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prgCoderhi guys, is there any way to disable / postphone the messages to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04  - need samba sorted out before I upgrade...01:24
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ruben23hi guys any help - i tried autofs and set the config for the auto mount of an smb share from an samba server - but when i restart and commited the config nothing happens nothing is ever mounted - any idea..?02:22
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pdsis a dhcp range necessary for pxe boot or is pointing to pxelinux.0 sufficient?06:05
sarnoldpds: I was under the impression that pxebooting always required dhcp/bootp06:06
sarnoldpds: but I've never tried not setting a range :)06:06
maxbThe machine needs an IP to download the pxelinux.0 ....06:07
Abhijitpds, it is06:07
maxbWell, I suppose you could do without a range if you gave each machine a fixed allocation06:10
pdsi'm trying to prompt the user to do the netwerkconfig during installation, i tried d-i netcfg/disable_autoconfig boolean true but then you probably setting up for static configuration in preseeding file itself06:13
jotterbot1234hey guys, I need apache on ubuntu server to accept large php file uploads06:15
pdsedit the php.ini file06:16
jotterbot1234i have an .htaccess file in my dir with contents: http://pastebin.com/KV2ggynm06:16
jotterbot1234can i not override the php.ini settings with the .htaccess?06:16
pdsdon't know about that i always use the .php ini file for that06:17
pdscfr. http://www.sitepoint.com/upload-large-files-in-php/06:17
jotterbot1234pds: thanks will have a look06:17
pdsgoogle :)06:17
pdsany way what setting whould i have to do in the preseed file to ask for network config during install06:18
pdscan't seem to find anything usefull in http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/example-preseed.txt06:19
jotterbot1234pds: I was turning to here *after* googling :) haha it usually doesn't fail me06:19
pdsjotterbot1234: literally googled php upload large files06:20
pdsthis may be even a better link: http://forum.owncloud.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=180906:21
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YamakasYwhat do I need to add to my apt sources when I want to have the net installer available ?07:34
ogra_can you re-phrase that somehow ?07:37
ogra_(usually you would download the net installer to install .... instead of the iso ... and the installer comes with a pre-defined sources.list setup)07:38
ogra_i.e. you either use the mini.iso or the single PXE files for a netboot/netinst install http://de.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise-updates/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/07:40
YamakasYwhat is the difference between debian-installer and installer-amd64 ?08:07
YamakasYogra_: oh ping me next time :)08:07
YamakasYogra_: I use now debian-installer which doesn't give me the right packages08:08
pdsdebian installer is probably 32 bit and installer-amd64 - 64 bit, just an educated guess08:09
pdsany way anyone around here using otrs08:09
ogra_erm, no08:09
ogra_there is no "debian-installer" binary package (well, there is one that contans some docs but nothing else afaik)08:10
ogra_the files at the url above are essentially the output of a debian-installer build08:10
ogra_(if you go one level up there are also the boot files for the isos and so on)08:11
YamakasYogra_: yes but what do I need to sync my mirror with, most people have debian-installer in their apt kist, which is not going to work08:12
ogra_i dont get what youz are asking ... there is no debian-installer package you can use for anything but building the above installer files08:12
YamakasYI'm always struggeling with mirrors08:12
YamakasYogra_: I need the initrd.gz packages and so on synced into my mirror08:13
ogra_do you mean the default sources.list is wrong when you try to run an install ?08:13
ogra_aha !08:13
ogra_now it starts to make sense :)08:13
YamakasYogra_: haha :)08:14
jonascjOn 14.04 I've just done update-grub and it takes like 5 minutes where it just spams messages from libudev. Is that to be expected?08:14
YamakasYogra_: I have a mirror of 147GB but no initrd.gz :)08:15
ogra_i think you need to explicitly tell debmirror (or whatever you use) to specifically sync the installer files08:15
