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duflukdub_: Hello?02:30
kgunnduflu: he's actually US eastern standard time (he moved back to michigan)....so its 11pm there03:12
kgunnjust for future reference03:13
dufluAh. Forgot03:13
duflukgunn: How long for?03:13
dufluOh "moved"03:13
kgunnduflu: yeah...for the foreseeable future03:13
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alan_galf_: (non-urgent) does the latest version work for you? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/enable-late-release/+merge/22717808:35
alf_alan_g: yes, although I think that if the failure is consistently reproducible we could have a test for this, checking the process exit status, like we do e.g. for ServerShutdown removes_endpoint_on_signal (but checking for a successful exit)08:44
alf_alan_g: not sure about any blocking details though08:44
alan_galf_: In principle, we could add a test that execs (say) the new test program. In practice, we need to be sure that it exists somewhere to be run. FWIW There are other tests like this I'd like to run but haven't built the infrastructure.08:47
alf_alan_g: what stops us from just using launch_client_process(client_config) instead of an external client?08:51
alan_galf_: I guess that might work, but remember it calls exit() in the teardown code instead of exiting from main() - a scenario with potentially significant differences08:53
alf_alan_g: ok (in any case, test not a blocker, but a nice-to-have)08:54
* alan_g feels increasing motivation to write yet another test execution framework08:56
alan_gRAOF: are your (blocking) concerns addressed? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/libmircommon/+merge/22670409:15
alf_anpok: did you file a bug about Mir not showing the latest frame in some cases?09:26
alan_gcamako: are your concerns addressed? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/libmircommon/+merge/22670409:51
* camako checks09:51
camakoalan_g, yes.. approved09:54
anpokalf_: no I reflashed the device, another time and the issue was gone10:03
alf_anpok: do you remember how to (try to) reproduce the issue?10:04
anpokalf: pin entry dialog - since there is no animation/blinking cursor10:04
alf_I am cross-compiling libmirserver23 from pristine trunk and copying the shared object to the phone, but unity8 crashes when using it (usc works normally)10:31
alf_Has anyone seen that?10:31
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duflualf_: Development branch is libmirserver24 :)11:18
* duflu goes into hiding11:18
greybackanpok: ping12:11
anpokgreyback: pong12:24
anpokgreyback: thinking about injecting input?12:24
greybackanpok: slightly different topic, we're getting a crash with QtComp, wanted to ask your advice12:25
greybackanpok: crash happens running with autopilot, so apps are stopped & started very rapidly12:25
greybackand input events can be injected after the surface has been destroyed12:26
greybackanpok: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7835652/ is the stacktrace I get12:26
greybackcould it be that if QtComp tries to send event to client which has stopped, but mir hasn't fully cleaned up after it, mir could call mir::AsioMainLoop::register_fd_handler to create a fd for that client again?12:28
greybackterminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<boost::system::system_error> >'12:29
greyback  what():  assign: File exists12:29
greybackis the exception thrown12:29
anpokgreyback: hm not calling surface->consume?12:29
greybackanpok: we should be. BT doesn't seem to show that though12:30
greybackcompiler might have inlined it?12:30
anpokhm cool devirtualization12:30
anpokhm we are not creating a fd there..12:37
greybackanpok: any ideas/theories?12:49
anpokhm i am following the call down to asio13:01
anpokthe constructor seems to register the fd with the epoll fd13:02
anpoki would have assumed that happens some time later13:02
anpokEEXIST -> the supplied file descriptor fd is already registered with this epoll instance..13:03
anpokdo we have strace logs?13:04
greybackanpok: they can be got. I can also show you how to reproduce, whatever you like13:08
