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rsalvetirobru: still around?02:08
robrursalveti, sure02:09
rsalvetirobru: someone from the mir team changed the changelog version for silo 4 with a lower one, but we already had a package built with the previous version in there (5.1 that got changed to 5.0 again)02:10
rsalvetirobru: not sure if we had a way to make sure the package was completely removed before trying to build the new version02:10
rsalvetiso I just released the silo and will allocate another one, was that the right thing to do?02:11
robrursalveti, hrm, yeah this is a tricky problem, i've seen this once before, with mir as well actually ;-)02:11
rsalvetiyeah :-)02:11
rsalvetiwas landing that mr at the same time someone changed it again02:12
robrursalveti, you might need to poke an archive admin to go in a more completely delete the wrong-versioned packages, but starting over in a fresh silo was a good first step.02:12
rsalvetibut creating this issue02:12
rsalvetirobru: mind allocating a new silo for 32 then?02:12
rsalvetiit's currently releasing silo 4 there02:12
robrursalveti, k, it's got silo 12 now02:13
rsalvetirobru: thanks!02:14
robrursalveti, you're welcome!02:14
kgunnrsalveti: robru so why'd my stuff move ?02:45
rsalvetikgunn: because daflu rejected 5.102:45
rsalvetiand moved back to 5.002:45
rsalvetiso we had to clean up and start fresh, because of version changes02:46
rsalvetikgunn: check the mr02:46
robrukgunn, PPAs reject uploads of a lower version once a higher version has been introduced. So 0.5.1 was already in the PPA, you can't upload 0.5.0 there anymore02:47
kgunnrsalveti: its just that i actually could have guessed that was why w/o asking02:47
kgunnhe rejects stuff b/c it exists02:47
kgunnrsalveti: per the comment in them mp...the reject/change that was made was optional02:50
kgunnso i'm not really sure i tested nexus10 correctly or not02:51
kgunnit moved right in the middle02:51
rsalvetiright, but didn't want to decide what to do there, just wanted to land it :-)02:51
kgunnyeah i know02:51
rsalvetiI tested it already, was already good to be landed02:51
kgunnrsalveti: i tested it on n4 and n10 (i think)02:52
kgunnrsalveti: i was working on testing it on n702:52
rsalvetiI tested the previous one with mako, flo, manta and nexus 502:53
rsalvetiall good02:53
rsalvetias only the changelog itself changed, we should be good once the build is done02:53
kgunnrsalveti: yep, n4 and n10 were good for me too02:53
kgunnare you on for much longer ?02:54
rsalvetiyup, can watch that02:54
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kgunnrsalveti: beat me to it...i just did sanity boots on all of them03:49
kgunnjust in case03:49
kgunnall good03:49
rsalvetiyeah, same her03:49
kgunnok bed for me03:49
bzoltanrsalveti:  do you know anybody around who could review an MR for the ubuntu-seeds?03:50
rsalvetibzoltan: which mr?03:51
bzoltanrsalveti: This -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/ubuntu-seeds/add_telephony/+merge/22766503:51
bzoltanrsalveti:  I just added a QML plugin to the SDK03:51
rsalvetisure, let me get that to the archive03:52
bzoltanrsalveti: Thanks a lot!03:54
rsalvetibzoltan: done04:11
bzoltanrsalveti:  thank you a lot!04:12
tvossdavmor2, ping06:40
tvossdavmor2, when you are available: we rebuilt two packages in silo 8, pay service and media hub. Could you give it another spin with a focus on payments and media playback, respectively?06:47
thostr_sil2100: can I get silos for line 15 and 23?07:28
sil2100thostr_: let me assign those, but later cjwatson will be your train-guide :)07:29
thostr_sil2100: ack. thanks07:29
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cjwatson... except that I'm going to need to reboot my home server soon as it's throwing worrying filesystem errors07:35
cjwatson(new disk on order)07:35
cjwatsonactually, let me do that now.  back in a bit07:37
jibelhey, could anyone have a look at bug 1344047 ? it is a very frequent crash.07:51
jibelthis is problem https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/7fbb29cd16437f0b85c68abcc20d4d0b6cea0c1307:51
sil2100thostr_: ok, so...07:52
sil2100thostr_: let me just consult this with tvoss07:52
sil2100thostr_: since the silos haven't been assigned because they conflict with silo 008 which is scheduled for landing soon07:53
sil2100tvoss: ping07:53
tvosssil2100, yup, waiting for davmor2 to do a final round of testing07:53
tvossthostr_, ping for https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-datetime/make-gcc-version-explicit/+merge/22446707:59
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sil2100tvoss: what's the ETA for this to be ready to land then?08:06
tvosssil2100, before lunch hopefully08:19
tvossdavmor2, ping08:19
davmor2Morning all08:28
davmor2tvoss: pong already ;)  What payment services do we have in play I didn't know we could currently08:28
davmor2tvoss: oh and by the way, 09:30-10:00 I'm online for a meeting but 11:00-20:00 are my actual hours BST currently08:29
tvossdavmor2, ah okay :)08:30
tvossdavmor2, so I think the most important bit is media08:30
tvossthostr_, or do we have a test plan for the payments stuff?08:30
davmor2can we buy 7Digital music maybe?08:32
tvossthostr_, ^08:32
thostr_tvoss: first draft https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Process/Merges/TestPlan/pay-service08:34
thostr_tvoss: will be more elaborate once we get the missing pieces/implementations in place08:34
tvossdavmor2, ^08:35
davmor2thanks guys08:35
Saviqcihelp, hey guys, do you know anything about "g_dbus_connection_real_closed: Remote peer vanished with error: Underlying GIOStream returned 0 bytes on an async read (g-io-error-quark, 0). Exiting."?08:50
