mhall119_salem: but it is being stored, just not all of it00:24
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dakermaybe the & is causing issues01:27
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salem_mhall119, ah, I see the problem now. It seems like the & is causing issues indeed, if you have a text containing & and a web link in the same message this behavior is reproducible.03:21
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lotuspsychjemorning to all03:55
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bzoltanmvo_: I have tuned the chroot fw definition a bit -> https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/click/extend_1410_fw/+merge/22767507:55
mvo_bzoltan: thanks, I just saw the mail07:55
mvo_bzoltan: it looks fine to me, but maybe cjwatson wants to have a look first before I approve it07:56
bzoltanmvo_: cool, the 14.10 is the priority for now, but I will fix the less relevant 14.04 too07:56
bzoltanmvo_: cjwatson should be super busy with the RTM image. I have created both i386 and armhf utopic chroots with this branch and they were fine. But treat this MR as you feel safe.07:57
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mvo_bzoltan: 'k07:59
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Chipacajdstrand: holler when i can review that click-reviwers-tools branch please08:14
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Hammock Day! :-D08:17
* ogra_ looks for two trees08:22
Transfusionhi, i'm trying to port apparmor over to my device kernel which is very similar to mako; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels says there's a "mako-apparmor3" branch but i can't find any such branch in ubuntu-saucy.git using git branch -a08:36
Transfusioni'm following the porting guide, should I use v3.4-backport-of-apparmor3 then08:36
jjohansenTransfusion: that needs to be updated, give me a sec to get you the address08:37
jjohansenTransfusion: git://kernel.ubuntu.com/jj/ubuntu-utopic.git08:40
jjohansenthere are several branches like before, however the maguro and grouper kernels have been dropped08:40
jjohansen  flo-aa3-backport08:40
jjohansen  flo-aa3-backport-presquash08:40
jjohansen  goldfish-aa3-backport08:40
jjohansen  goldfish-aa3-backport-presquash08:40
jjohansen  mako-aa3-backport08:40
jjohansen  mako-aa3-backport-presquash08:40
jjohansen  manta-aa3-backport08:40
jjohansen  manta-aa3-backport-presquash08:40
jjohansenthe -presquash branches have all the backport patches broken out, where the backport is the -presquash branch squashed so not as many patches need to be carried08:41
Transfusionhmm, so I should be working out of utopic now? the porting guide specifies saucy but CM11 is based on AOSP 4.4.2, (and since https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/AndroidDevel specifies 4.4.2 I used that)08:42
Transfusionok, thanks :) yeah i'll be using the squashed branch08:43
jjohansenTransfusion: the dev tracks the what ever is current ubuntu dev release (so utopic now). There is actually no reason the patches can't be applied on saucy, or all the way back to 3.0 (the oldest kernel that has been currently backported to)08:48
jjohansenthe advantage of the presquash branch is it makes it easy to revert or adjust individual backport patches if needed. But with the set of patches available it is also easy to just see what was done and tweak the squash directly08:49
jjohansenI have updated the wiki as well08:51
mandelogra_, boost program options is already in the image, correct?09:45
mandelogra_, I don't want to add another dep to the image if I can09:46
mandelogra_, also, AFAIK the logs for udm should be nicer now but I'd like us to take a look on what is the best way to clean those09:46
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jgdxhow can I run just one test using phablet-test-run?10:16
jgdxphablet-test-run -x autopilot3 run foo.bar.test_baz # works10:19
Laneyseb128: http://people.canonical.com/~laney/weird-things/spacing.png ?10:23
seb128Laney, yeah, I would do a bit more (sorry, was trying to find back the design mockups we had)10:27
Laneythat one is row spacing = column spacing10:28
seb128Laney, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/settings.png10:29
seb128is one of the mockups we had10:29
seb128well, they changed for no color/ubuntushape since10:29
seb128Laney, but row spacing doesn't seem = column spacing in yours...10:30
Laneyit is, it's just that you can't see the full square of each item10:31
seb128the spacing between 2 lines of items look a bit small imho10:34
seb128like between battery and security10:34
Laneyprobably is, just tweaking it10:36
Laneytakes ages to iterate because this file is compiled in10:36
seb128well, make in that subdir is not that slow if you do only that10:37
seb128but still slower than iterating on a non compiled one10:37
Laneyi'm x-compiling for the device10:37
Laneysuppose I could go into the chroot and run make in there10:37
Laneyseb128: ok, refresh please10:38
Laneythat's 1 gu10:38
seb128Laney, +1 from me to that one10:40
seb128if we want small spacing10:40
seb128it could be nice as well with like 3 gu10:40
seb128but that's different styles then/a design decision10:40
Laneyat least they don't look on top of each other any more10:40
Laneythat's what bothered me mainly10:41
Laneybut yeah easy to play with the numbers later on10:41
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jgdxbrendand, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1319044-carrier-design-dual-sim/+merge/22731811:02
faLUCEhello. Can I install ubuntu touch (or any linux distro) on a Archos Xenon tablet (8'') ?11:03
jgdxbrendand, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7835453/11:04
