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paulliuSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~paulliu/unity8/attribute/+merge/22324208:47
greybackdednick: hey, replied to your mail: are you getting crash reliably just with trust sessions, for basic support?09:07
dednickgreyback: ah. didn't see that mail.09:09
dednickgreyback: will it be a mir fix, or just that we shouldn't release surface?09:10
greybackdednick: yeah sorry. Application is deleting its MirSurfaceItem - that slipped in somehow09:10
dednickgreyback: right. well i'm not sure if it will affect prompt sessions, since that has surfaces not attached to apps.09:11
greybackmy plan would be to have MirSurfaceItem have a shared pointer to the Application, and Application is only deleted when it is removed from the AppMan list and all its surfaces destroyed09:11
greybackbut I was going to leave that after we land qtcomp as it is now09:12
greybackdednick: I'm more asking: what do you need from me & qtcomp?09:12
dednickgreyback: i think my problem is that i have a MirSurfaceItem hanging around after destroy_surface.09:12
greybackdednick: is release() being called on that surface ever?09:13
dednickgreyback: er. don't know. i need to investigate it today.09:14
greybackdednick: let me know if I can help09:14
dednickgreyback: ok. thanks09:14
greybackdednick: would this help at all? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7835202/10:11
greybackwe were not disabling input to surfaces if their backing mir surface was destroyed10:11
dednickgreyback: probably would. i am just about to start testing10:12
dednickgreyback: can give it a test10:12
greybackdo please10:12
greybackI think it was causing unity8 to crash for some AP tests10:13
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sogatoriHello everyone. The application idndicators/status notifiers standard says that indicators with the "passive" property should/can be hidden. Is there any way in unity to interact with hidden indicators?10:27
dandradergreyback, I don't think it should be implemented like that as the enabled property of MirSurfaceItem is also controlled from the QML side.10:32
greybackdandrader: ok. What would you prefer.10:33
greybackdandrader: sadly it's not fixing the crash I'm getting anyway10:33
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greybacksogatori: you would probably be more likely to get a reply by emailing the unity-dev mailing list (unity-dev@lists.launchpad.net)10:46
sogatorigreyback: oh ok, I was about to try unity-design.10:46
greybacksogatori: that might do too.10:46
sogatorigreyback: thanks10:47
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greybackW: Failed to fetch gzip:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/ddebs.ubuntu.com_dists_utopic_main_binary-armhf_Packages  Hash Sum mismatch11:07
greybackanyone getting that for ddebs.ubuntu.com recently?11:08
dednickgreyback: works perfectly.11:13
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greybackhmmm, wtf wrong on my end11:14
dednickgreyback: don't know why it would be breaking unit tests though. surface item will be deleted for an application.11:14
dednickgreyback: oh. sorry, i meant about the setEnabled :)11:15
greybackdednick: so I realised after :)11:15
dednickgreyback: yeah, i can't get ddebs either :)11:15
dednickjust tried a few minutes ago11:16
greybackdednick: it breaks unit tests? They pass here11:16
dednicksorry, autopilot11:16
dednickgreyback: it was only my child surfaces that were the problem as far as i can tell.11:18
dpmpstolowski, on https://code.launchpad.net/~stolowski/dropping-letters/default-department-id-key/+merge/227576 - why is the department 'puzzles' instead of 'games'? Is it possible to add multiple departments? Is 'puzzles' already inside 'games'?11:23
pstolowskidpm, no multiple departments. and this is it's current department in Ubuntu Store11:29
dpmpstolowski, ok, thanks. So are departments nested? I.e. is 'puzzles' inside 'games'?11:30
pstolowskidpm, for now they are, but afair the final list of departments for initial launch will be flat11:30
mzanettigreyback: we've got merge conflicts with trunk now... really weird... in code that didn't change11:54
greybackmzanetti: which project? unity8?11:55
greybackmzanetti: can I ask you to look after those?11:55
