Jeffrey_fQuestion on becoming an op: I believe that I have fulfilled the requirements, it seems there is a waiting list since april.  Is this common?04:16
k1likonia: i was about to mute him because i could not make any sense in what he was on about anyway08:58
ikoniaI know08:58
ikoniayou beat me by nano-seconds08:59
ikoniaand shock horror he's now found ##windows and is asking his questions in there as he should have done08:59
k1l(talking about subcool. but i muted the linux nick guy how was just nonsense too)08:59
ikoniaso your kick worked08:59
ikoniaI was talking about subcool08:59
ikoniaI didn't see the linux guy08:59
k1l<linux> gfdhfdgh09:00
ikoniamissed it09:00
=== nik0 is now known as niko
k1lDJones: *!hgl*@*$##fix_your_connection doesnt match !~hgl09:42
sprungHi, i was muted about a week ago because an op and I weren't getting along in #ubuntu. can I get unmuted por favor? i'll be following the channel rules.17:05
phunyguydo you know why you were muted?17:05
sprungyeah, i lost my cool and said some things that weren't very nice. i don't remember which op did it to me.17:06
sprungi am guilty as charged but learned my lesson and it won't happen again if i'm unmuted.17:07
phunyguyok, hang tight while I figure this out17:07
ikoniait was me17:07
ikoniahe basically made up stuff, was rude, then when I asked him to stop sent me a load of abuse in pm17:07
sprungall of that is true.17:07
phunyguyare you actually muted in there?17:08
ikoniahe's muted17:08
sprungi believe so yes, "cannot send to channel" and am a registered user17:08
phunyguyhmm, ok.17:09
phunyguylet me look again17:09
ikoniaphunyguy: 6312117:09
phunyguyahh yes I see it17:09
phunyguyikonia: would you like me to remove it?17:10
ikoniato be honest, I'm not happy because the guys just made stuff up here17:10
phunyguyor you can... your call I guess17:10
sprungikonia, i apologize.17:10
ikonia"an op and I where not getting along"17:10
ikoniayou mean you joined the channel was rude and then was rude again in pm17:10
sprungwell, we weren't. i was openly rude and hostile towards you.17:11
sprungi'm not denying anything.17:11
sprungi will say it won't happen again.17:11
sprungif you unmute me anyway17:11
ikoniaphunyguy: I'm not interested in this guy - it's up to you17:11
phunyguywait, I don't much like ultimatums.17:11
phunyguy"if you unmute me anyway"17:11
phunyguywhat does that mean?17:12
ikoniaI think that was just poor wording17:12
ikoniaI don't think he meant that as an ultimatium17:12
phunyguyoh ok17:12
ikoniamore if you give me a chance it won't be a problem17:12
phunyguy(still sounds bad )17:12
ikoniajust poor wording, nothing more17:12
phunyguyI guess17:12
ikoniagot to give someone a chance to prove themselves17:12
sprungobviously it won't happen again if you don't unmute me,  but if you do unmute me i will obey channel rules and not be rude like i was.17:12
sprungthat's all i meant. no ultimatums.17:13
ikoniacan't ask for a more honest response than that17:13
phunyguyalright I will remove the mute.  Please don't make me regret doing it.17:13
phunyguyshould be all set.  please /part the channel if you have nothing else.17:14
bazhangextensive rambling about webmin is "on topic"19:05
DJonesUNless saying that webmin isn't supported, then no19:06
rww!search webmin19:06
ubottuFound: webmin19:06
rwwoh good19:06
ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.19:06
bazhangthat convo ended long ago19:06
rwwwebmin is teh sux :c19:06
DJonesBut....awww.... I was going to install it19:08
DJonesIn a other life & timezone19:08
bazhang<KiCKiN> are you an op on #ubuntu?  <--- from PM19:10
rwwi think i've spent more time arguing with swap "optimization" people than everyone ever has saved by optimizing swap19:13
k1lrww: :)19:14
bazhang"using linux since 1991"19:14
Pici200 KiB!19:14
k1lbazhang: so he helped linus developing it?19:15
bazhangand he cannot figure out some basic issue like he was?19:15
k1lor maybe he told linus how to do it properly19:15
bazhangk1l, haha19:15
bazhang"been helping on efnet with linux since 1991"19:16
k1l(linus started in 91 with linux. so i doubt anyone can claim it used it since then. 92 was it put under the gpl. it was prop first)19:16
bazhanghis whole issue was fishy, as were the things he said in PM19:17
DJonesAlso seems irrelevant that Ubuntu wasn't availablein 199119:18
bazhanghe must have written his own drivers for the server the ircd was on before breakfast19:19
k1l_knome: pm?19:31
rww19:40:42 -!- Bot_EclIRC [~Bot_EclIR@177-131-122-186.acessoline.net.br] has joined #ubuntu19:41
DJonesDidn't respond to !test19:42
rwwyeah, I'm poking at it now trying to figure it out19:42
k1l_@mark #ubuntu modemmff channel spam19:52
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:52
k1l_epicnah: hi20:07
epicnahare you one of the OP freenode?20:14
k1l_epicnah: for freenode staff better ask in #freenode20:15
ikoniaworth noting 14.04.1 appears to have hit the repos now20:15
ikoniawhat a waste of time having a schedule20:16
epicnahty :)20:16
bazhangwell, one day20:16
k1l_ikonia: no. maybe they got the proposed repos on?20:17
ikoniadoesn't look like it20:17
ikoniajust looked at the repos via http20:17
ikoniapackage versions seem to tie in20:17
Piciikonia: they're supposedly RCing them..20:17
ikoniawhat in main ?20:18
knomek1l_, yes?20:22
Piciikonia: I'm asking the release people about it.20:28
PiciI only have like 5 packages ready to upgrade on my 14.04 server, but base-files is indeed one of them.20:28
* ikonia passes the release team toilet paper20:29
ikoniaI assume they may need help wiping their bottomg20:29
Piciikonia: looks like it is needed to properly build the ISOs for testing.  Doesn't look like anything else is being changed yet though.20:32
ikoniaPici: well 2 guys have reported their system is now showing 14.04.120:32
Piciikonia: mine too now.20:32
ikoniaand to be honest - should that have been released to the main repo to build an ISO - no it shouldn't20:32
PiciIts not in main, it is in updates.20:32
ikoniayeah - but that feeds main20:33
ikoniaeg: it's main packages20:33
Picier, right.20:33
Piciand I don't think it makes sense, but maybe I just don't fully understand the Ubuntu build process.20:33
ikoniasorry bad wording20:33
Picii.e. I'm just the messenger20:33
ikoniaof course20:33
ikoniahence why I'm not shooting you20:33
Piciokay ;)20:33
ikoniajust another sloppy bit of work20:33
Piciikonia: Anyway, they said that they've done this 4 times for 12.04 already. I guess we didn't notice that either.20:34
ikoniaseems odd20:35
k1l_base-files is to update on my 14.04 that makes the 14.04 to 14.04.120:37

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