bekksYamakasY: the initrd is compiled on your system, it isnt shipped by a package.08:15
YamakasYbekks: oh yes it is08:16
ogra_i.e. something like: --adddir=main/debian-installer and --include=m/*udeb/ .... and probably for that specific dir also --nosource08:16
bekksYamakasY: whats the package name?08:16
YamakasYbekks: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/netboot/ubuntu-installer/amd64/08:16
ogra_bekks, debian-installer is essentically an initrd.gz08:16
bekksYamakasY: thats the netboot image, not a package.08:17
ogra_well, that is what a debian-installer package build spits out :)08:17
bekksYamakasY: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=initrd.gz&mode=exactfilename&suite=trusty&arch=any08:17
YamakasYindeed, and I need to have that synced into my mirror08:17
jonascjand in the end update-grub failed, os-proper being unable to deal with a linux-iso-usb insterted :S08:18
ogra_well in fact *this* is what building the package spits out: http://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty/main/installer-amd64/current/images/08:18
ogra_(the initrd.gz is then used on the specific install media)08:18
YamakasYogra_: yes, but I need to have that repo synced into my mirror... foreman wants to wget it08:19
ogra_but bekks is right, there is no binary deb (which was whjat confused me first as well)08:19
ogra_YamakasY, right, there must be an option for this in whatever mirroring tool you use08:19
ogra_i know for sure debmirror has a set of options that schieves that (see above)08:20
YamakasYit's just too confusing what to mirror and don't have too much which is not needed... I use apt-mirror08:20
jonascjthe osproper error went away when I removed the iso-usb. I have to learn how to make osproper ignore that usb drives. But it still goes on forever with libudev (~3 minute to do update-grub)08:21
ogra_YamakasY, http://hcmc.uvic.ca/blogs/index.php?blog=11&p=11929&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1 ... see the "installer" section there08:22
YamakasYogra_: yes I see that, but I don't have that in my postmirror.sh08:27
YamakasYnot any of those lines08:27
ogra_so add it :)08:29
YamakasYogra_: all of it ?08:31
ogra_try it :)08:31
YamakasYogra_: first time is always scary :D08:36
YamakasYogra_: postmirror.sh: 43: postmirror.sh: rsync://nl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/trusty-backports/main/dist-upgrader-all/: not found08:37
YamakasYand so on....08:37
ogra_drop dist-upgrader from the list then08:41
ogra_(especially for -backports you surely wont find one)08:41
YamakasYogra_: but what I don't get... why do I use postmirror for this and does apt-mirror not handle this actually ?08:44
ogra_that i dont know ...08:44
YamakasYbut it doesn't work :)08:48
YamakasYmhh this is odd08:52
YamakasYis debmirror better ?08:52
pdshmmm preseeding an ubuntu server, installed ansible through it, however want to run the ansible script after that but the problem is that is requires input from the user. Is there a way to run it when the user logins for the first time08:57
pdshmmm preseeding an ubuntu server, installed ansible through it, however want to run the ansible script after that but the problem is that is requires input from the user. Is there a way to run it when the user logins for the first time09:51
yoyo09kh3looking to create a write only shared folder on my ubuntu server.  The idea being other network users can save but not read / execute / list files written to the share... any advice on how to do this securely?10:03
pdsthis is not a technical question but i'm looking for the exchange rate of chf to euro at 7.06 (so previous month), what was the value of 1 CHF to euro10:08
zetheroo1how do you cancel a command that is hanging?10:13
zetheroo1CTRL+C is not working10:13
zetheroo1pds: and if that doesn't work?10:15
pdsCTRL + D?10:20
pdshow about opening a seperate shell ps aux it :)10:20
pdsand kill it10:20
pdskill -9 <pid>10:20
zetheroo1pds: I have 3 shells open ... 2 are hanging and 1 is usable10:21
zetheroo1tty1 and tty2 are hanging ... tty3 is usable10:22
pdsor ps aux | grep "tty1" - gets pid      kill -9 <thatpid>10:26
zetheroo1ok will give that a whirl10:27
zetheroo1is there a command which tells you which terminal you are currently working in?10:27
zetheroo1pds: cool - that worked great!10:31
