Lunariowhat do you suggest to do? :)00:00
eeeewell i'd delete the efi partition of windows00:01
LunarioThe manual says: "If your disk already contains an EFI partition (eg if your computer had Windows8 preinstalled), it can be used for Ubuntu too. Do not format it. It is strongly recommended to have only 1 EFI partition per disk. "00:01
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LunarioHowever, do I format it when I set its partition type from Fat-32 to "Efi boot"?00:01
eeeerepartition, format, copy back the win efi files (or use the recovery usb to get them back)00:01
eeeeyeah i don't think you can change partition types and not format...00:02
eeeealso i think efi boot and fat32 are basically the same thing but with a different name00:03
eeeeif they aren't though, i think you'd have to format00:03
wlrrI'm trying to completely uninstall virtualbox on ubuntu 14.04, but cannot seem to track the Virtualbox.run file to uninstall. and since this was installed from the .deb package off of Oracle Virtualbox site, apt-get remove virtualbox-ose --purge --auto-remove is not working.00:03
eeeeif you have the efi backed up 100%, then why don't you try the dosfsck, maybe it can fix the corrupt filesystem?00:04
LunarioI would do that if I knew for sure that my windows recovery system works flawlessly. It has some F3-hotkey-at-startup-recovery tool integrated instead of a recovery disc, and I am not sure how reliable that is. Also, I guess if I used that recovery tool, it would just reformat the boot partition back to Windows Boot Manager and delete Ubuntu's EFI entries again00:04
wlrrIn other words, I ran a find command in root for any files with "Virtual" and nothing.00:05
OriiiiiiinThat moment when you realise you're an incredible idiot and accidentally installed 32 bit instead of 64 bit00:06
Lunariowell, I have the backup of the sda2 on my usb key, however not in the form of a .img file but as an unpacked .img file. I am not sure if I can still use it to restore the efi in case dosfsck doesn't work out?00:06
LunarioI have no idea why the .img file of the sda2 backup unpacked itself on my usb key00:07
eeeei have no idea,00:07
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eeeei still think you should just boot into windows and make that recovery usb, and then copy its contents to another pc or something00:08
Lunariobut as I am a noob when it comes to partitioning, file system, images stuff etc, I guess I shouldn't wonder. lol00:08
LunarioI wanted to, but to make a recovery usb/disc of windows, I need the product key. My Windows 8.1 is not illegal, but I simply don't know where to find it. I checked all the documents I received from MSI, all Emails from the retailer, the Utility CD from MSI etc... I cannot find it anywhere.00:09
nosoundI have no sound. My Z97 mobo's sound does not work, it just clicks, all fixes I've found do nothing.... so I tried a different sound card, flat out did not recognize it, so i'm now trying a THIRD sound card, this one gives me sound, but ONLY on the left speaker...00:09
eeeeLunario: the key is in the bios :)00:09
LunarioI was looking at the Bios too but couldn't find it (though, I didn't look too closely there I guess, as I did not expect it there)... maybe I should check again00:10
eeeethey don't give it out anymore, the installation gets it automatically00:10
eeeewell you can get it via linux00:10
eeeeone command, or by downloading tools for win8,00:10
Lunariowill check the bios again, one sec00:11
eeeelet me get the command for ubuntu, i've tried that and it works00:11
eeeei dont think you'll find it in the bios00:11
eeeehold on..00:11
Lunarionp, need to start the Ubuntu live cd in any event00:11
nubcakegood morning, i set my eth0 to "eth0 inet static" with ip address, subnet and gateway, can connect to my lan, but not to the internet... if i do ~:sudo ifconfig it tells me the correct settings, but if i go to the Network Settings Panel and click on "options" it tells me: Did not find a connection with UUID'(NULL)'   (Ubuntu 14.04 gnome)00:12
wlrrsudo apt-get purge virtualbox uninstalls it. But I thought there was a cleaner way of doing it, that wouldn't leave any remnants behind.00:13
nubcakeany ideas/suggestions ?00:13
eeeeLunario: sudo cat /sys/firmware/acpi/tables/MSDM00:13
eeeethe key is after the jibberish it's like: ##### - ##### - .......00:13
ghostnik11what command is there to find the bluetooth module00:14
rap424lickalott: Do you have acroread.sh in /etc/bash_completion.d   ?00:14
Lunariothanks eeee, will try, one sec00:14
eeeeLunario: btw, i just thought are you trying to make a recovery cd, as in the recovery of the laptop ?00:14
eeeecuz it's weird that it's asking for the key00:15
eeeei mean the recovery usb that doesn't restore the whole pc, it just gives you some stuff and a command prompt, with diskpart (to partition) and dism (it can extract images... it's very handy) and other stuff to build the efi partition and stuff00:16
eeeeit's only like 100-200mb or so00:16
eeeeto get to the recovery usb, you go to search and type recovery usb or something like that00:17
LunarioI did not yet try it personally, just read on a Microsoft manuals page that I need the product key for it00:19
LunarioThe key has 4 times 5 letters, right?00:21
LunarioIf so, I found it in the MSDM file :)00:21
eeeeno, it's 5 times 5 letters00:21
Lunarioah yeah, true00:22
Lunarioalright, gonna boot into windows and try to create the recovery usb00:22
Lunarioyou were right, I found the recovery tool in Windows :) gonna create the recovery usb now00:26
Lunariohowever I do not have a 32 gb sized usb key, which is required according to the recovery menu...00:26
eeeeno no no00:27
eeeein the recovery tool, don't select the checkbox that says copy the contents of the recovery drive00:27
eeeeit's only 256mb i just checked online00:27
Lunarioah right00:29
Lunarionow it works00:29
Lunario(though it's 512 mb minimum, not 256, according to the tool... but that doesn't matter)00:30
eeeeoh, maybe that's cuz its win8.1 not win800:30
LunarioTesting the recovery usb after creating it won't automatically recover anything, right?00:31
Lunariocause I would like to make sure it works, though I would not like to recover anything yet (and hopefully not need to. lol)00:31
eeeeyeah, you can try the command prompt00:32
Lunariook, will do that now, then reboot into Ubuntu live cd and do the dosfsck :))00:33
Lunariobtw I hope I'm not keeping you awake in case it's also night where you are :D00:34
eeeeno, i'm up anyways at night :)00:36
Lunariosudo dosfsck -r /dev/sda -> /EFI/ubuntu , Start does point to root directory. Deleting dir. Perform changes Y/n ?00:44
Lunario"/dev/sda2: 406 files, 12015/75776 clusters"00:45
LunarioThat's it, program finished00:45
john_ramboI remember Hardy included a Network tool which had feauture of audio nitification on ping reply ...Is it still available ? What is it called ?00:45
eeeerun it again00:45
Lunario"Orphaned long file name part "ubuntu" -> 1. Delete   2. Leave it ?00:46
Lunariodone. Ran it again, no more questions came up00:47
LunarioNow reboot and check if grub is there?00:47
ghostnik11does anyone know the command for identifying your bluetooth adapter00:49
eeee one sec00:50
eeeeLunario: now you reinstall grub00:50
eeeei dunno00:50
cryptolulzso i have a question00:50
eeeei guess... try to reboot if you want00:50
Lunariook, will try reinstalling grub first..00:50
eeeeill brb00:51
cryptolulzi have ubuntu (not sure which version) installed/running on an Acer C720 chromebook and it works fine, except the trackpad wont work and you need a mouse..00:52
cryptolulzive heard theres an update or bug fix for it but i havent been able to find it00:52
LunarioInstalling grub-efi-amd64 worked, but still grub doesnt show up when booting... will try installing grub (or grub2?)00:55
eeeeyou have to chroot to install grub00:55
eeeedid you chroot like before ?00:56
Lunariooh darn, I forgot that..00:56
LunarioWhat was the exact command for chroot again, after apt-get install grub-efi-amd64?00:57
eeeefirst you have to mount the filesystem00:57
eeeemount the /boot, mount the other /dev /prov stuff, then chroot00:58
eeeethen install apt-get install grub-efi-amd6400:58
eeeesudo mount /dev/sda7 /mnt  (iirc)00:58
eeeesudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt/boot/efi00:58
eeeefor i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys /run; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done00:59
eeeesudo chroot /mnt01:00
Lunariook, one sec01:00
Lunariook, did all the mounting and chroot /mnt. Now apt-get install grub-efi-amd64?01:03
eeeesudo apt-get install --reinstal grub-efi-amd6401:04
LunarioInternal error: No file name for grub-efi-amd64:amd6401:05
rubytorLunario: try boot repair....01:10
LunarioI already tried installing it but it didn't find the amd64 packages01:10
gumansinghhello guys I don't know if it is right place or not to ask it. I have got a Acer laptop acer e1-571-6_br642, its RAM is 2 GB. I want to increase RAM of this laptop. how can I know supportable memory for this laptop? I am thinking to get 4 GB external in that case it would be (2GB+4GB) 6GB RAM. would it be bad systeam configuration01:10
mkdmzOn a live disk, does anyone know how I can stop the language picker when it boots?  I just want it to boot live.  I'm chroot it the squachfs ing it.01:10
mkdmzDoes it have anything to do with grub?01:11
mkdmzIf so, how can I alter grub on the live disk?01:12
eeeeLunario: try sudo apt-get install grub-efi01:12
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ObrienDavemkdmz, it has to do with how the live disk was built, no, you probably can't change it with out making your own live disk01:12
Lunarioseemed to have worked01:13
mkdmzObrienDave: I'm making my own by chrooting then squashsing , I can do that, I just don't know where to find the file to stop the language picker.01:13
eeeeLunario: update-grub01:13
ObrienDavemkdmz, i don't know either01:13
LunarioFound ... (various linux/initrd images): Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration. done01:13
eeeeLunario: type grub-install /dev/sda01:14
Lunariono update-grub?01:14
eeeethen update-grub01:14
Lunario"Installation finished. No error reported"01:14
eeeeok now update-grub01:15
LunarioSame output like apt-get install grub-efi01:15
eeeeok let's see01:15
eeeels /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu01:15
Foxhoundzthis is weird01:16
Lunariogrub.cfg, grubx64.efi, MokManager.efi, shimx64.efi01:16
FoxhoundzI uninstalled ngnix which was running alnogside apache01:16
realtyno no you are supposed to type rm -r /.01:16
Lunario:) seems to have worked01:16
eeeeLunario: cool01:16
Foxhoundzbut when I navigate to my web server it shows the server header as being nginx01:16
Lunarionow reboot?01:16
Foxhoundzwhat gives?01:16
eeeeLunario: wait01:16
eeeedid you turn off fast boot in windows before installing ubuntu ?01:17
eeeeone guy was saying that the bug might be caused by that01:17
LunarioI wanted to but I could not find any entry related to Fast Boot01:17
LunarioOnly Secure Boot01:18
eeeethat's something you have to fix01:18
LunarioI guess01:18
eeeeif you boot into ubuntu after shutting down windows, your filesystem will be unstable01:19
LunarioI read that I can workaround fastboot by stopping Windows via Rightclick at Startmenu -> Shutdown (instead of normal shutdown button)01:19
eeeecause fastboot is like hibernate01:19
eeeeso you'd have to restart windows instead of shutting down01:20
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eeeeanyways if you want to get grub without pressing any key during start up01:21
eeeeyou have to use those commands i gave you in the beginning01:21
eeeeto replace the files01:21
LunarioSo whenever I want to start Ubuntu after my PC has been completely shut down, I should first start Windows, then click on restart Windows and then start ubuntu?01:21
eeeethat's correct01:22
symptom_hello there01:23
ObrienDavethat sounds like a PITA01:23
LunarioWell, according to theteachjournal.com one can disable Fast boot in the Energy options. When I have done that, it should work as usually I guess (without needing to restart Windows everytime I want to start ubuntu)01:23
eeeeObrienDave: very true, he should disable fast boot01:23
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symptom_i got an elantech touchpad and want to use it with gestures and some fine-tuning. what possibilities do i got if i want to compete with osx's touchpad functions?01:24
LunarioSo should I now reboot, check if GRUB comes up and then start Windows to disable fast boot?01:24
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Guest19125joint #ubuntu-fr01:24
eeeewell you could replace the files01:25
eeeeif you had to press a key to get grub, then you won't anymore01:25
LunarioWhat were the commands for replacing them again? They are not in the IRC log anymore, unfortunately01:26
LunarioBTW why would I need to press a key to get grub?01:26
Lunario(and which key?)01:26
eeeedid you have to press a key to get grub before ?01:26
ObrienDaveusually holding shift during boot gets you the grub menu01:27
eeeesome bios are hardcoded to only boot windows efi01:27
Lunariono, I merely had to put "ubuntu" before the "Windows Boot Manager" in the Boot Options UEFI01:27
eeeeso you have to manually select ubuntu every time it starts to get grub01:27
eeeeoh ok, my laptop is different i can't switch them01:28
LunarioI could only try that two times because, after those two times, Windows had overwritten/deleted the ubuntu boot option. lol01:28
LunarioSo I don't know if it would always be like that01:28
eeeewell, you could switch the files, that way windows will never know01:28
LunarioI guess I'll reboot and see what happens now, and if GRUB starts I'll boot into Windows to disable Fast Boot. Is that a good idea?01:28
Guest19125bonsoire qui peu aider a joint ubuntu fr01:29
LunarioGuest19125, the /j #ubuntu-fr01:29
eeeeGuest19125: /join #ubuntu-fr01:29
ObrienDave!fr| Guest1912501:29
ubottuGuest19125: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.01:29
Guest19125ok merci01:29
delfickHi, when I try to install libssl-dev it fails https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d216fb28ae69ae93d9e501:30
microminvoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/cups not found01:30
delfickit looks like it tries to find /pool/main/o/openssl/libssl-doc_1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.3_all.deb but the mirror only has /pool/main/o/openssl/libssl-doc_1.0.1f-1ubuntu2.4_all.deb (2.4 instead of 2.3)01:30
LunarioGreat, Grub started and I could choose btw ubuntu and Windows :) Uefi Boot config looks just like it did after installing Ubuntu too01:31
LunarioNow I only need to make sure Windows doesn't delete the ubuntu boot option anymore01:31
eeeesometimes fast boot is in the settings of the laptop manufacturer01:32
Allons-ycouple of questions: What's linux-firmware-nonfree and why I should install it?01:32
Lunariook, deactivated Fast Boot. :)01:34
eeeeok cool01:34
eeeeone more thing01:34
ObrienDaveAllons-y, non-free means it is not licensed the same as free software01:34
eeeei noticed if you shut down the pc from the button in win8 it's the same as shutting down with fast boot on, even though it's off in my pc01:35
eeeeso just a heads up01:35
zykotick9Allons-y: fyi, that has many of the firmware required to make non-free hardware (wifi cards in particular) work...01:35
LunarioWhat about Rightclick on Start Menu -> Shutdown?01:36
eeeei tried to mount the win partition and it said it was unstable and in hibernate state or something01:36
eeeeso i figured it was cause i used the button earlier01:36
Allons-ythe second question is: I don't like Unity. My pc is very old and doesn't handle it very well. Can I switch to the good old gnome?01:36
eeeei dont know about that, i dont have a start menu in win801:36
BeldarAllons-y, old gnome no.01:37
LunarioHow do you shut down Win 8 to evade that pseudo-hibernate state?01:37
zykotick9!notunity | Allons-y01:37
ubottuAllons-y: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.01:37
ObrienDaveAllons-y, may i suggest XFCE for your DE?01:38
eeeeLunario: just shutdown with the button i guess01:38
eeeei mean01:38
Allons-yWhat's XFCE, ObrienDave?01:38
ObrienDaveXFCE is the DE in Xubuntu01:38
eeeenot from the laptop's power button, honestly i haven't used windows 8 except for a couple times since installing ubuntu01:39
ObrienDaveAllons-y, Unity is why I switched to Xubuntu :))01:39
hogh0h0h0whats up fuckheads01:39
hogh0h0h0ObrienDave, what were you saying bitch?01:39
LunarioAlright, just shut it down, started the PC again and GRUB showed up again :)01:39
eeeeif i boot into it to use something i end up restarting except for that one time i used the button01:39
Lunarioseems like the problem is finally solved =)01:39
Allons-yHum... I've just installed Ubuntu 14.04 today xD01:39
ObrienDavei love a good ignore command01:40
hogh0h0h0             ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ส็็็็็็็็็็็็็็01:40
zykotick9Allons-y: you can just install the xfce4 metapackage on your ubuntu and then have the choice at login which to use01:40
LunarioThanks a lot for your help, eeee! =) Without your help I probably would never have figured out how to do all this.01:41
eeeeyou're welcome :)01:41
zykotick9Allons-y: fyi, you can alternativly install the xubuntu metapackage, but then you'll get multiple programs for the same thing (which may or may not be desirable)01:41
LunarioNow I can finally go to sleep without any more ubuntu-worries01:41
LunarioGood night :)01:41
eeeethanks, you too :)01:42
gfofihty       b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪̘̱͓̠̬̙b̧̢̡̡̠̙̣͉̞̲͖͚̖̠͉̜̣͉͈͉͈̜̣̺̪Ì01:42
gfofihty็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็01:42
gfofihty็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็01:43
gfofihty                             ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ ็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็à01:43
eeeesad.. that's got to be the worst flood attempt ever01:44
ObrienDaveamazing how well the ignore comand works LOL01:45
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dopiehow do i do color in the terminal?01:47
eeeeprintf "\x1B[31m"01:48
eeeethat's red01:48
anexlike this?01:48
eeeeyou have to switch between the colors, like make it red, <your text> then , reset the color01:50
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eeeelike this will echo e in red only printf "\x1B[31m" && echo e && printf "\033[0m"01:51
repozitorafter i have put my ssh in tunneling mode this error appeared to me01:55
repozitor"channel 3: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused"01:55
repozitorhow to fix it?01:55
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repozitorssh -L 8150:localhost:8150 -t repozitor@mydoain.foo01:56
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anexcan i get some suggestions or comments on this?02:02
somsip!14.10 | anex02:04
ubottuanex: Ubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) is the next development release of Ubuntu due for release in October 2014. Support in #ubuntu+1. For more info, see the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/136302:04
anexon gnome 3.1202:04
anexim not asking for support just wonted a opinion on the theming02:05
LanDianex: http://lolnux.com/36.html02:06
dcopei have two of the same mp3s. both are 160kbps. one is about 4mb less than the other.02:09
dcopeis there something that could be causing this? i thought changing the bitrate was the only way to compress an mp302:09
SirLagzdcope: are they from the same source ?02:09
dcopeSirLagz: no, they are from different places02:09
dcopei'm trying to figure out how one got the file size down so much02:10
dcopeand kept the bitrate02:10
SirLagzdo they sound the same ?02:10
ectospasmIs there a way to browse your Ubuntu One files online, or do you have to use u1_downloader?02:10
dcopeSirLagz: yeah, the sound quality seems the same02:10
dcopeand again... same bitrate. i'm pretty confused o_O02:10
SirLagzdcope: maybe poke it with avprobe or ffmpeg and see if they can point out differences ?02:10
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
meganerdis anyone here familiar with using ufw to filter forwarded IPv6 traffic?02:13
WHAT_UP1so i'm running rsync with 5000 remote files as destinations, but it's just giving an empty output and doing nothing. 700 files, on the other hand, does what you'd expect. what gives?02:14
WHAT_UP1errr, 5000 remote files as sources02:14
WHAT_UP1it's a big command02:16
=== Nickd55345353 is now known as Chloe1
dcopei can't get the files smaller with lame or ffmpeg02:22
dcopeusing the 160kbps bitrate02:22
dcopethis is a mystery02:23
WHAT_UP1the plot thickens02:24
meganerddcope: I missed the first part, what does your lame command look like?02:24
dcopelame --mp3input -b 160 in.mp3 out.mp302:25
dcopein.mp3 is 160kbps so the out is the same file size02:25
dcopebut the mp3 im comparing this to is 160kbps yet 4mb smaller o_O02:25
mitch-_does anyone know of a way to monitor for when a bluetooth device connects and then run a shell script when that event happens?02:26
meganerddcope: so there is another mp3 file of the same song that is smaller?02:30
meganerddcope: is the smaller file using a variable bitrate?02:31
dcopemeganerd: nope, constant02:31
meganerddcope: what encoder was used on the other file?02:32
meganerddcope: also, what was the source file in all these cases?02:32
dcopeit seems like there's a lot of "junk" in the big file02:33
dcopewonder if it's in the meta data02:33
meganerdexiftool -AudioBitrate file.mp302:36
meganerddcope: what do you mean by "junk"02:36
dcopemeganerd: so i'm using media info and saw this02:37
dcopelarge file:02:37
dcopeStream size                              : 5.41 MiB (55%)02:37
dcopesmall file:02:37
dcopeStream size                              : 5.41 MiB (94%)02:37
=== samhassell is now known as samh_afk
dcopei've tried removing the album art too but it's not making a difference02:37
dcopemeganerd: figured it out. it was the cover02:39
SirLagz4Megs of Cover ? yuck02:39
meganerddcope: that must be some seriously large image02:40
=== purr_ is now known as purrr
meganerddcope: I make my own mp3s so I don't usually have this issue.02:40
meganerddcope: I buy flacs from hdtracks :)02:41
purrrhi, I am having an issue with brightness. I don't know what it is. it just seems like the display has a orangy dark filter over it02:41
ectospasmY'all were no help.02:41
purrrit is not a display setting, it has to be the operating system (ubuntu 14.04)02:42
sydneyIs there a demo video f unity 8 with mir yet?02:43
purrrit use to look fine. then it stopped looking so nice. I tryed to use an old back up image with clonezilla but it was dark too. then I fully upgraded it to 14.04 (from 12.04) and still dark, so I did a fresh install of ubuntu 14.04 and it is still dark. and ideas on what coould be going on. I have it dual booted with windoes 7 and it looks bright as everr, so it is not a tv setting02:44
purrrnever mind. I think the TV display settings change depending on the operating system that it detects. I up the contrast and brightness and now all is well. Thank you, bye!02:52
=== Hardcheese is now known as Megatron2000
zCoderHi. Does anyone know of decent incremental backup with a web based interface?02:58
=== bornagaintexan is now known as bornagain
GeoAny suggestions on how programs that can stress test a network? I'm not worried about stateful traffic, I'm just looking for a simple way to shoot traffic from a few eth: interfaces to a list of destination IPs03:02
Geos/how/ /03:02
Geobeing able to send at a few different ports would be nice though03:03
bornagaincan't seem to get any answers in the python channel. anyone want to answer a newbie python q?03:05
meowster??? what is your question03:06
bornagain ./geany_run_script.sh: 5: ./geany_run_script.sh: ./tic: not found03:07
bornagainthis is what i get when i try to execute a simple program in geany03:07
meowsterwell seems pretty simple with the error essage03:07
meowsteryou ls the directory to verify file is in there03:08
toolazyforanameoh boy this is going to be good03:08
meowsterlol dont say ne thing03:09
* toolazyforaname waits with baited breath03:09
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
bornagainok non-python question.. why isn't ubuntu more popular with the vast majority? i only wish i'de found it sooner03:12
=== kendrick_ is now known as km
toolazyforanameis it03:12
toolazyforanameit is*03:12
toolazyforanameit's probably up there with fedora for most popular distro03:12
=== km is now known as Guest33399
meowsteri personally belive ubuntu is a great distro for those getting started with linux03:13
bornagainI mean percentage wise, i'de guess 60 windows 30 mac 10 linux... is that even close?03:13
meowstergives you the gui with access to terminal03:13
toolazyforanamei have mixed feelings on that. I personally wish I started on debian03:13
somsipbornagain: no way near (this is offtopic so please continue in #ubuntu-offtopic) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Usage_share_of_operating_systems03:14
toolazyforanamebornagain: linux (i believe) at its core fails to be accessible to the mainstream03:14
visceraltoolazyforaname: when upstreams do their own (quality) packaging, it might stand a chance03:16
visceralthere is a divide between "how upstream intended" and "what you get in a distro"03:16
visceralin terms of release cycles, at least03:16
nopiiI don't think it's a technological issue. My mint box with KDE is way more usable than windows 8.03:16
nopiiit's just a marketing/network effects problem03:17
toolazyforanamefor one main reason. Linux has a philospphy of freedom of choice and customization. I think the lack of ability to brand itself is its own downfall03:17
visceralthere are also quality issues with the linux desktop (server side is pretty solid)03:17
sysop2has anyone  run WD Quick View  in wine with a firewire drive?03:17
nopiiI disagree. It was easier to scan a document on Linux than it was on windows 8.03:17
toolazyforanamenopii: cherry picking03:18
sysop2its easier and 100% cheaper to install an office package too03:18
nopiiSo what if I had to fudge around with printer drivers and CUPS... :P03:18
nopiiNow that I did, it prints better too.03:19
toolazyforanameplug and play is a sometimes rule on linux03:19
nopiiPrinters used to just be paperweights to a Linux box.03:19
toolazyforanamea big problem for 99% of computer users03:19
sysop2not if you have an hp or borther03:19
nopiiupnp worked for my printer/router/linux box setup03:19
nopiiwith epson xp31003:19
sysop2brother I mean, brother had offical linux drivers before hp03:20
nopiistuff routinely doesn't work on my wife's windows 8 computer03:20
nopiiso it ends up getting done on this machine instead.03:20
toolazyforanameprobably because you have mastery over your os. the whole point of windows and osx is taht the os shouldnt be a thought03:21
toolazyforanameat least my view of their phi~losophy03:21
=== jeremy_ is now known as Guest1359
sysop2lexmark hates linux, epson  is brand I left in the dot matrix days.03:24
sysop2you want something that works scanner or printer wise in linux get brother or hp.03:24
toolazyforanamei draw the line at buy hardware for the software03:27
sysop2I should be more precise, lexmark hates the people that by their low end printers and refuse to give them linux support just incase you might use it as a network printer, if you want a network printer they want you to buy their expensive brands03:27
sysop2why not? I choose nvidia over ati based on the drivers03:28
toolazyforanameI'm not chastizing others for doing so, I just see software as being flexible and moldable hardware not as much03:29
sysop2why should only look at half of the equation? what good is awesome hardware thats a pain or you cant use?03:29
sysop2yes software is flexible devlopers are not always so.03:29
sysop2unless you are willing to write your driver I do not see your point?03:30
toolazyforanamesysop2: I'd rather chose the OS that will nicely handle my hardware (within reason) than buy hardware that conforms to my OS03:31
sysop2I still do not see your point. I choose the OS that suits me and I vote with my dollars and only by hardware that is supported by my os.03:32
toolazyforanamewell i guess thats where we differ. I will tolerate an OS i don't like as much which is better with my drivers03:33
toolazyforanameI'll deal with it on linux (and struggle bitterly to get drivers to work) but I'm happy to have a windows part to fall back on03:34
sysop2well if its some specialized bit of hardware that you have to have I would understand. but nowsdays there multiple versions of evertyhing and usualy you can find a version that is support by linux or someone will buy one and reverse engineer a driver eventually although sometimes that takes years03:34
toolazyforanamethe same could be said about OSes03:35
sysop2not really03:35
toolazyforanameYou  can chose to run windows (if you have the money --i do).03:35
toolazyforanameIt boils down to a weight of wants/values03:36
sysop2oh I run run windows for specialized things, but in a virutal or on a secondary box.03:36
sysop2playon.tv is something that doesnt run well in a virtual and really its just better run on real hardware.03:36
toolazyforanameput it this way, if i have the choice to buy equally capable hw solutions, one supported by nix, and one not I'll 100% go for nix. But if the one that isn't supported is better and fits within my needs andd budget, i'm getting that one03:38
bet0xPeople say I have the legs of a dancer. But until they find the rest of the body, the cops have nothing on me, man!03:38
sysop2Iits worth it to me to pay a litle more sometimes to get an linux supported bit of hardware,  I am not an OS purist but linux my os of chocie and I do everything to support I can.  I have run linux as my desktop at home and work for almost a decade.03:40
toolazyforanamei feel ya. like i said weights/values ;)03:41
sysop2well nice talking to you. but does anyone know about running WD quick view in wine with a firewire drive?03:42
sysop2I am just worried I will screw up my drive or something I just want to check the temp and there does not seem to be anyother way. hddtemp cant find it.03:42
sun_warriordoes any one know  in dual boot to change windows without  loosing ubuntu?03:43
toolazyforanamesun_warrior: is ubuntu on the drive now?03:43
toolazyforanameand do you have a second drive you could use?03:43
sun_warriorss i have seperate partion for windows and ubuntu03:43
sun_warriorAt present i am using windows03:44
bornagainnight all03:44
toolazyforanamechange windows -- you mean like from 7-8?03:45
toolazyforanamesun_warrior: what do you mean `to change windows'03:48
sun_warriorInstalling the OS again on the windows partion formating the old one...03:49
toolazyforanameupon installation, windows nukes linux03:49
toolazyforanamei do not know of any workaround03:49
=== z00t is now known as NaStYdoG
