xubuntu072is it faster or easier or whats the reason people use it?00:01
HedgeMageI can tell you why *I* use it, but I imagine that different people have different reasons.00:01
HedgeMage* Security00:02
HedgeMage* More interface choices00:02
HedgeMage* Faster on the same hardware00:02
HedgeMage* More configurable00:02
HedgeMage* More features I care about00:03
xubuntu072do i need to reinstall all my programs if i switch?00:03
HedgeMage* More compatability with things I use on my other (non-xubuntu) Linux systems00:03
HedgeMageMost Windows programs take a lot of work to run on Linux, and have better Linux-native alternatives.  If you tell us what you regularly use, we can offer specific advice on those applications.00:04
xubuntu072photoshop, chrome, utorrent, and skype is all really, and Mudlet00:05
HedgeMagechrome and skype are already available00:05
HedgeMageutorrent has better alternatives00:05
xubuntu072okay, where do i find apps/programs for xubuntu?00:06
HedgeMagephotoshop has a Linux-native counterpart called GIMP, but many artists I know still run Photoshop using WINE or a Windows virtual machine or Crossover Office.00:06
HedgeMageI'm not sure what mudlet is -- a MUD/MUSH/etc client maybe?00:06
HedgeMagexubuntu072: Xubuntu comes with a "software center" installed, and you can browse software through there00:06
HedgeMagexubuntu072: There are about three dozen MUD clients to choose from, pick one you like :)00:07
xubuntu072aha okay :)00:07
xubuntu072will installing it delete everything i have saved?00:07
HedgeMageThat depends on what option you choose during install.  I'd make good backups just in case.00:07
HedgeMageYou *can* dual-boot Windows 8 and Xubuntu, but it's kind of a pain in the ass (one of my work machines has this set-up)00:08
HedgeMageDual boot means you have both installed on the same computer, and choose when you boot up whether to run Windows or Xubuntu.00:08
xubuntu072wouldn't dual-boosting be hard on the comp?00:08
HedgeMageIt uses up a ton of hard disk space, but if you have a big hard disk it's not any harder on the computer than a single boot.00:08
xubuntu072okay, would 650-ish gb be enough00:09
HedgeMageMore than enough.00:09
HedgeMageI'm pretty sure my work machine is only a half-TB or something00:09
xubuntu072aha okay, well could you help me dual-boot my comp? or should i find youtube videos or something to help?00:09
HedgeMageI think there's a guide somewhere, but it's not terribly hard.  The only gotcha I ran into was related to some encryption stuff I was messing with (I work in information security), and I solved it by not encrypting Windows since everything important is on Linux anyway.00:10
HedgeMageBasically, rule 0 is "Back everything up"00:11
HedgeMageIt's rare for a dual-boot install to go bad, but when it does it nukes the data on your hard drive as often as not.00:11
xubuntu072aha now im nervous to do it :P00:11
HedgeMageIOW, less than a 1% chance it'll happen to you, but if it happens you're screwed if you don't have backups00:11
HedgeMageMeh, I haven't had one do that since 200200:11
HedgeMageI'm just paranoid00:12
HedgeMageIt comes with my job ;)00:12
xubuntu072heh i guess so!00:12
xubuntu072is there somewhere i could back stuff up for free? or should i get an ext. hard drive?00:12
HedgeMageI use an external hard disk.  I wouldn't trust a free backup service with my data.00:12
* HedgeMage wonders when xubuntu072 will notice the "cautious lady" theme :P00:13
xubuntu072how much ram do i need to run it? just thought of that00:14
xubuntu072is 8 gb enough?00:14
HedgeMageMore than enough.00:14
xubuntu072heh okay00:14
HedgeMageI have 8GB on the machine I'm using now, and I can run this machine plus an Xubuntu virtual machine without trouble00:14
xubuntu072whats a virtual machine?00:15
HedgeMageJust what it sounds like...it's a pretend computer that you can install stuff on inside your real computer.00:15
xubuntu072so...why dont you just install it on your real comp?00:15
xubuntu072sorry, im probably bugging you now :P00:16
HedgeMageSo, for example, the computer I'm on right now is running Funtoo Linux, but I needed to test something on Xubuntu, so I made an Xubuntu virtual machine to use for testing.  This way if the thing I'm testing explodes I don't care -- it's not messing up a real machine.00:16
HedgeMageNah, I like you.  You ask more intelligent questions than most.00:16
xubuntu072heh okay then, and that makes sense i guess, but if it does "explode" would it ruin the machine?00:17
xubuntu072virtual machine*00:18
HedgeMageRight, but the VM isn't real...I'll just delete it and go about my business. :)00:18
HedgeMageI can even save copies -- called snapshots -- of the VM at various points in time in case I need to mess with how it was at one specific point.00:18
xubuntu072yeah that makes sense00:19
xubuntu072ok im gonna go look and see if i can find a way to dualboot, ill stay here though00:19
HedgeMagexubuntu072: make an Xubuntu boot disk, boot to it...one of the options is to leave windows on the drive and dual boot00:20
HedgeMagexubuntu072: just please make back-ups first :)00:20
xubuntu072how do i make a boot disk? :300:20
xubuntu072just put the file i downloaded onto a disk?00:21
HedgeMagexubuntu072: go to xubuntu.org and download an image...there are also instructions there on writing it to a USB stick the right way, or burning it to CD.  I'm not sure how to do that from a Windows machine, I tend to do it from Linux or UNIX00:21
