robert_ancellcharles, how do you do SRUs for the indicators?03:07
robert_ancelljust chuck stuff in debian/patches or make a new release?03:07
pittiGood morning03:12
willcookemorning folks06:25
didrockshey willcooke!06:25
didrocksready for day #2? ;)06:25
willcookeI'm off in to London in a little while, so I wanted to get the ball rolling before I sit on the train06:26
willcookeactually, I have a question for you didrocks06:26
willcookeI'm trying to work out who is in our team (pretty fundamental, right)06:26
willcookeso let me send you a link06:26
didrockswell, it's a good start :)06:26
willcookehey seb128, can you make me an admin on https://launchpad.net/~canonical-desktop-team06:30
seb128good morning desktopers06:31
seb128willcooke, sure, sorry I didn't respond because I'm not fully in work mode yet, but can do that ;-)06:31
willcookeno hurry seb12806:32
willcookeI'm not either - no coffee06:32
TheMusoHey willcooke.07:33
willcookehowdy TheMuso - good to meet you :)07:34
TheMusoYou too.07:34
willcookeright - off to London.  Be back online in about an hour (depending on the trains)08:01
seb128hey Laney, how are you?08:05
Laneyhey seb128, doing good thank you08:08
Laneyjust sat around last night and napped/watched some tv, didn't end up going climbing ;-)08:09
Laneypent up energy, raaargh08:09
Laneyhey czajkowski08:13
Laneywie gehts?08:13
czajkowskinot just yet :) 3 hrs to flight :) time to print of name badges and check in yet08:14
Laneyit's a glamorous life you've got there08:15
seb128Laney, I'm fine thanks, not fully awake yet ;-)08:15
didrocksmorning Laney, czajkowski08:15
seb128czajkowski, hey, unity working today? ;-)08:15
Laneyseb128: still keeping up this early morning IRCing though :P08:15
seb128Laney, ye08:16
didrocksLaney: see, going in Lyon can change a man! :)08:16
seb128Laney, yeah, there is no budging there!08:16
seb128well, let's see and wait how it goes in winter ;-)08:16
czajkowskiseb128: eh no :( but I now have all the commands to restart various things so I can get back onto my main account and not live on guest08:16
czajkowskithanks for asking :)08:17
seb128but it's actually alright for summer08:17
didrocksseb128: same, but with hot wine :p08:17
seb128czajkowski, :-(08:17
seb128didrocks, lol08:17
seb128didrocks, then I'm the one with the drinking problem, right?08:17
didrocksyou obviously are :)08:17
* didrocks retries to build a desktop docker container08:35
didrocksfirst automated trial was a fail :)08:35
seb128didrocks, enjoying docker then? :-)08:40
didrocksseb128: yeah, it's quite nice :)08:44
didrocksjust needs to find a way to install ubuntu-desktop without any priviledge08:44
didrocksensuring that I create a passwordless sudo user and so on…08:45
didrocks(to have that container running what we need)08:45
didrocksand ensuring that coverage works as expected, even within the container08:45
didrockswillcooke: come on, The IT Crowd reference on day 2! You set the bar high :)08:59
willcookedidrocks, I'm going to Gimp up an A team picture with your faces on it later and put it on my desk.09:01
willcookenearly in to London now - on the train atm.  4G is working quite well.  I get 20 Mb down, which is more than I get on ADSL at home09:03
willcookeshutting down - bbiab09:03
* didrocks goes for exercising09:49
didrocksseems like no rain this time :)09:49
seb128didrocks, enjoy!09:50
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willcookeseb128, do you have a calendar entry for the weekly meeting you could invite me to?  If not I'll create one and send it round10:08
Laneywillcooke: It's on the Ubuntu fridge calendar10:09
* Laney laughs at the optimistic Agenda link there10:09
seb128willcooke, there is one in the UE calendar owned by Michelle as well10:10
seb128which I copied in my calendar, personally10:10
pittihey willcooke, welcome back!10:10
seb128but if you prefer it handled some other way please do10:10
pittiso that's the man who took my job!10:10
pittiwillcooke: in case that's confusing to you, ask any desktop team member over a beer :)10:11
=== willcooke is now known as willcooke|meetin
Laneypitti for VP of Ubuntu Engineering!10:11
=== pitti is now known as somedude
somedudeLaney: pitti who?10:12
=== somedude is now known as pitti
seb128Laney, forget about that, let's just appoint some dude10:13
* Laney looks at a photo and sees pitti in the middle of fading out10:13
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davmor2seb128: some dude isn't he like that pitti chap a French guy who thinks he's German?10:26
pittidavmor2: mec, tu dois parler français ici !10:27
davmor2pitti: does that make you the anti seb128 ?10:28
pittidavmor2: koennte sein :)10:28
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pittidesrt: hey Ryan, how are you?11:09
desrtpitti: hi!  pretty good11:09
desrtbrain recovering nicely after a week of drowning in another language11:10
pittidesrt: do you see any reason to not commit the cgmanager bits to systemd-shim trunk, and making a new release? we're shipping that now in Ubuntu, and would like to ship it in Debian too11:10
pittidesrt: Esperanto? :-)11:10
desrtjust went to a week-long event.... no english spoken there....11:10
pittidesrt: très cool !11:10
desrtso ya11:10
desrtwe can merge that stuff now11:10