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Transfusionanother porting question; in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels it says to git rebase --onto <branch of kernel you are porting to> <sha1 of base apparmor3 patch used above> ; should I add aosp_phablet/kernel/device/codename as a remote from ubuntu-utopic.git, and attempt to rebase from there, e.g. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2247487/how-to-rebase-one-repo-to-another11:15
desiredHello! Can anybody say if htc desire sv supported to install Ubuntu?11:21
ogra_bot is on vacation it seems ... was a checp group tour ... bots in other channels went along ...11:27
jgdxdesired, these are the supported devices http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/devices/11:29
jgdxogra_, hope it comes back rested :)11:30
ogra_heh, it will, for sure :)11:30
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cwaynemzanetti: ping12:08
mzanetticwayne: pong12:13
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faLUCEhello, is this channel dead? Can I install ubuntu touch (or any linux distro) on a Archos Xenon tablet (8'') ?12:15
k1lfaLUCE: see the wiki page for porting the ubuntu-touch12:17
cwaynemzanetti: hey, we were thinking of using tagger as a preinstalled app in one of our tarballs, and were wondering how much work it would take to get it to A) launch the scanner on startup by default (instead of selecting scanner or generating) and B) have it launch a url int he browser if the result is a URL12:18
faLUCEk1l: I saw this page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices   but the list of supported tablet is very very small12:18
mzanetticwayne: well... launching the url in the browser should already be there12:18
faLUCElist of supported tablets12:19
k1lfaLUCE: yes, the nexus devices listed are support form the ubuntu touch team. the other devices are supported by the community. if your device is not supported make it support yourselv or see like on xda if someone did already but did not write into that list12:19
faLUCEk1l: what is xda ?12:20
cwaynemzanetti: oh, really?  let me check it out.. but as for launching the scanner by default, i'd imagine that's just some qml changes, right? so wouldn't be too invasive12:21
k1lfaLUCE: xda-developers. a custom rom community12:23
faLUCEk1l: do you mean a mailing list or forum?12:23
faLUCEphilinux: k1l do you mean that ubuntu touch can work on this tablet without problems (or with few problems) even if it is not listed on the wiki page?12:25
k1li dont know. to put a custom rom on a tablet is first a problem with the ability of getting the device rooted at all. to get to know about your specific device see the custom rom community.12:26
faLUCEk1l: thanks12:26
k1lubuntu-touch can not tell it to you for all the trillion devices out there.12:26
faLUCEI would buy a < 200 euros device that has a sim slot and where I can install ubuntu-touch12:27
faLUCEand I don't know where to ask a tested model12:27
jgdxbrendand, fixed the last two broken tests12:29
jgdxpitti, I will fix my mr later tonight, fyi12:30
k1lfaLUCE: see what device is the development device12:32
faLUCEk1l: I don't understand12:33
mvo_ogra_: any concerns about http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835864/ ? replaces the dummy packages with the real packages to get one step closer to multi arch install of ubuntu-sdk-libs12:33
mvo_ogra_: if not I will just commit12:33
ogra_mvo_, oh, thanks ... i had that on my TODO to sort out with Mirv for ages12:34
ogra_we never got around to do it yet+12:34
mvo_ogra_: cool, I will commit and upload later then12:34
mvo_ogra_: apt-get install ubuntu-sdk-libs-dev:TARGET is the goal and this was in the way12:35
k1lfaLUCE: the nexus7 or the nexus10 are devices that are beeing used from the guys who program on ubuntu-touch12:35
faLUCEk1l: yes but they are expensive12:36
faLUCEk1l: I'm looking for a < 200 euros one12:36
derek-gI want Ubuntu phone. guys. c'moon. what's taking so long...12:38
jgdxbrendand, right off the bat I see the assert_used and related functions should use Eventually, which would kill a lot of the sleep calls.12:41
brendandjgdx, yeah - Eventually is good to use12:42
brendandjgdx, i had a little problem building your code, plus lunch break, means i'm just looking at it now12:42
mvo_ogra_: would it be terrible if I make ubuntu-html5-container a recommends for sdk-libs for now? it needs multi-arch(ing) but looking at the pkg I'm not sure what the best strategy here is, I need to talk to mhall119 first. in the meantime making it a recommends would be another step towards the goal12:43
ogra_mvo_, note that recommends dont get processed in touch installs ...12:43
ogra_(so it wouldnt end up on the image anymore)12:43
mvo_ogra_: oh, hrm12:43
mvo_ogra_: thats a bit of a show-stopper :)12:44
ogra_heh, yeah12:44
jgdxbrendand, what happened?12:44
mvo_ogra_: thanks for the info!12:44
brendandjgdx, just ran out of room on the device to get the dependencies12:45
jgdxbrendand, there's also http://people.canonical.com/~jonas/system-settings/12:45
brendandjgdx, oh cool12:46
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mvo_mhall119: does http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835953/ look ok? I'm working torwads making ubuntu-sdk-libs multi-arch installable12:55
jgdxkenvandine, ping13:03
kenvandinejgdx, pong13:03
jgdxkenvandine, hey, this[1] is almost ready for review. I've cut down some complexity as well, so it should be easier to review. :) [1] https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-system-settings/1319044-carrier-design-dual-sim/+merge/22731813:04
kenvandinejgdx, awesome13:05
mhall119mvo_: is there a reason you're asking me about this one?13:05
mvo_mhall119: I think your name was in the changelog last :)13:06
mvo_mhall119: but I may be mistaken13:06
mhall119unless somebody put my name in there for some reason, you probably are :)13:08
