soeea lot of fixes after latest updates07:02
soeeall icons in homerun kicker, no need to move mouse when icon on taskbar clicked to show app, all icons in system settings :) weee :D07:03
soeenow if only locales would work 07:03
soeeand activities are finished :)07:03
apacheloggerRiddell: plasma-workspace depends on 07:50
apachelogger         qtquick1-5-dev,07:50
apachelogger         qttools5-dev-tools,07:50
apacheloggerI'd like to know why please07:50
apacheloggerbecause that is somewhat excessively wrong07:50
apacheloggerin fact what's up with all the runtime deps07:53
apacheloggersome of them have no history and make me go :O07:53
apachelogger         oxygen-icon-theme,07:53
apachelogger^ that should be a dependency/recommends of breeze-icon-theme07:53
apachelogger         libkf5service-bin,07:53
apacheloggerthat just shouldn't be explicitly mentioned at all07:53
apacheloggerlibkf5declarative5 neither should this07:54
apacheloggerudisks2 also a big fat why (considering solid and what have you)07:54
apacheloggerplasma-framework more why07:54
yofelwhatever has startkde in it should at least recommend udisks2 as it's used there07:55
yofel... if the disk detection patch got ported07:56
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer, ScottK thank you07:57
apacheloggerah that would solve that mystery, probably should be changed to solid eitherway that patch07:57
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: shall we meet at the BSP ?07:57
ovidiu-florinin Munich?07:57
apacheloggerah yes, welcome ovidiu-florin07:57
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: thank you08:00
ovidiu-florinshadeslayer: but you have to promise to drink more than one glass08:00
yofelhe have to organize the drinking better this time :P08:01
apacheloggereveryone does I say08:02
apacheloggershadeslayer: the ubiquity from ppa should land in archive08:03
Riddellapachelogger: qtquick1-5-dev qttools5-dev-tools dunno, remove them and see what breaks08:03
Riddelloxygen-icon-theme should be dep of breeze-icon-theme and libkf5kicontheme5 I think08:03
apacheloggericontheme5 would actually be wrong right now ;)08:04
Riddellif you remove libkf5service-bin make sure libkf5service5 symbols file adds a dependency onto it08:04
ubottuKDE bug 336739 in general "default icon theme still oxygen; should be breeze" [Normal,Unconfirmed]08:04
Riddellapachelogger: why?  it falls back to oxygen08:04
apacheloggerkicontheme does not08:04
Riddellthat bug is wrong08:04
apacheloggeroxygen does the fallback08:04
Riddellbreeze is nowhere near complete enough for kicontheme08:04
apacheloggerthat's why it has a fallback08:05
apacheloggerright now unless you manually configure things or have kde4breeze run you get the oxygen icon set08:05
apacheloggerwhich is why rohan had problems with the icons in systemsettings08:05
apacheloggerthey were only present in breeze but due to a bug in kde4breeze the icon set wasn't explicitly flipped to breeze, so the icons simply were unresolvable08:06
apacheloggerdep chain should look like this I think: p-w -> p-d -> breeze -> breeze-icon-theme -> oxygen-icon-theme08:07
RiddellI don't really get why frameworkintegration is needed, but it is08:07
apacheloggerit provides the qt platform plugin08:07
apacheloggerwithout it qicon::fromtheme cannot resolve from whatever icon set is configured in default08:08
apacheloggerequally I think qfiledialogs will not use kio's filedialog gui etc.08:08
apacheloggeralso I think the widget style will not follow kde settings08:08
apacheloggeri.e. all the things will not integrated with frameworks ^^08:08
Riddellwish someone had told me about it sooner08:09
apacheloggerdependency resolution by crowd sourcing :P08:13
soeeguys does the progress bar (in systray) works for you when copying files  ?08:24
apacheloggerdidn't work terribly well yesterday, might have been my broken plasma though08:27
apacheloggerthis sort stuff in debian/control is very fing annoying08:40
apacheloggeropen file, get to hit pagedown 5 times to see useful stuff...08:40
apacheloggerhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7834883/ *shrug*08:41
apacheloggeralso it causes commits like http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging-next/plasma-desktop/revision/17 obstructing bzr annotate.....08:42
apacheloggerRiddell: why does plasma-desktop depend kde-style-oxygen-qt5,08:43
Riddellapachelogger: so that stuff has a nice widget theme?08:48
apacheloggerah, no qtcurve08:50
apacheloggershould be recommends eitherway IMO :P08:50
apacheloggerRiddell: why does plasma-desktop depend on gdb?08:50
Riddellapachelogger: hmm, does it08:59
Riddellapachelogger: it used to depend on gdb-minimal which is needed by drkonqi08:59
Riddellthat clashes with gdb so it should now depend on gdb-minimal | gdb08:59
apacheloggerRiddell: drkonqi lives in workspace09:00
Riddellthat seems silly09:00
Riddellapachelogger: will you fix that?09:00
apacheloggeralso about the sillyness... the separation between desktop and workspace I do not get09:01