xubuntu072would the image be the torrent i downloaded while i was asking questions? 913 mbs?00:22
HedgeMageyep, it should end in .iso00:23
xubuntu072it just says its a file, no extension on it00:23
xubuntu072should i add .iso?00:23
HedgeMagethat's odd00:24
HedgeMageIIRC windows doesn't always display the file extension these days, though00:24
xubuntu072i went into properties and it shows "type of file: file"00:25
HedgeMageThis claims to explain burning from Windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:25
xubuntu072ok thank you! ill be back in a bit, gonna find a disk00:27
xubuntu072ok i got one and its asking me wether or not to install it like a usb(editable and deleteable) or like a dvd/cd(permenant) should i do cd?00:38
xubuntu072nvm i got it :300:39
xubuntu072ok, so i have xubuntu burnt onto the disk, can i just restart and boot from the disk or is there something else i can do?00:48
xubuntu072have to do*00:48
HedgeMageNope, just boot to the disk and have fun.  If you choose "try xubuntu" instead of "install xubuntu" at the first menu, it'll load you into an environment where you can connect to this channel we're chatting on and then start the installer, so you can ask questions here if you need help. :)00:49
xubuntu072so, if i install it, is that dual-booting?00:49
xubuntu072or is that overwriting windows?00:50
HedgeMagedual-booting is one of the configurations you may install00:50
HedgeMagethat's why I said connecting to chat while you install might help :)00:50
xubuntu072aha yep00:50
xubuntu072ok, ill brb(hopefully :P)00:50
wilsonjl3hey hedge, you still here?01:07
wilsonjl3heh gotta figure out how to boot from a disk01:08
HedgeMagewilsonjl3: most computers tell you very early in the boot up what key to press to get to a boot menu01:08
HedgeMageCommon ones are Esc, F11, F2, Delete, and F12 but there are others.01:09
wilsonjl3yeah i got to that but i dunno what to do from that window, it just has boot priorities01:09
HedgeMagepick the CD or USB stick you just made01:09
* HedgeMage disappears, will return shortly with tea01:10
wilsonjl3it didnt have CD anywhere in the list01:11
wilsonjl3can i have tea too? :P01:11
* HedgeMage hands out tea to the channel01:12
wilsonjl3* drinks tea01:13
HedgeMageHrm...sometimes the CD is referred to as ATAPI something or called SCSI in a machine that doesn't even have a SCSI bus, or called sr0...did you see any of those?01:13
HedgeMagewilsonjl3: "/me sips her tea" produces:01:13
* HedgeMage sips her tea01:13
wilsonjl3oh! does Xubuntu have a teamviewer-type thing?01:15
donkeypongQ: What's w/ all the GNOME updates?  Does xubuntu need them, & if not can u remove &/or prevent them?  [Trusty]01:16
* donkeypong sips tea ...01:16
HedgeMagewilsonjl3: I don't know what teamviewer is...could you describe it?01:17
wilsonjl3it allows me to controll another person's comp remotely01:18
HedgeMageAhh, yes.01:19
HedgeMageI use something called VNC, but there's a built-in thing in stock Xubuntu that's easier to use IIRC.01:19
wilsonjl3okay, does the person i want to connect wiith need to have it too?01:20
HedgeMageFor VNC, whichever computer is being viewed/controlled needs to have something installed, but you can give people a web-based client to connect to it from so they don't have to install anything.01:24
HedgeMageI have no idea about the other stuff.01:24
Wilsonjl3_aha ok. im trying to boot from disk now. on my smartphone here01:25
Wilsonjl3_ok i got a blue xubuntu screen and its loading i think. if i ran upstairs and made a tea would it wreck anything?01:26
HedgeMageWell, assuming you have a qwerty keyboard it won't01:26
Wilsonjl3_okay brb :)01:27
HedgeMageYou'll miss your first chance to change to dvorak/azerty/etc and have to wait until later :)01:27
Wilsonjl3_ya i do o.o01:27
HedgeMagecool, then you're good01:27
HedgeMageHowever, as a dvorak typist, I'm now required to glance disapprovingly in your direction at regular intervals.  It's in the handbook. :P01:28
Wilsonjl3_dvorak? o.o01:28
Wilsonjl3_whats that01:28
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: It's a different keyboard layout.01:29
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: QWERTY was designed to slow typists down so that they would not jam their mechanical typewriters.01:29
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: Some people find that they type faster on a dvorak layout (which puts the most-used keys on the home row), but I chose it for another reason:01:29
Wilsonjl3_and dvorak is faster?01:30
Wilsonjl3_oh. okay01:30
HedgeMageI had horrible carpal tunnel syndrome -- to the point that the doctors wanted to do surgery on both my wrists -- and was able to get pain-free with no surgery by changing to dvorak, taking some B vitamins, and changing my writing (both switching to fountain pens and learning a better writing style)01:30
HedgeMageSo, it's annoying when I have to use other people's computers, which are usually set up in qwerty, but it's worth it to not have hand and wrist pain all the time.01:31
Wilsonjl3_hmm. thats pretty awesome01:31
HedgeMageyep. :)01:32
Wilsonjl3_the keyboard thing and being able to get over it. not the carpal tunnel01:33
HedgeMageI knew what you meant. :)01:33
Wilsonjl3_aha okay :)01:34
Wilsonjl3_so if im at the wifi stage it means it worked. right? i didnt screw up?01:35
HedgeMagesounds good to me. :)01:36