sun_warrioroh if i change windows then i'll loose Linux too but i have lots of my work in ubuntu03:50
eeeeyou can probably use a live cd to reinstall grub03:51
toolazyforanamesun_warrior: do you have a secondary drive you can install windows to?03:51
sysop2how big is your linux partition?03:51
sun_warriorit's of 70 GB partition ext403:52
sysop2ok, go get at 64gb thumb drive. and partimage the partition to it, partedmagic or the parted boot iso.03:52
sysop2then do your windows stuff03:52
sysop2then reinstall linux, since the partition will be the same size once its install you can use partiimage to overwrite the clean install with your old install03:53
sysop264gb thumgs are like $30 now.03:54
sysop2or just use an external drive you have laying around.03:54
sun_warriorok thank u03:55
rex_I am getting Unable to open XAuthority file "/home/ubuntu/.Xauthority when trying to open teamviewer03:55
rex_xlde is my desktop environment03:55
sysop2also clonezilla has partimage as well just exit out of the menu.03:56
eeeeOR... reinstall grub03:57
toolazyforanamewould reinstalling grub work?03:57
toolazyforanameafter overwriting the new partition that is03:58
rex_I am getting Unable to open XAuthority file "/home/ubuntu/.Xauthority when trying to open teamviewer xlde is my desktop environment04:00
lotuspsychjerex_: you trying from other user or something?04:01
sysop2well I dont trust windows not to screw with my partitions during install,  but that way also works if you want to go to a bigger driver but you make your new partition slightly bigger than the old one, partimage the old install then use gparted or parted to grow the partiton to the full size of the drive.04:01
sysop2I catn type tongith for some reason04:01
rex_yes, as ubuntu user04:02
sysop2and it saves you having to mess with grub(ugh)04:03
=== Zachary_DuBois is now known as Tokyo
lotuspsychjerex_: try make a new user and start teamviewer from there to test04:03
sysop2I took one drive that I had a full intall on it, partimaged it, setup a raid 10, made a slightly bigger partition that the one drive, install linux, partimaged the the old drive onto the new install, then I had run something called "fix kernal" or "kernel fix" to get it boot and boom it was done.  without losing my original install.04:06
sysop2and then used parted to expand it to the full size of the raid 1904:06
sysop2raid 1004:07
sysop2the "fix kernel" thing was because of the software raid 10, I have done it plenty of times onto a single drive without having to do that.04:08
lotuspsychjesysop2: plz use this channel for support only04:09
sysop2well fine then ttyl04:09
cloudrfall others join me in #linux-friends04:12
logavancHello all!  I was hoping to get some help with a quick question that is eluding me on Google...04:16
logavancI am trying to understand why there is a difference between the output of a mount command on Fedora vs Ubuntu.  Specifically, "tmpfs on /dev/shm type tmpfs" in Fedora, and "none on /run/shm type tmpfs" in Ubuntu.04:18
logavancI found a Stack Exchange answer that called the first field the "fs_spec", but I don't understand why in Ubuntu it is called "none".04:19
=== Tokyo is now known as Zachary_DuBois
JordanJ2Hi all, I'm running 14.04 and my screen goes grainy for a few seconds anywhere from 10 minutes to  few hours04:22
JordanJ2Only happens for a second or so04:22
murlidharhow to limit the upload speed ?04:44
murlidharcan it be done04:44
agent_whitemurlidhar: http://askubuntu.com/questions/776/how-i-can-limit-download-upload-bandwidth04:45
agent_whiteOtherwise, if you want it to apply to ALL machines in your LAN, do it in your router.04:45
murlidharagent_white: hmmm04:46
murlidharagent_white: i thought it would be easy doing on the desktop. but i wonder how to revert back to unlimited bandwidth speed using the trickle04:47
agent_whitemurlidhar: This _is_ the easy route ;)04:47
Artemis3trickle is app based tho, and not all apps work04:48
superjust install windows!04:48
murlidharsuper: :p never. the last time i used one was in 2007 :p04:48
murlidharagent_white: trickle -u 150 firefox04:52
murlidharagent_white: is it how it works ?04:52
agent_whitemurlidhar: to limit upload limit... `trickle -uSomeUploadSpeedHere firefox`04:53
murlidharagent_white: i was wrong ?04:54
agent_whitemurlidhar: No, you were right! :)04:54
agent_whitemurlidhar: Just clarifying. http://monkey.org/~marius/trickle/trickle.1.txt04:54
murlidhartrickle -u (upload limit in KB/s) -d (download limit in KB/s) application04:54
agent_whitemurlidhar: Correct!04:54
murlidhartalks about standalone mode hmmmm04:56
skilzHow do I make a bootable windows 7 usb stick?05:01
Abhijitskilz, ##windows05:04
skilzI want to do it in Linux buddy05:04
cfhowlettskilz this is ubuntu support.  UBUNTU.05:04
skilzI need to create it in UBUNTU05:04
skilzI don't think it's a hybrid iso, dd didn't work.05:04
mojachIf you got an iso image just dd it05:05
Abhijitskilz, best of luck.05:05
skilzAdd it?05:05
mojachThen what Abhijit said05:05
skilzI formatted the stick to ntfs05:05
pete__Any idea how can is create a customized filesystem?05:05
skilzUr useless05:05
Abhijitpete__, as in?05:05
cfhowlettskilz insults get you ignored - consider your conduct.05:05
pete__Abhjit, i wan ubuntu to boot into my application05:06
Abhijitpete__, what is your application?05:06
pete__Image processing application05:06
cfhowlettpete__ I'm on xubuntu, so it's a bit different, but you can set your system to autostart an application at boot.05:07
InsomI like applications05:07
=== mulga_ is now known as mulga
Abhijitpete__, http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/1c6ogu/linux_kiosk_solutions/ http://www.webconverger.com/ http://openkiosk.sourceforge.net/ and http://www.genkiosk.com/?gclid=CLTu4reT2L8CFRUVjgodoxwAWA05:09
Abhijit!pm | pet2001_05:09
ubottupet2001_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.05:09
Abhijitpete__, ^^05:09
pete__Sure abhijit05:09
Abhijitpete__, see those 4 links i gave above05:09
CharlesIChi friends05:10
CharlesICplease help05:10
JordanJ2Hi, Does anyone know a screenshot tool I can use to upload to a webserver via SFTP other then ScreenCloud?05:10
CharlesICi bought a new HD because my other was going bad. im currently booting on an ubuntu live dvd05:10
cloudrfhey charles05:10
mojachCharlesIC: And you want to image your current drive or?05:11
CharlesICwell, i created similar partitions05:11
CharlesICas both are 1TB05:12
CharlesICso im using rsync05:12
mojachCharlesIC: I would say use dd to mirror the exact data05:12
CharlesICor would it have made more sense to make an image?05:12
CharlesICwell, i'm already about 1/2 done now05:12
CharlesICat any rate05:12
CharlesICso my issue is, i read that it's better to have a GPT partition map05:12
CharlesICso i created that on the new HD, but the thing is, although i created the volumes to mirror the old HD, the new HD only shows one partition when you do fdisk /dev/sdb05:13
CharlesICwhereas the old one shows 2 when you do fdisk /dev/sda05:13
CharlesICboth drives have a LV with 3 partitions - home, root, swap05:13
superRAID 105:14
CharlesICmojach, why does the new HD, with fdisk, not show the LV with fdisk, but the old one does?05:15
CharlesICoh, lv tools sees it05:16
superCharlesIC, ld /dev/sd*05:16
mojachCharlesIC: did you create it?05:16
CharlesICim just wondering why05:16
CharlesICmojach, yes, i have 3 partitions in the LV on the new HD, just like the old LV05:16
superCharlesIC, if you like redundancy I say use RAID 105:16
CharlesICright now, im rsyncing from home on old HD LV to home on new HD LV05:16
CharlesICi dont want redundancy05:16
CharlesICthe old HD Is failing05:16
mojachshows in /proc/part?05:17
CharlesICi guess my question is, if partition table is GPT, does it display diff than msdos?05:17
supersigns of dying hard drive is also a sign of bad PSU05:17
superyou got a PSU tester?05:17
Insomand a bad psu is usually a sign of a bad cap05:17
=== wagle_ is now known as wagle
InsomI'm not sure what a bad cap is a sign of though05:18
CharlesICsomeone else who had the same hard drive had it die after about 2 years05:18
CharlesICthat's exactly what's happening to me05:18
CharlesICat any rate05:18
mojachCharlesIC: Desktop drive? running 24/7?05:18
CharlesICcat /proc/partitions shows sda1 sda2 and sdb1 and sdb205:18
CharlesICmojach, yeah05:18
=== infinity__ is now known as BlackWeb
Insom24/7 drive that isn't THAT bad05:18
mojachCharlesIC: I hope you got a NAS drive or even enterprise for the new one05:18
Insom5 years is what I'd expect with NORMAL use05:19
superwhat's the temp on your cpu, gpu, northbridge?05:19
CharlesICok, im moving to a new HD05:19
CharlesICplease just help me do that before we look at anything with the rest of the computer05:19
superCharlesIC, build a low power PC check out AMD athlon 5350 25watts TDP05:19
CharlesICthe hard drive was beginning to fail with bad blocks05:19
CharlesICive accepted that05:19
CharlesICim not building another PC!05:19
CharlesICgood grief!05:19
lemonsparrowwhat is wrong with this script05:20
lemonsparrowif [ "${OSTYPE#darwin}" != "$OSTYPE"  ]05:20
lemonsparrowecho "Works"05:20
lemonsparrowecho "No"05:20
superamd athlon 5350 $60, MSI AM1 $34.9905:20
BlackWebIf you want a command to execute shouldn't /etc/rc.local be the file to place the command in?  When I use to use 12.04 it worked but now when I'm trying to restore my iptables on bootup the command in /etc/rc.local isnt restoring them05:20
=== amir_ is now known as Guest89094
jnhghyHi, I've installed a while ago openerp7 and from the first update they release, the update manager keeps showing that I need to update opener, I did it for many times but even after I just update the update manager still shows it there.... is there anything I can do.05:27
lemonsparrowhow to check if string starts with "abc" in shell script ?05:27
cfhowlettjnhghy see openerp7 for openerp support.  doesn't seem to be an ubuntu issue05:27
jnhghycfhowlett: they refereed me here as the update manager from ubuntu is the one showing the update...05:30
jnhghycfhowlett: I'll uninstall it ... I don't even use it ... :D05:31
=== xragnar is now known as Guest15072
=== xragnar_ is now known as xragnar
cfhowlettjnhghy sudo apt-get purge openerp7         then run apt-get autoremove to kill unneeded packages05:31
jnhghycfhowlett:thanks :)-05:31
cfhowlettjnhghy happy2help05:32
Insomso does anyone here play with qemu?05:42
RahulANInsom, yes i did, but failed05:43
RahulANit is eating lot more resources and making my netbook slow.05:43
Insomyeah I've been researching05:43
=== erick is now known as Guest53707
RahulANwhich os you want to run there?05:44
InsomI want to attempt to run a windows environment05:44
RahulANSo better move to virtual box05:44
Insomwith passthrough to my gpu05:44
RahulANand if Android you want than geanymotion is the best i will say :)05:45
Insomused it, its nice05:45
RahulANyes its awsome05:45
Insombut vfio seems to be my only recourse05:45
skilzHow do I share a folder on my computer so my girlfriend can access the files through the network on her win7 laptop?05:46
Insombare metal gpu access05:46
Insomumm samba?05:46
RahulANInsom, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37D2bRsthfI  check this05:47
RahulANits wonderful05:48
Insomseen that video 12 times now05:48
Insomthe thing is the nvidia vid cards are hit and miss right now05:48
RahulANhahaha :)05:49
InsomI've not attempted yet, so you know05:49
RahulANcarry on with your trials :) luck for you05:49
Insomnot tonight, I'll give a go tomorrow05:49
InsomI can't find ANY documentation on my current card05:50
InsomI'm running dual gt750m cards05:50
RahulANgreat ..05:51
InsomBUT devoting my HDD to linux with a vm for windows would be awesome05:51
InsomI wouldn't have to be concerned about how much HDD to devote to either side05:52
InsomI have plenty of hardware for both side05:52
Insomugh :(05:57
Insommy processor doesn't support VT-d05:57
anon_My CPU usage seems to be at 100% at all times. The application taking up the most time is bash, around 85% right now, but the only application running in it is irssi. No other application is running right now and this is a fresh install of the system.06:14
anon_The terminal emulator is Terminator.06:14
wheatthinanon_, can you trace the tree as in which bash script is running?06:15
anon_wheatthin: How do I do that?06:15
anon_wheatthin: Only irssi is running at the moment.06:15
wheatthinanon_, I use htop..06:15
anon_wheatthin: One moment.06:16
wheatthinanon_, no, the only "foreground" app may be irssi..06:16
wheatthinbut definitely not the only one running06:16
anon_wheatthin: Ok well htop also says that the /bin/bash command is taking up a ton of cpu. What exactly am I looking for now?06:16
wheatthinwell in htop, you can select a tree view.. usually it'll branch downward and show you the culprit06:17
wheatthinare you in console mode only?06:18
wheatthinwith the mouse enabled, you can select the "command" column and it'll tree view from the root process06:18
anon_wheatthin: Yes. I trace the command and a ton of unfriendly output appears.06:19
agent_whiteanon_: http://superuser.com/questions/174660/why-is-the-cpu-usage-reported-by-top-in-linux-over-10006:19
agent_whiteanon_: ie - Divide that percentage by your total cores.06:19
agent_whiteanon_: http://superuser.com/questions/457624/why-is-the-top-command-showing-a-cpu-usage-of-79906:20
agent_whiteanon_: TLDR; use `htop`, not `top`06:20
anon_agent_white: But I'm not getting a cpu usage above 100?06:20
agent_whiteanon_: "My CPU usage seems to be at 100% at all times."06:21
agent_whiteanon_: I would still recommend the same.06:21
agent_whiteCheckout htop, and see what happens.06:21
anon_agent_white: That's what I've been using...06:21
agent_whiteanon_: Oh wow! I read wrong! Sorry!06:22
wheatthinso how many cpu cores do you have in your computer?06:22
agent_whiteanon_: And what does top show compared to htop?06:23
anon_1 core06:23
wheatthinanon_ are you using i386?06:23
anon_64 bit06:24
wheatthinolder gen cpu?06:24
wheatthinUmm, it has to be. .lol one core, or one cpu? most 64bit (new ones) are at least dual core06:24
anon_it's a virtual machine06:24
wheatthinahh.. well then that makes a difference06:25
wheatthindo you have vmware-tools or virtualbox additions installed?06:25
anon_wheatthin: yup06:25
anon_vbox guest additions is installed06:25
wheatthinand how much ram is alotted?06:25
anon_wheatthin: 5gb06:26
wheatthin5gb of ram to a single core vbox machine? hmm06:26
wheatthinanyways, vbox additions is installed, does this cpu support VT-x?06:27
anon_wheatthin: Well my system has 32 gb of ram06:27
wheatthinvery nice..06:27
anon_wheatthin: I don't think so06:27
wheatthinI'd like 32gb of ram, but fb-dimms are expensive06:27
anon_wheatthin: it's a mac, so it was very expensive to begin with06:28
anon_wheatthin: Anyways, perhaps it does have VT-x, let me check06:28
wheatthinyeah, mine is a dual quad core xeon server.. was at one time expensive too :P06:28
agent_whiteanon_: I got disconnected. But are you sure you have a 1core CPU? It must be a 10yearold+ computer.06:28
agent_whiteIf that is the case.06:28
wheatthinagent_white, it's a single core vbox with 5gb of ram06:29
agent_white"Multi-core processors were developed in the early 2000s by Intel".06:29
anon_wheatthin: Ok apparently it does have VT-x, and it's enabled06:29
agent_whitewheatthin: For sure?06:29
agent_whitewheatthin: A simple make/model would help to prove this.06:29
anon_wheatthin: Perhaps I should just give the machine another core, see if that helps out?06:30
wheatthinanon_, and it's enabled in virtualbox as well?06:30
anon_wheatthin: Yes.06:30
wheatthinanon_, I'm sure it won't hurt06:30
anon_wheatthin: OSX is utilizing 8 cores, so perhaps I can give it one more?06:30
* agent_white sighs06:31
wheatthinanon_, plus osx is utilizing your gpu for some stuff too, so yeah06:31
agent_white"in a virtualmachine" would have been helpful from the start.06:31
anon_agent_white: Said that already06:31
anon_wheatthin: Thanks for the help, I've got to restart. See you.06:31
wheatthinanon_ he had been disconnected.. be nice :)06:31
agent_whiteanon_: Oh sorry, must have missed it. When I was here you said 1 CPU... without mentioning VM.06:31
agent_whitewheatthin: Hehe I'd rather have him lash back then some others who refuse to paste direct error messages. ;P06:32
agent_white"Oh yeah... the error was mispelled as I saw..."06:32
tarelerulzI have an 4.4.2 Android phone and  It use MTP , ptp and USB 3 none of those options work.  It should an error the other day ,but it worked.    Any have you have an idea what I should do06:33
agent_whitewheatthin: http://serverfault.com/questions/346410/cpu-utilization-over-100-in-linux-system06:34
agent_white' virtual machines can dynamically alter the CPU capacity in response to the needs of the VM. I have seen a single process showing up as using 9999% CPU in top from within a VM. The advice given by VMWare about this is "Don't trust metrics measured from within the VM".  '06:34
agent_whiteWell... guess he'll wonder why the IRC protocol is so intense on his CPU for awhile. ;D06:34
wheatthinagent_white, yes, but if VT-x is enabled, I guess it has direct access and thus doesn't have that problem06:34
agent_whitewheatthin: Oh no shit?"06:34
wheatthinahh language plz06:34
agent_whitewheatthin: Do you have a link for me to follow? -- May be able to find it shortly here though.06:35
wheatthinvt-x? intel cpu's06:35
wheatthinUmm one second06:35
apb1963I'd like to install a package from a ppa, but I'm concerned about whether it will potentially overwrite/upgrade system libraries and/or other files, thereby breaking my system.  Here is the list of files it wants to play with http://paste.ubuntu.com/7834339/  How can I determine whether or not its safe to install this package?06:36
wheatthinppa's will break some things if unmanaged06:36
apb1963ubuntu 12.0406:36
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:36
agent_whitewheatthin: Thank ye!06:36
apb1963wheatthin: consequently, the reason I'm asking the question.06:37
wheatthin!ppa-purge apb196306:37
agent_whitewheatthin: Question... did you know that off the top of your head? The link you gave me has nothing to do with metrics in a VM. Yet is still very useful.06:37
apb1963please don't purge me06:37
=== blackcobra is now known as BlackCobra
Beldarsudo apt-get autoremove apb196306:38
wheatthinlol @ Beldar06:39
apb1963purging the ppa is not the issue... purging the libraries it upgrades after installing the package is the issue... especially when it's a library half the system depends on.  Like libqt4core06:39
apb1963Beldar: cut that out06:39
wheatthinyes, you purge the thing, and you sudo apt-get upgrade06:40
wheatthinupdate*.. then upgrade06:40
Beldarapb1963, All your asking and want is not supported here, as well a finite answer is impossible. ;)06:40
wheatthinshould clean it06:40
apb1963wheatthin: and that will reverse the upgrade?06:40
wheatthinyou can also check out ppa-purge's options.. might be detailed info06:41
apb1963wheatthin: something installed  *** 4:4.8.2+dfsg-2ubuntu1~precise1~ppa6 0 and I'm building a new disk... I don't want it to happen again.06:42
wheatthinbut for future references, don't use PPA's06:42
wheatthinor use them at your own risk06:42
wheatthinthen upgrade to 14.04 :)06:42
apb1963wheatthin: I'm trying to minimize my risk by trying to find out whether the list of files it intends to install is safe.06:43
wheatthinno, it's not.06:43
apb1963wheatthin: eventually, I will.  But that day is not today.06:43
wheatthinthey'll require modified or updated versions that puts our versions in the repo out of wack, which is why it's not supported06:43
apb1963wheatthin: that's a generic answer, not based on the specific list I've supplied... right?06:44
wheatthinapb1963, yes, that's just about as generic yet specific enough to what you're going to get from here.06:45
wheatthinuse ppa-purge.. hopefully it'll untweak the unmanage packages, and then set things right06:45
sexySuka sex chat06:45
wheatthinif not, I'd use it anyways, and upgrade06:45
ddsscubuntu just went pearshaped on me... can't even open display settings. 14.04 lts btw... how do I open display settings from terminal??06:45
wheatthinsexy, I'd like it if you changed your name to something more family friendly06:46
wheatthinand topic06:46
ddsscupdates are supposed to keep your system up to date, not break it ... why I love open source..06:47
STMelonfamily friendly on IRC? rofl06:48
=== Thoven is now known as saimancroy
wheatthinddssc, unmanaged, unofficial updates can be manipulated and broken.06:48
wheatthinthanks for the input tho06:48
ddsscwheatthin,  unofficial ? I only click install when the VERY OFFICIAL ubuntu popup asks me to06:49
agent_whiteHehehe. If you are capable of connecting to IRC... curse-words should be second-nature.06:49
wheatthinno, family friendly in #ubuntu.06:49
wheatthinif not, you're more than welcome to find help elsewhere06:49
ddsscif you use open source you are guaranteed to say fuck a lot06:49
STMelonthis is a tech/support IRC. mostly techys and ppl needing help come here. this surely is not a FAMILY oriented IRC network06:49
agent_whiteddssc: Hey now! That's Linus' favorite word!06:49
dominiki love guys and ubu06:49
apb1963what will give me a list of what packages I have installed from which unsupported ppas?06:50
STMeloni usually do wheatthin ... i know how to use google, and rarely, IF ever even talk here :P06:50
dominikconnect #xdf06:50
ddssclets face it if your kids are capable of connecting to irc, they've seen things online way worse than curse words..06:50
agent_white^ tldr06:50
wheatthinthat's a mute issue ddssc06:50
STMelonwell when kids are having sex way before they know IRC exists? i agree ddssc06:51
ddsscon another notice. can someone tell me why my display settings have miraculously dissaperaed from my menu and why i can't access them?06:51
agent_whiteSTMelon: language06:51
ddsscor rather how do I access my display settings from terminal?06:51
STMelonanyways, sex is a bad word? LOL06:51
STMelontypical of the ubuntu children here06:51
ddsscbecause ubuntu suddenly decided to hide half the stuff I open because I don't have dual monitors plugged in, but I can't do anything about it06:51
wheatthinno, I said it's not family oriented, come on now, grow up.06:51
agent_whitewheatthin: Hehe we're just giving you a rough time. ;)06:53
agent_whiteKeeping it respectable is alrighty.06:53
ts9ihow does anacron determine the hour to run daily or weekly jobs?06:54
wheatthinanyways, display problems..  areyou in console?06:54
ddsscor rather how do I access my display settings from terminal?06:55
superddssc, did you install your video driver?06:55
ddsscsuper, yea06:55
superwell type startx06:55
Deepspeedddssc, try xrandr?06:55
ddsscDeepspeed,  http://pastebin.com/ttFUNmUF06:56
=== 16WAACW5Z is now known as phoenixz
ddsscsuper, on another note, where do I check that?06:57
ddsscmy display settings have dissapeared from all menus and I can't access the global settings06:57
ts9ianacron is picking 8AM as teh time to run weekly jobs, on a computer that's up all day. I'd prefer if it did weekly jobs when I'm not logged in. Any way other than getting rid of anacron?06:57
ddsscsuper, nope06:57
=== eagles05- is now known as eagles0513875
wheatthints9i, probably a script that says to do while mouse is idle for so long06:58
somsipts9i: which job?06:58
wheatthinafter a certain time06:58
ddsscwhen I call gnome-control-center I don't see display settings?06:58
=== chamunks is now known as zz_chamunks
ts9isomsip: weekly jobs include fstrim which takes around 20-30 minutes for me, which would be fine as long as it ran while I'm not trying to work06:59
wheatthinYou don't have a icon that says displays ddssc ?06:59
ddsscwheatthin, NO, ITS WHAT IM SAYING THE WHOLE TIME06:59
ddsscit just dissapeared for no apparent reason, cant access my display settings or anything06:59
somsipts9i: edit /etc/crontab and change the hour for /etc/cron.weekly jobs07:00
ddsscwhich is lovely because I've work to do and i have to fuck around with ubuntu07:00
ts9isomsip: weekly jobs are supposedly setup to run on 6:47 on Sundays. It actually ran around 8AM today (Tuesday) due to anacron.07:00
ts9isomsip: anacron does not use the exact times from crontab, that's for sure. It uses anacrontab which only has a "weekly" note and no mention of teh hour07:01
wheatthinddssc,  gnome-control-center -l07:02
wheatthindoes it show in the term?07:02
wheatthinddssc, stop cursing plz07:03
somsipts9i: maybe some helpful info here - looks like sleep and CPU demand affects when it is run http://is.gd/tcvNau07:03
hashworksIs there any way to use UTF8 and 256 Colors in the headless console (Ctrl+Alt+F1 etc)?07:04
ikoniahashworks: the fact that it's headless makes no difference07:04
ikoniahashworks: the client is what dictates if you can use utf/colour07:04
ddsscwheatthin, http://pastebin.com/Genm9JPk07:05
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
ddsscwheatthin, Im usually not cursing, but open source has a way of making me do it07:05
hashworksSo it should be possible? which client is used by ubuntu without any desktop manager ikonia?07:05
ikoniahashworks: none, you have to install one07:06
ikoniahashworks: or - if you are not connecting from the ubuntu machine, you need to install a client on your client machine07:06
feyisayo_Hello everyone. Does anyone know how to install Elementary OS alongside Ubuntu 14.04?07:07
hashworksNo, I'm not connecting to it - I'm on the pc where ubuntu is installed and turning off lightdm.07:07
ikoniafeyisayo_: just a standard dual boot linux setup07:07
hashworksAnd then console only starts up, as expected07:07
ikoniafeyisayo_: I advise against this though07:08
ikoniahashworks: so you want utf and colour support on the console ?07:08
hashworksIn gnome terminal its not a problem07:08
ikoniahashworks: not actually on a client, you want it on the console07:08
feyisayo_Thanks ikonia. I was hoping to have it as a shell option in the login page07:09
boss1234100can someone help me07:09
ts9isomsip: seems it's caused by /etc/cron.d/anacron running anacron at 7:30 in the morning.07:09
ikoniafeyisayo_: so you don't want a dual boot - you just want the desktop enviornment07:09
fidel_boss1234100: start by describing your problem first ;)07:09
boss1234100fidel_: my teamspeak that i installed in terminal wont open07:10
feyisayo_ikonia: that's right07:10
boss1234100dont know why07:10
ikoniafeyisayo_: you'd probably be better talking to the elementrary guys on this as it's their packages/ppa and to intergrate them into a standard ubuntu install without any damage07:11
ikoniafeyisayo_: I strongly advise you to look into what they change as it maybe hard to put things back if you're not careful07:11
fidel_boss1234100: well - never used TS on ubuntu myself. try starting it from terminal and check the output - if it gives some07:11
feyisayo_Thanks ikonia07:11
feyisayo_ikonia: I'll give that a shot07:12
hashworksikonia: Sort of. Colors aren't working at all in the "headless" console. As I see now UTF8 works but it's using a different font, trough. Is there a way to enable colors and a different font?07:12
ikoniahashworks: please showme the output of "echo $TERM" please07:13
hashworksikonia: xterm-256color, as set in the .bashrc file.07:13
boss1234100let me figure how to open it07:13
ikoniahashworks: so that should be showing colour07:13
ikoniahashworks: what colour are you expecting ?07:14
ikonia(expecting that you're not getting)07:14
hashworksAny color. Headless console is only black n' white07:14
hashworksGnome terminal shows 256 trough07:14
ikoniaplease run "ls -l --color=auto"07:15
hashworksShows simple blue n' green - seems like 8 or 16 colors work and everything else is black n' white because I'm trying to use 256 colors07:16
ikoniahashworks: thats the correct colours for ls07:17
ikoniawhat do you mean you're trying to use 256 colors, how do you know you're not using 256 colours now07:17
ikoniayou've just seen that the console supports colours07:17
hashworksBecause when I use the gnome console a cyan 256 color shows cyan, and the headless console shows white.07:18
ikoniaa cyan 256 color ?07:18
ikoniahashworks: where ?07:18
hashworksTMUX bar07:18
ikoniahashworks: what command are you running in gnome terminal that looks different in the console07:18
ikoniais there any colour in your tmux setup07:19
ikoniaI don't know how you've setup tmux so I can't comment07:19
hashworksfor i in {16..21} {21..16} ; do echo -en "\e[38;5;${i}m#\e[0m" ; done ; echo07:20
hashworksthis shows ########### in different blue colors07:20
hashworksIn gnome terminal07:20
hashworksIn the headless console it's just white.07:20
boss1234100anyone use teamspeak for ubuntu?07:21
ikoniahashworks: that suggests it may not support the full colour pallet then07:21
ikoniahashworks: although that could also be echo not being setup right07:22
boss1234100because i dont know why my teamspeak wont open07:22
ikoniahashworks: looks like echo should be fine as it is07:22
hashworksYup, I guess the headless console is kind of simple/stable07:23
hashworksSo a change of the font won't be possible as well I guess?07:23
boss1234100anyone help me out with teamspeak07:24
Beldar!details | boss07:24
ubottuboss: Please elaborate; your question or issue may not seem clear or detailed enough for people to help you. Please give more detailed information, errors, steps, and possibly configuration files (use the !pastebin to avoid flooding the channel)07:24
Beldarboss1234100, ^^^^^^^07:24
boss1234100well my teamspeak wont open at all07:25
boss1234100i installed it in terminal07:25
hashworksWhats the output of strerr boss1234100?07:25
hashworksStart it using the terminal07:25
ikoniahashworks: should be able to change the fonts07:26
hashworksThen it should output strout and strerr07:26
hashworksikonia: At least something :)07:26
ikoniahashworks: I'll need to check but I thought it supported full colour configuratoin07:26
ikoniait may not be configured07:26
boss1234100umm i dont what to do07:26
boss1234100i just start 2 days ago lol07:26
snadgedoes ubuntu's built in vnc allow you to remotely log in to an existing session? eg.. screen sharing?07:28
hashworksboss1234100: Find the path of your teamspeak installation. Then start the ts3client_runscript.sh in Terminal. I'm not having it installed here, trough07:28
hashworksTry "locate ts3client_runscript.sh"07:28
snadgeor do i need to use something like teamviewer for that.. except now teamviewer has disabled my login saying suspected commercial use :|07:28
energizerI'm using Dolphin gamecube emulator, and my cpu heats up reeeallly fast (>85C) despite my i7 3.4Ghz. I have a stock fan and no dedicated graphics card. What do you suggest I do first?07:28
ikoniaenergizer: ask in ##hardware07:29
ikoniaenergizer: not an OS problem07:29
hashworksikonia: How is the console called when I use Ctrl+Alt+F1? Is "headless console" the right term? So I could google for some configuration.07:29
energizerikonia: thanks07:29
ikoniahashworks: it's not "called"07:29
ikoniahashworks: look at the inittab, and you'll see it get setu07:30