desrti actually told hallyn that i'd be OK if you pushed it (since you have commit access)11:11
pittidesrt: it's not perfect yet (old sessions don't get cleaned up sometimes), but it's workign well enough11:11
desrtya... the stop thing is hard11:11
pittidesrt: ah ok, that got lost in the Chinese whispers then11:11
desrtbecause you stop the session unit, and we don't know the cgroup path (ie: under which user)11:11
desrtso we can't properly kill it11:11
* Sweetsha1k smirks rolling through the backlog.11:18
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darkxstdidrocks, ping12:18
didrocksdarkxst: please don't use contextless ping, just ask ;)12:18
didrocks(especially if you are not around to ask the next question)12:20
darkxstdidrocks, so have been chatting with tracker upstream, unit tests are 100% guaranteed to pass (they won't do a release with these broken)12:20
didrocksdarkxst: ok, so we can run them in our infra?12:20
darkxstfunctional tests are a bit iffy, at best its like 90% that will pass12:20
didrocksdo we know which ones are flaky? can they be filtered out?12:21
darkxstdidrocks, I already hooked up unit tests, but under autopkgtest since they require install tracker to run12:21
didrocksthey are not really unit tests I guess then, but sounds good to me :)12:22
darkxstdidrocks, I know which ones are flaky right now, but seems like not properly maintained upstream12:22
didrocksdarkxst: they don't plan to maintain them? not sure it's a really good sign of quality for main then12:22
darkxstdidrocks, seems to be a case of too many tests12:23
didrocksdarkxst: would be a good contribution to upstream as well to try to separate reliable ones to flaky ones12:24
darkxstunit tests are maintained, functional tests can lag a bit12:24
didrocksand we can hook them up in autopkgtests12:24
darkxstyeh though I don't quite get the distinction here, from my quick look through test cases seems to be alot of duplication between unit tests and functional tests12:25
didrocksdarkxst: so, if they don't want to maintain them, why not proposing to remove them upstream?12:26
didrocksbad tests or unlooked tests are worse than not having tests12:26
darkxstdidrocks, unmaintained is probably not the right word, but a functional test failure doesn't seem to be a release blocker12:28
didrocksdarkxst: do we know how many tests are failing right now? (like the % on the total number?)12:29
didrockswe can have a threshold in that case12:29
darkxstprobably 6-7 fail, 1-2 just hang and timeout12:30
darkxstnot too sure how many tests there are, but probably over 10012:31
didrocksdarkxst: ok, maybe in a first approach, let's just blacklist the inconsistant one12:31
didrocksat least, if there is a big breakage, we can then detect them12:31
darkxstdidrocks, unit tests should catch that, in fact they already caught there first breakage on build #2 with the glib update12:33
didrocksdarkxst: well, it's to protect you, then, if you are fine in having something that can be broken without detection and think the unit tests are enough, good for me if you wired them up12:34
darkxstdidrocks, the unit tests, go well beyond unit testing from what I can see.12:37
didrocksdarkxst: from your descriptions, yeah, I just gave a quick look and they are clealy not unit tests :p12:37
didrocksso yeah, let's ensure that's wired up and that should be enough12:37
darkxstdidrocks, they are https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Utopic/view/AutoPkgTest/job/utopic-adt-tracker/12:39
didrocksdarkxst: are they? I keep seeing: # TOTAL: 012:40
didrocksbut yeah, some logs shows them passing12:41
didrockshowever, the counter doesn't work :/12:41
darkxstright, the counter on stdout is broken12:43
* didrocks sighs12:44
didrocksand upstream would say it's not important as well?12:44
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darkxstdidrocks, if a "unit" tests fails that is important, and it should trigger a failure regardless of the counters12:53
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, but it's still a sign that details don't seem to matter to upstream, which is reflecting on the global quality of the product12:54
didrocksthat's not a very good sign for something we have to commit to main12:54
darkxstdidrocks, it could also be fallout from switching to the newever glib.mk testing framework12:58
darkxsttracker 1.0 branch is still actively maintained, and should be for the foreseeable future, and api/abi should be pretty stable from here on in13:02
didrocksyeah, I'm more concern about other moving pieces breaking them and not being catchup13:02
didrocksand the fact that the tests are in a seemly weird tests don't give the right signal13:03
didrocksbut again, as long as ubuntu desktop doesn't use it and you are happy in Ubuntu GNOME to take the charge of maintaining, I'm fine with it being in main13:03
pittidesrt: pushed to master FYI; want to cut a release?13:04
pittidesrt: or perhaps let's wait a bit until cgmanager is in Debian, perhaps we'll get some more fixes by then13:05
darkxstdidrocks, tests aside, it really is way ahead of where it was a year or two ago,13:08
darkxst(stability wise)13:08
didrocksdarkxst: yeah, just fix the other issues then, and I'll +113:11