ogra_looks like the counterpart process crashed08:51
sil2100bzoltan: hello! Do you know the status of the 2 MR's for the workarounds of our UITK test problems?08:52
Saviqogra_, yeah, no related .crash I can find, though, and the phone just went dead (it happens during u8 autopilot, to me on the phone, to jenkins in the VM http://s-jenkins.ubuntu-ci:8080/job/generic-deb-autopilot-runner-mako/2477/console)08:53
psivaaSaviq: that is happening during unity8 tests on mako and flo during smoke testing too08:54
ogra_Saviq, i think psivaa saw it too in smoke tests08:54
Saviqpsivaa, yup08:54
Saviqfeels bad...08:55
psivaaSaviq: unity8.shell.tests.test_upstart.UpstartIntegrationTests.test_expect_sigstop(Native Device) appears to be the offender08:55
Saviqpsivaa, hmm interesting, let me try08:55
Saviqpsivaa, yeah confirmed08:57
psivaaSaviq: ack. thanks. shall i leave that with you then?08:57
psivaasil2100: ^08:58
Saviqpsivaa, I won't have the time I'm afraid, going into meetings with design in London onw08:58
Saviqat least not for another 2h or so08:58
psivaaSaviq: ok, i'll report a bug as sil2100 asked for anyone to pick up from09:03
tvosssil2100, ping09:19
psivaasil2100: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/1346819 is the bug for the unity8 issue above09:19
sil2100tvoss: pong!09:34
sil2100psivaa: thanks!09:34
sil2100cjwatson: ah, just you know - silo 008 is a rather high risk silo, so we would like to have an image build right before landing that silo09:35
jibelsil2100, I filed bug 1346821, it's probably worth mentioning it on the landing email and adding it to the list of promotion blockers too.09:38
* sil2100 takes a look09:46
sil2100jibel: oh my!09:46
cjwatsonsil2100: Sorry I missed the meeting; fsck is still running (!).  Anything else other than the image build thing that I should know about?09:47
sil2100davmor2: are you busy? Could you take a look and see if you can reproduce the above bug ^ ?09:47
cjwatsonsil2100: Just an image build for comparison purposes?  Hopefully we don't need a full testing pass on it as well ...09:48
sil2100cjwatson: no worries, in such cases we usually try to get an image built before the landing and right afterwards, only for comparison purposes09:48
tvosssil2100, did you kick off the image build, yet?09:49
sil2100cjwatson: this way we have more chances to see what broke exactly09:49
sil2100tvoss: no, but I guess it's the rigth time for that - testing almost done?09:49
sil2100ogra_, cjwatson, tvoss: ok, I'm kicking a new image now09:50
tvosssil2100, almost, reconfiguring with a different mp for the scopes api and rebuilding that package09:50
sil2100Let's not land anything right now until this fetches all the packages, and maybe try landing nothing risky besides silo 008 before we kick an image 'after' the landing09:51
sil2100I know it's a bother, but it's the safest way09:51
cjwatsonI have to say that I think we're overstating the riskiness, but whatever09:52
sil2100cjwatson: could be, but I still remember the chaos caused by a single dbus-cpp rebuild against 4.8 which casued some blocking regressions in the location service09:53
cjwatsonAfter which we went back and took all this care :)09:54
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sil2100dpm: hello!10:26
sil2100dpm: were you able to get someone working on the AP failures in filemanager and calendar?10:26
tvossdavmor2, unity-scopes-api rebuild done10:30
davmor2tvoss: right updating10:31
tvossdavmor2, thanks10:31
dpmhi sil2100, I'm in touch with brendand re: file manager, but we haven't found anyone yet. Calendar I was not aware of10:35
sil2100dpm: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calendar-app/+bug/1343916 <- it's in the daily e-mail if anything10:36
brendanddpm, i think i didn't ping you directly about the calendar one yet, but i did ping the channel. no worries anyway10:37
tvosssil2100, is the pre-silo8 image build done?10:51
sil2100tvoss: it started around an hour ago, so I guess it should have already pulled in all the packages10:52
tvosssil2100, ack10:52
camakofginther, @the mir0.5 CI failures, I looked around and tried to repro locally but couldn't. I don't have even a high level understanding of CI, and not sure what happens before the script gets to the point of failure. Since we see these failures only for 0.5 MPs, there must be a configuration difference between devel and 0.5. But I'm not sure how to check that. Could you help?10:52
camakofginther, curiously I see lines like this one :10:55
camakoright before the point of failure10:55
Saviqpsivaa, did you investigate bug #1346819 at all?11:02
psivaaSaviq: no, sorry I dint.11:02
Saviqpsivaa, that's ok, just wanted to know11:04
cjwatsonsil2100: It'd take a while for things to propagate through -proposed anyway.  You can see build progress on https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-cdimage/+livefs/ubuntu/utopic/ubuntu-touch11:12
cjwatson(Which I could look at except I'm still tethering ...)11:12
cjwatsonsil2100: Ah, it's done from cdimage's point of view; maybe it's still dealing with system-images11:13
cjwatsontvoss: ^-11:14
sil2100cjwatson: right, I'm not sure if tvoss's silo is already finished testing11:14
sil2100tvoss: ?11:14
tvosscjwatson, thanks for the update11:14
tvosssil2100, nope, not yet11:14
imgbot=== trainguard: IMAGE 144 DONE (finished: 20140722 11:35) ===11:34
imgbot=== changelog: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/144.changes ===11:34
tvossthostr_, ping11:47
thostr_tvoss: pong11:58
tvossdavmor2, thostr_ just confirmed that you don't need to test pay12:02
