shadeslayeryofel: oh? :S00:17
ovidiu-florinhappy birthday apachelogger :D05:12
valorieooooo, birthday congratulations and best wishes, my dear apachelogger05:19
ovidiu-florinI'd like to create a Kubuntu „company” or project of some sort on LinkedIn. Can we achieve that?05:32
valoriesure, I think just do it, and then from linkedin invite people to join05:37
* valorie will05:37
valoriethere are groups - nightrose has one for GSoC students -- but not much traffic05:38
valoriethere is a KDE "company" or something05:38
ovidiu-florinvalorie: what should be the official email?05:40
ovidiu-florindo we have one?05:40
ovidiu-florinI mean, not the mail list05:41
valorieoh god no, linkedin spams like crazy05:41
ovidiu-florinsomething that ends in @kubuntu.org05:41
ovidiu-florinthen I'll put mine for now05:41
valoriesounds good05:42
valorieI hate to say this, because linkedin seemed decent for a long time, but it seems that they have turned to the dark side lately05:43
ovidiu-florinmy ovidiub13 at kubuntu dor org email address is not available yet. Who do I have to ping for that?05:43
valorieso much spam05:43
ovidiu-florinvalorie: you just have to deactivate the email notifications05:43
valorieno, they send spam to lists *all the time*05:44
valorieon almost all the lists I administer - on Rootsweb (genealogy), linuxchix, KDE, and kubuntu05:44
valoriethe KDE sysadmins threaten them very frequently05:45
Sick_RimmitHouston I believe we have a problem..06:45
Sick_Rimmitshows "404 Not Found"06:45
valorieSick_Rimmit: how about http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/daily-live/20140723/utopic-desktop-i386.iso07:54
valorieoh, trusty07:54
valoriewhy would there be a daily for trusty?07:54
Noskcajvalorie, microreleases07:55
valoriein /daily-live/ I see only utopic07:57
yofelSick_Rimmit, valorie: the URL in the tracker is wrong07:58
valoriefrom: http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/14.04/release/07:58
valorieoh, that's releases, sorry for the noise07:59
apacheloggerpage down page down page down page down page down08:01
apacheloggerRiddell: qtdeclarative5-kf5declarative is still named like that... I do not see it transiting to qml-module-whatever08:03
apacheloggersolid neither FWIW08:03
apacheloggerI hate bzr so very very very very much08:21
=== toscalix_ is now known as toscalix
Riddellapachelogger: well better believe it cos the transition is in bzr08:31
Riddellwhatever is wrong with bzr? as long as you're patient it's your best friend08:31
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - The Distro for Birthday Octopii, 100% jellyfish free | https://trello.com/kubuntu | KF5 5.0.0! notes http://goo.gl/53m7zt : status http://goo.gl/MxvdGp | Congrats to our newest kubuntu-member: ovidiu-florin
Riddellapachelogger: ¡feliz cumpleaños!08:32
apacheloggerRiddell: it's not in ppa, so I can't change the names08:36
ovidiu-florinRiddell: when can I expect to use my @kubuntu.org email address?08:37
apachelogger"The script which creates the email aliases runs every 2 days. So please wait at least 48 hours before checking if the email is working (or leave it a couple more days to be sure). "08:38
RiddellI wonder what to do about oversized 14.04.1 ISOs08:42
Riddell!testers | 14.04.1 testing!08:42
ubottu14.04.1 testing!: Help is needed in #kubuntu-devel. Please ping Riddell, yofel, soee, Tm_T, shadeslayer, BluesKaj, James147, Quintasan, lordievader, shrini, tester56, parad1se, mamarley, alket  for information08:42
apacheloggerdrop some languages?08:43
apacheloggeroh wait, we can't there aren't any left :P08:43
apacheloggeruploading workspace to staging08:43
apacheloggerah bugger, I forgot to add gdb there08:44
apacheloggersome reviewers you guys are :P08:44
shadeslayerwhat what08:44
apacheloggerpagedown pagedown pagedown pagedown pagedown08:44
valorieWhen I installed project neon to this laptop today, I noticed an enormous number of packages I've never had, such as claws-mail, emacs, etc.08:49
valorieis this intended?08:49
valoriedidn't happen a few days ago when I installed it on the retiring laptop08:50