desrtpitti: i wouldn't mind getting the Stop thing working either...13:12
desrtpitti: could do it by walking the cgroup tree to find the group with the matching name....13:12
pittidesrt: I think this might not even be an issue of removing the cgroup, but just to invoke the cgroups' cleanup notification?13:13
darkxstdidrocks, sorting out the COPYING.LGPL that should be in next weeks 1.0.313:13
didrocksgreat :)13:13
desrtpitti: from what i understand, the entire point of this cgroup exercise is to have a reliable way to kill off a group of processes when the session exits13:13
desrtso ya.... implementing Stop is kinda _the_ point13:13
pittidesrt: if I log out of a session, the cgroup (like session-c4.scope) goes away, but it's still in loginctl as "State=closing"13:13
pittidesrt: yes, of course; but that's not even what I meant13:14
desrthallyn wanted it for another reason to do with users being able to create containers.... so he's happy now, sure.... but in theory, i think Stop is probably pretty important13:14
darkxstshlibs.local looks all correct to me, I don't see anything obsolete in there, and ricotz says the rpath thing is a non-issue13:14
didrocksdarkxst: why is it a non issue? We don't accept rpath in ubuntu apart if there is some real good reasons to have it13:21
darkxstricotz, ^?13:21
ricotzdidrocks, i commented on the bug, which was not completely right13:23
didrocksricotz: ah fine, I'll have a look once you reassign (and the rest is ready) then13:24
ricotzalthough there are no rpath references in the source13:24
ricotzand config.rpath is created due some outdated autotools mojo13:24
ricotzgit master doesnt pick it up anymore13:24
didrocksgreat, so let's wait for next release :)13:24
ricotzhmm, i guess we are going with 1.0.x here13:25
ricotzgit master is 1.1.x though13:25
pittimterry: welcome back! had some nice vacations?13:25
mterrypitti, yeah I was just camping with friends and family.  relaxing  :)13:25
mterrypitti, hopefully that deja-dup upload clears the blockage13:25
pittimterry: and thanks for the deja-dup fix13:26
mterry(thanks to Laney)13:26
pittimterry: oh, I was actually concerned the other way around -- glib breaking deja-dup :)13:26
seb128mterry, hey ;-)13:26
Laneythat glib is removed anyway13:26
mterrypitti, :) no thankfully just a silly warning message13:26
pittiI kind of like having a working backup13:26
mterryLaney, oh ok13:26
seb128mterry, I +1ed your settings changes13:26
Laneybut yeah, it has a new warning which makes some tests sad13:26
Laneyso still good13:26
pittimterry: btw, I switched from rsnapshot (which I'd used for like 10 years) to duplicity a few months ago; love it!13:27
mterryseb128, awesome thanks!  Now the blocker for that whole silo is the underlying config changes to livecd-rootfs13:27
mterrypitti, oh really!  Neat13:27
pittimterry: camping sounds great, had nice weather?13:27
mterrypitti, yeah it was actually nicely cloud-covered -- no rain, but not too much sun13:27
pittimterry: yeah, I configured deja-dup for my wife's computer a year or so ago; not quite flexible enough for me as a UI, but the duplicity backend is great13:28
mterrypitti, yeah you aren't DD's target audience  ;)13:28
pittimterry: (not a critique -- if the UI was so flexible it would be too hard for most users :) )13:28
pittimterry: well, actually, the only feature I'm missing is specifying an --exclude-globbing-filelist13:29
mterrypitti, mmm yes, I believe there is a feature request bug for that that I've been ignoring for the past many years13:30
pittimterry: yeah, no biggie; I like cron and CLI13:30
pittimterry: but I was quite amazed how easy and fire&forget it is, on my wife's PC13:31
pittimterry: she doesn't have quite my discipline with keeping $HOME neatly organized, and I don't want to carefully go and blacklist stuff, so DD is just great13:31
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Laneysince we got half of gstreamer 1.4 already, I'm going to look at the rest14:04
Laneyhappy days14:04
seb128Laney, thanks14:06
seb128Laney, shrug though on the people complaining about that sync14:12
Laneyit's not even a transition, just a bug14:13
Laneynot that anyone even investigated it yet14:13
seb128they claim they are too busy for that14:13
seb128how constructive!14:13
Laneyback in the day we'd have taken all of the point releases, then we'd have found the issue sooner ;-)14:14
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mvo_seb128: would https://launchpadlibrarian.net/180511188/gst-plugins-base1.0_1.4.0-1_1.4.0-1ubuntu1.diff.gz and https://launchpadlibrarian.net/180510137/gstreamer1.0_1.4.0-1_1.4.0-1ubuntu1.diff.gz be ok with you? I'm working toward makeing apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev:$target work and the git stuff is not multiarch enabled yet15:19
seb128mvo_, what do you mean by git stuff there?15:20
mvo_seb128: gir stuff15:20
mvo_seb128: sorry, autotyping :)15:20
seb128how does it work for other libs? I can't believe none of our gobject libs are multiarched15:20
seb128but having -dev depends on the gir is standard rule in Debian15:20
mvo_seb128: the libs are multi-arch, this is about being able to install a cross build environment, so the -dev lib needs to be multi-arch friendly15:21
mvo_seb128: sorry, I should have mentioned that in the changelog15:21