seb128kenvandine, hey, want to land the background settings work from jgdx today? ;-)13:08
kenvandineseb128, yes i do :)13:08
seb128kenvandine, need help/guidance?13:08
kenvandineseb128,  i don't think so13:08
seb128kenvandine, k, can you include https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-system-settings/category-grid-vertical-spacing/+merge/227705 and https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/ubuntu-system-settings/default-department-id-key/+merge/227594 with it? they are both 1 liners13:09
jgdxkenvandine, thanks!13:09
seb128jgdx, sorry it has been sitting there for some time13:10
jgdxseb128, no matter :)13:11
kenvandineseb128, sure13:11
mzanetticwayne: can you give me some more informations on what you intend to do with tagger?13:12
ogra_pitti, hey ... i got a little dbus problem and was wondering if you knwo any more detailed debug methods ... i have a QT call and an identical dbus-send call ... both produce the same dbus-monitor output like in: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835830/ ... but only the dbus-send one works13:15
ogra_is there any way to get more details from dbus-monitor ?13:15
ogra_string ":1.215" ... isnt really helpful13:15
ogra_(the code is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835761/ ... line 181 to 193 is the dbus function)13:16
ogra_(or anyone else familiar with dbus under Qt ^^^⁾13:17
pittiogra_: sorry, busy; quick answer: try under QDBUS_DEBUG=1 ?13:17
ogra_pitti, ah, thanks13:17
pittiogra_: :1.215 is the client-side connection name; you can see that in d-feet, etc.13:17
ogra_not on my tablet :P13:17
pittiogra_: but with dbus-monitor you don't see method calls by default for the system bus; you need https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingDBus for that13:18
pittiogra_: why not? ssh -X :)13:18
ogra_i dont think that works13:18
pittiI've done that with the phone13:18
ogra_hmm, k13:18
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t1mpwhen I run apt-get update on phone, why does it use a bunch of trusty repos, and not utopic?13:25
ogra_doesnt here13:25
pmcgowanogra_, do you know why we added korean fonts package to the image?13:27
ogra_pmcgowan, ask dpm ... i think the keyboard was brooken in korean13:28
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Elleopmcgowan, ogra_: as far as I'm aware dpm's been working with someone who's attempting to create a korean keyboard layout (we don't have one at the moment), presumably it was done to help support them13:32
pmcgowanElleo, sounds good13:33
t1mpogra_: hmm.. I think I somehow flashed a really old image and I got a trusty version :s13:34
* t1mp reflashing13:34
ogra_pitti, FYI ... ogra@anubis:~$ ssh -X phablet@ ...13:35
t1mpah, I flashed trusty-proposed instead of utopic-proposed. Stupid mistake13:35
ogra_phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ d-feet ...13:35
ogra_(d-feet:20101): Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:13:35
cwaynemzanetti: basically just wanted to have it as a preinstalled way to scan codes to launch urls/apps13:35
ogra_(and i would have been surprised if it worked ... since we dont even ship Xlibs anymore)13:36
mzanetticwayne: and why the removal of the generation feature then?13:36
* mzanetti waits for "'cause its useless"13:36
cwaynemzanetti: not removing it, but having it launch to scanner by default13:36
cwayneit's not useless, just scanning is more useful :)13:37
mzanettiwell, it kinda is atm13:37
mzanettithe intention was to be able to share the generated tag via various means at some point, mail, twitter, whatnot13:37
mzanettihowever, I don't think the system supports much of that yet13:37
cwayneah, that makes sense13:38
mzanetticwayne: actually launching to scanner would get rid of the uber ugly main menu13:39
mzanetti(also that was supposed to get better when we have NFC - would add support for reading and writing NFC tags too)13:39
cwayneoooh thatd be cool13:40
* ogra_ always wondered why people need to tag that they have No F*cking Clue ... 13:40
mzanettiogra_: huh?13:41
mzanettiah :D took a bit here :D13:41
nik90anybody here have a iphone?13:41
* nik90 needs ask them something about the clock app in iOS13:42
kenvandinejgdx, trying to build your branch in a silo, got a conflict with trunk :/13:51
kenvandinejgdx, looks like yesterday's landing conflicts, can you merge with trunk?13:52
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cwaynemzanetti: so those changes wouldn't be too involved then?  i haven't had a chance to check out the code yet13:54
mhall119nik90: the designers maybe?13:55
dpmpmcgowan, a translator mentioned that the Korean translations we ship could not be read on the image due to the missing font (all characters were shown as squares, thus unreadable). Still a Korean keyboard and input method are needed to be able to use the phone in Korean, but at least now the interface is readable13:55
dpmogra, Elleo ^13:56
Elleodpm: ah, right13:56
nik90mhall119: yeah I figured this channel might be faster than asking the designers13:56
pmcgowandpm, the other fonts discussed in the bug for chinese include cjk13:56
pmcgowanwe just need to choose a good solution for all of them13:57
mzanetticwayne: nah... no biggie... what's the deadline?13:57
dpmpmcgowan, yeah, I think the google one that was announced a few days ago might be a good solution (option 3 in the bug report). I understand it's got better Korean coverage than the others, and also Japanese. The only thing is that it needs to be packaged13:58
dpmi.e. it requires extra work13:58
pmcgowandpm, seems easy enough13:58
pmcgowaneasy for me to say though13:59
mhall119does the ubuntu font not support those languages?13:59
cwaynemzanetti: hm I don't have a hard deadline that I know of, let me ask around13:59
dpmpmcgowan, yeah, if we can find someone to package it, seems like a good plan to me14:00