HedgeMageyou chose to try xubuntu rather than install, right?01:36
Wilsonjl3_no? should i have?01:37
HedgeMagemeh, not that big a deal since you can talk to me here. :)01:38
HedgeMageMost of the questions should have obvious answers...what language do you speak, what time zone are you in, etc.01:38
HedgeMageWhen you get to the disk partitioning options (I'm not sure what it's called) that is where you want to chose the option to dual boot01:38
Wilsonjl3_okay :) it says i can delete everything off or there is an option for something else. do i pick something else?01:38
HedgeMagesomething else if you want dual boot01:39
HedgeMageI think that rather than putting the term "dual boot"which some newbies won't know, they just put a description something like "Keep windows and install xubuntu next to it"01:39
Wilsonjl3_i think i cleared it01:41
HedgeMageIf so, you better have back-ups01:41
HedgeMageif you do not have back-ups this would be a good time to pull the plug out of your machine01:42
Wilsonjl3_ya i do. but i dont have windows 8 os disk. can i put old pics and stuff on xubuntu?01:42
HedgeMagethat's no problem01:42
Wilsonjl3_looks like im running xubuntu :p01:43
HedgeMageIf you are planning to go xubuntu-only anyway, you may as well do full disk encryption01:43
HedgeMageIt's a *huge* gain in security for only minor effort, it's just above-newbie-level to set it up on a dual-boot01:43
HedgeMageon a normal install it's a one-click option01:43
HedgeMageSo, here's the short version of the lecture...01:43
* HedgeMage gets up on her soap box01:43
Wilsonjl3_sorry for swearing01:44
HedgeMagemeh, we're not supposed to in here but I'm the only one awake right now and I don't care01:44
HedgeMageAnyone with physical access to your computer can read everything on it.  This is bad for desktops (which can get stolen) and worse for laptops (which can get lost or stolen or just messed with when you aren't looking in a waiting room somewhere)01:44
HedgeMageWhen you use full-disk encryption, that means you are, in rough terms, putting the whole hard drive in a secret code that only you can read.01:45
HedgeMageSomeone without the passphrase just sees useless gobbledygook01:45
Wilsonjl3_and encryption prevents this?01:45
HedgeMageSo, any time your computer is powered down (if you have full-disk encryption, or FDE) it is unreadable.01:46
Wilsonjl3_can i encrypt small parts seperately?01:46
HedgeMageYou can, but FDE is safer.  Here's why:01:46
HedgeMageWith FDE, you don't have to worry about your programs storing temporary files in places you might not expect -- places that might not be encrypted.01:47
HedgeMageWith FDE, you don't have to worry if the programs you use do encryption right, because they are in the operating system's protection all the time01:47
Wilsonjl3_yeah. can i do an fde. but then encrypt a file inside the fde that uses a different passphrase?01:47
Wilsonjl3_aha awesome :D01:47
Wilsonjl3_so is encryption like the password to login at the start?01:50
Wilsonjl3_on my old os i mean?01:51
HedgeMageNo, Windows doesn't have FDE (to my knowledge) unless you install separate software to do it.01:51
HedgeMageYour user account doesn't give you FDE.01:51
HedgeMageWith FDE, when you first boot up your computer, you will need to put in the disk password or it won't start up because it can't read the disk.  Then, once it starts up, you will put in your user account password to log in.01:52
Wilsonjl3_ok i need help01:53
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: FYI, I just realized the time and that I have an early workout scheduled tomorrow.  I can hang out for another half-hour at most.01:53
HedgeMageThen I must sleep.01:53
HedgeMageOkay, what's up?01:53
Wilsonjl3_ok it says : a general error mounting filesystems, a maintenence shell will now be started, what do i do in this shell?01:54
Wilsonjl3_beside the command line it says root@xubuntu:~#01:55
HedgeMageThat's...interesting.  Did it give no more specific error message?01:55
Wilsonjl3_no. thats all01:55
HedgeMageOkay, at precisely what point in the install did that happen?  That may give me a clue as to the type of problem.01:55
Wilsonjl3_says controll and d will terminate shell. restart the system01:55
HedgeMageRight, but we may not want to do that...let's troubleshoot first.01:56
Wilsonjl3_during the blue loading screen01:56
* HedgeMage likes collecting intelligence before choosing tactics.01:56
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: hmm...usually it's already copying files at that point, so I'd expect that it has already installed and is trying to remount the filesystems after.01:56
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: but I could be guessing wrong which screen you mean, too :)01:57
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: Here's what I suggest:01:57
Wilsonjl3_when it starts up01:57
Wilsonjl3_what do i do then?01:57
HedgeMageOoooh...so the install did finish and you rebooted?01:57
* HedgeMage is confused01:57
HedgeMageyou took the CD out when you rebooted?01:58
Wilsonjl3_\me is super scared he wrecked his comp01:58
HedgeMageRelax.  I rescue worse stuff than this all the time.01:58
Wilsonjl3_it said too01:58
HedgeMageyes, you were supposed to01:59
HedgeMageI just try not to assume things I can't see when I can help it. :)01:59
Wilsonjl3_but it wouldnt start without it so i had to put it back in01:59
HedgeMageOkay, so here's the thing...01:59