anpokoh then i take option 213:09
greybackok. Install the qtcomp silo (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8/QtComp)13:10
greybackthen we want to run an autopilot test suite13:10
greybackphablet-config edges-intro --disable13:10
greybackadb shell powerd-cli display on bright&13:11
greybackphablet-test-run -p ubuntu-html5-ui-toolkit-autopilot ubuntu_html5_ui_toolkit13:11
greybackthe last command should run the test. You'll see an app start & stop repeatedly13:11
greybackI often get the crash during the test suite run13:12
greybackand it's always after a stream of key events that it crashes13:13
dandradergreyback, anpok, I got a bt with a tad more details http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836063/13:16
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anpokthere is a race but not yet sure how to fix it13:36
dandraderanpok, a race between who?13:45
anpoki guess between unregistering an fd and registering another one with the same fd number..13:48
anpokah no the fd is kept alive through the InputChannel even when the surface is gone13:51
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kdub_anpok, maybe the new fd type would help :)14:23
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anpokgreyback, dandrader: do we have ticket for that issue yet?14:45
greybackanpok: no14:45
greybackI can log one14:45
anpokdandrader: wording of my past...14:49
anpokthat sometimes creeps into present14:49
anpokhm trying to reproduce but I dont think that I get the error that I should get -14:51
anpok'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'14:52
anpok  what():  Failed to send message to server: Bad file descriptor14:52
greybackanpok: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/134695214:54
greybackanpok: hmm no, I reliably get a different error14:54
anpokyou always get the other exception message from above?14:59
dandraderI do15:02
racarr_need one more review on https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/touchspot-visualizer/+merge/22473115:27
racarr_cemil says he doesnt count as a proper review15:27
groot_I'm trying to port UT in my device, device boots but unity-system-compositor is failing all the time. I've the similar issue as posted here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-session/+bug/1283326/comments/315:39
racarr_what is most recent qtcomp ppa/silo/thing I can install on my phone?15:39
groot_and here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-session/+bug/1283326/comments/415:39
racarr_trying to avoid rebuilding the whole stack while testing some things15:39
groot_what should I do to fix this ?15:40
dandraderanpok, the crash is happening during a long and rapid stream of key events15:41
dandraderanpok, as autopilot generates those key events synthetically15:41
greybackracarr_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8/QtComp - silo615:43
dandraderbut I guess you already know this as you're able to reproduce it locally (event if it not yields the same crash)15:44
groot_Please, anyone can give me a solution? I've some logs if anyone wants to see :)15:44
racarr_greyback: Ah thanks15:46
racarr_greyback: Going to add touchspots15:46
racarr_to qtmir/unity815:46
greybackracarr_: why?15:47
racarr_unless you happen to be jumping with joy for new tasks15:47
racarr_I figured I had some time to do it15:47
racarr_thomi wants it15:47
racarr_to assure quality15:47
greybackracarr_: I was expecting them to be partof USC15:47
greybackgroot_: I'm guessing that unity-system-compositor didn't start up. You need to investigate if Mir works on your device. Get the "mir-demos" package and try out mir_demo_server_shell and some demo clients with it15:48
racarr_I mean they could be....bar some other stuff that is taking a while15:48
racarr_but I kind of feel like why not QML lol15:48
racarr_because you probably want them to fade or pulse or burn on fire something15:48
greybackracarr_: MultiPointTouchArea is your friend then15:48
racarr_not you personally15:48
greybackI want them with particle effects15:49
racarr_greyback: Oh thats one way...15:49
racarr_I added a new15:49