mzanettigreyback: yeah, I'll try...11:55
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SaviqMacSlow|lunch, http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qml-qtquick-item.html#forceActiveFocus-method12:07
dandradermzanetti, greyback, I was going to do the merge but got diverted. one thing is you have to revert rev 1076 from mirCompositor12:11
dandraderas that fix is coming from a different commit in trunk12:12
mzanettiI'm not sure I'm able to merge this12:12
dandraderand it will merge silently without errors12:12
mzanettiwithout mterry at least12:12
dandraderbut will leave a bogus end result12:12
mzanettidandrader: we shouldn't have remove the underlayclipper :/12:13
mzanettithat introduces the issues in the tablet and causes every merge to be a pain12:13
* mzanetti giving up on that merge12:13
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mzanettiI don't even get why PhoneStage.qml is conflicting now12:16
mzanettistupid bzr12:16
dandradermzanetti, it's better to get a diff of what changed since the last merge to help understand what's actually happening12:18
mzanettidandrader: yeah... I see mterry did bad things in the spread code12:19
mzanettithat branch shouldn't have been approved12:19
dandraderuh oh12:20
Saviqmzanetti, bad for qtcomp or in general?12:20
Saviqmzanetti, r1062?12:21
mzanettiSaviq: yes12:21
mzanettistill need to figure what the solution should be...12:22
mzanettibut as it is it a) makes things hard to maintain (well, harder than my stuff does it already) and b) breaks on tablet12:23
mzanettiSaviq: is mterry not at the sprint?12:32
Saviqmzanetti, next week12:32
mzanettiah ok12:32
Saviqmzanetti, he'll be around soon12:32
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mzanettimterry: good  morning12:58
mzanettimterry: the dialer-above branch is conflicting with every line with qtcomp. I'm having troubles merging it...12:59
mterrymzanetti, hello!12:59
mterrymzanetti, oh :(12:59
mzanettimterry: I think I need your help there12:59
mzanettimterry: also, the changes in PhoneStage are not really what it should be imo... but still need to figure exactly how to solve that13:00
mterryOK, want me to have a go at merging or do you have a specific question?13:00
mterrymzanetti, oh, the disabling-edge-drag stuff for PhoneStage?13:00
mzanettimterry: why is that required at all?13:01
mterrymzanetti, we show the dialer app, but the phone is still locked13:01
mzanettimterry: are you displaying the real spread and just don't want the user to switch to another app?13:01
mterrymzanetti, we don't want the user to switch apps right13:01
mzanettihmm... ok...13:02
mzanettiI guess we can have something like that the, however, 2 issues with it:13:02
mzanettimterry: a) breaks on StageWithSideStage.qml/TabletStage.qml13:02
kgunnmterry: btw, silo6 has qtcomp if you need to integrate on it13:03
mzanettimterry: b) given that the applicationsDisplayLoader basically loads the window management code its not always said to have a spread in there13:03
mterrymzanetti, yes, elsewhere we only allow this special dialer-above mode if in narrowMode, which is just punting the tablet problem down the road for a little bit13:03
mzanettimterry: so it probably should be something like "appSwitchingDisabled" so a desktop implementation would disable alt+tab etc13:03
mterrymzanetti, yes we'd want to disable alt+tab too, true13:04
mzanettimterry: so yes, if you could try to redo the changes in Shell.qml on top of QtComp, that would help a lot. I think merging is harder than redoing it on top the other branch13:06
mzanettimterry: also one note on upcoming stuff (because that will be conflicting too):13:07
mzanettimterry: when the dash becomes an app, there won't be such a thing as "stages.shown" any more13:08
mzanettimterry: the stages will always be shown and can't be moved to the right any more13:08
mterrymzanetti, lp:~unity-team/unity8/mirCompositor is the relevant branch?13:09
mzanettimterry: yep13:09
greybackmterry: can I get oyu to have a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/ubuntu-system-settings/use-qtComp/+merge/225540 too please?13:15
greybackmterry: mzanetti reviewed the code, it is running in silo6 if you would like to test it13:15
greybackbut need a team member to approve13:15
