recognize that and put the most commonly-used files on the SSD sectors.05:48
sireebobbut i could be wrong. it might be a drive firmware thing. i'm really not sure.05:48
subcoolso then how do you use the 8gb part?05:49
cha0z_1Zazy, the weird is that when I execute nautilus as root nothing happens and the program is ok05:49
Zazycha0z_1: when using sudo where there any other errors? Also you should probably file that bug report so devs can fix the problem and others more informed than I can help05:50
cha0z_1ok Zazy05:50
cha0z_1Zazy, when I execute it as sudo is the same problem, also when I execute it as root is ok. But if I browse to my simple users home dir it stops! so something happens with my simple user account :/05:51
cha0z_1it can't execute ~/Desktop05:52
sireebobsubcool: "Hybrid storage products monitor the data being read from the hard drive, and cache the most frequently accessed bits to the high-speed NAND flash memory." - PC World05:52
heushwadup guys05:53
sireebob(full article here: http://www.pcworld.com/article/2025402/ssds-vs-hard-drives-vs-hybrids-which-storage-tech-is-right-for-you-.html )05:53
unopastecoolmsn you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted05:53
sireeboblol, pasting... that's it05:53
coolmsnq- # unopaste!*@*05:54
coolmsni have a problem05:55
john38What would you guys recommend a pci wireless adapter or usb wireless adapter??05:56
cfhowlettcoolmsn ask your ubuntu questions05:57
Zazycha0z_1: use in terminal gedit $HOME/.config/user-dirs.dirs05:57
Zazycha0z_1: do any of those entries look wrong in that file?05:58
cfhowlett!ot|coolmsn for ubuntu help STATE THE ISSUE.  otherwise, ubuntu-offtopic for general chitchat.05:59
ubottucoolmsn for ubuntu help STATE THE ISSUE.  otherwise, ubuntu-offtopic for general chitchat.: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:59
coolmsnthanjs ubottu05:59
ticktoeHey people.I installed backbox in my system and while trying to clone a repo,I am getting error as "WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-dD0xYQ/pkcs11: No such file or directory@06:02
ticktoeHow to switch this off? And also I am getting "TLS handshake failed"06:02
coolmsnhow ubuntu 10.04 is outdated but on ubuntu.com says your distro is avable on ubuntu.com06:03
cfhowlettcoolmsn 10.04 has 5 years of desktop support06:03
cfhowlett"SERVER" suppport06:03
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cfhowlettcoolmsn if you have a SERVER, 10.04 is still good for a few more months06:04
Zazycoolmsn, it says 14.04 is available, not 10.0406:04
ticktoeI am not able to clone because of that now :#06:06
ZazyIf I reinstall ubuntu without formating, will I be able able to mount my ecryptfs home partition afterwards?06:06
abhi-hi I'm trying to configure my machine as a approx server..however when I'm doing an apt update I'm getting this error --> http://ix.io/dnt06:06
coolmsnno on ubuntu software center i can't install apps but on ubuntu.com is an button there writes ubuntu 10.04 and i search of app i want to install and says this app is compatibile with your comuter go to ubuntu software center and install it06:07
cfhowlettcoolmsn open a terminal.  paste the result of this command:  cat /etc/issue06:08
Meauxabhi: Did you change the proxy settings, or direct the mirrors to your machine?06:09
abhi-Meaux: there is no proxy configured..if you want I'll paste my approx & sources.list06:09
MeauxAbhi: Please do06:10
abhi-Meaux: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7792142/ http://paste.ubuntu.com/7792141/06:12
MeauxAbhi: I06:13
MeauxAbhi: unless you have a repo set up on that server, then it shouldn't be pointing to localhost:999906:13
abhi-shouldn't approx take care of that redirection of localhost->archive.ubuntu.com?06:14
MeauxAbhi: That's what it's looking like in the documentation. Run this: netstat -ant | grep 9999 and paste the results, please06:17
ZazyIf I reinstall ubuntu without formating, will I be able able to mount my ecryptfs home partition afterwards?06:18
AbhijitZazy, most probably yes.06:18
AbhijitI think while partitioning you can make it mount new /home to old /home. there it will ask you for the password. Zazy06:19
AbhijitZazy, dont do all these things without a backup. get backup of /home somewhere first.06:19
cfhowlettcoolmsn open a terminal.  paste the result of this command:  cat /etc/issue06:19
MeauxJust make sure your username and password are the same, else, decrypt it before installing06:19
coolmsni will try06:20
coolmsnbut ubuntu is downloading06:20
cfhowlettcoolmsn so your question was answered then?  great!06:20
abhi-Meaux: http://ix.io/dnu06:20
ZazyThanks, Abhijit and will backing up the /home work when there's a home folder using ecryptfs?06:22
abhi-Meaux: Hm got it working.. found the issue after some googling http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=212567106:23
abhi-Meaux: not sure whether this is a bug...06:23
MeauxAbhi: You might bring it up with the packager then; although, I'm not sure how to find out who that is06:24
abhi-Meaux: yeah..will checkout in launchpad I think06:29
MeauxAbhi: Awesome!06:29
coolmsnnguyenanhtung you speak romanian06:34
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cfhowlettnguyenanhtung ask your ubuntu questions06:37
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anonymous_friend how to hack facebook somebody06:42
cfhowlettanonymous_ no hacking here and you're in the wrong channel.06:42
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nathanbbbis there a way to grant permissions on sequences that get made06:51
nathanbbbwithout having to grant it06:51
nathanbbbso like a default grant for a user06:52
Abhijithow can i boot to recovery mode, without grub? can i append some parameter to kernel?06:56
Abhijitubuntu 14.04 server06:56
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Cuppa_coffeeI've got a nice problem. When i click the ubuntu software centre it loads, then crashes. When running apt-get update i get the following error E: Encountered a section with no Package: header07:03
Cuppa_coffeeE: Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/repository.spotify.com_dists_stable_non-free_i18n_Translation-en%5fUS07:03
Cuppa_coffeeE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.07:03
Cuppa_coffeeHow to fix this?07:04
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Abhijithow can i boot to recovery mode, without grub? can i append some parameter to kernel?07:14
bjpennanyone know what apt-key, and gpg is?07:17
bjpennwhats the concept behind this07:17
trijntjebjpenn: you can find plenty of information about gpg online07:18
bjpennit seems like some key security thing07:19
bjpennbut what about apt-key07:19
bjpennwhats the idea behind it?07:19
bjpennPPA etc07:19
bjpennseems like its something to do with latest packages07:19
bjpennthat arent available yet with regular apt07:19
bjpennstill not sure what the key and stuff are all about though07:19
bjpenndone some reading but was hopign someone could help explain it07:20
trijntjebjpenn: gpg is used to sign all packages, to make sure you only install packages that you trust07:20
trijntjeif your pc doesn't recognise a signature it will give you a warning and wont install the packages. That way nobody can trick you into installing untrusted packages07:21
bjpennso each package has kind of a "cert", and apt-get has something that tells it that "cert" is valid07:21
Ben64bjpenn: http://debian-handbook.info/browse/wheezy/sect.package-authentication.html07:22
pdsi'm messing around with logrotate and whould like to delete log files that are older then 30 days. So i don't full the hd until the system goes down - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-manage-log-files-with-logrotate-on-ubuntu-12-1007:25
pdsi guess if don't specifiy the new file it will remove the file but i'm not sure07:25
jonascjAnyone using python graphviz on Ubuntu 14.04? I cannot get it to install with "pip install pygraphviz". It complains about a missing python.h07:31
Mathisenjonascj sudo apt-get install -y graphviz libgraphviz-dev pkg-config python-pip07:33
Mathisenand try again07:33
cyberpunkgothicgood morning.07:41
cyberpunkgothicthere is a bug!07:41
cyberpunkgothicwith thunderbird.07:42
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jonascjMathisen: do I need to install the packages I already have, again? Will installing pkg-config again cause it to reload configs or similar?07:43
squeakytoyHey all. I am trying to nderstand something. I am trying to execute a command programatically. In windows this works fine: 'git log --author="x y"' <-- but when I run it in Ubuntu, the quotes break the command. Even using single quotes ' does work, but if i wrap it with square brackets [] ('git log --author=[x y]') it works - how come? o.O07:44
cyberpunkgothicthe icon to the left for thunderbird shos a 3 for unred messages, but there are only 2 unread messages! keep it updated!!! thanks07:45
Mathisenjonascj if you already have all of those i dont know what to do... that was the only thing i could think about to solve your issue07:45
jonascjMathisen: yeah, no dice - installing all of those packages still cause "pip install pygraphviz" to say "fatal error: python.h no such file or directory"07:49
pdsi'm messing around with logrotate and whould like to delete log files that are older then 30 days. So i don't full the hd until the system goes down - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-manage-log-files-with-logrotate-on-ubuntu-12-1007:50
pdsi guess if don't specifiy the new file it will remove the file but i'm not sure07:50
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fifnirHello, anyone here?08:08
jonascj--This is very frustrating - installing it on ubuntu 12.04 works fine :S08:09
trijntjefifnir: lots of people08:09
jonascjfifnir: just ask your question08:09
fifnirWell I was trying to be polite:P08:10
DeaDSouLhi, could anyone tell me why this is not working : if [[ "${extension}" != [.jpg]|[.jpeg]|[.gif]|[.png] ]]; then08:11
trijntjeor is || not |08:11
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DeaDSouLtrijntje: ok it doesn't give me any error now, but the condition doesn't work !08:14
trijntjeDeaDSouL: why do you use brackets instead of quotes around the extensions?08:16
DeaDSouLtrijntje: its an expression.. i thought it was only way.. do u know any other way08:17
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Cuppa_coffeeanybody got a solution for my update problem?08:25
=== PowerKiller is now known as Power_OFF
fifnirHey people: I seem to have messed up python2.7 in my system (no module _sqlite3) so googling says I need to recompile (python2.6 and python3 are okay). So could someone help me with how to recompile python2.7 on ubuntu 10.04 ?08:28
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Cuppa_coffeenevermind. Disabled spotify in the update preferences, apt-get update, upgrade and we're merrily trodding along08:29
hpprinter100Hey, i'm running 14.04 and whenever i login it crashes and i'm brought back to the login screen08:33
hpprinter100How can i get past this?08:33
Cuppa_coffeethats bad, do you get an error message of some sort?08:33
hpprinter100nah it just goes purple and then logs me back out08:35
jlandercómo puedo modificar particione en gparted si tienen la llavecita ?08:35
Ben64!es | jlander08:35
hpprinter100and does the drum roll thing08:35
ubottujlander: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.08:35
Cuppa_coffeehave you recently changed session or something like that?08:35
hpprinter100Cuppa_coffee, not that i'm aware of08:37
hpprinter100can i do a non-gui login?08:37
jlanderhow can I modify partitions with gparted if a key is visible?08:37
Ben64jlander: they may be mounted. if so, you need to unmount them before modifying08:38
Cuppa_coffeehpprinter100, i meant desktop enviroment08:38
hpprinter100nope i'm with stock unity no mods08:38
jlanderwhat does mount mena?08:38
Cuppa_coffeeaight, then i'm afraid i dont know08:39
Cuppa_coffeemount essentially means "in use"08:39
jlanderthey aren't in use08:39
fifnirAny leads on how to recompile python2.7 on a 10.04 system with multiple python installations? (I get a no module _sqlit3 error and googling says i need to recompile)08:42
jlandercan you help with gparted?08:43
jlanderhemp me08:43
jlanderhelp me08:43
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creatorb1can i develop tizen on my ubuntu 14.04?08:44
friendlyfascismjlander, just state the issue for help.08:44
creatorb1#join #ubuntu-indonesia08:45
jlanderi want eliminate a partitions and incorporate free space to another08:46
jlanderi want eliminate one partition and incorporate free space to another08:46
Ben64jlander: ok well pastebin some information. try "sudo blkid" "sudo parted -l" and "mount" for starters08:46
friendlyfascismjlander, Take a screen shot put it in an imagebin and state the exact wants you have naming the partitions.08:47
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Branko_hello mindenki08:47
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Guest2486Hi, I installed KDE plasma with  apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop on my ubuntu, now my volume keys are not working. Any suggestions?08:49
friendlyfascismcreatorb1, https://wiki.tizen.org/wiki/Install_Tizen_SDK_on_Ubuntu try researching08:50
jlanderi'm waiting for gparted08:51
jlandertake a lot of time to read the disk08:51
jlanderi have I/O errors in 1 partition08:52
nathanbbbanyone know how to use monit08:53
hpprinter100friendlyfascism, how is tizen diffrent from android?08:54
friendlyfascismhpprinter100, no idea never heard of it.08:54
Braden`I cannot receive any connections on port 4444.  I flushed iptables, so there are no firewall rules preventing it.  What might cause that?08:54
pdshow do i remove old log files with logrotate, found https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-manage-log-files-with-logrotate-on-ubuntu-12-10 but doesn't seems to specificy deletion. However it doesn't specificy deletion. Will eve.json accept this08:55
creatorb1friendlyfascism: yeah i know :) but everything tutorial i see worked on 12.04 / 13.04 nothing found on 14.04, oke i will try it ...08:55
AbhijitBraden`, router / modem settings?08:55
fifnirAny leads on how to recompile python2.7 on a 10.04 system with multiple python installations? (I get a no module _sqlit3 error and googling says i need to recompile)08:55
friendlyfascismcreatorb1, It is 3rd party  not really supported here.08:56
Abhijitfifnir, just get python source and compile, install it?08:56
friendlyfascismcreatorb1, They have a channel #tizen08:57
creatorb1hpprinter100: tizen have tpk format package and can worked on android,ios,windows phone,etc08:57
fifnirjust like that? I'm afraid it'll make an even worse mess08:57
function9Braden`: do you have a service running for that port?08:57
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friendlyfascismpds, What release are you running?08:59
hpprinter100creatorb1, can you link to an article with your claims?09:00
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pcdroidHow does USB mobile broadband work with Ubuntu? Are these normally only compatible with Windows?09:07
coolmsnpcdroid:usb mobile work on ubuntu i tested09:08
k1l_pcdroid: some work out of the box. depends on the usb stick09:08
pcdroidi googled some, seems usb modeswitch is something i might have to use09:10
k1l_pcdroid: get the exact make and model (or the usb-id) and then look out for the specific hardware09:11
demon^eyeHI  , when switching to other language in chrome Url place i get gibrish not my selected language type...any ide why????09:14
coolmsnnobody chat with me im so sad :(09:15
friendlyfascismcoolmsn, This is not chat.09:15
Cagri705Hello, I am trying to download a program called "matlab" from the softwarecenter (not actual matlab, but yeah), and i have a problem. Software-center starts to go black, and it freezes, i tried reinstalling software-center, but it seems like whenever i try to download that software, then it just jumps straight to "installing" and freezes. can anyone help?09:15
AbhijitCagri705, manually download from matlab website.09:16
coolmsnwhere is the chat09:16
friendlyfascism!topic | coolmsn09:16
ubottucoolmsn: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:16
Cagri705Abhijit, It's not the actual Matlab software, i got that one installed09:16
Cagri705!reply s09:16
coolmsnnobody chat with me im so sad :(09:17
bcverycoolmsn, general chat in: #ubuntu-offtopic thanks09:17
k1l_!guidelines > coolmsn09:17
ubottucoolmsn, please see my private message09:17
Cagri705can anyone help?09:17
k1l_coolmsn: please keep this channel clear for support. thanks09:17
AbhijitCagri705, do apt-get insntall scilab09:18
Cagri705abhijit, what's scilab?09:18
coolmsni try to install win 2-7 on gnome-classic and get error plase use gnome classic09:18
AbhijitCagri705, open source matlab alternate. same thing. for linux.09:18
Cagri705Abhijit, I have original Matlab software for my ubuntu laptop installed09:19
coolmsn#ubuntu-offtopic :Cannot send to channel wtf is that09:19
AbhijitCagri705, you already have it installed? then whats the issue ?09:19
Cagri705Abhijit, the thing is, there's just an app i want to download from the software center, where it crashed when it reaches "installing" and i cant seem to delete the temporary files and try downloading again09:20
Cagri705whenever i try to download it again, it skips the downloading part, runs straight to installing, and crashed09:20
Abhijitand that app is Matlab? which you already have installed? which  you are trying to install? what am i missing Cagri705 ?09:21
k1l_coolmsn: please come to #ubuntu-ops to discuss that issues with the #ubuntu channels09:21
ezra-sCagri705, there should be some trace of the installation , have you tried "sudo apt-get purge package-name" first before trying to reinstall?09:21
Cagri705Abhijit, that app is called "matlab" but it's not the actual matlab thing.09:22
Cagri705ezra-s, how do i specify the package name?09:22
ezra-sCagri705, I just joined I assumed you were talking about an apt-get installation, if that's so, the same way you try to install09:23
Cagri705ezra-s, no sorry.. its from software-center. that ubuntu application where you can download stuff09:23
ezra-sCagri705, it's the same thing then, what's the software named?09:24
ezra-sI can look it up for you09:24
Cagri705ezra-s, matlab09:24
vltHello. I installed the pkg asterisk-dahdi on 12.04 LTS when it had kernel 3.2.0-23 and got /lib/modules/3.2.0-23-virtual/updates/dkms/dahdi.ko.  After an update the kernel is 3.2.0-60 now but there's no dahdi.ko in /lib/modules/.  Any idea what I have to do to "generate(?)" that module?09:26
ezra-sI see similar packages and some related to it, but not the specific one, try checking what you have installed. Type "dpkg -l | grep -i matlab", paste the results in paste.ubuntu.com09:26
ezra-sCagri705, ^^09:26
Borsi<Borsi> shouldnt the mesa files be updated on 14.04?09:27
Borsi<Borsi> i tried the drivers and i got only 2.1 opengl on 7870, 10.1.309:27
