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pmatulisbelkinsa: ping12:13
pmatulisbelkinsa: i see this from last meeting: "<belkinsa> #action belkinsa pmatulis godbyk organize sub-team meetings for each month or so"12:16
pmatulisbelkinsa: has anything been done?  i'd like to rev up the next docs meeting12:17
belkinsapmatulis, nothing has been done though I made a call for the suggestion but no one replied to it.13:34
belkinsapmatulis, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-doc/2014-July/018994.html was the message13:36
pmatulisbelkinsa: 3 separate meetings for Desktop, Server, and Wiki then right?  the Ubuntu Manual will be with Desktop?13:46
belkinsaIt can, but I feel like no one really wants to do anything or time is an big issue.13:46
pmatulisbelkinsa: let's not change anything then.  it could be that the past 2 meetings were long because we just started to have meeting again and people had a lot of bottled up frustration/ideas13:49
belkinsaI think so.13:49
pmatulisbelkinsa: at least we can bring up the idea again next meeting.  with specifics this time13:50
pmatulisbelkinsa: it would be hard to have to schedule 3 meetings a month13:50
pmatulisi think there are benefits of having all monkeys in the barrel13:51
pmatulisi'll reply to your post13:52
belkinsaWe need to start that thread up again.13:52
pleia2the main issue I saw at the last meeting (aside from length) is that everyone kept getting confused about what we were talking about13:52
belkinsaYeah, that too.13:52
belkinsaIt's my fault for that.13:52
pleia2so even if we don't have separate meetings, perhaps during the meeting clear indicators of whether we're talking about wiki, server or desktop would be helpful13:53
pleia2because the rules/considerations/discussion is very different based on which :)13:53
* belkinsa faceplams13:53
pleia2this confusion is what caused phill to quit and get all crazy on us, we were talking about desktop docs and he thought we were kicking lubuntu off the wiki13:54
pmatulisso according to our current planning, the next meeting will be held Aug 6 right?  first Wed of the month?13:54
pmatulispleia2: he was talking about the wiki?13:55
pleia2pmatulis: yeah, lubuntu doesnt *have* built docs like xubuntu and kubuntu do13:55
pmatuliswow ok, the wiki13:55
belkinsaIs there a reason why Lubuntu don't have offical docs, pleia2?13:56
pmatulisno wonder i was confused13:56
pleia2belkinsa: young project, mostly just depend upon lxde documentation and documentation they put on the wiki (easier to write, more accessible for newcomers)13:56
belkinsaI see.13:57
belkinsapmatulis, got the e-mail.14:07
belkinsaI got*14:07
pmatulisbelkinsa: i edited https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/MeetingAgenda .  how does the read meeting banner get updated and how does one check the availability of #ubuntu-meeting or #ubuntu-meeting-2 ?14:15
pmatulisbelkinsa: the wiki item, we'll need to invite those admins, didn't we try that already?14:17
pleia2pmatulis: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/MeetingBanner14:55
pleia2and you just look at the fridge calendar re: availability https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DocumentationTeam/MeetingBanner14:56
pmatulisthe fridge, interesting14:58
pleia2it's a convinent place to stash things like this :)15:00
pmatuliscool! i added the fridge calendar to my google calendar15:06
pmatulisbelkinsa: i've set up the doc team meeting as a reocurring event (wiki meeting page and the ubuntu calendar)15:23
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