seb128mvo_, well, as said you are going to have that issue with gobject based lib15:22
seb128dev depends on gir is standard15:22
seb128also we are in sync with debian for those packages15:22
seb128those changes look lik a local hack rather than a proper solution?15:22
mvo_seb128: the proper solution is to make gir1.2-* package multiarch capable15:23
mvo_seb128: but I'm taking one step at a time15:23
mvo_seb128: the problem is that gir has arch dependant typelibs but a single path15:24
mvo_seb128: we need triplet paths15:24
seb128mvo_, can you talk to slomo about getting that one step in Debian so we can stay in sync?15:24
mvo_seb128: but that probably(?) means that all the loads need adjustment? i.e. perl/python etc. or is there a single loader codebase :) ? if so, I'm happy to start hacking on that15:24
seb128not sure if anyone has looked at multiarching gir, did you try asking pitti?15:25
seb128he knows that stack quite well since he's one of the maintainers15:25
pittiI haven't looked into this15:25
seb128mvo_, still, changing that depends to a recommends look wrong, so -1 from me15:25
mvo_pitti: do you know if there is a single loading code or if each binding implements this? the path lookup15:26
seb128as said you are going to hit that issue with any lib shipping a gir15:26
mvo_seb128: well, we are not shipping any other gir libs in ubuntu-sdk-libs15:26
pittimvo_: no, (hopefull) all bindings will use libgirepository, which is built by gobject-introspection15:26
mvo_seb128: those are the only offenders15:26
seb128and that seems a workaround, likely to create bugs and add divergence on debian15:26
pittimvo_: so only that library does the .typelib lookup and parsing15:26
mvo_seb128: well, patching libgirepository and multi-arching the gir packages is also a diversion and may trigger bugs (and a even bigger one). the alternative might be to simply drop the libs from ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev15:28
mvo_pitti: thanks, I check that out then15:28
seb128mvo_, well, multiarching should be done in debian for those15:29
seb128but otherwise +1 from dropping the depends then15:29
mvo_seb128: right, I think we agree that the proper fix is gir multiarch but that is some way away15:29
seb128mvo_, sorry, it's our weekly meeting time15:30
seb128hey desktopers15:30
seb128it's meeting time ;-)15:30
seb128qengho, Sweetshark, Laney, tkamppeter, desrt, attente, larsu, didrocks, FJKong, willcooke, hey15:31
seb128let's start by welcoming our new manager ;-)15:31
seb128willcooke, welcome on board!15:31
desrtwillcooke: what's up?15:31
willcookethank you very much15:31
larsuwelcome willcooke!15:31
willcookeHi guys, sorry I still havent got round to meeting you all 1 to 1 yet.15:32
willcookeI will get that sorted as a matter of priority15:32
Sweetsharkwelcome willcooke!15:32
willcookethanks Sweetshark15:33
seb128willcooke, did you want to say anything else before we start our usual team roundtable?15:33
seb128we have a slot after the roundtable for extra discussions ;-)15:34
willcookeI don't have much to say right now, other than what I've already said about 1:1 meetings with everyone.15:34
seb128k, makes sense15:34
seb128willcooke, thanks15:34
seb128ok, let's get started then15:34
seb128qengho, hey, you can start ;-)15:34
seb128no qengho?15:36
seb128Sweetshark, your turn then!15:36
Sweetshark- ongoing: create a docker/saltstacked ubuntu tinderbox for easy deployment upstream, using http://tinderbox.libreoffice.org/MASTER/status.html and http://skyfromme.wordpress.com/2013/08/03/tb3-more-efficient-tinderboxing/15:36
Sweetshark- ongoing: reenabling tests on 4.3 -- might be fixed by --disable-mergelibs15:36
Sweetshark- travel coord. for Bern (LibreOffice conference) and Montevideo (CISL Avanza)15:36
Sweetshark- cleaned up/merged changelogs for 4.2.4 security SRU15:36
Sweetshark- waiting for tag (today) for 14.04 SRU15:36
Sweetshark- looked into bug 1170035: unfortunately a mess to solve with -l10n split out and *.desktop files having all translations in one file (which is not in an -l10n package) :/15:36
Sweetshark- various bugzilla and launchpad prowling15:36
Sweetshark- leading the ESC call, provided some LibreOffice 4.2 vs. 4.3 bug stats: http://nabble.documentfoundation.org/bjoern-michaelsen-canonical-com-minutes-of-ESC-call-2014-07-17-td4115852.html -- likely will blogify those ~around 4.3.0 upstream release15:36
Sweetshark- trying (and mostly failing) to ignore the heat15:36
seb128Sweetshark, let me know when you get some SRU ready/if you need some sponsoring15:37
seb128didrocks, seems like you are not alone playing with docker ;-)15:37
didrockslooking so :)15:37
Sweetsharkseb128: sure, will need some time riping in the PPA still15:37
seb128Sweetshark, thanks15:37
seb128Laney, hey, your turn15:38
Laney• Sponsor xdg-utils for ochosi, provide advice on the sru process15:38
Laney• Update glib, find bugs (pcre3 in Debian breaks tests, gmutex native impl breaks shotwell)15:38
Laney∘ Merge tracker for test fix due to new warning15:38
Laney∘ Patch deja-dup likewise15:38
Sweetsharkdidrocks: kepp you hand of my docker *sternlook*15:38
Laney• Find patch for harfbuzz/myanmar crash (#1303516), upload + SRU15:38
Laney• u-s-s15:38
Laney∘ Work a lot on test fixes, seems green now15:38