apacheloggeremacs sounds wrong08:50
valoriebut in regular session there is no emacs installed....08:50
valorieIt did to me, for sure08:51
* valorie doesn't need a third OS on this lappy08:51
valoriehappy birthday, apachelogger08:51
valorieclaws-mail seemed completely off the wall as well08:51
apacheloggeris it my birthday?08:52
apacheloggerthank you08:52
apacheloggervalorie: what did you install exactly08:53
valorieafaik, just project neon08:53
valorie`sudo apt install project-neon5-session project-neon5-utils project-neon5-konsole`08:54
valoriethat is a paste from up-arrow in yakuake08:55
apacheloggermaybe utils pulls something in09:00
apacheloggerthere's a bunch of dev plunder in utils09:00
apacheloggernot quite sure why installing it is suggested09:00
valorieI just thought I'd mention it, since it didn't happen a few days ago09:00
apacheloggervalorie: where is that line from?09:00
valoriethat was the line I used to install, and I copied it from Riddell's post09:01
valoriedidn't eat my babies though09:01
valoriejust gave me emacs09:01
valorieit's sorta bare-bones still09:03
valorieI suppose it will grow pretty quickly09:03
valorieonly problem I've had is that I can't get the wallpaper to show09:03
apacheloggeremacs is like a decease, if you don't watch out you can easily catch it from other people09:04
valorieI think I'm pretty safe on that score09:05
valorienot my style at all09:05
Riddellapachelogger-x apachelogger-c09:05
apacheloggerwhatever that may mean09:05
* apachelogger needs to fetch his vimrc from his old $HOME09:06
apacheloggerif I found my old home that is :'<09:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: qtcurve already moved to next?09:06
shadeslayerapachelogger: yes09:06
shadeslayerI tested it09:06
shadeslayereet works09:06
apacheloggershadeslayer: breeze will want adjustment09:06
apacheloggerrecommends all curves09:06
apacheloggerit's part of breeze theme convergence09:07
shadeslayerI already made plasma5-desktop recommend it09:07
shadeslayeror was it depend09:07
shadeslayerI forget09:07
shadeslayertoo much rage yesterday 09:07
apacheloggerbreeze still needs to recommend it :P09:07
shadeslayeryeah ofcourse09:07
shadeslayerwill fixeroo after I write orchrestration09:07
* apachelogger does the daily dist upgrade to proceed with testing -.-09:07
valoriehmmm, I should go to bed09:12
shadeslayernight valorie09:13
Riddellshadeslayer: rejected kdeclarative cos copyright didn't list MIT, I've updated bzr, please check and re-upload09:14
shadeslayerRiddell: uploaded09:19
apacheloggerThe following packages will be REMOVED:09:20
apachelogger  kde-style-qtcurve09:20
apacheloggerI still don't get why the package had to be renamed09:20
shadeslayerwell, if the Qt5 package  has a 5 at the end, why make it inconsistent with the Qt4 version09:21
apacheloggerwhy would one?09:23
apacheloggerit's not like the package name isn't an utter lie anyway09:23
apacheloggerthere is no kde-style-qtcurve509:24
yofelthere is09:24
apacheloggerit's a qt5-style-qtcruve if anything09:24
apacheloggerDepends: frameworkintegration, libc6 (>= 2.14), libqt5core5a (>= 5.3.0), libqt5dbus5 (>= 5.0.2), libqt5gui5 (>= 5.3.0) | libqt5gui5-gles (>= 5.3.0), libqt5svg5 (>= 5.0.2), libqt5widgets5 (>= 5.0.2), libqt5x11extras5 (>= 5.1.0), libqtcurve-utils1, libstdc++6 (>= 4.1.1), qtbase-abi-5-3-009:24
apacheloggerwhy does it dep on frameworkintegration Oo09:24
Riddellit only works with frameworkintegration09:26
Riddellor at least when you select it through system settings it breaks unless you have frameworkintegration09:26
apacheloggerthat makes no sense whatsoever09:26
apacheloggerwhat frameworksintegration does is make qt load the style configured in the style kcm09:27
apacheloggerthat has nothing to do with the theme depending on frameworkintegration09:27
shadeslayerhm, sounds about right, but then can you configure QtCurve from other places?09:29
shadeslayerso that applications use the qtcurve style09:30
Riddellprobably qt-config can do it09:30
Riddellbut that's hardly the most likely option09:30