thostr_davmor2: it's still disabled by default, so don't worry about it right now12:03
davmor2in that case everything else I needed to test worked as expected12:03
thostr_davmor2: so, land land land....12:03
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davmor2sil2100, thostr_, tvoss: I'm happy for silo 008 to hit the phone12:09
tvossdavmor2, \o/12:09
sil2100cjwatson: can you handle it ^ ?12:15
* tvoss hides away12:20
sil2100Ok, I see cjwatson is busy, let me publish12:33
sil2100I guess we'll need a core dev approving all those12:35
sil2100cjwatson, ogra_: could anyone of you take a look at those many packaging diffs?12:35
sil2100cjwatson, ogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835889/12:37
sil2100Ok, let me approve all the universe ones and then ask Didier for the rest (also the ones with new binary packages)13:14
tvosssil2100, do you guys need me for silo 8? if not, I would step out to run some errands13:17
sil2100tvoss: I guess we should be fine, the changes look ok packaging-wise but some core-devs and archive admin need to +1 some of them13:17
cjwatsonsil2100: Sorry, I'd gone out for lunch13:17
cjwatsonI'm here now13:17
cjwatsonsil2100: Which ones are left?13:18
sil2100cjwatson: no problem ;) There's just a ton of packaging changes to +1 - most of them seem to be from main, but I'm looking at indicator-location now which is universe13:18
t1mpI'm having some problems with a unit test on jenkins - https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-sdk-team-ubuntu-ui-toolkit-staging-utopic-amd64-autolanding/219/console13:18
cjwatsonOK, I'll just go through the lot, I think I've previously reviewed most of them anyway ...13:18
t1mpI'm getting a failure 0.1.49+14.10.20140715bzr1130pkg0utopic219/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Icon11.qml:35:5: QML Image: Invalid image data: file:///usr/share/icons/suru/actions/scalable/search.svg13:18
sil2100But I took a quick look at most of them and they seem to be safe soname bumps and gcc dep-changes13:19
t1mpwhen I flash my local phone, that file exists. Could it be that on jenkins it is not there? Is there a way to check?13:19
sil2100cprov: ^ :)13:19
ogra_cjwatson, sil2100,  sorrry, busy with developer mode ... i can do left over reviews later today though13:20
cprovt1mp: let me find someone to help you, one minute13:21
cjwatsonogra_: It's OK, I'll deal with them13:21
t1mpcprov: ok, thanks13:21
cjwatsonThey're all meant to have an AA check anyway13:21
sil2100Those that have soname bumps at least13:22
cjwatsonBut that's lots13:23
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kenvandinesil2100, kgunn: i'm going to do a settings landing, silo 6 will need a rebuild13:25
cjwatsonkenvandine: please hold until we have silo 8 done13:26
kenvandinesilo 8?13:26
cjwatsonsettings is on the phone, isn't it?13:27
kenvandineok, just preparing a silo13:27
seb128settings doesn't conflict with 813:27
cjwatsonoh, preparing a silo is fine13:27
kenvandineand settings isn't in 813:27
cjwatsonseb128: yeah, but we're trying to get an image that just changes that so that people don't misattribute test failures to it13:27
seb128the topic says "anything that conflicts"13:27
seb128cjwatson, well, you pointed to the topic, but that's not what the topic says ;-)13:28
cjwatsonI'm not going to argue about this, it's slowing me down13:28
kenvandinei'll be sure not to publish it until that's cleared13:28
seb128cjwatson, sorry, closed tab rather than topic details13:28
ogra_seb128, everything conflicts ... simple ;)13:28
cjwatsontvoss: Was the removal of -DUNITY_DLL_EXPORTS from unity-scopes-api deliberate?  https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-scopes-api/require-g++-4.9/+merge/22738613:28
cjwatsonthat's the only questionable thing I see here13:28
tvosscjwatson, I *think* so, mhr3^13:29
tvossthostr_, ^13:29
cjwatsonseb128: shouldn't be long now anyway13:29
seb128cjwatson, right, as kenvandine said we are just starting to build in a silo13:29
mhr3tvoss, cjwatson, we use symbol map, so it's uncessary13:29
thostr_really mhr3 to answer...13:29
seb128so time it builds/get tested/etc13:29
tvossmhr3, ack and thx13:30
tvosscjwatson, seems to be good then13:30
cjwatsonok, cool13:30
cjwatsoncore-dev/AA ack, publishing13:30
sil2100cjwatson: thanks!13:30
tvosscjohnston, thanks :)13:30
tvosssil2100, running out for an errand now, can you hit merge&clean on silo 8 once things are published?13:31
sil2100tvoss: sure thing :)13:31
cjwatsontvoss: I'll deal with it13:31
tvosscjwatson, thanks13:31
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|errands
cjwatsonit may yet need -proposed handholding13:31
* tvoss|errands imagines cjwatson herding a bunch of packages through the proposed landscape :)13:32
cjwatsonfeels like that some days13:32
ogra_just send the dog13:32
cprovt1mp: I am not sure which package provides/installs /usr/share/icons/suru. I suspect it is not available in build time. Did you try to build your package in a PPA as well ? does it work as expected ?13:43
bfillersil2100: can you please republish silo 16? the MR's are now all approved13:45
t1mpcprov: suru-icon-theme is the package, and it is in depends and build-depends13:45
cjwatsonbfiller: Let's get an image following the silo 8 landing first13:47
cjwatsonHopefully won't be long13:47
cprovt1mp: okay, are you also using pbuilder locally ?13:49
cprovt1mp: one alternative is to merge the corresponding trunk and try to build in a LP PPA, so we can compare logs and results.13:50
t1mpcprov: no, I'm building locally using simply qmake && make13:52