apacheloggerRiddell: also, do we want all other workspace packages as dependency or recommends09:02
Riddellwell that's upstream, so you can have plasma mediacentre installed without desktop09:03
Riddellapachelogger: plasma packages are mostly depends in the seeds, what are you thinking of?09:03
apacheloggerRiddell: that doesn't help the actual packages having crap relationship09:04
apacheloggerif I install plasma-desktop I should get a plasma-desktop09:04
apacheloggernot a half broken thing of madness09:04
apacheloggerso I was thinking recommends khotkeys, kinfocenter, kmenuedit, ksysguard.... and depends only for kio-extras, kde-cli-tools, breeze, plasma-workspace (which is sort of the core you want for a somewhat working desktop)09:05
apacheloggerthat way one could still make a seed conflict a specific package if one of the apps is not desired on the iso09:05
Riddellapachelogger: ok if you think so09:14
apacheloggerPackage: plasma-widget-milou-kf509:15
apacheloggerwhy the suffix?09:15
Riddellapachelogger: a mistake, feel free to fix09:17
apacheloggerso much work09:33
apacheloggerRiddell: I am actually wondering about simply renaming it to milou09:33
apacheloggerbecause it contains a lib, the widget and a qml module09:33
apacheloggeryou know, with this pile of different deps for different reasons I'd totally appreciate if we outsourced everything into substvars :S09:34
Riddellapachelogger: go for it09:35
apacheloggergive them meaningful names and such09:35
apacheloggerRiddell: the renaming or the substvaring? :P09:35
Riddellrenaming to milou09:35
RiddellI don't get what you're thinking with substvars09:35
apacheloggerI'll show you in a bit09:36
apacheloggeronce I find the documentation for it again ^^09:36
apacheloggerRiddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835072/09:40
apacheloggernote line 15809:40
apacheloggeroh, actually plasma-framework belongs there as well, incidentially that's why a bit of clarity would help :P09:40
Riddellapachelogger: a magic shlibs for qml files would be great, but not a very easy task09:43
apacheloggerRiddell: IMHO qml modules should create custom entries in the control listing their actuall addressing names i.e. milou would have 'XB-QMLModule: org.kde.milou, org.kde.kittens'10:06
apacheloggerthat doesn't cover things perfectly (since an app can bend the import dirs) but in general this would work well10:06
Riddellapachelogger: why not just an shqmllibs that reads qmldir files?10:07
apacheloggeralso possible I guess10:07
apacheloggerRiddell: having it as a control entry allows ondemand installation of deps though10:08
apacheloggere.g. I install a plasmoid via plasma itself and that module wants QtQuickMultimedia which is not yet installed, plasma/qt could catch the failed module lookup and provided an installer similar to what we do with gstreamer codecs10:09
apacheloggerbut for that you need the metadata on what imports are provided by a package10:10
RiddellI think that's overengineering10:11
Riddelljust an shlibs equivalent so the depends are set right it all anyone needs10:11
apacheloggerRiddell: they are *exactly* the same thing10:12
apacheloggerexcept my proposal would do it on the module package while yours would do it on every package trying to use a module10:12
Riddellapachelogger: you're talking about runtime installing, I'm talking about package build time surely?10:12
apacheloggerthey are also exactly the same, except that your solution is impossible to use runtime :P10:12
Riddell"just" it's obviously not very easy especially if you're snobby about python what will you say to coding in perl :)10:12
apacheloggerwhich is why I argue that defining them as control entries is the way to go10:13
Riddellgood, I don't want popups all the time saying "now you need to install this, go and fetch someone with the root password"10:13
apacheloggerRiddell: if you install a plasmoid via plasma and a dep is not there then that is the desired scenario10:13
apacheloggerbecause the status quo is "yo, we missing org.kde.yolo.kittens.meow, can't do nothing"10:14
Riddellbut if you install it via muon or apt you expect it to work without installing more stuff10:15
apacheloggerwhich is why my suggestion is superior :P10:15
apacheloggeryou can use it on a package level and you can use it at runtime for dep resolution inside plasma itself10:15
apacheloggera simple shlibs-like thing cannot be used at runtime because it requires the package to be already installed (which is the other crux with that btw... you do not actually need the qml modules at build time, so you'd have to install them as bdeps just to be able to resolve their import names)10:16
apacheloggeractually that is something for ubuntu phone as well10:28
apacheloggerxnox: do you any automated qml module dependency generation or do you leave that up to app developers to figure out?10:28
apacheloggerRiddell: why does milou bdep on everything ever?10:29
xnoxapachelogger: app developers -> for clicks they depend on framework which guarantees the deps.10:30
xnoxapachelogger: for debs, i don't think there is anything that auto-generates ${qml:Depends}10:30
