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Makyohatch, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21190584/vagrant-shared-folder-take-advantage-of-inotify-over-nfs08:55
frankbanrogpeppe1: https://github.com/juju/charm/pull/2309:11
huwshimijcsackett: If you've got a minute...13:11
huwshimijcsackett: Can you poke Jeff for me?14:29
hatchjujugui heyyooo21:17
kadams54_Shhh… not so loud…21:17
hatchohhh sorrrry21:18
hatchMakyo Denver gopher meetup is today 21:18
hatchyou going?21:18
hatchkadams54_ feelin better?21:18
kadams54_I am actually, thank you very much.21:19
kadams54_But I'm still going to bed :-)21:19
hatchhaha as am I, well...in a bit, trying to download a python book...21:19
hatchsometimes I wish I had an ereader21:20
urulamahatch: so you are the reason for the slow connection here ;)21:35
hatch1.5MB book is really overloading the circuits 21:35
urulamaof course, not all of the movies being streamed to the rooms 21:36
hatchhah yeah it's probably being netflixed to death21:37
* urulama reads arstechnica's review of juju21:38
hatchit's a good review21:39
hatchand it paints juju in a good light to boot21:39
hatchugh this download is taking foreverrrrrr21:40
urulamayes. i just wish people would start describing juju as orchestration tool not deployment tool ;)21:42

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