balloonsbarry, you about?17:12
barryballoons: hi, yep.  late lunch but i'm here now18:06
balloonsbarry, hey, no worries. I was struggling with the timestamp stuff, but I've arrived at a solution I think18:09
barryballoons: yay!  what have you ended up with?18:09
balloonsbasically the timezone offset is variable.. so tzlocal is not always the same18:09
balloonsI'll push something for you to have a peek at in a few mins18:09
balloonsbarry, here's what I'm doing: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837538/18:11
balloonsohh and import pytz18:11
barryballoons: yep.  looks pretty good18:16
balloonswoot success.. just in time for thomi to rip it apart :-p19:33
thomithat's what I do best!19:33

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