HedgeMageIt's *really* hard for me to help on a computer I can't see if you do stuff without telling me.02:00
HedgeMageIf you calm down, take a deep breath, and explain things as they happen I can be more accurate in what I tell you.02:00
HedgeMagePlus, I can keep you from doing something random that breaks stuff :)02:00
Wilsonjl3_okay, sorry02:01
HedgeMageThat's okay, you are learning.02:01
HedgeMageAnd you are MUCH nicer than the dodo in #linux earlier02:01
HedgeMageOkay, so first a couple of triage questions...02:01
Wilsonjl3_i rebooted my comp and it said to take the disk out so i did. when i tried turning back on it was just a black svreen saying i had no OS so i stuck the disk back in amd iy started loading up. during the blue screen this shell popped up02:02
HedgeMage1) Will your job or other critical life responsibility be seriously hurt if we don't manage to fix this in the next 40 minutes and I go to bed anyway, then we pick back up tomorrow where we left off?02:02
HedgeMage2) Is this a desktop or laptop?  What make/model?  (Or did you build it yourself?)02:03
Wilsonjl3_laptop, acer aspire02:03
Wilsonjl3_any ideas?02:06
Wilsonjl3_screen just went pure white02:07
Wilsonjl3_nvm. was just a screensaver-type thing. hit a key and it went back02:08
Wilsonjl3_is it possible the stuff wasnt done instaling before i restarted it?   wasntbdone02:16
HedgeMagesorry about that02:17
Wilsonjl3_no problem02:17
HedgeMageI was distracted by a boyfriend returning home. :)02:17
Wilsonjl3_aha thats fine02:17
HedgeMageOkay, so I'm thinking it's likely one of a couple of things (there are unlikely things, too, but as the saying goes when you see hoofprints, look for horses before zebras)02:18
Wilsonjl3_mmkay. what do you suggest?02:19
HedgeMageIt's possible that you clicked something during the disk partition part (when you sound like you hit something by accident) that tried to put your boot partition on a part of your disk your BIOS isn't used to booting from...this isn't a default but I don't know what you clicked so you may have changed it.02:20
HedgeMageYou may have rebooted before the installer told you to, which would have caused the system not to have been marked as bootable.02:20
HedgeMageYou may have your BIOS set to UEFI only and had issues with the boot due to UEFI vs Legacy mode issues02:21
HedgeMageThese are the most likely things, so we're going to address them first.02:21
Wilsonjl3_i hit something else option but before i hit continue i saw that i didnt have any other os installed so i hit quit. i restarted too early i think02:22
Wilsonjl3_no i switched toblegacy mode02:22
HedgeMageWe're going to start by confirming that your BIOS settings are reasonable.  Then, we'll do a re-install step-by-step so we're sure the options are right.  Those eliminate the 80% most common options.02:22
Wilsonjl3_ok tell me what tobdo02:23
HedgeMageLet's start by rebooting machine and hitting whatever button it says is for entering setup02:24
HedgeMage(often Delete, Escape, F12, or similar)02:24
Wilsonjl3_ok. do you want boot options or system controls?02:25
HedgeMageboot options first02:25
Wilsonjl3_im here02:25
HedgeMage(FYI, I have about 15 min left, but we can always pick up tomorrow.  I'll be on IRC at work between meetings using the nick Hedgework, then on and off once I get home until bed)02:26
HedgeMageOkay, so check that nothing says "UEFI" or "EFI"02:26
HedgeMageYou can UEFI boot Xubuntu, but it's not newbie-friendly and the main gain is about 15-20 seconds shaved off your boot time, so probably not worth it.02:27
HedgeMageWhat disks are in your computer?02:27
HedgeMageCD drive, one hard disk, anything else?  even external hard drives or USB sticks count02:27
Wilsonjl3_just xubuntu02:27
Wilsonjl3_the hdd. cd and network boot02:28
Wilsonjl3_atheros boot agent02:28
HedgeMageOkay, I advise turning network boot off until you have a bootable system.  It adds another moving part that we don't want to mess with.02:29
Wilsonjl3_how? its below the other two in boot priority atm02:30
Wilsonjl3_found it02:30
Wilsonjl3_k now what02:31
HedgeMageokay, shouldn't be if it's lower priority02:31
Wilsonjl3_i disabled network boot02:31
HedgeMageahh ok02:31
HedgeMagelet's restart and boot to the CD then02:33
Wilsonjl3_okay :)02:34
Wilsonjl3_booting now02:34
Wilsonjl3_sory for bothering you02:35
xubuntu328just completing my install02:35
HedgeMageYou aren't bothering me :)02:36
HedgeMageThis is what I hang out here for...to help people learn. :)02:37
Wilsonjl3_keeping you away from your boyfriend then ;)02:37
HedgeMageMeh, I'm a hacker he's used to it. ;)02:38
Wilsonjl3_aha thats great02:39
HedgeMageWe have a shared desk02:39
HedgeMageit's kinda cute02:39
Wilsonjl3_hehe my girlfriend just moved to a different country for uni :/02:40
HedgeMageLong-distance relationships are hard.02:40
HedgeMageOne of my boyfriends is all the way in PA, and I'm in IN :/02:40
Wilsonjl3_ah were gonna skype everyday. but thats why i gotta get this fixed :p02:40
HedgeMageSo, it booted to the CD, you picked install xubuntu, right?02:41
Wilsonjl3_one of your boyfriends? more than one? lol02:41
HedgeMageis that where we are?02:41
HedgeMageYes, I have three.02:41
HedgeMageOne lives with me, one is about an hour away, and the other is about 1k miles away.02:41
Wilsonjl3_no still blue screen loading :/02:41
HedgeMageLet me know when it's done or if it shows any error messages.02:42
