davstarhi i need to edit a file but Ubuntu Studio is saying that i can't because i don't have permission06:46
davstarhow to do it ??06:46
davstari'm new06:46
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fnstudiohi everyone, i'm giving US Live a try (so cool!) and have problems with jack09:27
fnstudioi want to make it work with an guitar link interface i just bought09:27
fnstudioit was working up to 10 mins ago, then i tried to change settings to tune latency/xruns and now it's not working anymore09:29
fnstudioif i launch qjackctl, then i tell jack to use my internal card as input and output the server starts09:29
fnstudioand it works fine09:29
fnstudio(i can start a second sw like rakarrak and hear my voice passing from my mic to the speakers)09:29
fnstudioif i tell jack to use the guitar link as input i get this error: https://dpaste.de/JYNZ09:30
fnstudioagain, it was working up to 10 mins ago09:30
fnstudioany tips?09:33
studio-user863hey, anybody using Ubuntu Studio with Ableton Live 9?19:39

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