valorieRoey: I saw your link, yes01:06
valorieI'm not going to pass the news along to my husband who already hates all stinging insects, though01:07
valoriemy brother-in-law's sister-in-law died of a bee sting01:08
Roeyvalorie:  I'm sorry to hear that :(01:28
valorielife can get tragic at times01:29
valoriethis past weeks seems full of that01:29
valorieoff-topic for this chan though01:29
Matomboanyone also have a problem with alt-gr key (german keyboard) when using kubuntu in virtual box?02:12
IllSpentYouthhello.  i'm having a problem with kubuntu not recognizing my onboard sound, a realtek alc889.  is there anyone who can lead me in the right direction to a solution?03:03
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zxsinclair_I am trying to test Neon/KDE5 on a Trusty installation but get problems with installing "neon-base". Anyone managed this?07:10
zxsinclair_To clarify: I get dependency-hell issues07:10
alketzxsinclair_: what depency issues , could you post the logs ?07:11
zxsinclair_ome packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have07:12
zxsinclair_requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable07:12
zxsinclair_distribution that some required packages have not yet been created07:12
zxsinclair_or been moved out of Incoming.07:12
zxsinclair_The following information may help to resolve the situation:07:12
zxsinclair_The following packages have unmet dependencies:07:12
zxsinclair_ project-neon-base : Depends: project-neon-bluedevil but it is not installable07:12
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kate but it is not going to be installed07:12
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kde-base-artwork but it is not installable07:12
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kde-baseapps but it is not installable07:12
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kde-wallpapers but it is not installable07:12
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kdeplasma-addons but it is not installable07:13
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kmix but it is not installable07:13
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-konsole but it is not installable07:13
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-kwallet but it is not installable07:13
alketzxsinclair_: please use http://paste.kde.org07:13
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-minimal but it is not going to be installed07:13
zxsinclair_                     Depends: project-neon-networkmanagement but it is not installable07:13
zxsinclair_E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.07:13
zxsinclair_sorry for extreme long postings...07:13
zxsinclair_ok hold on07:13
zxsinclair_I can start a session but I get several errormessages07:14
alketzxsinclair_: I get them too , because its still new07:15
alketzxsinclair_: could you try this in terminal "sudo apt-get autoclean"07:15
alketthen do "sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade"07:15
zxsinclair_OK am on it07:15
zxsinclair_and thanks07:16
ikoniathe error seems pretty clear07:16
ikonia"packages not yet created207:16
zxsinclair_the autoclean deleted a bunch of packages07:17
joker_ /links07:17
joker_hi all07:17
zxsinclair_but I still get stuck on trying to install neon-base...07:17
ikoniazxsinclair_: do the packages exist07:18
zxsinclair_have no idea, I just follow the instructions on project neon website ;-)07:18
zxsinclair_or trying to rather07:18
zxsinclair_for starters I don't want bluedevil as my computer does not have bluetooth..07:19
joker_i just started with this so i see ubuntu chat room and there was link to kubuntu chat is there easy newbie friendly way do add lot of chat rooms07:21
ikoniazxsinclair_: so checking if the packages are there would be a good start07:21
zxsinclair_+ikonia to put it this way I find it a bit strange to be asked to test something and the instructions on the website do not wok07:22
ikoniazxsinclair_: not really, it's in development, things change07:23
ikoniazxsinclair_: I find it more odd that you're just blindly following something without checking anything when you hit an error07:23
zxsinclair_am trying here, not an expert on apt07:23
ikoniadon't have to be07:24
ikoniaactually go to the PPA and check the packages07:24
ikoniamake sure they are there07:24
ikoniazxsinclair_: also, do you have any other 3rd party repos or PPA's on your system07:24
zxsinclair_yes I do07:24
ikoniaok, so that may also be causing conflict07:25
ikoniathat's a very very common situation07:25
joker_hello world07:25