RiddellI suppose a recommends could be justified but it's nasty to break for users and I can't imaging why you wouldn't want frameworkintegration around09:31
apacheloggerit should have no relationship with frameworkintegration!09:31
shadeslayerthis is true ^^09:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: any other QPA 09:32
apacheloggerand probably .config/Trolltech.conf09:32
shadeslayerbecause there could be any number of other ui's that could configure this09:32
apacheloggerunless they changed the config path, there is a native config somewhere anyway09:32
shadeslayerbut I am not really aware of them09:32
Riddellmaybe systemsettings needs to depend on frameworkintegration as it's that kcm which needs it09:38
shadeslayerthat seems more sensible to me09:39
shadeslayerwhy not?09:39
apacheloggerthe kcm doesn't need it09:39
apacheloggerfor the kcm's setting to take effect you need it09:39
apacheloggerthe setting is there and written to file and all , except it does not do anything unless frameworkintegration is there09:40
apacheloggerthe situation would be the same if there was another platform plugin that gets loaded instead of the frameworks one09:41
apacheloggerso that is really something to carry and discuss upstream09:41
Riddellapachelogger: that's very broken behavious, if it writes the setting but the setting doesn't take place09:42
apacheloggerthere is no active tie from systemsettings to frameworkintegration, so what happens if a user installs dolphin in gnome, then installs systemsettings and wants to set the style, and what if there is another platform plugin getting loaded (assuming that can happen)09:43
Riddellupstream just says make plasma-workspace depend on it09:43
apacheloggerright, that's what we go with then09:43
apacheloggerthe problem ultimately (if anywhere) would be a bug in qt, not providing a way to set the style without a platform plugin09:44
shadeslayer apacheloggeris e.u.c still broken for you09:45
apacheloggerwas last I checked09:45
apachelogger2 weeks ago or so09:45
shadeslayeryeah, ev still hasn't replied to me09:45
apacheloggersend mail and cc ubuntu-devel?09:45
apacheloggersurely someone can find out what's wrong 09:45
shadeslayeryeah I guess09:45
ochosihey folks!09:46
Riddellhi ochosi 09:46
apacheloggerRiddell: I'll argue that a recommends from systemsettings is warranted09:46
apacheloggerbut the thing is09:46
apacheloggerthis applies to all kde applications09:46
ochosiquick question, you've been using trello for a while, are you still using launchpad's blueprint system and status.ubuntu.com at all? if so, what for? if not, any things your missing from that?09:46
Riddellochosi: nah dropped that along with wiki Specs09:47
apacheloggerand since there is no uniform way to hook into those, I think upstream's suggestion is really the best there is right now09:47
ochosiRiddell: so only trello it is?09:47
Riddellochosi: yep, although upstream KDE now uses kanboard as a free alternative09:49
shadeslayerapachelogger: https://code.launchpad.net/~rohangarg/daisy/add-kubuntu-bugs/+merge/22787909:53
apacheloggerah, lol09:53
apachelogger cat /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/90xapian09:59
apacheloggerAPT::Update::Post-Invoke-Success { "if [ -x /usr/sbin/update-apt-xapian-index ]; then update-apt-xapian-index -u; fi" }10:00
Riddellshadeslayer: kxmlgui rejected for incomplete copyright, bzr updated, please check and reupload10:00
apacheloggerRiddell, shadeslayer: ^ please create that file and watch your apt-get updates10:00
apacheloggerneed some preliminary data for https://trello.com/c/W1ZdDudj10:00
apacheloggerwell, actually, let me send a mail10:00
* Riddell makes it sew10:02
Riddellapachelogger: qml-module-org-kde-solid qml-module-org-kde-draganddrop etc in archive10:08
Riddelltrusty-desktop-amd64.iso 5 MB oversized10:13
apacheloggeramd64 is too fat10:13
* Riddell considers removing libreoffice10:13
apacheloggerRiddell: you could make the seed reject aptdaemon10:14
apacheloggerit's not useful but pulled in by firefoxy10:15
apacheloggerblacklist seed is what you want to edit I think10:15
RiddellI wonder what qpdf is and why we have it on our CDs10:17