apacheloggerk, less useful for clicks then10:31
Riddellapachelogger: probably it was packaged because I set all the frameworks -dev to dep on what they require10:31
ovidiu-florinapachelogger, Riddell, I'd like your aproval for something10:31
xnoxapachelogger: i guess creating a debhelper addon for that, would be useful.10:31
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: approved10:31
ovidiu-florinI'd like to make a Kubuntu Board related to Promotion10:31
ovidiu-florinand keep the promotion and website stuff over there10:31
ovidiu-florinI want to add several cards10:32
Riddellovidiu-florin: what sort of board? trello?10:32
ovidiu-florinand asign some of them to my web developer friend10:32
ovidiu-florinyes, trello10:32
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: approved10:32
ovidiu-florindo I have the rights to make it?10:33
apacheloggerevery organization member can make boards10:33
ovidiu-florinI've made it10:33
apacheloggeroh, wrong url10:33
apacheloggermust be visible and allow org member joining and have a couple of admins10:34
apacheloggerplasma-framework-dev is incredibly inconsistent with the other package names -.-10:37
ovidiu-florincan jose be an admin?10:37
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:42
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: everyone can be an admin for all I care ;)10:44
apacheloggerthe point of having more than one admin is that have no organization admins that can control all boards, so to ensure that someone can admin the board in case the creater is unavailable more than one person needs to be admin :)10:45
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: want to join?10:48
apacheloggerovidiu-florin: the people listed on the trello wiki page you can basically add everywhere and make admin10:48
apacheloggerall the usual suspects10:49
apacheloggeryofel: shadeslayer: Riddell: objections to a next-staging ppa?10:51
apacheloggeror next-proposed for all I care ;)10:51
yofelI never got my other staging ppa's :'(10:52
yofelFWIW, approved10:52
apacheloggeryofel: never made them? :P10:52
Riddellapachelogger: mm yeah10:52
ovidiu-florinthank you10:53
yofelapachelogger: back then I had no permissions, Riddell always forgot and in the end I did too10:53
* Riddell begs forgiveness for forgetfulness10:53
yofelapproved ;P10:53
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer: is kf5 uploading to archive not done yet?11:14
Riddellapachelogger: it's all done but then a rejected a bunch which need re-uploaded11:15
Riddellchecked and re-uploaded11:15
RiddellI fixed all the tier 3 ones in bzr11:15
Riddellnot sure if there's any tier 1 still to be reuploaded, I don't think so11:15
apacheloggerah, ok, that explains it then11:15
* Riddell working on kdesudo11:15
apacheloggerI only noticed some kf5s not being greyed out in the ppa ;)11:15
Riddellthere's your todo list :)11:16
apacheloggerstill fixing that workspace mess :P11:16
apacheloggerRiddell: how do we generate the meta package btw? from a seed or manually?11:21
Riddellbut I'm wondering if it was a mistake to rename it to kubuntu-plasma511:21
Riddellsince all the other packages don't co-install unless we expect to put them in the ubuntu archive11:22
* apachelogger notes that we should ditch CK from kde4 somehow11:22
Riddellthat thing is still around?11:22
apacheloggerwas pulled in for me anyway11:22
apacheloggerI did some changes to kdm removing ck support11:22
RiddellI thought "kit" names had gone out of fashion along with qtmultimediakit11:22
apacheloggerbut I think there was something in libs also using CK11:22
apacheloggerRiddell: *cough* packagekit *cough*11:23
apacheloggerkshutdownkit, yes, what? :P11:23
Riddellsomething aleix is currently moaning about11:23
apacheloggerI did not look into it actually11:23
Riddellthat rdepends on consolekit whatever it is11:23
apacheloggerwoudn't kshutdown be in workspace11:23
Riddelloh user-manager ?11:24
Riddelldunno why but it depends on it11:24
apacheloggeruser-manager uses CK Oo11:24
apacheloggerI wouldn't even know why11:24
Riddellwould be worth checking if that's sane11:24
apacheloggerall the stuff user-manager needs should come from accountsservice11:25
RiddellI would think so11:26
* apachelogger can't actually find what uses ck_ in kdelibs11:26
apacheloggerwhich in turn is deped upon by kauth11:28
apacheloggerubottu: find Qt5Qml11:28
apacheloggerbot doesn't like me :'<11:29
shadeslayerapachelogger: already did11:32
shadeslayeror well, code merged11:32
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://code.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/ubiquity/plasma5/+merge/22734111:32
shadeslayerI is way ahead of you my friend :p11:33
xnoxshadeslayer: stuck in proposed.11:34
shadeslayeror is it d'oh!11:34
shadeslayerI forget11:34
apacheloggerit's phpewwwpheew, that's the sound a jellyfish makes don't you know11:37
shadeslayerdidn't realize jellyfish made noise11:37
shadeslayermaybe it's the sound they make when you squish them with your feet11:38
* Riddell lunches11:38