valoriezxsinclair_: also, there is #project-neon for just this sort of question07:25
zxsinclair_ikonia or others; are you successful in using neon? And thanks for the link I was not aware07:26
ikoniaI don't use kde07:26
ikoniazxsinclair_: again - I'd not focus on what others are doing - I'd focus on your problem07:26
ikoniazxsinclair_: eg: you have other PPA's that may cause a conflict, so what does it matter if others can use it, you can't at th emoment07:27
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zxsinclair_ikonia - thanks for the input and assistance07:29
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zxsinclair_I will head to neon channel07:29
DKChewyHi. Noob to Linux. Just installed Kubuntu 14.04 and am having the issue where screen doesn't turn on after coming back from suspend. Every article I find is either significantly out of date or assumes I know Linux inside and out. Can anybody lead me in the right direction?07:36
DKChewyAny advice from anyone concerning the black screen after coming out of suspend?07:50
valorie!info libavcoded5307:51
ubottuPackage libavcoded53 does not exist in trusty07:51
valorie!info libavcoded5407:51
ubottuPackage libavcoded54 does not exist in trusty07:51
valorie!info libavcode07:52
ubottuPackage libavcode does not exist in trusty07:52
valorieforget I asked07:52
FuzzyWhirlpool!info libavcodec54 | valorie07:52
ubottuvalorie: libavcodec54 (source: libav): Libav codec library. In component universe, is optional. Version 6:9.14-0ubuntu0.14.04.1 (trusty), package size 2437 kB, installed size 12621 kB07:52
valorieaha, he misspelled it07:53
valoriethanks, FuzzyWhirlpool07:53
FuzzyWhirlpoolYeah, you should ask `apt-cache search` before asking ubottu.07:53
valorieI often do that indeed07:56
geartrekjubuntu linux dosn't want to install as a base os on a acer laptop08:04
valorie"doesn't want to install"?08:06
FuzzyWhirlpoolWhat is your laptop version?08:06
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BluesKaj'Morning folks10:42
ArunCHi all, I am trying to add the kubuntu-ppa/next repository on my kubuntu 14.04. But I get an error saying PPA not found11:18
ArunCAny idea what might be wrong?11:18
BluesKajArunC, how are you adding the ppa?11:24
ArunCBluesKaj: sudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next11:25
BluesKajArunC, you need to add the ppa key first11:26
ArunCBluesKaj, I followed this link: http://www.webupd8.org/2014/07/how-to-install-plasma-5-in-kubuntu-1410.html11:27
BluesKajArunC, find the key on the launchpad ppa page, then do, sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys xxxxxx11:27
ArunCBluesKaj, sure, let me try that.. thanks.11:28
BluesKajArunC, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next11:29
BluesKajArunC, click on the "technical destails about this ppa"11:30
ArunCBluesKaj, thanks.11:31
BluesKajArunC, my mistake , make sure you use this instead, https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa11:33
BluesKajthe prvbious ppa was for Utopic not Trusty11:34
ArunCBluesKaj, I updated my ubuntu to 14.10.. but still lsb_release -a shows 14.0411:35
ArunCwhich one shall I use?11:35
BluesKajArunC, how did you upgrade to 14.10?11:37
ArunCBlueKajs, my bad.. I'm on LTS.. forget my previous msg11:37
ArunCBluesKaj, should I use "1024R/8AC93F7A" as the key? There is a Fingerprint, should I use that as the key?11:39
BluesKajArunC,, no just the numbers after the /11:39
ArunCBluesKaj, Oh OK, thanks. I will try that.11:40
ArunCBluesKaj, I am behind a proxy and I get "?: keyserver.ubuntu.com: No route to host".11:46
ArunCAny idea?11:46
BluesKajmost proxies throttle bandwidth, you need a more direct connection to the repos servers if possible11:48
ArunCI get my updates and upgrades without any problem11:48
BluesKajthe ppa server11:48
ArunCBluesKaj, I'm sorry, I din't understand.11:52
ArunCGot it.. I had to supply sudo -E11:54
ArunCto instruct sudo to use my env variables.11:55
BluesKajcould be interpreting the keyserver as https which most proxies can't  handle11:57
ArunCI was using sudo apt-key <stuff>. I changed it to sudo -E apt-key <stuff> and it worked12:00
BluesKajArunC, is that some special command for use with proxy connections , never heard of sudo -E12:07
BluesKajbut I'm12:07
BluesKaja home user12:08
ArunCBluesKaj, the proxy is set via env variables http_proxy and https_proxy. So when you do a sudo, these env variables will be ignored. To make sudo get the env, we need to pass the -E switch12:10
ArunCBTW, I get "E: Unable to locate package kubuntu-plasma5-desktop"12:11