Laney∘ Fix, not optimally due to SDK bugs, bug with scrolling in sound panel15:38
Laney∘ On jd_strand's advice, revert apparmor profile to fix sound playback15:38
Laney∘ Increase spacing in the main grid15:38
Laney∘ Reviews/pushback on scope creep in the schemas15:38
Laney• DMB: Finish zequence's mail application, flush a large set of updates to all flavour packagesets - the script hadn't been run for several months if not a year.15:38
Laney• Starting to look at gst 1.4 now that we got the base packages in Utopic by syncing (good done, bad not yet)15:38
Laney• Off Thursday + Friday this week, then GUADEC, then a trip to China(!)15:38
seb128Laney, enjoy the days off before the travelling ;-)15:39
seb128well done on the harfbuzz patch, installer bugs are not nice15:40
Laneywe've already consulted the Good Beer Guide :P15:40
seb128Laney, thanks!15:40
seb128good thinking ;-)15:40
qenghoAh, I missed the beep. I'm here.15:40
seb128qengho, ok, your turn then!15:40
qengho- chromium-browser 36.0.1985.125 preparation,15:40
qengho-- fixing webapps patches for package,15:40
qengho-- and fixing mir patches for testing.15:40
seb128qengho, what's the status for chromium 36? it has been some week where you say it's ready for upload15:41
seb128is that blocked on the security team?15:41
qenghoThat was 35. Security has it.15:41
seb128not utopic though?!15:41
seb128oh, well, not other series either15:42
seb128so blocked on security? did you try to ping them? what is blocking? can we help to unblock?15:42
qenghoThat's true, I could have found someone else to upload to U. :(15:42
qenghoI hear from CCC on #security that it's on his list, but I haven't harassed him.15:43
seb128let's wait a ping and ping jdstrand or chrisccoulson then15:43
willcookeqengho, seb128 - let me know if you want me to take care of that15:44
seb128willcooke, well, I don't know for how long it's blocked on them but it seems to be a while, that upload was ready to go a week ago already15:44
seb128willcooke, if you want to check with jdstrand was is blocking that would be nice15:44
willcookeseb128, ack15:44
seb128qengho, thanks15:45
seb128willcooke, thanks as well ;-)15:45
seb128tkamppeter, hey, your turn15:45
seb128no tkamppeter?15:46
seb128desrt, ok, your turn then15:46
desrtwas on vacation all of last week, and i don't remember _too_ much about the week before that15:47
desrtbut git log says that i landed the gmutex-natively-on-linux stuff along with the big performance improvements to GDBus for fixed-sized arrays15:47
desrti'd say that this sounds nice, but Laney already tells me otherwise ;)15:47
Laneydid you expect it to make working apps into non working ones? :)15:48
Laneyeven if it turns out to be shotwell being wrong15:48
desrtafter that i started taking larsu's comments about my markup parser stuff into account and did a fair bit of work for fleshing out the interface to something that we could think about landing... found a few thorns on the API meanwhile, but we talked about that today and came up with a good plan15:48
desrtLaney: who knows.... maybe out there somewhere is a non-working app that now works properly, too :)15:48
Laneyanyways, the comments on the bug said that the speed improvements can be quite nice15:49
Laneyso it'll be a win in the end15:49
desrtLaney: thanks for the support :)15:49
desrteof for me.15:50
seb128desrt, thanks15:50
seb128attente, hey, your turn15:50
tkamppeter- system-config-printer: Work on driver download hanging when initiated out of the D-Bus service (used by other printer setup tools).15:50
tkamppeter- Mentoring of GSoC students, midterm evaluations15:50
tkamppeter- Some organizational stuff for OpenPrinting Summit.15:50
tkamppeter- Bugs.15:50
seb128tkamppeter, thanks15:51
seb128attente, your turn now then I guess ;-)15:51
attentehey hey15:51
attentetrying to do dynamic language switching again, got it somewhat working after using an insecure apparmor policy15:51
attenteso working on a separate system settings service that will live on the session bus and provide read-only access to the current accountsservice user's properties15:51
desrtattente: why not in something like g-s-d or so?15:52
attenteon the device?15:53
desrthmm.  don't we have something like this there?15:53
desrtseems weird that we would have a separate daemon only for this one thing.15:53
desrtlet's talk later...15:54
seb128yeah, we don't have a g-s-d equivalent in there15:54
larsuwe have indicator-* there though15:54
seb128but might be a good topic for when we are together at GUADEC15:54
larsuone more won't hurt!15:54
desrtseb128: good call15:54
desrtlarsu just got an elbow in the side for that comment.... before i saw the </sarcasm>...15:54
seb128attente, I did a landing of u-g-m to utopic with the 3 branches that were ready15:54
larsudesrt: I forgive you15:54
attenteseb128: great, thanks!15:55
seb128attente, the SRU are still on my list, trying to get to those this week15:55
seb128attente, anything else?15:55
attenteseb128, that's it from me15:55
seb128attente, when do you travel?15:55
* Sweetshark hands out a new set of elbows to spend to everyone.15:56
seb128not a topic meeting so moving on ;-)15:56
seb128larsu, hey, your turn!15:56
larsuI wasn't very productive last week because I didn't feel very well15:57