racarr_TouchspotVisualizer interface actually that juset gives raw pressure/point...15:50
racarr_before they become input events or anything (down at input reader level)15:50
groot_greyback, thanks. Before I do that, can you take a look at some logs? Maybe this'll help you find the exact problem.15:50
racarr_so plan was to add an interface for that to qtmir15:50
greybacksounds complicated. MulitPointTouchArea is very easy15:50
racarr_hmm *goes to read*15:51
greybackgroot_: show me the logs. I'm not much good to you if mir doesn't work, I'm not a core mir developer15:52
groot_greyback, no problem. here's syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836697/15:53
groot_lightdm.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836703/15:53
groot_unity-system-compositor strace http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836711/15:54
ogra_greyback, i think handholding him through running the test apps might be a start (i sent groot_ here after checking his logs)15:54
groot_ogra_, you're right :)15:55
greybackgroot_: seems mir fails with "Bad file descriptor" - suspect you'll need someone with more core mir knowledge than I.15:56
racarr_groot_: We will need to try the demo servers like greyback described to get something more15:57
greybackgroot_: but do install the mir-demos package, and try running the mir_demo_*_shell programs to see if they work15:57
racarr_specific...the bad fd error is too weird...if you read15:57
racarr_its a bad fd calling epoll_ctl on two fds which were just created, one an epoll, and one a timer15:58
racarr_and...I dunno that seems reasonable lol.15:58
racarr_so hard to get much out of the logs15:58
groot_greyback, as ogra said, you may have to help me with this demo run :|15:59
groot_racarr_, ^^15:59
SaviqAlbertA, hey, I found that if unity-system-compositor crashes, power button wake doesn't work any more16:00
racarr_groot_: First you need mir-demos then you can run a mir instance16:00
racarr_i.e. mir_demo_server_shell &16:00
racarr_and then pick a client i.e. mir_demo_client_*16:00
AlbertASaviq: this should help: https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/unity-system-compositor/fix-1343919/+merge/22764516:01
AlbertAalf_: I've updated https://code.launchpad.net/~albaguirre/unity-system-compositor/fix-1344101/+merge/22764116:01
groot_racarr_, via ADB, right? I've to install mir-demos in desktop and run instance through adb ?16:02
alf_AlbertA: just looking at that... so the power menu has exactly the same issues the greeter (may not have enough time to render and stale frame)16:02
racarr_groot_: No adb in and then install mir-demos on phone16:03
alf_AlbertA: perhaps we should apply the workaround you mentioned for the greeter (waiting a bit more to turn on the screen) for the power menu too. So if unity8 shows the menu after 2000ms perhaps we should turn on the screen after 2200ms (or something)?16:05
AlbertAalf_: so what are you seeing now?16:05
groot_racarr_, for that I need net connection, right?16:06
groot_racarr_, it's failing "E: Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/pool/universe/m/mir/mir-demos_0.4.1+14.10.20140714-0ubuntu1_armhf.deb  Could not resolve 'ports.ubuntu.com'" :(16:06
racarr_groot_: Yeah...16:07
racarr_downnload on desktop16:07
racarr_and adb push :)16:07
racarr_should be fine16:07
alf_AlbertA: hmm, I thought I was seeing "power menu hasn't rendered yet" effect, but I now think it's the stale frame effect (I am seeing the greeter momentarily before the power menu shows up)16:09
AlbertAalf_: ahh, right16:09
alf_AlbertA: so I am not sure the extra timeout would help16:09
AlbertAalf_: well I think it would help16:10
AlbertAalf_: because the dialog doesn't start drawing itself16:10
AlbertAuntil that 2s alarm fires16:10
racarr_alf_: Hey...something I've been meaning to ask.16:14
racarr_Is there any generic way to write to GBM bos without using an opengl context? gbm_bo_write only works for the dumb bos...16:15
racarr_which only work for the cursor bo.16:15
racarr_which has the whole no DRI image problem so you can't EGLCreateImage (as you encountered doing software I guess)16:15