Cagri705ezra-s, its blank09:27
Cagri705ezra-s, this is the app description: This package does not provide MATLAB. Instead, it configures an existing MATLAB installation to integrate more comfortably in a Debian installation.  Currently it provides /usr/bin/matlab through the alternatives system, offers to work around incompatibilities between the libraries bundled with MATLAB and system libraries, and provides a helper utility meant to be used by other packages to compil09:27
ezra-sCagri705, try "sudo apt-get install matlab-support"09:27
ubuntu_newhow  i can install ubuntu ?09:30
k1l_!install | ubuntu_new09:30
ubottuubuntu_new: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:30
jlandercan i add gpart in live usb live?09:30
Cagri705ezra-s, thank you for your help. I should have known that. Do you know if you can remove the "uninstalled files" that softwarecenter downloaded?09:30
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ubuntu_newcan i have ubuntu and windows together ?09:31
h8yes you can ubuntu_new09:31
=== Paulus68_ is now known as Paulus68
h8ubuntu_new: see this guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBoot09:31
ezra-sCagri705, you can if you knew which they were, but essentially it should have tried to do the same as the line you executed09:31
k1l_ubuntu_new: that is called "dualboot setup"09:32
ezra-sCagri705, so if something failed or got batly installed it has been overwritten now09:32
Cagri705ezra-s, nice. also the downlaoded files which arent installed yet?09:32
Cagri705ezra-s, nevermind. it's updated in software center now09:32
ezra-sCagri705, I have never installed matlab, I guess you would need some research for that, but I bet they are in /tmp or similar, which will get deleted on next boot09:33
Cagri705ezra-s, no problems anymore. It's all good :-)09:33
ezra-sCagri705, yes, software-center and apt-get feed on the sabe install database09:33
Cagri705ezra-s, thanks for helping me09:33
ezra-sCagri705, my pleasure09:33
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ubuntu_newdo download ubuntu from http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop  ???09:35
jlandercan i add gpart in live usb live?09:36
ubuntu_newhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop yes or no ? :(09:37
ezra-subuntu_new, yes09:38
ikoniaubuntu_new: it looks like you are already running ubuntu09:38
ikoniaubuntu_new: you are talking from an ubuntu machine09:38
bah_hi all, anybody know how I can send mail from a webapp (localhost) to a dir on my own machine ?09:38
ikoniabah_: you don't send mail to a dir09:38
ikoniabah_: you send it to a mail server, a mail server then delivers it where you tell it to09:39
ikoniaeg: a directory on your machine09:39
ubuntu_newyes but my ubuntu is on vmware machine and the version of this is 12.1009:39
ikoniaubuntu_new: you approach it the same09:39
ikoniaubuntu_new: you install from install media, the same as in vmware09:39
bah_ikonia, I see, do you know where I can find instructions how to set this up? running a rails app and xubuntu 14.0409:40
ikoniabah_: check the ubuntu wiki on mail server setup09:41
blackyboyOne of client machine hard drive failure occurred just now, Now , Check the filesystem of that hard drive and its clean, so what i did now is took another 250 GB hdd and started to cloning the defected whole drive to new drive using command  { sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb oflag=direct bs=1GB } and its under process, after finish what i want to do ? did i want to replace the UUID in fstab or its will be fine to run ?09:43
ubuntu_new<ikonia> ubuntu_new: you install from install media, the same as in vmware09:45
ubuntu_newdo U khow why my webcam not working ?09:45
=== Lakii^ is now known as Lakii
ikoniaubuntu_new: you're using vmware - it doesn't have a web cam09:47
Ugb3I have a question, the dev of mediatomb made an update yesterday after I reported a bug, will the package be updated soon or should I try to get the compilation working ?09:47
ikoniaUgb3: the package will not be updated09:47
ikoniaUgb3: you need to log a bug against the package in ubuntu to get it updated09:47
ubuntu_newok ... so i should install ubuntu ...09:47
ikoniaUgb3: it will only be updated in the current version, it will not get a version bump though (or very unlikley to)09:48
ubuntu_newso i download it from website and burn it to CD ?09:48
ikoniaubuntu_new: exactly as you did with vmware09:48
ikonia!install | ubuntu_new09:48
ubottuubuntu_new: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate09:48
Ugb3ikonia: That's a minor update09:48
ikoniaUgb3: should be possible to get an update pushed out then09:49
etu1cmt va tu09:49
Ugb3ikonia: So package are updated only when there is a bug repport filled ?09:49
ubuntu_newi should install in another driver difrent from driver that windows is install on it ?09:49
ikoniaUgb3: correct09:49
ikoniaubuntu_new: you can install it where you want, the links ubottu sent you explain it09:50
Ugb3ikonia: I guess I should get some documentation about how package maintenance works.09:50
ubuntu_newok ... tnx alot ...09:50
ArGGu^_^Hello, I am creating custom live cd, using mini remix 14.04. "aplay -l" returns no soundcards found, while "cat /proc/asound/cards" returns a card.09:50
ikoniaArGGu^_^: it's your re-spin, you support it09:51
ArGGu^_^I tried Lubuntu 14.04 live-cd and with it "aplay -l" returns a sound card.09:51
ikoniaArGGu^_^: it's your re-spin, you support it09:51
ubuntu_newis ubuntu free or i should pay money for it ? :?09:52
ikoniaubuntu_new: it's free09:53
ArGGu^_^ikonia I may not ask help for custom live cd that just contains base install of ubuntu?09:53
ikoniaubuntu_new: you can contribute if you want09:53
ikoniaArGGu^_^: no09:53
ArGGu^_^ikonia ok09:53
ArGGu^_^ikonia is there a channel related ubuntu I may ask questions like that?09:53
ikoniaArGGu^_^: no idea09:53
ArGGu^_^ikonia ok09:53
vltHow to build dkms kernel modules for a new kernel version after a system update?09:54
ubuntu_newok ... i m downloading from09:54
ubuntu_newis it ok ? :(09:54
Abhijitlammy is spamming with port links in pm.09:54
ikoniaubuntu_new: anything from ubuntu.com is official09:54
ikoniaAbhijit: that is not in this channel09:54
pdsjust configured logrotate however its montly i want to force run so the old files are cleared and i don't have to wait a whole month09:54
pdsanybody got ideas09:54
Abhijitikonia, /whois tells me he is in this channel too09:55
Abhijitikonia, ok. not this. i mean ubuntu-server09:55
Ugb3Anybody got link to documentation about how package maintenance is made in ubuntu ?09:55
ikonia!bugs | Ugb309:55
ubottuUgb3: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:55
Ugb3ikonia: thanks, but not what I asked.09:56
AbhijitUgb3, http://packaging.ubuntu.com/html/09:56
AbhijitUgb3, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU09:56
Ugb3thank Abhijit09:56
ikoniaUgb3: that explains the bug reporting system and should have notes about the package getting updated09:57
ubuntu_newso i download it and burn to CD and i install it on my Driver such as when i install windows... :?09:57
ikoniaubuntu_new: READ the link ubottu sent you09:58
ikoniaubuntu_new: you're asking the same thing over and over09:58
ubuntu_newok ... have a good time ... bye09:59
ubuntu_newtnx a lot09:59
Ugb3I can't report a bug without sending a report ? :/09:59
ikoniaUgb3: because sending the report is the bug10:00
=== Thor^^ is now known as Thor
ikoniathat is the bug report10:00
k1l_Ugb3: how do you want report a bug without reporting it?10:00
Ugb3k1l_: Because the bug won't apear in the report as I don't even have the package installed.10:01
ikoniaUgb3: the doc should list how to report a bug without apport10:01
k1l_Ugb3: then go to launchpad.net, choose the package and press: report a bug10:01
Ugb3k1l_: You can do that ? not a word about that on the wiki.10:02
ikoniathere is a word about it10:02
Abhijithow can i select all a file in terminal?10:02
ikoniapretty detailed section about it10:03
ikoniaAbhijit: select them in what ?10:03
Abhijitikonia, vim or nano10:03
ikoniaAbhijit: they are text editors10:03
ikoniayou don't select files10:03
Abhijitikonia, i want to copy paste a file. from terminal to pastebin.10:03
Abhijitcontent of a file.10:03
k1l_Abhijit: you just oben the file with the texteditor10:03
Abhijitnot the file10:03
k1l_Abhijit: pastbinit /path/to/file10:04
* Abhijit gets caught10:04
Ugb3Is there a way to change the language of the terminal ? I have a localized version but I can't stand having to translate in english the errors i get...10:09
Ugb3export LC_ALL=C did it.10:10
codephobicwhere should you place downloaded applications (say Sublime Text 3) in your filesystem in ubuntu 14.04? And how do you get the icons and everything to integrate with unity?10:10
Abhijitcodephobic, /opt or /<userhome/bin ??10:11
sivteckHi, i am using ubuntu 14.04, sometimes the fonts get distorted: http://imgur.com/CBYaEr0  <--- screenshot, see the second u in ubuntu in ubuntu 13.10. The fonts get distorted in all applications and it goes away after i select it.10:11
Abhijitand then add /<userhome>/bin to PATH?10:11
codephobicAbhijit, does that also make it visible to unity's launcher and lenses?10:11
Abhijitcodephobic, no idea about that. you should consult unity channel for that.10:12
Abhijitcodephobic, ideally , it should.10:12
Ugb3I'm trying to compile mediatomb, but I get "//usr/local/lib/libswscale.so.2: undefined reference to `av_pix_fmt_swap_endianness@LIBAVUTIL_52'" any idea of what is wrong ?10:13
codephobicI used to store applications (eclipse) in /opt, but never really could get them to 'register' with Debian's (or Unity's) desktop. Atleast in Debian I could just hack the menu and add it anyway, with Ubuntu I want to try and do things 'right'.10:13
sivteckmy laptop has AMD A4-5000 with integrated graphics10:13
jlanderi need help with gparted10:14
jlanderi want to resize partition10:14
codephobicAbhijit, ah, didn't know there was a specific channel for unity, figured it was part and parcel of Ubuntu.10:14
codephobicok, will go ask there too10:14
Abhijitcodephobic, its #ubuntu-unity10:14
codephobicAbhijit, I'm guessing it's not #unity10:14
Abhijitcodephobic, that unity is game engine.10:15
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Cyb3rtyreiserfs or ext4?10:21
gener1cwhich partition?10:21
k1l_Cyb3rty: if you need to ask use ext410:21
gener1cthe filesystem you choose depends on your needs10:22
gener1cbut yeah kll has a point10:22
k1l_if you dont know why you want to use something other then ext4 dont use it10:22
gener1cid tell him to use ext310:22
gener1cmore stable10:22
Cyb3rtybut i'll never know it then10:22
Ben64ext4 is plenty stable10:23
k1l_Cyb3rty: then read yourself into reiserfs10:23
Cyb3rtyand another question: do i need /boot partition?10:25
Ben64Cyb3rty: under most circumstances, no. only if you want full disk encryption, which i'd recommend against10:26
Ben64or certain raid stuff, etc10:26
jlanderi need help with gparted10:26
Ben64jlander: yep, and you still haven't posted the information requested of you10:26
Cyb3rtyBen64, so i need only /, swap and home partitions?10:27
Ben64Cyb3rty: you only "need" /   .... swap is very good to have, as well as /home10:27
* trijntje always uses a swapfile, less hassel during installation ;)10:28
jlanderwhich information?10:28
Ben64Jul 14 2014 01:46:53 <Ben64>jlander: ok well pastebin some information. try "sudo blkid" "sudo parted -l" and "mount" for starters10:28
Ben64Jul 14 2014 01:47:00 <friendlyfascism>jlander, Take a screen shot put it in an imagebin and state the exact wants you have naming the partitions.10:28
Ben64nearly 2 hours ago ^10:28
codephobicstill no answer on #ubuntu-unity ...10:28
jlanderi don't know do this10:29
Ben64!pastebin | jlander10:29
ubottujlander: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.10:29
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pdsis it me or does lograte check the date of the last edit of a log instead of the log file entries it self10:29
Cyb3rtyBen64, what about that LVM thing? it looks useful, but what are disadvantages of it?10:30
jlanderi only need to resize a partition10:31
Ben64Cyb3rty: could be harder to recover from an error, its why i like using normal partitions. easy to recover from hard drive problems/crashes without losing data10:31
Cyb3rtyBen64, ok. thank you10:32
jlanderfuck off10:34
masoudborborhi everybody, I want to format my flash usb drive but it is readonly I tried some methods mentioned at the forum but didnt work. anybody to help?10:35
ikoniamasoudborbor: open gparted, click format10:36
masoudborborikonia, I used that, but after I click apply it says it is read only10:36
ikoniamasoudborbor: ok, so that normally happens when either a.) the device is dead b.) there is a read only switch on it c.) its mounted10:37
masoudborborikonia, it is not dead because I can copy files from that, and there is no read only switch10:37
ikoniamasoudborbor: copied files from it is "reading"10:37
ikoniamasoudborbor: therefore it could be dead10:37
masoudborborikonia, tx. nothing can be done then?10:38
Ugb3masoudborbor: what file system did you use ?10:38
masoudborbornot mine. ntfs10:39
Ugb3masoudborbor: Try fat10:39
masoudborboroh ok10:39
ikoniamasoudborbor: depends if its a.) broken b.) read only switch c.) mounted10:39
nishantjrxxxI'm on 14.04. For some reason when I restart the lightdm process certain processes 'leak' out of the session. loginctl shows the sessions state as 'closing', but it doesnt kill the script. Any idea why?10:39
Ugb3ntfs often mount as read-only.10:39
ikoniathat's the whole point10:39
ikoniahe's trying to format it10:39
ikoniait shouldn't be mounted10:39
masoudborborI tried unmounting that first10:40
Ugb3masoudborbor: You can't unmount it ?10:40
ikoniamasoudborbor: can you actually format it, or is the error happening after is't formatted and mounted10:40
masoudborborUgb3, I can, and I do10:40
masoudborborikonia, I can unmount it, but I can not format it10:40
ikoniaright, so it's the format that's failing10:41
ikoniaso that suggests the device may be dead10:41
Ugb3masoudborbor: You can't format in any file system ?10:41
masoudborborI tried fat and ntfs10:41
masoudborborboth th e same: read only...10:41
Ugb3masoudborbor: Are you able to try it on another computer ?10:41
masoudborborsame happens10:42
Ugb3Did you try on other os ?10:42
Ugb3masoudborbor: maybe you should try to dd something on it to see if it'sreally dead.10:43
ikoniaor maybe you should accept that usb's have a finite number of rights10:43
Cuppa_coffeeor, bite the bullet and format it with windows10:44
ikoniawrites even10:44
Ugb3ikonia: They do, but what's the point of trhowing it out if it can be saved ?10:44
ikoniahow is using a different OS going to give it more writes10:44
Ugb3ikonia: Because maybe it's not dead, maybe you should accept that a non working  "usb" is not always dead.10:45
ikoniaUgb3: I totally accept that, that's why I gave 3 options10:45
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RienzillaHello there.10:55
RienzillaMy ubuntu 14.04 desktop does not show a login screen or desktop anymore on boot10:55
Rienzillaall I get is an empty desktop background, and I can switch to the text consoles with ctrl-alt-something10:56
k1l_Rienzilla: make sure the video card driver works10:56
Cuppa_coffeehow, without any gui to speak of?10:56
Rienzillak1l_: it does, I get the desktop background picture10:56
RienzillaI just don't get a working windowmanager10:57
Cuppa_coffeeso, nautilus isnt loading?10:57
RienzillaI guess so10:57
Rienzillarightclick gives me a menu though10:57
Rienzillaso it did load something10:57
k1l_Rienzilla: that sounds like its not running the 3d parts properly.  untiy needs working 3d10:57
Rienzillaeh, ok. How do I check?10:58
k1l_see dmesg what it says about possible errors10:58
neo1691are android adb and other tools like fastboot there in the official ubuntu repos10:59
Rienzillasystemd-logind killed by TERM signal (700 seconds after boot)10:59
Rienzillaneo1691: I think so, yes10:59
k1l_neo1691: yes, they are11:00
neo1691k1l_: I am not able to find them using apt-cache11:00
k1l_neo1691: which ubuntu are you running exactly?11:00
=== dbtqdygayjlniyak is now known as klufhhqogdiljmdo
neo169112.04 lts11:01
=== klufhhqogdiljmdo is now known as sepero
k1l_neo1691: well not for 12.04. i think they are included since 12.10 or 13.0411:01
neo1691okay! :011:02
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walroosis there any note taking app , that is as good as evernote?11:15
nishantjrxxxANyidea how I can configure pam_systemd's kill-session-processes? I put it in pam.d/common-session, but no luck11:15
Cuppa_coffeewalroos, nevernote?11:16
Cuppa_coffeeor nixnote, i cant remember which o/t two was the most recent11:17
Cuppa_coffeenixnote is the most recent. I need more coffee11:17
walroosCuppa_coffee, have u used it?11:18
Rienzillajust great :(11:21
Rienzillaunity-tweak-tool --reset-unity brings back a launch pad, but it disappears as soon as I break it off11:21
skilzHow do I change the icon of an app?11:25
skilzWhere is the folder of apps?11:25
skilzSomewhere in /usr/share ?11:25
Fuchsskilz: the applications have files spread over the file system,11:26
trijntjeskilz: usr/share/applications, if you want to change it for one user you can copy the .desktop file to .local/share/applications11:26
Fuchsskilz: probably you are looking for the .desktop file of that application though, that usually defines what icon to take11:26
skilzYeah where is that?11:26
spaceninjaWill I be able to use ubuntu from the pendrive if I follow these steps? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu11:26
Fuchs/usr/share/applications  usually, else you can use locate or find11:27
skilzThats it :)11:27
trijntjeskilz: you can also use dpkg -L firefox | grep desktop11:27
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hpprinter100anyone know how to enable sslv2 in openssl 1.0.1f?11:30
spaceninjahmm, maybe it's this one http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-windows11:32
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jonascjSo I am back with problem installing graphviz using pip in an virtualenv. So I can install pygraphviz like this "pip install pygraphviz" in my 'global' python environment, but when I do the same inside a python virtualenvironment (using the virtualenvwrapper package) I get an error that python.h cannot be found. Any ideas?11:38
pcdroidhow do I install Ubuntu from a USB stick?11:38
ubottupcdroid: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate11:39
cfhowlett!usb | pcdroid11:39
ubottupcdroid: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:39
jonascjthe global ubuntu packages like libgraphviz-dev, graphviz etc. they should be available both inside and outside the virtualenv, right?11:39
cfhowlettjonascj they are11:40
webmindcan someone tell me how I can tell unattended-upgrades to also upgrade all stuff from the partner repository?11:41
webmindcan hardly find any documentation on it :(11:41