apacheloggerI be hungry too11:38
=== yofel changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-ninjas-frameworks KF5 5.0.0! http://starsky.19inch.net/~jr/tmp/build_status_5.0.0_utopic.html | Congrats to our newest kubuntu-member: ovidiu-florin
yofelso, no jellyfish anymore11:46
Quintasanhurr durr11:46
yofelhi Quintasan11:46
Quintasanwhere do I get  hold of any kmail people11:47
yofelor #akonadi11:47
Quintasan>Could not create collection trash resourceId: 311:47
QuintasanAnd just closes11:47
apacheloggershadeslayer: sddm-theme-breeze why is that depping sddm?11:47
yofelakonadiconsole should tell you what that is11:48
apacheloggermilou rename in staging shortly11:51
apacheloggerbreeze-icon-theme with dep on oxygen-icon-theme also in staging shortly11:53
apacheloggeryofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835806/ plz revu12:24
apacheloggerrandom note of the day: in plasma-workspace kio-extras will actually elevated to depends because the preview capabilities of the wallpaper dialog depend on it12:25
yofelthat's very much... -extra12:26
apacheloggerpersonally I don't quite get why the thumbnailers are in extra when the wallpaper previews depend on it12:26
yofelit sounds extra12:27
apacheloggeroh one thing that is on my todo still12:28
apacheloggeryofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: shouldn't we depend on >= 5.012:29
yofellooks sane to me...12:29
apacheloggergiven some packages also existed in 4.x we might want to make sure we get the 5.x version12:29
* yofel can't make up his mind12:35
apacheloggeryofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835943/ workspace also needs review12:47
shadeslayerapachelogger: one would imagine that just installing the theme is useless13:07
apacheloggershadeslayer: so is installing a -data package, we don't reverse dep there either though ...13:07
shadeslayershould be fixed then?13:08
apacheloggerwhich one? the data not having a dep cicle of death or sddm technically having one? :P13:08
apacheloggershadeslayer: how do we select the sddm theme btw?13:09
shadeslayerapachelogger: kcm, which doesn't work at the moment13:09
shadeslayerd_ed is on that13:09
apacheloggerby default I mean13:09
apacheloggerI install sddm... how do I get a theme?13:09
shadeslayerI don't follow,. by default you get maui13:11
shadeslayerwhich is a dep of sddm13:11
shadeslayerunless you do apt-get install sddm sddm-theme-foo13:11
shadeslayerin which case sddm will not work13:11
apacheloggerRecommends: sddm-theme | sddm-theme-maui13:11
apacheloggershadeslayer: is that the latest? 13:11
apacheloggerstill not correct then13:11
shadeslayerwhy not?13:12
apacheloggerit needs Depends: sddm-theme-maui13:12
shadeslayerno it does not,we can not install maui and just specify a config13:12
apacheloggersddm is quite simply broken if maui is not present, so it's not a recommends and it's also not interchangable with sddm-theme right now13:12
shadeslayermanually by hand13:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: yeah, which is what I said13:12
apacheloggerthe package relationship is broken13:12
shadeslayerand if you don't sepecify a theme, maui will be installed ootb13:13
shadeslayerso it will all work13:13
shadeslayerI disagree13:13
apacheloggerthere's no disagreement to be had13:13
apacheloggersudo apt-get install sddm --no-install-recommends && sudo start sddm -> black screen13:13
apacheloggerthat is broken by any definition of the word13:13
shadeslayeris not installing recommends even supported?13:13
shadeslayerBecause last I remember, mint does it, and Ubuntu said that they don't supported13:14
yofelit's the same reason why we *depend* on akonadi-backend-mysql for akonadi-server13:14
shadeslayer*support it13:14
apacheloggerbecause the policy says <<package mustn't be broken without recommends>>13:14
yofeleven if it's replacable by hand13:14
shadeslayerapachelogger: so sddm isn't broken13:15
apacheloggershadeslayer: sudo apt-get install sddm --no-install-recommends && sudo start sddm -> black screen13:15
shadeslayeryou get a black screen because you don't have a theme13:15
yofelthat's pretty broken to me...13:15
shadeslayerit's not like it crashes13:15
apacheloggerlet me fix that for you13:15
apacheloggersudo apt-get install sddm-theme-breeze13:15
apacheloggersudo apt-get install sddm13:15
apacheloggersudo start sddm13:15
apacheloggerblack screen13:15
apacheloggerI have a theme and a black screen now13:15
shadeslayerand that's a sddm bug13:15
apacheloggerthat's the packaging being wrong13:16
shadeslayerbecause SDDM can't be arsed to check for themes other than maui13:16
apacheloggerbecause I *must* have maui for sddm to work13:16
shadeslayerI can not have maui and have the right config, and it will work13:16
yofelyou can also have akonadi with sqlite and the right config13:17
shadeslayerits a bug in the code, and not a packaging issue13:17
apacheloggerI can also install akonadi13:17
apacheloggerand then install akonadi-sqlite13:17
apacheloggerand then configure akonadi to use akonadi-sqlite13:17