attenteseb128: friday evening, arriving sat morning15:57
larsuI did manage to look over attente's branch and test it on my machine15:57
larsuthanks again attente15:57
seb128attente, k, safe travel!15:57
larsualso talked to Company how we could have a better situation with o-s, but he says it'll be hard15:57
seb128larsu, oh, I hope you are feeling better15:57
desrt(btw: for those who didn't guess, i'm on CEST for the next days...)15:57
larsuseb128: thanks15:58
seb128desrt, next week as well15:58
desrtseb128: eeveryone already knows that part, though :)15:58
attentelarsu, seb128, thanks :)15:58
larsuI've helped desrt again with the xml reader stuff (review, api talk)15:58
larsumade adwaita (and other themes) not use overlay scrollbars because they don't have the background hacks15:59
seb128larsu, we should discuss o-s with willcooke, but let's not do that today, he's just starting and it's a bit out of topic for the weekly roundtable15:59
larsuseb128: yep, I agree15:59
larsuand some minor things that I don't remember :)15:59
seb128willcooke, basically the overlay scrollbar are quite hackish and not easy to maintain, they create work and problems15:59
larsulike, dropped the gtk hacks from evince15:59
larsuand lots of discussion about various things15:59
larsueof I think15:59
seb128willcooke, they also only work for gtk apps15:59
seb128we were wondering if we should consider dropping the feature since it's inconsistant16:00
larsuand not for every gtk app....16:00
seb128that was  a summary so you have some context16:00
seb128let's discuss that another topic16:00
seb128larsu, thanks16:00
seb128"let's discuss that another time"16:00
seb128didrocks, hey, your turn!16:00
didrocks* Continue adding integration tests to ubuntu developer tools center. Up to 250 small tests (~40s) and 12 large tests (~640s)16:00
didrocks* Some fixes and refactoring in the way we execute and run default frameworks with a full new set of tests and better large tests abstractions.16:01
didrocks* Better launcher icons handling.16:01
didrocks* Evaluate lxc and docker for running medium ubuntu developer tools center tests inside that destructible environment. Choose docker.16:01
didrocks* Read and rampup on docker documentation and create an ubuntu-desktop compatible image (multiple quirks).16:01
didrocks* Start (on-going) integrating that image to the medium tests (different surprises when doing that :p)16:01
didrocks* Sync up with Stephane on China trip preparation16:01
didrocks* Some sponsoring (xdg-utils on utopic) and MIR (Tracker) discussions16:01
didrocks* Minor changes to http://people.canonical.com/~platform/design/ for the design team.16:01
didrocks* ah, and grasp chinese visa from Lyon's consulate \o/16:01
larsuseb128: oh I forgot: I looked into Trevinho's scrolling issues, but haven't come very far yet16:01
larsusorry didrocks :P16:01
seb128larsu, k16:01
seb128didrocks, the launcher handling ... you use the dbus api now?16:01
didrocksseb128: no, as it won't work for our case16:02
didrocksit's only for installing, with progress, and so on16:02
didrocks(and tight to apt only)16:02
didrocksbut now, I put it in a more logical place than always latest16:02
didrocksso, that workarounds the bug until Trevinho fixes it16:02
seb128didrocks, let us know how docker is working for you ;-)16:03
seb128didrocks, thanks16:03
didrocksyeah, it's "interesting" at times16:03
seb128FJKong, hey! still around? wanting to share something with us this week?16:03
* didrocks keeps spawing containers and removing them16:03
FJKonghi seb128,16:03
FJKonghi willcooke and team,16:04
FJKonglast week, I finished new feature about sogou Input method for Kylin. some bugs reported by QA were fixed already.16:04
FJKongthis week I will keep on fixing bugs on that. thank you.16:04
seb128FJKong, thanks16:04
seb128I think it means it's my turn16:04
seb128• 4 days week (had friday as a vac)16:04
seb128• spend some time on travelling preparation still (got my visa for China, yeah!)16:04
seb128• quite some ubuntu-system-settings code reviews and testing16:04
seb128∘ revert from apparmor changes that got deferred16:04
seb128∘ conffile cleanups on upgrade16:04
seb128∘ some tests improvements and bugfixes16:04
seb128∘ lock screen work16:05
seb128∘ bluetooth panel refactoring16:05
seb128• usual bugs/sru/sponsoring queue reviews16:05
seb128• some SRUs and sponsoring16:05
seb128 16:05
seb128that's it for this week (lot of discussions and small debugging on the side as well, as usual)16:05
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
seb128 16:06
seb128ok, anything else to discuss?16:06
willcookehi FJKong16:06
FJKongwillcooke: here16:06
willcookesorry - FJKong was just replying to you hello :P)16:06
willcookeI'm lagging :)16:06
seb128seems like we have no other topic16:07
seb128it's a wrap then16:07
seb128thanks everyone!16:07
didrocksyeah, see you guys! thanks :)16:07
seb128see you at guadec for some of you16:07
FJKongwillcooke: :)  see you soon16:07
seb128oh, maybe we should skip the next meeting (and the one after that as well?)16:07
seb128not sure if I'm going to be around at the conf for the meeting16:07
willcookeFJKong, indeed - really looking to it16:08
didrocksyeah, and we know the quality of conf network :p16:08