tsdgeosWellark: you aware of the needs fixing in https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-api-team/unity8/modeminfo/+merge/225159 ?13:24
mterrymzanetti, here is a Shell.qml with dialer-above changes on top: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836141/13:31
mterrymzanetti, did not test it, since I just did that file13:31
mterrymzanetti, but hopefully it's right or very close to it13:31
mzanettimterry: cool, thanks. what do I need to do to test this?13:31
mterrymzanetti, to test the dialer-above stuff specifically?  Enable a password (still using the ~/.unity8-greeter-demo stuff for now) and click the Emergency Call button and make sure the 3 edges don't work13:32
mterrymzanetti, there is a qmluitest that does that too13:33
mzanettimterry: ah, great13:33
mterrygreyback, from a packaging pov, that branch is fine.  Is that what you wanted, or did you want me to look at the actual changes themselves?  They seem OK, but I'm not familiar enough with the mirCompositor changes to be sure it's all amazing.  Stuff like changing setTitle("Qml Phone Shell") to "Welcome Wizard" I'm unsure of -- we no longer need that hack?13:41
greybackmterry: that's why I got mzanetti to give him +1, he knows the C++13:41
greybackmterry: but neither of us have the ability to mark approved13:42
greybackyeah that old hack is unnecessary with qtcomp13:42
mzanettimterry: I could only mark it as "Merged" directly, couldn't set it to "Approved"13:43
mzanettinot sure why :)13:43
mterrymzanetti, you're presumably not in the team -- but it's interesting that you could mark as Merged  :)13:44
mzanettiyeah, that's the "not sure why". It makes perfect sense that I can't approve it13:44
greybackmzanetti: it even calls you "Community" :)13:44
mterrygreyback, what about the jenkins failures?13:45
mterryare they unrelated?13:46
mterryor just a lack of the other mirCompositor branches...13:46
greybackmterry: lack of the qtcomp branches. I wan the AP tests on my device and they gave me same results as without13:47
mterrygreyback, cool13:47
greybackmterry: https://docs.google.com/a/canonical.com/spreadsheets/d/1W8yTODgOlYzUlxr_nbF5Bc9neThUmfRUWCNtmCRxiI8/edit#gid=013:47
greybackmterry: I got 3 fails  with or without qtComp, so I guess it's ok13:48
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mzanettimterry: can you update me on the syntax of the unity8-greeter-demo file? I keep forgetting14:32
mterrymzanetti, ^14:33
mzanettimterry: cheers14:33
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Saviqmterry, hey, we almost landed locking hash in u8 and settings yesterday... but then realized it will "lock out" people out of their phones... do you have any plan for that?15:32
mterrySaviq, ah yes.  So please don't land those until https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/livecd-rootfs/no-password/+merge/225560 lands -- which is in discussion.  That branch should have the side effect of changing everyone's password to blank upon upgrade to it15:34
Saviqmterry, oh good, should you add that branch to the silo?15:39
Saviqmterry, or does it need to go through manual upload?15:39
mterrySaviq, manual upload.  It also depends on a pam update I'm doing that will be manual too15:40
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Saviqmterry, ok thanks15:46
Saviqmterry, btw, not really "your" bug, but unity-system-compositor started crashing recently in one of the unity8 tests15:47
Saviqmterry, because in that test unity8 was not started through upstart15:47
Saviqmterry, so it fought with u-s-c for hardware15:47
Saviqmterry, but apparently it was fine until recently...15:48
Saviqmterry, I'm fixing the test, but maybe you'd like details on the crash in any case?15:48
mterrySaviq, maybe a bug?15:49
Saviqmterry, I'll get some symbols and file it, yeah15:49
Saviqmterry, I'd actually *think* unity8 should fail to start when u-s-c is running...15:49
Saviqmterry, hmm it's actually an abort, can't see any message anywhere, though15:57
greybackmterry: I need to discuss https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/qtmir/packaging-fixes/+merge/226693 with you, let me know when you've a few mins to spare15:58
mterrygreyback, ah sure15:59
mterrygreyback, so in my mind, I'm not actually changing any behavior with that branch16:00