webmindlink to docs also fine :)11:41
pcdroidDo I need to format my harddrive before performing the linux installation or will the linux installation help me with this?11:42
webmindpcdroid, the ubuntu installer will help you with that11:42
cfhowlettpcdroid installation dialog will help you with partitioning and formatting.  read carefully and ask questions as needed.11:43
webmindif there is any information you want to keep on the disk, it's adviced to make a backup11:43
cfhowlettpcdroid this! ^^^11:43
pcdroidEverything I need is in the cloud already11:44
pcdroidis it possible to not just format but also overwrite?11:44
pcdroidwatching movies, not a problem on ubuntu?11:45
cfhowlettpcdroid you mean for security?11:45
cfhowlettpcdroid one question at a time ...11:45
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webmindpcdroid, no problems with watching movies here11:45
cfhowlettpcdroid install ubuntu-expected-extras and you'll be covered for almost all contingencies11:46
philinuxwebmind;~ you need to edit an apt conf file. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticSecurityUpdates#Using_the_.22unattended-upgrades.22_package11:46
trijntjepcdroid: you can manually overwrite the partitions, but there is no automatic option for this in the installer unless you install with  full disk encryption11:47
webmindphilinux, I have upgrades working, but it won't upgrade the adobe-flashplugin11:48
philinuxpcdroid;~ do you wish to wipe the drive first11:48
philinuxwebmind;~ you probably need to add partner to this file /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades:11:49
duckbug`hi, is there any equivalent of indicator-cpufreq? i use 14.04 LTS on notebook.11:50
pcdroidI cannot find the torrent link? I am downloading the normal way but if the download fails that is bad.11:51
delliriumyI have a problem, im looking for package strongswan in 4.6.4 version, i've checked that it was in saucy salamander repositories. I have ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) how can i add repos from saucy salamander?11:52
webmindphilinux, yes, but in what format?11:52
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webmindphilinux, I've tried just adding "partner"11:52
trijntjedelliriumy: no, that wont work11:52
webmindphilinux, an example of what I tried: http://pastebin.com/349YdvJk11:53
delliriumytrijntje: so, whats the best way to download via apt-get strongswan? Except doing it from source?11:53
trijntjedelliriumy: mixing repositories is a bad idea. If you install the version from saucy the update manager will see that a more recent version is available and update it. I think the best way is to install it from source if you *really* need that specific version11:54
webminddelliriumy, you need specificly that version?11:55
YevgenyAnybody knows how to fix the screen issue on ubuntu, it won't show the whole screen11:55
delliriumyYes specificly that version.11:55
trijntjeor maybe manually download the deb, disable upgrades for that program and hope for the best. But if there are a lot of dependencies things will get messed up very fast11:55
YevgenyIt's like the screen has been moved slightly to the left-down corner11:55
pcdroidshould i go with 14.0.4 LTS for desktop?11:55
delliriumyWell then i will try from source :/. Thanks for help.11:55
MACscrok, should i do my /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules by ATTR{address} or KERNELS id? I am getting horribly inconsistent results11:56
trijntjeYevgeny: press the auto-center button on your monitor ;)11:56
Yevgenytrijntje: I tried11:56
trijntjepcdroid: what kind of pc do you have? Is it recent or old?11:56
Yevgenyi tried another screen also11:56
trijntjeYevgeny: system settings -> monitor -> change the resolution?11:56
Yevgenyit's a raspberry pi11:56
trijntjeYevgeny: /join #raspberrypi11:56
philinuxwebmind;~ found this poking around http://blog.ezyang.com/2010/03/third-party-unattended-upgrade/11:57
jonascjcfhowlett: then I do not get it why it complains about python.h inside the virtualenv and not outside it11:57
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webmindphilinux, thanks, looks interesting11:59
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philinuxwebmind;~ http://askubuntu.com/questions/80464/how-to-update-adobes-software-unattendedly12:00
philinuxwebmind;~ my google foo is stong today12:00
webmindphilinux, sweet, first url didn't help, checking second12:01
philinuxwebmind;~ should be easy this but there you go,12:02
webmindphilinux, I've googled and ddg's quite a bit, but didn't find those results. second link seems promising12:04
philinuxwebmind;~ good luck12:04
pankajhi guys12:04
pankaj I have problem with adobe flash plugin for firefox. although i have installed  flashplugin-installer12:04
webmindphilinux, seems to work, thanks!12:04
philinuxwebmind;~ which syntax worked?12:05
webmind"Canonical:${distro_codename}"; and "Canonical precise";12:05
webmindusing the latter now12:05
philinuxwebmind;~ so that updates everything?12:06
webmindphilinux, atleast it includes the parner updates now12:07
philinuxwebmind;~ result then12:07
webmindphilinux, result then?12:09
philinuxwebmind;~ means all sorted12:09
webmindah yes :)12:09
pankajguys , hi there12:10
pankajI have problem with adobe flash plugin for firefox. although i have installed  flashplugin-installer12:10
Abhijitpankaj, what problem?12:11
pankajwebsites using flash still dont open up12:11
pankajlike youtube.com12:11
Abhijitpankaj, restarted firefox?12:11
pankajrestarted computer itself12:12
ello_govnaIs it possible on ext4 to set a flag so all new files and folders created within a certain directory are set to 755?  I have a service running that creates as 700.12:12
Abhijitpankaj, which ubuntu and firefox version?12:12
pankajfirefox 28.0 & ubuntu14.0412:13
Abhijitpankaj, try in chrome?12:15
pankajAbhijit , so i have to ditch firefox now12:15
Abhijitpankaj, "try" ="test"12:16
Abhijitpankaj, does this help http://askubuntu.com/questions/452489/flash-player-not-working-in-14-04-lts12:16
pankajAbhijit ,its working in chrome12:17
philinuxpankaj;~ check flash with firefox here, what does it say, https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/12:17
Abhijitpankaj, read that askubuntu link12:17
philinuxpankaj;~ have you got any firefox plugins that might block flash12:19
pankajeverything is fresh12:19
pankajjust installed ubuntu12:20
philinuxpankaj;~ check firefox here https://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/12:20
philinuxpankaj;~ what does it say when you go there?12:20
pankajAbhijit , firefox asks whether i want to install missing plugins12:21
pankajAbhijit , i clicke to installed12:21
Abhijitpankaj, philinux is asking you something12:21
pankajAbhijit , philinux , it asks to install missing plugins12:22
pankaj Abhijit , philinux , but in the end it says no suitable plugins found12:22
philinuxpankaj;~ open terminal ctrl alt t and check this apt-cache policy flashplugin-installer12:22
pankajit says : flashplugin-installer:12:23
pankaj  Installed:
pankaj  Candidate:
pankaj  Version table:12:23
pankaj *** 012:23
pankaj        500 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/multiverse amd64 Packages12:23
unopastepankaj you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted12:23
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philinuxpankaj;~ you seem to have not updated you should now be on firefox 30 and flash version  39412:25
pankajphilinux it says http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=9aT4Y1fC12:25
philinuxpankaj;~ try updating with software updater12:26
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pcdroidOK, a stupid question. if there is a virus on my Windows PC. If I download Ubuntu on this PC, format the HD and install ubuntu from a USB, is there any risk the virus can slip in to ubuntu? like corrup the USB then be installed with ubuntu? sorry if this is hilariously stupid.12:31
ikoniapcdroid: no12:32
_shaps_pcdroid: no12:32
pankajpcdroid : not possible12:33
pankajpcdroid : in case something else is ur problem ,elaborate12:33
Cuppa_coffeepcdroid, sounds like massive overkill12:34
chan89i have a weird problem in my ubuntu laptop..12:38
chan89i am running older version .. 12.10 i think..12:39
ubottu12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release Notes: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/121012:39
chan89sorry. 12.04 on this laptop.12:39
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chan89so this dropbox tray icon doesn't show up at all even though dropbox is running in the background12:40
chan89files sync. dropbox works. but the tray icon doesn't show up.12:40
chan89i remember installing a lib tray package sometime in the past which resolved the issue but after a couple of days, the issue resurfaced12:40
chan89so everytime i want to see the tray icon, i have to open the terminal and do dropbox stop && dropbox start12:41
leeyaado you know what i need to install in order to control fan speeds from ubuntu 14.04 LTS ? supermicro server12:53
philinuxchan89;~ check this is installed > apt-cache policy libappindicator113:00
MeerkatI'm having trouble with fglrx-updates. The package is trying to patch a fix for the 3.14 kernel but I am on 3.13. I assume this is why it fails. How can I delete that patch file from the package?13:00
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Abhijitkindly help for my preseed network settings with ubuntu issue here http://askubuntu.com/questions/497609/ubuntu-do-not-follow-seed-file-for-network-settings13:03
chan89philinux: shows installed. 0.4.92-0ubuntu1.113:04
philinuxchan89;~ what about apt-cache policy dropbox-tray13:08
chan89holy cow. unable to locate13:09
chan89how to install it?13:09
philinuxchan89;~ i think that is a red herring hang on13:10
philinuxchan89;~ this, http://askubuntu.com/questions/182567/dropbox-icon-in-tray-is-missing13:11
philinuxchan89;~ i'm on 14.04 by the way13:12
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philinuxchan89;~ from synaptic Nautilus Dropbox is an extension that integrates the Dropbox web service with your GNOME Desktop. Installing this package will download the proprietary dropbox binary from dropbox.com.13:14
chan89i'll need to update my hardware before i can switch to 14.0413:15
chan89btw, that link was helpful in a way13:16
chan89but nautilus-dropbox wont install coz of some broken dependencies13:16
chan89or broken package contents or something13:16
chan89mostly thinking that it's a compatibility issue.. 12.04 thing13:16
chan89anyway, i re-installed dropbox13:16
chan89let's see what happens13:16
chan89thanks philinux!13:16
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leeyaahow to find out if i can control fan speeds from the os ? here is output from ipmitool http://bpaste.net/show/Eh18GNfJzkiRAzqpxE3z/13:30
bcvery!sensors | leeyaa13:31
ubottuleeyaa: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.13:31
leeyaabcvery: i did install it it detects only cpu temp13:32
bcveryleeyaa, have you tried fancontrol13:32
bcvery!info fancontrol13:32
ubottufancontrol (source: lm-sensors): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:3.3.4-2ubuntu1 (trusty), package size 19 kB, installed size 128 kB13:32
leeyaabocephus: yeah it says /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed13:33
leeyaaso i am looking for a way to find out if fans can be controlled on this server13:33
alazare619I have a roomate whom I belive is stealing stuff from my house I have  ubuntu 14.04 instaleld along with a webcam attached to the pc but whenever I have it set to motion capture the status on light turns on and it takes a second for the picture to get taken so I've gotten some suspicious stuff but nothing incriminating is there a way to turn off the motion activation?13:33
leeyaathe motherboard seems to be able to control them but there is no options in bios13:33
alazare619is there a way to turn off the status on light***13:33
leeyaaalazare619: break it ;p13:33
alazare619any other suggesstions besides breaking the led >_<13:38
Aki-ThinkpadI am on ubuntu, and I want to start doing interviews with individuals using those shirt clip mics. I want two, for myself and the person in question. Would this hooked up by having two usb slots filled for the mics, or would two mics share one slot?13:38
Aki-ThinkpadAlso, what software can I use for recording?13:38
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad 1. #opensource musicians   2. 2 mics would be best  3. sound recorder or Audacity13:39
ikoniaAki-Thinkpad: you can use whatever pre-amp configuration you feel best13:39
ikoniaAki-Thinkpad: I'd have serious reservations about mastering options with linux13:40
Aki-Thinkpadikonia, yah... maybe I'll just grab ubuntu studio; its a bit easier with jack from what I remember13:40
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad how much fidelity do you need?  professional level?  then do it right, get a proper interface and mics.  the presonus 1 Box is a decent entry level kit and is linux compatible13:41
Aki-Thinkpadcfhowlett, I am a road warrior, and just want to do mini tutorials13:42
Aki-Thinkpadcfhowlett, like literally; I live on the road, and everything I carry is on my back13:42
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad so ... portability and mobility!  got it!  (me too.  I sold my 1box before I moved to beijing)13:42
* Aki-Thinkpad looks at 1 box13:43
Aki-Thinkpadyah; way too big.13:44
Aki-Thinkpadthanks both13:44
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad try this then: enhanced external mic for your smartphone.  lots of good ones for Apple devices and android phones.  at least then you get some decent input to edit and play with.  also: "Podcasting with Audacity" is available for epub or hardcopy13:44
Aki-ThinkpadI have no smartphone yet; I am waiting for the ubuntu phone to come out13:45
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad so 2015 - 2016?13:45
Aki-Thinkpadactually on that, has miezu or BQ released their first model yet?13:45
Aki-Thinkpadcfhowlett, well funny enough; I am developing for the platform... I just want to make sure whatever I buy, its made and tested well with the platform13:45
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad of course not ... thus the '16  time estimate13:45
kostkoncfhowlett, late 201413:46
cfhowlettkostkon ... :) it's JULY 2014 - how late is late?  I'm in China / Meizu ground zero.  No buntu phone announced or delivered ...13:47
* cfhowlett will believe it when he sees it ...13:47
kostkoncfhowlett, october-november13:47
Aki-Thinkpadkostkon, has the hardware been announced?13:49
cfhowlettAki-Thinkpad there was  a demo meizu shown about 3 months ago in shanghai ... nothing since that I know of.13:49
cfhowlett!touch | Aki-Thinkpad would know more13:49
ubottuAki-Thinkpad would know more: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch13:49
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repozitori'm wanna to block all internet connection for my users, and i done it by iptables, but they still can use ssh+tunneling for downloading.14:10
repozitorhow to block ssh+blocking?14:10
ssarahguys, in the ubuntu 12.04.04 create a new partition menu it appears that 1 megabyte is 1.000.000 bytes. this is probably relevant to an error as when i put 8012 megabytes as the field, it changes my partition size to 801114:13
ssarahis this true? if yes, how do i report this14:13
cfhowlettssarah 1 MB is NEVER exactly spot on - I don't remember why, but it's a fact.14:14
ssarahok, but still, 1megabyte is not a milion bytes14:15
function9repozitor: use ufw14:15
ssarahthis is wrong info, if not wrong code14:15
repozitorwhat is ufw?14:15
ssarahor is it?14:15
cfhowlettssarah ask in ##linux for why14:15
trijntjessarah: the new standard says MB=1000, MiB=102414:15
cfhowlett!ufw| repozitor14:15
ubotturepozitor: Ubuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo14:15
ssarahah, i see14:15
carifdoes anyone know if the lenovo t540 supports ubuntu latest? its not listed in the cert website.14:16
ssarahlet me test it out14:16
repozitori know what is iptables, but i can't to make it's rule14:16
trijntjecarif: its rare for hardware to be certified, but its easy to test for yourself with a live usb14:16
function9repozitor: use ufw, get a gui like gufw, make your life a bit easier14:17
function9carif: get certified equipment, save yourself the hassles14:19
cfhowlettcarif this ^^^ dell xps13 developer for example14:19
repozitorfunction9, i want to know it's command14:20
repozitorbecause i want to do it on many linux dist14:20
repozitorlike ubuntu/CentOS/redhat14:21
function9repozitor: to easy, install gufw14:21
punkgeekcan i encription /root with LUKS ?14:21
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo14:22
punkgeekso can i encript /var ? :D14:22
trijntjepunkgeek: what exactly do you want to do? You can install ubuntu with full disk encryption, that will encrypt everything except /boot14:23
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subcoolHey, i just bought a 1tb seagate hybrid. But it only shows as one large drive.14:31
subcoolIts supposed to come with a 8gb ssd. how do i make use of it.14:32
trijntjesubcool: isn't that by design? The ssd is used internally by the HD to optimise performance?14:32
subcoolgot me..14:32
subcoolive done a bit of reading on it- but i havent really found much on it.. other than advertising14:33
philinuxsubcool;~ have a read http://www.seagate.com/gb/en/do-more/laptop-sshd-upgrade-master-dm/14:37
subcoolthats hilarious. as you say that- i googled it again. ANd found my answer. the hybrid drive uses the SSD as a cache14:37
subcoolah, a bit late.. but ill read it- i read an article from PCworld.14:38
philinuxsubcool;~ fascinating, might get one myself This new hybrid storage category uses just a small amount of solid state storage and integrates it with a traditional hard drive.14:38
subcoolthat didnt help much.14:38
subcoolbut in the end what happened was. The 8gb SSD is used for cache, and indexing. kinda like a ram as well, to the drive.14:39
jcastroI have 2 of those drives, they're pretty awesome14:39
subcooli only have the one, i was hoping to be able to see two different paritions and allocated specifically to the ssd. :/14:40
subcoolbut we shall see.14:40
jcastroit doesn't work that way, it's all done transparently to you14:40
sci4mejust went to a new install of 14.04, i have a weird issue where windows just randomly stop responding to mouse clicks... and to be honest, i am really running low on patience... :/ this better be fixable lol.. otherwise back to 13.1014:40
jcastroWD makes a drive like that though14:40
jcastrosubcool, http://www.wdc.com/en/products/products.aspx?id=119014:41
philinuxsubcool;~ thanks for raising this very interesting http://www.anandtech.com/show/6816/seagate-announces-laptop-and-desktop-sshds-solid-state-hybrid-drives14:42
subcooli have to install flash, lol - i just install kubuntu to this machine.14:42
cfhowlett!flash | subcool14:44