hashworksSry for my bad english ;)07:30
ikoniahashworks: english is fine07:30
boss1234100this correct?07:30
boss1234100sudo ts3client_runscript.sh07:30
hashworksYou don't need to start it with root. Try bash ts3[...] boss123410007:30
boss1234100am new to this sorry07:31
hashworksikonia: What do you mean with inittab?07:31
boss1234100only been using linux for 2 days07:31
energizerikonia: they seem to be speaking in russian in ##hardware.  is that typical?07:32
YamakasYwhat do I need to add to my apt sources when I want to have the net installer available ?07:33
hashworksboss1234100: Did you located the file sucessfully?07:33
=== aditya__ is now known as adityaduggal
boss1234100dont know lol07:33
boss1234100i know its on my desktop07:33
boss1234100in a folder07:33
hashworksDo you know how to cd to that folder using your terminal?07:34
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
boss1234100umm no07:34
boss1234100just started on this 2 days ago07:34
hashworksHm...You should try to read some beginner tutorials first and learn the most basic stuff. What's your first language?07:37
fidel_boss1234100: to change to another folder in Terminal you can use the command 'cd'. i.e. open a terminal and enter 'cd Desktop'07:38
NilBudboss1234100, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGGj3hc6R8Q&list=PLsMLAwgiqdxl5U6m9ZnefcfC0xncvLCL507:38
fidel_boss1234100: this should move you from your home folder to your desktop folder in your terminal session07:38
hashworksYou can open a Terminal with Ctrl+Alt+T btw.07:38
fidel_from there its most likely another 'cd NAME OF YOUR TS FOLDER' command to jump to that one07:39
boss1234100after i do that07:39
boss1234100do i do cd again?07:39
ddsscwheatthin, Im usually not cursing, but open source has a way of making me do it07:39
ddsscwhen I call gnome-control-center I don't see display settings?07:39
fidel_If you reached your ts-folder: as a next step - use the 'ls' command to display the files in that folder in your terminal session07:40
fidel_it might sound complicated - but getting started with a terminal is somehow essential in linux - and its getting better over time ;)07:41
boss1234100well right now am just getting this07:41
boss1234100in the terminal07:42
fidel_boss1234100: the cmd 'pwd' outputs your current folder - if that helps to locate where you are right now ;)07:42
joker_fidel what distro you suggest for starters aside ubuntu and mint what all suggest?07:42
boss1234100well its not doing nothing lol07:43
boss1234100just did pwd07:43
boss1234100all i got was this >07:43
fidel_joker_: i dont know - i dont think there are that big differences. depends what you want to use it for most likely07:44
subcoolwhat do you guys use for an IRC client, im using xchat.. and its ticking me off07:44
boss1234100am useing pidgin07:44
fidel_boss1234100: press ENTER. then enter: 'pwd' followed by ENTER. What is the output07:45
joker_so all are terminal wise equal...07:45
fidel_joker_: similar - one main diff is the package-management and default package-selection07:45
joker_if i learn use terminal on one i can use on all the same commands ?07:45
fidel_most yes07:45
boss1234100am getting the arrow thing again07:46
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
hashworksboss1234100: Your output of pwd is ">"?07:46
fidel_see my package-manager example: you wont find "apt' on fedora - there it is replaced by 'yum' ..but overall main commands are same07:46
joker_ok so i just pick one that is game friendly with steam and all and than try use terminal07:46
hashworksWhats does your prompt (the thing before your enter anything) looks like?07:46
boss1234100NV57H:~$ 'pwd07:47
fidel_joker_: one big diff in distris is the amount of documentation & discussion you'll find in the web around that distri07:47
hashworksRemove the '07:47
fidel_joker_: i.e. arch has a great wiki - ubuntu has tons of beginner-guides ...there or tons of other minor differences. Hope that helps getting your question answered07:48
FuzzyWhirlpoolboss1234100: You need to learn how to use shell.07:48
boss1234100ok that must have been the problem07:48
boss1234100i know07:48
boss1234100its this now07:48
hashworksWhats the output of: ls07:48
fidel_boss1234100: as mentioned above: now use 'cd NAME-OF_YOUR_TS_FOLDER_ON_YOUR_DESKTOP'07:49
joker_thank you fidel_ a llot07:49
boss1234100ok just did07:49
fidel_or find out that name using 'ls'07:49
boss1234100am inside the folder07:49
fidel_boss1234100: now get an overview of that folder using the 'ls' command once again ;)07:49
fidel_it should show the content07:49
hashworksIs there a ts3client_runscript.sh in the output of ls (aka in the folder)?07:50
boss1234100ok its showing07:50
hashworksRun it by using "bash ts3client_runscript.sh".07:50
boss1234100i see the runscript07:50
joker_one more question i installed ubuntu and i remember 1 year ago i installed ubuntu as well and it added automaticaly good drivers for my ati card im not sure it did now07:51
boss1234100the teamspeak opened07:51
fidel_boss1234100: wasnt that easy? ;)07:51
boss1234100so how do i set it07:52
boss1234100to open just by double clicking it?07:52
hashworksI guess now he should try to create a .desktop file07:52
fidel_boss1234100: take yourself some time and niavigate around within your terminal. its really essential to get those commands mentioned before in your brain07:52
fidel_otherwise you'll having problems forever ;)07:52
boss1234100how do i make one07:52
boss1234100 for teamspeak?07:53
hashworksThere are some good tutorials for .desktop files out there I think :)07:53
boss1234100am going to use that07:54
fidel_joker_: i guess starting: 'software-properties-gtk' might open an ui with a tab for additional drivers07:55
joker_thanks will search for that now07:56
boss1234100ubuntu works so much better for me than windows07:57
fidel_boss1234100: be sure to learn 'apt' as well - its really helpful.07:57
joker_fidel  that you meant software center and graphical?07:57
fidel_joker_: i guess starting: 'software-properties-gtk' might open an ui with a tab for additional drivers07:57
fidel_exactly that ;)07:58
fidel_isnt it opening up?07:58
joker_it have some things but nothing that would send me to drivers or such stuff07:59
joker_is there some terminal command mybe for ati driveers update07:59
joker_in ubuntu 1407:59
joker_sorry im the newbiest of all08:00
joker_im not joking08:00
FuzzyWhirlpoolyou are joker_ and you claim yourself not joking? You are so funny, joker_ !08:01
joker_well i will change nick...just want drivers for ati08:02
joker_and sound and video in ubuntu is nothing like in windows control panel08:02
YamakasYwhat is the difference between debian-installer and installer-amd64 ?08:03
joker_graphical ...is nothing about drivers also08:03
trijntjejoker_: go to software & updates, then to the tab 'additional drivers'08:03
joker_so should i pick science and ingeniring lol.....thank you trijntje08:04
=== renato is now known as Guest59288
trijntjejoker_: are you in the software center? You don't use the software center, you use system settings08:04
trijntjeor you can search for software & updates directly from the Dash (hit the windows key)08:05
joker_yes i was in software center :/08:05
anon1_What is that advanced settings tool called where you can mess with Unity a bit more than usual?08:06
trijntjejoker_: yeah, the drivers are hard to find in ubuntu. There used to be a special program to install drivers but it was removed, and now its hard to find unless you know where to look08:06
trijntjeanon1_: unity tweak tool? Or compizconfig settings manager08:07
NilBudyea, unity tweak tool08:07
=== anon1_ is now known as anon_
joker_trijntje so for install what they call propretary drivers ones good for games....thats hard now ? before was automatical kinda08:09
trijntjejoker_: its not hard, but its hard to find if you dont know where to look08:09
joker_so what are chances i will get that work based on fact im new and want to play games08:09
trijntjejoker_: 100%08:09
trijntjego to system settings -> Software & updates -> Additional drivers, click the one you want, done08:10
joker_i see you seem to know 100% what you talking about,,,ok thank you08:10
trijntjei've been using ubuntu a long time, so I know some things ;)08:11
joker_but there is no proprietary drivers in use....so means i have them not installed08:12
joker_in software update tab i got that info08:13
trijntjejoker_: it says that there are no drivers available? It should list all available drivers08:13
joker_i also incliuded cannonical thingy08:13
joker_no additional drivers avalible.... and doesnt show what i have installed or what version08:14
trijntjejoker_: have you tried any games? Sometimes ubuntu has good drivers by default, I can also play steam games on my pc without proprietary drivers08:14
joker_well i can try diablo 3 if it can run that i guess its ok driver08:15
joker_ok will give a shot....you know downloading huge game to figure out you have no drivers is normaly not funny08:16
joker_thank you for help and support and patience08:16
trijntjejoker_: diablo doesnt run on ubuntu, as far as I know08:16
joker_it did run 1 year ago on my lap top08:17
joker_or i was so lucky...should ijust go install 12.4 ubuntu than08:17
trijntjejoker_: it could work, but it could also be a violation of the EULA, and blizzard could ban your CD key08:18
joker_acer extensa 762008:18
joker_i dont belive they would cause i waited 1h for them to answer on my call..they are busy lol08:19
joker_i go test drivers i let you know if works diablo 3 on ubuntu 1408:20
kbroulikHi there, I was wondering, is there a way to downgrade the google-chrome-stable package? I want version 34 back :(08:22
PotatoHead0077Hello :) i am having troubles with my atheros card08:26
PotatoHead0077I have tried pretty much everything, including the "sudo echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" > /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf" fix08:26
PotatoHead0077But my wireless connection is still horrid08:27
PotatoHead0077I have tried pretty much everything, including the "sudo echo "options ath9k nohwcrypt=1" > /etc/modprobe.d/ath9k.conf" fix08:28
PotatoHead0077 But my wireless connection is still horrid :/08:28
subcoolbecause you guys are actually ehlpful08:28
subcooli have win8 with kaspersky08:28
=== Lakii^ is now known as Lakii
subcoolim TRYING to secure my network a bit. more or less my stupid win8 machine. - i need to make it .. usable08:29
subcooli have shares on there i need to be viewable08:29
subcoolhwo the freak do it do it08:29
subcooli freaking hate windows. really i do08:30
PotatoHead0077is there anyone who can help me with my atheros card problem?08:30
=== h is now known as Guest91629
PotatoHead0077Get Ubuntu 14.04 LTS :P08:30
subcoolyeah.. - cant08:30
subcooli have it08:30
subcoolim on it08:30
subcoolbut- i have this shitbox laptop that has win808:30
pawhy "set as default" for choosing another application to open file types with does not work?08:31
subcooland i need to deal with it for amomoent08:31
quattro_is it possible to detect if sound is playing from the command line?08:31
pai click it and nothing changes08:31
pawhat's the problem?08:31
somsipquattro_: use aplay08:31
subcoolid help potato - but... idk08:31
sauravhow does ubuntu on acer notebook keeps booing into the shell rather than the system08:31
PotatoHead0077yea :/08:31
subcoolsaurav, because there is an error, and its crashing08:32
subcoolsaurav, check dmesg08:32
Seveazsaurav: graphics driver problems, X not installed or it's simply configured to do so08:32
quattro_somsip: thanks that should work :)08:32
subcoolsaurav, could be so many things..08:32
Seveazif dmesg doesn't say anything useful, check /var/log/Xorg.0.log08:32
subcoolsaurav, my common prob for that is that /home is full08:33
paand why in the world is handbrake the default handler for mp4, in 14.04?????08:33
anon1_Why does netcat hang forever when scanning a range of ports? If I scan port 22 (I know it's open), it returns immediately, but if I scan say, 21-25, it just hangs forever at the first one.08:33
anon1_here is my syntax: nc -zv 21-2508:33
subcoolpa defautls are defaults.. just download mplayer or vlc08:33
pai did download those08:34
pabut how to set them as default??08:34
Seveazanon1_: -w308:34
pathe bloody button does not work08:34
subcoolanon1_, because there are r block, rejected or dropped commuications for that port and the computer is waiting for a result that wont occur08:34
subcoolpa rightclick - set as defualt08:34
pasubcool, i did, but nothing changes08:35
pasubcool, that means the button does nt work08:35
subcoolit works.. maybe a reboot08:35
pai see08:36
paare these defaults kept in some file?08:36
subcoolidk which though08:36
pai see08:36
subcoolmy linux computer can not see the smb shares.. which make sesnse since im trying to secure my windows computer- but OMG08:38
subcoolit says its not protected.. i do a lil tinking.. and its finally set..08:38
subcoolnow i cant setup simple shares.. OMG@!!!08:38
Busserlsubcool: I recently had problems connecting a windows 8.1 client to a samba server.08:40
subcoolBusserl, is very common.. windows sucks.. but- wtf?!08:41
BusserlIt seemed like the same config worked before, maybe some defaults changed.08:41
subcoolreboot a few times.. and turn off the firewall... nd tada08:41
subcoolwindows is just horrible.08:41
subcoolbut i need it08:41
subcooli have to know this shit.08:41
subcoolbut- AGGH!!08:41
subcoolfreaking win808:42
Busserlwell windows could connect fine from command line, but the Windows File explorer had issues with name resolution or something.08:42
BusserlIf windows can't even see the shares, that is a different matter.08:43
Busserlthat should work first08:43
subcoolthe win computer sees itsself08:44
subcoolbut thats it08:44
subcoolso i know its firewall08:44
subcoolbut-- ugh08:44
subcoolOk.. so -- your kinda right08:44
subcoolwhats a actual good firewall for windows08:44
subcoolim thinking too closed minded08:44
Busserlif windows thinks its network is something different than "private" it won't allow such connections by default, yes. Does it say "private" in network connections?08:45
BusserlYou could change the firewall, or "fix" the network08:45
subcoolidk what it says anymore08:46
BusserlWindows has its own needs for a network to be trusted. A gateway must be specified for example, its hard to find info about.08:46
subcoolthere is public, local and ... something08:46
subcoolim really pushign to never use it agian08:47
subcooli need to find a job that allows that08:47
Amaze-ballsGood Morning08:51
subcoolyou must answer the entry question.. .. whats the best windows firewall program.08:52
linuxwo qu08:54
cfhowlettsubcool ask ##windows.  this ain't it.08:54
subcoolcfhowlett, i have08:55
subcoolits windows-- whats ever helpful or smart about windows08:55
linuxsha zi08:55
k1l!cn | linux08:56
ubottulinux: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:56
cfhowlettsubcool windows  support is off topic in this channel.  You know that.  Ask your ubuntu support questions or find windows support elsewhere.  win is NOT supported her.08:56
subcoolthats not funny08:56
cfhowlettAmaze-balls greetings.  ask your ubuntu questions08:57
subcoolim trying to ask smart people a question...08:57
subcoolive asked the alternative the same question... we all knw where that gets us08:57
subcoolits not like anyone is talking anyways08:58
Amaze-ballsHi, cfhowlett , I'm here to pay attention and to learn from your questions really :)08:58
ubottusubcool: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:58
cfhowlett!manual | maze-balls welcome.  that's one way to learn ubuntu.08:58
ubottumaze-balls welcome.  that's one way to learn ubuntu.: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:58
ikoniasubcool: seriously08:58
ikoniasubcool: so stop it now please.08:58
Amaze-ballsI'm learning for my LPIC exams, so tech supporting others will help me familiarize with random parts of the ubuntu system. Plus I like to help others :)08:59
cfhowlettAmaze-balls http://www.linuxine.com/linuxbooks08:59
subcoolikonia, un-called for.09:00
dan2003any idea why a trusty minbase debootstrap would hang somewhere in boot process, before it starts networking and before it shows a console, with no visible info as to why on screen, even in recovery mode?09:00
ikoniasubcool: enough09:00
Amaze-ballscfhowlett: Thats a pretty cool site. Thanks for that :) untill now Im still going through the IBM documentation, but they dont have any docs on the 102 exams though09:00
=== nik0 is now known as niko
cfhowlettAmaze-balls one way to learn: make a virtual machine in virtualbox, install ubuntu 32 bit to that box, then proceed to break and fix it.  Have fun.09:01
Vivekananda_y510my windows 8 workgroup is WORKGROUP and tried to join it using this http://www.ubuntututorials.com/ubuntu-12-04-join-windows-workgroup/.  still dont see my computer on workgroup.09:02
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Amaze-ballsMy focus at the moment is vi, sed, grep, tr, join, cut, paste and all the text streaming and fitlering tools. They are kind of a headache. But Im getting there.09:03
hnlinj #ubuntu09:06
cfhowletthnlin you're in #ubuntu.   ask your questions09:07
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krejsiHi, I just installed ubuntu 14.04 64 bit on a server and now Im getting this when it tries to boot. "error: attempt to read or write outside of disk 'hd0' . Entering rescue mode... grub rescue> "09:19
krejsithe server has 4x 4TB harddrives configured into one virtual drive RAID 1009:20
Rohan_mI my trying to write a file with  PHP file but it says "permission denied"09:20
BusserlRohan_m: that looks like an issue with php.ini.09:21
ikoniait's simple file system permissions09:21
subcooli would like to re-itterate my reasoning for asking this channel my question compared to those who dont sanctify security.09:21
BusserlI thought you'd have to specify directory permissions in php.ini as well.09:21
Rohan_mBusserl: why cause it writes file succesfully when i try to write in same directory09:22
ikoniaRohan_m: what EXACTLY are you doing09:22
Rohan_mikonia: i was tryin to create a file in home directory of a user but i'm unable to do so09:23
BusserlI'll just add that I was talking about the paramater 'open_basedir =...' in php.ini.09:23
ikoniaRohan_m: what EXACTLY are you doing09:23
Rohan_mikonia: what do you mean by exactly ?09:24
ikoniaRohan_m: I mean tell me EXACTLY what you are doing09:24
Rohan_mikonia: oh its nothing i'm just experimenting php's fopen() function09:25
ikoniayou can't ask for help - be told "tell me exactly" and then say "oh it's nothing09:25
ikoniaRohan_m: if you want help - you need to give people details,09:26
Rohan_mikonia: Ok Here's the Exact Details of My problem I have a PC with Ubuntu , i have LAMP installed, in my /var/www/ i have a php file named "this.php" (Group:raj Owner :raj)   my php code wants to append some data to a file in raj's home directory file name "log.txt" (Group:raj Owner:raj) i am working on a error logging function() which creates logs and i have a analysis system made in C which will give graphical analysis on data based from log.txt09:29
ikoniaRohan_m: so where does the PHP come into it09:30
=== subcool is now known as subcool-away
Rohan_mikonia: i pass data from the web ---> to my PHP file ----> PHP appends new data to log.txt ----> C programme rus as deamon and keep track of log.txt09:31
ikoniaRohan_m: so you're php is being run from within a web server09:31
somsipRohan_m: PHP will run under user www-data which may not have write access to a file in a user's home09:32
Rohan_mikonia: i change the ownership and group of PHP file to Raj09:32
ikoniaRohan_m: that means nothing09:32
ikoniaRohan_m: try to answer the question I asked09:32
ikoniaRohan_m: so you're php is being run from within a web server09:32
Rohan_mikonia: yeah09:32
ikoniaRohan_m: so the user that runs the webserver will need access, which by default it will not (and should not) have access to peoples home directories09:33
Rohan_mikonia: that's not a problem cause data is being sent in a encrypted manner  imean no normal person can not pass data to this PHP file09:34
ikoniathat is a problem09:34
Rohan_mikonia: so there is no way of writing file in home directory via a php file ?09:35
ikoniaRohan_m: I didn't say that09:35
Rohan_mikonia: should i show the ls -la of both php and log.txt09:36
ikoniaRohan_m: I said by default this is not configured, and should not be configured09:36
lataupeBonjour a tous, ici lataupe de suisse!09:36
Rohan_mikonia: i dont get it cause when i "ls -la" my /www/ directory there is no user like "www-data"09:37
bcvery!fr | lataupe09:37
ubottulataupe: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:37
ikoniaRohan_m: what is the name of the user that runs the web server09:38
lataupeah merci beaucoup!09:38
Rohan_mikonia: root09:41
ikoniaRohan_m: no, it's not09:41
ikoniaRohan_m: is this a default ubuntu install ?09:41
Rohan_mikonia: how do i check it09:42
ikoniaRohan_m: is this a default ubuntu install ?09:42
Rohan_mikonia: yes09:42
ikoniaRohan_m: then the user is not root09:42
Rohan_mikonia: how do i check the user09:42
ikonialook at the name of the user running the process09:43
Rohan_mikonia: apache2 is owned and being used by root09:46
ikoniano, it's not09:46
ikoniaor certainly shouldn't be on a default ubuntu install09:46
balaany one there? Need a bit of help with screen resolutions09:46
ikoniaRohan_m: pastebin the output of "ps -ef | grep apache"09:47
balahi ikonia09:47
odlahi, i am trying to decide btwn chromium and chrome. i'd prefer to use chromium as it's open-source but it looks like it's at 34 and chrome is at 36. does chromium get updated on trusty or will it stay at 34?09:47
balaI am using xubuntu and I installed Gnome 3.10.409:47
balafrom the software centre09:47
ikoniaodla: you are unlikley to see updates09:47
balaissue is gnome keeps forgetting my resolution and it gets reset at every reboot09:47
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odlaikonia: ok, so it's either firefox or install chrome if i want to keep my browser up to date09:48
Rohan_mikonia: http://www.codejaw.com/8tjuti09:48
Guest94253Hi. I've just went through boot.log and it is spiked with 'CRLF, CR line terminators'. Can someone explain why is that so?09:48
balaodla get chrome thats what I use. Mainly because its prebundled with a flaash player09:48
ikoniaRohan_m: come on !09:49
ikoniaRohan_m: look at it "www-data" is the user09:49
Rohan_mikonia: is made a ps -u root and apache was there09:49
ikoniaRohan_m: why did you do that ?09:49
ikoniaRohan_m: I didn't ask you to run ps -u to check for root user processs, I asked you "which user is apache being run as"09:50
Rohan_mikonia: maybe that's all what i know i'm noob09:50
ikoniaRohan_m: ps -u only shows root users09:50
ikoniaRohan_m: so "I don't know how to" is the response you give, not wrong information09:50
Rohan_mikonia: :) now what should i do ?09:51
sarkiehi quick question, if I want the latest and greatest nvidia drivers, what's the correct way to install it? As it seems you have to specify what version you want to install. And nvidia-current seems pretty old. Thanks.09:51
theadminsarkie: It's strongly advised against updating past versions in repositories09:51
ikoniaRohan_m: so you know now that the user executing the php script is "www-data" - hence why you correctly get "permission denied"09:51
theadminsarkie: Just stick to current unless it's broken09:51
sarkietheadmin: fair enough, "Restricted Drivers" route?09:52
theadminsarkie: Yeah basically, install from there and stick to them09:52
sarkietheadmin: ty,09:52
Rohan_mikonia: so i must change the group of file log.txt to www-data or what should i do ?09:52
ikoniaRohan_m: no, I very very strongly advise you not to mess with this - more so when you appear to not understand it at all09:53
ikoniaRohan_m: don't write to a users home directory09:53
ikoniaRohan_m: it's their private space, the web server should not have access to it09:53
balatheadmin hi09:55
balaI need help09:55
balaNo one seems to be responding09:55
=== ezhik`_ is now known as Guest31432
theadminbala: What's your issue?09:56
Rohan_mikonia: :( its my personal computer so there is no point of messing with others data09:57
ikoniaRohan_m: so ?09:57
ikoniaRohan_m: the concept is still the same, the web server should not be writing to peoples home directories09:57
llutzRohan_m: just put your logfile somewhere else, with proper rights/permission and let your c-prog analyse it from there10:00
Rohan_mllutz: hmm maybe you are right10:01
bravelegHi, folks. I got a problem with my laptop (lenovo g510), which has two graphic cards on board, first one is integrated intel and the second one - amd radeon r7 m265. The problem is that my system doesn't detect that second card of mine, lspci -v only lists integrated card. As a consequence - I can't install amd drivers. Does anyone have same experience or have a clue what can I do with that? Thanks in advance.10:02
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FranticGuys, I have a new dell t5610 machine on which I've installed ubuntu. I have trouble with the sound, the sound quality is extremely bad (sound is tinny, maybe like a very low bitrate). Dell's spec says the machine has ALC269Q chipset, ubuntu 14.04 says it's ALC280. After upgrading to the daily alsa DKSM, it now says it's ALC3220. Any idea how I would debug this?10:04
Franticmy alsa-info.sh output is here: http://www.alsa-project.org/db/?f=db6206566479b8df476cec776fac5e624e31fd8410:04
balatheadmin: I installed Gnome 3 on Xubuntu, and then changed the resolution to 1024*768 but gnome keeps forgetting at every reboot10:06
theadminbala: What's your issue?10:07
theadminBloody up arrow10:07
theadminbala: I have no idea, sorry10:07
crbесть русские10:07
k1l!ru | crb10:07
ubottucrb: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:07
theadmincrb: #ubuntu-ru10:07
crbWhere rus?10:09
theadmincrb: Наберите /join #ubuntu-ru в строке сообщений10:09
bravelegcrb: type "/join #ubuntu-ru" and you will be switched to russin channel10:09
bravelegcrb: *russian10:10
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AlecTaylorWhere's the dev channel for ubuntu? - Specifically package maintainers?10:17
ikoniadepends on the package10:17
ikoniawhat repo is that in ?10:18
AlecTaylorWant to know why that, and so many other packages are out of date10:18
theadmin!info nginx10:18
ubottunginx (source: nginx): small, powerful, scalable web/proxy server. In component main, is optional. Version 1.4.6-1ubuntu3 (trusty), package size 5 kB, installed size 93 kB10:18
AlecTaylorOn packages.ubuntu10:18
ikoniaso it's in main10:18
ikoniaAlecTaylor: it's the version that is taken from upstream debian as stable10:19
AlecTaylorikonia: Tempted to maintain the components I have on my stack in main10:19
k1lAlecTaylor: which ubuntu are you on?10:19
AlecTaylorAh, so I go on debian-maintainers then?10:19
AlecTaylortrusty x6410:19
ikoniaAlecTaylor: what ?10:19
AlecTaylorikonia: You said it's taken from upstream debian. So I just need to join their channel, right?10:19
k1lthe version is the version that was in debian before the ubuntu release freeze10:19
AlecTaylor(and ask their)10:19
ikoniaAlecTaylor: what is your end goal ?10:20
AlecTaylork1l: Release freeze?10:20
AlecTaylorikonia: To get the latest versions into stable10:20
k1lAlecTaylor: i think you dont got the release idea from ubuntu ( and debian)10:20
ikoniaAlecTaylor: ok, so that's not going to happen in this release.10:20
AlecTaylorSo I can stop using PPAs10:20
ikoniaAlecTaylor: if you want the package version changed in debian, log a bug against it explaining why it needs to change10:20
ikoniaAlecTaylor: then follow up with that individual package maintainer/group10:20
sogatoriHello everyone. The application idndicators/status notifiers standard says that indicators with the "passive" property should/can be hidden. Is there any way in unity to interact with hidden indicators?10:21
k1lAlecTaylor: that will never happen. its due to the release setup. you may want a rolling release distro if you want bleeding edge all the time10:21
AlecTaylorCan't I just start maintaining it then submit it for review?10:21
theadminAlecTaylor: Ubuntu freezes software at a specific version so that stuff doesn't change around randomly10:21
ikoniaAlecTaylor: that would not go into main10:21
AlecTaylorWell that sucks10:21
theadminAlecTaylor: New major versions are only in new releases10:21
k1lAlecTaylor: there are just a few exceptions that are renewed after the ubuntu version is released. most packages stay at that version number, but get security and heavy bug fix patches10:22
santhosh_but in latest version updation (firefox ) getting black address bar10:23
santhosh_in ubuntu10:23
theadminsanthosh_: Some software is exempt from freeze, browsers is one such category10:23
theadminIf that's what you're talking about10:23
Ben64i think its a question10:24
balaany gnome3 users here?10:24
Ben64bala: ask your real question to achieve results10:24
santhosh_the kernel version is differenrt sponmme application not working in 1.13 version10:24
santhosh_sorry 3.1310:25
santhosh_ <bala> yes iam working on gnome10:25
Ben64santhosh_: can you take a little bit more time and describe what problem or problems you'd like to solve? the firefox issue? something else?10:26
santhosh_present my company working wine application in ubuntu it is working kernel version 3.5 but it is not working kernel 3.1310:27
santhosh_and graphicks ia also heavy10:27
Ben64santhosh_: ok, for wine support you should ask in #winehq10:27
santhosh_it is not running is 1 gb ram10:27
ios-7-melon ubuntu10:28
santhosh_it is having heavy graphics it is very slow on 1 gb ram10:28
ios-7-melhow to attach my samsung s3 mini on ubuntu10:29
ios-7-melplz help10:29
=== ios-7-mel is now known as gurdeep
gurdeephow to attach my samsung s3 mini on ubuntu10:31
gurdeep plz help10:31
gurdeephow to attach my samsung s3 mini on ubuntu10:31
gurdeep plz help10:31
k1lgurdeep: if you get annoying the people will not help you. stay calm and describe your issue with more details10:32
gurdeepim sry10:32
theadmingurdeep: Set it to MTP mode, then it will show up in the file manager10:33
gurdeepi want to know how i can connect my phone with my pc10:33
theadmingurdeep: USB cable?10:33
gurdeepi conected with data cable but not showing on my pc10:34
k1lgurdeep: where is your problem with sticking the usb cable in it?10:34
k1lchoose mtp mode on that smartphone. which ubuntu are you on exactly?10:34
svetlanaxlock command not found ... what package provides it ?10:36
theadmin!find /usr/bin/xlock10:36
ubottuPackage/file /usr/bin/xlock does not exist in trusty10:36
k1l!find xlock10:36
ubottuFile xlock found in crystalspace-doc, db5.1-doc, db5.3-doc, db6.0-doc, freebsd-manpages, fvwm, fvwm-icons, hylafax-server, libcrystalspace-dev, libpam-ldap (and 11 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=xlock&mode=&suite=trusty&arch=any10:36
gurdeepi install mtp tools as well through the terminal10:36
