ochosimorning everyone06:43
elfymorning ochosi 06:46
ochosigood good, busy bee, but good06:47
slickymasterWorkochosi, in a default 12.04 this is what I got at startup, running tail .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835132/09:59
slickymasterWorkochosi: do you think that it could be some missing?09:59
* skellat goes back to bed as he realizes the meeting is **next week**10:01
slickymasterWorkochosi: also out of dpkg -l indicator -* ->http://paste.ubuntu.com/7835170/10:02
ochosislickymasterWork: well from my memory i'd say you have to remove the -gtk2 indicators10:32
ochosihave you tried anything yet to get them running again in 14.04?10:32
slickymasterWorkochosi: still updating the box to then be able to run the upgrade10:33
slickymasterWorkupgrading now10:37
ochosijust document every step until you get the indicators back :)10:39
ochosihere's a guess:10:39
ochosi1) sudo apt-get remove indicator-*-gtk210:40
ochosi2) remove the autostart entries for individual indicators from settings-manager > sessions and startup > application autostart10:40
ochosi3) reboot the machine10:40
ochosi4) hope for the best10:40
slickymasterWorklol, I'll make sure that point 4 will be present in the list ;)10:41
ochosimorning bluesabre 12:37
bluesabremorning ochosi12:37
bluesabregoing through SRU bugs for menulibre to bug you guys to test them ;)12:38
ochosii managed to snuck in x-d-s at the very last minute to 14.04.112:40
ochosi(well, without a respin, that is)12:40
ochositoday i need to focus on work more12:40
bluesabregood job12:40
bluesabreok, so if anybody is around and would like to do some SRU verification for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/menulibre/+bug/1323405 , that would be awesome ;)12:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 1323405 in menulibre (Ubuntu Trusty) "[SRU] Please backport menulibre-2.0.4 to trusty" [High,Fix committed]12:49
bluesabreThe remaining bugs need verification in trusty-proposed:12:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 1313276 in MenuLibre "Crash of Menulibre and Alacarte due to conflict in xfce-applications.menu" [Critical,Fix released]12:49
ubottuUbuntu bug 1306999 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "When search results are shown, saving modifications breaks the menu structure" [Undecided,Confirmed]12:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1318209 in MenuLibre "Add launchers to empty categories" [High,Fix released]12:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1313586 in MenuLibre "move items up & down, can't save, undo/redo, revert" [Medium,Fix released]12:50
ubottuUbuntu bug 1214815 in MenuLibre "Menulibre doesn't escape Exec key properly where spaces in " [Low,Fix released]12:50
bluesabreLet me know if you need any help or more information, several of these are pretty straight-forward and quick to complete12:51
slickymasterWorkochosi: after upgrading the output of tail .config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-panel.xml -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836249/13:57
slickymasterWorkand the output of dpkg -l indicator-* ->http://paste.ubuntu.com/7836239/13:57
ochosiso i guess you're not seeing any indicators now, right?13:57
slickymasterWorkno, I'm seeing indicators13:58
ochosioh, you are?13:58
ochosiso they're simply working?13:58
ochosithat's a nice surprise13:58
slickymasterWorkbluetooth, sound and network13:58
ochosii guess the problem here was that i wasn't doing an LTS->LTS upgrade then (had 13.04, went to 13.10)13:59
ochosibluetooth should be a trayicon i think13:59
slickymasterWorkre the power one I'm not able to say anything as this is on a desktop13:59
slickymasterWorkno, it's not a tray icon13:59
slickymasterWorkif I remoce indicator plugin from the panel it also disappears 14:00
ochosifun, for me the bluetooth thingy is a trayicon :)14:00
slickymasterWorkover here it's in the indicator plugin 14:00
ochosiright, so if everything works out of the box with indicators, there's no need for that paragraph14:01
slickymasterWorkso, with these results what to do with that item in the list 14:01
ochosiother than maybe saying that ppl can install indicator-power and indicator-messages14:02
slickymasterWorklol, I'll remove it then14:02
ochosior wait, that got pulled for you automatically too?14:02
slickymasterWorkre indicator power it's ticked in sessions and starup, but since this is on a laptop won't get showed in the panel 14:03
ochosisure, but indicator-power wasn't installed in 12.04 by default14:03
ochosithat's what i meant14:03