pdszetheroo1: zetheroo1: tty will print the current tty ;)10:33
lordievaderI'll just leave this here: http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1xvr25/linux_tip_dont_use_kill_9/10:38
zetheroo1I desperately need to unmount a NFS share on this machine ... but even "umount -f -l" is not unmounting it10:41
zetheroo1Is there another super-duper command or method for unmounting an NFS share which is no longer working?10:41
pdsthis is not a technical question but i'm looking for the exchange rate of chf to euro at 7.06 (so previous month), what was the value of 1 CHF to euro11:37
pdshmmm preseeding an ubuntu server, installed ansible through it, however want to run the ansible script after that but the problem is that is requires input from the user. Is there a way to run it when the user logins for the first time11:38
pdsdisregard the message from 13.37.4111:38
zetheroo1pds: 0.82 Euro = 1 CHF on the 07th of June 201411:40
pdsyeah found that :)11:40
zetheroo10.82037 to be more precise ... :D11:40
pdsthat is 0.82 rounded :)11:41
pdsAbhijit: hmmm preseeding an ubuntu server, installed ansible through it, however want to run the ansible script after that but the problem is that is requires input from the user. Is there a way to run it when the user logins for the first time11:44
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lobxop ExecStart=-/usr/bin/agetty --autologin username --noclear %I 38400 linux; Can any one tell me what does '-' in front of tpath and --noclear %I 38400  mean?11:56
arcanushello im going to install a ubuntu server soon and i wonder where i do the encrption of the whole harddrive installation, ist under installation or after ?12:06
caribougaughen: around ?12:45
pdsyou can encrypt the drive during install12:48
pdsany one around here that  has knowledge of boot/login scripts12:51
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zetheroo1Is it ok to setup LVM on RAID?13:27
zetheroo1I thought having read somewhere a few months back that there were problems with doing this ...13:28
cal2010hey folks. I just want to install desktop ubuntu (and I'll end up putting various server things on it anyways), but I only have the ubuntu server cd. since its not going to be a server (so forget some of the various reasons not to put gui on server instance), is there any problem / issue with me just installing ubuntu server and then adding the desktop / gui packages afterwards via network?13:30
cfhowlettcal2010 no problem.13:31
cal2010cfhowlett: thought so, thank you. time to rock n roll13:31
cfhowlettcal2010 happy2help13:32
gaughencaribou, I am now.13:35
cal2010wonderful. machine's cd drive doesn't open / work. fail.13:35
caribougaughen: just wanted to let you know that I will be absent for the few upcoming weeks13:35
caribougaughen: tinoco will attend for CTS13:36
cfhowlettcal2010 not a good sign.  USB boot supported?13:39
cal2010cfhowlett: yea. cdrom wasn't listed in boot when i had first checked anyways so that was the first warning, but didn't hurt to try.13:41
peetaur2zetheroo1: it is good to put LVM on raid. What is wrong is to use the LVM built in raid instead of md raid.13:47
gaughencaribou, thanks! hope you are doing something fun!13:50
zetheroo1peetaur2: ah ok13:50
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zetheroo1I am going to do a RAID 1 across 2 disks .. but I am wondering if the Swap partition should be on the RAID or outside of it ...14:00
zetheroo1I am thinking outside ... no!?14:01
jhobbsup to you zetheroo114:03
jhobbshttp://tldp.org/HOWTO/Software-RAID-HOWTO-2.html <-- talks some about swap here, but might be kind of old14:03
zetheroo1I just thought that placing the Swap on the RAID might affect performance ... but maybe I am wrong ...14:04
jhobbszetheroo1: if it gets used, and its on the same drives as the raid, it will affect performance, whether or not its part of the raid14:05
zetheroo1I see14:05
jhobbsif you're actually using swap you're probably screwed anyhow14:05
jhobbsif a server has enough memory for its workload it will never hit swap14:06
zetheroo1well I do change the swappiness to use it as little as possible .. but it still manages to use it a bit14:06
peetaur2zetheroo1: put swap on raid if you want to be sure it will survive if it's degraded... if there is something important on swap when the disk dies, the system might die with it14:12
