jxshxxNeed clarification - Have a tower with windows and Ubuntu 10.04.  Popped in Lubuntu 14.04 disk, and was given the option to upgrade the old Ubuntu to the new Lubuntu.  Does this leave the Windows partition intact?00:24
koelljxshxx: a backup is always a good way i guess00:26
koellit will just upgrade i think without deleting windows (no guarantees :D00:27
jxshxxkoell: I'd prefer legal documentation that gives me all your stuff if it fails00:27
ianorlinI am not sure upgrades that out of date are really tested00:28
koelljxshxx: you may wrie your documenation yourself and contribute to the lubuntu project, no one would stop you :P00:30
jxshxxkoell: noted.  alright, may as well try it.  losing windows would only be an improvement.00:31
mkdmzHow do I change remove the background picture from lightdm and just have a chosen color, command line?17:17
mkdmz_is there a way to change lightdm background color and remove picture on command line?17:24
ianorlinmkdmz_: there is a way to change the image I just need to remember which config file17:25
mkdmz_ianorlin: I have to do this in chroot, so that's why I need to do it command line, I dont' know how to get to x from chroot.17:26
ianorlinso you are trying to run an entire x session in chroot17:28
mkdmz_ianorlin: not really, just spinning lubuntu with some changes.  I hope I don't need to learn to do x in chroot, sounds not fun.17:33
mkdmz_I found /etc/lightdm files17:33
ianorlinthere is a simlink called /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf that you would need to edit in the chroot that you need to change the backround= line to change the background17:35
ianorlinso you would need an solid color image17:35
mkdmz_Okay, I was successful just changing the image path to an image that is a solid color.17:37
mkdmz_For some reason I remember in the past that didn't work for *ubuntus17:38
mkdmz_I'm going to try to change the autologin in now via just changing the config file.17:39
ianorlinalthough making a backup of config files can be handy when editing them17:40
jxshxxDual Boot tower - 2 printers tested - Printer 1 works in both OS - Printer 2, though installed/recognized, won't print in 14.04 - cups were reinstalled in synaptic, to no avail - Printer 1 connects via serial, Printer 2 via usb - Thoughts?18:03
ianorlinwhat kind of printer is printer 2?18:04
ianorlinI think lubuntu you need to install hplip because otherwise there are fitting on cd problems18:04
jxshxxianorlin: yes, hp printer18:08
phillwI don't think any of the flavours ship hplip, it is for HP printers?18:09
ianorlinyes hplip is for hp printers18:09
phillwI could be wrong, now that they've all gone dvd size :D18:09
ianorlinyou need to install hplip which is the driver18:09
phillwI don't need it for kodak or canon printers... linux finds them on its own18:10
ianorlin!info hplip18:10
ubottuhplip (source: hplip): HP Linux Printing and Imaging System (HPLIP). In component main, is optional. Version 3.14.3-0ubuntu3.2 (trusty), package size 62 kB, installed size 384 kB18:10
jxshxxianorlin: deskjet 105018:10
ianorlinjxshxx: install hplip thorugh synaptic, apt-get, or lubuntu-software-center18:11
phillwI do have it installed as the laser's here and works are both HP lasers (I just like their build quality)18:11
phillwbut, I'' back to testing 14.04.1 :)18:12
jxshxxianorlin: just a sudo apt-get install hplip?18:12
ianorlinyes but you may want to sudo apt-get update first18:13
jxshxxianorlin: Okay, thank you18:14
jxshxxianorlin: hplip saved the day.  thanks again!19:01
phillwjxshxx: hp are one of the most linux friendly companies out there19:14
ianorlinsome of their laptop have broadcom wifi though19:15
phillwianorlin: even I'm not perfect :P19:17
koellwhere do i set the timeout for lock screen?19:33
ianorlinlight-locker-settings for 14.0419:33
koelllthanks ianorlin19:42
randinthello, I'm on Lubuntu 32-bit. I used this tutorial (http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat) to install graphics drivers on NVIDIA GeForce MX420. after restart I couldn't choose any resolutions than 640x480. now the letters are so small and the icons are huge. any suggestions on how I could change resolution?20:19
ianorlinrandint can you pastebin the output of xrandr20:34
randintyeah, I'm not on near the computer I'm talking about. thought to collect some suggestions here for tomorrow.20:35
randintguess I'll come back here tomorrow then.20:35
randintcan't give you the output of that atm20:35

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