slickymasterWorkgive a second and I'll conform that14:03
slickymasterWorkexactly ochosi, it wasn't14:05
slickymasterWorkso, I'm thinking in rewritting that paragraph just pointing out that ppl can install indicator-power and indicator-messages14:06
ochosiwell if it got pulled in automatically, then everything is fine14:06
slickymasterWorkwhat do you think?14:06
ochosino need to point out anything in that case14:06
slickymasterWorkit did in this setup14:06
ochosiit was a clean 12.04 install, right?14:06
slickymasterWorkyes, 12.04.414:07
slickymasterWorkthe image is from 11-04-201414:07
ochosiok, then skip the indicators paragraph as a whole14:08
ochosiif it works, why mention it14:08
slickymasterWorksorry ochosi, got a call from my boss15:06
ochosino worries15:07
keanHi everyone. Is there a place where I can ask about problems I'm experiencing when trying to build a patched package for the first time?15:12
ochosikean: is the package directly related to xubuntu/xfce?15:16
keanochosi: Yes, at least as far as I can tell. You may remember I was here last week regarding a bug in light-locker-settings I'd like to fix, but haven't had time to do much since.15:18
ochosiso you'er building a light-locker-settings package?15:26
ochosikean: ^15:27
keanochosi: I'm trying to. This is what I did so far, following the Ubuntu bug fixing guideline: bzr branch lp:light-locker-settings, followed by a simple change in light-locker-settings.py and bzr bd -- -S -us -uc15:28
ochosihumm, i wouldnt do that tbh15:28
ochosi1) you can simply run lls, because it's python15:28
ochosiso not sure why you need the package15:28
ochosi2) i'd go for the easy variant if i really had to build a package, which is the one described e.g. here: http://pascal.nextrem.ch/2010/05/06/build-ubuntudebian-packages-from-source-and-apply-a-patch/15:29
keandpkg-source then tells me: "aborting due to unexpected upstream changes", listing not only the file I changed, but numerous others as well.15:29
ochosi(couldnt find the source in the ubuntu wiki for that, but it's pretty much the same)15:29
ochosisry, i'm not really into packaging, can't help you much with that15:29
keanochosi: I wanted to build a package because I have no experience with that, and I wanted to make sure that my patch doesn't somehow break packaging, unlikely as it may seem.15:30
keandpkg-buildpackage gives me the same error when I try to run it on the bzr branch. It works with what apt-get source gets me, though15:32
ochosii'd try to just verify that the fix works in a first step and attach it to a bugreport15:33
ochosiif it works for everyone we can still figure out the packaging15:33
* ochosi forgot what the bug was actually15:33
keanIt's LP #1306917: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker-settings/+bug/130691715:34
ubottuUbuntu bug 1306917 in light-locker-settings (Ubuntu) "light-locker: screen always automatically locked" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:34
ochosiah right15:34
keanochosi: What's the preferred way of suggesting a patch? Upload a plain patch file, or make a branch and propose a merge?15:36
ochosithe latter15:37
keanSo it's okay if I just change light-locker-settings.py and not any of the debian/ files?15:38
ochosiyeah, let's start with that15:38
keanOkay, please give me a few minutes.15:39
ochosisorry, gotta go15:42
ochosikean: feel free to also bug bluesabre about this if he's around and i'm not15:43
ochosibut yeah, just start with the MR and we'll review15:43
ochosimmm, 14.04.1 is spinning up (lubuntu is the first it seems)15:44
keanochosi: Thanks for your help. I created a merge proposal now. Please let me know what you think of it. I'm happy to receive guidance, especially since I'm new to launchpad and (x)ubuntu development.15:47
keanI'm offline for a few minutes.15:50
keanBack again.15:55
slickymasterWorkok ochosi, currently waiting for review: http://xubuntu.org/?p=2548 and http://xubuntu.org/?p=258116:05
elfybluesabre: after the day has calmed down a bit for me I'll try and verify those SRU bugs - I'll ping team with those I don't manage to crack 16:29
elfyochosi: unless it's too late to get them for .1 ?16:29
bluesabreelfy, thanks16:43
elfybluesabre: try and ping me with those if you remember - I only know cos slickymasterWork told me eslewhere :)16:44
* elfy just got in from work16:45
bluesabreelfy: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7837132/16:46
elfyyep - caught up now :)16:46
elfygot the bugs in a window 16:46
bluesabregreat, thanks16:52
bluesabrelet me know if you have any questions16:52