t1mpcprov: building of packages always happens automatically for me for the MRs, and I never pushed to a PPA yet (it is all configured to be automatic for the UITK project)13:52
cprovt1mp: if you have the time to do the experiments above, it will be a proper way to find out what is wrong and where.13:53
t1mpcprov: not really, I am at a sprint this week with a lot of new design stuff to implement so it will have to wait till next week13:56
t1mprenatu: ^actually, was the branch that I made for you built on a PPA?13:56
Saviqpsivaa, sil2100, btw, found out the unity8 dbus issue, will have a fix soon13:57
sil2100Saviq: excellent! Thanks :)13:57
sil2100Great news13:57
cprovt1mp: no worries, if it's not urgent, I can try something later today to help you with debugging.13:57
t1mpcprov: I need it for some changes that we would like to have this week to review with the designers, but it is not the most critical thing right now13:59
t1mpcprov: the branch that I asked renatu about includes the test that fails in my MR, and it is being built on a PPA so I don't know yet if the tests fail there14:00
psivaaSaviq: ack, saw your comment in the bug. thanks :)14:01
fginthercamako, for the mir 0.5 builds, does it need to build against the mir staging PPA?14:01
camakofginther, no just from the branch14:02
fginthercamako, ack14:02
mhr3sil2100, ping?14:17
sil2100mhr3: pong?14:17
mhr3sil2100, could i get silo for #15? i know scopes are landing right now, but would really need it, will rebuild once the 4.9 stuff lands14:17
sil2100mhr3: ok, sure, cjwatson is the sheriff right now but I'll assign it to you with override14:18
mhr3sil2100, ah, ok, thx14:18
davmor2sil2100, ogra_: is it wrong to get so excited about the fact that the transfer indicator goes green when you install apps :D14:20
davmor2kgunn: did the manta fix land in a silo in the end?14:21
ogra_i wonder why everything needs to be green nowadays14:21
davmor2ogra_: They listen in to our meeting about everything being green and took it literally?14:22
ogra_well, we should tell the designers they shouldnt take us to serious then :)14:22
kgunndavmor2: yes, rsalveti & i tested and landed that late last night14:23
davmor2kgunn: you guys rock so latest image should have it and I can install it immediately then right?14:24
kgunndavmor2: i'm not sure which image..but yeah, in theory14:26
* davmor2 plugs his manta into the pc14:27
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davmor2kgunn: \o/ working manta !14:39
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
bfillersil2100: I need a silo for line 33 please, it's ok if it conflicts - we will manage it. Mostly for testing during the UI/Design sprint happening now15:04
cjwatsonbfiller: I'll deal with it (see topic for the main train operator of the day)15:05
bfillercjwatson: great, thanks15:06
ogra_"CD image ubuntu-touch/ubuntu-rtm/14.09/daily-preinstalled failed to build on 20140722.1"15:06
cjwatsontvoss|errands: OK, first problem detected by -proposed: trust-store-tests needs to depend on libtrust-store1 rather than libtrust-store0.  Please could you fix that and build in silo 8?15:06
* ogra_ dances15:06
cjwatsonogra_: feel free to ignore for now :)15:06
ogra_the subsequent ones i will ... the first one was exciting to see :)15:06
cjwatson    * armhf: account-plugin-ubuntuone, indicator-network, libconnectivity-cpp-dev, libconnectivity-cpp0, libtrust-store-dev, libtrust-store0, qtubuntu-media, trust-store-tests, ubuntu-desktop-next, ubuntu-push-autopilot, ubuntu-system-settings, ubuntu-system-settings-online-accounts, ubuntu-system-settings-wizard, ubuntu-touch, unity-scope-click15:26
cjwatsonthat's from15:26
cjwatsonTrying easy from autohinter: process-cpp/2.0.0+14.10.20140718-0ubuntu1 unity-mir/0.5+14.10.20140718-0ubuntu1 location-service/2.0.0+14.10.20140718.2-0ubuntu1 unity-scopes-api/0.5.2+14.10.20140722-0ubuntu1 dbus-cpp/4.0.0+14.10.20140718-0ubuntu1 net-cpp/1.0.0+14.10.20140718-0ubuntu1 platform-api/2.1.0+14.10.20140721-0ubuntu1 media-hub/1.0.0+14.10.20140722-0ubuntu1 mediascanner2/0.101+14.10.20140721-0ubuntu115:26
cjwatsonindicator-datetime indicator-location indicator-transfer unity-api unity-scope-mediascanner   all went in15:28
cjwatsonI guess that means that   net-cpp pay-service trust-store   are blocked at an earlier stage (trust-store explained earlier)15:28
cjwatsonoh, not net-cpp15:29
sil2100net-cpp finished all the tests so it should be fine15:29
cjwatsonnet-cpp is part of that set, ignore that15:29
cjwatsonmight just need to hint pay-service into the set as well15:30
cjwatsonI'll do that, but trust-store will need to be fixed15:30
sil2100Yeah, pay-service looks ok in overall, so it shouldn't be blocked - but I see trust-store has some dep problems15:30
cjwatsoncan somebody review it if I whip up a branch?15:30
cjwatsonand then we can shove it into silo 815:30
sil2100Sure, I can try that, not sure if tvoss|errands is around15:31
cjwatsonI have a call now though, so will be in the background15:31
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slangasektvoss|errands: so, what's left for silo 008?15:45
sil2100slangasek: cjwatson is resolving the trust-store problem to get it migrated from -proposed15:48
slangaseksil2100: oh, hadn't seen that it was published - yay15:53
sil2100t1mp: hey!15:57
sil2100t1mp: how does the status of the two fixes for our UITK issues going?15:57
sil2100Since I didn't hear back from bzoltan15:57
sil2100kalikiana: hey! I saw that your UITK-AP-fix workaround merge is still not approved - is there any problem?15:59
balloonssil2100, kalikiana and my fix were merged to staging a bit ago16:00