Wilsonjl3_isnt that hard?02:42
HedgeMageThe distance, or maintaining three relationships?02:42
Wilsonjl3_okay i will02:42
Wilsonjl3_maintaining 3 relationships02:42
HedgeMageNah...at least from my perspective it's easier.  I really don't grok how monogamous people do it...that would stress me the heck out.02:43
HedgeMagesorry, Heinlein reference..."grok" means "to understand deeply and completely"02:43
Wilsonjl3_aha it is stressful sometimes. but i dont mind02:44
Wilsonjl3_it soundsblike the comp is doing the same thing over and over. is that normal?02:45
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: not for this long...02:45
Wilsonjl3_what should i do?02:46
HedgeMageOkay, I am about ten minutes late getting to bed...how about we turn it off and attack it whenever you are free tomorrow?02:46
HedgeMageI want to help but if I'm tired and worried about getting up in the morning I'm not at my best anyhow.02:46
Wilsonjl3_ay npo02:46
HedgeMagealso, you have a private message :)02:46
Wilsonjl3_nobproblem. goodnght02:46
Wilsonjl3_how do i check it02:47
dwe08311Never used this IRC thing before - what do I do to get started getting help for xubuntu?02:47
HedgeMageWilsonjl3_: it varies by client, there's usually a tab or something to click02:48
HedgeMagedwe08311: just ask your question and wait for an answer :)02:48
dwe08311The old laptop I'm using only has 512mb memory.  Tried the lubuntu alternate CD - it fails when installing software (I think the downloads are failing).  So, I decided to try xubuntu.  No alternate CD, so used the mini iso.  Installs, boots, then when I select tasksel and select xubuntu (or lubuntu for that matter) it fails immediately.  I believe there is no network interface (wireless only available here), and I have no clue how t02:50
dwe08311BTW - I'm using a live boot of slackpuppy to connect here - it found the wireless and set it up ok.02:52
=== bazhang__ is now known as bazhang
orangerobot_what is the name of the greeter used by xubuntu?04:02
Unit193lightdm-gtk-greeter?  Or do you mean the DM?  If so, lightdm.04:06
dwe08311Anyone with any ideas on my earlier xubuntu question?04:11
orangerobot_Unit193: hmm... i do mean greeter... what about lightdm-kde-greeter ?04:23
orangerobot_it's yet another one?04:23
Unit193Yep, search for 'lightdm greeter' and you'll see a few.  GTK and unity I know are used (Lubuntu, Xubuntu, Ubuntustudio, Ubuntu), not sure if Kubuntu uses the KDE one, and I know the razorqt one was more of an example and will be, or is deprecated in LXQt.04:24
Unit193(Or, moved to more likely.)04:25
orangerobot_hmm I see..04:25
orangerobot_i've installed lightdm onto a clean ubuntu and I have no /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf file, isn't that weird?04:26
orangerobot_i just have something called users.conf instead04:26
Unit193No, it isn't.  System installed ones go to /usr/share/lightdm/, and /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf is used to override those system settings.04:28
orangerobot_Unit193: Oh i see... it all makes sense now. Sorry for asking lighdm questions here but apparently there's another channel for it but it's only got 2 people so I thought...04:31
Unit193No problem.04:35
wilsonjl3hey hedge. you here?10:20
pankajI have problem with adobe flash plugin for firefox. although i have installed  flashplugin-installer12:04
pankaj I have problem with adobe flash plugin for firefox. although i have installed  flashplugin-installer12:09
bosnjakhi all12:23
bosnjakMy bluetooth device doesn't seem to be active, and there is no indicator12:23
bosnjakhow can i check it and turn it on? The HW switch should be the same as for WiFi, but that doesn't switch BT on, just the WiFi12:23
pankajbosnjak , no idea12:27
pankajask in #ubuntu12:29
pankajwelcome aliensbrah12:34
groRGHi Everybody13:42
HedgeMagehi, groRG13:43
groRGI've been testing the last Xubuntu 14.04 version on my old Aspire One A110, and noticed that the wifi is not working at all13:43
groRGIs this case known?13:44
HedgeMagegroRG: Can you better define "not working at all" ?13:44
groRGthe driver seems not to be loaded13:44
groRGthe hardware is an old Atheros13:44
groRGit worked fine on the previous version, the 12.0413:44
groRGis there any big change in the way the wifi is handled?13:46
HedgeMageIt's still NetworkManager based.13:47
groRGhumm, but this time the Network manager doesn't see any wifi hardware13:47
groRGit reacts as if there was only the RJ45 connection available13:48
HedgeMageOkay, can you confirm via "ifconfig -a" that the system really isn't identifying it, and it's not just the nm interface being grumpy?13:49
groRGwith this command the wlan0 appears, but of course without any ip13:49
ali1234that doesn't sound like a xubuntu specific problem13:50
HedgeMagegroRG: Okay, so try "iwconfig" now to see if it's listed as a wireless device (given the naming, I suspect it is)13:51
ali1234those old Acers had a bios bug where the wifi could get permanently disabled. try resetting bios to defaults13:51
HedgeMageali1234: probably not, but we're here and I am procrastinating on work emails :P13:51
ali1234and make sure you didn't flick the hardware disable switch13:52
ali1234check rfkill too13:52
ali1234HedgeMage: oh yeah i'm not complaining about offtopic or anything, just saying.13:53
groRGiwconfig still gives a wlan013:53
ali1234xubuntu is at the end of the day just a different UI on top of ubuntu. the drivers are all the same13:54