Ben64for me (12.04) it's in   xlockmore and xlockmore-gl10:37
theadmingurdeep: Which Ubuntu version?10:37
theadminsvetlana: xlockmore as Ben64 says10:37
Ben64doesn't appear to be in 14.0410:37
svetlanayou are correct; I am on 14.0410:38
k1lgurdeep: dont you want to answer the questions to help you?10:38
gurdeepubuntu 12.04 LTS10:38
k1lgurdeep: that has no mtp support so you need to install mtp support first.10:38
gurdeepWHICH ONE ?10:38
Vivekanandacan someone help me enable samba share and get it working10:39
k1lgurdeep: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/320367/unable-to-connect-galaxy-nexus-to-ubuntu-12-04-through-gmtp10:40
Vivekanandatrying to connect to a win 8 shared folder using samba on 12.04 ubuntu. I can see the computer under workgroup but dont see any files inside on the windows computer10:40
gurdeepokey thanks for the help :)10:42
svetlanaOK, let me put it this way ... I have gdm installed but not gnome-screensaver. How do I lock screen from commandline?10:42
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Vivekanandasvetlana: tried windows L or windows P key ?10:43
Vivekanandasorry try ctrl alt  L10:44
balaanyone using Gnome3 here?10:44
balaHaving screen resolution issues with it10:44
ikoniasvetlana: win+l but that won't trigger the screen saver just the lock screen10:45
theadminikonia: Isn't that a Windows shortcut? It's been Ctrl-Alt-L at least until 13.1010:46
ikoniactrl+l works here10:46
Rohan_mikonia: i there any way of pasting content of /path1/file to /path2/file210:46
theadminRohan_m: cat /path/file | tee -a /path/file210:46
ikoniaRohan_m: cat /path1/file >> /path2/file210:47
Vivekanandaanyone care to help me samba sharing issues. not seeing shared folder of win 8 on ubuntu 12.0410:47
Rohan_mikonia: thnaks worked like charm10:48
Rohan_mtheadmin: thanks fella worked like charm10:48
Vivekanandano worries got it .10:50
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neo1691I am using openjdk-7 and I am getting a lot of these errors javax.sound.sampled.LineUnavailableException10:55
neo1691at org.classpath.icedtea.pulseaudio.PulseAudioMixer.openImpl10:55
neo1691Now I had to remove pulseaudio because espeak was not working without pulseaudio! And I am needing both for a particular project10:55
neo1691So basically how can I ask openjdk-7 to use alsa instead of pulseaudio10:56
martinramehi, can anyone point me to a description of the "network" param of /etc/network/interfaces ?10:59
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
soahcccCan I install ubuntu server via a VM onto a USB and then boot it from another machine? I'm almost certain that it'll work but I've never done this and maybe I shouldn't?11:05
metaspikeneo1691, when you do you get such errors, are you developing? running a program?11:06
maxviwhat is Mod1 key?11:06
alirezaAny body Here?11:06
metaspikefor a few minutes yep11:07
Guest94253What are 'CRLF, CR line terminators' doing in /var/log/boot.log?11:07
lobxopAny one experienced with auto login in tty?11:07
faLUCEhello. Can I install ubuntu touch (or any linux distro) on a Archos Xenon tablet (8'') ?  (I asked the same question on #ubuntu-touch) but nobody never answers11:07
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lobxopthink you have to root that first11:08
lobxophttp://www.androidcentral.com/root look if it is supported11:09
metaspikelobxop, the cleanest way to do that is boot into 'single user mode', like... just use a user runlevel, i wouldn't think autologin was a good idea11:09
metaspikeuse a lower runlevel11:09
lobxopthe problem is i want a home server to reboot every night11:09
lobxopand i have configured it to do so11:09
ghosTM55Hi all11:09
lobxopi dont quite understand what i have done11:09
lobxopi start this as service11:10
lobxopExecStart=-/usr/bin/agetty --autologin username --noclear %I 38400 linux11:10
lobxopi dont get why i need '-' in front of abs path or ' --noclear %I 38400 '11:10
maxviwhat key is Mod1 in ubuntu 12.04?11:10
lobxopagetty page is not very helpful though11:11
k1lmaxvi: which desktop?11:11
k1lmaxvi: right alt key should do it11:12
maxvik1l: unity11:13
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k1l!away > zz_chamunks11:14
ubottuzz_chamunks, please see my private message11:14
jnhghyI'm trying to create a symbolic link to a folder I cd to the folder location then I did ln -s folder ../../folder but I only get a !folder file that is red and which I can't open what am I doing wrong?11:16
chrissgjhnghy: Any special chars in there? Spaces?11:18
ArunCHi all, I am trying to add the kubuntu-ppa/next repository on my Ubuntu 14.04. But I get an error saying PPA not found11:18
bzfgrewe\leave #ubuntu11:18
ArunCAny idea what might be wrong?11:18
jnhghychrissg: the folder is "3GP" no spaces11:19
bzfgrewe\LEAVE #ubuntu11:19
viscerabzfgrewe: /part #ubuntu11:19
k1lbzfgrewe: / instead of \11:19
chrissg*sigh* :)11:19
chrissg@bzfgrewe: do a "ls -lhad ../../folder" from the folder your'e ln'ing out11:19
jnhghychrissg: is ^ for me?11:21
Guest94253I am starting tor service as a root, however in ps output it is under 'debian-+' user. What? Why?11:28
metaspikeim off to throw random things into /dev/fb0 ! syas11:29
Psi-JackGuest94253: Have you ever thought to get a non-Guest nick?11:37
Guest94253Psi-Jack, this is the best reply I've got. This community is wonderfully useless. No I haven't.11:41
chrissg@jnhghy: Yeah, sorry :) Im at work... :) Do that11:44
jnhghychrissg: no problem, result of ls -lahd 3GP is : drwxr-xr-x 21 jalexandru jalexandru 4.0K Jul 22 13:26 3GP11:45
chrissgaaand a "ls -lhad (linkname)"11:46
jnhghychrissg: I do that after I do ln -s 3GP ../../3GP ?11:47
KeyboardNotFoundWhat's the diffrence between iw and iwconfig?11:49
chrissgrather do a complete path, not a relative one, ie "ln -s /home/someone/3GP ."11:49
jnhghychrissg: found a solution ... thanks ... I've cd to the place where I want to add the symlink and from there I've did ln -s ../path/to/source/3GP 3GP and it worked11:49
chrissgI find relative path links the source of evil.11:49
chrissgSee? Evil :)11:49
jnhghychrissg: yap, you are right ...11:49
chrissgYoure welcome.11:50
lobxopExecStart=-/usr/bin/agetty --autologin username --noclear %I 38400 linux; Can any one tell me what does '-' in front of tpath and --noclear %I 38400  mean?11:54
HounddogHaving an annoying issue. When i step away from my system and after few minutes it goes to sleep the monitors go and stay black. I then manually switch off the monitors. Turn them back on and it start showing something again on 2 monitors... I have 3. I then have to suspend the system and resume it again then all monitors show but any Overlay window looks scrambled then11:55
Hounddogactually just seeing that any window is having like another window behind it which is scrambled11:57
krejsiquick question, can I remove my ubuntu live usb from my computer after i have booted?11:57
lobxopwhy not lol11:57
chrissg@krejsi: Not if you booted FROM the usb media :)11:58
krejsichrissg: thats what i mean :p11:58
lobxopif you have installed,thath is11:58
krejsinot installed11:58
chrissgWell, if you pull the floor youre standing on from under your feet away... :)11:58
chrissgIt's a *live* boot media, so it's needed. Unless you installed.11:59
krejsidunno i thought it was all loaded into RAM or something11:59
chrissg@krejsi: Caching? Nope.11:59
chrissg@Hounddog: Umm. Had the same issue back in '12. Fixed by removing one monitor :). If you get a solution, do tell me.12:00
Hounddogchrissg: hmmm12:00
Hounddogchrissg: its just annoying.. if i suspend it manually before i go and come back its ok12:01
chrissgTry the same with only 2 monitors, see if that does not show these symptoms.12:01
Hounddogchrissg: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otw50pgxlf46kkc/Screenshot%20from%202014-07-22%2013%3A58%3A46.png12:01
Hounddogyou had this effect then also?12:01
Hounddogin the middle screen12:01
chrissgNot this one exactly, but other "fun" features with 3+ Monitors.12:02
HounddogAlso wondering if it might be some programm as it was working in the beginning but i have no idea where to start searching on this hmm12:03
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HounddogWell thx anyway, thought maybee someone experienced this and had a solution :)12:04
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chrissgExperienced, yes, solution... not so much :)12:05
arcanushello im going to install a ubuntu server soon and i wonder where i do the encrption of the whole harddrive installation, ist under installation or after ?12:06
chrissgDuring partitioning.12:06
arcanuschrissg: thx12:08
Hounddogchrissg: have you changed anything to your screensaver?12:09
Hounddogchrissg: or powersaving?12:09
marto1Hi all, ubuntu 14.04 3.13.0-32-generic 32 bit; 855GM VGA - "# modprobe i915" fails with "could not insert 'i915': No such device". Any ideas, thanks?12:09
chrissg@Hounddog: lemme check.12:10
bipulAny Documents, guide for configuring Tomcat logs to logstash? please, I am looking for a help.12:10
Hounddoghttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=957678 just asking cause i think this could be my issue as i have a programm chaging my desktop backgroun d imaes every few minutes12:10
chrissg@Hounddog: didnt change anything, except for "lock screen on screensaver" and "do nothing" on all the events.12:12
Hounddogchrissg: well, just might be something... i am just checking into it... if i could remember the name of the program i installed lol12:14
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faLUCEhello. Can I install ubuntu touch (or any linux distro) on a Archos Xenon tablet (8'') ?  (I asked the same question on #ubuntu-touch) but nobody never answers12:16
acovrigI am following http://xmodulo.com/2014/01/install-configure-kvm-open-vswitch-ubuntu-debian.html and am wondering about eth5 mentioned in the guide, what interface should that be? (WAN,LAN,some random interface w/nothing plugged in)?12:17
ajnrHi I am unable to read the symbol in ubuntu but it is working in mac, actually this was a code of fragment in java.http://fpaste.org/119776/60314891/ please help me out12:18
acovrigI tried my LAN interface, and then couldn't access my system over SSH (as if I ifdown'd the iface)...12:18
chrissg@falUCE: Maybe no one has such a device and thus, does not know. (Nor do I). Just try?12:18
faLUCEchrissg: how can I try it before buying?12:19
chrissgOh, sorry. Thought you had it already :)12:20
olegfusionHello! May anybody help? I have ubuntu server 13.10, apache is 2.4.6 now12:21
olegfusionMay anybody help how downgrade it to 2.2.22?12:21
k1lolegfusion: 13.10 lost support last week. so first make a plan to upgrade to 14.04 anyway12:22
philinuxfaLUCE;~ I reckon you need to check in at the  xda-developers website12:23
olegfusionthat's the problem..12:23
faLUCEphilinux: k1l do you mean that ubuntu touch can work on this tablet without problems (or with few problems) even if it is not listed on the wiki page?12:24
k1lfaLUCE: this is still not the ubuntu touch channel. you were already given answers in the correct channel12:25
faLUCEk1l: sorry12:25
marianne_Hi, I'm currently on 12.04.. is there any way to use the update manager to get to 14.04 without having to go through the 13s?12:27
olegfusionk11: will it be possible if I'll upgrade to 14.04?12:28
olegfusiondowngrading to apache2.212:28
philinuxmarianne_;~ you'll be auto offered the upgrade when 14.04.1 comes out12:29
kostkonmarianne_, you will be notified in a few days time to do just that, upgrade to 14.04.1, when 14.04.1 comes out... in a few days12:30
philinuxmarianne_;~ the 14.04.1 isos are being tested this week12:32
marianne_Thanks guys... guess I'm just a little impatient :-)12:35
philinuxmarianne_;~ you can observe one aspect of the testing here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223506012:37
marianne_philinux: thank you very much12:39
arcanusim trying to set an ipv6 address on my interface eth0 but it doesnt work can anyone see any error in my /etc/network/interfaces config: http://pastebin.com/ucimxWeW12:42
askogood day all12:45
askoneed help i just installed ubuntu 14.0.4 but my webcam doesn't work12:47
george1why does linux never hangs?12:47
olegfusionmay anybody help, do-release-upgrade from 13.10 to 14.04: I get this: === Command detached from window (Tue Jul 22 16:47:03 2014) ===12:47
olegfusion=== Command terminated with exit status 1 (Tue Jul 22 16:47:03 2014) ===12:47
askopls help my webcam doesn't help12:48
chrissg@asko: Maybe its plainly not supported?12:49
asko@chrissg this is what i get ** Message: cheese-application.vala:291: Error during camera setup: No device found12:49
asko(cheese:12201): cheese-CRITICAL **: cheese_camera_device_get_device_node: assertion 'CHEESE_IS_CAMERA_DEVICE (device)' failed12:49
asko(cheese:12201): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_variant_new_string: assertion 'string != NULL' failed12:49
asko(cheese:12201): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_settings_schema_key_type_check: assertion 'value != NULL' failed12:49
asko(cheese:12201): GLib-CRITICAL **: g_variant_get_type_string: assertion 'value != NULL' failed12:49
asko(cheese:12201): GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: g_settings_set_value: key 'camera' in 'org.gnome.Cheese' expects type 's', but a GVariant of type '(null)' was given12:49
asko** (cheese:12201): CRITICAL **: cheese_preferences_dialog_setup_resolutions_for_device: assertion 'device != NULL' failed12:50
k1l!paste | asko12:50
ubottuasko: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:50
chrissgsubtle, k1l :)12:51
askookay thanks12:51
philinuxasko;~ what webcam, make and model?12:51
askomy laptop is HP probook 4510s12:52
asko@ubottu  http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835956/12:53
asko@philinux i'm pretty new to ubuntu12:54
askohelloo pleasss heeelllppp12:57
philinuxasko;~ just been poking around on hp website, there doesnt seem to be a webcam driver for linux12:59
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ObrienDavebuiltin or external?12:59
asko@philinux but linux mint gave me a driver13:00
asko@philinux i used skype with mint13:01
alpyis normal ghc --make command does not produce a executable?13:01
philinuxasko;~ you mean a graphics driver?13:01
askophilinux; webcam13:01
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philinuxasko;~ normally webcam drivers are built into the kernel13:02
askoso i have to install a kernel that will enable my webcam philinux?13:03
philinuxasko;~  no it nshould just work13:04
askophilinux; so my kernel is broken?13:04
DreamPCsHey guys, quick question (hopefully).13:05
askophilinux;~ so y is my webcam not working/13:05
DreamPCsHow do I create a live usb and still be able to use the remaining space in a typical flash drive fashion?13:05
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DreamPCsI tried searching but couldn't find anything. I then partitioned the flash drive (1 GB for Linux and 3 for normal storage) but when writing the ISO to the first partition the flash drive won't boot13:06
askodreamPcs;~ i installed universal-usb-installer - on windows13:06
askoDreamPcs;~ that gave me the option but on windows platform13:06
DreamPCsask Does that allow booting from the drive and also allow sticking into a Windows computer for normal file storage?13:06
olegfusion2014-07-22 17:04:34,421 INFO apt version: ''13:07
olegfusion2014-07-22 17:04:34,421 INFO release-upgrader version '0.220.2' started13:07
olegfusion2014-07-22 17:04:34,441 DEBUG screen returned: 'No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-root.13:07
olegfusion2014-07-22 17:04:34,441 INFO re-exec inside screen: '['screen', '-e', '\\0\\0', '-L', '-c', 'screenrc', '-S', 'ubuntu-release-upgrade-screen-window', '/tmp/ubuntu-release-upgrader-r_yjnr/trusty', '--mode=server$13:07
DreamPCsOk cool, I guess I'll boot Windows and do it from there13:07
askoDreamPCs;~yeb it worked for me13:07
olegfusionthis is my upgrade log from 13.30 to 14.0413:07
DreamPCsolegfusion please don't paste into this window13:07
philinuxasko;~ has webcam worked before13:07
DreamPCsUse something like pastebin instead.13:07
daftykins!pastebin olegfusion13:07
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:07
askophilinux;~ yes when i use mint13:07
loai can't get why ubuntu 14.04 renames for example eth0 to p2p1?13:08
loafor what this done?13:08
askophilinux;~ now i'm using ubuntu 14.0.413:08
daftykinsloa: it's not ubuntu, it's what some kernel drivers have moved to doing, it doesn't affect functionality.13:08
olegfusionloa: I have p2p1 already in 13.1013:08
dino82loa:  Look up the parameter 'biosdevname'13:08
loafor what this done?13:09
olegfusionhttp://pastebin.com/eDX0hW1A possible to solve? I get it in do-release-upgrade from 13.10 to 14.0413:09
daftykinsloa: that is not a grammatically correct sentence, so no answer can be given.13:09
loawhat purpose of this?13:09
daftykinsjust accept it.13:09
loaand use it in my configs?13:09
askomy webcam is still not working bros13:10
loai see that renaming actually did udev13:10
loaBiosdevname is a udev helper utility developed by Dell and released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). It provides a consistent naming mechanism for network devices based on their physical location as suggested by the system BIOS13:11
loaso i can name my device for example lan and wan right?13:11
loadevices *13:11
dino82You can do that with the 'ip' command13:12
olegfusionalso, I am not sure but I get a lot of errors on updating like: Error http://ru.archive.ubuntu.com trusty-updates/universe Translation-ru_RU13:12
dino82biosdevname simply takes whatever vendor-supplied interface name (p1p1 for instance) and turns into the linux-friendly but more ambiguous 'ethX' naming scheme13:13
askomy webcam is not working bros any ideas13:15
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pawhat do i have to uninstall to remove the play/pause control from the tray sound menu?13:17
skulltipwith the Cortex ARM A-8, are most games in the ubuntu repository compatible with A-8?13:22
skulltipincluding open arena?13:22
daftykinsubuntu isn't on ARM13:23
daftykinsskulltip: if you're talking about touch, #ubuntu-touch13:23
skulltipwelll some claim to run ubuntu13:23
k1lubuntu is on arm13:23
k1lbut better is to ask in #ubuntu-arm for arm specific questions13:23
skulltipah thanks k1l13:24
daftykinsk1l: surely not desktop?13:24
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k1ldaftykins: of course desktop, too. mst packages from the repos get build for arm too13:24
daftykinsmaybe it's only specific ARM versions then, i could've sworn that the official line is that there isn't a build for the r-pi for example?13:25
k1ldaftykins: yes, the rpi got a that old arm layout that is not supported.13:25
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DJonesdaftykins: CRPI uses ARMv6 while Ubuntu is optimised for ARMv713:26
k1lyou need at least armv7. the rpi got armv613:26
daftykinshmm thanks, there don't appear to be any ISOs however - though granted i wouldn't expect such devices to obtain it in the usual way13:28
skulltipi'm just wanting to build a cheap surfing and gaming machine for an elderly shut in13:31
marc_hello guys, can someone tell me how to open up my port in transmission?13:31
skulltipwhich doesn't take up alot of space, other than the screen13:31
cfhowlett!hardware | skulltip13:31
ubottuskulltip: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:31
k1ldaftykins: the driver situation is even worse on arm at all. so not having free open source drivers there is no chance for universal isos. most devices have special isos13:32
ActionParsnipmarc_: transmission does have ports to open, you can select a port to use but it doesn't "open' anything13:34
skulltipty cfhowlett13:34
marc_ah, okay... thanks. it's strange. i'm distro hopping quite frequently and usually it works just like that, but sometimes it doesn't13:35
cfhowlettskulltip somewhat OT but you might also want to peek at the steambox -13:35
cfhowlettskulltip http://store.steampowered.com/livingroom/SteamMachines/13:36
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ActionParsnipmarc_: you may need to open a port in iptables if you have configured it, or on your router if it doesnt support upnp13:49
marc_i just a tried a different torrent file... and now it's working. no clue why, but it does13:49
marc_thanks though.13:52
iptablecould have been the torrent?13:52
iptabledead torrent it's called13:52
marc_seems like it13:52
marc_ok, i will watch out for those from now on :-D13:52
marc_zombie torrents13:52
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iptableafaik to use transmission by default you don't have to open any incoming ports. I got none open on my router nor desktop.13:53
iptableit will download torrents and only share (upload) to people you connect to as peers (upload chunks to people you are downloading chunks from)13:54
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untakendo I need ibus installed? If I don't really deal with foreign fonts etc? Can it be removed easily, or are there loads of dependencies for it?14:05
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philinuxuntaken;~ see this http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836355/14:15
untakenphilinux: so a lot uses it nowadays14:16
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ActionParsnipiptable: some routers dont spport upnp, so a port for traffic must be forwarded so that data flows14:16
=== graingert_ is now known as Guest37288
philinuxuntaken;~ it says size is 1253kb in synaptic14:17
untakenphilinux: yea, well I don't personally have an issue with it, but I used Xmonad and this latest version of Ubuntu has caused a bug with urxvt and autokey I use. Turns out ibus is the issue, but I don't even start this up .xsession or anything14:18
untakenif I close ibus on the tray, the problem goes and I was just wondering what the hell does it do14:19
philinuxuntaken;~ just purge it then - if things dont work out install it again14:19
untakenI'll give that a whirl14:20
untakenphilinux: it also removes the unity desktop if I do that, and don't want to take that out. Always good to have a backup desktop manager14:22
philinuxuntaken;~ check synaptic it removes the control center too14:22
untakenthink I'll just keep it there and do a: killall ibus-daemon  in .xsession14:22
philinuxuntaken;~ see post 3 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=221856814:24
untakenphilinux: thanks, will take a look14:24
Gabiwhere can i download the latest .iso14:25
ikoniaiso of what ?14:26
bazhang!torrents | Gabi14:26
ubottuGabi: Trusty can be torrented from http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/trusty/desktop/ubuntu-14.04-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://torrent.ubuntu.com/simple/trusty/server/ubuntu-14.04-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your needs. Other flavors can be found at http://torrent.ubuntu.com:696914:26
xombiHey Ubuntu gurus... I was attempting to download XUbuntu and ran into an error: "WARNING:root:file 'quantal.tar.gz.gpg' missing"14:27
ikoniawhere did you get this error14:27
ActionParsnipxombi: do you mean "install" when you say "download"14:27
ragnarockI am using a nvidia geforce 720M graphics for my Asus Xseries notebook,I have installed ubuntu and I observe unusual freezing of screen.Also my keypad does not work in ubuntu. How can I fix this?14:27
ikoniagot to be a wubi install for that error14:28
ActionParsnipragnarock: if you run:   sudo lshw -C display      do you see an Intel GPU too?14:28
xombioops. That's what I meant, ActionParsnip. When attempting  a do-release-upgrade.14:28
ikoniamaybe the pendrive maker14:28
ActionParsnipxombi: ma\ssive massive difference14:28
ragnarockcorrection:touchpad not keypad14:28
xombi\s... I see what you did there.14:28
ActionParsnipxombi: quantal is EOL. I'm guessing you are on Precise now?14:29
xombiIt looks identical to the problem described here: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/21/%23ubuntu-installer.txt14:29
xombiThat is correct; I'm running Precise and trying to upgrade to the next LTS release.14:29
xombia leap from version 12 to 14 seems to be causing a bit of a problem... the update manager sees a minor update but it's apparently no longer being supported.14:30
ikoniait's not going to work14:30
ActionParsnipxombi: if you grab the Trusty ISO and boot to it you can use it to upgrade]14:30
ikonia12.04 -> 14.04 is not available until 14.05.114:30
ikonia14.04.1 sorry14:30
xombiI thought not, ikonia, but I thought I could use -d (or -p?) to override that.14:30
untakenphilinux: thanks for that, remove it and it seems to have done the job :)14:31
philinuxuntaken;~ you mean from that post 3?14:31
untakenyea, the one where they say the ubuntu-desktop is just a meta14:32
daftykinsxombi: really, i would backup and never use WUBI again14:32
TBotNikAll: Using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and FireFox, but now Google has an embedded script, forcing me through their servers, instead of rendering a page directly, so getting 404, 403 and other errors when entering normal URLs.  How do I turn this #$%#@ thing off, so I browse normally?14:32
leni1help, I want to remove a 'Windows Vista' entry from the GRUB boot menu.14:32
ragnarockwell it says: description: VGA compatible controller    product: Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller       vendor: Intel Corporation       physical id: 2 show clock can nvidea configuration14:32
xombidaftykins: this is  a virtual machine :P14:32
untakenbasically just apt-get removed it and logged out. Also Unity still works if I need to check that out.14:32
daftykinsxombi: really 0o ok well anyway until 14.04.1 is out, an LTS -> LTS upgrade isn't wise, you can't use -d because that means upgrade to the development release - which is now 14.1014:33
philinuxuntaken;~ has it removed the gnome-control-center as well though14:33
ikoniaxombi: why are you trying to override something that is told "do not do until 14.04.1"14:33
ragnarock<ActionParsnip>  well it says: description: VGA compatible controller    product: Haswell-ULT Integrated Graphics Controller       vendor: Intel Corporation       physical id: 2 and shows clock and nvidea configurations14:34
untakenphilinux: nah, that loads up still :)14:34
xombiIt seemed like a good idea at the time, ikonia ;P Versus, you know, attempting to blow away the old installation via a CD.14:35
philinuxuntaken;~ if you come to do a version upgrade you'll need to put the -desktop package back14:35
asdofindiais it placebo or does ubuntu in fact run like a lot faster when i switch to lxde?14:35
ikoniaxombi: seems like a really bad idea14:35
daftykinsasdofindia: it's fact, because unity uses 3D and all manner of resources whereas LXDE is lighter.14:36
xombihow so, ikonia? Ubuntu 12 is stable, Ubuntu 14 is stable.14:36
asdofindiadaftykins, I've been an idiot all these days then. :P never liked eye-candy. But never switched desktop environments.14:36
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daftykinsasdofindia: xfce is a nice third choice14:37
xombiBut anyway, isn't the missing GPG signature a sign of a bug? >.>14:37
xombiOr is it just "expected behavior" because I'm trying to do something "irrational"?14:37
ikoniaxombi: no, it's a sign you are doing something that's wrong14:37
ikoniaxombi: hence why "not supported"14:37
asdofindiadaftykins, but, just noticed. the menu bar is missing. no file, edit, etc :(14:38
xombiikonia:  So let me get this straight... downloading an LTE release "locks you in" to not upgrading?14:38
untakenphilinux: so you advise install ibus back maybe before a dist upgrade?14:38
daftykinsasdofindia: you mean inside a program?14:38
ikoniaxombi: no, downloading an LTE doesn't lock you in at all14:38
asdofindiadaftykins, yeah. inside. on firefox i can bring things up with ALt+f14:38
daftykins"LTE" is mobile phone tech.14:38
ikoniaxombi: yes ?14:38
superhow do I determined my hostX on the /sys/class/scsi_host/hostX/scan?14:38
ikoniadaftykins: he means LTS, I let it slide14:38
daftykinsi know :P14:39
xombiso the only options right now are to upgrade to an unsupported release, or to download a whole new image? :(14:39
superLong Term Services?14:39
ikoniaxombi: what version ar eyou currently running to be clear14:39
xombiikonia: I'm running Xubuntu 12.04.4 LTS14:40
ikoniaxombi: right, so your CURRENT only option is to wait for 14.04.1 as that is the only other "in support" ubuntu release at hte moment14:40
superuname: invalid option -- 'A'14:40
superTry 'uname --help' for more information.14:40
superuname: invalid option -- 'R'14:40
superTry 'uname --help' for more information.14:40
ikoniaxombi: if there was a non-lts release in support, you could upgrade to that, but there is currently not14:40
superuname: invalid option -- 'O'14:40
superTry 'uname --help' for more information.14:40
TBotNikAll: Repeating: Using Kubuntu 12.04 LTS and FireFox, but now Google has an embedded script, forcing me through their servers, instead of rendering a page directly, so getting 404, 403 and other errors when entering normal URLs.  How do I turn this #$%#@ thing off, so I browse normally?14:40
daftykins!paste | super14:40
ubottusuper: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.14:40
ikoniasuper: please stop14:40
daftykinsTBotNik: yeah until you describe what you mean by this mythical google script, nobody can assist you.14:41
xombiikonia: what about the magical -d and -p? >.>14:41
ikoniaxombi: what about them ?14:41
daftykinsxombi: i already answered that.14:41
ajnrhow to solve unicode issues in eclipse in ubuntu14:42
xombiAren't those supposed to work regardless? a la https://www.digitalocean.com/community/questions/ubuntu-12-04-to-14-04-upgrade14:42
ikoniaxombi: "supposed to work" is not something that ubuntu recommends14:42
daftykinsxombi: you've already been told the answer to this three times now.14:42
ikoniaxombi: supported, stable, tried and tested IS what ubuntu recommends14:42
ikoniaxombi: so again, trying to get around that = on your own head14:43
daftykinsxombi: hang on, when you said VM - is it actually a digitalocean VPS, or what?14:43
xombiUbuntu recommends I use Ubuntu Cloud. :P14:43
ikoniaxombi: no it doesn't14:43
xombiThis is a local machine running on VirtualBox.14:43
daftykinsxombi: ok, so are you familiar with vbox's snapshot feature?14:44
xombiI am, daftykins.14:44
daftykinsxombi: so make one, then go nuts!14:44
=== Guest82201 is now known as syst3mw0rm
daftykinsxombi: but also, as it's a VM... just clean install 14.04 to another then move your data14:45
=== syst3mw0rm is now known as Guest95295
xombiThank goodness it's a VM too. :P14:46
xombiI really hope "Ubuntu Recommends" isn't the dead-end answer. :P14:46
daftykinsxombi: Tux forbid we should do things the way they're meant to work!14:46
daftykinsnow i'll hear no more about it14:47
ikoniaxombi: think about what you are saying14:47
xombiikonia: I think what you meant to say was "daftykins, think about what you're saying" :P14:47