apacheloggerso clearly akonadi shouldn't pull in mysql13:17
shadeslayerso why does it then? why can't akonadi be fixed so that it uses a installed backend13:18
yofelshadeslayer: do you have a real hard ETA when the theme lookup issue will be fixed? As in: version or date13:18
yofelnot "soon"13:18
apacheloggerit doesn't really matter what the ETA is13:18
apacheloggerright now the package is broken13:18
shadeslayeryofel: nope, I haven't checked with upstream about this, though I have to13:18
apacheloggershadeslayer: just because you say it is a bug doesn't make it a bug13:18
shadeslayerk I'm done, feel free to do what you think is right, I still don't think it's right13:19
yofelshadeslayer: FWIW, sure akonadi can be fixed, please go ahead and do it.13:19
yofelNobody's done it for years though13:19
apacheloggere.g. here is an argument where the behavior of akonadi is legit: if sqlite doesn't load or the database gets corrupted (which can happen) we need a solid fallback, therefore mysql must always be available, although it will not be loaded unless absolutely necessary13:19
apacheloggereither way13:20
* yofel doesn't particulary care while sddm is in next, but if it lands in the archive the packaging has to match reality13:20
apacheloggeras I said there is no discussion to be had13:20
apacheloggerif I install sddm without recommends it is broken, that's a bug13:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: sddm has no bzr branch?13:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: nevermind13:26
* apachelogger too stupid to use own tools13:26
apacheloggerbzr-buildpackage-ppa now restores orign on sigint :S13:39
=== apachelogger changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | KF5 5.0.0! notes http://goo.gl/53m7zt : status http://goo.gl/MxvdGp | Congrats to our newest kubuntu-member: ovidiu-florin
apacheloggerbreeze milou and plasma-framework moving from stage to next13:49
Riddellovidiu-florin: my phone says I'm to welcome you to twitter13:55
ovidiu-florinI'm not enjoing it13:55
ovidiu-florinIt's for a contest13:55
shadeslayerRiddell: all uploaded14:14
Riddellshadeslayer: kf5?14:22
Riddellovidiu-florin: if you find a use for it, let me know14:22
apacheloggersddm moving from stage to next14:24
apacheloggerRiddell: still waiting on feedback for workspace, desktop and version requirements from earlier btw14:31
Riddellapachelogger: what what?14:32
RiddellI missed that, can you repeat?14:32
apachelogger[14:24] <apachelogger> yofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835806/ plz revu14:32
apachelogger[14:29] <apachelogger> yofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: shouldn't we depend on >= 5.014:32
apachelogger[14:47] <apachelogger> yofel, shadeslayer, Riddell: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835943/ workspace also needs review14:32
apacheloggerThis would not have happened with Konversation.14:33
yofel1) ack'd (with the bit of 5 knowledge I have), 2) can't make up my mind, 3) no time, laterz14:33
Riddelldidn't I rename qtdeclarative5-kf5declarative ?14:34
apacheloggerI dunno14:35
kubotufeed branches-next had 22 updates, showing the latest 614:35
apacheloggerquite frankly this package obeying the qml-module thing is a bit silly anyway14:35
apacheloggeras it contains multiple different modules14:35
Riddellapachelogger: yes I did, that should be fixed14:35
Riddellapachelogger: plasma-desktop having versioned depends seems sensible14:37
Riddellapachelogger: workspace why plasma-widget-milou-kf5 and milou?14:38
Riddellmay want to add your depends changes to changelog14:38
Riddellotherwise all good14:38
apacheloggergod I hate bzr14:40
apacheloggerso very very very very very much14:40
* yofel ducks14:40
apacheloggerthat's the correct one14:40
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer, yofel ^14:40
Riddellapachelogger: and you're doing the milou package rename too?14:42
apacheloggeralready done14:43
apacheloggeralready went through staging in fact14:43
Riddellapachelogger: then lovely14:43
soeeuhm i see this packages are not required anymore: kde-style-qtcurve4 kde-style-qtcurve5 sddm-theme-maldives14:44
soeeand qtcurve is  kept  back 14:44
soeealso sddm-theme-maldives is not required but qill be installed :)14:45
apacheloggerThe following extra packages will be installed:14:46
apachelogger  sddm-theme-maui14:46
apacheloggerThe following NEW packages will be installed:14:46
apachelogger  sddm sddm-theme-maui14:46
apacheloggerapt disagrees14:47
soeedpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/kde-style-qtcurve4_1.8.18+git20140721-0ubuntu1~ubuntu14.10~ppa1_amd64.deb (--unpack):14:47
apacheloggerthat's not really the error14:48
soeetrying to overwrite "/usr/lib/kde4/kstyle_qtcurve_config.so", which exists also in kde-style-qtcurve 1.8.14-3build114:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^14:49
apacheloggershadeslayer: why the package rename btw?14:49
apacheloggershould simply be higher version of kde-style-qtcurve IMO14:49
soeeanyway there are qtcurce, kde-style-qtcurve4 kde-style-qtcurve5 ?14:49