racarr_The thing is. I can't actually use the cursor buffer for the cursors or touchspots16:16
alf_AlbertA: YMMV, 2200 doesn't make much of a difference, but 2500 is better: the "not rendered yet" effect is gone, but we occasionally get a stale greeter frame16:16
racarr_because software wont work on it16:16
racarr_not software16:16
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racarr_I could just use software buffers but then16:18
SaviqAlbertA, oh cool16:18
racarr_no overlay on HWC for touchspots16:19
groot_racarr_, installed mir-demos from here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/utopic/armhf/mir-demos/0.4.1+14.10.20140714-0ubuntu116:19
AlbertAalf_: yeah it looks better with 500ms...16:19
AlbertAalf_: so would this suffice?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836986/16:19
racarr_groot_: Ok seems about right! So are you able to run mir_demo_server_shell16:19
groot_which command should I run now?16:19
AlbertAalf_: or just run another alarm?16:20
groot_racarr_, ran it but got "segmentation fault (core dumped)"16:20
racarr_groot_: Can you grab a backtrace with gdb? May have to use the same trick to install it16:22
alf_AlbertA: Why not make the timeout itself 2500? I don't like too many things running concurrently :)16:22
AlbertAalf_: because if the screen is on...16:22
AlbertAalf_: and the dialog shows up, you can let go of the button (so power key up)16:22
AlbertAbefore the 2.5 second alarm goes on16:23
AlbertAi.e. in between 2 and 2.5s16:23
AlbertAso basically that would turn off the screen16:23
alf_AlbertA: ahh, right, and the screen would go off16:23
groot_racarr_, mir_demo_server_shell& gives no error. gdb command is available in phone. What command should I run?16:24
alf_AlbertA: well, I am OK with the thread if we know that screen_state_handler->set_screen_power_mode() is thread safe16:24
racarr_groot_: gdb mir_demo_server_shell16:25
racarr_then run16:25
racarr_then bt16:25
alf_racarr_: @"Is there any generic way to write to GBM bos without using an opengl context", no that I know of16:26
groot_racarr_, it's giving "No stack" output.16:28
alf_racarr_: do you want to avoid rendering with GL because of the hassle or because there is some problem with it?16:28
alf_AlbertA: EOD, so preapproving MP to unblock16:32
racarr_alf_: Mostly because of the hassle and in particular the hassle of16:32
alf_AlbertA: do what you think is best :)16:32
racarr_using opengl outside of the renderer16:32
AlbertAalf_: yeah it's thread safe...but I think I will just setup another alarm16:34
greybackgroot_: just to confirm, you ran "gdb mir_demo_server_shell" and after a brief loading period, ended up at a command line. You entered "run", hit enter, and you should have seen some output about threads, then it stopped with a error? Did you enter "bt" then?16:36
groot_racarr_, my bad sorry. Here's the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837084/16:38
groot_greyback, thanks for pointing out16:38
racarr_groot_: Hmm16:38
racarr_something with your driver is unhappy ;)16:38
racarr_kdub_: ^ does that mean anything to you?16:39
racarr_the stack trace16:39
greybackgroot_: good luck with it, you've gone into alien territory for me ;)16:39
racarr_the segfault being at 0x0 kind of makes me think its deferencing one of the android device functions...hard to tell without debug info in libmirplatformgraphics16:41
racarr_I can't find...our debug symbol packages16:42
groot_greyback, don't say that. I've already spent a month trying to port ;)16:42
greybackracarr_: http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/m/mir/16:42
greybackgroot_: nah, hopefully these guys can help you. I just know nothing about working with the android drivers16:43
racarr_greyback: Thanks :)16:45
racarr_groot: If you install the package for libmirplatformgraphics-android from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/m/mir/16:45
racarr_that corresponds to the version you see from16:45
racarr_apt-cache policy libmirplatformgraphics-android (on the phone)16:45
racarr_then repeat the gdb experiment16:45
racarr_can get a little more info16:45
