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kriegerodwhere can i check source code of the part of Ubuntu Install CD which shows prompt "Try Ubuntu or Install" (this: http://purushottamdike.com/En/os_info/ubuntu/13.10/desktop-install-1.png ) ?16:48
kriegerodhow can i customize the disk image to skip this prompt and go ahead with installation?16:48
xnoxkriegerod: it's ubiquity, and it's a kernel boot option.16:53
xnoxkriegerod: the default is "maybe-ubiquity", to boot into install mode direct, it's "only-ubiquity"16:54
xnoxkriegerod: without either, desktop session starts (aka try ubuntu)16:54
xnoxat burning man logo, click esc to choose if you want to boot direct into installer.16:54
kriegerodxnox: thanks for reply,16:56
kriegerodcould you please point where to edit the default boot choice? i'm not sure about boot/grub/grub.cfg16:57
kriegerodits content is https://gist.github.com/krieger-od/23d8310fc08ac92ad37e16:57
xnoxnot that.16:58
xnoxthat's uefi boot16:58
kriegerodxnox: so where to edit?16:59
xnoxkriegerod: grep for maybe-ubiquity.16:59
kriegerodok, will do. thanks17:00
xnoxkriegerod: why do you want to boot into installer by default?17:00
xnoxkriegerod: if you are automatically preseeding, you'd want to specify automatic-ubiquity.....17:00
xnoxkriegerod: not sure, but you might possibly will have to unpack and repack bootlogo archive.17:00
kriegerod"why do you want to boot into installer by default" -- making custom automated install cd17:08
xnoxkriegerod: than do use 14.04 at least =) 13.10 is end of life by now.17:13
kriegerodsure i use 14.04 iso17:17
kriegerodediting isolinux/txt.cfg helped17:17
kriegerodunfortunately i have preseed options "ubiquity passwd/user-password{,-again} password XXXXXX" not working. Any quick ideas?17:22
xnoxkriegerod: it's not ubiquity, but d-i.17:23
xnoxd-i passwd/user-fullname string UTAH17:23
xnoxd-i passwd/username string utah17:23
xnoxd-i passwd/user-password password !ubuntu12317:23
xnoxd-i passwd/user-password-again password !ubuntu12317:23
kriegerodgosh, i thought ubiquity is a fork of d-i17:24
xnoxkriegerod: no, it's not.17:24
kriegerodlines "ubiquity passwd/user-fullname", "ubiquity passwd/username" work17:24
xnoxlet me check the code.17:24
cjwatsonthe owner field doesn't matter in that case.  either d-i or ubiquity would work.17:27
cjwatsonubiquity is a wrapper around parts of d-i.17:27
kriegerodchanging passwd/user-password* prefix to d-i seems to work - now i wasn't asked by that dialog17:30
cjwatsonhow curious.  I wonder what cares about the owner there - really shouldn't17:31
kriegerodcjwatson: i guess you will be surprised even more that this https://gist.github.com/krieger-od/6be96f5c9867ed74c80d worked perfectly17:42
cjwatsonI haven't looked, doing a zillion other things, sorry17:43
cjwatsonwell, three, but both brain-intensive17:44
cjwatson*all :-)17:44
kriegerodis pkgsel/include option processed? i don't see it requested in /var/log/installer logs (with ubiquity-debug enabled)18:07
cjwatsonnot in ubiquity no18:08
kriegerodcould you please point to a directive which installs specific extra packages?18:09
xnoxubiquity doesn't install packages per-se, it simply copies the livefs to target with cp -a more or less.18:11
kriegerodi'll try to put back "d-i" prefix to it18:11
kriegerodi have previously replaced all "d-i" to "ubiquity", which made most of my preseed directives to make effect :)18:12
xnoxkriegerod: ubiquity does not run tasksel / pkgsel18:14
kriegerodxnox: the problem is that there's no up-to-date exhaustive documentation on preseed options for ubuntu18:16
kriegerodgrepping for late_command in ubiquity sources gives mentions only with oem-config prefix. No way to run custom command in generic install case?18:43
CarlFKkriegerod: works for me19:18
CarlFKroot around in here, this works: https://github.com/CarlFK/veyepar/tree/master/setup/nodes/pxe19:19
infinitycjwatson: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7839038/ <-- Objections?23:24
infinitycjwatson: Sick of screwing that up and having to reupload (as I'm about to...)23:24
infinityOh, except that's FTBFS in a test build.23:25
cjwatsoninfinity: LGTM once it builds23:25
infinityOh, wait, maybe it's FTBFS correctly.23:27
infinityAs in, linux-signed hasn't published yet. :P23:27
* infinity waits.23:27
infinityDo I get a gold start for making a package fail to build and then wondering why it fails to build?23:27
infinityOkay, local mirror in sync with reality, let's try this again.23:36
infinityThat went much better.  Committing.23:43

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