t1mpcprov: apparently the failures we discussed before passed in the PPA for silo 1516:01
sil2100balloons: yeah, saw that, thanks :)16:01
t1mpsil2100: the uitk ap test workaround for the timestamps is in our staging now16:01
t1mpsil2100: for the qmlscene crashes I don't know16:01
t1mpkalikiana: ^ what's up with the qmlscene crash fix?16:02
t1mpah.. it was merged also :)16:02
cjwatsonsil2100: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/trust-store/tests-dep/+merge/22777616:02
cjwatsonslangasek: ^-16:02
t1mpsil2100: this was just happroved https://code.launchpad.net/~tpeeters/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/headIconMargins/+merge/227766 so let's see what jenkins does with that :)16:02
t1mpit is not related to the bugs, but we can see if the tests pass now16:02
sil2100cjwatson: approved16:03
cjwatsonthanks, let me poke a build.  trust-store isn't on the phone, so shouldn't require re-testing16:03
balloonsbtw, anyone about who can approve something into the store?16:04
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bzoltansil2100: t1mp: kalikiana: sorry, I was busy. What can i do?16:13
t1mpbzoltan: I didn't ping you.. I think.16:14
t1mpnot that I remember at least :)16:14
t1mprenatu: are there logs for the unit tests of UITK for silo 15?16:16
=== tvoss|errands is now known as tvoss
tvosscjwatson, sil2100 back, how can I help?16:17
cjwatsontvoss: too late, am building https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/trust-store/tests-dep/+merge/227776 on top of your stuff already16:18
bzoltant1mp: sil2100 did :)16:18
tvosscjwatson, thanks for the help :)16:18
cjwatsonsil2100: Shall I just upload this directly?16:20
sil2100cjwatson: yeah... I guess just uploading directly and then merging in manually (+ tagging) is the safest way16:21
om26erfginther, Hi!16:40
om26erCan anyone review and deploy a cupstream2distro-config ? https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/cupstream2distro-config/address_book_service_integration_testing_with_clients/+merge/22778716:42
sil2100davmor2: just give me a sign if you're able to reproduce the bug16:47
sil2100davmor2: and if you think it's a blocker16:47
davmor2sil2100: album is playing now I'm on track 4 iirc16:47
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davmor2sil2100: I have a horrible feel that jibel is play some French music and the phone doesn't like it ;) I'm on track 6 now still playing.  That or the phone really loves Adele :)16:57
sil2100Hah ;)16:58
sil2100Then let's not include it as a blocker then, but maybe just mentioning it in the e-mail16:58
sil2100davmor2: could you comment on it?16:58
om26ersil2100, do you know when will francis come back from holiday ?16:59
davmor2sil2100: I'll keep it playing you can always add it tomorrow jibel doesn't say how far through the album it dies16:59
jibeldavmor2, it died in less than 10minutes16:59
davmor2sil2100: I'll keep looking into it and get back to you tomorrow.  I'll see if I can't reproduce it with some different albums17:02
sil2100Ok, thanks!17:03
davmor2jibel: I'm assuming they were albums in mp3 format right?17:03
davmor2jibel: were they fixed bitrate or floating?17:03
davmor2variable even that the word I couldn't think of17:03
jibeldavmor2, same problem with 144, memory usage of media-hub jumped from 0.8% to 29.3% when music-app switched to the next song17:03
jibelI'll stop here because I'm waiting a call17:04
davmor2jibel: ah right so do you have the phone plugged into the laptop then?  if so that could be a difference between us mine was disconnected17:05
jibeldavmor2, yeah, but only to monitor, first time I noticed that it was not plugged17:06
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davmor2jibel: okay I'll keep having a play,  I'm using fixed rate mp3 that were from 7Digital via the UbuntuOne Music store as was.  So if yours are variable bit rate that would be the only other difference I can think of17:07
jibeldavmor2, I'm offline for a moment moving a piano, bbl17:10
alecuslangasek: tvoss: hi, I noticed that this branch is not in silo 8; perhaps it should be? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/unity-scope-click/explicit-gcc-version-trunk/+merge/22481417:49
slangasekwell, silo 8 has already published; I don't know how that missed out, but I guess it wants a new silo now if that still needs doing17:51
cjwatsonalecu: Is it possible to land this separately?17:51
alecusure, it can be landed separately if needed17:51
cjwatsonIt would be a lot easier to coordinate17:51
cjwatsonalecu: You can have a silo for it nowish if you put it on the spreadsheet17:52
aleculet me just check that it still merges ok17:53
cjwatsonHm, what's up with the publisher, it should have ... oh, Mozilla security updates17:53
* alecu didn't realize that silo 008 had landed... it still shows as "build failed" on my dashboard.17:54
cjwatsonIt's half-landed, I'm working on it17:54
cjwatsonHaving to do the last bit manually17:54
alecuah, great.17:54
davmor2jibel: so I see the mediahub and pulse audio both at 20%-ish but that is from song one, I'm keeping my eyes on the cpu percentage on song 2 it hasn't risen, and the memory of both pulse and mediahub have remained roughly the same18:02
robrucjwatson: hey are you handling landings? I have about an hour of wifi if you want me to take care of anything18:03
cjwatsonrobru: I'm about to need to finish; still babysitting silo 8 a bit18:05
robrucjwatson: ok18:05
cjwatsonOK, have adjusted the manual proposed-migration hint; it'll require another proposed-migration run though, so that'll be a while longer18:06
cjwatsonam going to have to go and help with children though18:06