cwaynemzanetti: what I got was "by RTM"14:05
mzanetticwayne: is that meant to be preinstalled on all phones? or just for some demo?14:05
t1mpany idea what's wrong here?14:08
t1mpim@C720:~$ ubuntu-device-flash --bootstrap --channel=ubuntu-touch/utopic-proposed14:08
t1mp2014/07/22 14:55:31 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting14:08
t1mpflashing is stuck there ^ on the device (nexus4) it is stuck at the Google logo14:09
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barrymandel: hi.  any status on LP: #1341685 ?14:16
Transfusionhi, is <branch of kernel you are porting to> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels supposed to be the branch I created with git checkout -b <new-branch> <backport kernel> or the kernel i intend to port apparmor to14:16
mandelbarry, nothing I can give you hopes with atm14:16
barrymandel: ok.  any other information i can gather for you?14:17
mandelbarry, no atm, I'm looking at logs etc.. to see if I can see a pattern14:18
MacSlowseb128, pitti: how much work is to do a mother-of-grep over all UbuntuTouch related branches in order to look for consumers/users of notifications?14:19
seb128MacSlow, if you want to look in things in Ubuntu you can use http://ubuntu-codesearch.surgut.co.uk/14:19
* ogra_ was about to point there 14:19
MacSlowseb128, ah... trying now14:20
seb128MacSlow, what do you need?14:20
ogra_but that french layout makes seb128 type faster it seems14:20
MacSlowseb128, I want to speed up my current work indentifying services/apps on UbuntuTouch using notifications with relation to UI-bugs14:21
barrymandel: have you been able to trigger the bug or is it still just me hallucinating?14:21
seb128MacSlow, well, what api/function use are you looking for?§14:22
mandelbarry, so far I have not been able, but I'm looking at possible ways to make it do that14:22
barrymandel: cool, thanks14:22
MacSlowseb128, notify_notification_new() should be very telling... I'm already looking at a first result-set14:23
MacSlowseb128, hm... looks like no ubuntutouch-related packages are part of the search offered there... http://ubuntu-codesearch.surgut.co.uk/search?weighted=1&q=notify_notification_new14:23
seb128MacSlow, that looks only in the Ubuntu archive, not in the click store14:24
MacSlowseb128, the primary focus is system-related UbuntuTouch projects... click-apps only secondary14:26
ogra_well, and even if it could, there is no soource in the store14:26
t1mpogra_: I think you helped me with the same issue before, my device is stuck in the Google screen waiting for the bootloader after flashing, do you know how I can get out of that?14:27
MacSlowseb128, I remember we (actually pitti) did one such mother-of-all-greps for the desktop back when NotifyOSD was new and wanted to see all consumers of the libnotify API.14:27
ogra_t1mp, what device is that (we have a boot issue with manta)14:27
t1mpogra_: nexus 414:27
ogra_ah, thats should work ... was that a fresh flash ?14:27
MacSlowseb128, I think pitti did that on a source-hosting server itself... at least that's what I recall14:27
seb128MacSlow, right, there is a script we can run on one of the mirror, but codesearch should do the same with an easier UI14:28
t1mpogra_: it got stuck after flashing like this:14:28
t1mptim@C720:~$ ubuntu-device-flash --bootstrap --channel=ubuntu-touch/utopic-proposed14:28
t1mp2014/07/22 14:55:31 Expecting the device to be in the bootloader... waiting14:28
t1mpit is still waiting for the bootloader it seems14:28
MacSlowseb128, how can I get that codesearch to also skim over UbuntuTouch related sources?14:28
ogra_t1mp, ah ... try: adb reboot bootloader14:28
ogra_in another terminal14:29
seb128MacSlow, well, what is UbuntuTouch?14:29
seb128MacSlow, the script pitti used would do the same, it would use the ubuntu archive14:29
MacSlowseb128, it does not seem to allow to select any thing else than the symbol-name14:29
seb128MacSlow, no magical way to fetch "Ubuntu Touch" afaik14:29
seb128well, it's a regexp, you can tweak it14:29
ogra_well, you could write a script and use the seed as input14:29
ogra_or some such+14:29
MacSlowseb128, well sure... but e.g. I would have expected e.g. for lp:telephony-service to show up... and lp:indicator-network...14:30
seb128MacSlow, they should14:30
MacSlowhm... ok14:30
MacSlowseb128, I'll look deeper into it after the standup...anyway thanks for the pointer14:30
seb128Laney, is codesearch known to have issues/list incomplete result (I know it was but I though you said that was temporary)?14:30
t1mpogra_: ok that reboots to the bootloader. I'll try to flash with bootstrap again from there :)14:31
seb128MacSlow, yw14:31
Laneyseb128: yes I didn't look into this yet :(14:31
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Laneycan give anyone access if they want to14:31
ogra_t1mp, ah, you could just have it left running ubuntu-device-flash would just have waited :)14:31
seb128MacSlow, ^ seems like the service is having issues/an incomplete index14:31
Laneydarkxst keeps bugging me about that too14:31
ogra_it knows when the device is in bootloader mode14:31
* Laney feels like a bad service host14:31
seb128MacSlow, so you might want to try to see if pitti can do the grepping for you (if he remembers the machine/script to use)14:31
Laneyjdstrand can do that14:32
MacSlowseb128, yeah... I'll certainly will also keep poking pitti14:32
pittiyeah, not particularly easy for me14:32
pitticodesearch or jdstrand14:32
MacSlowpitti, but you remember what I mean when speaking of that mega-grep you did once for NotifyOSD14:33
Laneyare you trying to break API?14:33
pittiMacSlow: yeah, but codesearch should do that?14:33
Laneyeverything that's using it ought to build-depend on the dev package14:33
pittino, there's also gir or direct d-bus calls14:33
