MooDoohello all07:13
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hggdhstaff: around? We need a new cloak13:15
hggdher. Pricey, can you help (or otherwise, how do I signal staff)?13:17
Fuchshggdh: 1) check /stats p13:18
Fuchshggdh: 2) if empty:  check #freenode  (or -gab, if you are invited there)13:18
Pici(just stop by #freenode and ask if there are any staffers for a GC request.)13:19
Fuchsoh, a wild niko, that also works13:19
hggdhFuchs, Pici: thank you.13:20
* Fuchs hits hggdh with a cluebat13:21
Fuchshggdh: niko is staff, he replied here, silly :p13:22
Fuchsanyway, both will work13:22
Fuchsnow you got a gheraint instead. Ah well.13:22
* hggdh see stars & planets, and the clues13:22
FuchsPici: I need a pon^W fuchs factoid!13:22
hggdhgo figure13:22
ubottuPONY! Ponyponyponyponypony! http://windowseat.ca/images/monster_pony.jpg - NO PONIES FOR YOU!13:23
hggdhniko: can you please set an Ubuntu mask for sgclark (~scarlett@unaffiliated/sgclark)?13:25
Fuchshggdh: you should tell them what cloak to set, e.g.  ubuntu/member/sgclark13:25
Fuchshggdh: the non-ubuntu affiliated staffers might not know the default ubuntu format13:26
hggdhFuchs: I will keep on learning...13:26
Fuchs(well, technically they can look it up, but you'll do them a huge favour by giving 2 pieces of information:  1) the user to cloak  2) the actual cloak.   It also helps if that user is online, because for most projects staff does have to ask the user if the cloak is fine or not)13:26
Fuchshggdh: indeed, as that it was intended, in case of it not coming across as friendly and helpful13:27
hggdhFuchs: ah, no, absolutely helpful. I do appreciate the help13:28
Fuchsanyway, usual approach is find a staffer  (/stats p is best, then #freenode or -gab (for that you'd need an invex, not sure if ubuntu can be arsed to get these for every ircc member), then in here), then tell them who to cloak with what cloak, and best is to ensure that the user is online beforehand, because staff will contact them and ask whether they agree with that cloak13:29
PiciFuchs: thanks13:30
Fuchsall of this is fixed soon™  when the new GMS is ready, which will give you a web frontend for all that13:30
hggdhack. Better wait, then, no matter what, since sgclark does not seem to be in13:30
PiciI wonder if Half Life 3 will come out before the GMS is ready...13:30
nikodone hggdh13:31
Piciniko: thanks!13:31
FuchsPici: I won my "> 2 years from group registration closure" bet last month ♥13:31
FuchsPici: it's finished, though13:31
hggdhniko: thank you, and very sorry for the mess I made on the request13:31
Fuchsawwww ♥13:33
Priceyhggdh: Sure.13:35
PriceyPici: The thing is, the code exists ;)13:35
Fuchsand this is the result of going through backlog topdown :p13:38
Priceyhggdh: I can now apparently. #freenode's best if /stats p is empty.15:18
Fuchsalready said and already handled :)15:24
PiciPricey: are you fixed?15:32
PiciI mean your connection, not anything else, get your mind out of the gutter.15:33
Fuchsthe other thing is not needed, the beard is perfect birth control15:34
* Fuchs hides15:34
PriceyPici: Looks like it.15:39
PriceyFuchs: Clean shaven for a couple of weeks I'll have you know!15:39
PriceyI've been told to grow it again though.15:40
Fuchsdepending on who told you that: I wouldn't trust them ;p15:40
FuchsI just saw it again while scrolling through G+, hence the silly comment. Also because I'm an arse. Mostly that.15:41
PiciPricey: removed your fix-connection bans in #u and #u-offtopic15:44
PriceyPici: Thanks15:45
PriceyPici: Unfortunately I think I may have punched through them anyway?15:45
PiciPricey: I think your last cycle happened right before ikonia banned you, coincidentally enough.15:46
PriceySneaky. Do need to fix that bug in my config.15:46
PriceyNot sure what caused the flapping unfortunately.15:46
Fuchssomeone tapping on your screen  *nods and disappears*16:57
hggdhPricey: I am working on setting a series of #ubuntu-br-* channels to norm. Can you add me as +F on them?17:57
hggdhand, of course, I will give you the list. In pieces, so that you do not despair ;-)17:57
Priceyhggdh: sure18:11
hggdhPricey: #ubuntu-br-(ac, al, am, ba, ce) (part #1 of the series)18:13
Priceyinfo #ubuntu-br-ac18:15
hggdhPricey: #ubuntu-br-(go, ma, mg, sp, br, br-dev)18:16
hggdhPricey: #ubuntu-br-(doc, meeting, ops, tradutores)18:18
hggdhand I think this is it...18:18
hggdhyeah. Putting them all under the yoke of the IRCC...18:18
hggdhyoke, of course, is meant in a good way.18:19
Priceyhggdh: Done.18:20
hggdhPricey: in your debt. I do appreciate your help.18:20
hggdhPricey: would you need freenode-staff added in as well to the channels?18:21
Picihggdh: the proper form is actually to add *!*@freenode/staff/*  the 'freenode-staff' account is for other things.18:21
hggdhPici: indeed. I will do so, thank you.18:22
Priceyhggdh: freenode-staff is a dummy account that doesn't do anything. As pici said, a matching mask can be added if you want to let us know you don't mind us stepping in a bit more often than we normally would.18:22
hggdhI see no problems with staff coming in to help if needed. If adding the mask makes this clear, then consider them added18:23
hggdhnow... given S.O. is arriving with food, I will take care of that after lunch18:25

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