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Sh3lc0kIs there a way to statically map MAC and IP addresses in the DHCP server of the MAAS?00:06
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datahey, I have a problem. One of the hooks failed, but it is not being reexecuted, and juju resolved --retry just gives me: ERROR cannot set resolved mode for unit "rabbitmq-server/0": already resolved10:48
schegi_got a problem with juju and the maas dns. bootstrapped a new juju node within an environment using maas-dns. bootstrapping worked well but now juju ssh 0 wont connect to server cause it cannot resolve the hostname using the dns. what did i do wrong. cant be the solution to add alll hosts to /etc/hosts when running dns.11:16
jamespageschegi_, hello11:39
schegi_jamespage, hi.11:39
jamespageschegi_, maas-dns should be managing that - it parsers the dhcp leases file in /var/lib/maas/dhcp and generated dns zone files in /etc/bind/maas11:40
jamespageschegi_, can you check that the dns server running on the maas server is being used - might be your dhcp renewed or suchlike?11:41
schegi_got the error. i got an external ip form the universities intranet on my first interface and this provides me with two nameservers. they are on top in my resolve.conf and not aware of my local dns server. if i put my local on top i can connect to my nodes but not externally any more. think i have to configure bind somehow that the local bind only resolves addresses in my domain and for the rest forwards to the external dns servers. wou11:44
schegi_think like that11:45
schegi_jamespage, ok added forwarders to  /etc/bind/maas/named.conf.options.inside.maas and now it works fine11:46
jamespageschegi_, excellent11:50
schegi_just a short question to enable for additional package sources i have to add a file somewhere under /etc/apt/.... where??12:17
schegi_for deb sources addedd to sources.list i always get an 403 forbidden. i have to add something somewhere in /etc/apt but i cant just remember what and where can someone help12:28
schegi_ok solved my problem by adding the source dns to /usr/share/maas/conf/99-maas. but in this case i had ot restart the suid-deb-proxy. I knew there is another solution where you add an file with the dns somewhere under /etc/apt but couldnt remember where so if someone knews.12:48
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santeHi all, I'm trying to configure a new openstack juju environment. I receive this error http://pastebin.com/CTiFbFPN I suspect it is reelatetd to tools-metadata-url and image-metadata-url can anyone address me to some documentation explatining how to set them?14:40
santekentb: thanks!14:53
wasbeerI'm using Juju 1.18 in a MAAS env and, trying to deploy services to lxc "machines" on nodes, ran into bug #1340261. reading through some of the Juju code, it seems like provider/maas/environ.go:301 could be the source of the problem. is it possible to override that value in the Juju config?15:31
_mup_Bug #1340261: juju add-machine lxc:0 fails to start due to incorrect network name in trusty config <lxc> <network> <placement> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1340261>15:31
marcoceppilazyPower: can you do a quick review for me?17:03
lazyPowermarcoceppi: merged17:19
Sh3l0ckIs there a way to statically map IP addresses to machines in MAAS?17:35
Sh3l0ckTried to edit the DHCP lease file but did not work17:35
Sh3l0ckIs there a way to statically map IP addresses to machines in MAAS?17:54
gQuigshi there.. wondering if this bug may have gotten lost in the move from LP -> GH - https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nova-compute/+bug/132925117:55
_mup_Bug #1329251: ssh-keyscan of hosts in MAAS environments is incomplete <nova-cloud-controller (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress> <nova-compute (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1329251>17:56
lazyPowerSh3l0ck: not that i'm aware of since MAAS uses a DHCP Server to assign ip's18:04
lazyPowerSh3l0ck: you may want to ask in #MAAS though18:04
lazyPowergQuigs: not sure - we still use launchpad to track bugs. so i doubt its been lost. it may have been reprioritized18:05
Sh3l0cklazypower: Thanks18:05
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gQuigslazyPower: the reason I'm asking is because it looks like it's in the middle of a BZR merge approved by some/not be others..18:06
lazyPowergQuigs: well the 2 related branches are merged. But the bug itself is not triaged - so it may still be pending.18:08
lazyPowerniedbalski: can you take a look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/charms/+source/nova-compute/+bug/1329251 ? Is this resolved or still WIP?18:08
_mup_Bug #1329251: ssh-keyscan of hosts in MAAS environments is incomplete <nova-cloud-controller (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress> <nova-compute (Juju Charms Collection):In Progress> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1329251>18:08
gQuigslazyPower: thanks18:08
lazyPowergQuigs: np, if we dont hear back I suggest you post on teh bug querying the status so it gets activity on the bug, and allows the devs a chance to triage as appropriate.18:09
gQuigslazyPower: will do18:10
TugI just tried to promote juju in an HN thread: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=807055018:38
TugNot sure I did it right :)18:38
lazyPowerTug: upvoted and commented.18:43
TuglazyPower, nice ;)18:44
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ahasenackhi, can someone help me debug a bootstrap problem?19:58
ahasenack2014-07-22 19:58:02 DEBUG juju.utils.ssh ssh_openssh.go:129 running: ssh -o "StrictHostKeyChecking no" -o "PasswordAuthentication no" -o "ServerAliveInterval 30" -i /home/andreas/.juju/ssh/juju_id_rsa -i /home/andreas/.ssh/id_rsa ubuntu@ /bin/bash19:58
ahasenackit's stuck in a loop doing that19:58
ahasenackI can run that command just fine19:58
ahasenackit connects, and runs /bin/bash19:58
ahasenackbut somehow juju is expecting something that isn't happening19:58
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