apacheloggersounds about right14:50
lordievaderGood afternoon.14:51
soeehi lordievader14:51
lordievaderHey soee, how are you doing?14:52
soeelordievader: great, you ?14:53
lordievaderMeh, could be better.14:54
soeebrb, reboot14:54
apacheloggerany neon5 users around?14:57
soeehmm http://wstaw.org/m/2014/07/22/session_error.png14:59
apacheloggersoee: paste  ... ps aux 14:59
apacheloggerdon't close the window14:59
soeeapachelogger: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836590/15:00
apacheloggerit could be everything xD15:00
shadeslayerapachelogger: FWIW I didn't make that package15:01
apacheloggersoee: let me check for a way to find out what it is 15:01
soeeapachelogger: maybe owncloud client that does not work with plasma5 systray ? but this error does nto show on every boot but sometimes15:02
apacheloggertricky tricky15:02
apacheloggersoee: right click window decoration -> more actions -> special application settings15:03
apachelogger*applications*, not window15:03
apacheloggerthen go to first tab, what name does it mention there?15:03
apacheloggershould be something like description "Application settings for konversation"15:03
soeeshadeslayer: in the description filed ?15:06
soeeUstawienia programu dla konversation == Application settings for konversation15:06
apacheloggersoee:  if no name shows up ... do a ps aux paste again ... then use ctrl-alt-esc a red death head shoudl appear -> click on the window -> then do another ps aux paste15:06
apacheloggersoee: ah, I meant on the window with the error ;)15:06
soeeapachelogger: thers is name "Application settings for konversation"15:06
soeeahah :D15:07
soeeapachelogger: got it15:07
soee"Application settings for spotify"15:07
soeeok thank you, now i know its spotify fault15:08
apacheloggersoee: well, I am not terribly sure how to handle it with spotify15:08
apacheloggersoee: best report a bug against ksmserver on bugs.kde.org15:09
soeespotify client isnt any stable 15:09
apacheloggerbut I think the answer there will be to report against spotify 15:09
soeeyes probably15:09
apacheloggeri.e. this wouldn't be a problem if spotify didn't complain about arguments it doesn't understand ... at the same time applications complaining about arguments they don't understand is a general problem with ksmserver trying to restore everything with a session value15:10
apacheloggeralas, I don't know enough about the inner workings of session restoration, so I can't really comment all that much ;)15:10
soeethe LANG=en_US does not work for me, locales problem >?15:17
apachelogger'en_US' is not a valid locale identifier15:18
soeeoh i though i used it few times and wored15:19
apacheloggeryou need to fix it to en_US.UTF-815:20
apacheloggerthe only locales that have no encoding defined are C and POSIX because they are inherently latin115:21
soeeapachelogger: ok but i want to use it to execute command using EN15:21
soeelike: #LANG=en_US sudo apt-get dist-upgrade 15:22
apacheloggerLANGAUGE=en is what you want15:27
apacheloggeror LANG=C15:27
soeeindeed :o15:27
soeehttp://paste.ubuntu.com/7836735/ :)15:29
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^15:29
shadeslayernoted down15:30
Riddellapachelogger: can you look at that since you're in the area? ↑ https://code.launchpad.net/~panfaust/kubuntu-packaging-next/plasma-workspace-work/+merge/22777015:39
apacheloggerRiddell: already gone again. also I am leaving for today, so I'd be earliest tomorrow15:42
Riddellthanks apachelogger 15:44
apacheloggerwill fiddle it in with the dep changes staging I guess15:45
* apachelogger out15:45
shadeslayerxnox: ping16:03
shadeslayerxnox: any ideas how to get rid of the LIBEXECDIR var here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging-next/sddm/view/head:/debian/rules#L1316:04
shadeslayerxnox: because I thought that gnuinstalldirs sets that appropriately on ubuntu16:05
shadeslayerbut apparently doesn't work when used with SDDM16:05
xnoxshadeslayer: if you open a bug and assign it to me, i can look into it.16:07
xnoxshadeslayer: a bit busy atm.16:07
shadeslayerI was kind of looking into it myself16:07
Riddellyay kdesudo ported to frameworks! http://people.ubuntu.com/~jr/tmp/kdesudo.png16:26
Riddellneeds lots of tidying but nice that it works16:26
shadeslayerxnox: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cmake/+bug/134701816:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 1347018 in cmake (Ubuntu) "cmake installs libexec to /usr/libexec" [Undecided,New]16:39
shadeslayersoee: can you add https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next-staging to check if the kde-style-qtcurve upload fixes things for you?17:25
yofelwhat do we need qtcurve for again?17:29
shadeslayerdefault application style for Plasma 517:31
yofelhm, it would probably help if I had that installed...17:32
shadeslayerso far my kubuntu next iso is looking pretty sweet :p17:33
yofelcan you add kde-style-qtcurve5 to the p5 seed?17:33
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* yofel reboots and watches intel pixel garbage instead of plymouth17:42