FJKongwelcome you guys to China, Have fun16:08
seb128oh, but willcooke can lead now16:08
seb128willcooke, I guess you are going to be around at the meeting time next week?16:08
seb128willcooke, some of us are going to be at guadec, but in case others still want to do the roundtable16:08
seb128if not we can just skip the meeting16:08
seb128(we might need to skip the week after that as well since a bunch of us are going to be in China then)16:08
Laneydesrt loves to chair :P16:09
* desrt moves Laney to the end of the list16:09
Laneythanks boss!16:09
* desrt moves Laney to the front of the list16:09
Laney>:( worst boss ever16:09
seb128yeah, I don't know why didrocks complains about the position16:10
seb128early sucks if you forgot to prepare your notes ;-)16:10
seb128can as well go at the end16:10
didrocksbecause it's unfair, I'm in this team way before most of people here ;)16:10
* desrt watches seb128 wonder why didrocks likes to complain (regardless of topic) ;)16:10
didrocksand I come prepared :p16:10
Laneytrue that16:11
willcookesorry - otp - will reply asap16:11
* Laney gives didrocks some travel to book16:11
didrocksLaney: ok, see you next month! :p16:11
seb128desrt, lol16:12
desrtseb128: takes one to know one16:12
seb128willcooke, don't worry, it's about next week meeting, can be sorted any time this week16:13
seb128desrt, indeed16:13
seb128mvo_, could you review https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/qtmir/packaging-fixes/+merge/226693 ? ;-)16:19
seb128"Using virtual package names in Conflicts/Replaces lines for clarity and adaptability. You can just provide the virtual names rather than specific ones, and apt will figure it out."16:19
seb128is that true? ;-)16:19
seb128ok, calling it a day, have a nice evening everyone!16:28
didrocksyou too guys!16:30
* didrocks goes as well with this 4 tests running successfully in my docker image :)16:30
didrocks(and with 3 lines of code difference from the integration tests ;))16:30
didrocksmore to come tomorrow \o/16:31
Sweetsharkdidrocks: hey, I have some more tests for you to run in _your_ docker image ;>16:34
didrocksSweetshark: ahah, don't even try :p16:34
didrocksSweetshark: I still install libroffice inside my docker image!16:35
didrocksso, be happy ;)16:35
Sweetsharkdidrocks: they are good ones. They make the room cozy by making your machine emit some heat.16:35
didrocksI'm on the balconee, see, no room… not possible :p16:35
Sweetsharkdidrocks: if you have libreoffice installed, can you run autopkgtests on them?16:36
Sweetsharkdidrocks: oh, global warming! its you!16:36
didrocksahah ;)16:37
chrisccoulsonseb128, qengho, re chromium - I wasn't sure how soon cr36 was going to be ready16:41
chrisccoulsonif it's going to be several days yet, then I'll upload the current version16:41
qenghochrisccoulson: I think it will be ready Thuraday.16:46
chrisccoulsonqengho, thanks16:49
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LaneySweetshark: seen https://www.gov.uk/government/news/open-document-formats-selected-to-meet-user-needs ?16:53
chrisccoulsonqengho, I think that 35.0.1916.153-0ubuntu1~pkg1029 (utopic) is a lower version than 35.0.1916.153-0ubuntu1.14.04.0~pkg1027 (trusty)16:56
czajkowskiLaney: great news16:57
chrisccoulsonI'll upload it for now, on the basis that it's probably worth waiting until thursday to upload cr36 to the other releases16:57
czajkowskichrisccoulson: you having many crashes on utopic on chromium ?16:57
chrisccoulsonczajkowski, no, I only use firefox16:57
chrisccoulsonactually, that's a bit of a lie16:57
chrisccoulsonI use chrome dev too16:57
chrisccoulsonczajkowski, that's probably one for qengho though :)16:58
willcooke@ next weeks team meeting - yes, happy to run it while you're out at guadec, and indeed for ever more.16:58
meetingologywillcooke: Error: "next" is not a valid command.16:58
Laneylaters potaters17:03
willcookel8r Laney17:04
SweetsharkLaney: yes, just about when you wrote that ... ;)17:06
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Laneythought you might have ...17:07
didrockslater guys!17:10
czajkowskiTrevinho: ello again, so stil running into same issue and trying to restart the session on my admin account, can still loig in fine via guest. on tty1  I've been running GSETTINGS_BACKEND command theen switching to the root account and back to restart ligh session but it's not working today, should I log in first to admin account and then do it?17:23
willcookeoff to catch the train home.  speak to y'all in the morning.  czajkowski let me know how you get on with that bug.17:29
czajkowskiwastl: oh if I coulr report the bug life would be easier :)17:31
czajkowskistuid tab completion17:31
mvo_lool: hi, a quick (and potentially silly) question. I'm trying to make apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev:armhf work and ran into the issue that gir1.2-* is not multi-arch enabled so not co-installable etc. but libqt5ebkit5-dev pulls in libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev which pulls in a gir1.2 lib which then breaks the multi-arch install. would the world break if I make libgstreamer-plugin-base1.0-dev a recommends of libgstreamer-plugins18:37