TeraJLcan someone test for me if the "send to workspace #" hotkey is already working on ubuntu?14:44
ubottusubcool: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:44
subcoollol - its cool14:45
subcooli got it,14:45
subcooli literally just installed it an hour ago14:45
subcooland im doing system updates, and downloading the newer 14.lts as we speak14:45
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subcoolwish these drives would cache the writes as well. That woulda made my day14:47
sci4me:/ maybe i should go back to 13.10?14:47
subcoolim on 12, and was avoiding 13.. but ... since im starting fresh, ill go with 14. and since its LTS14:47
subcoolalthough its a yearly upgrade, they really should wait every two years14:47
subcoolalthough its a yearly upgrade, they really should wait every two years14:48
xanguasubcool: LTS is every two years14:48
biledemonHi. I have a computer with a 120gb ssd and a 1tb hdd. I want to install Ubuntu to the ssd and Windows 8 to the HDD. I will of course be installing Windows first. Will Ubuntus' grub detect Windows after installation?14:48
cfhowlettsubcool LTS releases every 2 years and currently has 5 years support lifetime14:48
subcoolyeah, but after lts 12, EVERYTHING was pushing for an upgrade to 13, and it really hinder me this year14:49
TeraJLwhat i asked for was for people using ubuntu LTS 14.04 unity14:49
subcooli had troubles with sooo many parts of it. kernels, support- it was totally annoying14:49
philinuxTeraJL;~ yep ctrl shift alt (arrow keys) works here14:50
subcoolmy virtual box, vmware ... it was a night mare14:50
subcoolluckly i spent this year reaquanting with win814:50
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TeraJLphilinux: no, i was talking about the specific workspace shortcuts, "move window to workspace 1", "move window to workspace 2" etc..14:50
philinuxTeraJL;~ yep worky here14:51
snooihow can i run ios games on ubuntu?14:52
cfhowlettsnooi nope.  not happening.14:52
cfhowlett!steam | snooi14:52
ubottusnooi: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.14:52
TeraJLphilinux: using unity 3d? because i've had that problem for so long that i've changed distro and i wanted to be sure, i use allot like: alt+shift+1,alt+shift+2,alt+shift+3... to move the window (ps: switching workspace worked fine)14:53
snooicfhowlett: there are several reports of people managing to do it14:53
subcoolbbl- stuff to do and rebooting to the updates.14:53
subcoolthanks guys.14:53
TeraJLand thanks, for testing it out philinux14:53
philinuxTeraJL;~ yep unity 3d 14.0414:53
MonkeyDustsnooi  try and ask them how they do it14:53
cfhowlettsnooi then see those reports for sources - NEVER seen an ios success story here, but hey = prove me wrong!14:54
philinuxTeraJL;~ you have to enable workspaces from system settings> appearance14:54
snooiMonkeyDust: too old14:54
philinuxTeraJL;~ wobbly windows works too14:54
snooicfhowlett: there is always the solution of running os X on vmware, and installing the officiel simulator there14:54
GlycanIs there a resonable/easy way to focus my computer's resources on chrome?14:54
MonkeyDustsnooi  better than nothing14:54
cfhowlettsnooi right.  problem solved then.  good luck with that.  :)14:55
snooicfhowlett: what problem do you see with this solution14:55
snooiMonkeyDust: yes :)14:55
TeraJLphilinux: yea i know, i had workspaces and could switch trough them, but to move windows between them i could only use alt+control+shift+<arrows>, i could not send them to a specific workspace by number... i found here what seems to be the same problem http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=175628914:55
cfhowlettsnooi go for it!  I would LOVE to know that this works.14:56
MonkeyDustsnooi  if you manage to do it, come back here and report14:56
philinuxTeraJL;~ yes that is the shortcut ctrl shift alt arrow key14:56
philinuxTeraJL;~ or from right click window14:56
Cyb3rtyhey guys. what's better: bumblebee or nvidia prime?14:56
snooicfhowlett: i'll report back in a few weeks, i cannot download anything with this connection :(14:56
snooijust a few mos14:57
TeraJLphilinux: no, that is "switch window to workspace on the right/top/left/bottom" , and that is working, what does not work its "Move window to workspace 1/2/3/4"14:57
philinuxTeraJL;~ i see "move to another workspace >" click and chose which one14:59
introomdoes ubuntu have a distro that has the most recent packages as archlinux?14:59
Piciintroom: no.15:00
TeraJLphilinux: ? that is if you right click on the top bar, i'm talking about keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys15:01
Cyb3rtycould you help me?15:01
philinuxTeraJL;~ what keys i'lll test it now15:01
philinuxTeraJL;~ ctrl shit alt arrow key moves the focused window to the workspace15:02
MonkeyDustintroom  you mean, like, a rolling release? http://www.datamation.com/open-source/pros-and-cons-of-a-ubuntu-rolling-release-1.html15:03
raven00I installed a Dynex wireless G card in a machine running 14.04 LTS and it does not recognize it, what can I do15:03
TeraJLphilinux: (thank you allot for taking your time), what i really wanted (and use on others DE) is, alt+1, alt+2, alt+3, alt+4 to switch to workspace 1/2/3/4, and i use alt+shift+1,alt+shift+2,alt+shift+3,alt+shift+4 to send the window to to workspace 1/2/3/4, it is diferente from the ctrl+shift+alt+arrows... with arrows you don't send to that specific workspace, with the arrows you send to a workspace(up/down/left/right) depending on the one15:04
TeraJLyou are on...15:04
ssarahhi again guys15:07
ssarahi got a new laptop with gsm support15:07
ssarahi put the card in and i try to add the connection but it doesnt list any devices15:07
philinuxTeraJL;~ i think you can set up that with keyboard shortcuts15:07
TeraJLphilinux: there is that shortcut there but it is broken independently of the keys i put on15:07
TeraJLit never works15:08
MonkeyDustTeraJL  system settings > keyboard > shortcuts > workspace management15:08
biledemonHi. I have a computer with a 120gb ssd and a 1tb hdd. I want to install Ubuntu to the ssd and Windows 8 to the HDD. I will of course be installing Windows first. Will Ubuntus' grub detect Windows after installation?15:09
mustmodifyOn an ubuntu slice, it takes about 2 seconds to open up a small configuration file in vim. I just noticed this slice doesn't have any room for a swapfile. Might that be the issue?15:09
ikoniabiledemon: should do15:09
introomMonkeyDust: rolling release. yes.15:10
introomI think I should go with debian sid15:10
introomit's not that unstable but it should be rolling always.15:10
TeraJLMonkeyDust: i know, but even if i put a simple shortcut there it does not work, and thats why i've asked to test it, i want to switch to ubuntu but i relly on that shortcut allot, and i want to know if it was fixed already15:10
cfhowlettintroom use what works for you.  rolling release for ubuntu was proposed, discussed and rejected.15:10
biledemonikonia, thanks15:11
philinuxTeraJL;~ MonkeyDust keyboard shorts bare under navigation. just tried some new combo and nothing works15:13
philinuxe.g shift alt 2 for workspace 215:13
gebbionehi all15:14
gebbioneapt-get install tells me application is installed15:14
gebbionebut if i look for its location with which15:14
gebbioneit does not find it15:14
gebbioneany clues?15:14
TeraJLphilinux: yes, the first time i tought it was a bug with shift+... but i've tryied other keys that were working like alt+2, and it didn't work to send windows to other workspaces too15:15
SchrodingersScatgebbione: which package?15:15
gebbionei install php515:15
MonkeyDustgebbione  try whereis [package]15:15
gebbioneand then run which php15:15
gebbionewhereis php15:16
MonkeyDustgebbione  or locate [package]15:16
webmindis there a proper way of recovering from a do-release-upgrade when there was a powerfailure?15:18
SchrodingersScatgebbione: my 'which php5' is /usr/bin/php515:19
gebbioneSchrodingersScat, thats what it should be on my vm too but not sure what changed in puppet provisioning or ubuntu, it is not doing it anymore15:19
compdocwebmind, if no one knows, be sure to try the mailing list15:20
webmindcompdoc, re-installing is easier :)15:21
philinuxwebmind;~ you could try dpkg --configure -a15:22
compdocmight be15:22
chan89why wud my task bar go unresponsive occasionally? ubuntu 12.0415:22
chan89like i can click on the wi-fi icon but i can't click and select a wifi network15:22
chan89only happens with the wifi network tray icon. dropbox, tomboy, battery and other tray icons work normally15:22
webmindphilinux, 'too many errors'15:23
webmindnow trying apt-get -f install15:23
webmindbut I was wondering if there was someway of recovering from it15:24
philinuxwebmind;~ yep i've come across that too many errors15:24
webmindlike a proper way15:24
webmindthe system doesn't seem to know which version it's at now15:24
philinuxwebmind;~ try running do-release-upgrade again15:25
webmindphilinux, yeah, it didn't think there was anything to upgrade15:26
alazare619I have a roomate whom I belive is stealing stuff from my house I have  ubuntu 14.04 instaleld along with a webcam attached to the pc but whenever I have it set to motion capture the status on light turns on and it takes a second for the picture to get taken so I've gotten some suspicious stuff but nothing incriminating is there a way to turn off the status led?15:26
ikoniastratoka__: no15:26
ikoniastratoka__: sorry, not you15:26
ikoniaalazare619: no15:26
ikoniaalazare619: it would need to be in the api for the device15:26
ikoniaalazare619: you where told this earlier and advised to break the led15:27
webmindalazare619, tape15:27
seperoalazare619: electrical tape15:27
mustmodifylost my brain I want to time how long it takes to run irb then immediately exit it by sending 'exit' via stdin.15:27
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mustmodifyI've done it before but now I've forgotten how.15:27
mustmodifysomething like irb < echo 'exit'15:27
webmindalazare619, also motion is fairly quick in recording motion15:27
mustmodifybut that isn't working15:27
alazare619its a logitech b930 its a fairly decent webcam15:27
ikoniaalazare619: what does that have to do with it ?15:28
seperoalazare619: electrical tape won't let light shine through15:29
philinuxwebmind;~ you could try this but a reinstall will be quicker sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade15:29
webmindphilinux, I'm in that process now15:29
philinuxwebmind;~ sudo apt-get clean then try do-release-upgrade15:30
TeraJLphilinux, MonkeyDust found the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/89808715:31
ubottuUbuntu bug 898087 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Keyboard shortcuts set in Gnome Control Center - Keyboard do not have affect if those same shortcuts are set in Compiz" [Low,Fix released]15:31
TeraJLit says fix released but its not fixed :/15:31
ShotokanZHhi evryone15:33
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ShotokanZHi need help and i hope some of you can help me..15:33
ShotokanZHlet's go straight to the business:15:33
seperofunny business?15:33
ShotokanZHit depends on what's funny for ya15:33
ShotokanZHi'm stuck at boot with error:15:34
ShotokanZHALERT! /dev/mapper/ubuntu2014--vg-root does not exist.15:35
philinuxTeraJL;~ email this chappy https://launchpad.net/~didrocks15:35
ShotokanZHsepero, can you help me? :)15:36
seperoShotokanZH: Looks like a problem with LVM15:37
skilzHey guys where is the best place to ask about empathy?15:38
sepero #empathy ?15:38
seperoShotokanZH: Unfortunately, my knowledge of LVM is almost nill15:38
ShotokanZHmine too sepero15:39
ShotokanZHcan't boot even using old kernels15:39
skilzBasically I have a problem with Empathy when I created a GoogleTalk account and IRC, now when I click Accounts it opens for 2 seconds then closes. So I removed the accounts from ~/.mission-control/accounts/accounts.cfg but they are still in empathy when I launch it again.15:39
webmindphilinux, the do-release-upgrade thinks it's on the latest version15:39
ShotokanZHand as it's a VM i can't do shit.. :<15:39
philinuxwebmind;~ what about apt-get install -f15:40
webmindphilinux, that runs now15:40
webmindtakes a while15:40
ShotokanZHfantastic today... 1 server bricked, one stuck at boot and another one formatted15:42
ShotokanZHand funny thing is: not my fault.15:42
philinuxwebmind;~ did you run apt-get clean15:44
webmindphilinux, no15:44
webmindbut that's just for package cache right?15:44
philinuxwebmind;~ yes15:45
webmindapt-get install -f finished nicely15:47
philinuxwebmind;~ try the dpkg --conf etc now15:49
webminddoing apt-get dist-upgrade now15:50
Bollebib1Synaptics freezes on startup of the program15:50
Bollebib1It opens,shows the interface and then goes grey15:50
Bollebib1I have removed and re-installed it already15:50
Bollebib1it did work half an hour ago when I was installing some packages I needed to install another program15:50
Bollebib1What might I be doing wrong?15:50
Bollebib1I am on ubuntu14.0415:50
unopasteBollebib1 you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted15:50
skilzgoto the online accounts within gnome settings <- How do I do this?15:52
Bollebib1Synaptic package manager freezes on startup of the program15:52
Bollebib1 It opens,shows the interface and then goes grey15:52
philinuxBollebib1;~ run it from a terminal see if any errors15:53
Bollebib1philinux: it freezes as well,and I don't get any feedback15:54
philinuxBollebib1;~ it needs pkexec synaptic15:54
chan89philinux: that dropbox-tray thing is fixed now! the re-install worked. thanks! :)15:54
philinuxchan89;~ what did you reinstall?15:55
Bollebib1philinux: does it need some time? it is started and frozen,but give me nothing15:55
red45923I am l for ubuntu software to copy files from hard disk to ipod, any suggestions?15:57
philinuxBollebib1;~ does software center run ok15:57
Bollebib1philinux: yes15:57
philinuxBollebib1;~ is software updater working ok15:59
Bollebib1philinux: it seems to be,but it doesn't work when I ran synatpics as it thinks synaptics is still running after I killed it16:00
Bollebib1philinux: but after a restart the update did work16:01
philinuxBollebib1;~ run a manual update from terminal then try synaptic after it finished sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade16:02
Bollebib1philinux: start synaptic in any way? or via terminal?16:03
philinuxBollebib1;~ any way16:03
Bollebib1philinux: freezes again16:04
philinuxBollebib1;~ odd indeed, you could delete it's config file in your home folder called .synaptic16:05
philinuxconfig folder that is16:05
chan89philinux: the dropbox package from the dropbox source/repo16:05
chan89and the libappindicator1 package16:06
philinuxah ok16:06
Bollebib1philinux: /.synaptic is empty16:06
philinuxBollebib1;~ i have a file in there called synaptic.conf it has these lines http://paste.ubuntu.com/7794147/16:09
Bollebib1philinux: should I add that as a file?16:10
philinuxBollebib1;~ nothing to loose16:10
Bollebib1philinux: then start like normal? or first reboot?16:16
Chris_hubuhello everyone16:21
Bollebib1philinux: didn't work16:22
skilzPackage nss was not found in the pkg-config search path.16:23
skilzPerhaps you should add the directory containing `nss.pc'16:23
skilzto the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable16:23
skilzNo package 'nss' found16:23
skilzWhat do I need to install?16:23
Chris_hubuI'm here on behalf of my sister (she barely speaks English, she's young), she was running on ubuntu 12.04 LTS and we went for an upgrade to 14.04 LTS. However, we had to uninstall xserver-xorg in order to do so. The upgrade and dist-ugprade went well but after a reboot, there isn't any GUI any more but lightdm is installed. Any clues?16:23
skilzChris_hubu, sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg16:24
ActionParsnipChris_hubu: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop16:24
Chris_hubuskilz, she did that already, wasn't enough. ActionParsnip thanks for your input, I'm telling her to try that now.16:25
Bollebib1philinux: I can maybe show you what packages I installed,maybe you can find a clue what went wrong?16:25
Chris_hubuI'll let you know, thanks16:26
Chris_hubuI'm more used to the server Edition, hence my struggle16:26
philinuxBollebib1;~ sudo apt-get purge synaptic then reinstall it16:31
Bollebib1philinux: okay16:31
Bollebib1philinux: didn't work... or should I restart after a purge?16:35
Laurenceb_can anyone help me with bluetooth16:35
Laurenceb_rfcomm10: 00:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx channel 1 clean16:36
Laurenceb_^thats good right?16:36
Laurenceb_yet i cant connect to it16:36
Laurenceb_whats wrong?16:36
Laurenceb_pyserial is giving me "Can't connect to port, ensure device is turned on and connected"16:36
Chris_hubuhi Laurenceb_ what do you need regarding bluetooth?16:38
Laurenceb_Can't connect RFCOMM socket: Connection refused16:39
Laurenceb_if i try rfcomm connect 1016:39
Laurenceb_the device appears in the device searhc gui tool16:39
Chris_hubuRemove the paired device from bluetooth settings and add it again, Laurenceb_16:40
Laurenceb_same errors16:43
Laurenceb_its connected to "Bluetooth Devices"16:43
Chris_hubuyou're not using ubuntu's bluetooth GUI, are you?16:43
Laurenceb_i didnt ask it to do that16:43
Laurenceb_im trying not to16:43
friendlyfascismLaurenceb_, No acronyms of swearing please.16:43
Laurenceb_but its firing up by itself and grabbing device16:43
Laurenceb_lol your name is appropriate16:43
friendlyfascismLaurenceb_, ;)16:44
Laurenceb_so what do i do?16:44
Laurenceb_how do i fix this?16:44
Chris_hubuwhy not using the GUI?16:44
Laurenceb_but that will connect it as rfcomm016:45
Chris_hubuit works well or at least it used to last time I used it, on ubuntu 1316:45
Laurenceb_i want it to be rfcomm1016:45
Laurenceb_so ive edited rfcomm.conf to add the device16:45
Laurenceb_but how do i connect to it?16:45
buck1do any of you have a linux laptop with 16GB and a warranty?16:45
philinuxBollebib1;~ i'm guessing something amiss with the os. but lets see your sources, cat /etc/apt/sources.list | pastebinit16:45
bekksbuck1: How is that related to Ubuntu?16:45
Bollebib1philinux:it's a fresh install though,and it worked half an hour ago16:46
Chris_hubuwhy do you want to change it, Laurenceb_ ?16:46
buck1bekks: how is a linux laptop related to ubuntu?16:46
buck1because i'd be installing ubuntu.16:46
philinuxBollebib1;~ maybe a reboot might help16:46
Laurenceb_as its device number 1016:46
Bollebib1philinux: rebooted multiple times already16:46
philinuxBollebib1;~ strike that then16:47
Laurenceb_i have ten devices16:47
Laurenceb_the others work fine16:47
Laurenceb_but i did the config for those a while ago16:47
Chris_hubuok, could there possibly be an issue with the device?16:47
friendlyfascismbuck1, ask a relevant question, your manufacturer would cover the warranty.16:47
Laurenceb_something has gone wrong recently16:47
Chris_hubucan't you copy their config and adjust it to the 10th device?16:47
Laurenceb_Chris_hubu: no, it works as rfomm0 with the gui16:47