elfyI will - it'll be a couple of hours I guess16:52
keanbluesabre: I've been trying to build a source package for light-locker-settings from the bazaar branch, but bzr bd -S fails with dpkg-source saying "aborting due to unexpected upstream changes". Could you help me, a newcomer, learn why this is and how to resolve it?17:22
bluesabreto build the source package, you'll need to create a quilt patch17:23
bluesabreone sec, and I'll help you through that17:23
keanThanks. :)17:25
bluesabrekean: have a look at this to set up your quilt env, https://wiki.debian.org/UsingQuilt17:26
keanFrom what I learned so far, I think I understand that I'd need to create a quilt patch if I wanted to introduce a debian/ubuntu specific change. In this case, as a first step, I tried to build the latest launchpad branch without any modifications of my own. Shouldn't it build finde then?17:27
keanbluesabre: Did that, thanks. It just occured to me that maybe branching lp:light-locker-settings might be where I went wrong. I assume lp:lls is what could be considered "upstream", while the ubuntu packages should be built from ubuntu:lls?17:31
bluesabrekean: that's correct.17:32
bluesabreand we already have a single patch in there, so you just need to17:33
bluesabre1. pull17:33
bluesabre2. quilt push -a17:33
keanbluesabre: I see. Please excuse my confusion, but why does lp:lss have a debian/ directory then?17:33
bluesabreIt's native packaging since lls is native to ubuntu17:33
keanWhat's the distinction between lp:lss and ubuntu:lls then?17:34
bluesabreubuntu:lls is the current release in ubuntu17:35
bluesabrelp:lls is upstream trunk17:36
bluesabreat times, they may be identical, but lp:lls is almost always more up-to-date17:36
keanbluesabre: Thanks, that makes more sense now. So, I submitted a merge proposal to lp:lls earlier, where I changed only light-locker-settings.py, and none of the debian/ files. Is that the correct way in this case?17:38
bluesabreyes, we can merge that from there to fix upstream17:41
* bluesabre needs to fix some bugs with lls soon17:42
bluesabre... and several other things17:44
keanI hope I don't overstrain your patience, but what I wanted to ask was whether this would be considered the ideal way of dealing with this situation, or whether I should have done things differently, or additionally. I'm asking because I'm new to this and would like to contribute more to (x)ubuntu, and do so in an effective manner.17:45
bluesabreYeah, offering a patch in that manner is generally preferred.17:46
bluesabreIf you go to the top of the bug report, you can click "Link a related branch" to make it more visible as well (I think that should be visible for everyone)17:47
bluesabreWith most of our projects (and a lot of xfce even), there are only a few (1-2, 3 if lucky) people maintaining them, so patches might sit around for a while17:49
bluesabreBut offering merge requests like that make sure we do find them, when we do get around to them :)17:50
keanOkay, linked the branch now. Thanks for letting me known, I wouldn't have realized there was that possibility otherwise. I just assumed the package maintainers would be notified by mail or something as soon as a merge proposal is created.17:52
bluesabreAlso, we have lots of different areas where we need contributing, in case you're interested -- http://xubuntu.org/contribute/ outlines our focus areas17:53
keanThank you for guiding me through this. :)17:53
keanI surely am interested, thanks for that link. However, I planned on seeing whether I could help with two other bugs that affect me directly.17:57
bluesabreSure thing, that's always the best place to start17:57
keanOh, one more thing: in many bug reports I see people linking PPA packages in order to see whether affected people have their issues resolved by a patch. Is that usually done by the one who proposes a patch, i.e. me, or by the maintainers?17:58
bluesabreUsually by the maintainers.  We'll roll in the proposed fix to see if that resolves the issue, and then verify with others18:00
keanI see, thanks again.18:04
keanI just tried whether I could change the bug status in lls from New to Confirmed, and to my surprise it seemed to work. Sorry if that disturbed you, really didn't expect it to go through. I expected that only people with appropriate permissions could do that. Is anyone able to change the bug statuses by default?18:16
=== meetingology` is now known as meetingology
ochosi14.04.1 xubuntu build has been added it seems23:21

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