mvo_-base1.0-dev? I assume it would because buildds do not pull in recommends(?). the alternative to make the gir a recommend of libgstreamer-plugins-base1.0-dev was not well received by seb128 so I wonder what we can do. (short of making gir multiarch and rebuilding all packages :)18:37
mvo_weeh, that was long18:37
loolmvo_: hey18:38
loolmvo_: hold on, there is a lot at once  :-)18:38
mvo_lool: yeah, take your time18:38
mvo_lool: its long and complicated :)18:38
loolmvo_: first, I guess making more things multiarch is always nice, so if we can fix gir for being multiarch, that'd be nice, but I suspect it's tricky or it would already be done; I guess it's something like dlopen() stuff that cant be cross-arch, or generate a C file and run it18:39
loolmvo_: then, indeed, any recommends can probably be ignored for the matter of pulling the right stuff in; I guess you could apt-get install --no-install-recommends ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev:armhf, but you already know all of this18:40
mvo_lool: yeah, I haven't looked at it, this is the last piece I need to fix and making gir multiarch is a big hammer for just two this one package18:40
loolmvo_: last, it's worth checking if it's truly a same arch dep, or whether any gir tool would fit the bill18:40
mvo_lool: unfortunately gir is arch dependent18:40
loolmvo_: if there's a recommends, then this is probably a case of we want some pieces on the developer desktop, but it's not needed for buildds, so one approach could be to split the package18:41
loole.g. -dev-bin or something18:41
mvo_lool: so I want to get it out of the dependencies of ubuntu-sdk-libs if possible without breaking too much and was wondering if you might know more about libqt5webkit5-dev18:41
loolbut that's usually tricky to get backwards-compatible18:41
loolI know next to nothing about libqtwebkit18:41
loolI suspect it pulls gst to render videos, like anyone would guess18:42
loolbut it seems odd that you'd need to know about the implementation18:42
loolmvo_: I find the dependency of qtwebkit on gst suspicious18:44
loolmvo_: the current webkit .pc files indeed references -lgstreamer in the Libs.private18:44
loolmvo_: but I find it very suspicious that you'd have to know about the backend implementation and explicitely link your qtwebkit app to that18:44
loolmvo_: I've unpacked the .deb, and these were the only matches18:45
loolit's not even listed in Requires...18:45
mvo_lool: oh, great, so we might get rid of it :-D18:45
loolmvo_: I have vague memories of Libs vs Libs.private, but my brain has bitrotted there; it would seem to me that Libs.private is only for static linking?18:46
mvo_lool: but it means I need to patch the .pc file probably and hope no reverse-depends break? but I can check that18:46
mvo_lool: I don't remember, need to check that myself18:46
loolmvo_: it's possible that we dont care about Libs.private and that the dep is bogus18:46
loolmvo_: so I checked pkg-config, and Libs.private is indeed just for static linking18:47
loolmvo_: if I remember Debian Policy correctly, but again .... , I dont think we require a strict dep there18:47
loolI'd certainly vote for dropping the dep18:48
mvo_lool: awsome, thanks a bunch for your help. I test it in a ppa and get back18:48
loolmvo_: but certainly there must be experience in the desktop team on similar situations with Libs.private; I'm sure seb would know18:48
mvo_lool: he shut my original proposal down to demote the gir* stuff to recommends :P so he needs to help me finding a alternative solution now ;)18:49
loolmvo_: I'm sure he knows which kind of deps or whether we need one at all for Libs.private18:49
mvo_lool: thanks again for your help! I will send him a mail18:57
Trevinhoczajkowski: set the display variable to :020:38
robert_ancellcharles, how do you do SRUs for the indicators? J ust chuck stuff in debian/patches or make a new release?21:12
larsurobert_ancell: we make new releases21:29
robert_ancelllarsu, so I should just propose to a branch?21:29
larsuto the 14.04 branch21:29
arrrghhhhello.  just updated the ubuntu install on my father's machine, and he is complaining about gnucash and the reports not working properly.  He wants to downgrade, but I don't think it's a good idea.  Is there a way to run an older version of a package when there's a newer one in the repo's?  I tried to compile 2.4.15 for him, as he said 2.6.x is no good.  It ran for a while, but some update from Ubuntu he said removed it...21:56
sarnoldarrrghhh: look for 'pin' in apt_preferences manpage21:58
sarnoldarrrghhh: there's no gaurantee about how well the software will work out, but there's the mechanism to make it happen :)21:59
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arrrghhhso much work for something so silly... thx21:59
sarnoldyeah, it isn't expected to happen often..21:59
arrrghhhhe has some REALLY strong feelings about how they redid their report system, and based on some bug reports others feel the same as he does... but GnuCash is saying that's how it should be, and it was actually a bug with how it was working before in 2.4 lol.22:00
sarnoldheh, I've been on both sides of that before.22:01
arrrghhhditto, and gnucash is not going to fix it seemingly... or even provide the old report functionality.22:02

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