ikoniaxombi: ubuntu provides a recommended safe upgtrade method for their LONG TERM and STABLE platform, you're complaining because they are giving you this recommendation / advice14:47
ActionParsnipTBotNik: that isnt normal for Ubuntu14:48
ikoniaxombi: no, I'm not14:48
ActionParsnipTBotNik: have you set a proxy?14:48
ikoniaxombi: you're the one saying "ubuntu recommends" is the dead end answer14:48
xombiikonia: You're the one saying "ubuntu recommends" as a dead-end answer :P14:48
ikoniaxombi: please re-read what I said then14:48
xombi"'supposed to work' is not something that ubuntu recommends" .... hmm14:49
ikoniaxombi: correct14:49
xombiSo I am attempting to do something that is meant to not work?14:49
ikoniaxombi: someone writing blog posts about what works for him to get around the designed upgrade program is not something ubuntu recommends14:49
xombiAm or was?14:49
xombiLooks like we hit the dead-end "Ubuntu Recommends" again. :P14:50
xombiRecommendations(tm) aside, isn't it supposed to work?14:50
ikoniaxombi: no, you want to work outside the design of the stable platform14:50
xombiikonia: So 404 errors and not finding files is normal?14:51
ikoniaxombi: it is on an supported release14:51
ikoniabecause the rpeos are not htere14:51
ikoniaon an "unsupported" release14:51
xombiSo once that point upgrade hits there'll be a GPG and stuff? :P Okay.14:51
xombiThat's what I wanted to figure out.14:51
ikoniaxombi: as I said at the start there will be an upgrade path once 14.04.1 is released14:52
iptableActionParsnip, please explain why a port has to be forwarded on routers which don't support upnp14:52
xombiI understood that, ikonia. :P I was just trying to figure out whether the workarounds were broken on purpose or there was an actual repo error.14:52
ikoniaxombi: there is neither14:52
ikoniaxombi: there is no repo error, and you're not doing a work around14:53
ikoniaxombi: you are doing something that is silly14:53
iptableMy router doesn't support upnp and no port forwarding was needed. for downloads, transmission happily connects out without the need to have incoming ports forwarded14:53
ikoniamoving from 12.04 -> 12.1014:53
ikoniawhich is a dead repo14:53
xombiI was trying to move from 12.04 to 14.0414:53
xombiedgy edgy.14:53
ikoniaxombi: right, but you where going to 12.1014:53
ikoniahence the "quantal" error you said14:54
xombiWell, that was the only "update" Xubuntu was offering. :P14:54
xombiI didn't follow through, but it popped up and then warned me against it.14:54
ikoniaxombi: it hsouldn't be offering anything14:54
xombiIt recommended that it was not recommended.14:54
ikoniaunless you have told it to not upgrade to LTS releases and tried to trick it14:54
xombiThe only setting I changed to get it to show up was "show releases"... or something like that.14:54
ActionParsnipiptable: because if the router cannot automatically open the port and allow the traffic, Transmission will begin requesting data but it will not be allowed in as the router will block the traffic in14:54
ikoniaso you tried to get around it14:54
xombiin The Settings Manager14:54
meganerdxombi: then you did something wrong and picked the wrong release14:55
ikoniaso again - I go back to "trying to et around the design" = failure14:55
ActionParsnipiptable: that is why transmission has a 'port' setting, so you can set that and then replicate the setting on tne router.14:55
meganerdxombi: 12.04 -> 14.4 works fine14:55
meganerdxombi: 12.04 -> 14.04 works fine14:55
ActionParsnipiptable: decent routers will automatically setup the ports etc and allow the traffic as the initial request is from inside14:55
xombihow so, meganerd? Via a CD? :P14:55
meganerdxombi: 12.10 is dead, hence the 404s14:55
daftykinsmeganerd: you actually mean 12.04.4 -> 14.04.114:56
meganerdxombi: no, I did it the usual way from the CLI on a bunch of my VMs14:56
xombiwhat commands did you use for that? :O14:56
ikoniaones which are away from the designed upgrade path14:56
xombiikonia: stop.14:57
ikoniaso again - either a.) follow the designed upgrade path which 14.04.1 will be released soon b.) on your own head be it14:57
iptableActionParsnip, that is not true. Transmission makes a TCP connection out and gets data as responses14:57
xombiikonia: great. your input is no longer desired.14:57
meganerddaftykins: perhaps, the installs all started with 12.04 pretty much right after the original release14:57
iptableActionParsnip, you do not need to open any ports to make outbound connections to view websites, access ftp nor downloads torrents14:57
daftykinsmeganerd: so if they were kept up to date, they'd have been .4 yeah. but please don't advise upgrading unofficially.14:58
xombimeganerd: did you have to modify any of the source lists before attempting the upgrade? I'm trying to figure out what I missed. :P14:58
iptableActionParsnip, transmission has a port setting for sharing your torrents to others, which is not what the user was trying to do.14:58
meganerdiptable: actually for ftp you do, or use ftp in passive mode, or have conntrack modules for ftp on the router14:58
iptableActionParsnip, and no, my router definitely doesn't have upnp, it's a linux router I have connected and installed myself and perform pppoe on it14:58
meganerdxombi: I did not do anything unusual14:58
iptablemeganerd, well yes, passive ftp you don't need to - i.e. the more sane method of using ftp14:59
meganerdiptable: ftp is not sane14:59
iptablemeganerd, I didn't say it is. passive is closer to sane though then active ;)14:59
iptablemeganerd, I do agtree ftp should be dead, but oh well. just used it as example14:59
meganerddaftykins: I did not realise that this was now unsupported.   do-release-upgrade worked for me out of the box the day of the release14:59
daftykinsmeganerd: yes, but using the -d flag means "upgrade to the development release" which as of 14.10 being available, would mean 14.10 - breaking things15:00
daftykinsmeganerd: so basically although it worked, it's a bad move15:00
ikoniadaftykins: thats the subjective bit with the long term support pinning15:00
ikoniadaftykins: however as xombi has already changed this it will break15:00
daftykinsikonia: sorry i don't follow15:00
daftykinsi'm more talking generally with meganerd now, not that user's issue15:00
meganerddaftykins: I do not believe that I had to specify -d15:01
ikoniadaftykins: totally15:01
xombiikonia: please stop mentioning me.15:01
ikoniameganerd: you did15:01
xombimeganerd: it's irrelevant-ish now, but what commands did you use for the update?15:01
ikoniaxombi: I'm using you as a reference for the question you asked15:01
xombimeganerd: it's irrelevant-ish now, but what commands did you use for the update from 12.04 to 14.04?15:02
ActionParsnipiptable: it will be alowing the traffic out then back in, some don't do this15:02
meganerdxombi: that was a few months ago, I updated a bunch of VMs and one host.  Honestly I have been upgrading Debian and Ubuntu machines for so long now that I don't really think about it15:02
xombidarn muscle memory... it doesn't transfer up into the brain sometimes.15:02
ActionParsnipiptable: https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/PortForwardingGuide15:02
ActionParsnipiptable: if its untrue, you go tell the transmission guys their wiki is wrong15:02
iptableActionParsnip, transmission does and works very well without forwarding any ports15:02
meganerdxombi: so I used do-release, I don't remember doing anything else15:03
ActionParsnipiptable: see how far you get15:03
=== zz_chamunks is now known as chamunks
meganerdiptable: it will work better with the ports open15:03
xombidarn, meganerd. That's the same thing I did, to no avail.15:03
iptableActionParsnip, of course everyone wants you to forward ports. idea of torrent is that you share what you download so that torrents work. using transmission without port forwarding though works very well and will just not share.15:03
ikoniabecause it won't work15:03
ActionParsnipiptable: who do you think knows more about transmission?15:03
Alex_86what is minimum requirement hardware  for UBUNTU 12.04?15:03
ikoniathe version is pinned until 14.04.115:03
ActionParsnipiptable: as I said, in some cases it is needed15:03
iptableActionParsnip, I think they want you to open ports so you share what you get. for downloading torrents though, it just works.15:03
xombiI was running it on one core and 512mb ram, Alex_86 :P15:03
meganerdikonia: good to know.15:04
iptableanyways, got visitors just now15:04
* iptable goes away for a sec15:04
meganerdAlex_86: I had it on a 500 mhz machine with a gig of ram15:04
Alex_86xombi i have very old PC315:04
Alex_86with 512+256MB15:04
ActionParsnipiptable: yes because upnp is quite common now, sometimes its not15:04
ikoniaAlex_86: you need to probably get away from that15:04
xombiAlex_86:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements You can probably do it15:04
Alex_86but processor is 1.2Ghz celeron15:04
ActionParsnipiptable: just because your router does something doesnt mean all routers do it15:04
xombiIt won't be too fast, but I was running Firefox all right on mine. Ooh... Celeron.15:04
ikoniap3 is not really up to modern ubuntu requirements15:05
ikoniaI would advise against it15:05
Alex_86i want install apache PHP and MYsql only15:05
Alex_86on this Ubuntu15:05
xombiBest to start with something light, like Lubunto or Xubuntu then...15:05
daftykinsAlex_86: use ubuntu server and that'll be fine, waste of power though15:05
ActionParsnipikonia: 1.4Ghz isn't too shabby. I ran Lubuntu on a 1.6Ghz AMD Sepron AM2 :)15:06
ikoniaActionParsnip: he's running a P315:06
ActionParsnipikonia: i guess15:06
zetheroo1ikonia: wouldn't a P3 really struggle with Unity!? ...15:06
ikoniawhich means the video card will be of that area too15:06
ActionParsnipikonia: lubuntu should be ok15:06
Alex_86i wanna local server for programming in PHP15:06
ikoniazetheroo1: it wouldn't even be worth trying to use it in the real world15:06
ikoniaAlex_86: could you not use a VM on your desktop15:07
ikoniaAlex_86: or use your desktop - it can run php/mysql just fine15:07
ikoniayou don't need a seperate server/device15:07
Alex_86I have very old desktop15:07
zetheroo1ikonia: yup .... I tried running 12.04 on a T42 Thinkpad and it was pretty darn rough15:07
beaneehey guys, how do i get the Java Control Panel to work on ubuntu15:07
ActionParsnipbeanee: do you have java installed?15:07
beaneeactionparsnip yes15:08
ActionParsnipbeanee: is it oracle java or open java?15:09
blip-hid, I just bought a CD-R pack. 700 MB. and I realized the ubuntu ISO needs 711MB according to the  burn software15:09
beaneeactionparsnip oracle15:09
iptableActionParsnip, no, my router does not to upnp15:09
blip-shouldn't the software be able to overburn a bit over 700 ?  or is that only on certain CDRs15:09
ActionParsnipiptable: i give up15:09
ikoniablip-: dvd only15:10
iptableActionParsnip, as stated, I installed it myself, it's an ubuntu 14.04 server with pppoe. I did not install upnp service on it.15:10
blip-ikonia, damn. have to go out again then.  thanks15:10
ActionParsnipiptable: ive moved on. Believe what you want.15:10
hidblip-: the best thing to do is a live usb15:11
iptableActionParsnip, ok. I'll believe that my router without upnp (100%, I did not install upnp on it), and my transmission work therefore port forward is not needed to download files. Just don't misadvise people. that's all15:11
ActionParsnipbeanee: if you search Dash for 'java' does it show?15:12
hidfaster than cd and no size limit15:12
blip-hid, yeah with my luck my usb drive decided to die on me few days ago.  i spent 3 hours yesterday trying to boot an iso off the hdd with grub2 but had issues15:12
beaneeactionparsnip no have tried it15:12
ActionParsniphid: sure there is, its restricted by the size of the USB15:12
ActionParsnipbeanee: how did you install Oracle Java?15:12
beaneeoh wait15:12
ActionParsnipbeanee: np :)15:13
beaneei tried it last night, nothing showed up15:13
beaneeactionparsnip: thank you15:13
hidActionParsnip: not really. A dvd is 4.7 or 9.4 gb15:13
beaneehave a nice day you15:13
hida usb stick can 128 gb with no problem15:14
catalasecan someone help me troubleshoot an SSH error15:14
catalasethe auth.log is not being very helpful15:14
hidfor me 10 gb is a limit, not 12815:14
catalasei am trying to log into SSH with a system level account that i created15:14
ActionParsniphid: its not limitless though, no storage is15:14
catalasebut it gives "Channel closed" or "Exit Code 1"15:14
catalaseit is immediately terminated when i login15:14
ActionParsnipcatalase: try:  ssh -v user@server15:14
meganerdcatalase: what do you mean by "system level account"?15:15
iptableActionParsnip, last one, look at point 9 on official website for transmission. they say you do not need to open ports. case closed :) https://trac.transmissionbt.com/wiki/SlowSpeeds15:15
ActionParsnipiptable: then why is there a port forwarding guide on the same page? why maintain it15:16
ActionParsnipiptable: if its completely not needed?15:16
snuffthi guys!15:16
iptableActionParsnip, the port forwarding guide you sent, in the first 3 sentences explains that you do not need to open ports for downloading, only to share what you are downloading actually.15:16
ActionParsnipiptable: so, to seed?15:17
iptableActionParsnip, and to share with other peers. basically if you have chunk number 500 of the file and a peer has 501, you can share chunk 500 and they share 501. so you can download from each other without the need to have the whole file, both of you15:17
meganerdiptable: while not *required*, performance will be better as you will have acces to a greater number of peers15:18
meganerdiptable: in other words it is a good idea.  Arguing semantics is not really useful15:18
ActionParsnipiptable: just reading that page slowly, makes sense.15:18
ActionParsnipiptable: y bad15:18
iptablemeganerd, maxing out 80MBps on a single download on torrent here. performance nowadays is not impacted. Bittorrent speciciation says you MUSt share what you download, hence to not break specification you should be opening the ports15:18
catalaseActionParsnip, it authenticates, and then sends the environment, but i get "Connection to server closed."15:19
catalasedebug1: Exit status 115:19
iptableActionParsnip, this normally works quite well as when you open connection to a peer to download and through the same channel they can download back.15:19
meganerdiptable: on extremely well seeded torrents this is the case, but in cases where the numbers of participants is low, the port forwarding does help15:19
iptableActionParsnip, although, you cannot seed, you are using 1 TCP connection to upload and download and some clients will refuse to let you download some chunks if you fail to share others via open ports (older clients)15:19
meganerdiptable: also, I have a 100mbit and a 50 mbit connection here15:19
meganerdiptable: which is my house :P15:20
iptablemeganerd, I only have 2x80MBps in my house :P looks like we are both posh :D15:20
meganerdiptable: indeed15:20
iptablemeganerd, although I am only getting 20MBps upload on each link dammit. they want to force me to buy lease line, there is no other reason to limit it.15:20
ajnrHi I am unable to read the symbol in ubuntu but it is working in mac, actually this was a code of fragment in java.http://fpaste.org/119776/60314891/ please help me out15:20
iptablemeganerd, agreed. on low-connection torrents, it makes sense to share15:20
meganerdiptable: though I live in western canada so latency is not great.  Also no native ipv6 ISPs15:21
ActionParsnipajnr: what symbol?15:21
iptablemeganerd, for my few websites and a mail server, it will do ;)15:21
ajnrActionParsnip, its given in the link15:21
ajnrActionParsnip, http://fpaste.org/119776/60314891/15:22
Amaze-ballsCan I use dd if=/path/image.iso of=/dev/cdrom1 to burn a linux Iso ?15:22
ActionParsnipAmaze-balls: no, you will need grow2ofs (sp) or similar15:22
iptableActionParsnip, we live and learn and all make mistakes (if I can say so about myself). Point is to learn :)15:22
Amaze-ballsCool thanks15:22
ActionParsnipiptable: always learn15:22
ajnrActionParsnip, I am not able to read the symbol in the eclipse editor.15:22
ActionParsnip!burn | Amaze-balls15:23
ubottuAmaze-balls: CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME), gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto15:23
Amaze-ballsI was trying wodim but some how wodim -devices doesnt find my device15:23
iptableburn amaze balls? that sounds plain wrong :D15:23
ActionParsnipAmaze-balls: there are other cli burners15:24
daftykinsiptable: keep the off-topic comments to #ubuntu-offtopic please15:24
Amaze-ballscause mostly Im working from a terminal looking for a terminal option15:24
Amaze-ballsI'll give the other apps a try15:24
iptabledaftykins, sorry. got carried away15:24
ActionParsnipAmaze-balls: growisofs -speed=2 -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw=dvd_image.iso      if yu have a DVD ISO15:25
iptableAmaze-balls, wodim is a good cli tool15:25
iptableand that15:25
catalasemeganerd, the account that i am trying to use to SSH was created with --system15:26
iptableAmaze-balls, amazingly you can use dd to burn an ISO, although whether that will work depends on ISO type15:26
meganerdcatalase: was there anything in syslog?15:27
meganerdcatalase: is there a valid shell, password, and "home" directory?15:27
iptableand apparently firmware15:27
iptableAmaze-balls, dd if=/home/me/test.iso of=/dev/sr0 obs=32k seek=0 worked a charm15:29
catalasemeganerd, yes15:29
catalaseit connects properly, and the disconnects immediately15:29
meganerdcatalase: and what do you see in auth log and syslog?15:32
meganerdcatalase: are you using a password or ssh keys?15:32
Amaze-ballsWell Thats all folks for today...see ya again later.15:33
catalasemeganerd, using SSH keys15:35
catalasemeganerd, the key was accepted (authentication succeeded)15:35
meganerdcatalase: and what shell is defined for this user?15:35
lucas_ bom dia!15:35
meganerdcatalase: that is the auth log, what does syslog say?15:36
catalasemegabit|away, how do i check what shell is defined for the user15:36
lucas_algum br ai15:36
Pici!br | lucas_15:36
ubottulucas_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.15:36
hsegHi. I'm trying to install Magento, and it tells me that "PHP extension "mcrypt" must be loaded.". I ran apt-get install php5-mcrypt && service apache2 restart, but this still happens.15:36
ActionParsniphseg: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue15:37
catalaseisn't there a place that has the default locations of all of the logs?15:38
catalasethis is kind of ridiculous15:38
catalaseno way i will remember the location of every single log15:38
hsegUbuntu 14.04 LTS \n \l15:38
meganerdcatalase: /car/log15:38
meganerdcatalase: /var/log15:38
catalasegoogle "ssh sys log" lol, nothing15:38
ActionParsniphseg: seen this guide: http://davidtsadler.com/archives/2012/06/03/how-to-install-magento-on-ubuntu/15:39
hsegFollowing that.15:39
meganerdcatalase: what are the file permissions of the "home" folder?  What is the shell that user is set to use?15:39
hsegDon't think I missed a step15:39
ActionParsniphseg: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23294428/unable-to-install-magento-on-ubuntu-14-0415:40
catalasemeganerd, the permissions are correct, 0700, and 0600 for authorized keys file15:40
meganerdcatalase: and syslog is the application default log.  Probably the single most important log file.15:40
meganerdcatalase: not what I asked for15:40
catalasebut how do i check the shell that i set it to use15:40
meganerdcatalase: grep <user> /etc/passwd15:40
hsegI'm trying to install magento v1.915:40
meganerdcatalase: it will be the last segement, as delineated by a colon ":"15:40
meganerdcatalase: there you go15:41
hsegwhich is two minor versions after the problematic one on that SO post15:41
catalasemeganerd, what should it be set to15:41
meganerdcatalase: depends on what you want to do15:41
catalaseneeds to be able to SFTP15:41
catalaseand send files15:41
catalasei think it needs /bin/bash15:42
catalaseare there other options?15:42
=== Azer--- is now known as Azer-
meganerdcatalase: google for sftponly15:42
mjuszcza1I'm using dh_make to build a package tree and then debuild -S, but it's adding a -1 after the package version.  Any ideas why?15:42
catalasemeganerd, how do i reload the /etc/passwd file after i make changes to it15:43
meganerdcatalase: no need to15:43
meganerdcatalase: to start with /bin/bash would work to start testing, though you are going to want to lock this down eventually15:43
meganerdcatalase: I wrote a script for where I work to automatically create chrooted sftp only users: https://github.com/meganerd/sftp-manage/blob/master/sftp-files.sh15:45
catalasemeganerd, that is extremely helpful thank you. btw it worked15:45
catalasei suppose if i change it to /bin/sftponly that would be ideal then15:46
meganerdcatalase: a "system" account generally does not get an interactive shell15:46
catalasei see15:46
meganerdcatalase: again it really depends.  If you are just using sftp, or is sftp to allow users to upload their web sites.  THere are a lot of things that you can use this for, and the details will be driven by your requirements15:47
catalasemeganerd, i am the sole user of the server. no one else has RSA keys. no password authentication is allowed. no other users will ever be added15:48
catalasei should preface that by saying however, that, there is a LAMP stack on this server15:48
catalaseor AMP, i suppose that linux is implied here15:49
punkgeekfailed to build vmnet. failed to execute the build command. what should i do?15:49
daftykinspunkgeek: trying to install vmware is it?15:50
catalasemeganerd, now maybe you can help me answer another question as to why i am always getting "software aborted connection" which occurs after some time15:51
meganerdcatalase: for sftp only I usually do this with group membership and a couple of lines in sshd.conf15:51
ikoniacatalase: what version of ubuntu are you using ?15:51
daftykinspunkgeek: well, technically that counts as third party software and is not supported here... surely you've found documentation from them of how to install it?15:51
meganerdcatalase: what is the client?15:51
daftykinspunkgeek: here's a clue though, likely you need to install the package build-essential15:52
catalaseikonia, meganerd, PuTTY and Ubuntu 14.04 SERVER LTS15:52
ikoniacatalase: so how are you transfering the files exactly,15:52
catalaseikonia, meganerd, SFTP15:52
ikoniacatalase: how are you doing that with putty15:52
punkgeekpackage  build-essential is installed15:53
syntroPiwhy does /usr/lib/upower/upowerd need 15.2 GB (!) of memory?15:53
catalaseikonia, meganerd, i think it could be a firewall issue. it often connects with a non-priveleged port even though i have specified 2215:53
daftykinspunkgeek: back to finding their documentation, then15:53
ikoniasyntroPi: it doesn't15:53
ikoniacatalase: how are you doing that with putty15:53
catalaseikonia, i could use pscp.exe, but i use FileZilla to transfer files15:53
ikoniacatalase: right, so when you where asked the client - the answer is not "putty" it's filezilla15:54
syntroPiikonia, well for some strange reason on my system it sometimes eats up all system memory, are there any memleaks known for this?15:54
ikoniasyntroPi: how are you measuring it's memory use - please don't say top15:54
catalaseikonia, but the problem is that this issue occurs with PuTTY15:55
ikoniacatalase: the connection is being dropped ?15:55
catalaseikonia, after some time, a few minutes generally, the connection is dropped15:55
ikoniacatalase: idle or with data moving ?15:55
catalaseit will say something to the effect of "Network error: software aborted connection"15:55
catalasesometimes it will occur just after i've entered a command15:56
ikoniacatalase: open 2 windows15:56
catalasesometimes it will occur when it is idle15:56
ikoniacatalase: connect one with ssh15:56
syntroPiikonia, actually i wasnt measuring it at all until the kernel started killing other processes, then i looked at gnome system monitor and saw that it comsumes almost all system memory until i killed it15:56
catalaseand do what with the other15:56
ikoniaon the other run mtr to your remote host, and see what / where / when it drops15:56
ikoniasyntroPi: so it's using active memory then ?15:57
catalaseikonia, can you explain what exactly is mtr and how i might go about doing that. are you referring to matt's traceroute15:57
syntroPiseems it does15:57
ikoniacatalase: it's like a network monitor for th eroutes15:57
catalaseikonia, also this issue does not occur when connecting on LAN15:57
ikoniacatalase: see where the connection is dropped15:57
ikoniacatalase: so when does it happen ?15:57
ikoniasyntroPi: get a bug logged for it then15:58
catalasewhen connecting via WAN15:58
ikoniacatalase: is this machine hosted at your hoise ?15:58
catalaseikonia, yes15:58
ikoniacatalase: via a port forwarded router ?15:58
catalaseports are forwarded properly, but it sometimes uses a nonpriv port15:58
ikoniacatalase: sounds like it's the ISP's network rather than the host dropping the connection15:59
ikoniacatalase: is this an ADSL line ?15:59
catalasefiber optic15:59
meganerdcatalase: this happens to me at work, the firewall kills the connection without keep alives enabled15:59
ikoniacatalase: verify where the connection drops with mtr15:59
ikoniacatalase: but if it's ok on the lan - then it's not going to be ubuntu causing the problem,15:59
daftykinsa lot of things that marketing tells you are fiber, are actually not15:59
ikoniacatalase: it will be the external connetion/network15:59
catalaseikonia, still have no idea where to get MTR or how to use it. but i will investigate.15:59
catalasemeganerd, keep alives are enabled. every 5 seconds i think16:00
ikoniakeep alive won't stop network errors16:00
ikoniait will only stop idle disconnects16:00
shivyHello, I have installed ubuntustudio with Unity, and LightDM greeter is unity-greeter. When login screen is displayed, and when i type login and password to my ubuntu session, the voice systhesis speak. I dont know why is is enabled, then i dont see any option to disable it. I dont know ho to disable voice synthezer in ubuntu login screen. I tried search in google but i found nothing about it. Can anyone help me?16:03
meganerd+1 to what ikonia said.  At work our firewall kills "idle" connections16:04
iptablehah idle as in "the connection I needed but didn't use for over 3 minutes as I went for a pee"?16:05
meganerdcatalase: from windows I use winscp, and if I want to use a console based app I will usually install cygwin16:05
meganerdiptable: it is set to 5 minutes, but yes16:05
iptablehah, ok. I know that one. annoying like hell...16:05
catalasemeganerd, for SSH and SFTP?16:07
ubuntu-gnomehello all16:08
ubuntu-gnomeim trying to install ubuntu gnome but the interface looks huge16:09
ubuntu-gnomei dont have enough screen space to partition my hard drive16:09
iptableubuntu-gnome, gnome IS a huge heavy beast16:09
ubuntu-gnomethe terminal alone takes up like 60% of my screen16:10
ubuntu-gnomeseems like its on a really low resolution16:10
bakednotfriedubuntu-gnome: You have to install your video card drivers16:10
catalaseikonia, can i query you16:10
hypnosbi switched to a mirror and get: Failed to fetch mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt/dists/raring-backports/universe/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found [Mirror: http://mirrors.mit.edu/ubuntu/]16:10
ubuntu-gnomethis is set to 1920x108016:11
ubuntu-gnomeso the resolution is right16:11
kdzhelp, i fiddled in Gparted and now ubuntu wont start16:11
catalasei am seeing loss at hops 4 and 7. 100% loss16:11
ubuntu-gnomebut my text and windows are HUGE16:11
catalasewhen i ping to google.com lol16:11
OerHekshypnosb, raring is EOL16:11
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring16:11
ubuntu-gnomei dont think i can install nvidia drivers on a live cd can I?16:11
daftykinsubuntu-gnome: why would you want to?16:12
ubuntu-gnomemy interface is huge16:12
ubuntu-gnomei dont have enough screen space to partition my drive16:12
ubuntu-gnomeits at 1920x1080 but the windows and text are too big16:12
kdzhelp, i fiddled in Gparted and now ubuntu wont start16:13
ikonia"fiddled with" = not valid information16:13
daftykinssounds like the DPI has gone funny16:13
ubuntu-gnomethat could be it dafty16:14
ubuntu-gnomedo you know how to change it?16:14
kdzikonia, i wanted to set automount and also changed setting for the drive ubuntu was installed16:14
daftykinsubuntu-gnome: not if your nickname is a suggestion that you're running the gnome version, no - no idea where to look, some kind of monitors or display configuration maybe16:14
ikoniakdz: auto mount is nothing to do with gparted16:14
ikoniakdz: and "changed settings" is not valid information16:14
ikoniakdz: what you did would be useful though16:15
ubuntu-gnomemy mouse cursor is ginormous16:15
kdzi clicked on assistant16:15
kdzand something about mount at boot16:15
kdzi cant even go to root from recovery :o16:15
ikoniakdz: if you've not paid attetion to what you've done - we can't help16:15
ikoniakdz: the logical solution would be to re-install16:16
ikoniakdz: and next time pay attention to changes you try to make16:16
hsegStill can't figure out why mcrypt isn't loading.16:16
kdzyikes you are a greathelp16:16
ikoniakdz: you don't even know what you've changed - you can't expect us to help16:16
OerHeksubuntu-gnome, if tour window is too big for your screen, you can drag it easily wit left ALT + left mouse16:16
ikoniakdz: so realistically would be to re-install and pay attention when you are making any changes16:17
kdzikonia you sound like a windows user, format!16:17
ikoniakdz: no I don't16:17
ikoniakdz:  you sound like you have been careless with your system and don't know what you've actually done,16:17
catalasemeganerd, do you know how to set umask for SFTP file creation. so if i have a user upload a file it automatically sets the file or folder to 77016:17
ikoniakdz: so the realistic solution is to get your system to a stable state where you can know what you do going forward16:17
kdzikonia ok thanks for nothing. ill come right (:16:17
ubuntu-gnomethanks oerheks16:18
rafaelsoaresbrkdz: 'i clicked on assistant' I don't remember gparted has this option16:18
kdzrafaelsoaresbr mine had one :<16:18
kdzand it said in one of the tick boxes, "mount at boot"16:18
kdzor something simular16:19
ubuntu-gnomei got it ladies and gentlemen16:19
kdzrafaelsoaresbr are you fimiliar with fstab?16:20
ikoniakdz: gparted will not change fstab16:20
ubuntu-gnomeit was the "scaling-factor" key in the d-conf editor16:20
ubuntu-gnomeincase anyone wanted to know16:20
ubuntu-gnomethe default value is 116:20
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest83363
ubuntu-gnomethank you to those who helped16:21
