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KaaKCan I bake some user-data into an image (EC2 AMI) such that I don't have to pass instances user-data when i instantiate them? I.E. does cloud-init also look for configuration on the local machine? If so, where?06:37
KaaKI'm trying to take as much of the edge off of instantiating images for the rest of my team, and I really only need to take care of a small, unchanging set of cloud-init tasks06:38
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guilloadHi, I experimented a strange bug today with cloud init15:27
guilloadStdin is redirected to /var/log/cloud-init-output.log via tee15:28
guilloadWhen using SaltStack salt15:28
guilloadand after a few minutes configuring my machines (AWS Ubuntu 14.04)15:29
guilloadall the processes stop working15:29
guilloadexcept for "tee"15:29
guilloadwhich keeps running at 100%15:29
guilloadfor 10 long minutes15:30
guilloadand then everything goes normal again15:30
guilloadWhen I disable the redirection via tee to /var/log/cloud-init-output.log15:34
guilloadIt works ok.15:34
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CatKillersmoser: Hi! Sorry I had been sidetracked on adding a "grow" feature to mount-image-callback16:10
smoserguilload, hm..16:10
CatKillersmoser: I've added it (well I've mainly added support to growpart and reuse growpart and resize-part-image from mount-image-callback, but I'm having some issues running chrooted commands using mount-image-callback16:11
smoserguilload, i've never seen that. but it doesn't seem impossible.16:11
guilloadI've just fixed my problem by redirecting stdout and stderr to /dev/null16:14
agyi'm adding metadata (not userdata) to an openstack instance that i've created using a config-drive. does cloud-init save this metadata somewhere? all i can find is a pickle file16:14
CatKillersmoser: I'm just not sure how to run commands, if I follow the example: /mount-image-callback -v trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img -- chroot _MOUNTPOINT_ /bin/sh16:15
CatKillerand add /mount-image-callback -v trusty-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img -- chroot _MOUNTPOINT_ /bin/sh -c "ls /"16:15
CatKillerit won't work (it'll complain about "-c")16:15
guilloadbut I've taken a look at how the redirection is done to tee and it does look a little clumsy16:15
CatKillerany idea on how to properly issue the chrooted command?16:15
smoseragy, no. 16:23
smoseri dont think so. maybe in the pickle.16:24
smoserbut not in a good format.16:24
agysmoser: ok, that's what i thought. thanks16:24
smoserthe goal is to have have that sort of stuff in /run somewhere16:24
agyit's in the pickle fwiw16:24
agythat's where i expected it to be ;-)16:25
smoserthe goal is to put a /run/instance-data.json and /run/instance-data-private.json16:25
smoserwith the -private having things are known priviledged info16:25
agythat would be ideal16:25
smoserpatches are welcome.16:25
smoserin fact, you canprobably just ask harlowja_away to do it for you16:26
* agy was waiting for that16:26
agy^^ the "patches" comment16:26
smoserguilload, how clumsy ?16:26
smoserit might be, but its been used that way for quite a while. the default did change in 14.04 to redirect. but prior to that i always used that output definition and so did many other usres.16:27
smoseri'm intereted in fixing it. can you file a bug with a reproducible example ?16:27
guilloadFirst, I will try to reproduce the bug :)16:28
smoserCatKiller, hm.. example of chrooted commands issues ?16:28
smoserCatKiller, hm.. it should be fine like that.16:29
smoseryou do need that '--' but mount-image-callback should respect it.16:29
CatKillersmoser: Ah I wasn't sure I needed it16:30
CatKillersmoser: In fact I think it's my bad, I have a 64bit image and I'm on a 32bit system....16:30
CatKillersmoser: I should be OK once I get the 32bit one :p16:31
smoserwow. you have a 32 bit system ?16:39
smoseris your atari 2600 sitting on top of it ?16:40
CatKillersmoser: Well in fact it's a 64bit machine I think, but it's one of the first AMD ever produced so it behaves better in 32bit ;)16:56
CatKillersmoser: But yes the hardware we have at work here is laughable. I recently got an upgrade to 2GB of RAM from 512M16:57
* smoser sends CatKiller 512M dimm 16:58
CatKillerI'll have to refuse them: all my DIMM slots are now full! :P16:58
CatKillerMy phone is more powerful than my dev machine now...16:59
CatKilleractually not quite, I haven't upgraded to an iPhone 5 but if I did it would!16:59
CatKillersmoser: Would there be an easy way to pass the contents of a script to the chroot command instead of relying on running /bin/sh in mount-image-callback?17:06
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harlowjasmoser whats this, what code, lol17:21
harlowjado waht, lol17:21
harlowjai volunteer SpamapS  to do whatever it is, ha17:22
SpamapSharlowja: challenge accepted. First step: rewrite it in go.18:21
harlowjadamn it18:21
harlowjaSpamapS https://github.com/coreos/coreos-cloudinit u already did that, lol18:22
harlowjasmoser have u seen ^ ;)18:22
harlowjalooks similar right (but in go, haha)18:22
harlowjaexcept its to much hipster for me18:23
smoseryeah, i saw that a while ago.18:24
smoseri'm having fun with that same thing right now18:24
smoserthat same thing being "doing the same thing only different"18:24
smoseras i try to get cloud-init and systemd working on ubuntu18:25
smoserhorray for useful exercises in time18:25
harlowjasmoser are u just trying to convert the upstart stuff to systemd or is it more extensive than that?19:38
smoser https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/systemd-enable/19:39
smoserbut in order to get to systemd functional, i had to do some other things... and then xnox helped and clean up some of hte packaging19:40
smoserso its kind of snowballed.19:40
harlowjafun fun19:43
smoserharlowja, https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/cloud-init/fix-systemd-install-paths/+merge/22791819:46
smoserdo you know why those were put in /etc ?19:46
harlowjano idea19:47
* harlowja i haven't done much with systemd first 19:47
harlowjawaiting till u figure it all out ;)19:47
smoserwell, it blames to you19:47
smoserand your fix-everything-smoser-did branch19:48
smoseroh well.19:48
harlowjahmmm, lies19:48
harlowjafix-everything-smoser-did branch, haha19:48
harlowjaprobably i didn't do it right, blame accepted19:49

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