cjwatsonwith any luck that will land, otherwise I'll come back and try again later18:07
robrucjwatson: ok cool. think it's safe to land 5 or should I wait on that?18:07
cjwatsonrobru: we didn't want to land much until 8 is properly done and we've built an image18:07
robrucjwatson: understood18:07
cjwatsonrobru: 5 isn't on the phone though, so that doesn't interfere18:08
robruoh cool18:08
cjwatsonso yeah, go ahead with that18:08
robruk, will do18:08
* cjwatson -> out for a while18:08
sil2100cjwatson: thanks!18:10
sil2100robru: so, once stuff migrates and silo 008 is merged in, there is one trust-store version that we'll have to merge in manually to the trunk branch18:10
robrusil2100: ok. I'm on a ferry right now, wifi will be spotty for me, but I'll try to keep an eye18:11
sil2100A ferry? :O18:12
robrusil2100: yep, I live on an island, have to take a boat to get to the airport ;-)18:12
sil2100I hope you have your life-preserver on! Although, according to South park, only vegans wear those...18:13
robrubzoltan: heya, I tried to publish silo 5 but I found that one of your MPs is not approved, and another is Superseded (!). Please review those and then we can publish.18:14
robrusil2100: hey, what's going on with this failure message in silo 8? i thought it was published? were the packages manually copied? how will i know when the silo has migrated?18:17
davmor2sil2100: so I'm into track 9 2392 phablet   20   0  220412  27636  11352 S 21.9  1.5  15:28.71 media-hub-s+ and pulse is  2258 phablet    9 -11  285564   5728   3560 S 25.8  0.3  16:05.77 pulseaudio   and both remain pretty similar18:30
sil2100robru: yeah, so we tried some mojo on that one18:42
sil2100robru: you can try m&c'ing it to see if all is migrated, but since we released a package on top of what's in the silo18:42
robrusil2100: hmmmm18:42
sil2100robru: so even if all migrates, I'm not sure if you won't have to force the merge18:43
robrusil2100: but do I have to force the merge for every single package? or just trust-store?18:43
sil2100robru: as we released a -0ubuntu2 trust-store to the archive directly, while -0ubuntu1 was in the silo18:43
kenvandinesil2100, if we want to get some builds of several branches together for testing that aren't actually ready to land, i can create a silo and just don't check that it's ready right?18:43
sil2100robru: I think what needs to be done:18:43
sil2100robru: force the merge&clean job on the silo once everything migrates, then backport -0ubuntu2 to trust-store trunk18:44
robrukenvandine: not checking ready means "don't give me a silo"18:44
kenvandinethat's what i was wondering :)18:44
kenvandinewe want an easy way to pull the dual sim work together for testing/debugging, but it's not ready to land18:44
sil2100kenvandine: you need to check it as ready but just not switch to testing: done18:45
sil2100kenvandine: and best mark in the landing comments that it's for testing only now :)18:45
kenvandinepmcgowan, give me the branches18:45
kenvandinewill do18:46
* sil2100 goes AFK now18:46
sil2100Bye o/18:46
kenvandinegood night sil210018:46
pmcgowankenvandine, https://code.launchpad.net/~jpakkane/ubuntu-system-settings/apneditor/+merge/22753418:46
pmcgowanand jgdx branch which is not yet in the list?18:46
kenvandinepmcgowan, ^^ that one?18:50
pmcgowankenvandine, yes18:51
pmcgowankenvandine, I thought that one was about ready to go18:51
kenvandinethis morning he said soon18:51
* kenvandine feels dirty saying it's ready when it's not :)18:53
kenvandinei added the comment though18:53
pmcgowankenvandine, well, we're not the only ones18:54
pmcgowankenvandine, this way I can ask cypher and tony to test as well18:55
robrukenvandine: you need the MP URL, and re-assign with ignore set.18:56
kenvandinerobru, already fixed18:56
kenvandineERROR:root:You asked to reconfigure request id 1406055143385. But we couldn't find it in any existing silo for it. Are you sure you don't want rather to assign a new silo with it?18:57
kenvandinerobru, ^^18:57
kenvandinei've angered someone ;)18:57
kenvandinei guess because it already has a request id?18:57
robrukenvandine: oh, yeah. delete the requestid from the spreadsheet row and then run the assignment thing again (you have to close the assignment box and launch it again, because it only generates the id at the beginning.18:58
mterryrobru: kgunn and I are interested in trying again for password locking (line 23) -- is there another silo free?19:00
robrumterry: ken just got the last one19:01
* mterry shakes fist at kenvandine19:01
kenvandinesorry, we really wanted a way to pull together the dual sim branches for settings19:02
kenvandinebut since it isn't actually ready to land, we can kill it if needed19:02
mterrykenvandine, no worries Ken, I'll just scrape together my bits myself19:03
robrumterry: bfiller has 5. ask him if he can part with oen19:03
kenvandinepmcgowan, conflict19:03
mterrykenvandine, I mean it, no worries, I don't need the silo this second19:03
pmcgowankenvandine, I saw19:03
kenvandinemterry, cool19:03
kenvandinepmcgowan, it's jdgx's branch19:03
kenvandineand i bet he's eod19:03
bfillerrobru: silo 16 can be republished and freed, the MR's are now approved19:04
bfillerrobru: I'm testing 2 others right now and hope to have them free soon19:04
pmcgowansilo hog19:04
bfillercan't help it if my team is cranking stuff out :)19:04
kenvandinebfiller :-p19:05
kenvandinepmcgowan, i think his branch conflicts with the apn branch19:05
kenvandinenot trunk19:06
kenvandinepmcgowan, i'll remove his for now19:06
pmcgowankenvandine, that could be for sure19:06