randintI want to boot Ubuntu on an older PC from USB. turns out that the BIOS (Phoenix BIOS) does not allow boot from USB. other option would've been to boot from CD - but turns out the CD-drive is not functioning. it seems to have a floppy drive, but I have no floppy disks atm (and I have no idea where to get those). so what are my options?16:21
ikoniarandint: buy a cdrom16:21
ikoniarandint: they are cheap16:21
ikoniarandint: sorry DVD rom drive16:22
Guest83363can any1 help me how i use whtsapp on ubuntu 12.04.16:22
ikoniarandint: to be clear16:22
rafaelsoaresbrkdz: 'mount at boot' has nothing to do with gparted, gparted can set up 'boot flag'. it's diferent16:22
wormeymanrandint: i've used PLOP boot manager to boot from USB after starting from a CD but you'll still have to buy a CD rom drive.16:22
=== Guest83363 is now known as Nimkar
randintikonia, wormeyman: yeah, guess there's no other way16:23
Nimkarplz tell me hw cn i use android app on ubuntu 12.04?16:23
ikoniaNimkar: it's an "android" app, not "ubuntu app"16:23
ikoniaNimkar: you dno't16:23
randintikonia, wormeyman: but a friend of mine has an external DVD-drive that connects with USB. would that work?16:23
ikoniarandint: doubtful as that is usb boot16:23
Nimkarikonia: i min i wan to use adnroid apps on ubuntu.16:25
iptableNimkar, install genymotion16:25
ikoniaNimkar: I mean "you don't do that, they are not designed for use with ubuntu"16:25
pahow to open start menu with windows key, in ubuntu?16:26
Nimkarikonia:oww fck. leav ..thnq .16:26
kimenniilhello there? :)16:26
ikoniapa: there isn't a start menu16:26
ikoniaNimkar: ?16:26
iptableNimkar, genymotion provides a semi-simulator and an abstraction layer that let's you run android OS in a window on your system quite smoothly if you have a coreI7 and at least 4GB of RAM. you can install play store and android apps and games inside.16:26
tom__hi, what alternative for dreamweaver would you recommend?16:26
paikonia, well ok sorry, i meant in gnome-flshback16:26
ikoniapa: there is no start menu in gnome-flashback16:27
OerHeksNimkar, the only way to do that, if i am correct, is to install an android-IDE (=development environment), but that would not look the same, might not have the same functionality too16:27
pawell on can add it to the bar16:27
ikoniathere is no start menu16:27
pa"Main Menu"16:27
joshlegsso im looking for good terminals other than terminator. suggestions?16:27
Nimkarn wht if i download ADT BUNDLE ???16:28
joshlegspa: is that the default with ubuntu ?16:28
iptableOerHeks, no, as I said, genymotion does it. android simulator which runs smooth due a lot of optimizations16:28
ikoniapa: again - no main menu16:28
daftykinsNimkar: you can emulate android but it's not going to work well16:28
ikoniapa: have you actually got gnome-flashback ?16:28
iptableNimkar, genymotion! download, install, use16:28
paikonia, yes16:28
iptabledammit. am I muted or something?16:29
ikoniapa: ok - so there is no "start" menu, or "main" menu16:29
joshlegsyeah it is. id like something that has some good support for multiple shells in a single termial instance16:29
ikoniapa: so what are you actually using / doing ?16:29
pagnome flashback16:29
SchrodingersScatikonia: no, I can read you.16:30
TBotNikActionParsnip: Found out Google had set me to "System Proxy" with one of their java scripts.  Reset to "No Proxy" but then had to rework /etc/network/interfaces file as there were no eth0 settings at all.  My network requires static IPs so set that, but could not access inet.  Finally had to add OpenDNS with dns-nameservers as a line into the file and restart eth0.  Now I'm fine!  Thanks!16:30
ikoniapa: I mean what are you actually doing if you're asking how to map the windows key to the "start menu" or the "main" menu, when they don't actually exist16:30
ikoniaSchrodingersScat: ?16:30
hsegTrying to install magento, it fails due to mcrypt not loading. I installed mcrypt. Help?16:34
daftykinsground control to MajorTom, do you have an ubuntu support question?16:34
OerHekshseg, magento needs a lot of work, maybe the guys in magento can help,  /join #magento16:35
renebarbosahseg, check if the mcrypt lib is being loaded by PHP. You can do it by checking php.ini16:35
renebarbosabtw, you should use #magento16:36
renebarbosaas said above :)16:36
MajorTomI would like to know if there is a way to reach the folder of linux DNS cache16:36
ikoniaMajorTom: it's not a folder16:36
hsegrenebarbosa: Isn't this an ubuntu problem? It seems to have more to do with the fact that mcrypt isn't loading than with magento.16:36
renebarbosahseg, not necessarily. It can be tons of things, not just the operating system16:37
daftykinsMajorTom: what are you trying to achieve?16:38
MajorTomSinceabout5 days I can't connect to a website...so I wondered if it wa a problem about the DNS cache16:39
ikoniaMajorTom: talk to your DNS provider/ISP16:39
ikoniaMajorTom: or check the IP matches the root server16:39
BlasterHey I am having a weird issue, where sometimes when I single-click something with my mouse, it's actually double clicking.16:40
BlasterHow can I fix that?16:40
rena_Hi! Is the mount.cifs Input/output error still being fixed? I've 14.04 with 3.13.0-32 kernel and I'm unable to mount my samba share.16:40
MajorTomI see...you meant I should search that website using its' IP address16:40
ikoniaMajorTom: no16:40
ikoniaMajorTom: I said nothing of the sort16:40
ikoniarena_: is this a known error ?16:40
iptablerena_, works here, so I'm guessing it's on your side16:41
rena_iptable: Judging from the results of google, I believe so16:42
=== dominus_ is now known as rikut
MajorTommaybe my nick is already registered...16:43
MajorTomI will get anotjer one16:43
rain_Hi, how can I mount windows 8 phone to my ubuntu to transfer files from phone to PC and from PC to phone?16:44
daftykinsrain_: what ubuntu are you running?16:44
daftykinsshould work out of the box if you're using unity16:44
biledemonHello. I'm going to dual boot ubuntu 14.04 with windows 8 on a new pc. Does anyone know if Windows require GPT, or is it ok to use MBR?16:44
rena_I will try to find what's wrong here16:44
Just_DaveHello   I am looking to install Ubuntu on an Asus TP600T16:45
daftykinsrena_: are you using fstab or a command to try this samba mount?16:45
daftykins!touch | Just_Dave16:45
ubottuJust_Dave: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:45
daftykinsJust_Dave: it's not supported yet afaiui16:45
rain_No special software needed?16:45
rain_Like drivers or something16:45
daftykinsrain_: shouldn't need to no, this isn't Windows.16:45
daftykinsnor does Windows require such to mount a device as that :)16:45
=== Abhishek__ is now known as Abhishek_
zanzacarcan anyone help me with this error that I am getting? http://pastebin.com/Mb8wdGTH16:47
zanzacarI am not sure what libsane is or how to change the permission of the setuid helper16:47
=== matrixdevuk is now known as IPv4
rena_daftykins: I'm using sudo mount -t cifs -o username=myusername //lanIP/folder /mnt/SMB16:48
kdzi'm root and i think my filesystem is mounted as read only16:48
kdzhow do i change it?16:48
daftykinskdz: are you in recovery mode?16:48
daftykinsrena_: you can confirm operation with "smbclient", but you should really be using a credentials file as you can't pass a password like that16:49
daftykins!recovery | kdz16:49
ubottukdz: If your system fails to boot normally, it may be useful to boot it into recovery mode. For instructions, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecoveryMode16:49
daftykinskdz: point 816:49
=== IPv4 is now known as matrixdevuk
=== matrixdevuk is now known as IPv4
kdzok that worked daftykins but i cant edit fstab anymore16:50
rain_It (win 8 phone) didn't mount it when I usb connected it to PC16:50
kdzit says permission denied16:50
ikoniakdz: you do not need to edit fstab16:50
ikoniakdz: gparted will NOT change fstab16:50
daftykinsrain_: is it unlocked?16:50
rena_Thank you daftykins16:50
kdzikonia it did, there where default used to be is now users16:51
ikoniakdz: it does not16:51
ikoniakdz: gparted will not change your fstab16:51
ikoniakdz: and fstab does not contain any users ever16:51
kdzomg ikonia u are no help16:52
rain_daftykins: yes16:52
kdzi nano /etc/fstab and it was there16:52
rain_it even asks for password to unlock16:52
ikoniakdz: gparted will not put users in your /etc/fstab16:52
kdzikonia well it did16:52
ikoniakdz: no, it didn't16:52
daftykinsrain_: as long as you're at the home screen when you plug in, that should probably work... you should check storage settings for being used as MTP when connected... i've never used a windows phone so i have no idea how they work for that16:52
rain_What's MTP?16:53
rain_I think I got it work16:53
rain_I had to unlock mobile before connecting it16:53
rain_if i connect and then tip password on phone screen then it doesnt mount for some reason16:54
=== render is now known as Guest60070
blip-Hi, my desktop which used to boot LiveCD/LiveUSB just fine doesn't anymore. I see the ubuntu keyboard symbol thing at the bottom then blackscreen.  Same LiveUSB works on other machines16:55
blip-Bios settings ?16:55
OerHeksblip-, maybe nomodeset issue ?16:56
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:56
rain_Btw does anyone know and software that I can  use to adjust raw files and then save photos as jpg files? And is there some HDR (High dynamic range) for ubuntu aswell?16:57
OerHeksrain_, i like darktable for raw work16:57
daftykinsrain_: yeah, it doesn't get a chance to auto mount when it's locked, that's a security mechanism.16:58
kdzdaftykins why do i get a permission denied error after making the filesystem writeable ?16:58
daftykinskdz: no idea. what are you trying to achieve?16:58
ikoniakdz: why don't you tell us what really happened16:58
ikoniakdz: gparted will not put users in /etc/fstab16:58
kdzdaftykins : edit fstab16:59
rain_well on windows it just mounts later if i unlock later16:59
=== Guest60070 is now known as glasnost
daftykinskdz: i was worried you'd say that. i mean the *actual task*16:59
rain_so I thought I would here also connect and then enter password16:59
blip-OerHeks, not sure what that is.  Booting the old 12.04, I can't even change boot params cos it doesnt get to the grub menu stage.  As soon as I select "USB" in my boot menu, I see the ubuntu thing at the bottom then black16:59
kdzdaftykins i have to cahnge the mount permissions it seems in fstab16:59
=== IPv4 is now known as matrixdevuk
blip-OerHeks, as in I dont reach the "try ubuntu", "install ubuntu", "check CD for defects" grub menu even17:00
daftykinskdz: still you are hiding the 'end goal' of this action from us17:00
ikoniakdz: there are no mount permissions for your root partition in fstab17:00
ikoniakdz: that is controlled by the file system17:00
kdzthe end goal is to be able to start ubuntu \o/17:00
kdzi changed some settings it seems17:00
daftykinskdz: so what happens when you try to boot normally?17:01
kdznothing, a curser in the upper left corner flashes17:01
daftykinskdz: well that certainly has nothing to do with fstab17:02
kdzdaftykins: i need to do what is said in this page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=144638317:02
olegfusionhello again. May somebody help me, how can I downgrade apache 2.4 to 2.2 at ubuntu 14.04?17:03
=== rain is now known as Guest81403
daftykinsolegfusion: the packages available within ubuntu are the supported ones, doing otherwise is not supported nor recommended.17:04
daftykinskdz: do you believe this purely as a guess?17:04
kdznope i remember something about users in gparted17:04
daftykinskdz: ... what does gparted have to do with not booting?17:05
ikoniakdz: gparted did not do this17:05
Guest81403One more question: when I trien to mount my windows 8 phon with  KDE plasma then it didn't mount? is it desktop environment specific?17:05
kdzi fiddled with settings to automount some drives i have17:05
olegfusiondaftykinds, I asked how to do,not telling about supporting. I have one .so for apache2.2 (compiled only without sources), I should use it. So, question is how downgrade and not about supporting17:05
ikoniakdz: gparted does not put users in fstab17:05
kdzrebooted and nothing17:05
daftykinsolegfusion: sorry, we only help with supported things here.17:06
olegfusionok, no problem17:06
daftykinskdz: pastebin your fstab17:08
kdzdaftykins i cant17:10
daftykinskdz: why not17:12
wheatthinkdz, pipe it into pastebinit after installing pastebinit17:12
kdzim in root, cant ssh in17:12
daftykinsyou can use the recovery mode to install and pastebinit17:13
wheatthinyou can ssh as a privelaged user,17:13
daftykinsget your networking working first17:13
daftykinskdz: is it connected via wired?17:13
daftykins"dhclient eth0"17:13
daftykinsi actually have to go now though, perhaps wheatthin can take over17:13
softballsTJ-: hey mate :)17:14
TJ-softballs: hiya :)17:15
OerHekshi sprung17:15
sprungI use my  signature in a lot of web apps. what would you recommend I use to create a keyboard macro that in a key combination my signature will print?17:15
softballsTJ-:  all good with you?17:15
phunyguysprung: as in a copy and paste?17:15
sprungphunyguy, it would be the same text blob every time17:16
sprung3 lines of text17:16
phunyguysprung: ctrl-v is the hotkey for "paste"17:16
OerHeks!info gnee17:17
sprungphunyguy, that would be the desired behavior, except i would like to not have to copy the text in the first place,  i want it hard coded so every time i did a key combo it would do my signature, like a macro17:17
ubottugnee (source: xnee): X event recorder/replayer - GUI flavor. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.13-1 (trusty), package size 56 kB, installed size 230 kB17:17
phunyguysprung: ahh I see.17:17
sprungi'll check out gnee17:17
phunyguyok :) because I have no idea.17:17
mkdmzIs there a way to get X in chroot?17:19
mkdmz_is there a way to get X in chroot?17:23
jepeltwmkdmz_, i've used xrdp from within a docker container, so maybe that or a VNC server would be easiest17:25
Rohan_mikonia: i'm inside the directory of /var/www and when i make "ls -la" it shows all file but when i do it using PHP's exec() like exec('ls -la') it only show the current PHP file17:25
ikoniaRohan_m: pastebin ls -la /var/www/ please17:26
Rohan_mikonia: ok17:26
CharlesICwhat is the ubuntu package with gui for lvm?17:27
ikoniaCharlesIC: are you using ubuntu or fedora17:27
Rohan_mikonia: here it is http://codejaw.com/bk1k17:28
sprungCharlesIC, are you looking for GParted?17:28
CharlesICgparted cant seem to make lvs17:28
ikoniaRohan_m: look at hte permissions - root root17:29
ikoniaRohan_m: you'll need to talk to the php guys in ##php to see how exec works17:29
sprungCharlesIC, gparted does support lvm's, you need to have the lvm flag checked when you create the physical partition.17:31
sprungCharlesIC, perhaps you created one without the lvm flag checked17:32
buckarootHas anyone used Compiz with an intel hd 400017:37
sheapHi everyone, I'm trying to get trusty to install with a preseed, but I'm getting this error: http://paste.fedoraproject.org/119888/06050678/17:38
sheapanyone have any ideas?17:38
kdzno idea shah`17:38
kdzand sheap17:38
buckarootno clue17:39
kdzhey guys unable to change qnything in recovery mode even after doing the whole mount -o remount,rw / thing17:39
kat_Hi, guys, I just cleaned installed Ubuntu 14 and am kinda new with it. I downloaded Minecraft to my desktop a few minutes ago, and I only see it in the desktop folder, not on the desktop, so I sent it to the trash. How do I get it as an icon on my desktop next time I download it?17:39
unholycrabi have deleted an upstart script from my system, and the process keeps respawning when i kill -9 it17:41
shwaiilQ: I'm ssh to my remote server. My terminal timeout on small idle. This can be annoying as I'll have to ssh back, specially because I'm also sshfs. How to change this timeout or the idle ? Thank you!17:42
zanzacarcan anyone help me with this error that I am getting? http://pastebin.com/Mb8wdGTH17:42
zanzacarcan anyone help me with this error that I am getting? http://pastebin.com/Mb8wdGTH17:42
zanzacarI am not sure what libsane is or how to change the permission of the setuid helper17:42
eraggokat_: you need to install openjdk package17:42
Picizanzacar: thats not a valid paste.17:43
glasnosthow do I uninstall something I installed with apt-get?17:43
kat_I did that too earlier but got rid of it, because I don't know what to do. I can get it again in the software center.17:43
Piciglasnost: sudo apt-get remove packagename17:44
zanzacarPici: Sorry about that http://pastebin.com/xnUvSUxK17:44
eraggokat_: after installing the package you need to allow minecraft.jar to be runned as executable. right click on it->properties->permissions tab->and check "allow run as executable"17:45
buckarootadd the minecraft ppa and then install17:46
buckarooteasiest way17:46
kat_ya, I actually know that part. I can't seem to get Minecraft on the desktop. I tried what you said and opening it in the folder with the java, but it didn't seem to work.17:46
zanzacarPici: I tried to remove the packagename but it didn't work17:46
kat_How do I get it to the desktop?17:46
eraggoyou downloaded jar at MC site?17:47
zanzacarPici: http://pastebin.com/fCjEXnMJ17:47
eraggothen just copy-paste it to there17:47
kat_you mean copy -paste the icon in the desktop folder to the desktop itself?17:48
Rohan_mi'm using smuxi and unable to join ##php any hints ?17:48
kdzanyone willing to help in recovery mode?17:49
OerHeksRohan_m, maybe you need to register your name with #freenode17:49
kat_because I dragged and dropped the icon to the desktop, and it wouldn't open.17:49
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode17:49
ChogyDanzanzacar: are you using any ppas or other non-standard repos?17:49
Picizanzacar: Looks like something is messed up with your current packages.  Try this:  sudo dpkg -P libsane && sudo apt-get install -f17:49
zanzacarChogyDan: I am not sure really17:50
zanzacarPici: Here was the result. http://pastebin.com/RvkqSFr517:51
ChogyDankat_: make sure you are using oracle's java, and not openjdk17:51
kat_oh    I thought openjdk7 was supposed to work. So, oracle's java then in the software center?17:52
=== banister is now known as banisterfiend
kat_So, when I go online to Minecraft and download it, what to I pick to get it to download on my desktop as an icon?17:53
ChogyDankat_: I would say, definitely try oracle's java, see if that works.  Also, run it from the command line so you can see what errors you are getting.17:53
phelixI just installed new ram and ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize it. But if I run lshw it sees it but not from like free -m and in the details in system settings17:54
omerrajaPlayback failure:17:54
omerrajaDVDRead could not open the disc "/dev/sr0".17:54
omerrajaYour input can't be opened:17:54
omerrajaVLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.17:54
eraggokat_: check my msg17:54
omerrajaHi folks!17:54
ChogyDanphelix: how much ram, and are you using 32bit or 64bit ubuntu?17:54
phelix64bit and its 16gig17:54
omerrajaIm having some iossies with dvds and vlc on 14.417:55
kat_eraggo, what do you mean?17:55
OerHeksphelix, sounds like a issue for #hardware, are you sure your motherboard supports the ammount of ram?17:55
omerrajaIm having some issues with dvds and vlc on 14.417:55
phelixLinux rperry-ubuntu 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux17:55
phelixyeah its hows 16 in the bios17:55
kontooquestion: i installed some dependencies for monitorix and afterward the said package, some of that dependencies were already installed as it seems. how can i remove the newly introduced dependency packages? see: http://pastebin.com/e3nH0TVH17:55
kontoofeels like i just bloated my system and can't get rid of the bloatware17:56
phelixand it even shows 16 when i run lshw17:56
eraggokat_: private chat or similar lol17:56
kontoo(i can't uninstall all dependencies because some were already installed and are needed by other programs)17:56
phelixOerHeks: Not sure how it would be a hardware issue if my BIOS shows the correct amount.17:56
ChogyDankontoo: apt-get autoremove is a place to start17:56
eraggokat_: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y3VWA72Az4&feature=youtu.be link i sent to you17:56
omerrajaanyone !17:57
Jeffrey_fkat_: you need the jar file (java file).  Once it is on your desktop, right click->properties......on the permissions tab, click the Execute checkbox....click ok and it should work17:57
chris__hi...when i talk on microphone on skype the sound is noisy...cracking. I need a way to fix it17:57
kontooChogyDan: dang! ur the man ;)17:57
kat_How do I get it on my desktop, Jeffrey_f?17:57
kontoolong time ago i used the deb package system... archlinux user forever17:57
kat_kinda dumb here17:58
kontoo(but not on server...)17:58
eraggokat_: did you download it from minecraft.net?17:58
omerrajaPlayback failure:17:58
omerrajaDVDRead could not open the disc "/dev/sr0".17:58
omerrajaYour input can't be opened:17:58
omerrajaVLC is unable to open the MRL 'dvd:///dev/sr0'. Check the log for details.17:58
zizenHi, I just installed Ubuntu, but somehow (despite being careful) I ended up formatting my Windows 8 partition. Is there any way I can recover my files, considering its now an ext4 filesystem?17:58
omerrajaCan anyone please help me out with this>17:58
kat_ummm I think so.   I've downloaded it successfully on my kids other linux computers.17:58
=== banister is now known as banisterfiend
kontooawwww ok autoremove doesn't find anything because i had to install the monitorix package with dpkg -i && apt-get -f install17:59
phelixThere anything else I can do to get ubuntu to recognize my new installed ram?17:59
Jeffrey_fkat_: https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.jar ---  This will likely go to /Downloads       Just move the file to your desktop and follow the previous instructions I types17:59
eraggokat_: if so; open your file browser and go to your Downloads folder. Drag-and-drop like you do in windows17:59
ChogyDanomerraja: try asking your whole question, all in one line.  and use a paste website for showing the error msgs17:59
kat_oh, so drag and drop17:59
shwaiilQ: I'm ssh to my remote server. My terminal timeout on small idle. This can be annoying as I'll have to ssh back, specially because I'm also sshfs. How to change this timeout or the idle ? Thank you!18:00
kat_o.k. will try again.   tanks!18:00
streulmaUbuntu reports on SSD, Uncorrectable ECC Count, 5 sectors, it's increasing! what does it mean? My SSD is shrunked already...18:00
ChogyDankontoo: gtkorphan will search more thoroughly18:00
OerHeksphelix, pastebin " free -m "18:00
kontooChogyDan: does it work on cli?18:01
kontooChogyDan: http://askubuntu.com/questions/389382/command-line-tool-for-removing-orphaned-packages18:02
kontooguess i found something18:02
OerHeksstreulma, perform " sudo fstrim -v / " (it can take a while)18:02
ChogyDankontoo: not exactly.  It is a front end for deborphan, which is what you would use on the cli.  I don't know how to do that specifically...18:02
=== gnu is now known as Guest86804
mjuszcza1Anyone here know anything about dh-make and debuild?18:03
ChogyDanmjuszcza1: I think there are a couple better rooms, like #ubuntu-motu18:04
phelixOerHeks: It should show 16gig18:05
OerHeksphelix, what are the specs of your motherboard ?18:06
animalroamWhy are so many packages not found now?  For example, I can't apt-get install curl18:06
kontooChogyDan: got deborphan to work, uninstalled a bunch of stuff18:06
=== Guest95295 is now known as syst3mw0rm
SchrodingersScat!info curl | animalroam18:07
ubottuanimalroam: curl (source: curl): command line tool for transferring data with URL syntax. In component main, is optional. Version 7.35.0-1ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 119 kB, installed size 301 kB18:07
SchrodingersScatanimalroam: must be you18:07
animalroamSchrodingersScat nope, tried on two vpses on different providers  running 12.0418:07
Jeffrey_fstreulma: Is this the OS drive or a data drive?18:07
animalroamI could download it fine a month ago18:08
streulmaJeffrey_f buyed a few months ago18:09
SchrodingersScatanimalroam: can you even ping the archive.ubuntu.com?18:09
streulmaJeffrey_f OS18:09
OerHeksanimalroam, run apt-get update first ?18:09
animalroamalready ran update18:09
animalroamit failed18:10
Picianimalroam: That paste says you're using Quantal, which is not 12.04, but 12.10. Which readed its EOL date on May 16th.18:10
animalroamand ping successful: http://pastebin.com/Gm1FKkia18:10
animalroamyh I meant 12.10 for this vps sorry18:10
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) was the 17th release of Ubuntu.  Support ended on May 16th, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/quantal18:10
phelixOerHeks: Wow.it is limited at 8gig of memory.18:10
phelixstupid.. even the bios SHOWS 16 gigs its not letting me use it. That really sucks18:10
OerHeksphelix, there you go :-(18:10
KiCKiNI wish I could use ubuntu on my server18:11
animalroamresult of apt-get update: http://pastebin.com/z2B2F81H18:11
=== Rallias is now known as Not-Rallias
eraggoKiCKiN: why you couldn't?18:11
Jeffrey_fstreulma: The raw value shows the count of errors that could not be recovered using Error Correction Code (ECC).   What is the number you have for the value18:12
KiCKiNthe default resolution for the shell isn't supported by my lcd's18:12
Jeffrey_fstreulma: and where did you get this value from???18:12
xanguaanimalroam: install a supported ubuntu release18:12
animalroamxangua is that the reason?18:13
streulmaJeffrey_f: Disks app reports18:13
eraggoKiCKiN: o.O?!?18:13
streulmaJeffrey_f reports 5 sectors18:13
KiCKiNI am not sure how to change it before rebooting the installer... after reboot shell and gui resolution cause unsopported resolution on 19" standard lcd18:13
streulmabefore it stays at 1 Jeffrey_f18:13
KiCKiNit will take 1280x1024 from windows all day but not shell or gui on ubuntu desktop or server18:14
Jeffrey_fstreulma: It is common to have errors.  On a consumer SSD, you will find that the SSD's are more prone to errors over an enterprise version of the save drive18:14
KiCKiNI need a server os I can use for downloading and filtering my email18:15
streulmait's fine Jeffrey_f ?18:15
eraggoKiCKiN: are you running server with "external" graphics card?18:15
KiCKiNno.. the rage2 8MB internal18:16
bekksKiCKiN: That card is that old that it isnt supported by any reasonable driver anymore.18:17
KiCKiNI may try it on the laptop I was just given as a test18:17
eraggoKiCKiN: that is very very old computer aye?18:17
Jeffrey_fstreulma: 5 is a pretty low number.  It may increase, but it should be nothing to worry about18:17
KiCKiNbekks, that card is still default in most on-board server motherboard video even now18:17
bekksKiCKiN: Erm, it isnt. And it wasnt five years ago. I'm working with servers all day ;)18:18
eraggoKiCKiN: that's why you need ssh connection mate18:18
KiCKiNeraggo, 11 years.. even the new quad core xeon servers I am looking into that are 4 years old use same on-board video card18:18
KeyboardNotFoundCan I change TX POWER on wifi (for edu purpose only )18:19
KiCKiNI can do ssh... just need to be able to see the shell to get ssh and such configured and know when it is done booting18:20
KiCKiNdell 2950's show a similar video card on-board I believe18:20
bekksKiCKiN: Use the ubuntu server iso, install ssh server during installation, and basically you are done, after configuring the network during installation.18:21
KiCKiNwill try that bekks... centos won't let me pop3 into the server to get mail after fetchmail grabs it18:22
Gabriel_Santiagohi, can anyone help me re: installing ubuntu server alongside windows (server 2008) on a server with a raid?18:22
KiCKiNmaking the os useless18:23
KiCKiNGabriel, ESXi or VMWare Server?18:23
KiCKiNbekks, I'll try it in a bit, thanks again18:23
streulmaI have a dual video card, Intel and ATI, I removed xserver-xorg-video-radeon, with the Intel I had no HDMI audio out, until I find out that I have to install pavucontrol to use it... Intel card is faster :)18:24
bekksKiCKiN: "Ubuntu" and "Windows", no ESXi and no EOL VMware Server ;)18:24
Gabriel_SantiagoI don't know either way, KiCKiN. Thinking that I'm well out of my depth.18:24
KiCKiNI use 2 servers, 1 for ubuntu, and 1 for win2k818:25
bekks!dualboot | Gabriel_Santiago18:25
ubottuGabriel_Santiago: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot18:25
KiCKiNjust been having issues getting the ubuntu server going...18:25
peezybroHow can I save changes to iptables permanently? I tried service iptables save, but it did not work.18:26
Gabriel_SantiagoI've actually hit a snag along the way. I have a USB set up with Ubuntu Server and installed it. My trouble came with the GRUB bootloader.18:26
Gabriel_SantiagoHonestly, I think the Bootloader is the only problem now.18:26
Busserlpeezybro: you output the current rules to a file18:26
Busserlpeezybro: iptables-save and -restore18:27
Alir3zaAny Body Here?18:27
peezybroBusserl: Thanks!18:28
sheapanyone know about preseed and/or sysv-rc? http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/145964/ubuntu-trusty-preseed-error18:28
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BrandonChey all18:30
BrandonCso i got lamp up18:30
BrandonCand im installing phpmyadmin18:30
BrandonCthis site says to add extra security with..18:30
BrandonCconfiguring .htaccess file18:30
akphey, i am trying to rebuild the wireshark package,18:30
patrick__i know its off topic but is there a trance or techno channel here on freenode?18:30
vibertosome body know how intstall ultravnc on xubuntu?18:30
akpbut when i use the debian/rules build i keep getting  CAP NOT FOUND error18:31
akpany advice?18:31
BrandonCsays to use AuthUserFile /path/to/passwords/.htpasswd  .. where is decent place to put ?18:31
BrandonCi assume /path/to/passwords   is something for me to choose18:31
SAA7160DaveHi, I have a HD72a Capture card. lspci reports it as a SAA7160. how do get drivers for this ?18:32
peezybroI tried iptables-save and restarted my machine, it did not save the changes.18:34
Alir3zaAny One here?18:36
grobe0bapeezybro, did you try iptables-restore after you rebooted?18:37
Busserlpeezybro: iptables-save > myrules.txt, then you need to restore from that at each boot18:37
Busserlmanually probably18:37
Busserlpeezybro: I mean using a boot script18:38
peezybroThat sucks you have to do that at each boot.18:38
Busserlpeezybro: iptables itself won't do it, indeed.18:39
Busserlpeezybro: you can probably use some gui or managment tool to do it for you.18:41
KiCKiNwebmin works well18:42
bekks!webmin | KiCKiN18:42
ubottuKiCKiN: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.18:42
bekksKiCKiN: Webmin doesnt work well at all :>18:42
KiCKiNreally... works ok here18:43
grobe0baKiCKiN, are you using a really outdated copy of ubuntu?18:43
grobe0baif so, that explains it18:43
BusserlFrom my limited linux experience, and some general PC experience, I wouldn't touch it. ^^18:45
bekksI'm seconding Busserl, I wont touch it with a ten feet pole.18:47
KiCKiN14.04 here18:47
bekksKiCKiN: Using webmin on 14.04 is a very safe way to break things entirely.18:47