buck1i dont have a manufacturer... because I can't find such a machine as yet.16:48
Bollebib1philinux: the only thing I can think of after the source that I will paste16:48
Bollebib1is that I installed a package that conflicts with synaptics somehow16:48
Laurenceb_so can someone walk me through what i should do, and i will see where it fails/16:48
Chris_hubusorry Laurenceb_ but you lost me, I haven't that much experience with bluetooth. :/16:48
friendlyfascismbuck1, Ah an imaginary scenario, not really what we support here.16:48
Laurenceb_so atm i have /dev/rfcomm 1 through 816:48
=== billxinli is now known as billli
Laurenceb_sudo rfcomm bind 1016:49
Laurenceb_rfcomm10: 00:06:66:62:23:CD channel 1 clean16:49
Laurenceb_screen /dev/rfcomm1016:49
Laurenceb_it disconnects16:49
pacan i ask here about ubuntu kernel compilation?16:50
Bollebib1philinux: pastebin.com/MYP2aV4W16:50
pai tried to follow the guide and compile the stock ubuntu kernel source, but it seems to fail in the dahdi driver16:50
pa/var/lib/dkms/dahdi/ error: unknown field ‘drv_attrs’ specified in initializer16:50
pa  .drv_attrs = xpp_attrs,16:50
pa  ^16:50
R532Running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, trying to use a Dynex Enhanced Wireless G PCI card. It isn't recognized. Tried looking at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1323649 but the package described is not in 14.04 repositories. What do I do16:50
pawell, like that16:50
unopastepa you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted16:50
friendlyfascismpa, your nick does not tab complete can you add some more to it.16:50
Laurenceb_f this16:50
Laurenceb_ill reboot to windows16:50
pafriendlyfascism, well, i registered like that already some years ago :)16:51
philinuxBollebib1;~ whats this one ? deb http://www.duinsoft.nl/pkg debs all16:51
bekksToo bad he just left. HP, Dell, Samsung, IBM, Acer offer laptops with 16GB RAM and warranty.16:52
wdblI can't write to /usr/local or /opt on a default install of Ubuntu server - is this different than the "desktop" edition?16:52
friendlyfascismpa, Ah, cool.16:52
wdblIf not, where am I supposed to put source files if I don't want to put them in my home directory?16:52
Bollebib1philinux: strange16:52
Bollebib1I just purged again but synaptics is still active on my system,shouldn't it have been uninstalled?16:52
bekkswdbl: No. Thats an intended behaviour.16:52
bekks!sudo | wdbl16:53
ubottuwdbl: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (GNOME, Xfce), or !kdesudo (KDE). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo16:53
philinuxBollebib1;~ try editing sources and comment out that line16:53
Anxi80Is it possible to get a date stamped log or list of installs updates from ubuntu's package manager?16:53
wdblbekks: thanks - so if I need to git clone something into a shared directory, I always have to use sudo?16:53
pai found a page in russina about the same problem16:53
coventryIn unity, how do I make a keybinding to iterate all windows of a certain class (all emacsen, all terminals, all browsers, that sort of thing?)16:53
pait says that the kernel modules are old16:53
bekkswdbl: No. If you want to use root privileges, then you need sudo.16:53
pa(i mean, google translate says)16:54
Bollebib1philinux: so just remove duinsoft from sources?16:54
wdblbekks: is there a non-home directory that everyone can read and write from?16:54
SymphonymAnyone know a safe/light-weight password manager for Ubuntu?16:54
philinuxBollebib1;~ just put a # infront like the src line16:54
bekkswdbl: Only /tmp and /var/tmp - but you dont want to put other files than temporary stuff in there.16:54
wdblbekks: ok thanks. I think I'm just going to change the permissions on /opt/ then16:55
bekkswdbl: Just create a directory, and grant permissions as you like.16:55
bekkswdbl: Dont change permissions on /opt.16:55
wdblbekks: why not?16:55
philinuxBollebib1;~ if i try to access that link in firefox it says forbidden no access16:55
bekkswdbl: create /opt/mystuff and change permissions on /opt/mystuff16:55
wdblbekks: I'm making it more accessible, not less accessible16:55
Bollebib1philinux: and now try synaptic again?16:56
paah, here: https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ru&tl=en&u=https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/%2Bsource/dahdi-linux/%2Bbug/1312421&usg=ALkJrhizF-ahAyYXJ6U7mX3JvKl2c6Mung16:56
wdblbekks: yeah that's what I meant. I'm going to make /opt/local and that will be the root of my "shared" workspace16:56
philinuxBollebib1;~ yeah16:56
Bollebib1philinux: or uninstall/reinstall first?16:56
pareally? still open on an LTS release?16:56
Chris_hubu<Chris_hubu> I'm here on behalf of my sister (she barely speaks English, she's young), she was running on ubuntu 12.04 LTS and we went for an upgrade to 14.04 LTS. However, we had to uninstall xserver-xorg in order to do so. The upgrade and dist-ugprade went well but after a reboot, there isn't any GUI any more but lightdm is installed. Any clues?16:57
Chris_hubu<ActionParsnip> Chris_hubu: sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop16:57
Chris_hubustill no GUI, any clues?16:57
TJ-pa: bug #1312421  ?16:57
ubottubug 1312421 in dahdi-linux (Ubuntu) "Cannot rebuild dahdi-dkms (1: : unknown field ‘drv_attrs’ specified in initializer .drv_attrs = xpp_attrs" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/131242116:57
Bollebib1philinux: doesn't work16:58
coventryChris_hubu: Control-Alt-F1, log in to virtual console, "less ~/.xsession-errors"16:58
coventryChris_hubu: Also, "ls -alt ~ | less" to check whether any other homedir files are being modified during login.16:59
philinuxBollebib1;~ I put that line in my sources and synaptic ran ok, i'm out of options. Maybe you did something unawares17:00
Bollebib1philinux: is there a way to save my unity settings quickly? i might just reinstall,I guess...17:00
Chris_hubuthanks coventry, I'll ask her to do that (it's not easy, she is booting to windows to communicate to me via skype and then restarts on ubuntu, tries it, etc, I don't live in the same country any more).17:01
philinuxBollebib1;~ backup your home folder17:01
Bollebib1philinux: okay,thnx for trying17:02
philinuxBollebib1;~ iirc the installer has an option to preserve home or just not format the partition17:02
coventryChris_hubu: Get her to do C-Alt-F2 to start another virt console, and start a text-based chat program there.17:02
friendlyfascismChris_hubu, Does she need a graphic driver installed, they do not follow upgrades.17:02
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Bollebib1philinux: does nothing in home affect that?17:03
friendlyfascismChris_hubu, for example nvidia any not auto installed.17:03
coventryChris_hubu: Also, if she has a working windows install, why not just run ubuntu subordinate to that?17:03
Chris_hubucoventry, that's beyond her capabilities on a computer. She's only 16. friendlyfascism yes but she already did sudo apt-get install nvidia-current17:03
friendlyfascismChris_hubu, That is most likely the issue than17:04
Chris_hubushe wants to get rid of windows for good. the windows install is her backup plan17:04
Chris_hubufriendlyfascism, she should remove nvidia-current?17:04
philinuxBollebib1;~ dont think so but backup important stuff anyway, someone else may know. I always clean install and restore .hidden files from my data partition17:04
friendlyfascismChris_hubu, I can't say this is outside what I know is all.17:05
TJ-pa: The version seems strange, it is inherited from Saucy (13.10) *but* the Universe components are supposed to be synced from Debian for each release, and yet the current Debian version is 1:2.6.1+dsfg2-1 since January 2013. I can't see why that failed to be synced. Best to email the Ubuntu MOTU maintainers about it17:05
Bollebib1philinux: there is no data yet,so that doesn't matter17:05
Bollebib1resetting all as you like it is just such a bore17:05
coventryChris_hubu: Wow, I never met a 16-year-old girl who would want to shave that yak, she must be cool. :-)17:06
Chris_hubushe mostly uses her computer for facebook, team fortress 2 and minecraft. and her homework (google mostly). She saw me using ubuntu and used it in the past, she found it cool (especially the ubuntu software center, to try out casual games to kill time here and there)17:07
Chris_hubusince all her windows habits work very well on ubuntu, she wants to adopt it, because she's sick of malwares, adwares, etc on windows (she NEVER unchecks "do you also want to install that piece of crap while you're at it" thingie when she install softwares :D)17:07
Bollebib1Chris_hubu: couldn't she just talke to you via facebook? that way she doesn't need to boot into windows each time17:08
Bollebib1(sorry for butting in ^^)17:08
mustmodifyso if I say export A='blah', what kind of variable is that?17:08
mustmodifyenvironmental variable?17:08
Chris_hubuhow so? she doesn't have a GUI. Don't be sorry. She is patient as well though. :) And has good thinking. Wow I'm proud of her!17:08
Bollebib1philinux: dong a complete reinstall,thnx for trying =)17:08
paTJ-, thanks17:09
pai see there's also a patch17:09
pamaybe i'll try the patch17:09
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Chris_hubusilly question, this channel obviously only supports ubuntu-related questions right? Does it include ubuntu server?17:12
trijntjeChris_hubu: yes, but there is also a dedicated channel for that, #ubuntu-server17:13
DJonesChris_hubu: Yes it does, although more specialised answers may be forethcoming in #ubuntu-server17:13
=== justinS_ is now known as jhsimpson
philinuxBollebib1;~ no worries, make a note of all the stuff you install ;)17:17
rihbynehello is there a tweak tool for decreasing the width of the top bar17:19
softballsHi, i was wondering if anyone would be willing to give some help on installing a vpn on my ubuntu server, could use some advice what to install etc17:20
Chris_hubucoventry, she gets that: -bash: less~/xsession-errors: No Such file or directory17:21
pasoftballs, openvpn17:21
pathere is also some ubuntu wiki official page17:21
softballsyeah i tried following a openvpn tutorial, didn't get it to work17:21
skilzIf I have a file in my /home/user/  "File" and it is executable, how can I apply a custom icon to it?17:22
softballsso was wondering if openvpn was the thing to use (even though i kinda wanted to use it)17:22
pai think that's your easiest option17:22
softballsokay cool, then i will search around for another tutorial and try again17:22
softballstnx for info17:22
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Chris_hubufriendlyfascism, any idea regarding what's above? :-(17:24
HelloWorld123Hi there.  Any ops on?17:24
guntbertHelloWorld123: if you need to talk to channel ops please join #ubuntu-ops17:25
HelloWorld123xt guntbert17:26
HelloWorld123tx guntbert17:26
trijntjeskilz: I think the easies way is to use alacarte to create a starter for the file17:29
rihbynehello is there a tweak tool for decreasing the width of the top bar17:29
TJ-softballs: It is "less ~/.xsession-errors" (note the leading "." in the file-name)17:29
TJ-softballs: sorry, wrong nick!17:30
HelloWorld123I've downloaded the rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to upgrade my rstudio:amd64 0.98.507, but when I use sudo dpkg -i rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to install it, I get the message that they are not "co-installable".  Should I use -r to remove the old one first?  Or is there a more apporpriate way to upgrade?17:30
softballsTJ-: np!17:30
TJ-Chris_hubu:  It is "less ~/.xsession-errors" (note the leading "." in the file-name)17:30
TJ-softballs: As to openvpn, it is probably the easiest to use and most flexible of the VPN solutions17:30
Chris_hubuoh right thanks, TJ-, I didn't pay attention17:31
softballsTJ-: yeah that's what i thought too, i following https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/openvpn.html now and i will see how it goes17:31
TJ-softballs: I'd recommend installing using UDP and a TA cert in addition to the standard client/server certificates17:31
softballsTJ-: i am fairly new so you need to explain more if i were to understand what you just said ;)17:31
TJ-softballs: Nominate one machine (preferably a local - maybe VM - host) to install and run the certificate generation on, to keep it secure17:32
softballsTJ-: i only have one machine (amazon web services)17:32
softballsTJ-: this is mostly me learning ubuntu :)17:33
pawell certainly a TCP openvpn would pass through firewalls easier17:33
pai have it even on port 80 :)17:33
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JanuszPlease recomend an antimalware that work fluently on Ubuntu and has got freeware version for Windows. Eset Nod is nice, but I don't have money this month buy a license.17:36
TJ-softballs: OK... OpenVPN is based on common SSL/TLS encryption as used for HTTPS (secure web). It's basic mode of operation is that you create your own Certificate Authority (CA) - makes you like Verisign, etc. - and then your CA signs server and client certificates that you create. Both server and clients have copies of the CA public certificate so they can verify the public certificates of each other. In addition, to prevent denial-of-service and spoofing attemp17:37
TJ-ts, each packet of (UDP) data can have a signature (called Transport Layer Security Authentication - TA) via a shared 'ta.key' private certificate17:37
softballsTJ-:  oh ok i think i get that17:38
rihbynehello is there a tweak tool for decreasing the width of the top bar17:40
friendlyfascismrihbyne, Desktop?17:41
HelloWorld321I've downloaded the rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to upgrade my rstudio:amd64 0.98.507, but when I use sudo dpkg -i rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to install it, I get the message that they are not "co-installable".  Should I use -r to remove the old one first?  Or is there a more apporpriate way to upgrade?17:41
rihbynefriendlyfascism: yeah17:42
softballswhen i do "source vars" i only get "NOTE: If you run ./clean-all, I will be doing a rm -rf on /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys"17:42
friendlyfascismrihbyne, which desktop, unity?17:42
rihbynefriendlyfascism: 14.0417:42
TJ-softballs: "source" simply reads the file "vars" and includes its environment variables in the current shell environment, for use by subsequent tools17:42
friendlyfascismrihbyne, Assuming you mean unity the ubuntu desktop, I have not seen any tweak for it, it is incorporated is all.17:43
softballsTJ-: oh ok, so that message should be ok then?17:43
friendlyfascismrihbyne, You can resize the left panel horizontally is all.17:44
softballsTJ-: next command is ./clean-all and then i get "Please source the vars script first (i.e. "source ./vars") Make sure you have edited it to reflect your configuration."17:44
TJ-softballs: Yes, it is reminding you that one of the variables that has been set (the variable containing "/etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys") will cause a later "./clean-all" operation to delete the *vital* key file. In other words, be careful :)17:45
rihbynefriendlyfascism: thanks but thats was not my question17:47
softballsTJ-: hmm, when following the guide i should have gotten a keys directory, but i didn't :/17:48
friendlyfascismrihbyne, I answerd your question and gave you other info, you were unable to even identify the desktop your using. ;)17:48
softballsTJ-: https://help.ubuntu.com/14.04/serverguide/openvpn.html this is the guide im following17:48
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friendlyfascismrihbyne, If you want exact answers you have to be able to identify the scenario at the least.17:49
skulltipare there any CD desktop images? i dont have any dvds on me17:50
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friendlyfascismskulltip, Lubuntu is small enough for a cd, a usb is generally used anymore.17:52
friendlyfascismskulltip, A net mini install is tiny.17:53
friendlyfascism!mini | skulltip17:53
ubottuskulltip: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD17:53
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softballspa: do you have any clue what i am doing wrong? that guide is not accurate for me :/17:58
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TJ-softballs: Sorry, was elsewhere. Are you running all the commands as root ?18:07
ponyofdeathhi, can someone help me figure out why libpam-systemd is failing to upgrade on trusty? http://bpaste.net/show/VpDCOlbeJlLTIl9meSa1/18:08
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softballsTJ-:  im using sudo18:08
=== pysabkcbrdowxmoy is now known as sepero
ltsp20ve u18:09
ltsp20love u my love >(18:09
TJ-softballs: for each command? Or you've done "sudo -i" and then running the commands in the root environment?18:09
softballsTJ-: nah i have been using sudo for each command18:09
softballsTJ-: not goot? :)18:09
TJ-softballs: that'd explain it. sudo per-command will destroy the environment so all those 'var' variables will not be there for subsequent 'sudo' calls. Use "sudo -i" to start an interactive root shell... do everything from that, then return to your regular user with "exit" once it is all done18:10
softballsTJ-: you are the man, that made the commands work :) thank you18:10
TJ-softballs: I'll make a note to amend that wiki page18:10
softballsTJ-:  it does say to change to root its just i didn't know how to do that (sudo -i)18:12
softballsTJ-: ill continue with the tutorial and let you know if i run into anything more18:12
TJ-softballs: That's what I mean... it helps to give _complete_ example commands18:13
trismponyofdeath: if you run: sudo invoke-rc.d systemd-logind start; do you see: mount: mount point /sys/fs/cgroup does not exist;18:13
ponyofdeathinvoke-rc.d: initscript systemd-logind, action "start" failed.18:14
ponyofdeathtrism: no other output18:14
ponyofdeathjust start job failed to start18:14
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solarshey, can anyone recommend a realiable UMTS stick that just works pnp under linux? (no LTE needed)18:17
solarsif possible with antenna adapter but not needed18:17
FuzzyWhirlpoolTethered Android phone is reliable.18:18
solarsI have a separate sim18:19
TJ-solars: I have a Huawei E3131 that presents a CDC Ethernet interface, after usb_modeswitch. Can be mode-switched to present an AT serial port, also, that had SIM, micro-SD, and external antenna socket18:19
FuzzyWhirlpoolMost Huawei and zte works fine.18:20
solarsI forgot to mention that I will never buy a huawei device again :)18:20
solarsit's the most unreliable thing I ever had18:20
FuzzyWhirlpoolWhat's your problem with huawei? Newer huawei devices are great.18:21
RedPenguin2in ubuntu 12.04.1 is there anyway to have pulseaudio do thye audio entirely and alsa not control the soundcard?18:21
solarsI've got the k5005 and currently it won't modeswitch anymore18:21
solarsbesides that I always had to try around 5 times for it to switch18:21