MacSlowpitti, I'll see if I can get any further with it after the standup14:33
Laneythose also ought to be depends14:35
Laneyand breaking the API that badly sounds like quite an undertaking14:36
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kenvandinepmcgowan, yay... i think i fixed my race conditions in my call forwarding branch14:41
pmcgowanlandeded it!14:41
kenvandinepmcgowan, i'll clean up my debugging code and make sure my lines wrap properly and submit it today14:43
MacSlowpitti, seb128: according to http://ubuntu-codesearch.surgut.co.uk/faq it only does "Currently, DCS indexes sid only." I do not think sid pulls things like lp:telephony-service & Co14:43
kenvandineit isn't exactly as designed of course, but a good first pass14:43
pittiMacSlow: ah, that's just an artifact; it's actually using Ubuntu14:44
pittiMacSlow: it's running the Debian codesearch code, but on ubuntu14:44
MacSlowpitti, still it does not work for my case apparently... e.g. http://ubuntu-codesearch.surgut.co.uk/search?q=notify_notification_new+package%3Atelephony-service14:47
MacSlowpitti, that should produce at least 4 hits14:48
pitti:/ that sounds broken then14:48
pittiMacSlow: + is a space, I think you want & but still broken with that14:49
Laneyyes it needs fixing14:50
MacSlowpitti, that URL was generated from the input in the form14:50
MacSlowI think I can't use it and have to keep doing manual searching, guess-work and asking around14:51
Laneywe told you that jd_strand can do the grep for you14:54
kenvandineLaney, seb128: i just proposed a call_forwarding branch, don't review that yet.  I will mark it as WIP after I get a CI build.14:54
seb128kenvandine, k14:55
MacSlowLaney, what/where is that "jp_strand"?15:04
Laneyit's a d, and remove the underscore to get an IRC nick15:04
Laneyjust didn't want to highlight15:04
jdstrandwhat am I needed for?15:06
seb128jdstrand, seems like MacSlow needs an archive grep for "notify_notification_new"15:08
MacSlowoh... sorry :) jdstrand15:08
MacSlowjdstrand, I thought it was the name of a script or service ;)15:09
MacSlowjdstrand, I totally didn't make the connection to your irc-nick  I know from malta :)15:09
ogra_seb128, Laney, is there a bug open for "about page in system-settings takes 30sec to show up"15:10
ogra_do you happen to know ?15:10
Laneyno, because it doesn't15:11
Laney3 seconds here15:11
ogra_Laney, its surely does here15:12
Laney2 that time15:12
jdstrandMacSlow: is http://ubuntu-codesearch.surgut.co.uk/search?weighted=1&q=notify_notification_new not good enough?15:12
ogra_if you open it the first time ... seems subsequent ones are faster15:12
ogra_looks like a dbus timeout or some such15:12
seb128jdstrand, no, the service is buggy/the index is currently incomplete15:12
ogra_(i'm on flo here)15:13
jdstrandMacSlow: what ubuntu release do you want to search?15:13
jdstrandMacSlow: just utopic?15:13
MacSlowjdstrand, if possible utopic15:13
jdstrandMacSlow: ok, this will take a while-- I'll ping you when I have the results15:14
MacSlowjdstrand, very cool thanks!15:14
groot_I'm testing UT in my device, unity-system-compositor is failing all the time. I've the similar issue as posted here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-session/+bug/1283326/comments/315:14
groot_and here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-touch-session/+bug/1283326/comments/415:15
ogra_groot_, define "on  my device"15:15
ogra_which device15:15
groot_I'm porting, not official device15:15
ogra_is your container up and running ?15:16
ogra_(that provides the graphiocs driver that Mir (unity-system-compositor) uses)15:16
groot_yes. Device is almost booted and running, just blank screen15:16
groot_I can give you the syslog15:17
ogra_/system/bin/logcat -d might be more interesting15:17
ogra_sounds like a driver issue15:17
groot_I've the logs. Can you look at it please :)15:18
ogra_push them to paste.ubuntu.com15:18
groot_ok, 1 min15:18
groot_ogra_, syslog http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836697/15:20
groot_logcat http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836700/15:21
groot_lightdm.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836703/15:21
groot_unity-compositor strace: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836711/15:22
ogra_groot_, hmm, i guess you should ask in #ubuntu-mir15:31
ogra_the display server clearly dies ... they know how to run test apps and so on to nail down the issue15:32
groot_ogra_, I'll ask, thanks. BTW, when I built android system.img, it was 140MB. I've to change your root-stock scripts' make_ext4 parameter to 130M to make the image. Hope it'll help.15:34
ogra_oh, i should probably add a size check there one day15:35
ogra_instead of hardcoding15:35
groot_ogra_, another thing. In your script, you have a line "cd /cache/system/lib && ln -s /system/lib/modules modules". Is the /system refers to android system partition ?15:37
Christianr1123Hi i need help turning on debugging on my tablet.15:37
Christianr1123anybody know how to mess with the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 ?15:38
ogra_groot_, yep15:39
groot_ogra_, but isn't the system.img is inside the ubuntu image? my system partition has no files in it. Is this to support old flipped model ?15:41
=== boiko__ is now known as boiko
Christianr1123i dont know15:47
awe_sergiusens, I re-opened the nuntium task for the AT&T MMS bug, as although I can receive an MMS now, the incoming MMS was accompanied by the text "<smil>16:03
awe_if you want to open a new bug to track, then feel free to close out the nuntium task on this bug16:04
ogra_it just wants to be friendly and forgot an "e" in the end :)16:05
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
=== tvoss|errands is now known as tvoss
sergiusensawe_: there is already a bug for that16:33
sergiusensawe_: and it's messaging app not nuntium16:34