kgunnmterry: wonder, should we pull your stuff into silo6 with qtcomp ?19:08
kgunni mean just to keep you rolling19:08
kgunnwe can kick you out when we try to land19:08
mterrykgunn, those are so unrelated!  :)19:08
mterrykgunn, I can just build locally19:08
mterryfor testing19:08
bzoltanrobotfuel: thanks I will sort it out tomorrow morning19:18
tvosscjwatson, can we merge and clean silo 8?19:19
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
bfillersilo 1 and silo 7 are ready for publishing if anyone can make that happen19:36
bfillercjwatson: ^^^19:37
cjwatsontvoss: no19:37
tvosscjwatson, anything I can help with?19:38
cjwatsontvoss: still seems to have trouble in -proposed - I'll analyse it shortly but it's my evening19:38
tvosscjwatson, sure, feel free to ignore me for now :) just thought I'll check in and see if I can help19:38
cjwatsonbfiller: holding off until silo 8 is *actually* through if possible ...19:39
cjwatsontvoss: ah, well, you know how I was making comments about making sure you bumped build-deps on everything relevant?19:40
cjwatsontvoss: ... so about that19:40
tvosscjwatson, where did I forget that?19:40
cjwatsontvoss: indicator-network at least (still depends on old dbus-cpp)19:40
tvosscjwatson, want me to patch that now?19:41
cjwatsontvoss: connectivity-api19:41
cjwatsontvoss: qtubuntu-media (on media-hub)19:42
cjwatsonI *think* that's it19:42
tvosscjwatson, should I add connectivity and qtubuntu-media to the silo?19:43
cjwatsonoh, they weren't there already, hmm19:43
tvosscjwatson, nope19:43
cjwatsonI would say "let's use another silo" but they're all in use right now19:43
cjwatsontvoss: so yeah, please add them and build just those two packages19:43
tvosscjwatson, ack19:44
cjwatsontvoss: away for a bit, if you want to get hold of me then my mobile number's in the directory and feel free to text me19:44
tvosscjwatson, okay, I guess it can wait until tomorrow. We need another round of testing from davmor anyway19:45
tvossslangasek, ^19:45
cjwatsoncan we manage with lighter-weight testing?  we have a smaller set of components now19:46
cjwatsonand I really don't want to keep everything locked for very much longer19:46
tvosscjwatson, sure, but we at least need indicator-network tested, as well as the media-experience19:47
cjwatsonsure, but maybe that isn't a full dogfooding pass?19:47
cjwatsonis anyone else available at this hour?  davmor has done a lot for us with this19:47
cjwatsonanyway, let's please let these built ASAP and then we can see19:48
cjwatsonreally gone19:48
tvosscjwatson, let me see19:50
tvossasac, who could help out with testing silo 8?19:50
tvossslangasek, around?20:34
tvossUrsinha, hey there, could you reconfigure silo 8 for me, added source packages20:38
tvossanyone from the ci crowd around?20:42
cjohnstontvoss: I believe you need to speak to cjwatson about that.. He seems to be the current train person20:42
cjwatsonI can recon it, one sec20:42
cjwatsonI think20:42
tvosscjwatson, cool, thank you20:43
tvosscjwatson, got all three missing packages in there now20:43
cjwatsonwell, hopefully it's all three :)20:44
cjwatsonbah, need to recon harder20:45
cjwatsonthink I've remembered the runes20:46
tvosscjwatson, triggered rebuild20:48
cjwatsontvoss: no stop20:49
cjwatsontvoss: I'll tell you whe n20:50
tvosscjwatson, finished with failure anyway :)20:51
cjwatsontvoss: ok, try now20:52
cjwatsontvoss: voted approve on the three new MPs though of course they'll need top-approval20:54
tvosscjwatson, ack and thanks20:55
tvosscjwatson, there is something weird going on for qtubuntu-media: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-008-1-build/151/console21:02
tvosscjwatson, I branched trunk21:02
tvosscjwatson, like minutes ago21:03
tvosscjwatson, EOD'ing now, build failure in silo 8 persists21:09
tvosscjwatson, all MPs are top-approved, though21:10
Saviqhuh, where's allow-unapproved gone?21:12
cjwatsonrobru: if you have a chance, could you merge https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtubuntu-media/0.7.1+14.10.20140604-0ubuntu2 into qtubuntu-media trunk (however's appropriate)?21:40
cjwatsonthat's the source of the current silo 8 failure21:40
robrucjwatson, can do21:40
robrucjwatson, what's the state of silo 8 other than that one trunk sync? is it tested? can i hit publish after the build finishes?21:57
cjwatsonThe three new packages aren't tested21:57
cjwatsonAnd tvoss thinks they need it21:57
cjwatson(Despite the fact that they passed a full dogfooding with mismatched g++ versions between packages exposing C++11 ABIs, which is supposed to make the world explode, but what do I know)21:58
robrucjwatson, what kind of testing is necessary? I've got about half an hour before my flight21:58
cjwatson20:47 <tvoss> cjwatson, sure, but we at least need indicator-network tested, as well as the media-experience21:58
robruah, on device.21:58
robrui might be able to test them depending on how long the builds take.21:59
cjwatsonslangasek: Is it possible to find a QA person who could test out silo 8 for this once this second pass builds?21:59
slangasekwell, good question21:59
robrucjwatson, slangasek: at this time of day, ToyKeeper is supposed to be our QA contact.21:59
cjwatsonOr third pass, or nth pass, whatever it is21:59
slangasekToyKeeper: are you available to help test silo-008 today?21:59
ToyKeeperslangasek: I think so.  What's up?22:00
ToyKeeper(usually no direct QA involvement is needed for silos)22:01
* ToyKeeper starts flashing a fresh image so it'll be ready when the silo is built22:02
slangasekToyKeeper: see cjwatson's questions above22:02