KiCKiNthe os isn't my issue... my 11 year old hardware is my issue18:47
KiCKiNusing 14.04 on my hardware breaks things already... what else is useable on 14.04 to make a web admin system?18:48
TJ-bekks: Incorrect. I've been using webmin *extensively* since 2005 managing isolated Ubuntu servers with quite complex configurations and it has never yet caused any bugs or upgrade failures.18:48
bekksTJ-: Then I am wondering why it was dropped from the Debian and Ubuntu repos.18:49
KiCKiNbekks, they have their own apt repo18:49
TJ-bekks: Because *at that time* it was more RPM RHEL oriented and hadn't expanded its Debian support. Since Ubuntu got popular webmin/virtualmin/usermin support for Debian/Ubuntu style is very good.18:50
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
bekksTJ-: Well, I broke my last system using webmin in 2009 - since then, I wont touch it anymore :)18:51
grobe0bai've never seen the use of such systems18:52
KiCKiNI'll get the install done with ssh enabled and then edit sources to set webmin and apt-get it and be ready18:52
grobe0baalways seemed like a crutch for people who can't be bothered to learn to edit a few files, imho18:52
KiCKiNbekks, ye of little faith to try again... in 2009 webmin was a rpm resource only18:53
KiCKiNgrobe0ba.. makes it easy to use a better OS than windows for beginning sysadmins18:53
grobe0baif they are beginning, then that is the best time for them to learn to do it right18:54
grobe0barather than become dependent on a crutch18:54
KiCKiNgrobe0ba, many servers aren't in their office or bedroom any more... the server might be in a different state and webmin is way easier than a ssh typing all day18:56
KiCKiNI respect your opinion, but have a different opinion since I am a hardware person... the software is merely an add-on to me...18:58
KiCKiNI care less what software (OS, etc) is used on the hardware I build or refurbish...18:59
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:59
KiCKiNthat is the customers issue since I am not a coder...18:59
KiCKiNrelax bazhang19:00
bazhangKiCKiN, take the chit chat elsewhere please19:00
KiCKiNI am on topic, as many have hardware issues with loading ubuntu on their pc hardware, and thus its part of ubuntu topic ;)19:01
BrandonCso ubunt live cd, says to press ctrl alt f1 and my screen went all gobbldy gook19:01
bazhangfar from it. #ubuntu-offtopic for chat19:01
KiCKiNctrl alt f1 goes to shell mode19:01
BrandonCk tnx19:01
BrandonCit didnt like that19:02
KiCKiNBrandonC, bazhang doesn't seem to like me helping you with your ubuntu in here and thinks its off-topic... what a laugh to him imho19:03
BrandonCwait what?19:03
BrandonCi guess i can understand, boot sector isent really ubuntu yet19:04
KiCKiNread up and look for his nick19:04
BrandonChardware also isent ubuntu19:04
KiCKiNbzhang can get over himself19:04
jaynexthi, I have a question? After some usage (opening 10+ tabs in google chrome), some 'Swap' is used. Swap usage is about 76 KiB now. How to bring it down to zero without rebooting? (and I have swappiness = 10).19:04
Specjaynext: you could turn swap off19:05
Specwhich forces it to flush it19:05
KiCKiNstop using more than 4 or so tabs in chrome and do not let it run in background under options19:05
elfkrisi pxe boot a bunch of servers and i'd like to upgrade my 13.04 image to 14.04. anybody know how to do this? or do i need to create a whole new image based off 14.04?19:05
Specjaynext: swapoff /path/to/swap19:05
Specjaynext: but 76 KiB is not much in swap.19:05
KiCKiNelfkris, I would say new image19:05
txdvhello guys, there is this bluetooth app in the notification bar in ubuntu by default, can you please tell me how the application is called? I need the console application startup line19:06
KiCKiNsafer that way19:06
txdvplease just paste "ps aux | grep blue"19:07
jaynextok, but I am more interested in what sys admins do, because linux servers are not booted (I think to a year). and if they turn off swap and if memory usage gets maximum, the system will rebooted automatically.19:08
jaynextand I think swap makes system slow19:09
Jeeves_Mosshow do I make an upstart for Nagios?19:09
k1ljaynext: it will not reboot automatically. it will kill porgrams that use ram.19:10
jaynextoh i see.19:10
rwwpersonally, I provision enough RAM for the system to work fine, and if something goes nuts I want it killed anyway19:11
jaynextso there isn't a way to make some Swap usage to zero without turning it off or rebooting.19:11
jaynextthank you all :)19:12
k1lswap is slow in comparison to ram. so to think that swap can extend the ram 1:1 is a trap. but there are things that dont mind beeing put on slower swap.19:12
jaynextfor the help.19:12
rwwjaynext: why do you care that you're using 76KB of swap19:12
jhutchinsjaynext: The real measure of what's happening is to use the iostat program from sysstat and watch whether swap is being actively used.  Having some code parked there doesn't really hurt anyhing, it's rapid paging in and out that hurts performance.19:13
jaynextrww because some times when I use image processing in octave, swap usage comes close to 200 KiB which makes my computer slow19:13
rwwjaynext: 200KB of swap usage is not making your computer slow.19:14
jhutchinsjaynext: It would appear that you need more RAM to process the images you've chosen to work with then.19:14
CarlFKwhat is the apt-get do dump its cache?19:14
jhutchinsjaynext: Again, use iostat to see if it's actively swapping or just buffering.19:15
CarlFKand how do I tell squid to shrink it's cache (0 bytes free.)19:15
jaynextyup jhutchins I am using 2010 built desktop with 2 GB ram.19:15
jhutchinsjaynext: How big are the files you're editing?19:15
jaynextand I am student and cant afford brand new computer.19:15
Rohan_mIs there any other way to copy data from one file to another without sudo prevelage ?19:16
jhutchinsjaynext: Easy to add ram, and for an older computer probably cheap.19:16
jhutchinsjaynext: http://www.pricewatch.com/system_memory/19:16
LordXe-gnuRohan_m: why would you need root to copy a file?19:16
bugtraqHello All :]19:16
rwwwhich is entirely orthogonal to the fact that if you're only using 200KB of swap, RAM is not your problem19:17
ikoniaRohan_m: sort your permissions out19:17
=== bugtraq is now known as starnix
jaynextjhutchins .. I usually do octave for fun and was using octave as matlab clone to get temporary job at university as junior research fellow19:17
jhutchinsRohan_m: Yes, of course.  Unless the files are not public writable or readable and belong to another user.19:17
CarlFKapt-get clean .. yay., 45mb free!19:18
jhutchinsjaynext: If you don't have the ability to invest in new hardware, and you need to do tasks that use more than 2G of RAM, swap is the ideal answer, and a little performance hit isn't a bad compromise (although as k1l says you're probably not hitting that point yet.19:18
_Crash_Laptophi, got a problem when trying to upgrade from 12.04LTS via the upgrade manager. I'm getting which seems to be dependency issues - http://bit.ly/1njjSdB19:18
kat_I can't seem to get Minecraft.jar to open even with it marked executable, and I have OpenJDK7 Java to open it with. What's wrong?19:18
jhutchinsRohan_m: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?19:19
_Crash_Laptopkat_, it says on the website in the download section how to open it19:19
kat_what website are you talking about?19:19
_Crash_Laptopkat_, the minecraft website19:20
kat_I downloaded it for LInux on that site. Is that right?19:20
Rohan_mjhutchins: i 'm tryin to copy file in home directory  using "cat" and my user is www-data19:20
OerHekskat_, you have been told, to use oracle JAVA, not openjdk..19:21
jaynextYeah it is not affecting the system that much but I surely have some lag whenever swap usage is more.... anyways I got the answer.19:21
jaynext thanks jhutchins, rww for the help ... :)19:21
jhutchinsRohan_m: The "correct" command to copy a file is cp, although you can redirect cat to a file in order to copy the data.19:21
kat_I tried that. It went to the downloads, and I don't know how to open Minecraft with it. How do I do that? Or do I have to make IT executable too?19:22
jhutchinsRohan_m: What did you try to do?  How did you try to do it?  What did you expect to happen?  What happened instead?19:22
_Crash_Laptopkat_, it tells you in black and white how to run it19:22
ubottuIt's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.19:22
kat_hummm o.k. back to square 1 with Oracle. Oh, maybe I got the wrong one. I look a litte further.19:23
Rohan_mjhutchins: i was trying to copy a file from /var/www/ to /home directory i made a shell script to copy file but i was running all the commands as www-data so it gave me Permission Denied19:23
ikoniaRohan_m: how many times19:23
_Crash_Laptopkat_, try... java -jar Minecraft.jar19:23
_Crash_Laptopin terminal19:23
ikoniaRohan_m: stop trying to copy things to other peoples home directories19:23
ikoniaRohan_m: I must have told you this 10 times now19:24
jhutchinsRohan_m: So you'd want to run it as the target directory user, or use group permissions to grant write acces to both users.19:24
ikoniaRohan_m: you can't run commands as the user www-data because it doesn't have a valid shell account19:24
kat_where, Crash_Laptop?19:24
_Crash_Laptopkat_, in the terminal19:24
Rohan_mikonia: there is no other people its just me ? is there any solution should i edit /etc/passwd ?19:25
_Crash_Laptopkat_, make sure the Minecraft.jar is inside your home directory for your user19:25
Rohan_mjhutchins: i just want permission19:25
ikoniaRohan_m: I'm not interested if there are "other people" - I've told you this 10 times, it's not about other people19:25
ikoniaRohan_m: it's about how the permissions are designed19:25
kat_It says it's unable to get Minecraft.jar file19:26
ikoniaRohan_m: you have permissions to your own home directory - so you can do what you want19:26
Rohan_mikonia: oh my bad i'm just new to this architecture !19:26
_Crash_LaptopAnybody up for helping with an upgrade issue?19:26
ikoniaRohan_m: then listen when people help you19:26
ikoniaRohan_m: instead of ignore advice and hit the same problem, 10 times19:26
Rohan_mikonia: yeah ! i'm newbie so i dont know much19:26
ikoniaRohan_m: again, so listen when people help you19:27
Rohan_mikonia: Yes19:27
=== kerosene is now known as kerozene
apcrushCan anyone help me? New Ubuntu user, WiFi adapter proprietary driver not installing...wifi adapter not working19:27
_Crash_Laptopkat_, copy this ito the terminal19:27
_Crash_Laptopkat_,          cd ~/19:28
_Crash_Laptopkat_, wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/Minecraft.Download/launcher/Minecraft.jar19:28
_Crash_Laptopkat_, java -jar Minecraft.jar19:28
kat_It didn't do anything in the terminal19:29
jhutchinsapcrush: What chipset?19:29
kat_and i got minecraft from that site, Crash Laptop19:29
jhutchinsapcrush: Which release of Ubuntu?19:29
apcrushbcm4312 by broadcom jhutchins19:29
jhutchinsapcrush: Should work with the default drivers.19:30
apcrushjhutchins Not sure, most recent and full update install 10 minutes ago19:30
jhutchinsapcrush:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:30
apcrushWill read, thanks jhutchins!19:30
kat_o.k. now that last command in the terminal did something there. Now, what do I do?19:31
_Crash_Laptopkat_, run "java -version" in the terminal, without the quotes, does it give a version etc?19:32
apcrushSorry jhutchins that is actually BCM4314219:32
kat_I don't have oracle anymore, because I deleted it awhile ago, so what are we doing? o.k. this is the version in the terminal  1.7.0_5519:33
_Crash_Laptopgood good19:33
kat_but I went back to the software center and got rid of it a bit ago, so how is the terminal showing it?19:33
_Crash_Laptopkat_, its obviously still installed19:34
kat_so, now what?19:34
_Crash_Laptopkat_, make sure you are in the right directory where minecraft is downloaded and run "java -jar Minecraft.jar" it should launch19:34
kat_well, I moved it around. First it was in downloads, then I moved it to the desktop, and now it is at home.19:35
kat_where should it be?19:35
jhutchinsapcrush: That page still knows more about it than I do.  Been about six years since I had to do anything with a broadcom manually.19:35
_Crash_Laptopkat_, it doesnt matter, just put it somewhere easy like /home/yourusername19:36
kat_ummm I am so not used to Ubuntu. I had Linux Lite before, so what do I do? I'm sorry19:36
cschneidupstart is being phased out? What's the replacement?19:36
_Crash_Laptopkat_, move Minecraft.jar into /home/yourusername19:37
rwwcschneid: systemd19:38
kat_It's in my home directory with the downloads and the desktop and music etc.19:38
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BrandonCseems recommende boot repair didnt fix my disk boot failiur19:39
k1l_cschneid: but that takes some time. 16.04 is the target for full standard.19:39
_Crash_Laptopkat_, good! now in the terminal, type in "java -jar Minecraft.jar"19:39
_Crash_Laptopkat_, it may take a little bit for the minecraft launcher to load19:39
cschneidk1l_: should I just keep using upstart?  The cassandra init.d script I have is stupid and I need to rewrite it. Might as well stick with upstart for now?19:39
k1l_cschneid: for the releases there will still be upstart as standard. so for now use that. in the long run they will switch to systemd. but its even not installable in 14.04 so far19:41
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )19:41
cschneidk1l_: ahh, didn't realize it's not even installable yet - thought it was further along.  We're on 14.04 for a few years, so just stick with that19:42
cschneidthanks for the help19:42
_Crash_LaptopIs anyone available to help with an upgrade because of dependency issues?19:43
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: what sort of dependency issue ?19:43
_Crash_Laptopikonia, precisely = http://bit.ly/1njjSdB19:44
_Crash_Laptopnot exactly sure how to make heads or tales19:44
_Crash_Laptopikonia, its an upgrade from 12.04 via the upgrade manager19:45
ikoniacschneid: that looks like you've got a PPA installed19:45
=== jack is now known as Guest61518
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 - shouldn' tbe available until 14.04.119:45
apcrushCan anyone help? I am attempting to install drivers needed for WiFi adapter, but Ubuntu is asking that I insert 14.04 Trusty Tahr amd64. I have no disk for this, and loaded ubuntu from jump drive19:45
_Crash_Laptopikonia, well this says otherwise lol19:46
_Crash_Laptopikonia, seems to be HWE19:46
Rohan_mHello anyone working on USART module ?19:46
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: do you have any PPA's or 3rd party PPAs ?19:46
ikoniasomeone else had a conflict with HWE yesterday19:46
lolmausIs there a command to enable/disable a cronjob (a file in /etc/cron.weekly) without moving the file manually? Something like a2ensite or ifup19:47
_Crash_Laptopikonia, hmmmm, not sure but i'll double check19:47
_Crash_Laptopikonia, got an "extras.ubuntu.com" in the sources.list but thats there by default, i haven't added anything to this file before19:49
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: remove the HWE packages then19:49
raj_i want to contribute to ubuntu19:49
_Crash_Laptopikonia, i'm not sure what they are19:49
raj_i did read  about the different ways to contribute19:49
charany1Hi all, I already have ubuntu 12.10 installed in my system and I am trying to install 14.04 from a bootable usb,but I want to know if I select install ubuntu with windows,1)will it be safe19:50
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: should be listed in the package manager, basically newer kernels19:50
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: although that error isn't on the kernels19:50
ikoniacharany1: do you mean Wubi ?19:50
sheaphow would I set the $PATH variable in a preseed?19:50
modemmffplease join ##etc it is a channel for talking about ubuntu and tech support19:50
modemmffjoin ##etc now19:50
modemmffplease join ##etc19:50
modemmff##etc is good19:50
jepeltwlolmaus, chmod -x filename might work19:51
_Crash_Laptopikonia, yeah i get an "new hardware support is available" in the manager and when i click install it gives me a button to upgrade, but then it just gives me that error i showed you from the screenshot19:51
_Crash_Laptopkat_, did it work?19:51
charany1thanks ,modemmff going to ##etc19:52
raj_i am in college and need a mentor to guide or get me started on ubuntu contribution. I have no clue about it. Can anyone help?19:52
xangua!contribute | raj_ _Crash_Laptop19:53
ubotturaj_ _Crash_Laptop: To contribute and help out with Ubuntu, see http://community.ubuntu.com and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ContributeToUbuntu19:53
kat_NO! Well, remember that I deleted oracle awhile back, and then I got JDK back from the software. In the terminal, it is stuck while loading after getting "sellected default".19:53
kat_like it needs to load more.19:54
jhutchinskat_: You could install the JDK from Ubuntu...19:55
kat_I got it from the Ubuntu Software19:55
_Crash_Laptopikonia, how did the other guy get the HWe fixed?19:55
raj_@Crash_Laptop- i would love to use Google and have been infact as of now. @ubottu - I have already checked out these links. The thing is I want to show it as my academic project rather than the cliched projects proposed by my professor and I find it risky in just trying a hand at it.19:55
jhutchinskat_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java19:55
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: removed the packages19:56
=== exo_ is now known as Real_exo
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: booted into older kernel19:56
ikonia_Crash_Laptop: but that dependency looks different to his19:56
_Crash_Laptopikonia, yeah i'm always unique when it comes to problems :P19:56
jhutchinsraj_: 1) @ is not a valid irc token; 2)ubottu is a "bot".19:57
aramusHi there, I recently cloned my harddrive using the DD command and now whenever i try to boot I get the error Alert! /dev/disk/by-uuid... does not exist19:58
raj_jhutchins_: okay! thanks for that! :P19:58
schultzaWhat channel do I go to for asking questions on gnome-shell?20:03
Busserlaramus: I think you need to chroot from a live cd, if it is not booting anymore. Then change UUID in /etc/fstab, then sudo update-grub.20:05
Busserlaramus: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171446/how-to-fix-the-uuid-in-grub-after-restore-from-another-machine20:07
aramusok thanks Busser20:08
KarmahackerHi all how i could got all updates to  ubuntu 12.10 ?20:09
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: 12.10 is at eol, so no supported and there are no updates. Upgrade or install a new version20:10
eflynnis 14.04.1 out20:11
ikoniaeflynn: what does it say on ubuntu.com20:11
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen  yep but i can't apt-get install update-manager-core20:11
eflynnikonia: scheduled for july 24th20:12
ikoniaeflynn: right - so there is your answer20:12
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: sort of pointless to go 12.10 -> 13.04 -> 13.10 -> 14.04 , most of those are at eol and lots or potential errors20:12
ikoniaeflynn: information like that is freely available by checking official sources20:12
bodhi_zazenJust do a fresh install of 14.04, do not format / and your data in home will be preserved20:13
eflynnikonia: yeah but it’s looking like they released early20:13
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen  i have 38 servers )))20:13
ikoniaeflynn: why is it looking like that ?20:13
eflynnikonia: because i have 14.04.120:13
ikoniaeflynn: where ?20:13
eflynnikonia: sigh… i just upgraded and got the point release20:14
ikoniaeflynn: how did you upgrade ?20:14
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eflynnikonia: dist-upgrade20:14
ikoniaeflynn: and you didn't need the -d option ?20:14
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen that what i want to do...  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SaucyUpgrades  here they says20:14
eflynnikonia: that’s do-release-upgrade, that’s different20:14
ikoniaeflynn: ahh sorry you mean dist-upgraded a 14.04 install20:14
ikoniaeflynn: sorry missunderstood20:14
ikoniaeflynn: so if you do lsb_release -a you now get 14.04.120:15
eflynnikonia: yeah20:15
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: well, considering 13.10 is going eol in 2 weeks, what is the point ?20:15
randinthello, I'm on Lubuntu 32-bit. I used this tutorial (http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat) to install graphics drivers on NVIDIA GeForce MX420. after restart I couldn't choose any resolutions than 640x480. now the letters are so small and the icons are huge. any suggestions on how I could change resolution?20:15
ikoniaeflynn: fantastic so ubuntu don't stick to their own shedcule20:15
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: see http://askubuntu.com/questions/91815/how-to-install-software-or-upgrade-from-old-unsupported-release20:16
bodhi_zazenbut you are on your own if it breaks ;)20:16
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen thanks will chek it )20:16
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen i have no choice 38 vsrvers need to be update  dont want to think about  re-install it :(((20:17
BrandonCis grub only used if you dual boot?20:17
eflynnikonia: well now you know, you heard it first20:17
newbie|3I've gotten rid of basically everthing associated with wine and with wine1.6  Only some png pictures are left.  Still problems with that partial installation.  Any more ideas?20:17
ikoniaeflynn: someone just raised a good point, you've not got the proposed repos enabled have you20:18
ikonialookinat the repos on http - it looks like you've not, but it's worth asking20:18
eeeeBrandonC: no.20:18
k1l_BrandonC: no. its used for every sort of boot. but on ubuntu only its hidden by default (since you dont want to choose anyway)20:18
eflynnikonia: have trusty and trusty-updates — running official cloud image20:18
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: I highly suggest you go with 14.04 , and I would not advise you run Ubuntu beyond EOL, not really best practice20:19
BrandonCso if im having boot issues re install grub with live cd?20:19
jerefor a kernel module to be portable, it must be able to be compiled against any kernel source, correct?20:19
k1l_BrandonC: depends on the issues.20:19
Karmahackerbodhi_zazen  that what i want to do20:20
BrandonCafter post i get DISK BOOT FAILURE... k1l_20:20
k1l_BrandonC: do you see the disk in bios?20:21
Karmahacker bodhi_zazen  they suggest  12.10 >  13.10 >   then   13.10 to 14.0420:21
randinthello, I'm on Lubuntu 32-bit. I used this tutorial (http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat) to install graphics drivers on NVIDIA GeForce MX420. after restart I couldn't choose any resolutions than 640x480. now the letters are so small and the icons are huge. any suggestions on how I could change resolution?20:22
Karmahackerbut i cant install  install update-manager-core20:22
ZiberSo, I'm trying to come up with a way to retro-fit a server with LVM on it's filesystem. There's no easy way to do this, is there?20:22
k1l_BrandonC: that sounds like a cable or hardware problem. not a software one20:22
bodhi_zazenKarmahacker: see the link I gave you from askubuntu20:23
jepeltwZiber, as in, take a server that does not use LVM and then make it use LVM?20:23
BrandonCi just had it runing last night, left it, in morning it wouldnt wake from sleep so i had to hard power it, and got that message k1l_20:23
jerefor a kernel module to be portable, it must be able to be compiled against any kernel source, correct?20:23
ZiberI'm gonna head home and see if I can figure this out.20:23
brasileirohi everyone! I'm having a few problems with my laptop that I think may be BIOS related... does anyone know how to perform a BIOS update without a Windows station? I'm thinking about BartPE but kinda afraid it goes south... any toughs? the BIOS file is this one: http://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/19/Drivers/DriversDetails?driverId=FJY72&fileId=3290558924&osCode=BIOSA&productCode=inspiron-17r-se-7720&languageCode=EN&categoryId=BI20:24
jepeltwZiber, you can't do it in place, so you would need to tar up the entire system, delete your partitions, create an LVM PV and LVs, then restore the entire system20:25
ikoniabrasileiro: talk to the hardware vendor support20:25
widmoHi, I've got a problem with qtcreator on ubuntu 14.04 (with unity) - hotkeys like ctrl+f4, ctrl+shift+u are not working20:26
widmoIs there a way to fix it?20:27
Joe_CoTAny reason why kernel log messages on 14.04 would have a completely wrong date, far in the future? I found this one post about it, but no solutions http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222383420:29
dusfwith clonezilla restore parts, if you back up all partitions on a dual boot system, once restoring, can you opt to only restore say the windows partitions linux or do you have to restore them all?20:29
ikoniaJoe_CoT: standard 14.04 install on hardware local to you ?20:30
Joe_CoTikonia, installed on EC2 from a standard Ubuntu AMI20:31
ikoniathere we go then20:31
ikoniait's possible the kernel (not your kernel as it's a shared kernel) is not in the time sync20:31
ikoniaso your kernel events are out of sync20:31
ikoniaJoe_CoT: maybe worth asking amazon support20:32
Joe_CoTI'll give that a try. thanks20:32
BusserlJoe_CoT: does the server get time from ntp? As far as I know, Amazon does not provide time sync to their vms.20:32
kontoowhat mailserver would you guys recommend that is easy to setup and compatible with fail2ban?20:32
Joe_CoTBusserl, The server does indeed get time from NTP. The server time is correct. All my other log entries have the correct time. only the kernel log entries are off by 2 months20:33
BusserlJoe_CoT: I see, sorry, no idea.20:33
paraboolhi guys. i want to install ubuntu, i am downloading the .iso file. the problem is, i have a cd-r cd fuji. i think it is only 800MB, but the iso is bigger... i have network connection; is there another way? thank you (32-bit btw - in french)20:35
jhutchinsparabool: I think there's a netinstall image available.20:35
parabooljhutchins: where? i've looked for that, but i can't find them20:36
xanguaparabool: so get a dvd or a usb stick20:36
paraboolxangua: can't20:36
adamcunningtonHi, in 14.04, how can I add a folder to Places in Nautilus, I can't drag and drop.20:36
=== toyotapie is now known as bananapie
Piciparabool: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:37
jhutchinsparabool: Well, here's one alternat method using grub4dos: http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/08/install-any-linux-distro-directly-from.html20:38
paraboolOh but, I wasn't aware i could install a .iso file on 2 cd's and install from that? if that's the case, there is no problem. i have more than 1cd20:40
dusfwith clonezilla restore parts, if you back up all partitions on a dual boot system, once restoring, can you opt to only restore say the windows partitions or the linux partitions or do you have to restore them all? basically i am wondering if i can use partclone to backup all partitions and selectively restore them if necessary, or do i have to separately backup each set of partitions?20:40
jhutchinsparabool: Here's the minimal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD20:40
parabooljhutchins: i will use 2cd's to burn the iso(i wasn't aware i coudl do that and still use the .iso as installer media)20:40
adamcunnington.mp4 files are still opening in an application despite the fact that the default applications in settings for both music and video are VLC player20:41
jhutchinsparabool: Ah, minimal install is what you use for netinstall.20:41
Busserldusf: usually dual boot and partition backup are separate things. If you decide to restore only one of them, the only thing you might need is to recreate a proper boot manager. Both windows and Linux can do it.20:42
parabooljhutchins: yeah i know. but i need the install in french. and if i can install with 2cd's, that's the easiest20:43
jhutchinsparabool: Best of luck then.20:43
paraboolthank you!20:43
l1th1umhey i have a question about a laptop wifi card anyone good with portable hardware?20:43
Busserlparabool: I doubt you can split the iso onto two media, if that is what you meant.20:43
jhutchinsBusserl: See previous url.20:43
dusfBusserl: ah but i am already backing up the boot partitions, so restoration works20:44
Busserljhutchins: good luck then :)20:44
dusfBusserl: i am just wondering if i clonezilla all partitions together once restoring can i restore partitions selectively20:45
Busserldusf: The boot partition depends somewhat on what os is installed. Windows has its boot partition as well as linux. Then the boot manager might also be installed to the hdd's mbr. Whatever you do, restoring the boot process should be a simple task, in case you need it.20:46
parabooli've read other things now... so what i want to do: i have cd's 700 Mo. the.iso is 940Mo. Can i burn a part on the iso on one cd, the burner asks me then to put in another cd. when i have 2 cd's, i put the first in the drive, install etc, and ubuntu asks me to insert second cd ? (basically like any multiple-cd software) ? want to be sure as not to waste time/cd's20:46
adamcunnington.mp4 files are still opening in an application despite the fact that the default applications in settings for both music and video are VLC player20:46
jepeltwparabool, the ubuntu installer has no support for that as far as I know, sorry20:46
dusfBusserl: i have restored sucessfully before just by restoring the windows partitions, or linux partitions individually20:47
Busserldusf: cool then :)20:47
paraboolis there a french minimalCD? i need the install in french;;; but i can't seem to find it20:47
BrandonCok, so i got t his . http://paste.ubuntu.com/7838402/20:48
BrandonCwhat do i look at to fix boot failure?20:48
Busserlparabool: the installer always offers you to choose the language for the installed system.20:48
sheapwhy is preseed such a biznatch20:49
jhutchinssheap: It's a complex problem.20:49
paraboolBusserl: thanks. ubuntu website says UEFI mode is not supported via netinstall. i am trying to install on an old laptop; that used to have windows vista. i guess that is just BIOS ?20:49
jhutchinsparabool: EFI would be unlikely.20:50
krnl`how can i install 14.04 desktop using software raid? i can't find alternate downloads on the website anymore.20:50
Busserlparabool: can't be sure, but old laptop sound like no EFI/UEFI involved.20:50
sheapjhutchins: it's just straight up ignoring what I put in20:50
jhutchinssheap: I haven't worked with it (I've used kickstart), but it's real picky about syntax and order.20:51
adamcunningtonHi, in 14.04, how can I add a folder to Places in Nautilus, I can't drag and drop.20:52
xanguaadamcunnington: you mean the sidebar¿20:53
