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urulamafrankban, bac ... when you have time, please check https://github.com/juju/charmstore/pull/2307:49
urulamahatch: http://cukes.info10:59
bacrogpeppe: could you give frankban admin priv on github juju/charmstore?13:04
Makyohatch, http://weblog.jamisbuck.org/2011/2/7/maze-generation-algorithm-recap16:05
hatchjujugui ahoy19:18
hatchhmm the juju brew pkg should probably check for go before downloading it again19:37
hatchoo ouch 1.16.6 heh19:39
hatchdefinitely should learn to update brew :)19:43
hatchhey urulama 20:08
urulamahey hatch ... just got back from 10km walk :D20:10
hatchnice! legs sore? 20:10
urulamanot really, i miss running :D20:11
hatchI'm attempting to use the juju manual provider on digital ocean20:14
hatchwill see how that works20:14
hatchso far so good20:14
urulamai use manual at home on machines that have 16 and 32 gigs of ram, fire up VMs with ubuntu servers and create a "cloud" on the fly :D20:15
urulamagood luck20:15
hatchoh that's a good idea - I have an unused machine at home that I could do that with20:15
hatchnever thought of it20:15
urulamait's great for testing charms, well, unless you need debug hooks20:16
hatchapparently I need a precise Ghost blog charm20:18
hatchI mean trusty20:20
urulamaisn't it there? i remember trying ghost on manual20:21
* urulama just saw the cards on the board ... i'm calling you "ghost buster" tomorrow :D20:22
hatchhaha - yeah I never created a Trusty charm....it's the same thing, just more work I guess lol20:22
hatchlazyPower hey if I want to make a Ghost charm for Trusty do I have to create a whole separate repository even though it'll be identical or is there some config voodoo we can do?20:47
lazyPowerat present, different repository20:50
hatchIt can just be a direct copy though right? 20:55
hatchso I can have two LP repos but only one GH repo20:55
lazyPowershouldnt be a problem with that approach hatch.21:07
hatchI've got it deployed using the manual provider on digital ocean21:07
hatchbut having an issue getting mysql running with --to=021:07
hatchmaybe it doesn't support that but I thought it did21:07
lazyPowerare you using a tiny or next step up?21:08
lazyPowerand it will support it but you're cramming a ton of stuff on a single node, and the $5 instance isn't ideal for that21:08
lazyPoweryou're running mongo, mysql, node, juju-server, juju-agent21:08
hatch014-07-22 21:03:46 INFO install     from yaml import safe_load21:08
hatch2014-07-22 21:03:46 INFO install ImportError: No module named yaml21:08
lazyPoweryou'll exhaust ram if your blog gets nailed21:08
lazyPowerprecise host?21:08
hatchyeah precise21:08
hatchthat's an odd error21:08
hatchI deployed it using `juju deploy precise/mysql --to=0`21:09
hatchfrom OSX (living on the edge)21:09
hatchlazyPower and yeah I know I'm cramming a ton on there :) I'm just messing around to see if it can be done for demo's and such21:11
hatchmight not...lol21:11
lazyPoweri had to upgrade to the $10/mo for owncloud21:15
lazyPoweri dont imagine ghost is going to be any different21:15
lazyPoweryou might be able to get away with it using the built in db....21:15
lazyPowerit uses what, sqlite right?21:15
hatchbut I'd prefer to not use sqlite though because mysql has a much better backup story21:23

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