cjwatsonToyKeeper: right, so silo 8 is a big and complex one that apparently people have felt needs specific manual testing - Dave has done a few passes over it.  We found that we needed to do (at least) three more builds before it can finish publishing; those builds are in progress at the moment22:02
cjwatsonindicator-network, connectivity-api, and qtubuntu-media22:02
cjwatsonI think it would be sufficient for somebody to make sure that networking and media continue to basically work - unfortunately tvoss is finished for the day and because this is such a complex one we'd like to finish landing it as soon as possible so that we can have an image with as close as possible to just that change22:04
cjwatsonif that makes sense22:04
ToyKeeperSounds straightforward.22:04
robrucjwatson, yeah, there's a growing number of testing:pass silos, I wonder if I should just publish them all, kick an image, and then do silo 8 after that...22:04
cjwatsonrobru: bits of silo 8 have already landed though22:06
robrucjwatson, oh right, ok I won't publish then22:06
cjwatsonbecause the dependencies weren't checked properly in advance of initial publishing22:06
cjwatsonso some packages were built, with g++-4.9 apparently, against the old g++-4.8 ABIs, and because the dependencies said this was OK they were allowed into the release pocket22:07
cjwatsonit's possible that an image built now might be broken22:07
robruman, citrain desperately needs some kind of dep check that prevents publishing when a silo contains packages that don't have at least some kind of indirect dependent relationship22:07
cjwatsonso we really need to fix this22:08
cjwatsonI think this should actually be fixed in proposed-migration, or at the boundary between the two22:08
cjwatsoncommunicate that these packages should be migrated or not as a set22:08
cjwatsonputting even more weird logic in citrain that people shrug and override is probably not going to help :)22:08
=== robru changed the topic of #ubuntu-ci-eng to: Ubuntu CI Engineering Team | Vanguard: Ursinha | CI Train Status: #133 promoted | Need CI Train help? Ping: cjwatson | Known issues: Both queuebot and http://bit.ly/1mDv1FS know your silo status before the spreadsheet does. Silo 8 is half-landed! Don't publish anything else until silo 8 finishes landing and an image is kicked!
robrucjwatson, good point, also the more stuff that goes into citrain, the more stuff gets thrown away when ci airline arrives. so proposed-migration probably makes more sense.22:09
robrucjwatson, how would it work though? only citrain knows what's together in the same silos. or do you mean like 'stuff copied from the same PPA migrates together' or something?22:09
cjwatson(unfortunately it's not exactly trivial to do in p-m, but maybe when I get a while ...)22:09
cjwatsonrobru: well, they get copied as a batch22:10
cjwatsonby way of communication to a script that conveniently lives on the same user account as p-m22:10
ToyKeeperIn any case, let me know when builds are ready.22:11
cjwatsonToyKeeper: thanks.  I think they're not too far off22:11
cjwatsonhope I didn't miss anything in my analysis earlier22:11
robruToyKeeper, I'm signing off soon to board a 9 hour flight, but if you set an IRC highlight for landing-008, then queuebot will ping you when it's ready22:11
cjwatsonI can be around for a while longer22:11
cjwatsonif slangasek doesn't mind not seeing me too early tomorrow morning oh wait22:12
robruToyKeeper, or watch this page: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/landing-008-1-build/152/console22:12
* cjwatson likes having a manager eight hours thataway22:12
slangasekcjwatson: who else will keep me company at 11pm!? oh right pitti22:12
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robruoh, did somebody retry that build? the ppa says still building...22:35
cjwatsonleave it to me22:36
cjwatsonit's the usual connectivity-api flakiness22:36
cjwatsonI did indeed retry22:36
robrucjwatson, ok, I just ran a WATCH_ONLY so we can get more bot pings when it finishes22:37
robruI'm boaring in a few minutes here...22:37
cjwatsonthough I was going to do that once it actually built to reduce noise :)22:38
cjwatsonhave a good flight22:38
cjwatsonlooks better now anyway22:39
robrucjwatson, thanks, alright we're boarding ;-)22:40
cjwatsonToyKeeper: should be available in the silo now22:53
ToyKeepercjwatson: Awesome.  No notice from queuebot though?22:53
* ToyKeeper speaks too soon22:53
cjwatsonpublishing silo 14 since that's morally part of all this23:16
cjwatsonI wonder why 16 isn't shown as empty now23:19
cjwatsonToyKeeper: not to pressure you but any rough eta?  just want to see whether I should make a giant pot of coffee, go for a walk, or what23:26
thomiWhen is making a giant pot of coffee ever not a good idea?23:27
cjwatsontheoretically I probably want to sleep at some point, but I subscribe to the general tenor of your comment23:31
thomitheoretical sleep is the best kind23:32
ToyKeepercjwatson: Sorry, had a bit of an interruption...  Testing in progress, though.23:39
cjwatsonToyKeeper: ok, thanks23:45
cjwatsonToyKeeper: (was that queuebot notification you?  I guess not, probably a hangover from last run)23:46
ToyKeeperNope, that notice wasn't from me.23:47
cjwatsonChipaca: assigned.  you might want to think about notifying upgraders to clean up the stale files, later23:49
Chipacacjwatson: you mean the ones left behind by the old hook?23:50
Chipacayes. Maybe? if this had been used by anything yet, yes.23:50
Chipacaah, you mean, actually tell people23:51
Chipacayeah, will be doing that ;)23:51
cjwatsonflipped 8 back to testing: no to avoid confusion23:58

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