sheapjhutchins: It had the wrong repos so I added the correct ones, they worked. Then 'insserv' package for some reason is not installed in any path so sysv-rc fails because the command 'insserv' isnt in a path, so I add a "late_command" to symlink insseerv and now the repos dont work!20:53
jepeltwadamcunnington, navigate to the folder and then choose Bookmarks -> Add Bookmark from the menu?20:53
rE-BoOtjoin my channel to help me please its #gamedevhelp20:54
rE-BoOti really need help20:54
OerHeksrE-BoOt, ask here20:55
paraboolusing the minimalCD, after install i'll still have by standard a Unity DE installed, everything the same ?20:55
OerHeksparabool, yes20:56
lolmausjepeltw: thx20:57
rE-BoOtare there any lua scriptable game engines whicha re free ?/20:57
jepeltwlolmaus, was that the /etc/cron.weekly thing?20:57
PicirE-BoOt: OerHeks assumed it was an Ubuntu question that you had.  Please find a proper channel to ask this in. #freenode might be able to help you find one.20:58
lolmausjepeltw: yup20:59
adamcunningtonxangua: yes21:00
adamcunningtonjepeltw: where is bookmarks?21:00
xanguaadamcunnington: in the menu bar21:00
adamcunningtonxangua: i don't see that - are you referring to within nautilus?21:01
adamcunningtonxangua: i have places, devices and network21:01
OerHeks!info love21:01
ubottulove (source: love): 2D game development framework based on Lua and OpenGL. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.0-6ubuntu2 (trusty), package size 878 kB, installed size 1929 kB21:01
OerHeksoh he is gone21:01
adamcunningtonOerHeks: can you help?21:02
adamcunningtonOerHeks .mp4 files are still opening in a non-default  application despite the fact that the default applications in settings for both music and video are VLC player21:02
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BrandonC so im reinstalling ubuntu. and when i go to something else and remove partitions and hit back it puts partitions back on..21:08
OerHeksadamcunnington, click on th *.mp4, open with ... and you will see vlc not on top, click the 1st application on top with right mouse > forget, so VLC is on top21:08
BrandonCand my report says i have a sda2 , but ubuntu install only sees sda1 and sda521:09
layan911alguno sabe como instalar GALA de ElementaryOS en Ubuntu 14.04?21:09
eeee!es | layan91121:09
ubottulayan911: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:09
adamcunningtonOerHeks: tried that but it won't remove Handbrake from the list21:09
OerHeksadamcunnington, sorry, i have no clue then21:10
TJ-BrandonB: sda2 is an Extended Partition, an additional Partition Table linked to the primary table... it isn't a file-system container, it only hold additional partitions21:11
OerHeksthis is the only method to force all movies/music to vls AFAIK21:11
TJ-BrandonC: Grrr, tab-completion! sda2 is an Extended Partition, an additional Partition Table linked to the primary table... it isn't a file-system container, it only hold additional partitions21:11
adamcunningtonOerHeks: i fixed it in properties by resetting and then changing default application, must have been some bug before21:11
adamcunningtonOerHeks: also, do you know how to add a folder to places in nautilus in 14.04?21:11
BrandonCTJ-, if i ues entire disk for ubuntu, how many sda should i see?21:12
Bashing-omBrandonC: Look'n at the boot-info report, can't put 6 pounds of salt in a 5 pound bag -> the extended partition is too large for that 40 gig hard drive.21:12
kaurubuntusalve a tutti21:12
=== Stephen is now known as Guest59773
eeee!it | kaurubuntu21:12
ubottukaurubuntu: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)21:12
TJ-Bashing-om: It is? Did you do the calculations?21:13
xMopxShellis it possible to upgrade a ubuntu container with do-release-upgrade? or does that just break it?21:14
OerHeksadamcunnington, all custum entries goes to bookmarkt, you need to edit a user-dirs-dirs file >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/450207/how-to-move-downloads-folder-from-bookmarks-to-places21:14
adamcunningtonOerHeks: thanks21:14
OerHekshave fun21:14
layan911how to port Metacity Themes to Unity?21:15
Bashing-omTJ-: BrandonC semi-so .. sda1 is 35 gigs, and the extended partition appears to be slightly larger than 5 gigs.21:16
BrandonCwont ubuntu do what it must when it installs?21:16
BrandonCwait, so wheni get the option to choose, update ubuntu, install next to , install over, or something else... if i chooose install over,, its not going to fix partitions?21:17
TJ-BrandonB: Bashing-om: I did the sector calculations on the fdisk output at line 551 and they all checked out, was trying to figure out the "Partition outside the disk detected" message.21:18
Bashing-omBrandonC: I would think so .. that the install wizard will freshly set-up and install ubuntu.  ( though might be able at this time to just re-do the extended & swap partition) ..21:19
BrandonCso make ext3 for 30gb, and swap for 4 gb?21:19
Bashing-omTJ-: // BrandonC lemme go look again at the poutput where I was figuring ..21:19
BrandonCi only have gig ddr ram so was told to make swap 4 gig21:20
dypsilonWhat FTP server would you recommend for a 14.04. server?21:20
TJ-Bashing-om: BrandonB Disk declares 78,165,360 sectors; last sector showin is 78,163,967. I've cross-checked the block-lengths against the calculated ending sectors and they are all correct, and I can't see any partitions overlapping each other21:20
TJ-Bashing-om: I *believe* "Partition outside the disk detected" refers t /dev/sr0 (DVD) when looking at "parted -lm" output at line 48921:22
Bashing-omTJ-: I too stand corrected -> 4.900390625 GB is the correct size ... humm ...so where is that " Error: Can't have a partition outside the disk! " comming from, is the question. line 503 .21:23
TJ-BrandonC: What is the symptom of the failure to boot  - I missed that if you described it ?21:23
BrandonCafter post, DISK BOOT FAILURE21:24
BrandonCpc was on last night and im assuming went to sleep.. could not wake it this morning with mouse or keyboard so hard powered it21:24
BrandonCthen thats what i got when i turned it on21:24
TJ-BrandonC: That sounds like the system BIOS reporting it... which infers that sector 0 of the hard disk isn't being read.21:24
TJ-BrandonC: Has the BIOS boot device order changed?21:25
nishanthI turn off my computer and turned it ON today, for some reason the display is zoomed in any ideas on how to fix this21:25
BrandonCchanged from default?21:25
TJ-BrandonC: Yes, it is possible :) BIOS NVRAM settings can get corrupted due to a variety of issues. If in doubt I generally reset the BIOS to factory defaults, and then reconfigure any custom settings required.21:26
BrandonCshould i boot gparted to see things?21:26
TJ-BrandonC: No, we can see the partitioning fine, and as far as it goes, it looks OK. Can you tell us the make/model of the PC?21:28
BrandonCAthlon 2400+21:30
BrandonC1gig ddr21:30
BrandonCwd400 hd21:30
fidelixHello folks. I'm blacklisting my Radeon card (secondary) on modprobe.d/blacklist.conf, but when I reboot my screen freezes after a bunch of error messages.21:31
=== dropdriv1 is now known as dropdrive
Bashing-omfidelix: Hybrid grahocs ? Bios controlable ? what is the primary graphics and what graphics driver is loaded ? .. what release are you running ? - release 14.04 has improved support for hybrid graphics.21:35
nishanthfor some reason my Desktop is magnified , i tried playing with different settings in display option but that did not work....some help?21:36
fidelixBashing-om: BIOS controlable. I want to prevent Linux from using the Radeon card (I want to assign it to a Xen virtual machine).21:37
Bashing-omfidelix: Sorry, VM is out of my sphere of knowledge.21:38
TJ-BrandonC: Can't find a user manual for that mobo; looks to be quite old though so understandable21:38
fidelixBashing-om: that's OK. I just need to be able to boot Linux without using the external graphics card. Can you help me with that?21:39
TJ-fidelix: which driver is loading for it?21:39
fidelixI have an integrated intel graphics card, and the video works just fine with it.21:39
TJ-fidel_: For hybrid graphics I doubt you can separate the GPUs, since they use the same framebuffer21:40
fidelixTJ-: radeon21:40
Bashing-omfidelix: to see the card -> lspci -nnk | grep -iA3 vga <- and to see the driver info -> sudo lshw -C display < - . What returns.21:40
TJ-fidelix: Grrr, too many too-alive nicknames tonight! :)21:40
fidelixTJ-: no hybrid anything. This is a PC. My motherboard has dedicated video output21:40
TJ-fidelix: Ahhh, OK, which driver is loading despite the blacklist?21:41
fidelixTJ-: if I blacklist, the system freezes during boot.21:41
fidelixSo the blacklist probably works.21:41
TJ-fidelix: So Dom0 is grabbing it so you can't do PCI-passthrough?21:41
TJ-fidelix: Yes, but *which* driver are you blacklisting?21:42
fidelixTJ-: radeon21:42
fidelixLet me reboot. I'll try a few modeset params...21:42
TJ-fidelix: Have you examined dmesg to see if another driver is trying to take control? Or if the PCI bus scanning is somehow half-activating the GPU?21:43
=== raph is now known as Guest74496
subcoolhow do you extract a .bin file? - i just downloaded 1gb of stuff from goolge plus, and it was sent to me as a .bin21:46
subcoolnvm.. i just went to do it again, and nows its offering .zip21:47
subcoolugh- i have to dl it agian.21:47
nishanthanyone know how to fix a magnified display issue21:49
ice9I'm looking for scrum tool, any suggesstion?21:50
nishanthanyone know how to fix a magnified display issue21:51
k1l_nishanth: you meant zoomed in?21:52
nishanthKil_ well i turned on my computer and the desktop and all the icons are magnified21:54
k1l_is the driver working correct?21:55
k1l_*video driver21:55
nishanthk1l_ well i turned on my computer and the desktop and all the icons are magnified21:55
nishanthhow do i check21:55
nishanthk1l_ how do I check?21:55
fidelixTJ-: didn't work21:57
k1l_nishanth: lshw -c video21:57
akurilinquick question: the ubuntu user on my trusty vm seems to get NOPASSWD sudo for free, it's not actually in sudoers. Where else could that permission be possibly set?21:57
fidelixTJ-: http://paste2.org/s1H1fexY21:57
=== yabbounic is now known as yabba
TJ-fidelix: So the radeon driver is loaded despite the blacklist?21:59
sheapokay so I narrowed down the cause of my preseed woes, it can be summarized in this thread: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-users/2014-May/275626.html21:59
sheapanyone else know wtf is going on/how to fix that?21:59
fidelixTJ-: no. If I blacklist radeon, the system freezes.22:00
nishanthk1l_ http://pastebin.com/6vNNEiqi22:01
nishanthk1l_ this is the output i got22:01
brontosaurusrexhow would one configure upstart to end in login shell? (also disabling any logos/splashes)22:02
TJ-fidelix: Can you pastebin the log from the boot attempt that froze? (it may not contain much of use, but that's the only way we're going to get evidence short of booting with a serial/netconsole)22:02
ikoniaend in login shell ?22:02
nishanthk1l_ u there?22:02
brontosaurusrexor to launch a login shell instead of login manager22:02
fidelixTJ-: I took a picture of it. Is that good enough?22:02
brontosaurusrexikonia: yes22:03
ikoniawhat are you talking launch a login shell ?22:03
ikoniaupstart is just an init system22:03
TJ-fidelix: That's always our standby yeah :)22:03
k1l_!text | brontosaurusrex22:03
ubottubrontosaurusrex: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode22:03
brontosaurusrexikonia: yes, but it starts a login manager at some point no?22:03
ikoniabrontosaurusrex: it will launch X11 display manager22:04
k1l_nishanth: what about you see the fglrx command center to setup the display settings?22:04
fidelixTJ-: https://cdn.mediacru.sh/fAb9NQV1GbC1.jpg22:04
brontosaurusrexok, brb22:04
=== Jafura is now known as Jofo
=== Jofo is now known as Jafura
BrandonCokay im making  my new partitions22:05
BrandonCmax size 38166mib22:05
=== youtah_ is now known as youtah
BrandonCfree space preceding?22:06
BrandonCnew size, free space following?22:06
nishanthk1l_ where do i find this fglrx command center22:06
k1l_nishanth: sorry, i am not familiar with the amd ones.22:08
BrandonCpartition ext3 or ext4 for primary partition?22:08
k1l_!fglrx | nishanth22:08
ubottunishanth: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:08
k1l_BrandonC: ext422:08
BrandonCis 30g enough for ubuntu?22:09
TJ-fidelix: Try "radeon_modeset=0"22:09
k1l_BrandonC: for / or for the whole ubuntu?22:09
BrandonCi dont know the difference22:09
BrandonCi was told with 1 gig of ram to have swap of 4gigs22:09
Bashing-omBrandonC: Barely and for startes, that is the recommended minimum I have seen. ( 30 Gigs)22:09
fidelixTJ-: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="radeon.modeset=0 radeon.blacklist=1 radeon.nomodeset=0 rd.driver.blacklist=radeon rd.blacklist=radeon quiet splash"22:10
fidelixLet me try with _ instead of a .22:10
JokesOnYou77Hi all.  I upgraded my sytem and ny my graphics card won't start.  I've purged nvidia-* and reinstalled various nvidia driver versions to no avail.  I suspect that it is the kernel.  I tried 3.13.30 kernel and it didn't help.  I'd like to try 28 but I don't know how to get it.  How do I install an older kernel/image?22:10
BrandonCk1l did you mean / as in drive and whole ubuntu is just howmuch ubuntu takes?22:10
k1l_BrandonC: no. i meant / as / for the system and /home for the user files22:10
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap22:11
k1l_BrandonC: see ^22:11
BrandonCisent ubntuntu up to v14 now?22:11
fidelixTJ-: BRB22:12
TJ-fidelix: :D looks like you should have that covered22:12
BrandonCwhats with it asking mb preceding and folloing ?22:12
k1l_BrandonC: 14.04. but its still the same recommendations22:13
k1l_the bot gave a link with a beginners explanaition. what about you try to read that for a start22:13
fidelixTJ-: it worked. Thanks man!22:14
TJ-fidelix: I think your issue was you had "radeon.nomodeset" which doesn't exist as a parameter for radeon module: If you don't know already, you can check available parameters for dynamically loadable modules with "modinfo <modulename>" e.g. "modinfo radeon"22:14
fidelixTJ-: that's brilliant. Thanks man22:15
TJ-fidelix: Good luck with Xen :)22:15
JokesOnYou77How do I install an older kernel/image?22:18
=== renato is now known as Guest49276
OolJokesOnYou77: do you remove the old one after upgrading ? if not,  you may choose other kernel in grub menu22:21
BrandonCso i can only have 4 primary partitions, but i can make 1 of those 4 an exxtended partition allowing me to make many more logical partitions?22:21
BrandonCandi can only have 1 extended partition per drive.. so 1-3 primary partition, 4 is extended and that extended can have many logical partitions?22:22
=== dominik is now known as Teito
zykotick9BrandonC: sidenote, the 4 primary only applies to msdos partitions, gpt you can have as many primary as you want22:23
daftykinsGPT = new, UEFI bootable partition table22:24
BrandonCah kk22:24
OolBrandonC: you can make one primary and an extended with how many logical partitions you want22:24
daftykinsBrandonC: how many do you really need :P22:24
BrandonCjust making sure i understand22:24
zykotick9daftykins: actually gpt has nothing to do with uefi (i've used gpt but don't have any uefi systems)  BrandonC22:24
Oolgpt is for larger partitions no ?22:25
daftykinszykotick9: it does in the sense that single-disks of ~2.7TB+ have to be GPT when a single partition is used, with Windows... when it comes to Linux though i don't know if there are partition limits22:25
zykotick9Ool: well, it does support 3TB+ so, sorta ;)22:25
BrandonCso i read thru that bot link and dont see where says how much mib to put before or after partition, i see something aoubt if you have large disk you need to put in the first 1024 cylinders or something22:31
BrandonCagain i still dont understand why ubuntu install disk wont do this22:32
BrandonCand is deleting all partitions a way of formating?22:32
jamesbrownhow can i fix this?22:36
daftykinsjamesbrown: where's the index from?22:38
zerickAnybody knows what tool/client Ubuntu members use in order yo stay connected always?22:42
jamesbrowndaftykins in project/test22:42
beaneehey how do i remove java 8 ubnutu22:42
daftykinsjamesbrown: i don't know what you mean22:42
daftykinsbeanee: from webupd8?22:42
beaneejust the whole java thing actually22:43
daftykinsbeanee: well did you install Oracle's java or is this on a clean install?22:43
beaneedafykins: Oracle's22:44
daftykinsbeanee: so installed via the webupd8 repo then22:45
beaneei donno what weupd8 is22:45
daftykinsbeanee: did you follow a guide online of how to get it installed to begin with?22:45
beaneei did22:45
daftykinsbeanee: that's third party then, from the webupd8 team, so you'd have to consult their site for how to remove - pretty sure it's along the lines of a package called oracle-java8-installer - confirm with "dpkg -l | grep oracle"22:46
beaneerogger that22:46
=== Guest22956 is now known as guyz
beaneeran the command, nothing showed up22:47
daftykinsthat's odd22:47
beaneelet me google some more and come back to you daftykins22:47
=== nashwhat_ is now known as nashwhat
jamesbrowndaftykins i am telling u which folder the index.php file is22:50
daftykinsjamesbrown: i'm asking where it's from22:50
Aki-ThinkpadWhere is the qtcreator-src && qtcreator-build found in ubuntu?22:50
Aki-Thinkpador do I have to build it from src?22:51
jamesbrowndaftykins that dont make sense22:51
daftykinsAki-Thinkpad: apt-cache search <thing to search for>22:51
Aki-Thinkpaddaftykins, i'll try that22:51
daftykinsAki-Thinkpad: you'll need an up to date package list to start with, so "apt-get update" naturally22:52
Aki-Thinkpaddaftykins, yah nothign is returning22:52
daftykinscan't say i've ever heard of them to know further i'm afraid22:52
daftykinsAki-Thinkpad: if they're the exact binary names, try "which <name>"22:53
Aki-Thinkpadi'll try22:54
beaneejava -version22:54
beaneejava version "1.8.0_11"22:54
beaneeJava(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_11-b12)22:54
beaneeJava HotSpot(TM) Server VM (build 25.11-b03, mixed mode)22:54
beaneedaftykins ^^^22:55
entrerihello, how to install the new kde5 ?22:55
daftykinsbeanee: i suppose the other one to try is "dpkg -l | grep java"22:55
TJ-Aki-Thinkpad: "apt-get source qtcreator"22:55
SpecAki-Thinkpad: are you looking for the source code of qtcreator?22:55
Specwhat TJ- said22:56
beaneeii  ca-certificates-java                                  20130815ubuntu1                                     all          Common CA certificates (JKS keystore)22:56
beaneeii  gir1.2-javascriptcoregtk-3.0                          2.4.3-1ubuntu2                                      i386         JavaScript engine library from WebKitGTK+ - GObject introspection data22:56
beaneeii  java-common                                           0.51                                                all          Base of all Java packages22:56
beaneeii  libatk-wrapper-java                                   0.30.4-4                                            all          ATK implementation for Java using JNI22:56
jamesbrowndaftykins :( help22:56
* daftykins waves to Spec22:56
beaneeii  libatk-wrapper-java-jni:i386                          0.30.4-4                                            i386         ATK implementation for Java using JNI (JNI bindings)22:56
beaneeii  libjavascriptcoregtk-3.0-0:i386                       2.4.3-1ubuntu2                                      i386         JavaScript engine library from WebKitGTK+22:56
Specbeanee: please use pastebin :(22:56
beaneeii  tzdata-java                                           2014e-0ubuntu0.14.04                                all          time zone and daylight-saving time data for use by java runtimes22:56
beaneeoh sorry22:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:56
beaneewe are use to spam this shit on efnet22:56
ubottuThe main Ubuntu channels require that you speak in calm, polite English. For other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:57
daftykinscareful on the language too please22:57
daftykinsjamesbrown: i was asking what the web application was, what is the index.php from?22:57
Aki-Thinkpadif you need to be naughty, you can use faces like this >:)22:57
jamesbrowndaftykins it my website home page22:57
TJ-jamesbrown: You've probably not set the permissions of the PHP folder/files to something the web-server can read22:57
entrerihello, how to install the new kde5 ?22:58
SpecAki-Thinkpad: is fine to keep them undefined, "If these are not defined, it uses the defaults you set in the project wizard."22:58
SpecAki-Thinkpad: it's referring to the source code of qtcreator and the build directory22:58
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, it doesnt let me continue though,22:58
Aki-Thinkpadthat is the problem22:58
Specyour project needs the source code of qtcreator (directory of qtcreator-src)22:58
SpecAki-Thinkpad: step 3. there's a picture, 'Plugin Information'22:59
Aki-Thinkpadusr/share/qtcreator then fits the bill?22:59
SpecAki-Thinkpad: 'Qt creator sources: /usr/example/qtcreator-src'22:59
daftykinsentreri: ubuntu supports the packages it comes with and no more, if you want to install newer unavailable software then it'll be on your head i'm afraid22:59
Aki-Thinkpadyes I know; that is what has me confused22:59
SpecAki-Thinkpad: no, that needs to be the directory of the sources for qtcreator (apt-get source qtcreator; you'll have a directory ./qtcreator-2.4.1/23:00
SpecAki-Thinkpad: and it needs to point to that directory. for the build directory, just make "/home/$USER/qtcreator-build" and point to it23:00
SpecAki-Thinkpad: i'm not sure if it expects a built qtcreator there or not, though.23:02
Aki-Thinkpadstupid mac23:02
Specdaftykins: get a mac, bro23:03
awesomess3I can't believe 10.04 LTS (server) is still supported, that is soooo old23:03
awesomess3it's like Microsoft still supporting XP23:03
daftykinsonly until April 2015 i believe23:04
daftykinsno it's nothing like that, also you're off topic23:04
Speclots of time for eyes to go over code and fix bugs :)23:04
zerickAnybody knows what tool/client Ubuntu members use in order yo stay connected always23:04
Speczerick: connected to irc?23:04
daftykinsSpec: bit like with that SSL library *whistle*23:04
awesomess3zerick, firefox?23:04
zerickSpec, yes23:04
Speczerick: screen + irssi23:04
awesomess3zerick, Xubuntu comes with xchat23:04
SpecAki-Thinkpad: i was gonna test this out for ya, but i'm pulling 64 kB/s from ubuntu mirror :(23:05
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, ha23:05
Aki-Thinkpadyah its pretty big23:05
Aki-Thinkpadgreat editor though23:05
zerickSpec, I see they are logged in @ubuntu/member, is that an specific server ?23:05
zerickFor members only (?)23:06
daftykinszerick: it's a hostmask provided by freenode. for more info ask in #freenode23:06
Speczerick: nickserv authenticates you and automagic hostmask gets set. freenode staff can help you at #freenode i think23:06
Specdaftykins: pfft23:06
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, the thing I am confused about though is whether I have to build qtcreator from source, and use it....23:06
daftykinsSpec: sorry sir23:06
zerickSpec, thank you23:06
SpecAki-Thinkpad: the documentation is reading like this process supports having a bunch of different versions of qt and build directories23:06
Aki-Thinkpadoh I guess I do... because this is for testing a plugin23:06
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, hmmm23:07
SpecAki-Thinkpad: which makes me think the qt build directory needs to be the target dir when you actually build the sauce23:07
bozeI can't seem to get my vpn to work on trusty23:07
SpecAki-Thinkpad: do you know how to do this?23:08
jamesbrownguys i am geting this error http://pastebin.com/0y0vhGAN23:08
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, how to program in qt? Yes23:09
jamesbrownthis is what my vhost looks like http://pastebin.com/puzaaU8123:09
Aki-ThinkpadSpec, this is my first plugin though so23:09
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest94778
Specjamesbrown: not an ubuntu question, try #php23:10
daftykinsboze: that's really not much to go on. i love a guessing game as much as the next guy, but help us out ;)23:10
TJ-jamesbrown: Shouldn't that be "AddHandler php5-script .php"  ?23:10
Speci'm assuming he wants to render htm files with php, which is fine.23:10
Guest94778does anyone know how to get wifi working on xubunyu?23:11
daftykinsGuest94778: how far have you got?23:11
daftykinsit worked out of the box for me. presumable your hardware isn't supported23:11
jamesbrownTJit nothing to do with it23:11
Guest94778well in the past wifi used to work but now im stuck on ethernet23:12
daftykinsGuest94778: what's different between the past and now?23:12
kostkonGuest94778, first you need to find out what's your wifi chipset, e.g.   lspci | grep -i network23:13
TJ-jamesbrown: did you check web-server process has permissions to the directory and files? Have you added any .htaccess php_* directives?23:13
kostkonGuest94778, then come back here saying e.g. i am not able to use my wifi, my wifi details are listed here in this paste, etc.23:14
Guest94778ok I believe I found the issue23:15
jamesbrownTJ dont need to add .htaccess i have alother php files and none of them using htacess23:15
Guest94778there we go, one of my drivers was faulty23:15
Guest94778ill come back once its fixed23:15
TJ-jamesbrown: I'm asking you if you are using directives that can cause the issue you are seeing... it is a process of elimination.23:15
Specjamesbrown: the vhost works fine, fwiw. just tested.23:16
TJ-jamesbrown: >> did you check web-server process has permissions to the directory and files?23:16
jamesbrownTJ i think thats riht23:16
Specjamesbrown: what's index.php look like23:17
jamesbrownhow do i give permission to the user which is me James23:17
jamesbrownSpec it has <?php echo "hello"; ext; ?>23:17
jamesbrownthats what it has23:17
TJ-james0r: You don't - you ensure the web-server user has at least traverse and read permissions to the directories and files, respectively23:18
jamesbrownit might be the permission23:24
TJ-jamesbrown: It often is when the files are under /var/www/ and users add their own files23:25
jamesbrownTJ what permission can i do it?23:26
Specjamesbrown: check the existing permissions with ls -l /path/to/index.php23:27
jamesbrowni did sudo chown -R  baako project/23:27
=== yabbounic is now known as yabbes
Specjamesbrown: oh. sudo chown -R baako.www-data project/23:28
Specjamesbrown: and maybe find project/ -exec chmod g+rx "{}" +23:28
balrog-k1nhi, has support for "raring" been dropped recently? apt-get is getting a lot of 404 errors23:29
daftykinsbalrog-k1n: quite a while ago now23:29
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) was the 18th release of Ubuntu. Support ended on January 27, 2014. See !eol, !upgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/raring23:29
jamesbrownspec wha?23:30
balrog-k1ndaftykins: thanks.. must have been some repositories were still working23:30
Specjamesbrown: the command, it starts with "find". if you run it, it will give the group permission to read/execute all files/folders in "project/"23:31
Specjamesbrown: the group, which you set with the first command starting with sudo, should be www-data (the webserver user)23:31
TJ-jamesbrown: If you made the project directory owned by 'baako', then in all likelyhood the web-server process (which usually runs as the user "www-data") will not have access to the files. The group ownership for the directories and files need to at least be "www-data", therefore "sudo chown -R :www-data /var/www/" may well correct the problem.23:31
daftykinsbalrog-k1n: you definitely want to get over to 12.04 or 14.04 ideally23:31
jamesbrownTJ some files work some dont23:38
TJ-jamesbrown: Are there any mod_rewrite rules in place affecting it?23:38
ryan__Hello '-'23:40
jamesbrownTJ mope23:40
kerozenecome and join ##etc for linux talk now23:40
TJ-jamesbrown: Time to enable verbose logging in apache / PHP then23:40
jamesbrowni am running this hing locally23:41
TJ-jamesbrown: best to ask in #httpd23:43
jamesbrowni am log into a user called Baak23:43
jamesbrownall my other php prohjects23:43
jamesbrownare in a goup called Baako23:44
jamesbrownnot www-data23:44
jamesbrownbut Baako23:44
wheatthinwww-data is needed for apache2 privs23:45
wheatthinI'm just saying.23:45
jamesbrownits nothing to do with httpd23:45
jamesbrownits to do with me getting the permissions right23:45
jamesbrowni wanna assign all files and folder to group Baako23:46
jamesbrownhow will i do that please?23:46
daftykins"chown -R user:group <files>" or just user: if the user is the same as the group23:46
daftykinsbut blanket bombing your files randomly shows a misunderstanding of what's going on23:46
jamesbrowndaftykins wil that make all files and folders and sub folders in the test folder23:47
jamesbrownassign to Baako group?23:47
TJ-jamesbrown: As I've told you twice, the files the apache web-server is to read *must* be owned by the user "www-data", either as user-owner, or group-owner, and the directories must be traversable by "www-data" too23:47
Lobster`Having fun attempting to install ubuntu to my macbook pro23:48
jamesbrownTJ no because none of my folders are in www-data group23:48
Lobster`had to rebuild corrupted partition tables once already lol23:48
Lobster`what i get for not reading a guide first23:48
jamesbrowni have look at all other php project folder i have which are working well23:48
jamesbrownthis project is not working because i just move it from windows to ubuntu23:49
jamesbrownso the permission need reset abit23:49
TJ-jamesbrown: So, *increase* logging level in apache/PHP to get more information in the log files23:49
jonairoI have problem when i burned a cd audio in brasero and K3B in ubuntu 14.04,64 bit, the cd burned in normal cd, the tracks audio have distortions how can i resolve it23:49
jamesbrowndaftykins u r on the right track23:50
jamesbrownTJ as i said the index.php is show but some of the files and folders are not loading because of permission issue23:51
dwayneI'm trying to configure sendmail to use my ISP comcast and getting authentication required bounces.  How can I configure AuthInfo w/ Ubuntu 12.04 ?  Any help very much appreciated23:51
jonairoI did not have the problems in ubuntu 13.10.23:51
TJ-jamesbrown: Ask in #httpd, that's where the Apache experts are23:51
kostkonjonairo, what kind of distortions?23:52
jamesbrowndaftykins some of the file permission and file permission are set correctly with sudo chown -R baaka:baaka project/23:53
jamesbrownbut some are set to read-onl and none23:54
jonairothe sound is bad, the cds are burned but with problem with the audio23:54
daftykinsjamesbrown: yes, that's a different command.23:54
daftykinsjamesbrown: but only the user the web server is running as needs the permissions23:55
jamesbrowni know which is okay23:55
jamesbrownbaaka is right23:55
jamesbrownthis is confusing me now23:57
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