RedPenguin2rigyt now pulseaudio controls hdmi and aklsamixer does soundcard18:21
solarsand I'm tired of it, really, I want something that I can just plug in and forget18:22
solarsif I need internet I need it quickly18:22
Shai_-hey guys, I followed this tutorial to build my first package : http://codeghar.wordpress.com/2012/11/15/create-deb-package-in-ubuntu-very-brief-introduction/ dunno what its worth but my debian package is 5ko but when I compile it i have 1.5go of bins ...18:23
Shai_-any idea what is missing to this ?18:23
coventryIs there a key for full-disk encryption which can be used if you forget your passphrase, like there is for home-dir encryption?  If so, how do you retrieve that key, and how do you use it?18:24
Shai_-or what i don't understand :D18:24
FuzzyWhirlpoolsolars: I guess the most suitable for you is a tethered android phone. Most 3g dongle requires modeswitching to work on Ubuntu.18:26
pamake-kpkg kernel-image will also include the modules?18:26
pai remember it used to need an additional target for modules18:26
FuzzyWhirlpoolKey based disk encryption? I think it's possible with gpg keys.18:27
TJ-coventry: no, if you didn't back-up the LUKS header and didn't record the passphrase, there is no way to recover18:27
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coventryTJ-: Good to know.  No such problem in this case, just wondering what precautions are available.18:28
TJ-coventry: *always* back-up the LUKS header to a separate (back-up) device, such as a USB key18:29
Guest34692How do I convert Youtube videos into a format with which I can make a Video DVD18:29
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TJ-coventry: It also makes sense to add a key-file to the LUKS slots in case you ever do forget the passphrase18:29
=== hybzboexorvzevlq is now known as sepero
coventryThanks, TJ-.  Know of any good tutorials about this?18:31
TJ-coventry: https://code.google.com/p/cryptsetup/wiki/FrequentlyAskedQuestions#6._Backup_and_Data_Recovery18:31
Chaos_Zerohas anyone had success setting up an xrdp or NX server on an AWS instance?18:38
coventryTJ-:  Thanks.18:38
solarsFuzzyWhirlpool, most ZTE sticks I had don't require a mode switch18:41
solarsFuzzyWhirlpool, and as I said I cannot use my phone18:41
ponyofdeathtrism: figured it out on ur cgroups hint. i have a custom kernel and did not compile that in.18:43
FuzzyWhirlpoolAny 3g dongle should work fine. ZTE MF190 is fine 7.2 mbps. If you don't need 7.2, then ZTE MF620/626 is also great, though it's just 3.6 mbps.18:45
FuzzyWhirlpoolRemember, the old devices are tested more than newer devices.18:46
GuyThatNeedsHelpwine SpotifySetup.exe18:51
GuyThatNeedsHelpthen i get this18:51
GuyThatNeedsHelpPlease install Spotify using a normal account instead of an Administrator account18:51
GuyThatNeedsHelpin a gui form18:52
Term1nalIs there something special I need to do to enable the ability to password protect the archives made with the "Right Click -> Compress" function? Using Files (nautilus). There's a dropdown for "Other Options" that contains encryption/password protection features, but they're greyed out.18:52
aldodelgadoQuestion? I have setup many ubuntu linux servers for use in a LAMP stack. However today I deployed my first ubuntu 14.04 LAMP stack. With that said I have successfully installed apache2 and php 5.5. However mysql does not allow remote connections. I've run nmap against the public IP and Private IP and I dont see port 3306 open. I have also disabled the firewall and still dont see port 3306. Any suggestions would be appreciated.18:52
KurionHi all, what's the hotkey for the Ubuntu panel?18:53
coventryKurion: Do you mean the right windows key?18:54
FuzzyWhirlpoolJust use ssh-port forwarding to access mysql.18:54
aldodelgadoI need the port open to create a connection from another server18:54
KurionCoventry, I don't think so. I'm not sure the exact name of the panel. It's the options on the top right of the Ubuntu desktop, where you can shut down the computer from.18:54
coventryKurion: Oh, I think "panel" is right.18:55
aldodelgadoThe connection will be coming from an application for a user18:55
KurionI see. I may be in a bit of a fickle then, when I hit the right windows key it acts as a right click for some reason.18:55
GuyThatNeedsHelpWINE HELP18:55
Picialdodelgado: As /etc/mysql/my.cnf says, the new default is to bind to only.  You would need to change that to the address of your server (or for it to listen on all interfaces.18:56
Pici!appdb | GuyThatNeedsHelp18:56
ubottuGuyThatNeedsHelp: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help18:56
OerHeksaldodelgado, see these answers http://askubuntu.com/questions/272077/port-3306-appears-to-be-closed-on-my-ubuntu-server >>> Removing the line bind-address from /etc/mysql/my.cnf18:56
GuyThatNeedsHelpwine SpotifySetup.exe18:56
GuyThatNeedsHelpthen i get this18:56
GuyThatNeedsHelpPlease install Spotify using a normal account instead of an Administrator account18:56
PiciGuyThatNeedsHelp: Did you read what ubottu just said?18:56
coventryKurion: No, the win key is not what you need, thought you meant something else.18:57
Kurioncoventry, ah I see18:57
PiciGuyThatNeedsHelp: We can't really help with running applications under wine. Please either ask in #winehq, or check out the appdb for suggestions.18:57
jeffw_how do i change the default file manager through the command line? i would prefer to use something other than nautilus.18:57
Kurioncoventry, found it. It was alt+f1018:58
coventryKurion: Nice, where is that configured?18:59
=== cls is now known as Guest33492
Kurioncoventry, I'm not sure to be honest18:59
skilzhow to change the symbolic icon of an application ubuntu18:59
OerHeksjeffw_, "xdg-mime default <your filemanager>.desktop inode/directory application/x-gnome-saved-search " >>> https://sites.google.com/site/installationubuntu/tweaking-ubuntu/change-default-filemanager19:00
=== slyrus_ is now known as slyrus
histoskilz: edit the .desktop file for that applicaiton19:01
skilzI have19:01
skilzBut it is showing the old icon in unity bar19:01
histoskilz: have you reloaded unity?19:01
FuzzyWhirlpoolaldodelgado: you need to set up ssh private key for the server to be able to connect and create port forwarding to access mysql port.19:01
aldodelgadoFuzzyWhirlpool: never had to do that before on 12.0419:02
Picialdodelgado: The default configuration has changed. Did you see the suggestion that I gave you above?19:02
skilzBut the action app shows the new icon in /usr/share/applications19:02
aldodelgadoPici: Say aplied those changes and see didnt see the port open19:03
histoskilz: try seeing if you have a similar .desktop in your ~  find ~ -iname *.desktop19:03
Picialdodelgado: Did you restart the mysql service?19:03
aldodelgadoPici: Not sure why? I looked at iptables and I have a rule to allow all19:03
thekkidWhat's the best way to start 10 background instances of the same job?19:04
GuyThatNeedsHelphow would i remove an application in terminal?19:04
GuyThatNeedsHelpsudo apt-remove19:04
skilz~ find ~ -iname*.desktop? wtf is that?19:04
coventryGuyThatNeedsHelp: sudo apt-get remove <package name>19:05
Piciskilz: it s a command to search for all files ending in .desktop in your user's home19:06
skilzPici, So ~ -iname *.desktop is the actual command?19:06
Piciskilz: no. The command is: find ~ -iname *.desktop19:07
mjuszczakIf I want to host a modified nginx package (one that contains the upload module) for my organization, can that be done in a ppa?  The package would be kind of useless for anyone that isn't in my organization.  Or is the private apt repo better?19:07
Picimjuszczak: Thats up to you.  Either way works fine.  As long as you are fine with other people have access to it, theres no problem.19:09
mjuszczakCan a PPA on launchpad be created under an organization?  Would that organization need an ubuntu one login then?19:09
=== aaron is now known as lakota
rwwit can be created under a group of people19:11
rwwor a project. either way, you'd just need SSO for the people involved, not the group/project itself19:12
softballswhen i run "service openvpn start" it doesn't say OK, but when i do "service --status-all" openvpn has a + to it19:17
softballsshould i assume its started?19:17
catalaseservice openvpn status19:17
softballsah, yeah its running :)19:18
softballsthank you19:18
jeffw_thanks, OerHeks19:19
adamcunningtonHi, I can't mount my windows partition due to "exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount". However, this isn't the case - I've doulbe checked by booting back into it and shutting down and the error persists.19:20
aldodelgadoPici: Dude you’ll never guess what it was… Operator error, ID10T move. In trouble shooting I must have changed the port and never put it back. I can now connect and confirmed the issue was in the bind-address. When I changed it form to it worked like a charm! thanks19:20
mjuszczakrww: Thanks!  In this case, if we have multiple packages we want custom compiled and uploaded, we likely only really need to add one ppa right?  So creating a single ppa under our "team" name and then throwing the packages in there should work.19:20
rwwmjuszczak: if people adding the PPA would expect to get the whole set of packages, then yes, just use one PPA19:21
rwwif they'd expect to get some of them but not all of them, then use multiple as needed19:21
jeffw_is it possible to switch compositing managers for Cinnamon, Gnome, KDE, etc.?19:22
mjuszczakrww: great - thanks!19:23
HelloWorld321I've downloaded the rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to upgrade my rstudio:amd64 0.98.507, but when I use sudo dpkg -i rstudio-0.98.953-i386.deb to install it, I get the message that they are not "co-installable".19:25
HelloWorld321Should I use -r to remove the old .deb first?  Or is there a more appropriate way to upgrade from one .deb to another .deb19:26
OerHeksjeffw_, logout, change to cinnamon/whatever and login again19:26
adamcunningtonHi, I can't mount my windows partition due to "exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount". However, this isn't the case - I've double checked by booting back into it and shutting down and the error persists.19:26
softballswhen i have openvpn up and running, and try to connect to it with a ms computer, i get nothing at all, where should i start to troubleshoot it?19:26
OerHeksHelloWorld321,  why not download the amd64 package?19:26
jeffw_OerHeks: i mean is it possible to change WM for each desktop?19:27
spaceonemy screen resolution is maximum 640*48019:28
adamcunningtonspaceone: congratulations!19:28
spaceonei want to fix that19:28
OerHeksjeffw_, 1 pc, 2 screens, 2 WM's?19:28
spaceoneadamcunnington: http://pastebin.com/um7PCHEF → Xorg.log19:29
=== Player is now known as Guest91305
adamcunningtonspaceone: probably need to install some graphics drivers if you can't select a higher resolution from appearance19:29
=== Guest91305 is now known as Player_
spaceoneadamcunnington: lol, yes. they are installed19:29
spaceonexserver-*-video-sis is installed19:29
jeffw_OerHeks? yea. for example, KDE allows me to use KWIN or OpenBOX, can't I do that in Gnome or Cinnamon?19:29
spaceonegraficcard is Silicon Itegrated Systems [SiS] 771/671 PCIE19:29
skilzHow do I make an icon for an app in unity panel?19:31
skilzWhere do I put it?19:31
Xyuusr/share/themes maybe19:32
OerHeksjeffw_, i have no clue what you want19:32
XyuIs it possible to change the white window background to the Ambience color?19:33
jeffw_OerHeks: i know that previous version of Gnome allowed me to use Metacity or Compiz, can't I do that with the new version instead of using Unity or Muffin/Mutter?19:33
spaceoneadamcunnington: ...19:35
pcdroidTo install linux from USB, should I make a bottable USb then?19:36
skilzWhat is the command to bring up the 'Applications' menu in Panel?19:37
skilzLike gnome2 panel19:37
pado i also have to generate modules_image when i use make-kpkg?19:38
paor is kernel-image enough?19:38
eligreyis the scale slider under Displays supposed to affect the desktop icons?19:39
eligreybecause my icons are still really small after setting scale to 1.75x19:39
eligrey(i'm on a 239 ppi device)19:39
spaceonepcdroid: if you are on linux you can just write the iso file onto the USB sitck (dd if=/path/to/file.iso of=/dev/sdX19:39
eligreyeverything else is scaled fine, just not the desktop icons19:39
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softballspa: you still there mate?19:41
palol yeah19:43
softballspa i got the openvpn running now :) but struggle to be able to access it, do you have time to help?19:43
eligreyi'll change my question:19:44
eligreyis there any way to make the desktop icons bigger? (since the scale slider doesn't affect them)19:44
=== viv`d is now known as vivid
eligreytheyre too tiny at 239ppi19:44
padepends... what problem do you have?19:45
softballspa well like i said its running, and i have created my .ovpn client on my client machine but i get nothing, do i need to do any firewall/port stuff on the server too?19:46
softballspa bridge eth0 and tun0 or something?19:46
eligreyscreenshot of my issue: https://i.imgur.com/5Vzeua3.png19:47
HelloWorld321OerHeks: Thanks.  I realy should get the 64-bit version19:47
pastart checking if the server is listening19:47
pafor example, if you run on tcp on port 1234, for example19:47
patry to telnet to your server on 123419:47
paand see if ovpn answers19:48
softballspa im running udp 119419:48
pamy advice is to change it to tcp19:48
paat least for now19:48
paeasier to debug19:48
paand to pass through firewalls19:48
softballspa netstat -lnp shows: "udp        0      0  *"19:48
paok so maybe it works19:48
softballsyeah looks ok to me19:49
pabut you see19:49
=== kyle is now known as Guest79866
pawith udp it's hard to test19:49
paif the firewall blocks it19:49
softballsok, ill change it to tcp, np19:49
punkgeekroot@ubuntu:/var/www/html# chmod 777 /var/www/html/index.php19:51
punkgeekchmod: cannot access '/var/www/html/index.php': Too many levels of symbolic links19:51
punkgeekwhat should i do? :D19:51
Guest79866How to Give shell input via popen(); ?19:52
GuyThatNeedsHelpi cannot set a system wide proxy :(19:52
Guest79866punkgeek: punk geek you r inside the directory19:53
softballspa i can do "telnet localhost 1194" (running openvpn on tcp now)19:53
Guest79866punkgeek: just do this cd ../../../19:53
LordXe-gnupunkgeek: is index.php a sym link?19:53
Guest79866punkgeek: and sudo chmod 777 /var/www/html19:54
punkgeekyes soft link19:54
LordXe-gnupunkgeek: what does it point to?19:54
softballspa well it says "connected to localhost" but i can't type anything without getting "connection closed by foreign host"19:55
skilzWhat is the command to bring up the 'Applications' menu in Panel?19:55
skilzLike gnome2 panel19:55
LordXe-gnupunkgeek: it sounds like a problem with your symbolic link, probably you have created a cycle somewhere19:55
punkgeekso what should i do?19:55
pathats ok19:55
pait's normal19:55
pait means it works19:55
panext question is: does your ovpn client connects to the server?19:56
payou can also debug it by running it with some debug switch19:56
pa-debug or something, don't remember exactly19:56
paso you see if your certificates are ok and so forth19:56
softballspa when i try to connect nothing happens (nothing in log window)19:57
Term1nalSo, I'm attempting to attach a physical disk VMDK to virtualbox. I know before that i had to add a user "vbox" to the "disk" group, but that was in earlier versions of ubuntu. Now, it appears as though virtualbox is using my local user account only. Do I then need to have my account added to the "disk" group?19:57
softballspa do you know how to add debug info to a windows openvpn client?19:58
pahm.. no idea, sorry19:59
punkgeekno body help me? :D19:59
padon't you have a linux box to test it with?19:59
paor maybe just run a live ubuntu19:59
softballsonly have the unbutu server and then a win client machine20:00
friendlyfascismpunkgeek, You have had multiple people address you have some patience and a little eloquence.20:00
softballspa: sorry lost connection a sec20:03
pasoftballs, cant you run a live ubuntu on the win machine?20:03
paor a virtualbox20:03
Xyuis the ambiance theme with white windows on ubuntu 14.04 ?20:03
pcdroidExcuse a perhaps extremely stupid question: If I have an evil virus on my Windows 8 computer and download an Ubuntu iso, create a USB installer and then install linux. Can a virus survive this and exist on my linux system now?20:03
kostkonpcdroid, no20:04
Picipcdroid: Didn't we answer this earlier today?20:04
pcdroidPici: sorry but U had left then.20:04
pcdroidNot my intention to spam20:04
softballspa: sure i should be able to do that, would that be to be able to see more openvpn client logs?20:04
pcdroidPici: U->I20:05
Picipcdroid: ah.20:05
pcdroidkostkon: ok, ty20:05
pathen you run it from the command line20:05
pain foreground20:05
Xyudepends on how evil the virus is20:05
pawith the debug switch20:05
jellfhi all20:06
=== will is now known as Thedwarf
friendlyfascismXyu, That really helps.20:08
adamcunningtonHi, I can't mount my windows partition due to "exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount". However, this isn't the case - I've double checked by booting back into it and shutting down and the error persists.20:08
softballspa found the problem, had a small typo in the client .ovpn :)20:10
pai see :)20:10
paso now it works?20:10
softballsyup its connected atleast so things are looking good :) thanx for all the help20:10
panp glad i could help a little20:10
softballsno only to see if i can use windows run to access its files also :)20:11
softballsshould i setup samba for that?20:11
=== rmh is now known as RuudsdchMaHinda
Balzyhello! I'm trying to install   wxmaxima (13.04.2-1build0.1) saucy-proposed; urgency=low instead of wxmaxima 13.04.2-2 that comes with trusty since it is bugged, would you help me?20:14
posthumanI created a shell script with   lvcreate -L1G -n -s $SNAPSHOT $SOURCE in it ... while executed manually it works fine but not via cron.  the command lvcreate just doesnt work ... can u help me here please20:16
TJ-posthuman: cron's shell environment may not contain those variables20:17
posthumanthank u  for your reply ... it doesnt work with the full path either20:18
Xyucan you install conky in live mode  --  sudo apt-install conky    E: Unable to locate package conky20:18
TJ-Balzy: Is there a bug report against the package? That's the way to solve the problem.20:19
MegaFireFartHello all...I'm middle of installing Cinnanmon interface in Ubuntu 14.04. The main reason is because I believe Compiz is just causing havoc on my CPU and crashing it. Would I need compiz after I install Cinnanomon? Can I safely remove it?20:19
kostkon!find conky20:19
ubottuFound: conky-all-dbg, conky, conky-all, conky-cli, conky-cli-dbg20:19
TJ-posthuman: Where are $SNAPSHOT and $SOURCE being inserted into the cron script environment?20:19
GuyThatNeedsHelpwhen i go to gnome control and network and try to apply a system wide proxy it doesnt work20:20