awe_sergiusens, ack, I'll re-close out that nuntium task then16:34
awe_sergiusens, bug #?16:37
awe_I don't see it16:37
sergiusenssalem_: ^16:37
salem_awe_, it's a bug in messaging-app, easy to fix. please assign it to me.16:38
sergiusenssalem_: I just told him we had a bug for it though16:38
awe_sergiusens, I checked both the messaging-app and messaging-app ( Ubuntu ) and didn't see it16:38
salem_sergiusens, ah, true, completely forgot about that16:38
awe_salem_, if there is a bug, or you create a new one, would you mind just adding a reference to the above bug?16:41
salem_awe_, sure, let me find it16:42
salem_sergiusens, well, I only found this one, which does not seems to address this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-ofono/+bug/134227016:45
sergiusenssalem_: nope, that's the one we need for sending :-)16:45
salem_sergiusens, yep, can't find the bug report.16:46
sergiusensso we need to create one16:46
awe_sergiusens, salem_, I can file one if you'd like16:47
Just_Davei have a Asus TP600T that i want to install ubuntu on.  is it possible to do?  if so how?16:50
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
sergiusensawe_: sure17:05
awe_sergiusens, ack17:06
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
sergiusensdavmor2: hey, do you mind running todays image and the nuntium testplan? With the tcpdump stuff stated at the bottom of it17:07
sergiusensdavmor2: I want to see the capture data for when you recv a messag17:07
davmor2sergiusens: about to go for lunch bug I can sure do it when I get back17:08
sergiusensdavmor2: sure; so you are not in the uk?17:08
sergiusensdavmor2: sure; you can do it tomorrow as well; there is no rush17:09
davmor2no I'll do it when I get back I'll know it's done then :)  Shouldn't take more than an hour right?17:09
sergiusensdavmor2: 20 minutes I guess taking your time17:10
davmor2no worries then17:10
bzoltancjwatson: I have addressed  all your comments in the MR branch https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/click/extend_1410_fw/+merge/22767517:25
cjwatsonwill look when my mail comes back online17:26
awe_salem_, I created: https://bugs.launchpad.net/messaging-app/+bug/134707917:58
awe_salem_, one other thing I noticed when testing the original AT&T bug was that I heard an incoming message alert sound, but the screen didn't come on, nor did the message indicator show a new message17:58
awe_any idea if these are known regressions?17:59
awe_bfiller, ^^17:59
salem_awe_, I haven't seen this one yet.17:59
bfillerawe_: I have seen some weirdness like you describe from time to time, but not consistently18:00
pmcgowanbfiller, I can no longer go to voice mail from message indicator pulldown18:01
bfillerpmcgowan: full of good ones today :)18:01
bfillerpmcgowan: what happens exactly?18:02
pmcgowanbfiller, how can I know if its indicator bug or elsewhere?18:02
pmcgowanI open the voice mail message in the indicator, click on the phone, it disappears and empties the view18:02
pmcgowanno dialer18:02
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jgdxkenvandine, will look at getting that fixed.18:02
awe_pmcgowan, sounds like an indicator bug to me18:03
bfillerpmcgowan: if you get missed call or sms can you open them from the indicator?18:03
kenvandinejgdx, thx18:03
pmcgowanbfiller, let me try18:06
awe_bfiller, I can open an SMS from the indicator18:07
awe_salem_, so a couple of weird things... (1) a lone MMS w/no text sounds the alert, but the phone is woken up18:08
awe_(2) a MMS with associated text isn't coming thru at all18:09
awe_sorry, I meant to say the phone *isn't* woken up in case (1)18:09
dobeyhow can i connect to the "back" button pressed signal in the new world headers?18:09
bfillerpmcgowan: seeing same thing, this was working recently as I tested it18:10
pmcgowanbfiller, missed call works ok18:11
pmcgowanjust voice message busted18:11
salem_awe_, ok, I will have a look18:11
bfillerpmcgowan: yes, salem_ can you add the busted voicemail to your list too :) pressing voicemail from indicator doesn't launch the dialer anymore18:12
bfillerjust removes item from indicator18:12
pmcgowanbfiller, salem_will file the bug18:12
awe_salem_, I re-opened the nuntium and messaging-app tasks for the AT&T MMS bug; assigned to you and sergiusens18:13
pmcgowanbfiller, https://bugs.launchpad.net/indicator-messages/+bug/134708518:14
dobeymardy: ^^ do you know how we can connect to the "back" button in the new header in online accounts?18:14
dobeymardy: the switch to the new headers introduced a reqgression in the u1 plug-in :-/18:15
awe_bfiller, boiko, are you guys OK with me closing out: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ofono/+bug/133486018:16
awe_this is the brazilian ermegency number / service number bug18:17
awe_these are now exposed via system settings "sim service"18:18
awe_( although I think this should be re-phrased "Service Numbers" or "SIM Service Numbers" )18:18
awe_pmcgowan ^^18:18
boikoawe_: so, 911 is certainly not an emergency number in Brasil, while 190 is18:19
ogra_if you add a 0 in front you have the typical german sex-line prefix (0190 ...)18:20
awe_boiko, please read piiramar's comment #1.  While it's treated as an emergency number, it's not truly an emergency number in the true sense of the word18:20
awe_boiko, that said I still think that they label for "SIM Services" should be changed... to something more obvious18:20
boikoawe_: the problem is: there is no way to test that without actually trying to call the emergency numbers on an iOS or android device :/18:32
jgdxkenvandine, pushed fixx18:32
kenvandinejgdx, thx18:33
pmcgowankenvandine, can we get a test build in a PPA with satoris branch and maybe jgdx? or start a silo to make it easier?18:40
