cmaloneyOMC 100 is uploading02:57
cmaloneyAnd finished uploading03:25
greg-gcmaloney: man, you get a lot of downloads03:30
bookiebothttp://goo.gl/PxZc8E - Internet Archive Search: (collection:openmetalcast OR mediatype:openmetalcast) AND -mediatype:collection03:30
cmaloneyGood morning11:39
brouschporta-potty pity party12:15
cmaloneySending in my Leopold for service and using my old Logitech keyboard.13:14
cmaloneyTalk about culture shock.13:14
cmaloneygreg-g: Not enough to get into the top 50 list. :)13:15
cmaloneyI'm not sure how some of these podcasts on archive.org get the numbers they get13:15
cmaloneyOnly thing I can think of is some of them are search-engine hits that perpetuate themselves.13:15
cmaloneyeg: if you break into the top 50 you're guaranteed to get hits that will continue your momentum13:16
cmaloneyand many of my hits are via Metal Injection13:17
cmaloneyWould love to know how many "listeners" I have, but I'm sure I'll never know. :)13:18
brouschAsk each listener to click a button on a web page13:23
cmaloneybrousch: Yeah, that would work. :)13:25
cmaloneyAbout as well as the donate button on my webpage.13:25
brouschYou have a web page?!13:30
cmaloneyYeah, and a wishlist about the length of your arm. :)13:40
cmaloneyAfternoon and all18:58
cmaloneyHow's the day so far?18:59
brouschGoing well. I finally have an interesting "main menu" for my talk19:07
rick_h__yay, ssl cert renewed from UK19:11
rick_h__glad they would let me verify via phone to my temp number19:11
cmaloneyYeah, no kidding19:20
jrwrengreg-g: i finished reading Bringing up BeBe.  I liked it.19:50
jrwrenbrousch: who is going to AO in AA? My friends run that office.19:51
brouschMatt Behrens19:59
mrgoodcatmight actually make CHC this week21:06
mrgoodcatw00t i mean. can't even spell things that aren't words apparently21:07

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