ArunCLet me reboot my box and try it again.12:11
ArunCNo change after the reboot as well.12:18
BluesKajArunC, run update and upgrade12:18
BluesKajalways update after adding repos12:18
ArunCBluesKaj, I did it before the reboot. Still no luck.12:19
ArunCI tried it just now after reboot. Now there is nothing to be upgraded.12:19
ArunC0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.12:19
BluesKajcheck your sources.list, make sure the ppa was added12:19
ArunCLet me check that12:20
ArunCNo, it is not added there. In fact, I ran this entire command.12:21
ArunCsudo apt-add-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/next && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-workspace-wallpapers12:21
ArunCIt asked this:  Kubuntu Next  KDE Frameworks 5 and Plasma Next and Unicorns  More info: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/next Press [ENTER] to continue or ctrl-c to cancel adding it12:22
ArunCDoing the same command part by part now.. let me see..12:22
BluesKajArunC, use separate commands for updating and installing ,...it's much safer12:23
ArunCoh ok..12:23
ArunCBluesKaj, Even after apt-add-repository, I don't see the next PPA in /etc/apt/sources.list12:25
ArunCShould I check sources.list somewhere else?12:26
BluesKajArunC, you may have the syntax incorrect in the add-apt-repository, copy and paste the debs into the sources.list and update, it's easier12:28
ArunCBluesKaj, Oh, OK. Let me try that instead.12:29
BluesKajbesides you have apt-add, it;s add-apt12:29
ArunCyeah, sorry, that was just a typo on the channel.. here is the output: http://paste.kde.org/phijaamzs12:30
BluesKajno need to run as root btw, sudo is sufficient12:31
BluesKajArunC, you still have the command incorrect, it's add-apt , not apt-add12:34
ArunCOh! yyp error from the website where I saw the post how to install plasma next..12:35
ArunCthey have it wrong there as well.12:35
BluesKajI usually just copy and paste the deb to the sources.list and update12:37
ArunCBlueskaj, just found that apt-add-repository is just a soft link to add-apt-repository ;)12:40
BluesKajwell, it's best to use the hard link :)12:41
ArunCBluesKaj, sudo apt-get install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop plasma-workspace-wallpapers still returns nothing.12:41
ArunCI have added the ppa deb in my sources.list and ran update and upgrade as well.12:42
BluesKajArunC, it won't install plasma5 wallpapers , the there's no link yet12:43
BluesKajthe link is broken rather12:43
ArunCOh.. OK.. How can I install plasma5 desktop?12:43
BluesKajtry adding themes thru the gui, they don't work either12:43
BluesKajapt-get install kubuntu-plasma5-desktop12:44
ArunCthanks, let me try that12:44
ArunCunable to locate package12:45
ArunCBluesKaj, apt-cache search plasma5 did not return anything12:45
BluesKajdid you update after adding the ppa?12:45
ArunCYeah, I did.12:46
BluesKajyou said you upgraded, that doesn't update the packages12:47
ArunCAs I said, I added the deb myself into sources.list and then I ran update and upgrade.12:47
ArunCNo, I did both.12:47
BluesKajArunC, pastebin you source.list...let's ahve a look12:48
ArunCOK sure.12:48
ArunCBluesKaj, http://paste.kde.org/p1zkbukes12:49
ArunCBluesKaj, I think we should add-apt-repository ppa:neon/kf512:54
ArunCas plasma next is not available for 14.0412:54
ArunCI am not sure though12:55
ArunCBluesKaj, yes that did the trick.12:58
ArunCsudo add-apt-repository ppa:neon/kf512:58
ArunCsudo apt-get update12:58
ArunCsudo apt-get install project-neon5-session project-neon5-utils project-neon5-konsole project-neon5-breeze project-neon5-plasma-workspace-wallpapers12:58
BluesKajhmm, ok the ppas for 14.04 are different than last week . I wa sure there was a kubuntu next" ppa for 14.04 ...guess i was mistaken ...I dropped plasma 5 on 14,10 ...too unstable and there missing packages and links13:01
ArunCBluesKaj, should I install it on my work desktop?13:03
BluesKajmight work better o0n 14.04, dunno for sure,...you might ask in #kubuntu-devel13:03
ArunCBluesKaj, I use KDE as my primary desktop, so I hope install kf5 and related neon stuff doesn't remove the earlier version13:04
BluesKajArunC, not on a work desktop , absolutely not !13:04
ArunCBluesKaj, m.. OK.. long way to go probably..13:05
BluesKajkf5 /plasma5 aren't ready for the workplace, ArunC13:05
BluesKajremove the neon5 ppa and update, that's my advice to you13:06
BluesKaji thought you were a home user/experimenter/tester like me, ArunC13:07
ArunCBluesKaj, Thanks for your kind support.13:08