racarr_android drivers are not my expertise either, but maybe we can at least distill it down in to a bug report with exactly what is going wrong or some such16:46
groot_racarr_, thanks. just because you're looking at it gives me hope :). I'll try and let you know after a while.16:48
racarr_groot_: Cheers :D16:48
racarr_what kind of device is it?16:48
racarr_(just curious)16:48
groot_Sony Xperia U. First android series from sony ;)16:49
racarr_Ah cool :) that shouldnt be too old or anything16:51
kdub_groot_, reading through now...16:59
kdub_lunchtime is over :)17:00
groot_kdub_, thanks :). I'm installing libmirplatformgraphics now17:03
kdub_so it looks like "bad file descriptor" is thrown from mir17:03
kdub_it could just be having the mesa platform installed17:04
kdub_which I assume you're installing the android one17:04
racarr_kdub_: Look at the segfault from mir_demo_server_shell though17:04
kdub_hmm, yes, more tricky17:05
kdub_was it run as root? sometimes we have to change udev permissions17:06
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groot_racarr_, here's the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837213/17:07
groot_kdub_, ^^17:07
kdub_well, thats interesting17:09
groot_I'll be back in 5 mins. Thanks for looking at it guys :)17:10
racarr_I guess it means the hwc_composer_device struct17:13
racarr_is bbad17:13
racarr_or at leat this callback is17:13
racarr_or something...lol17:13
kdub_racarr_, yeah, thats what I think too.. probably some workaround though17:16
groot_I'm back. So, it can be fixed right ? :)17:20
kdub_groot_, maybe :D are you able to compile/test patches?17:21
groot_kdub_, I'll do anything if you walk me through it :P17:22
kdub_groot_, its slightly involved, but basically, if you download lp:mir/0.517:24
kdub_and then run cross-compile-chroot.sh, that should try to cross compile for the device17:25
racarr_(bzr branch lp:mir/0.5)17:25
kdub_and at that point, we can just cherry-pick a library file and push it to the device (not much abi breakage)17:25
groot_downloading right now. my net is very slow today :(17:28
kdub_well, the script will go and download a bunch of arm packages and put them in a folder, so not a good day for slow net :)17:30
groot_kdub_, is there a way to directly download the source without using bzr ?17:31
kdub_not that I know of17:31
kdub_and groot_ what's the resolution of the device?17:32
kdub_i'll leave a patch for you to try if I'm not around17:32
kdub_with my first idea17:32
groot_480 x 85417:32
racarr_out for lunch will be back soon though17:34
groot_racarr_, yup come soon :p17:35
groot_dl speed is now 0 !! :(17:35
kdub_groot_, well, my first shot at figuring out what is wrong is here: lp:~kdub/mir/sony-experiment17:55
kdub_(just hardcoding some stuff to see if that gets a sane mir environment)17:55
groot_kdub_, looks like it'll take a while to download the source :(. Will you be available ?17:55
kdub_a few more hours17:56
groot_hopefully it'll be complete by then17:57
groot_very dirty hack :D17:59
groot_kdub_, is this the correct source https://launchpad.net/mir/0.5/0.5.0/+download/mir-0.5.0.tar.bz218:17
kdub_ah, good to know18:18
groot_downloaded :)18:18
groot_kdub_, what should I do now ?18:19
kdub_install the arm cross compiler (g++-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf) and try that script (cross-compile-chroot.sh) in the root dir18:20
groot_first modify framebuffers.cpp like yours?18:21
groot_kdub_, ^^18:23
groot_kdub_, I download this one http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/amd64/g++-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf/download18:28
groot_but got error "dependency problems - leaving unconfigured"18:28
kdub_just use apt-get18:29
groot_kdub_, E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'g++-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf'18:30
groot_guess it's not in the source.list18:30
kdub_oh, /me is on utopic18:30
kdub_you could probably try 4.8 (provided the ubuntu touch image is trusty too)18:31
groot_kdub_, I'm using utopic image18:32