awe_boiko, I agree that testing is difficult, but unless we can test and/or contact one of the Brazilian carriers and get an explanation for the SIM programming, it's not something we're going to fix18:40
kenvandinepmcgowan, i have  a silo building now18:40
pmcgowankenvandine, which branches?18:41
kenvandinejgdx's backgrounds branch18:41
kenvandinea grid spacing fix18:41
kenvandineand another18:41
pmcgowanwas interested in seeing the apn stuff and the dual sim stuff, helping debug18:41
kenvandinedepartment id thing18:41
kenvandinei guess we can create a silo that isn't ready to publish just to get builds18:42
pmcgowanseems easiest18:42
pmcgowanas long as there are spares18:42
boikoawe_: I'm trying to find some regulatory docs about it, but one thing I found: 911 and 112 are redirected to appropriate brazilian emergency centers since last year18:42
awe_boiko, OK; I'll leave the bug in Incomplete state for now then18:46
boikoawe_: well, I think piiramar is correct. I just find it weird that in the service principles spec they mention that calls to services such as police, fire brigade, ambulance, etc shall be allowed, even though the brazilian code for those are only listed in the services section18:49
awe_it's definitely weird, I'll give you that18:51
awe_that's why I think we need more info from one or more carriers before we change our behavior18:51
mterrykenvandine, so I have this branch I'd *like* to land this week: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/ubuntu-system-settings/locking-hash/+merge/224346 -- I was told to coordinate USS landings with you, to make sure we don't have any unnecessary conflicts  :)18:57
kenvandinemterry, yup... i have one pending now18:58
kenvandinemterry, tomorrow?18:58
mterrykenvandine, that's probably fine18:58
kenvandinemterry, did you see greyback's qtComp branch?18:58
kenvandinei had wanted you to look at that18:58
mterrykenvandine, yes?  I think so18:58
greybackkenvandine: yep he did18:58
kenvandinejgdx, are you still around?19:04
kenvandinejgdx, now your backgrounds branch fails with a pep8 test failure19:29
kenvandineAssertionError: /build/buildd/ubuntu-system-settings-0.3+14.10.20140722/tests/autopilot/ubuntu_system_settings/tests/test_background.py:17:1: E302 expected 2 blank lines, found 119:29
kenvandinejgdx, CI passed which is weird, but i get the pep8 failure in the silo19:33
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=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
tvosscharles, ping19:51
charlestvoss, pong19:52
tvosscharles, in your gcc branch, could you please bump the build-dep on dbus-cpp to 4.0.0?19:52
charlestvoss, in lp:~charlesk/indicator-datetime/make-gcc-version-explicit ? sure19:54
charlestvoss, is there location API yet for indicator-location to know if/which apps have been accessing the phone's location?19:55
tvosscharles, nope, and checked with jdstrand. I don't think we need the list of recent accesses for RTM.19:56
charlestvoss: ...wait, indicator-datetime isn't using dbus-cpp. You're thinking of properties-cpp, yes?19:56
tvosscharles, indicator-network, sorry19:57
mhall119ajalkane: are you around for the file manager meeting?20:02
charlestvoss, I don't have an indicator-network gcc branch. I thought maybe Wellark or Satoris had one, but I don't see any indicator-network branch in silo 820:02
charlestvoss, if there's not one already pending, go ahead and make a quick branch in the same vein as the others, plus the dbus-cpp bump, and I'll review/approve20:04
tvosscharles, ah okay, could you add a branch with the same changes as for the other indicators then?20:07
charlesI'm a little surprised there's not one in there already... indicator-network is an important customer for the 4.9 bump20:07
charlestvoss, sure20:07
robotfuelcharles: ping, I have a crash bug that I need triaged in indicator-location https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-network/+bug/1343341 are you the right person to ask?20:18
* charles clicks20:18
charlesrobotfuel, indicator-location or indicator-network?20:20
robotfuelcharles: there are some in both, I realize now I pasted the wrong link20:21
robotfuelcharles: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-location/+bug/134404720:21
robotfuelcharles: I think Wellark is the person to ping about indicator-network but he hasn't returned pings, I heard rumors of sick or vacation.20:22
charlesrobotfuel, right, he's been out. Satoris has also done a lot of indicator-network work, so I'd try him second20:22
charleslooking at indicator-location now20:23
charlesrobotfuel, would there happen to be indicator-location.log files associated with that crash?20:24
kenvandinepmcgowan, the apn branch of settings is built in silo 1820:25
robotfuelcharles: is that in /var/log? I can get it off of the phone20:25
pmcgowankenvandine, already installed20:25
charlesrobotfuel, I stronly suspect that 1344047 is the same as bug #133861020:26
pmcgowanrunning out of time to play with it though20:26
kenvandinepmcgowan, ok20:26
charlesrobotfuel, iirc it would be in ~/.cache/upstart/ , let me plug in my phone & confirm20:26
robotfuelcharles: I see it there, I'll see if I can find one with the crash.20:27
charlesrobotfuel, thanks :-)20:27
robotfuelcharles: yes same error as 1338610, I'll mark it as a dupe20:29
charlesrobotfuel, thanks :-)20:31
tvosscharles, got an mp?20:32
charlestvoss, I'll push it now, I was waiting for bzr builddeb to finish but it just keeps going and going20:33
charlesmight as well get Jenkins started now20:33
tvosscharles, yup, I would like to get the silo reconfigured20:33
charlestvoss, https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-network/make-gcc-version-explicit/+merge/22782420:35
Tassadaryaaaaaay, shutdown menu \o/20:56
charlestvoss, ping me when silo 8 gets updated and I'll re-test on the phone21:00
tvosscharles, thank you21:01
cwaynejdstrand: ping21:15
jdstrandcwayne: hey21:17