yofelhow did they manage to break it this time ...17:42
yofelshadeslayer: is there some setup page that explains how one makes sddm actually work?17:50
Sick_RimmitHmm.. OK I broke digikam.. Builds fails with conflicting dependencies...17:58
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:58
yofelSick_Rimmit: if you just need to look something up you can query the bot, just /msg ubottu paste18:00
Sick_RimmitOh ok, let me try18:00
Sick_RimmitSo I think I am nearly there, logic suggests the control file probably needs version dependencies updating.. 18:02
yofelok, you'll either want to run 'builddeb -S' to just make a source package, or 'sudo apt-get build-dep digikam' if you really want to locally build the binaries18:02
yofelnot sure what you wanted to do...18:02
Sick_RimmitAh OK, I don't understand how you figured that out..18:03
yofelok, case 1)18:03
Sick_Rimmitalright, I'll do that, thanks yofel18:04
yofeldpkg-checkbuilddeps doesn't error out for source package builds, and your command didn't have -S in it18:04
yofelcase 2) results from you not running case 1) so you'll actually need those installed then18:04
Sick_RimmitMaybe I understand this. Working form the packaging guide, it talks about building the .deb using the command you saw in pastebin. However, for something more complex, this docs example skips building the source packages, which are required to then build the binary. If this builddeb -S completes, then I can re-run builddeb -- -us -uc to see if it will then build a compiled binary. 18:08
Sick_RimmitHave I understood this correctly ?18:08
yofelwell, if you don't use -S you need an environment that can actually build the package, and your system is missing all the build-dependencies18:09
* Sick_Rimmit dives off to man builddeb18:09
yofelwhich means either pbuilder, or sbuild, or some other chroot18:10
yofelor you can build locally while running the dev release18:10
yofelSick_Rimmit: bzr builddeb is pretty much the bzr interface for debuild18:11
Sick_RimmitThis is an interesting tool chain...18:12
yofelso, you're trying to build digikam18:12
Sick_RimmitYes.. of course I'm really trying to get good enough at packaging to be a useful part of the team18:13
Sick_RimmitMy reading got me to liking pbuilder, as it creates this pristine chroot..18:13
yofeldo you have a chroot for it? I'm pretty much a very pbuilder centered person, but you can also just make a dev chroot and build stuff locally18:13
Sick_Rimmitwell it struck me that pbuilder took all the hassle away, as it builds to the distro released based upon the changelog? I believe18:14
yofelusually... yes. Depends on how your .pbuilderrc is set up18:15
yofeldo you have our pbuilder hooks?18:15
Sick_RimmitI feel ultimately I will get a broader handle on the range and ability of the tool set, but I'm a handson learner, and to much RTFM, FPMO ;-)18:15
Sick_Rimmitno it's a stock trusty install, with no config just the build-essential toolk chain etc...18:16
yofelhm, our ninja wiki page got lost in the wiki move it seems18:18
Sick_RimmitI think what makes if tough is the documentation is 1.) all over the place 2.) lets of old stuff, and I get lost real quick, in a dearth of conflicting methods and tools18:18
Sick_Rimmitbut like anything if you just keep kicking it, until something starts to work, that usually gets me there18:19
Sick_RimmitI me beligerant than intelligent :-)18:19
yofelyeah, that's true18:19
yofelok, lets make pbuilder do something useful18:20
yofelSick_Rimmit: bzr co  lp:~kubuntu-packagers/pbuilder/pbuilder-hooks ~/.pbuilder-hooks18:20
yofelthen put this in your ~/.pbuilderrc18:21
yofelI don't use stuff like pbuilder-dist, just plain pbuilder, so my .pbuilderrc is pretty long: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837577/ (if you find some useful stuff in it)18:22
yofelyou will want the pkgname_logfile stuff18:23
Sick_RimmitAh ha.. OK, yep saw that in the README file18:24
yofelSick_Rimmit: if you have the hooks set up, you should be able to just make a source package for digikam, put it into pbuilder and you'll get what you need to fix from the build log18:24
Sick_RimmitRight, I think a session with pbuilder man pages is in order.18:25
yofelthere's a manpage for pbuilder and pbuilderrc, useful to read, but you should be able to start out with just the hooks and a simple pbuilder base image18:27
Sick_Rimmityofel: Wow, you have been having fun with your Bash Kung Fu!!.18:27
yofelhehe, gave me a pbuilder setup that supports eatmydata, parallel gzip, ubuntu, debian, tanglu and icecc18:28
yofelthere's a lot of junk in there too though18:28
Sick_Rimmithmm pbuilder --build digikam_4.1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc has Crashed and Burned.. Pah!18:29
* Sick_Rimmit Sort of groks pbuilder hooks..18:38
yofelSick_Rimmit: making progress or is something trolling you? ^^18:43
Sick_RimmitWell, I found pretty good pbuilder user manual. 18:44
Sick_RimmitI think the trouble I am having now with digikam is that pbuilder is trying to build it in a Saucy chroot, so I'm going to fix that with create --distribution utopic18:44
