thafreakwhat weekend is debconf?15:03
thafreakcan anyone go? Even non dd's?15:03
thafreakwhen/how much?15:08
paultagfree, august15:09
jenni[ DebConf14 - Home ] - https://j.mp/WwX8NK15:09
thafreakwow, don't think I could convince my wife to let me go for an entire week...15:12
thafreakdamn, and I've been wanting to visit portland too15:12
paultagdude gogogog15:12
skellatI could go if somebody could front me airfare and write a note to The Bosses that, in the event of recall from furlough, I'll be closest to another service center so please put me on Temporary Detached Duty until I could get home.15:14
thafreaklemme stew on it15:16
* thafreak now wishes he just lived there15:17
thafreakOn a related note, paultag do you know of any open licensed embroidary files for the debian logo?15:17
* thafreak is looking to get nice embroidered ball caps made15:18
thafreakOr at least the best place to find the best quality version of the logo15:18
thafreaknm, found https://wiki.debian.org/DebianLogo15:20
jenni[ DebianLogo - Debian Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1yWkz0T15:20
paultagyeah there15:20
paultagthere are some high res SVGs15:21
thafreakhopefully the embroiderer can use svg...15:22
thafreakI searched the internet before trying to find a debian ball cap...15:22
thafreakonly thing I found was those crappy iron on'd "trucker" hats at cafe press15:22
paultagjust get a tatoo15:22
thafreakgetting my first tatoo for my 10 year wedding anniversary15:23
thafreakprobably will be addicted after that and get more15:23
thafreakdo I get commit bit automaticaly for getting ink'd? :)15:24
thafreakor atleast an @debian.org15:24
paultaghaha I'm sure you can figure something out :)15:25
thafreakpaultag: what would you prefer, black hat with just swirl logo17:48
thafreakor maybe some kind of dark grey with swirl plus the word debian bellow it in black17:48

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