mterryjust cleaning things up16:01
greybackmterry: I'm pretty novice with packaging :)16:01
greybackmterry: I guess I just want to make sure it's possible to install only the *-android packages, or the *-desktop packages, and not mix & match them16:02
mterrygreyback, right.  So I dropped some the -android or -desktop from the Conflicts/Replaces which makes you worried we can mix/match16:02
greybackmterry: but honestly, I might be better off asking someone else to review ;)16:02
mterrygreyback, so qtubuntu or qtmir are virtual packages provided by the -android/-desktop versions.  If we Conflict/Replace on the virtual package, it will Conflict/Replace on anything that provides that virtual package.  So we should get the correct behavior16:03
mterrygreyback, but maybe get a second opinion on this branch, yes16:03
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greybackseb128: ping16:11
seb128greyback, hey16:13
greybackseb128: hey there, can I ask for 5 mins of your packaging expertise?16:13
greybackseb128: https://code.launchpad.net/~mterry/qtmir/packaging-fixes/+merge/22669316:13
greybackI just don't know enough to feel comfortable approving it16:14
seb128if it comes from mterry it's probably right ;-)16:15
seb128let me review it still16:15
mterryseb128, I dunno man, virtuals give me a headache too  :)16:16
seb128mterry, " You can just provide the virtual names rather than specific ones, and apt will figure it out." ... you seem to know more than me ;-)16:19
seb128I've pinged mvo about it16:23
seb128I don't know if that claims about virtual and apt is true ;-)16:23
seb128mterry, I think that's going to be buggy16:24
seb128qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin depends on qtmir but -android/-desktop Conflicts qtmir16:24
seb128how can that work?16:24
mterryseb128, See https://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-relationships.html#s-replaces (7.6.2)16:25
mterryseb128, it has an example of mail-transport-agent both providing and conflicting on its own virtual16:26
mterryseb128, I *think* it should work based on that16:26
seb128mterry, k, makes sense16:26
mterryseb128, but that's theory and memory of seeing it elsewhere.  I couldn't test in a PPA because the build is weird16:26
mterryseb128, so maybe if someone that has done this before can confirm that would be extra safe16:27
seb128mterry, what about the other issue?16:27
seb128mterry, I've pinged mvo about this one16:27
mterryseb128, which?16:27
seb128mterry, the :24 qtmir conflicts16:28
seb128C,R,P works as a "take that one as a replacement"16:28
seb128but the plugin depends on the name you C,R,P16:28
mterryseb128, oh right, you mean I should have a non-virtual there?  like "qtmir | qtmir-desktop" ?16:29
mterryThat's fair16:29
seb128but if16:30
seb128qtdeclarative5-qtmir-plugin depends qtmir16:30
seb128and -android/-desktop conflicts it16:30
seb128it means -plugin can't be installed at the same time than -android/-desktop16:30
seb128is that what you want?16:30
seb128C,R,P is not a "provide the other name"16:30
Saviqelopio, would you have time to look at https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-autopilot-x11/+merge/227720 please?16:31
seb128it's a "take over the old name, be a replacement, ensure the old name is uninstalled"16:31
elopioSaviq: of course.16:31
seb128mterry, ^ so the C,R,P ensure there is no qtmir, which plugins wants one16:31
mterryseb128, well I think the CRP stuff is apt-magic.  It must treat them specially, since like that debian policy example shows, you can CPR on the same name and then other packages can reference your virtual fine (it would seem)16:31
seb128mterry, hum, right, CRP is usually "that's the new replacement of <name>"16:32
seb128can you check with mvo still?16:32
seb128I need to call it a day16:32
mterryseb128, sure no that's sensible to do16:32
mterryseb128, I'll bug mvo16:32
mterryseb128, see ya!16:32
seb128I can have another look tomorrow if you want16:32
* mterry has to go grab lunch himself16:33
Saviqelopio, ok, no, that doesn't work yet :|16:33
elopioSaviq: this is to fix bug #1346819, right?16:34
Saviqelopio, yes16:46
Saviqmterry, any idea why I don't have MIR_SERVER in env on the phone?16:49
Saviqhmm hmm hmm16:50
greybackSaviq: what do you need it for?16:51
Saviqgreyback, trying to find out whether usc is there16:51
