dubcanadaCan you deploy more then one thing per a server?00:27
sarnolddubcanada: yes; you can either use subordinate charms if the things are logically related somehow or you can use lxc containers if they're not00:40
dubcanadaHow do you use lxc containers?00:40
sarnolddubcanada: that'd be something --to foo:1 or --to bar:200:40
dubcanadaDoes the GUI support that stuff?00:41
dubcanadaOr is that only cl?00:41
sarnolddubcanada: https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/charms-deploying.html#deploying-to-specific-machines-and-containers00:41
sarnolddubcanada: ah, no idea there, sorry00:41
sarnolddubcanada: ah, looks like I had the syntax all wrong, too :)00:41
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santeHi, I'm trying to bootstrap an openstack environment but I'm stuck at this error http://pastebin.com/ER9i8Qt4 . I did setup the new tools-metadata-url and image-metadata-url but the bootstrap process seems to ignore them. Can someone help me understandig thie issue?08:27
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schegihey guys a little problem with my new maas setup. I configured my maas master with 4 different networks all managed dhcp and dns. but if i now bootstrap a juju environement, the maas master is no longer able to connect to the bootstrapped node cause it chooses to use the wrong network..12:28
schegiif i reduce my networks to only the one which is brought up during installation on nodes everything works fine but not if i have all networks on and managed12:29
schegibootstrapping starts with Attempting to connect to controller.wcloud.uni-koblenz.de:22 Attempting to connect to Attempting to connect to Attempting to connect to
schegiwhich is correct but later it fails with ERROR waited for 33m20s without being able to connect: ssh: connect to host port 22: No route to host, because the host will only bring up the network during installtion. how can i force maas to use one particular network??12:31
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schegi__can someone helpt with virsh power settings for maas?? already asked in the maas channel noone able toi help there16:37
roadmrschegi__: I think #maas would be the right place, if they were unable to help maybe you can post in askubuntu.com?16:44
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lukestutshello jujuers20:26
lukestutsi have just started jujuing20:27
lukestutsi am confused by the relationship between the ubuntu charm store and the charms on github20:28
lukestutshow do the github charms differ from the charm store charms?20:28
ctlaughI'm trying to deploy nova-compute using juju to an ARM64 machine running trusty and am trying to figure out how the following line gets added the /etc/apt/sources.list.d/cloud-archive.list: deb http://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu precise-updates/icehouse main20:41
lukestutshello ctlaugh20:56
ctlaughlukestuts: hi20:56
lukestutswhat do you mean by "how it gets added"?20:57
ctlaughSomehow, in the process of adding the machine using "juju add-machine ssh:ip-address", or when I deployed nova-compute, that file got created.20:58
ctlaughI am 87% sure it was not there before that20:58
ctlaughI was curious if anyone knew if that was part of the juju bootstrapping process, or part of the charm's installation steps20:59
lukestutsit's not on my openstack vm20:59
lukestutsi'm playing with rails on trusty20:59
lukestutswhich charm were you using?21:00
ctlaughnova-compute from trusty-icehouse21:02
cl3044to shut down juju / juju-gui nodes and reboot it, i thought it was necessary just to hit "stop node" and then "start node", but I'm having the issue of MAAS wiping out the node, PXE booting, and reinstalling a blank node.22:58
cl3044i must be doing something totally wrong.22:58
sarnoldcl3044: you might just want to juju ssh to issue shutdown commands instead22:59
joseor do destroy-environment or destroy-service with terminate-machine22:59
cl3044ok, that's definitely helpful23:00
cl3044no powering down maas nodes then?23:00
cl3044(at least directly)23:01
sarnoldcl3044: good point. there may be some interface in MAAS for rebooting instead...23:01
cl3044if i deploy openstack with juju and tear it down with destroy-environment/terminate-, etc.... how do i start it back up, then?  seems like it would not be persisent.23:13
mwhudsonif i do juju add-machine lxc:0 is there any easy way to identify the lxc that i just added?23:39
mwhudsoni guess i can do before/after on juju status but...23:39
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