posthuman@ top .... like    SNAPSHOT=/dev/vg_virtmgr/linux20:21
softballsTJ-: i got the openvpn running :) tnx for the help before20:22
adamcunningtonHello :| can anyone help?20:22
TJ-softballs: Glad to hear it, it's a very useful tool :)20:22
guntbertadamcunnington: with what?20:22
MegaFireFartanyone ?20:22
adamcunningtonguntbert: i asked 3 times but:20:22
adamcunningtonHi, I can't mount my windows partition due to "exited with non-zero exit status 14: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount". However, this isn't the case - I've double checked by booting back into it and shutting down and the error persists.20:22
softballsTJ-: yeah it is :) Do you know if i were to want to access a folder on the server from a win client using windows run "\\ip" would i need to install samba then?20:23
TJ-posthuman: Are you doing "/sbin/lvcreate ..." ?20:23
Xyui remember i could install apps in livecd before but now E: Unable to locate package  :(20:23
TJ-softballs: That, or else use a Windows SCP client (such as WinSCP) to access the server using SSH through the VPN20:23
posthumanyes already gave that a try20:24
posthumanused lvcreate and /sbin/lvcreate20:24
softballsTJ-: I would want to be able to use notepad++ to search its directory, don't think i can do that unless i can use \\ip ?20:24
TJ-Xyu: "apt-cache policy <package-name>" will tell you if the package is available and if so, where from20:24
guntbertadamcunnington: sorry, I cannot help - but please be patient, don't ask "can nobody..." - its fine to repeat your question after about 10 minutes20:24
adamcunningtonguntbert: yea i have - an hour20:25
adamcunningtonan hour's worth :P but thanks, i will wait20:25
TJ-softballs: Samba will do it although you might have a fight with the netbios side discovering the server through the VPN... or you could use something like win-sshfs20:26
TJ-adamcunnington: have you seen http://askubuntu.com/questions/145902/unable-to-mount-windows-ntfs-filesystem-due-to-hibernation20:27
adamcunningtonTJ-: I hadn't but seen some similar ones. I don't have fast startup enabled in windows and i've ensured that remove_hiberfile is added to my fstab line. For what it's worth, this was working fine 2 weeks ago - it's almost as if the "hiber file" is incorrectly cached or some equivelant that makes more sense.20:30
TJ-adamcunnington: that sounds like a reasonable assumption... have you investigated the NTFS file-system(s) in depth in case there are multiple hibernation files/partitions ?20:31
adamcunningtonTJ-: wouldn't know where to start20:31
softballsTJ-: notepad++ actually had something in it in order to connect using ssh :)20:32
adamcunningtonsoftballs: use sublimetext20:32
adamcunningtonIt's awesome and more flexible for this sorta stuff20:33
softballsadamcunnington: hmm ok, i am fairly used to all shortcodes in notepad++ though ;) but i can give it a go20:34
GuyThatNeedsHelpcan anyone help me with connecting to a proxy?20:35
adamcunningtonsoftballs: it's pretty immense, read up on sublime text package manager and you'll see why. It will have plugins for the shortcodes you want and more - if not, just add them yourself, simples :)20:35
GuyThatNeedsHelpit doesnt work in system settings20:35
adamcunningtonbrb rebooting20:35
turdidaeI have an Ubuntu/Arch dualboot. Can I just reformat the Arch partition and run update-grub to go back to Ubuntu-only?20:38
Bollebib1what is the best way to get some kind of "restore point" type of functionality into ubuntu? (if any?)20:40
Psil0CybinBollebib1, in what sense? to save everything?20:41
Bollebib1so that I can roll back my system if I make a faulty update20:41
adamcunningtonTJ-: thanks for your help. i manually removed the hiber file and it's all working now, cheers again20:41
Psil0CybinOh I think its harder with Linux, I Do not know...I think the only thing I was aware of, is perhaps backing up your home directory?20:41
Psil0Cybinbut then again that will not help what you are suggesting.20:41
Psil0Cybinsorry I am also semi new to linux iwould love to hear more input about this topic from soneone who is more knowledgeable.20:42
aliquandoBollebib1, I remember of something20:42
aliquandoabout clonezilla20:42
Psil0Cybinis used for applications tho when u first install a distro20:42
Psil0Cybinas time goes on i heard it is not a good idea to use clonezilla.20:42
Psil0Cybini may be wrong20:42
aliquandoor you can create an iso of the partition20:42
turdidaeBollebib1, rdiff-backup is one way http://www.nongnu.org/rdiff-backup/20:43
Bollebib1aliquando: oh?20:43
Bollebib1can you make your own custom installer in a sense?20:43
Bollebib1with installed packages and such?20:44
aliquandosorry i never try it and it seems another guy say that could not satisfy your requirement...20:44
Bollebib1aliquando: ah I thought that was seperate from clonezilla20:45
Bollebib1turdidae: looking at your solution now20:45
ObrienDaveParted Magic includes clonezilla20:45
=== cls is now known as Guest26962
eligreyis it just not possible to scale desktop icons?20:46
awrbgh you may be  watched20:46
awrbghdo usa&israel use the internet(facebook,youtube,twitter, chat rooms ..ect)to spy??20:46
awrbghdo usa&israel use the internet 2 collect informations,,can we call that spying??20:46
dBLOODhi ppl!20:48
TJ-Bollebib1: file-system *snapshots* are the closest thing to Windows system restore points, and especially easy to use if you've installed with LVM (Logical Volume Management)20:48
dBLOODI would like to install ubuntu on an uefi system, could someone help me in that?20:48
Bollebib1turdidae: somehow it looks like it's too difficultfor me20:48
Bollebib1TJ-: snapshots,mmh20:49
aliquandoBollebib1, i just search about clonezilla it sounds good20:49
quickezedIs it possible to find out what happens when a particular package is installed?20:49
quickezedSpecifically, this package: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/calendarserver20:49
Piciquickezed: What do you mean by "find out what happens"?20:49
quickezedThere are some python files in this package which contain OS X paths however when the package is installed on my system the paths inside these python files are linux paths.20:50
dBLOODIs it possible to install ubi on a uefi system, onto an external hdd without messing up the internal hdd's mbr? If it is, I would like to know how...20:50
ObrienDavedBLOOD, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI20:50
quickezedPici: Is there a script or something which says where to install the files inside the package (the .tar.gz) on the system?20:51
quickezedAnd then is there a post-install script which modifies certain files?20:51
TJ-Bollebib1: there is a good explanation of LVM snapshot use here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lvm20:51
=== christian is now known as Guest96102
Piciquickezed: Do you mean that you downloaded calendarserver_5.2+dfsg.orig.tar.gz and it isn't what you expected?20:52
quickezedPici: In a way. Basically there's a file in this package listed in the file list as: "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/calendarserver/tools/bootstrapdatabase.py"20:53
quickezedIn this file there is a variable which is set to an incorrect path.20:53
Bollebib1TJ-: interesting,thanks20:54
Bollebib1and thanks for the other options everyone,will be back if there's trouble (so hopefully not...)20:54
quickezedI want to submit a bug for this however, if you download the .tar.gz you'll see that the path inside this file is actually different than what it is once the package is installed on my system.20:54
dBLOODthx ObrienDave, but I was wondering what happens when I want to install ubi on an external drive in efi mode, not on the internal one...20:55
quickezedThe path in the .tar.gz is actually an OS X path (the same as here: http://trac.calendarserver.org/browser/CalendarServer/tags/release/CalendarServer-5.2/calendarserver/tools/bootstrapdatabase.py20:55
quickezedLine 2820:55
ObrienDavedBLOOD, sorry, wouldn't know20:55
quickezedSo then I was wondering what happens when this package is installed on Ubuntu. These Apple paths are getting replaced with the correct linux paths.20:55
dBLOODI was wondering what the installer would want to do with the stupid linux boot-manager20:56
quickezedI'd like to see where this is being done because this one variable in bootstrapdatabase.py isn't getting set correctly. It points at an invalid linux path.20:56
dBLOODbecause if the installer puts the boot-manager onto the external hdd's mbr, than I'm screwed if I want to remove it later...20:57
Piciquickezed: You need to apply the calendarserver_5.2+dfsg-1.debian.tar.xz to the downloaded orig file.   The easiest way of doing all of this if you already running Ubuntu is to do: apt-get soruce calendarserver.20:57
quickezedPici: Ah right, so the xz does this "magic"?20:58
TJ-quickezed: The orig.tar.gz is the upstream source. The Debian/Ubuntu package patches need applying on top of that20:59
Piciquickezed: its just a bunch of patches. Take a look  at  http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/ for some information about how packaging works.20:59
quickezedPici: great, thanks guys20:59
quickezedTJ-: Thanks for the clarification.20:59
TJ-quickezed: what is the 'bad' path that is being set?21:00
quickezedIn the file "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/calendarserver/tools/bootstrapdatabase.py" there is a variable "SCHEMAFILE"21:00
TJ-quickezed: "/usr/share/pyshared/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql" ?21:01
quickezedWhen the package is installed it is set to "/usr/share/pyshared/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql"21:01
quickezedIt should be "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql21:01
quickezedI could create a symlink but it would be nice for it to just work.21:01
quickezedTJ-: I was hoping I could find the responsible patch and submit a pull request (or something to that effect)21:02
TJ-quickezed: Pulling the source code now21:03
quickezedTJ-: Cool. I can see the responsible patch. "debianize-bootstrapdatabase.py.patch"21:04
quickezedTJ-: So who can submit fixes to this code? I guess I should go read that packaging link :)21:05
Jeannine21 Hi! I give you some videos. I hope you like! http://bitly.com/U5SqFI21:05
bekks!ops | Jeannine2121:06
ubottuJeannine21: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang21:06
bekksnvm :P21:06
TJ-quickezed: OK, the change was introduced via bzr revision 21, which was merged from Debian 5.1+dfsg-1, so it looks like a difference between Debian and Ubuntu python installation locations21:09
quickezedTJ-: Ah ok21:10
TJ-quickezed: It looks like the Debianized patch needs to be Ubuntu-ized :)21:11
quickezedTJ-: Haha, I was just about to ask that, using that exact word :)21:11
quickezedTJ-: Can you point me in the direction of a document which explains how I can submit a fix to a patch, if that is possible?21:12
ObrienDaveis that even a real word? ;P21:12
quickezedIt is now :)21:12
TJ-quickezed: Can you explain why the path should change; reading the source and the associated python files, the location is correct21:14
=== giga is now known as Guest80002
ObrienDaveah, usage in IRC makes it an official word :))21:15
quickezedTJ-: I arrived at this conclusion because the path doesn't exist21:15
quickezedTJ-: If this path is correct then I'm not entirely sure what creates it and when it gets created.21:16
TJ-quickezed: Have you installed calendarserver ? apt-file list calendarserver shows many files in that path, from that package21:16
TJ-quickezed: You can think of that path as 'hard-coded' into the debian binary packages, which when installed (by apt-get or dpkg) will be present on the file-system21:17
quickezedTJ-: Yep I have calendarserver installed. This is how I came across this "problem"/21:18
quickezedTJ-: The path doesn't exist in this file list: http://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/amd64/calendarserver/filelist21:18
quickezedTJ-: I don't have "txdav" under /usr/share/pyshared/21:20
Guest80002hi everyone, on this computer I've got two audio exits, one for the headphones and onether one for the built-in speaker. the can be both controlled separately from alsamixer, but from the applet on the bar I can only control the headphones one. is it possible tu control also the built-in volume from a similar applet?21:20
Guest80002i'm using lubuntu 14.0421:21
ObrienDaveGuest80002, one is probably microphone input. what color are they?21:21
TJ-quickezed: Ahhh, that's because the python-install back-end redirects it to "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql"21:22
TJ-quickezed: "dpkg-query -L calendarserver" is your friend21:22
ObrienDaveGuest80002, red is usually microphone input21:22
Guest80002ObrienDave, no, it's not that. I've checked and they're two indipendent audio output channels21:22
TJ-quickezed: This is an interesting one, due to the diversion from pyshared!21:22
TJ-quickezed: post a bug report, I'll attach myself to it. This needs some of the python packaging devs to look at it21:23
quickezedTJ-: Ok sure thing, thanks for your help with this.21:23
quickezedTJ-: So just to confirm, report one here? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calendarserver/+bugs21:24
TJ-quickezed: I think the proper solution is for that path not to be hard-coded, but to call a python function to get the root of the install path and concatenate the package-specific remainder21:25
TJ-quickezed: Yes :)21:25
TJ-quickezed: let me know the bug # and I'll attach to it21:25
quickezedTJ-: Ok cool, thanks. I'll let you know once I've filed the bug.21:25
=== Player is now known as Guest77004
quickezedTJ-: In the meantime I'll create a symlink on my server.21:26
=== Guest77004 is now known as Player_
robairtShutter ScreenShot Tool, any good?21:30
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest41818
kostkonrobairt, the best21:31
robairtkostkon, all I needed to hear21:31
kostkonrobairt, :)21:31
MonkeyDustrobairt  especially if you like it21:31
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=== cls is now known as Guest84754
gcl5cpffmpeg version 0.8.12-4:0.8.12-0ubuntu0.12.04.1, Copyright (c) 2000-2014 the Libav developers21:33
priuonhello. I want to have apps save files writeprotected by default. Changing the UMASK to 236 seems right to me. I don't know if this is safe though.21:34
robairtI was just staring to miss snipping tool as I cropped another screen shot in GIMP21:34
gcl5cpthis is a lie, AVCON lacks some functionalities, and FFMPEG is still better21:34
MonkeyDustgcl5cp  did you have a question, too?21:35
ikoniaglebihan__: it doesn't say "it's better" it says it's DEPRECATED21:35
gcl5cpwhy this lies appear in ubuntu repos?21:35
ikoniagcl5cp: because it's not  alie21:35
ikoniaread what I just said21:35
TJ-quickezed: I have a proposed patch for you, when the bug-report is ready21:36
quickezedTJ-: Ok great, thanks!21:36
ObrienDaveGoogle translate needs to be deprecated LOL21:36
gcl5cpAVCON have not all function that FFMPEG, i have to uninstall and compile FFMPEG21:36
quickezedTJ-: Just writing it up now.21:36
TJ-quickezed: It would be great if you could test it directly, first, since I don't use calendarserver21:36
quickezedTJ-: Certainly can :)21:37
gcl5cpikonia you have to know that FFMPEG is more complete, they merge AVCON and have their functions that latter don't merge.21:41
TJ-quickezed: see the patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7795530/21:42
ikoniagcl5cp: for the last time - no-one is comparing features21:42
quickezedOk cool, I'll give that a shot as soon as I've created this bug and let you know if it works.21:43
gcl5cpikonia i use features avcon lacks for any reason, i don't understand why said DEPRECATED if FFMPEG is alive yet21:44
ikoniagcl5cp: sorry, can't talk to you any more, you don't seem to grasp the fact that it's not comparing features, if you can't grasp this, there is no point talking to you21:45
mjuszczakI'm compiling a custom nginx package and following the instructions for bzr.  However, I want to enable modules (hence why I'm making my own package)... do I embed those in the zip file?  Is that acceptable?  Or is there a way to get the debian/ directory from the existing nginx package so I can just copy that?21:45
ikoniagcl5cp: carry on using ubuntu, but stop complaining21:45
gcl5cpikonia: i'm bias, FFMPEG is my everyday tool. thank you21:46
TJ-gcl5cp: see bug #126327821:46
ubottubug 1263278 in libav (Debian) "Use FFmpeg instead of Libav" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126327821:46
designbybeckto upgrade a Ubuntu 12.04 server to 14.04 server via command line... do you just do "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ?21:47
ikonia!upgrade | designbybeck21:47
ubottudesignbybeck: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade21:47
designbybeckthank you ikonia21:48
designbybeckikonia,  this seems to be just GUI21:48
designbybeckand not CLI21:48
ikoniathere is instructions on the server wiki page21:49
ikoniadesignbybeck: keep in mind there is no upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 until 14.04.1 is released.21:49
quickezedTJ-: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/calendarserver/+bug/134180121:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 1341801 in calendarserver (Ubuntu) "Path for db schema referenced by bootstrapdb.py doesn't exist" [Undecided,New]21:49
gcl5cpikonia i hope some day replace ffmpeg to avcon, but still is not possible to me.21:49
ikoniagcl5cp: I'm not interested21:50
designbybeckah, i see the instructions now ikonia  thank you21:50
robairtreporting back, Shutter is exactly what I was looking for21:51
gas-shoin unity hopefully.current my bars disappeared ._.21:52
gas-shoin ubuntu 14.0421:52
TJ-quickezed: updated21:53
quickezedTJ-: Cool, thanks. I'll try your patch now.21:53
TJ-quickezed: I've triaged the bug and if the patch works, we'll try to get an SRU for it21:54
TJ-quickezed: Looks like Debian might need a similar patch/bug report too, but that can wait :)21:54
priuonis it possible to move a subset of a filehierarchy without writing a script? The source is "$find /path/to/dir/ -type f -newermt date"21:55
designbybeckrobairt, Shutter is a great program21:57
robairtdesignbybeck, the forum I found that told me to get it was saying it was a step up from snipping tool21:59
robairtdesignbybeck, which is what I would be using if I were on windows21:59
robairtHome time here, have a good one all22:00
designbybeckrobairt, Yeah I use it almost daily22:00
designbybeckrobairt, the editing tools are nice with it! Have fun with it22:00
robairtdesignbybeck, I plan to play around with it tomorrow. Always a good time with new software22:00
Ricardo_BarretoHi, anybody uses Ubuntu Studio with dual monitor? I have a doubt, so I was wondering...22:02
quickezedTJ-: The result of os.path.join is simply "/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql"22:03
quickezedTJ-: I tried doing the following in a shell: os.path.join('/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages', '/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql')22:03