Sick_Rimmitthen try and build it again18:44
yofelwow, that's long18:45
yofelIMO the series detection is pretty flakey, which is why I always build with something like 'sudo -E dist=utopic pbuilder build foo' so it never auto-guesses18:46
RiddellSick_Rimmit: got digikam going?18:58
Sick_RimmitSssssh keep quite, I'm sneaking up on it18:58
* yofel hears something crack and watches a huge DSLR lens falls down on Sick_Rimmit18:59
* Sick_Rimmit lol18:59
Riddell!testers | 14.04.1 candidate ↑18:59
ubottu14.04.1 candidate ↑: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket  for information18:59
alketwhat do I have to do :)19:00
Riddellalket: test the candidate for LTS update 14.04.1 http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73626/testcases19:01
Sick_RimmitRiddell: I've got a utopic chroot installing dependencies now, so you never know, it might work.. 19:02
Sick_Rimmitalket: Would you like me to undertake one or two of those tests with you ?19:04
alketSick_Rimmit: yeah , much appreaciated , im lost19:05
Sick_Rimmitalket: OK, do you have some questions I can help you with ?19:05
alketwhere to test the iso-s ,will vbox do ? or i ahve to make a partition ?19:06
Sick_RimmitIndeed vbox is a good place19:06
Sick_RimmitLook at the first test for example19:07
Sick_RimmitYou would want a vbox with say Windows installed, and then mount the iso and try to install it to a dual boot setup19:07
Sick_Rimmitmake sense ?19:07
Sick_RimmitIn test two you could just flash up a vbox and do a straight install 19:08
alketthanks for ideas19:08
Sick_RimmitTest 3, make a vbox with 2 virtual disks, and then use LVM to mount them to the system as one disc, and encrypt them..19:08
Sick_RimmitThat one's a little more complex19:09
alketok I will try19:09
alketbut I have to watch that video first on how to use tracker I guess19:09
soeesomeone tried sddm already ?19:11
yofelsoee: me, crap so far19:12
yofeli.e. fails on start without error19:12
soeethere were some updates lately19:12
soeei thought maybe some fixes19:12
yofelSick_Rimmit, alket: do test encrypted LVM without setting up disks, the installer should do that itself19:12
Sick_Rimmityofel: Ah what I meant was create a virtual machine, but add an extra virtual HDD, so the machine looks like it has 2 discs installed. Then go for an LVM install with encryption, and it should sort that out automagically. <- Am I on same page as you yofel 19:14
alketyofel: thanks19:14
yofeloh, that would be good yeah. I was thinking single-disk19:15
Sick_RimmitAh ha so digikam build has exploded..19:18
Sick_RimmitI think its this19:18
Sick_RimmitCMake Warning at extra/libkface/CMakeLists.txt:78 (MESSAGE):19:18
Sick_Rimmit  OpenCV: Version is too old.19:19
yofelstupid opencv19:19
yofelyeah, it's that19:19
Sick_RimmitAh right... well the fact that I got that, is a good sign..19:19
RiddellSick_Rimmit: that's in a pbuilder?19:19
yofelsid has 2.4.9, so someone will have to merge that19:20
Sick_RimmitAh I wonder if I made a mistake19:20
yofelyou did not19:20
Sick_Rimmitsudo pbuilder --build digikam_4.1.0-0ubuntu1.dsc19:20
Riddellopencv also seems to be stuck in proposed19:20
Sick_RimmitI was sudo.19:21
yofelour opencv is too old, all I said was that debian has the version we need19:21
Sick_Rimmitwhen it dropped FTBFS if left me in as Root19:21
RiddellSick_Rimmit: the message is as it says, opencv needs to be 2.4.9, we have only 2.4.8 https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv19:21
Riddelldebian has 2.4.9 https://packages.debian.org/search?searchon=sourcenames&keywords=opencv19:21
yofelSick_Rimmit: that's one of the hooks so you can look into stuff on failure19:21
yofelif you want to quit just ctrl+d19:21
Sick_RimmitAh OK, so it looks like I can probably make a succesful build once OpenCV is updated19:22
Sick_Rimmityofel: Ah ha got you, I see what's happened there19:22
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I can help you merge opencv if you have a spare hour or two19:23
Riddellboy, I thought I was fanatical about KDE, this guy is nuts http://paste.kde.org/pp9ggrvee19:25
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Are you about tomorrow ? 19:25
RiddellSick_Rimmit: yep19:26
Sick_RimmitRiddell: I want to review what I did to get this far, with digikam and make a few notes. Then tomorrow I will work on opencv, that way I won't confuse myself19:26
yofelwhy? Some people collect stamps, some tarballs :D19:26
Riddellif he's that much of a fan he should become a packager, then he'll have to put up with every tar there is19:28
soeesddm log, just tried it again http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837920/19:32
soeeqtcurve showed up on the list :)19:39
Sick_RimmitMy notes from my journey to the centre of Kubuntu packaging -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837976/19:43
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* yofel wonders why people put backports into the updates ppa all the time -.-23:41

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