peetaur2zetheroo1: raid is not a backup... its purpose is for easy maintenance, and live repairs, so that means in the normal case, you put your swap on raid14:12
peetaur2(or at least "scheduled repairs" rather than live or unplanned due to a crash)14:13
peetaur2zetheroo1: oh and related to your previous question... another thing that is not wrong but sometimes error prone is to have /boot in the lvm+raid too. It is very reliable with raid1 without lvm though, with metadata 0.90 or 1.0 (which the ubuntu installer will not set for you).14:16
zetheroo1peetaur2: so do I understand you correctly that /boot should be outside the RAID/LVM setup?14:18
peetaur2boot should be in a raid1 with metadata 0.90 or 1.0    (I know for sure 0.90 works as expected in Ubuntu, degraded or not)14:19
peetaur2(and 1.0 works in openSUSE with grub2... ubuntu 12.04 used grub 1.99)14:19
peetaur2and I didn't test 14.04 degraded14:19
zetheroo1peetaur2: wow, ok, this is a bit new to me I must admit ...14:20
peetaur2well actually I have lots of machines with 14.04 degraded (first disk now, 2nd disk planned in the future when old 2nd disk dies, a requirement was to do it without repartitioning) ... but didn't really test them14:20
peetaur2it's new to mostly everyone for some reason... people don't always test things. And they just read the docs which clearly say that raid and lvm are supported, and only clearly in some warning does it say that 1.2 is not supported (says something like "1.2 has metadata at the end of the disk. make sure the bootloader supports this")14:21
peetaur2I even bug reported it in some ubuntu docs and they ignored me. heh14:22
zetheroo1So after I create my RAID 1 array I should make a /boot partition on there before setting up the LVM on the rest of the disk (I am doing this all in the 14.04 server install wizard thingy)14:23
zetheroo1is that correct?14:23
peetaur2and in openSUSE I created a similar degraded boot bug (with some hackery) and reported it, and they couldn't find the bug in the version I tested but found it in the next release and fixed it. (a systemd issue apparently)14:23
peetaur2unfortunately, if you want to full out and do my recommendation, the gui won't let you set specific metadata on /boot.14:24
peetaur2so one way to do it is to do it in a TTY and then just tell it to install there, but not create the raid in the TUI14:24
peetaur2and other is just set it up, and then check and change it later (changing /boot is easy... you can umount and reformat while booted)14:24
peetaur2openSUSE also won't let you change it in the gui, but it uses 1.0 metadata by default on the boot, so it works fine.14:25
peetaur2I don't know what 14.04 does since I always do my partitioning in a text tty :D14:25
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lordievaderGood afternoon.14:51
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zanzacarcan anyone help me with this error? http://pastebin.com/Mb8wdGTH16:40
zanzacarI am not sure what the setuid helper is or how to change its permissions or what needs to happen.16:41
zanzacarIt doesn't appear I can really install/update anything with this error going on.16:41
zanzacarI tried sudo apt-get -f autoremove, but it failed as well.16:42
stemidin isc-dhcp-server does anyone know if I need failover peer declarations in every single pool or can I use a global failover peer statement? the manual says I need it in every pool I want to failover but if I want to failover all pools can't I use it globally?16:54
miceikenI have a question. Sometimes I do a 'sudo reboot now', it will give me the notice, but not actually reboot. Are there any logs for what's obstructing?17:34
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pmatulismiceiken: i guess b/c reboot does not take an argument17:51
pmatulismiceiken: there was a bug about this17:51
pmatulisbug #117427217:52
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1174272 in upstart "'reboot now' reverting to maintenance mode, instead of rebooting" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/117427217:52
miceikenthanks pmatulis17:56
KiCKiNhow do I change the shell resolution to a lower one before I reboot so my monitor will not show unable to display chosen resolution?18:09
sarnoldKiCKiN: are you sure your video card is sending a signal at all at that point?18:17