quickezedTJ-: And I just get '/txdav/common/datastore/sql_schema/current.sql'22:04
quickezedTJ-: site.getsitepackages()[0] does give me: '/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages'22:04
quickezedTJ-: Not sure what's up with join22:04
quickezedTJ-: Got it. The second string shouldn't start with a "/"22:06
=== thiago_ is now known as Guest96444
quickezedI'll try the patch again with this update and then try and bootstrap the db22:07
TJ-quickezed: True, it should be os.path.separator I think,22:09
TJ-quickezed: I've attached a modified patch to the bug report22:12
quickezedTJ-: Thanks, I'll try it out22:12
quickezedTJ-: Ok the only problem now is that the file is located in the second site packages directory returned from site.getsitepackages()22:17
quickezedTJ-: On my machine, site.getsitepackages() returns: ['/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages', '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages']22:17
quickezedIn the file list, the schema current.sql lives in the second dist-packages directory,22:17
TJ-quickezed: I was afraid of that - there is no clean way to get the path, so mostly we 'assume' the first path will be the correct one22:17
quickezedTJ-: yeh :(22:18
quickezedTJ-: I guess the only option here is to test each path returned by sitepackages.22:18
TJ-quickezed: The best thing to do is open that code out into a loop that looks for the file in all possible sitepackages paths, I think22:18
quickezedTJ-: Yep22:18
=== tigmi is now known as albaz
quickezedTJ-: Well, I'm going to need a patch for my calendarserver installation so I'm more than happy to create this now.22:19
quickezedTJ-: Test it, and then attach it to the bug report.22:19
=== christian is now known as Guest34971
TJ-quickezed: OK ... I was writing a looped test but you're in a better position to write/test22:20
quickezedTJ-: Sure thing, if you want to write it and sent it to me via ubuntu paste that's all good.22:21
quickezedTJ-: I'm more than happy to test it out for you22:21
Alpha-OmegaHey, what is the most natural sounding text to speech program in Linux?22:21
Ikowhats up everybody22:23
bpromptIko:  clouds, stratosphere22:24
TJ-quickezed: how about this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/7795657/22:25
quickezedTJ-: Looks good, I'll give it a shot.22:25
nickismynameI have successfully installed Ubuntu but it is very slow. I had some problems to install at first, it hanged in splash screen so I used nomodeset. What odes this mean? What can I do? Install some drivers? it is way to slow as it is,22:26
Chris_hubuI'm off for tonight, good night22:27
nickismynamewhat do you think?22:27
nickismynamePici: any ideas?22:28
quickezedTJ-: It worked :)22:28
TJ-quickezed: great, I'll add it to the bug report22:28
quickezedTJ-: Awesome. Thanks you very much for your help with this.22:29
quickezedTJ-: Until this bug is fixed I'll apply this patch as part of my calendarserver install script.22:30
TJ-quickezed: If you can add a note to the bug report confirming that final patch works, I'll add a bzr branch for the fix and send an SRU and merge request22:31
quickezedTJ-: Done22:34
TJ-quickezed: great :)22:34
quickezedTJ-: What's a bzr branch?22:34
TJ-quickezed: The Ubuntu packaging and patches are kept in a bazaar source-code repository, so I've been patching against the ubuntu/calendarserver branch. I can now publish the fix in my own branch and propose it is merged, and launchpad handles the code-review and merging into the package automatically22:35
Alpha-OmegaWhat would you guys recommend, transmission or deluge? Does deluge have any features actually worthwile over transmission?22:35
quickezedTJ-: Ah ok, nice one.22:36
quickezedTJ-: When this is merged into the package automatically will doing an apt-get install calendarserver pull down this new version?22:36
TJ-quickezed: We have to get a Stable Release Update approved, which will then automatically create the fixed package that will be pushed into the archives via "trusty-proposed", and if confirmed as working, into "trusty-updates"22:37
quickezedTJ-: Ok cool, that's good to know22:37
quickezedTJ-: Thanks again for your help!22:38
TJ-quickezed: This is so simple that should be a quick-ish formality22:38
nickismynameI have successfully installed Ubuntu but it is very slow. I had some problems to install at first, it hanged in splash screen so I used nomodeset. What odes this mean? What can I do? Install some drivers? it is way to slow as it is,22:38
nickismynameWhere is the status of a download seen? I want to see if my file is fully downloaded22:39
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Guest92346Alguem brazuca ai pode me ajuda?22:42
k1l!pt | Guest9234622:45
ubottuGuest92346: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:45
Guest92346ok ty22:45
Wolfhey all22:46
Wolfanyone to help with ubuntu 14.04 Acer heating problem22:46
=== Wolf is now known as Guest95838
=== Guest95838 is now known as Wolfium
friendlyfascism!lm-sensors | Guest9583822:47
ubottuGuest95838: To access CPU temperature sensors and detect fan speeds, install the lm-sensors package. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto for installation and usage instructions.22:47
friendlyfascismWolfium, If you see a link directed at you try looking at it first.22:47
Wolfiumok i installed lm-sensors22:48
Wolfiumwhat next?22:48
friendlyfascismWolfium, Did you even look at the link that was a bit to fast to have it done correctly.22:49
ice9where /etc/resolv.conf should point to?22:50
Wolfiumyes i am stuck at sudo service module-init-tools restart22:51
TJ-ice9 it should be a sym-link to "/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf", and will usually have "nameserver"22:51
ice9TJ-: and how do I use a certain DNS server always?22:51
Wolfiumwhen i run sudo service module-init-tools restart it gives me: module-init-tools: unrecognized service22:52
nickismynameCan you see me?22:52
TJ-ice9: By default, a private instance of dnsmasq is controlled by Network Manager, and when a DHCP server sends a namerserver IP, NM passes that to dnsmasq over dbus22:53
ObrienDavenickismyname, no, we can not "see" you. we can read you, however22:53
=== AcidRain is now known as Neytiri
ice9TJ-: anyway to override this?22:54
nickismynameI have problems with the speed of Ubuntu. It is very laggy and sluggish. Fresh install.22:54
TJ-ice9: For NM-managed connections, it is possible to edit the Connection details, and manually set DNS servers in the IPv4 and IPv6 tabs22:54
nickismynamewhere do I start debugging this?22:54
nickismyname(new to linux7ubuntu)22:55
zematisHi. I'm looking to use setfacl to add additional permissions to a file for a given user. But so far, I've only figured out how to overwrite the given permission.22:57
zematisE.g. given a file with r-x permissions for a user, I might want to add the w permission22:57
josel_hola a todos22:57
zematisbut not remove the r-x permissions for that user22:57
=== thiago_ is now known as Guest57632
kmitchellhey how do I make a bootable usb drive for ubuntu install?23:00
nickismynamethere is a guide on the homepage, use pendrivr23:01
friendlyfascismkmitchell, There are a handful of apps that will load the iso to a usb for booting23:01
kmitchellnickismyname: i'malready on fedora linux. any linux solutions to load iso ?23:01
=== ihmrovzpllbyvmqj is now known as kiiqbxucwkubabmh
furkandoes anybody know how i can debug log off taking way too long?23:02
=== kiiqbxucwkubabmh is now known as sepero
friendlyfascismkmitchell, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_create_and_use_Live_USB23:02
furkanshutdown and restart work, log off takes ages23:02
furkansometimes it even seems to "time out", and i have to hit log off a second time23:03
zematisperhaps this is not the appropriate channel to ask?23:03
friendlyfascismkmitchell, Try to look at what is suggested rather than just continuing questions. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/23:04
furkanwhy not? i never had the issue before23:04
furkanseems like an ubuntu-related bug23:04
friendlyfascismfurkan, So what is your critical thinking process that comes to a bug conclusion?23:05
Vicky21 You can find funny videos here. http://j.mp/1rcfoZz23:05
Wolfiumbye vicky :P23:06
=== cydrobolt is now known as Cydrobolt
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
furkanfriendlyfascism: suspend, restart, and shutdown all work, i don't see why log off shouldn't? i'm guessing it sends a different kind of shutdown signal to the processes. might be a bug in one of the processes that's refusing to terminate and stalling the log-off process23:07
adamcunningtonHi, really hoping you can help. 5 minutes ago both my monitors were completely fine, then suddenly on my main monitor where i was watching a youtube clip, it starts flickering and now the youtube screen is like very faintly frozen in the background. However, the screen looks fine in the bios menu. I rebooted ubuntu and turned the screen off in Screen Display options to try and fix it.23:07
adamcunningtonNow, it is no longer appearing in the screen display options - how do i get it back?23:07
furkanfriendlyfascism: i was basically hoping to figure out if there is a relevant log file i could check to investigate23:08
Wolfiumguys i dont think lm-sensors worked for me because i searched for what is called a fancontrol in etc/init.d and there was no such service or script23:09
TJ-Wolfium: have you done "sudo apt-get install fancontrol" ?23:10
Wolfiumit said that it comes out of the box!23:10
Wolfiumill try that23:10
ice9I need full featured desktop environment like Unity but light weight, any suggestions?23:13
furkanice9: full featured and lightweight seems like a bit of a contradiction ;)23:15
ice9furkan: usually what slows performance is compiz and not features like searching or icon bars,etc.. so features are different than fancy gui23:16
furkani've tried xfce, lxde, and cinnamon, just ended up going back to unity23:16
knobHey guys... awesome with Ubuntu 14.04 so far!!    What can I do to eliminate the task/programbar at the left?    I installed Cairo dock, and happy with that.23:17
Wolfiumok so i did install fancontrol but what i got after pwmconfig is the following: /usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed23:17
=== christian is now known as Guest98508
furkanice9: you could try cinnamon maybe, it uses mutter instead of compiz23:17
ice9furkan:  it doesn't work correctly when I install it on ubuntu23:18
furkanbut have your performance issues been happening with 14.04? because i'm having some CPU usage issues that i wasn't having before23:18
TJ-Wolfium: what fans are you expecting to control?23:19
snorlaxcan I ask support questions here or is there a nother channel for that?23:19
Wolfiumdont know what to do with the hard disk heat up though any suggestions23:19
furkanice9: i submitted this bug report that one other person confirmed, i wonder if your performance issues are caused by the same issue? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/133774923:20
ubottuUbuntu bug 1337749 in xorg (Ubuntu) "High CPU usage after resizing a window" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:20
ice9furkan: unity was always overhead on cpu but yeah in 14.04 it's more23:20
freeroutehi, is here anyone using the termite terminal emulator, and if so, how did you install it on ubuntu?23:20
freeroutebecause frankly I can't really find anything on google23:20
* snorlax reads the topic.23:20
furkanbasically dragging/resizing windows consume insane amounts of CPU for me, tested on two different systems23:21
nickismynameWhere is the normal space to store your programs on linux?23:21
TJ-Wolfium: Are you sure the CPU fan has PWM control circuitry?23:21
snorlaxAnyon having any troubles with the cups package from the trusty repo?23:22
Wolfiumi dont think it does because pwm did not detect anything regarding fans as i mentioned earlier i have an intel core i5-2450M 2.5 GHz23:22
furkanand btw ice9 my CPU usage problems persisted across different desktop environments, which is why i think it's an Xorg issue23:23
TJ-Wolfium: It will be the motherboard that determines if there is PWM control support... many motherboards have automatic control (if the fans are 4-wire)23:23
jarreed0So I have an idea for the Ubuntu Touch OS. It is something I use everyday on my android. It is a tilt control setting were if my phone tilts enough to be placed in my pocket or if my android is set face down the screen will lock. If I would like this specifically and other tilt controlls, like turning auto-tilt on and off, to be implemented into the Ubuntu Touch OS how would I go about making a setting page on the status bar ca23:25
jarreed0lled "Tilt Controls" were I can implement these controls and other ones. Also by doing so will it have to be an app for some one to install or who would I contact to get it intergrated into the system so its built into everyones Ubuntu Touch phone. I posted this idea on the xda forums. I was told that it was an interesting idea and to try posting this here and on #ubuntu-devel23:25
ice9furkan: but my case is different, cpu doesn't reach 50%, I think it's your gfx driver, try reinstallting ubuntu and test with the free driver and the one from ATI23:26
furkanice9: yeah i'm waiting for the utopic kernel backport so that i can try the more recent open source radeon driver (the current one in 14.04 doesn't fully support my card)23:27
furkani could install a mainline kernel but didn't wanna do that for now23:27
ice9furkan: by the way why do you load things in xorg.conf?23:28
Wolfiumfunny i just checked and it said that my board fan is actually controlled by a pwm controller23:28
Wolfiumsomething must have went wrong with me ill retry the process23:28
furkanice9: i didn't at first, i added those things when iw as trying to see if i could fix the issue using some xorg.conf settings i found online23:28
=== jibran_ is now known as jibran
editionWhy does JACK only play after its stopped?23:29
editionsound from QSynth only works when JACK is stopped.23:29
editionwith crackling/scratchy results23:29
TJ-Wolfium: The PWM controller may be automatic on the mobo though, it may not be 'exposed' to an operating system23:30
jehyt you may be  watched23:30
jehytdo usa&israel use the internet(facebook,youtube,twitter, chat rooms ..ect)to spy??23:30
jehytdo usa&israel use the internet 2 collect informations,,can we call that spying??23:30
jehytdo they record&analyse everything we do on the internet,,can they harm you using these informations??23:30
unopastejehyt you have been muted for 60 seconds as it looks like you are pasting lots of lines into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste just the URL of your data here when you are unmuted23:30
WolfiumHMMM I SEE23:30
editionjehyt: whats your problem?23:30
Wolfiumwell what can i do with the hard disk and board heat23:30
editionstop being paranoid.23:30
Wolfiumconspiracy theorist !23:31
ice9how to correctly install cinnamon on 14.04?23:31
* edition is still annoyed with JACK23:31
friendlyfascismice9, A ppa, and ppa's are not supported here.23:31
daftykinsedition: and you still won't get anywhere by saying so :)23:32
TJ-Wolfium: Is it a laptop or desktop system?23:32
editionit says JACK cannot lock the memory...23:32
editionis that the problem?23:32
WolfiumTJ-: LAptop23:32
editioni tried to search online... just got a code commit instead :/23:36
=== Erick is now known as Guest63218
TJ-Wolfium: First thing I always do is clean out the heatpipe/radiator/fan blades with compressed air to remove the fluff and dust build-up. Second thing is to lift the heatsink assembly, remove existing thermal paste, and reapply a top-quality thermal paste. Those alone will often cool a combined CPU/GPU heatsink by greater than 10`C. If those aren't good enough I'll sometimes replace the heatsink assembly with a *new* one (the heat-pipes sometimes degrade over time23:36
TJ-). You might also consider a laptop cooler  (I converted a Zalman NC-3500 by removing it from its case and fitting the fan and mesh flush into my workbench)23:36
oldpilsburyjust installed apertium using http://wiki.apertium.org/wiki/Minimal_installation_from_SVN apertium works but no en-es dictionary. i compiled and installed everything with no errors23:37
oldpilsburyi can translate spanish to italian and others but not english to spanish. any ideas?23:38
WolfiumTJ-: KK Thank you. Guess I'll have to consider buying a top knotch cooler23:38
TJ-Wolfium: especially for laptops, the fans are auto-controlled by the mobo circuitry.23:38
=== scott is now known as Guest66125
editionalternatives to Jack?23:42
WolfiumGoodnight Guys and Thanks for everything23:44
editionis there any good frontends GUIs for ALSA?23:44
=== crippledmonk is now known as Guest70989
editionhow can i use ALSA instead of jack?23:50
ethanpailesignore #Ubuntu all -public23:53
ethanpailessorry mischan23:53
ObrienDaveyou trying to ignore us? ;P23:53
ethanpailesno just the flood of join messages23:54
schultzaWhat dock programs are out there? I'm dropping Unity until they fix the annoying restrictions on the Window Menu Icon Locations.23:54
ethanpailesKubuntu seems to pretty popular23:54
Nickd55345353can someone tell me how to download clam23:54
ObrienDaveethanpailes, which IRC client?23:55
daftykins!info clamav23:55
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.98.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1.1 (trusty), package size 78 kB, installed size 599 kB23:55
daftykinssudo apt-get install clamav23:55
Nickd55345353i am new23:55
Nickd55345353so i dont know much23:55
Nickd55345353dont laugh23:55
schultzaethanpailes: not asking about other DEs... Im asking about the dock programs. I want something similiar to what Unity has on the left (active program selection... icon instead of bar with name).23:55
schultzaNickd55345353: We are all new at one point in time.23:56
schultzaBe back.23:56
Nickd55345353is it posible for linux to cath malware23:56
ObrienDaveethanpailes, don't know that one. HexChat has built-in join/part ignore23:56
daftykinsNickd55345353: highly unlikely23:56
schultzaNickd55345353: Short answer, there are far fewer malware available for Linux than Windows, so unlickly.23:57
schultzasheesh.. unlikely23:57
Nickd55345353i dont download crap btw23:57
daftykinsNickd55345353: this is not a channel for general discussion by the way, it is for support only23:58
schultzaNickd55345353: It's a good idea to not download something unless you know it's from a trusted source. This is a good procedure to have regardless what Operating System you use.23:58
schultzanot asking about other DEs... Im asking about the dock programs. I want something similiar to what Unity has on the left (active program selection... icon instead of bar with name). So what options do I have for dock bar programs?23:59
daftykinslook into 'Docky'23:59

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