Czechtonhey diddledan, thanks for the help with grub earlier01:24
Czechtoni just installed Bodhi on the chromebook and it installed grub without any complaints01:25
MooDoomorning all07:13
nigelbHappy Inaccurate Pi Day!07:21
MooDoo3.143 ;)07:22
SuperMattoh, harr harr07:34
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diploMorning all08:05
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Hammock Day! :-D08:17
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:24
MooDoohello brobostigon08:39
SuperMattI am in considerable amounts of self-inflicted pain08:39
MooDooSuperMatt: out on the lash last night?08:40
SuperMattI don't really go out on the last these days08:40
MooDooWhat you done then?08:40
SuperMattI spent about 3 hours dancing, only taking a break for about 3 songs08:40
SuperMattI finally found a follower to do some kick-ass aerials with08:46
SuperMattwhich is nice08:46
davmor2SuperMatt: you crazier that MooDoo08:53
davmor2than even08:53
davmor2too much blood in my Caffeine stream08:54
MooDoodavmor2: me no understad ebleesh!08:55
SuperMattwhat does MooDooDo?08:57
davmor2SuperMatt: do they pick up sky for free, that would be a kick-ass aerial08:58
davmor2MooDoo: is just crazy08:58
MooDoodavmor2: I am, ubuntu lts is running on my server now, your fault08:59
davmor2MooDoo: and your loving it you know it :P08:59
davmor2MooDoo: did you get to have a play with lxc and juju yet?08:59
MooDoodavmor2: centos is easier, you don't have to a2ensite or a2enmod etc08:59
MooDoodavmor2: no I've not got the kit yet, although I am purchasing a dell 1950 next week09:00
davmor2MooDoo: you got a laptop right09:00
MooDoodavmor2: yeah I know I could play with that....09:00
MooDoodavmor2: all this stuff and not a lot of time to do it.09:00
davmor2MooDoo: exactly kill your time off wisely play with juju you will get sucked in and never view sysadmin-ing the same again ;)09:01
MooDoodavmor2: pah09:02
MooDooJamesTait: when for the love of the gods are you going to advertise cacnonical tea boy on facebook ;)09:03
davmor2MooDoo: I'm prepared to back that with a beer next time we meet, so you know it must be true :P09:03
MooDoopah! bribes....working though.....:)09:04
JamesTaitMooDoo, that's my job!09:05
MooDoodavmor2: well that's rubbish you can't run windows in a lxc09:05
davmor2MooDoo: Why would you want to make your eyes bleed with that :P09:05
MooDoodavmor2: coz I need to use windows 2008 server09:06
JamesTaitMooDoo, I think there's a kvm provider.09:07
davmor2MooDoo: you can run it in xen or kvm which you can pull in on request, you can also I believe use juju on windows too, some contractors to Mircosoft made it happen and are feeding the results back into Ubuntu's juju :)09:08
MooDoodavmor2: god dammit sudo apt-get install lxc09:09
davmor2MooDoo: you can just do sudo apt install lxc too :P09:10
davmor2MooDoo: along with apt search/list/show09:11
MooDooI know I know09:11
davmor2MooDoo: much nicer than trying to remember the apt- incantation09:11
MooDoohas it been announced who the new community manager is yet?09:11
JamesTaitNot sure if it's been announced.09:11
davmor2MooDoo: nope09:12
MooDoodavmor2: then tell shuttleworth to get his ass in gear :)09:17
davmor2MooDoo: you tell him nothing to do with me :)09:17
foobarrylots of fun with microserver last night :)10:52
foobarrywhile wifey was watching programme about silly maerians10:52
foobarryraided my disks, configured postfix to email me, and configged plex server10:53
foobarrywhich is super fancy10:53
MooDoohello diddledan11:40
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brobostigoni just thought up a good nickname for our mp, where i live. tony baldrick.11:54
SomeCouldIs this the best in this category ? http://amzn.to/1rxV5pu  Note: Category/Home Operating System, Linux +1, Ubuntu+1, +Out_of_stock .12:25
awilkinsSomeCould, To be honest... unless you have no USB sticks already, and no working computers, I'd consider that poor value12:29
awilkinsYou can get quite a swanky 16GB stick for that money and install Ubuntu on it yourself12:30
awilkinsHeck, you can get 32GB sticks for that money12:31
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davmor2that's it Aircon is on13:39