groRGI don't understand this time it seems to see the wifi around13:54
groRGdoes this command make the wlan "react" anyway?13:55
ali1234it shouldn't do13:55
ali1234sometimes it just takes a while for the wlan to see beacons13:55
ali1234if it already knows what to connect to, that should work faster13:55
HedgeMagegroRG: "iwconfig" on its own just tells you status13:56
ali1234bosnjak: also you should check rfkill, it handles both bluetooth and wifi hardware and software kill switches13:56
HedgeMagegroRG: However, some Atheros cards have power management independent of the system, so maybe querying it woke it up?  I thought that was only 1990s-era cards, though.13:56
groRGok then the second test is alright, I just don't understand why the 1rst time it did react like this13:56
ali1234well network manager should be querying it all the time for access points anyway...13:57
groRGwell thanks very much for your help13:57
groRGand sorry if it was not a xubuntu problem13:58
ali1234wifi is always troublesome... i try to never use it13:59
groRGI'll look at "rfkill", the next time the wifi seems ko... I wish I could avoid it too14:00
HedgeMagegroRG: Don't be sorry.  I, personally, am willing to give wide latitude to polite people like you, and in favor of a much harsher policy re: booting rude/entitled ones :P14:07
vegavegaHi guys!14:45
vegavegaI have been doing some research on the Firefox package for Xubuntu...14:46
vegavegaIs it the same package as in the Linux Mint repo?14:46
cfhowlettvegavega no reason it should be; different distros.14:46
vegavegaBecause I have had Firefox crashing way too often, both on Xubuntu and Linux Mint Xfce (for my gf).14:46
vegavegaYes, but some shared packages?14:46
cfhowlettvegavega test a different browser14:47
vegavegaIn openSUSE I don't have a problem with Firefox crashing.14:47
vegavegaAnd I have been talking to others, no problems for them as well.14:47
vegavegaI have tried Chrome and Chromium. Both with annoying bugs.14:47
vegavegaAnd I prefer free software and non-google products.14:47
vegavegaAnd I don't want to go back to Firefox ESR.14:48
vegavegaCould it help building it myself? The newest stable Firefox?14:49
vegavegaMy computer overheated or something. What can I do with the issue that my Firefox keeps crashing?15:17
vegavegaOther than installing ESR edition or choosing another web browser.15:18
deshipureport a bug to Mozilla?15:19
vegavegaYeah, sure, but Firefox works fine in other distros than Xubuntu and Linux Mint Xfce for me. So I thought it could be something wrong with those packages? Since everything is working fine in openSUSE 13.1 KDE.15:19
vegavegaAny others having the same issues? That Firefox closes randomly? After the last update(s) from Mozilla.15:20
deshiputry disabling and/or uninstalling some plugins15:22
vegavegaI use the same plugins in openSUSE, and it is working fine. Only 3-4.15:23
vegavegaAnd Tor is working fine.15:23
vegavegaI should check the versions on both distros. Maybe it is not exactly the same version number. How can I get the Firefox version on another partition easily?15:24
mdohello, I'm looking for a clean way to install Xubuntu to a separate disk from within a running ancient Ubuntu without burning an installer CD17:53
mdodo I have to install Ubuntu via debootstrap and simply install the xubuntu-desktop package17:53
mdoor is there a better way?17:53
Hedgeworkmdo: how about booting to a USB stick?17:54
mdoHedgework: maybe, but for now I'm looking at how to do it that way. Not that it was a must but I only want to reboot into the newly installed system18:24
ali1234yes you can use debootstrap18:25
ali1234afaik there is no other way without using an install image18:25
mdook, thnx, I thought there might be an installer I could use18:26
ali1234there's no simple way to do it for sure18:26
ali1234the live sessions install by copying the running system onto the target18:26
ali1234what you could maybe do is install virtualbox, make a pass through disk, install onto that disk through vbox, and then reboot to it18:27
ali1234vbox lets you pass a whole physical disk to the VM18:27
wilsonjl3you her. hedge?18:50
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3: back now19:01
wilsonjl3ok so i just turned my comp on and did boot from disk and its stuck on the black screen with the rectangle and little man on the bottom19:03
HedgeworkWell, that's a start. :)19:05
wilsonjl3a good one?19:05
HedgeworkSo, from your description it sounds like you booted, made it past the grub menu, and did not make it to the login screen, is that correct?19:06
wilsonjl3uh. it hasnt even done the blue loading screen19:06
ali1234little man on the bottom is the installer, no?19:06
Hedgeworkali1234: only if he still has the install media booting, but he said he's booting to the hard disk19:08
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3: do me a favor please and hit Alt+F1 and see if it says anything interesting19:08
wilsonjl3nono. the cd i burned last night. ok i will19:09
wilsonjl3oh hey19:09
wilsonjl3black and white menu now19:10
HedgeworkOkay, that's probably grub :)19:10
HedgeworkYou can hit Enter or just wait for it to boot the default :)19:10
wilsonjl3should i hit install?19:10
HedgeworkOkay, you're booting to the CD...duh :)19:11
HedgeworkSorry, had skipped over that part somehow...yes, pick install19:11
wilsonjl3hehe ok19:11