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bekksThe ATI Rage2 is just too old.18:18
pmatuliseww, i remember that one18:22
KiCKiNpmatulis... I am trying to find a couple dual xeon quad core servers to replace my 11 year old dual xeon single core servers with at a low price...18:29
KiCKiNgonna try to ssh the configuration after install18:29
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Impulse__anyone knows a good NAS OS?19:12
ashdImpulse__: FreeNAS19:16
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Impulse__tried that...19:22
Impulse__to much rubisch19:22
Impulse__i don't need enterprise stuff, just some filesharing19:23
sarnoldwith drives as large as they are these days, checksumming and redundancy is hardly just for enterprises19:23
patdk-wkdefine enterprise19:23
ashleydImpulse__: so just use iSCSI/SMB/NFS/Netatalk19:23
ashleydImpulse__: on a roll-your-own19:24
patdk-wkatleast I wouldn't put freenas as enterprise, cause it hardly supports HA19:24
Impulse__maybe my knowledge of freenas is too little :-)19:27
patdk-wkheh, plugged some very nice ssd's into the server just now19:29
patdk-wksuprised I was only going 200MB/sec19:29
patdk-wkforgot, that server only had sata 3g :(19:29
Impulse__bassicly, i have an esxi with 2 VM's that need to acces the NAS to put files on it, and read from it, and i have a mediacenter that plays movies/music from the NAS.19:30
Impulse__before is used Win server, but damn, it used all my resources, and my VM's got problems with authentication to the windows... even with guest acces19:30
sarnoldpatdk-wk: sata 3g seemed so bonkers when it first came out.. :)19:31
patdk-wkna, 3g was good when it came out, as disks where almost to the sata 1 limit19:31
patdk-wkbut 6g coming out so soon after that, seemed insane for awhile19:32
sarnoldnow 12g..19:32
patdk-wkya, but you can get a single ssd that can fill 12g19:32
patdk-wknvme :)19:32
patdk-wkyou do need dual channel pcie right?19:33
sarnoldwho doesn't? :)19:33
patdk-wkprobably wait a year or two before I jump into that19:33
patdk-wkgive it some time to debug19:33
bananapieAny idea what might cause tcpdump to see packets coming in on eth1 when I know the packets are coming in on eth0 ?19:43
bananapieI don't see any bonded adapters or bridges on the server using ifconfig19:43
ikoniabrianblaze420: if tcpdump sees them on eth1 - there is traffic on eth119:44
brianblaze420i see ;)19:44
bananapiebut how can there by *incoming* traffic on eth1 if I disconnect the wire ?19:44
bananapiecan tc move packets between interfaces?19:46
ikoniabrianblaze420: there will be internal traffic19:50
brianblaze420ikonia: u r talking to bananapie ;)19:53
bananapiebut the "internal" traffic that tcpdump is seeing on eth1 disappears when I disconnect the wire for eth0. What's more, the traffic on eth0 is coming from all my devices on the network. If I setup a crossover between my laptop and eth1 and ping the IP on eth0, it replies,  but it shoudln't19:53
ikoniabrianblaze420: I am, sorry19:53
brianblaze420no worries haha19:54
KiCKiNhow do I add a pair of 500GB drives during install to server 14.04 for srv storage?20:14
bitfuryanyone know why when I remove munin server and install it again, some configuration files are missing and plugins directory /etc/munin/plugins is empty?20:16
bitfurythis is ubuntu server 14.0420:16
bitfuryhow do I get it to install exactly the same way as it did when I first install it?20:16
patdk-wkbitfury, cause remove doesn't do cleanup20:17
patdk-wkyou want purge20:17
patdk-wkand munin server WILL NOT install plugins20:17
patdk-wkthe server has nothing to do with plugins20:18
bitfurypatdk-wk: that's what it was, thanks for clarifying20:21
patdk-wkya, remove is, remove the binaries, but keep my configs and custom stuff20:22
patdk-wkpurge is, kill it all20:22
patdk-wkwhy you normally don't want purge :)20:22
bitfurypatdk-wk: weird, installing munin-node still doesn't populate the plugins directory20:33
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bananapieso it turns out the guy who asked me to look at his server messed with /etc/udev/rules.d/net-persistent.20:37
bananapietroubleshooting is easier when people are honest20:37
bananapiewhat's worse if they have a loop in their switches..20:45
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pmatuliswhat the?23:26

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