daftykinsaircon eh, very fancy13:42
diddledanI need aircon13:43
diddledanbut first. it's luncheon time13:43
SuperMattok, https time: there's a *relatively* new feature in https where the browswer checks to with the cert provider to see that the cert is valid... does anyone know what this is called14:15
diddledanSuperMatt: ocsp?14:15
SuperMattthat's the one14:15
diddledanfirst try14:15
* diddledan bows14:16
diddledanI'm here all week14:16
* daftykins claps twice14:16
* Myrtti goes to order the fish14:16
daftykinsMyrtti: tell it who's boss!14:17
Myrttioh, I just would've wanted some river cobbler, nice dill sauce and boiled baby potatoes, side salad with balsamic and olive oil and a pint of Crabbies...14:24
diddledandaftykins: stop taking the weewee14:26
daftykinsbut it's such a fine place!14:26
daftykinsi was there sunday, could only get EDGE :( heh, took ages to up pics14:26
diddledanyeah, pretty places never have decent wireless14:27
diddledancan't get it all I guess14:27
daftykinsi did see they have a network, didn't enquire if it was available for use14:28
daftykinsif i priced up a router i could probably send them a quote14:28
daftykinsah, hexy14:28
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JamesTaitMooDoo, http://theravingrick.blogspot.co.uk/2014/07/the-community-team.html15:23
davmor2bigcalm: by the way that update for the xoom tablet auto updates via the cyanogenmod updater I'm on android 4.4.4 apparently :)15:47
bigcalmdavmor2: nice. Haven't used my tablet for a long time now :(15:48
davmor2bigcalm: I like to have it at my bed side for games and communications then it sits there till the following night.15:50
davmor2Man I'm actually starting to shiver it's that cold, /me turns the aircon up a degree15:52
bigcalmMy phone does that15:52
davmor2bigcalm: but only because your tablet was crappy now it need no longer be ;)15:52
davmor2although your phone possibly has more memory and a faster processor :)15:53
bigcalmNo, my phone sits in one hand and I can use it lying on my side. Tablet does not do that15:53
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foobarryany chromecast users find the colours too saturated?20:32
mappsworks fine for me20:43
mapps4od app doesnt work with it does it?20:44
dogmatic69When I plug my iphone in to 14.04 I get nothing, not even showing in lsusb. It is charging though... any ideas?20:54
diddledanphew I'm hot now20:57
diddledanmy body isn't designed for doing... things20:57
diddledanpretty much anything20:58
mappsstrongswan isnt working with my iphone20:59
mappsits proving to be a right pain21:00
diddledanthe recycling bin at the end of my road isn't big enough to cope with my cola habbit21:02
diddledanit would be fine if I didn't have to share it with the entire neighbourhood :-p21:02
mappshow do i apply for a visa i wonder21:02
mappssome site said they can help21:03
mappsand charge 14021:03
mappsseemed a bit much21:03
mappsyea diddledan21:03
diddledanI figure the cheapest way is direct through the russian embassy but that means finding an office nearby21:03
mappsi tohught i coulddo it online21:03
diddledanprolly can21:03
mappsi hope21:04
diddledanI'm thinking ancient times21:04
diddledanbefore cellphones21:04
diddledancan you believe, I have a little gizmo in my pocket that is just like an ordinary phone but without any wires?!21:04
diddledanit's like the future already21:05
penguin42interesting, Trusty kernel causing an oops on my dads machine intermittently21:13
diddledanmaybe ram is wonky?21:14
diddledanmight be worth sticking a soak test overnight with memtest86 to be sure21:14
penguin42no, it's a kernel bug - I can see another report, the backtrace is the same21:16
diddledanfair enoughh21:16
penguin42https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1296660  I've added to that, although I should file a separate bug21:58
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1296660 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kernel oops: fb: conflicting fb hw usage astdrmfb vs VESA VGA (unable to handle kernel NULL pointer dereference / con_set_unimap+0x32" [High,Confirmed]21:58
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