BluesKajI'm glad the ppa mucked up..it saved you a lot of grief13:08
ArunCBluesKaj, sure yeah.. if you haven't told me that, by now I would've lost my working desktop :)13:10
ArunCThanks for all the help13:10
ArunCSigning off now. Catch you sometime later.13:10
BluesKajok ArunC , good luck :)13:10
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ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.14:15
geniirodolfojcj: The bot will wait a little while before responding to the same request twice in a row14:16
rodolfojcjok, fine14:16
TBotNikAll: Using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and FireFox, but now Google has an embedded script, forcing me through their servers, instead of rendering a page directly, so getting 404, 403 and other errors when entering normal URLs.  How do I turn this #$%#@ thing off, so I browse normally?14:32
TBotNikAll: Repeating: Using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and FireFox, but now Google has an embedded script, forcing me through their servers, instead of rendering a page directly, so getting 404, 403 and other errors when entering normal URLs.  How do I turn this #$%#@ thing off, so I browse normally?14:40
BluesKajTBotNik, using google dns ?14:40
TBotNikBluesKaj: Not sure let me check!14:41
BluesKajTBotNik, or this https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/95196214:46
lordievaderGood afternoon.14:51
TBotNikBluesKaj: Nothing in /etc/networking/interfaces that indicates any outside DNS.  Checking out the HOWTO at:  https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/server-not-found-connection-problem?redirectlocale=en-US&redirectslug=Server+not+found  I found that something had reset my proxy to "System Proxy", where I had always had "No Proxy" set before.  Restarted FF and now getting "Error 1001 Ray ID: 14e07877c45a0926  DNS resolution error" so something still wrong with14:56
TBotNik the DNS14:56
TBotNik  14:56
BluesKajTBotNik, do you have optional dns settings on your router/modem ? ... if so i use the OpenDNS IPs  and they work well, try them14:58
TBotNikBluesKaj: Hey was down for a while as the /etc/network/interfaces file needed some major rework after removing that "System Proxy" setting Google had forced on me.  Yup had to set static IP for my network and then finally added the dns-nameservers line in the interfaces file and restarted with "ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0" and now I'm back without all the redirect crap.  Thanks!16:25
TBotNikBluesKaj: I think my router may have picked up the Google DNS, but google is also very tricky with all their analytics and keytracker java viruses they put on your box, so have to be on guard against them all the time16:26
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BluesKajTBotNik, glad to hear that:)16:58
sithlord48can anyone tell me why i can't access https://www.kubuntuforums.net/17:04
sithlord48i get a 503 error.. works fine @ home..17:04
BluesKajsithlord48, using a proxy or vpn ?17:09
BluesKajgoogle dns ?17:10
sithlord48as far as i know directly thru my isp's dns17:10
BluesKajI'm using Opendns and a vpn and the url opens fine here17:11
sithlord48i can access that page . as soon as i log in i get the same 50317:13
lordievadersithlord48: HTTP 5xx codes you can not do anything about, they are server codes.17:14
lordievader503 means service unavailable.17:14
sithlord48why does the server hate me  ???17:14
BluesKajwhich browser sithlord48 ?17:15
sithlord48qupzilla but it does not work in firefox or chromium here either17:16
BluesKajFF is having probs with some https sites17:16
BluesKajodd, FF works here17:16
sithlord48works fine @ my house.. same browser.. same isp..17:17
sithlord48did i get my ip black listed some how?17:17
BluesKajsame laptop?17:17
sithlord48different machine almost the same hw/sw set up17:18
TBotNikBluesKaj: Thanks Again!17:33
TBotNikAll: Gone! Bye!17:33
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mefisto_in ktorrent download list, what does it mean when a torrent is in bold text?20:09
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skinuxWhat exactly does KTimeTracker's auto timing functionality do? Listen for activity/focus of applications and time changes of focus??22:15
timmy_tofuWhen Ubuntu 14.04.1 is released on Thursday, will the downloads on the Kubuntu download page (ftp and torrent) be changed to a new version, or will they remain the same and new installs are just expected to update as existing installs?23:19

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