ochosimorning everyone07:03
ochosiali1234: i think for the average joe snapping and preventing overlapping are good things07:05
ochosibluesabre: yeah, that merge-request makes sense07:06
bluesabrethanks ochosi, and not sure if you saw, but I got several new packages in the xubuntu-staging ppa over the weekend10:15
ochosihey bluesabre 10:23
ochosisorry, was away all weekend, returned last night, then watched the game and now i'm @work...10:23
ochosiin short: not yet :}10:23
ochosii read something in the backlog about properly preventing light-locker from autostarting in the guest session?10:24
bluesabrewhiskermenu 1.4, mousepad daily, xfce4-settings daily10:25
ochosii'll check that out10:25
bluesabreyeah, light-locker should not be enabled for guest session, seems there may be a way to disable it for guest users10:25
ochosithat sounds desirable10:26
ochosibluesabre: so you went with "n. " for the numbering10:30
bluesabrelooked the best at the time, and you had gone to bed10:31
bluesabrealso, looks best in the combobox10:31
ochosidoes it really help in vbox or other contexts?10:31
bluesabreit helps in several contexts10:31
bluesabre4 monitors side by side will all ellipsize10:31
bluesabreand you will still see the number10:31
bluesabresince it is the first letter10:31
ochosii'm thinking we could better position the number though10:32
ochosiin the monitor-widget10:32
ochosiso that it's never ellipsized10:32
ochosie.g. as a separate label10:32
bluesabrepossibly, we can continue to experiment with it10:34
bluesabreI need to go and get ready now10:34
bluesabrelaunchpad keeps timing out, or I would try to get a new version of xubuntu-default-settings moving for 14.04.110:35
bluesabreso suppose I'll do that this evening10:35
ochosinice, thanks!10:35
ochosibtw, don't forget to set your alarm clock10:35
ochosii mean for tomorrow ;)10:35
bluesabreand today10:36
bluesabre1900 UTC10:36
bluesabrehopefully I can get an IRC connection10:36
* ochosi keeps his fingers crossed for bluesabre 10:37
ochosittyl bluesabre 10:39
=== olli_ is now known as olli
rkeanHi everyone. I'm new to developing light-locker and (x)ubuntu in general. What brought me here was LP bug 1306917. From what I understand, the issue is that light-locker-settings thinks the default for --lock-after-screensaver is 0, while it actually is 5.16:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1306917 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu) "light-locker: screen always automatically locked" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/130691716:17
rkeanMy question is twofold: Should one fix light-locker or -settings? And, given that it should be a simple fix and I'd like to get my feet wet with launchpad, could you let me try suggesting a fix there instead of doing it on your own? :)16:18
rkeanWould it maybe better to ask in a mailing list? If yes, which one?17:07
ochosirkean: sry, no, here is fine17:08
ochosii haven't had time to really reply yet17:08
ochosilderan, bluesabre ^17:08
ochosii guess we should fix this in lls17:09
ochosiand ofc a patch would be very welcome!17:09
lderanhello :)17:10
ochosirkean: thing is i could never reproduce that problem, so if you can and if you can propose a fix that'd be great :)17:10
lderanindeed it would be great :)17:11
rkeanOkay, great to hear. :)17:16
rkeanOkay, it doesn't seem like I will have time to do that today, and I'm unsure about the next three days. So, please feel free to disregard my previous request to let me try on my own, and fix it yourself if you feel like it. Otherwise I'll try to do it when I have time.17:29
rkeanThanks for helping me out. :)17:31
Unit193bluesabre0: Good luck!19:09
ochosibluesabre0: has it started yet?19:21
ochosiand in what channel19:21
bluesabre0not yet19:21
* ochosi watches19:21
bluesabre0waiting... should start soon19:21
ochosiheh, some glitches there19:22
elfybluesabre0: good luck :)19:29
bluesabre0thanks elfy19:29
elfybluesabre0: we ran it for QA last cycle and are trialling it for this cycle only team - we're not kubuntu, scottk is - kubuntu trello is opem19:43
elfyand it's more or less completely new to all of us19:43
bluesabre0thanks elfy19:44
* elfy is rather concerned that's going completely off track and nothing to do with what your there for19:49
ochosii was considering to mention that in -meeting19:50
elfyI can't 19:50
ochosibut let's give them a moment19:50
elfyit'll be like the Community Council wading in 19:50
ochosihm right, i guess i could do that as xpl19:50
ochosibut as stgraber is already changing the subject, i can hold back a few more minutes :)19:51
elfyyea :)19:51