kdub_the point here :) is that the toolchain version of the host cross compiler should match the version of the phone device image18:33
groot_kdub_, it says to add the mirror to sources.list. http://packages.ubuntu.com/utopic/amd64/gcc-4.9-arm-linux-gnueabihf/download18:38
groot_Maybe then I can use apt-get18:38
groot_I'll try18:38
kdub_sounds like a good suggestion18:38
kdub_gmock incantations18:46
groot_kdub_, still got unmet dependency error :(18:48
kdub_groot_, maybe apt-get -f install? otherwise, out of suggestions18:49
groot_kdub_, did that, no change. I just started the cross-compile-chroot.sh. I'll let you know what happens18:52
kdub_if you dont have the cross compiler, it'll fail18:52
groot_kdub_, it's retrieving many things from net. How can I check if I've any cross compileer installed?18:55
groot_racarr_, welcome back :)18:55
groot_kdub_, my desktop has 14.04 but phone's got 14.10. So 4.8 or 4.9 compiler?19:01
kdub_4.9 i suppose19:02
groot_kdub_, looks like 4.9 is for 14.10 :(. I'll try with 4.8. What should I expect if all goes smoothly ?19:09
kdub_something on the screen if running that demo shell19:10
groot_kdub_, I meant after compilation. What files should I push back to phone ?19:10
kdub_the other scripts have an enumeration19:11
groot_kdub_, sorry, I don't understand.19:14
kdub_the deploy-and-test script19:14
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groot_kdub_, I've to go. Will you be available tommorrow at the same time ?19:37
groot_kdub_, then I'll try to compile within this time. Thanks for everything you've done :)19:39
groot_I'll check back tommorrow19:39
groot_OK, bye.19:41
AlbertAummm, why would an alarm not fire20:15
AlbertAwhen coming out of deep suspend...20:15
AlbertAso I get the power key down event....which schedules an alarm20:15
AlbertAthat never fires...but only when out of deep suspend...20:15
kdub_(wild guess) hardware timer got suspended?20:16
racarr_sorry so its like20:17
racarr_you set alarm then20:17
racarr_suspend then come back20:17
racarr_and alarm doesnt fire, or what?20:17
AlbertAyou suspend...20:17
AlbertAscreen goes off20:17
AlbertAthen you press and hold the power key20:17
AlbertAso I get a power key down event20:17
AlbertAso it should be out of suspend...20:18
AlbertAwhich then schedules an alarm20:18
AlbertAthat doesn't trigger20:18
racarr_how are you getting power key down events while its suspended20:18
racarr_you mean early suspend20:18
AlbertAusually hooks up the power key20:18
AlbertAto wake it up20:18
AlbertAand take it out of suspend20:18
racarr_oh ok lol20:19
AlbertAmaybe an early resume issue20:19
AlbertAlike kdub_ said...maybe the hw timers are not brought up yet20:20
AlbertAalso something else is waking the screen up before USC actually does20:21
racarr_hw timers not up yet is weird youd think]20:22
racarr_someone could give you an error20:22
racarr_my only other guess is maybe some funny signals flying around that mess things up...20:22
racarr_...cant think of anything specific20:23
AlbertAso apparently it is an early resume thing....20:40
AlbertAif I wait for powerd to broadcast that it's completely out of suspend before scheduling the alarms...then the alarms fire just fine20:41
racarr_AlbertA: Very weird...wonder what the rules are21:01
AlbertAnevermind...it wasn't going to deep suspend that time21:07
AlbertAso alarm still doesn't fire...weird...21:08
AlbertAwhy do I get22:18
AlbertAa power key down and up at the same time?22:18
AlbertAafter coming out of suspend22:18
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AlbertAthat's what was cancelling my alarm...22:19
AlbertAdon't know what to do about it though...22:19
racarr_AlbertA: maybe its the power key up from before22:20
racarr_you suspend?22:20
racarr_I guess22:20
racarr_you suspend on up22:20
AlbertAright it suspends after power key up is received22:21
AlbertAumm I don't remember this happening with powerd... which used a more recent version of the android input stack...22:55
racarr_anyone want any reviews or anything before I end my core day?23:52
racarr_the active reviewsd is actually kind of benign right now wow23:52

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