wilsonjl3just hit enter on it. not doing anything yet19:11
HedgeworkThe CD is slower to boot than the finished system will be because it has no persistent configuration, so it has to figure our your system from scratch on each boot19:12
wilsonjl3ah okay19:12
wilsonjl3bluebloading screen now19:14
wilsonjl3if i unplugged it and took it upstairs would it screw up?19:16
wilsonjl3should it still be on this screen?19:23
HedgeworkAs long as you have enough battery for the move you can move19:24
HedgeworkMeh, for now be patient and see what happens...it may take a few minutes if it's having trouble figuring out what's up on your HDD.19:24
HedgeworkI start a conference call in ~5 min.  I'll be "here" but there will  be bouts of focusing-on-work until it finishes :)19:26
wilsonjl3no problem.this thing is still doing its thing19:27
Hedgeworkstill going?19:36
Hedgeworkif so, hit Alt+F1 and see what it says19:37
wilsonjl3just a blinking line19:37
wilsonjl3oh. says kernel panic not syncing19:41
wilsonjl3and panic occured. switching back to text console19:42
wilsonjl3any ideas on how to fix this?19:47
HedgeworkHrm...and this happened with the same boot disk you used the first time?19:48
HedgeworkHave any BIOS settings changed since then?19:50
HedgeworkYou said that the initial menu was black and white, not blue?19:51
wilsonjl3itbfroze and no. it was black and white19:52
HedgeworkOkay, so the fact that it was black and white means that your system was trying to boot uefi mode instead of legacy mode.19:53
HedgeworkUrr...wait a minute, let me check if that's true in xubuntu or just the other one I was using.19:53
Hedgeworkhold on :)19:53
Hedgeworksorry work needs my attention...I'll be back as soon as I can :)20:01
wilsonjl3okkk should ibturn it off again? make sure its on legacy?20:04
Hedgeworkgo ahead, that's probably faster than waiting for me :)20:07
wilsonjl3ya its on legacy20:08
xubuntu085quick question: can I install xubuntu off a flash drive with just the iso image?20:09
Hedgeworkxubuntu085: yes, but you have to properly write the .iso image to the flash drive, not just copy it as is20:09
Hedgework(i.e. don't just drop the file on the drive)20:09
xubuntu085Got you20:09
xubuntu085thank you for the input20:09
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3: Okay, hrm.  Do you happen to have another machine that can burn CDs so I can have you boot to a rescue disk and do some diagnostics?20:10
wilsonjl3im on the black svreen with the rectangle thing. and equals sigh. and the man thing in a circle20:10
wilsonjl3i can see if i could borrow one. yeah20:11
wilsonjl3_ok on the other pc now20:14
SchrodingersScatnot sure if bug, when I lock screen then unlock, current window has to lose focus then regain focus to be acted upon.20:17
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3_: burning one of these to boot to would give us more tools to work with: http://www.sysresccd.org/SystemRescueCd_Homepage20:19
wilsonjl3_ok how do i burn it to my boot?20:19
wilsonjl3_and how do i download? i dont see anywhere that would let me20:20
Hedgeworkhold on I'll grab a more precise link20:21
HedgeworkNo problem :)20:21
wilsonjl3_and i put this in and boot off of it?20:22
HedgeworkYep.  You can put it on a usb stick or on a cd :)20:23
wilsonjl3_okay. do i need to burn it like the xubuntu image or would drag and drop work?20:24
ObrienDaveburn it. D&D will NOT work20:25
ObrienDavewilsonjl3, ALL .iso files MUST be burnt20:25
Hedgeworkyep, that20:25
Hedgeworksorry I'm slow to respond, still on conference call :)20:26
Hedgeworkyay, work!20:26
wilsonjl3_no problem20:26
wilsonjl3_its still downloading, i have crappy internet20:26
ObrienDavewilsonjl3, get the torrent here: http://linuxtracker.org/index.php?page=torrent-details&id=388bc97e0076d69d32ffb50db6d7170945a59a9b20:32
wilsonjl3_  can i put the torrent directly onto the disk?20:33
wilsonjl3_burn it on i mean20:33
ObrienDavenot the .torrent itself. you need to D/L the .iso20:34
ObrienDavedo you have a torrent client?20:34
wilsonjl3_downloading utorrent onto this comp now, i had it on mine but its the one thats not working atm20:35
wilsonjl3_has no OS anymore20:35
ObrienDaveo i c20:36
wilsonjl3_mmm ;(20:37
Hedgework3~whee back :)20:38
wilsonjl3_hey hedge20:38
wilsonjl3_this comp is slow af20:39
Hedgeworkstill faster than having me mail you a cd :P20:39
ObrienDaveslightly lol20:39
wilsonjl3_ahaha maybe20:39
wilsonjl3_its at 3.4%20:40
wilsonjl3_mailing might be faster :P20:40
ObrienDavei gan guarantee you a CD in one week from my house ;P20:40
HedgeworkThat's the nice thing about living with two fellow geeks...it's likely that between all of our computers, someone can make boot media...or we have some lying around...worst case scenario is begging a friend or me going in to work to do it. :P20:41
wilsonjl3_haha thats great20:42
* Hedgework likes her bandwidth at work...there are up sides to being on university IT infrastructure!20:42
* ObrienDave is jealous20:44
wilsonjl3_-sigh- 14.6%20:45
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3_: look at it this way, my drive home from work is unlikely to stall you much :P20:45
wilsonjl3_aha nope20:46
wilsonjl3_ugh this is annoying20:46
ObrienDavebut you have good company to keep you amused ;P20:46
wilsonjl3_lol yes, i do have that20:47
wilsonjl3_buncha annoying kids here though that want me to go outside and have a waterfight -.-20:47
ObrienDavesounds like fun20:48