Unit193bluesabre0: dpkg -L ubuntu-dev-tools | grep bin  to give you a quick idea.20:00
ochosiuuuh, cheating... :)20:00
Unit193Nono, he already got the answer.20:00
Unit193bluesabre0: Also, since they've moved on, http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/ has the proposed migration (some reasons why something is stuck in proposed), transitions tracker, and all.20:02
ochosicongrats bluesabre0 20:03
bluesabre0party at my place20:03
* ochosi rushes to the airport20:03
Unit193bluesabre0: Congrats!  Also, we're here to help too.20:03
elfybluesabre0: was there an end to -meeting? 20:04
* elfy missed it :(20:04
Unit193elfy: Yeah, he got it.20:04
elfybluesabre0: woohoo - well done \0/20:05
ochosimeh, elfy's head is bigger than mine20:05
ochosielfy: i guess you didn't see my \o/20:05
ochosibluesabre0: so now what's next in the process?20:06
Unit193ochosi: He knows about xubutrello.20:06
elfyochosi: nope :)20:06
bluesabre0ochosi: good question... :D20:06
elfywell I appear to have gone 1 btter than the freeze when deleting from the desktop for ~30 seconds I had20:08
elfyit now freezes for ages lol20:08
bluesabre0I need to stop tethering to my phone now, bbl ;)20:08
* elfy suspects a clean install is in his near future20:08
elfycya bluesabre0 20:08
elfyochosi: so what is the xubuntu team ppa - can't find it ... 20:14
Unit193Which?  Daily builds or other?20:16
ochosielfy: staging?20:16
Unit193https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/xubuntu-staging - https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/ppa - https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/extras20:16
elfyochosi: yea20:16
elfythe one we've got bluesabre using20:17
ochosiUnit193: i'd wanna get skippy-xd into extras too btw20:17
Unit193ochosi: Well sure, you're an admin.20:17
ochosii think there's a PPA already, i could theoretically just copy the package (i've tested it previously), would you mind taking a look whether there's anything fishy packaging-wise?20:17
elfyI thought the plan was to move away from all these odd ppa's 20:18
ochosino, staging and extras are quite good actually20:19
ochosithey are different things20:19
ochosistaging is for stuff that is from xfce development, extras is for stuff that is not from any "trusted source"20:19
ochosior at least something that isn't already in the ubuntu repos20:20
elfyok 20:20
elfyso - staging is the one I need20:20
elfyokey doke20:20
ochosithis one https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/ppa is used for things we test for releases20:21
ochosiso basically those patches/fixes that havent been backported yet20:21
elfybluesabre: re the stuff on staging - did you mail the list about the stuff needing testing?20:21
elfyochosi: ok - so what I want I guess is the stuff that needs testing 20:21
Unit193Sooooo.  I don't really get why there's "Things to test" with "Daily builds" in the same place, but that may just be me.20:22
elfyno good asking me about which ppa - I'm completely confused :)20:24
skellatCongratulations to bluesabre for getting PPU rights to the Xubuntu packageset20:27
elfyhi skellat 20:27
skellatHi, finally read through some backscroll today20:28
skellatHaving been disappeared for 7 months working for nasty people doesn't help with my being able to participate effectively20:29
elfysuch is life skellat - and just like for all of us - real life takes front stage :)20:29
ochosiwb skellat 20:29
ochosiUnit193: well some of those things to test are in active development20:30
elfyochosi: any reason that xfce power manager data should be held back from this ppa that you know of?20:30
ochosibeing on top of things and not having to manually update the ppa is convenient20:30
ochosielfy: not really, no20:30
ochosibut i dunno, maybe a packaging problem20:30
ochosii saw the i386 version had problems building20:30
elfyok - bluesabre - if you could look ^^ when you're about - thanks20:30
elfyochosi: oh yes - seeing that 20:31
ochosiUnit193: any clue what's up with that ^ ?20:32
Unit193What?  The 386 build failure?  Not really paying much attention to that, but can't tell you anything without a buildlog.20:35
Unit193Last archive upload is still held up in NEW.20:37
elfyI'll leave upgrading for the moment 20:39
Unit193elfy: Normally apt will tell you why, no luck?20:39
elfyI've not looked tbh Unit193 - still catching up on a lack of sleep 20:40
elfyupgrade just says it's held back obviously20:40
ochosiUnit193: mind to add the ubuntu online summit dates (nov 4-6) to the team calendar?21:10
ochosijust so that we keep this on the radar someho21:11
Unit193I'll add more detail to the description when it appears.21:14