Saviqgreyback, my problem: unity8 launched outside of upstart16:51
Saviqgreyback, fighting with usc for hardware16:52
Saviq(in ap tests)16:52
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greybackSaviq: interesting. MIR_SOCKET would be set by the usc job if usc launched16:52
Saviqgreyback, yeah, it is, in upstart16:52
Saviqgreyback, not in shell... I just wonder if that's right, and HTH is it then possible to launch apps from console at all16:53
greybackSaviq: yeah it's a bit unfriendly, MIR_SOCKET should be set in the user's env16:53
Saviqgreyback, any idea how apps can launch at all?16:54
Saviq(from the console I mean)16:54
greybackSaviq:you need "MIR_SOCKET=$XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/mir_socket" I think16:54
Saviqgreyback, yeah, I don't, that's the thing :)16:54
Saviqgreyback, they launch just fine without it16:55
greybackSaviq: so they're using the default mir socket, /run/mir_socket16:55
Saviqgreyback, yeah, connecting to usc, hth do they show up in unity8? :D16:55
greybackis unity8 the nested or system comp?16:55
Saviqgreyback, nested, of course16:56
greybackSaviq: then apps got smarter recently16:56
greybackI dunno :)16:56
Saviqgreyback, maybe default is XDG_RUNTIME_DIR?16:56
greybackquite possibly16:56
greybackif you install mir-demos, and run a client with the help switch, it probably says so. In fact yeah, I think it does16:57
Saviqgreyback, k, that explains a bit17:00
Saviqgreyback, and also explains why unity8 doesn't die when starting when usc is running17:00
Saviqgreyback, because usc creates /run/mir_socket when unity8 creates /run/user/32011/mir_socket17:00
greybackSaviq: correct17:01
* Saviq needs to check [ -S /run/mir_socket ] then :|17:01
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Saviqelopio, back to you again, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-autopilot-x11/+merge/227720 works now17:18
mterrySaviq, just got back from lunch -- MIR_SERVER should be set by lightdm17:24
elopioSaviq: ok, I'll run it in my mako.17:33
greybackSaviq: have you EODed?17:55
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elopioSaviq: your branch has a whitespace error.18:13
elopioI'm not sure what your whitespace script checks, but I see lin 29 on the diff with extra spaces. It might be that.18:14
greybackmzanetti: is this the spread bug you occasionally find? http://imgur.com/h0J7GbP18:14
mzanettigreyback: I've seen this once... will keep an eye on it19:03
greybackmzanetti: yea, not sure how I managed it. I think I opened about 8 apps, then went to spread, then open indicators and tapped a system setting option. Then when I wanted to go to spread again, I saw that19:04
Saviqgreyback, back now if you still need me21:06
Saviqelopio, thanks, will fix21:06
greybackSaviq: I wanted to point you to https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/qtmir/gles-sync-20140716/+merge/22700021:06
Saviqelopio, fixed21:07
greybackwe'll hopefully soon have qtmir in a landing state, so that'll need to be updated to match the qtmir package version21:07
greybackbut I've no idea about robru's comments21:08
Saviqgreyback, I replied21:08
Saviqgreyback, he put the comment both inline and in a regular comment, I replied in a regular comment21:08
Saviqgreyback, will sync the version now21:09
greybackSaviq: ta. As long as you came to an agreement, I don't mind21:09
Saviqgreyback, I'll poke him21:09
Saviqelopio, btw, had one more thing to ask you, would you consider expectFail() used like I did here https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/dash-header-style/+merge/22765221:24
Saviqelopio, to be an abuse of what expectFail stands for? i.e. can expectFail be used as a correct, passing condition as opposed just to skip broken tests?21:25
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elopioSaviq: for me, that's the correct use of expectFail, to check a negative test.21:29
Saviqelopio, cool21:29
Saviqelopio, if you could at least review that branch for py correctness, that'd be great, we'll tackle any other review steps if needed21:44
Saviqrobru, hey, I replied to https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/qtmir/gles-sync-20140716/+merge/227000/comments/54874021:44

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