wilsonjl3_aha ya but i dont wanna go outside, wanna get this done20:48
wilsonjl3_so. what do you guys do for a living?20:50
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3_: I am an infosec geek.20:51
wilsonjl3_whats infosec?20:51
HedgeworkInformation Security20:51
wilsonjl3_thats awesome actually20:51
HedgeworkI like it. :D20:51
ObrienDavei'm a 40 year machinist, CNC programmer, long time techno nerd ;P20:51
koegsworking at ISP > working at university :>20:52
wilsonjl3_ahaha i used a cnc router once :P20:52
Hedgeworkkoegs: Hell no, I get better hours, more time with my kid :)20:52
koegsHedgework: bandwith-wise :)20:52
Hedgeworkkoegs: oh, for that sure :)20:53
ObrienDaveI do MasterCam and SolidWorks20:53
wilsonjl3_i took a design class and learned the basics of solidworks in highschool20:53
koegsbesides, i am also working in the infosec-department :)20:54
Hedgeworkkoegs: gotcha :)20:54
Hedgeworkkoegs: which ISP?  I need to know when to blame you for things ;)20:54
ObrienDaveany ISP will do ;P20:54
wilsonjl3_and then there is me20:55
wilsonjl3_a carpenter and electrician :P20:55
koegsHedgework: german cable isp20:56
Hedgeworkkoegs: gotcha...then not local enough to me for me to get to blame you for much :P20:56
wilsonjl3_41.6% :D20:56
ObrienDaveyou're doing better than me ;P20:57
wilsonjl3_i am?20:57
ObrienDave31.5% torrent ;/20:58
ObrienDaveand you thought you had a lousy connection ;P21:01
Hedgeworkwilsonjl3_: I'm going to head for home with a quick errand on the way...I'll be back as HedgeMage in a bit. :)21:02
wilsonjl3_i do21:02
wilsonjl3_okay :) have a safe drive21:02
Hedgeworksee you soon :)21:02
wilsonjl3_there are like 4 people on my wifi with me :P21:02
wilsonjl3_brb gonna grab some food21:05
wilsonjl3_its not giving me the option to burn it to disk?21:36
ObrienDaveyou need a burning program. i use k3b21:37
wilsonjl3_ah, ok, downloading one now, this comp is crap21:38
ObrienDavedo you want to make USB or burn DVD?21:38
wilsonjl3_dont have a usb21:40
ObrienDavek, k3b works great21:40
wilsonjl3_yeah its burning right now21:42
wilsonjl3_this comp won't burn it -.-21:47
ObrienDavewhy? what's the error?21:48
wilsonjl3_it just says a burn error occured21:48
wilsonjl3_idont have linux on this pc so i had to use infraburner21:48
ObrienDavek, does your burner support the disk you're trying to burn?21:50
wilsonjl3_idek :( this sucks21:51
* HedgeMage peeks in21:52
HedgeMageerr, thanks21:52
xubuntu547can anyone help? i just upgraded to 14.4 and now xbmc crashes21:53
HedgeMagexubuntu547: I don't run xbmc, but I can run you through troubleshooting 101 if you aren't sure where to start.21:57
* ObrienDave tried xbmc for about 10 minutes once LOL got rid of it real fast21:58
xubuntu547ok will give it a try22:00
HedgeMagexubuntu547: So, first try low hanging fruit...move xbmc's config and see if letting it generate new config helps...for example if its config is in ~/.xbmc do: mv ~/.xbmc ~/old.xbmc22:04
* HedgeMage wonders when wilsonjl3 will return22:05
ObrienDavewilsonjl3 was here, dunno what happened22:06
HedgeMagehe seems to have timed out22:07
ObrienDavehad trouble burning ISO from last i heard22:07
HedgeMageIt's about 50% likely his original problem was caused by a bad burn. :(22:10
HedgeMageI just wanted to do proper diagnostics before declaring that to be the case.22:11
ObrienDavethey were trying to burn with windows. infraburner. not familiar with that program22:12
ObrienDavei assume windows22:12
HedgeMageyes, that's the windows burner ubuntu.com suggests22:13
ObrienDaveok, well, i need to take off for a while. glwt :)22:14
HedgeMageHave a good $localtime, ObrienDave22:14
David-AObrienDave, HedgeMage: (my interpretation of "it just says a burn error occured" is burning failed and the burn program detected that. my guess at the problem is bad dvd drive or bad dvd media)22:19
HedgeMageDavid-A: Right, but this is not the disk that originally failed, we were guessing as to how the install attempted last night failed22:20
David-AHedgeMage: (ok, I stumbled in in the middle)22:21
HedgeMagenp :)22:21
largeowlwhere is the workspace switch in xubuntu 14.0423:32
largeowlcan u only change workspaces with shortcut keys23:32
largeowlplease help im an idiot23:33
ObrienDavethat will get you banned. relax dude23:35
largeowlfuckv[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change wor23:35
largeowl[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspac23:35
largeowl[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspac23:35
largeowl[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspac23:35
largeowl[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck[19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> fuck [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspaces with shortcut keys [19:34] <largeowl> can u only change workspac23:35
ObrienDavedo you want help or not?23:35
largeowli think thers no switch an thats it right23:36
ObrienDaveyou can add "workspace switcher" to your taskbar23:37
largeowlapt get workspace switcher?23:37
ObrienDaveno, right click on the task bar, panel, add new items, look for workspace switcher23:38
ObrienDavethat will give you a grid of your workspaces.23:38
ObrienDaveadding "window menu" will give you a drop-down list of workspaces23:40
IdleOnelargeowl: Please don't swear in Ubuntu channels.23:41
ObrienDavedang, rough crowd LOL23:48

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