ochosiUnit193: for some reason the dropbox plugin failed for saucy21:19
ochosibut yeah, i guess that's not a huge deal...21:19
ochosias long as we have trusty and utopic21:19
Unit193Hmm?  Where?  For what?  Logs?21:21
Noskcajbluesabre, Congrats on upload rights. Is DM or MOTU next?21:21
ochosiUnit193: the copying failed21:21
Unit193ochosi: Do you really care enough to?  I could add it, but I see no reason to.21:23
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) was the 19th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on July 17th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/saucy21:23
jessejazzawas there a reason for switching to 9 month for intermediate releases. I find LTS too out of date in the 2nd year. Yet six month too frequent. an annual release is about right and I always wonder why it hasn't been considered.21:27
ochosijessejazza: we're mostly following ubuntu's release model21:31
Unit193That's part of the Ubuntu core project, not under our control.21:31
jessejazzaI thought that. i wasn't being critical. just wondering. these days I keep a separate disk for work files and leave the system on the main disk. It's just that for a release every six months it seems a lot of work. 21:36
Unit193jessejazza: So, do you believe that they wouldn't become outdated in that one year time?21:36
jessejazzaDuring the first year there are updates but when into the second year there are very much more. Just seems an annual release is about right but i'm happy to admit I'm wrong.21:39
jessejazzaUbuntu talk about a rolling release which I think would result in lack of stability21:40
jessejazzaIt's only fedora that do the six month release i think (apart from *buntu derivatives)21:41
Unit193Mhmm, would break a lot for Xubuntu too, so not a great idea.  I like the Debian model, where it filters down to "testing" though.21:41
jessejazzaxubuntu to me is still the best distro. i don't want the bloat or fancy stuff. It's just right.21:43
jessejazzai wonder if some folk don't like the six month release cycle. I tried a few xfce distros a few months ago and xubuntu is by far the best - yet distrowatch doesn't reflect this21:46
Unit193Distrowatch isn't really a good way to track distro usage.  I use Xubuntu, I never visit the Xubuntu page on Distrowatch because I'm not "shopping", so I'd presume same for many others.21:49
jessejazzaso how can one promote xubuntu more21:50
ochosii guess what we really need is contributors, not primarily users21:50
ochosi(that's what i'd be most interested in anyway)21:51
Noskcajjessejazza, We have t-shirts, mugs, and flyers, if that's what you mean promote21:52
ochosifolks, have any of you tried this? http://www.webupd8.org/2014/07/xubuntu-how-to-put-maximized-windows.html21:53
NoskcajAlso most major social media things, a blog that you could make an article for, and (i think) a youtube channel somewhere21:53
Noskcajochosi, ew, webupd821:54
ochosiUnit193: could you take a peek at the packaging there? http://ppa.launchpad.net/eugenesan/ppa/ubuntu/pool/main/x/xfce4-windowck-plugin/21:59
ochosicould be interesting for -extras21:59
Noskcajochosi, It's missing a long description, and theres a few thing that just don't need to be in there.22:03
NoskcajCould i have access to the xuubntu-dev PPAs?22:03
ochosii guess the only way you can get access is via being added to xubuntu-dev22:05
ochosiwe can discuss that at tomorrow's meeting with bluesabre 22:05
Unit193ochosi: There'd be several things to fix.22:06
ochosiNoskcaj: anyway, the way we did things with Unit193 for now was that he built the packages in his PPA, then they were tested and then copied over22:07
Noskcajonly 2.5 months till i can apply for MOTU again. sigh22:07
ochosiit's a bit more work that way, but not too much and it works for now22:08
Unit193Yep, works fine.22:08
ochosiNoskcaj: 2.5 months is not too bad, that's basically "after the summer" :)22:09
Unit193ochosi: Remember, weird aus.22:10
ochosioh, whooops22:11
NoskcajI'm going to upload whiskermenu and a few other xfce apps straight to ubuntu, since corsac is unresponsive22:12
bluesabrelooks like a list was left for me :)23:08
ochosihey bluesabre 23:13
ochosiand congrats again :)23:13
bluesabrehey ochosi23:13
bluesabreseems like the buildbots fail fairly frequently without a good reason23:16
ochosihumm :/23:17
bluesabretelling the builds to try again :)23:17
bluesabreelfy, yeah, I had mailed the lists, but somehow the packages never made it to -proposed, investigating23:19
ochosinight everyone23:25
bluesabrenight ochosi23:31

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