cwaynejdstrand: hey, so should an unconfined aggregating scope be able to call a confined child scope?21:17
cwaynelike if ebay were a local confined scope, should the unconfined shopping scope be able to get results from it21:18
jdstrandI mean, it is supposed to be able to21:19
jdstrandif it doesn't that is a bug21:19
jdstrandcwayne: are you seeing that this doesn't work?21:19
cwaynejdstrand: yessir21:19
cwaynejdstrand: Jul 22 17:06:40 ubuntu-phablet kernel: [30750.996517] type=1400 audit(1406063200.136:2410): apparmor="DENIED" operation="connect" profile="com.canonical.scopes.etsy_etsy_1.0.9" name="/run/user/32011/zmq/unity-scope-shopping-r" pid=19097 comm="com.canonical.s" requested_mask="rw" denied_mask="rw" fsuid=32011 ouid=3201121:19
jdstrandcwayne: do you have apparmor denials? (grep DEN /var/log/syslog)21:19
cwayneyep ^21:20
jdstrandunity-scope-shopping is aggregating?21:20
jdstrandand etsy is confined?21:20
cwaynewith template ubuntu-scope-network21:20
cwayneany other info I can get that'd be helpful? full kern.log maybe?21:21
jdstrandit isn't behaving as it was described to me21:22
cwayneyeah, we were led to believe that this should be fine to do as long as the aggregating scope is unconfined21:23
jdstrandI was led to believe the same thing21:23
jdstrandcan you file a bug against unity-scopes-api?21:23
jdstrandI can't allow the zmq/*-r access otherwise leaf scopes can mess with each other21:24
jdstrandI thought that was what all the zmq/c-*-r accesses were for21:25
cwaynejdstrand: https://bugs.launchpad.net/savilerow/+bug/134717721:25
sarnoldmterry: btw, the polkit/kauth patch has been updated yet again to use bus names instead of the unix pid / owner interface: https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=864716 and https://build.opensuse.org/request/show/24142821:26
cwaynejdstrand: hmm, so would this need to be solved in the api itself? or stillt he apparmor profile21:26
sarnoldmterry: it might be useful place to steal ideas :)21:26
mterrysarnold, we'd need to use a system bus name?  But we'd need to authenticate for a local user process that isn't on the system bus21:27
sarnoldmterry: ohhhh. :/ darn.21:27
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
jdstrandcwayne: the api21:30
jdstrandcwayne: I commented in the bug21:30
jdstrandcwayne: can you followup with michi?21:31
cwaynejdstrand: i certainly can and will21:31
jdstrandok, I added a tag so I'll see updates to the bug21:31
jgdxkenvandine, oh man, how did that happen? :)21:43
jgdxahayzen_, I see it21:43
ahayzen_jgdx, hmm? see what?21:44
jgdxahayzen_, bad tab. Sorry!21:44
ahayzen_jgdx, hah no worries21:45
jgdxkenvandine, pushed (yet again)21:45
achiangwhat is the proper framework to declare for a web app now?21:45
achiangcwayne: do you know?21:46
beunoachiang, it depends21:46
beunothe latest latest is 14.10.dev221:46
beunoI can get you the exact string if that's what you're looking for21:47
achiangbeuno: yes please21:47
beunoachiang, https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/1t_JGpg4r8BLluzfzmqa-gAbcKUjKUOufSCTSdPpFc5g/edit#gid=021:47
beunois the long story21:47
beunois the short one21:47
beunofor cordova21:48
achianghm... i don't think i'm using cordova21:48
beunobut you meant webaps21:48
beunoachiang, so that's the full list available21:48
beunoso I;d need to guess at this point21:48
beunoachiang, that's a safe bet ^21:49
achiangbeuno: ta. i'll give it a shot21:49
achiangbeuno: i mean... really i just want something to use oxide21:49
beunoachiang, that one gives you access to everything21:50
achiangbeuno: cool. everything sounds good21:50
achiangwhat is line 5 ?21:50
* achiang guesses it must match the last thingy on line 1121:53
dobeydoes anyone know when online-accounts ui switched to the new header style?21:54
mterry pitti, I notice that systemd autopkgtests are failing.  Do you happen to know anything about that?21:55
achiangjdstrand: what is the latest policy group i should be using for a web app? 1.1?21:58
jdstrandachiang: 1.2 with one of the 14.10 frameworks22:02
achiangjdstrand: thanks. i'm just going to use unconfined for now too (to test my little thingy)22:02
jdstrandyou can use 1.1 with a 14.04 framework if you have to though22:02
achiangdoes this look like a valid app.json? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7838756/22:03
dakerachiang: indentation error22:13
dakermhall119: ^22:14
achiangdaker: indentation matters?22:14
dakerachiang: no, but it's the answer to your question22:15
dakerachiang: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7838807/22:15
achiangdaker: ok, i actually have the proper indentation for my manifest.json22:17
achiangi was asking about app.json...22:17
dakerachiang: your app.json is fine22:17
achiangdaker: thx22:18
dakerjdstrand: Q: webview is in 1.2 not 1.1, right ?22:19
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jdstranddaker: webview is in 1.1 and 1.2, not 1.023:15
dakerjdstrand: ok23:16
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mhall119achiang: other than "unconfined" not being allowed in the store without super-special exception23:51
mhall119achiang: are you getting an error?23:51
achiangmhall119: nope, i'm all good23:53
achiangmhall119: to be more precise, i've got 99 problems but apparmor ain't one23:53
mhall119you know where that's going23:54
* sarnold wonders if apparmor is two or three of those problems :)23:55
achiangi'm having oxide problems, so feel bad for me son!23:55
* sarnold runs like hell23:55
jjohansensarnold: tell you what if apparmor is some of achiang's problems, I nominate you to fix it23:56
sarnoldjjohansen: now if only he had problems I thought I could fix :)23:57
achiangactually... where are apparmor denials logged? maybe i'm experiencing an issue there that's causing my oxide symptom23:59

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