harmwmwhudson: that updated buildroot branch is tested on x86_64 only, the arm bits aren't yet in place06:09
harmwstill need to get my ARM device to load up cirros in the first place06:10
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Pursuitanyone have experience with the chef cloud-config module? Having some trouble getting it to run right. the last bit of the traceback is "status, context = matchpathcon(path, mode)#012OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory"18:13
smoserPursuit, hm.. you can file a bug with info.19:11
mwhudsonharmw: hm, can i help somehow?20:37
mwhudsonharmw: e.g. can you tell me some commands to run that might make something arm64ish?20:38
mwhudsoni find buildroot pretty confusing20:38
mwhudsonsmoser: maybe you could talk me through how cirros builds are supposed to work?21:55
smosermwhudson, well, to get there you'd have to update the buildroot to newer version22:54
smoserand then get a config. 22:54
mwhudsonsmoser: which is what harmw has done i think?22:54
smoserwell, he did update to newer buildroot, yes.22:54
mwhudsoni got it to the point of it asking me _lots_ of questions about the new config yesterday22:55
smoseri dont know if that has arm64 or not22:55
smoserthat has some commits that got powerpc mostly functional22:55
smoserso you could watch that.22:55
mwhudsonah ok22:55
mwhudsonsmoser: do the config questions require thought or can you just say "no" to almost everything?22:56
smosertry 'make br-menuconfig'22:57
smoserswitch as few things as you tihnk you can get away with22:57
smoserto make it 'arm64'y22:57
smoserand then ... you'll have conf/buildroot-$(ARCH).config22:57
smoserso ...22:57
smosermake br-menuconfig ARCH=aarm6422:57
smoseri'm not sure whta to call the arch22:57
mwhudsonthat says things like23:01
mwhudson/bin/sh: 1: cannot open /home/mwhudson/canonical/repos/cirros/cirros-buildroot-2014.02/conf/buildroot-arm64.config: No such file23:01
mwhudsonmake: *** No rule to make target `/home/mwhudson/canonical/repos/cirros/cirros-buildroot-2014.02/conf/buildroot-arm64.config', needed by `/home/mwhudson/canonical/repos/cirros/cirros-buildroot-2014.02/output/arm64/buildroot/.config'.  Stop.23:01
mwhudsoni guess i need to read up on buildroot and stop flailing around23:01
mwhudsonsmoser: calling the arch aarm64 would be a good troll :)23:02

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