Riddellstill only gives us 1MB at most10:18
apacheloggerRiddell: you can blacklist gdb and instead explicitly seed gdb-minimal10:18
apacheloggerthat will definitely be enough10:19
apacheloggerblacklist libc-dbg/libc6-dbg10:19
apacheloggerit's a recommends of gdb that we do not really need because drkonqi shoudl be able to resolve the dep and apport/whoopsie doesn't do client tracing anyway10:20
apacheloggeri.e. libc-dbg disappearing is also the primary effect of gdb-minimal as far as space is concerned ;)10:20
Riddellgdb -> apport-kde (Recommends) 10:25
Riddelllibc6-dbg                             | glibc                          | gdb (Recommends)10:25
shadeslayerRiddell: can you run : grep-available -F Maintainer -i kubuntu -s Source10:26
shadeslayerRiddell: and tell me if you get anything10:26
Riddellshadeslayer: lots of kde and qt bits10:27
shadeslayerRiddell: any kf5 bits10:27
Riddellyep http://paste.kde.org/poyfheit110:27
RiddellScottK: ping?10:30
Riddellbug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/134756510:32
ubottuUbuntu bug 1347565 in apport (Ubuntu Utopic) "apport recommends gdb" [Undecided,New]10:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: what do we do with vlc btw? debian bug is not moving much :'<10:35
* apachelogger is a bit scared of uploading10:35
Riddellwhat needs done with vlc?10:36
apacheloggerI did however land the same change in neon pvlc and haven't heared complaints so far10:36
* shadeslayer is a bit busy trying to figure out why grep-available isn't working10:36
apacheloggerRiddell: it not crashing kf5 apps would be good10:36
Riddellyes it would10:36
ubottuDebian bug 755154 in vlc "vlc cache gen should happen at runtime, not buildtime" [Normal,Open]10:36
shadeslayersparkleshare - distributed collaboration and sharing tool10:38
apacheloggersounds dirty10:39
apacheloggerI also do wonder how to package our qt5 ports so that new archive uploads don't override them :S10:40
Riddellbigger version number?10:41
Riddellwhat's the issue?10:41
apacheloggerbut how big too not make them too big :P10:41
shadeslayerbtw thoughts on where to setup ISO orchrestration10:59
shadeslayerfor Kubuntu 510:59
shadeslayertill Colin sets up stuff on cdimages10:59
shadeslayeryofel: ScottK apachelogger Riddell11:00
Riddellhmm cantor needs lua, that package just gets weirder11:00
Riddellshadeslayer: what does that mean?11:03
shadeslayerRiddell: we need to setup ISO scripts somewhere to build kubuntu5 iso's till Colin sets up infra on cdimages11:03
shadeslayerwhere do you propose setting up the scripts?11:04
Riddellcan qa.kubuntu.co.uk handle it? I suspect not11:06
Riddellyou don't want it on blue systems server?11:06
shadeslayerI am unsure, it might be able to11:06
RiddellI'd rather fire up an ec2 server to do it I think11:06
shadeslayerRiddell: idk, apachelogger didn't seem to keen on it11:06
Riddellsilly apachelogger, always making trouble11:07
* apachelogger just wrote a reply on kubuntuforums, took so long his session timed out Oo11:09
apacheloggershadeslayer, Riddell: I don't want it handled in bluesystems channels etc, the server it runs on I do not care about11:10
apacheloggerplasma-workspace, desktop and qtcurve moving to next11:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: I totally feel like we should automate this :P11:35
yofelyou want to wire up britney for it? :D11:50
apacheloggeralthough, I'd actually rather have something that is blocking all migration when something fails11:51
yofelwell, britney blocks breakage, isn't that enough?11:51
apacheloggernot consequential enough if you ask me11:52
apacheloggerI mean, it's fine for archive scale, considering the limited set of the ppa I'd find it perfectly acceptable to consider the stage as a whole for migration and therefore block it as a whole if something is broken11:53
apacheloggersoftwareproperties and usb-creator in stage11:54
ScottKRiddell: infinity needs to bless any trusty changes atm.11:54
yofelwell, britney doesn't actually migrate stuff, it creates the list of stuff that can migrate. If that's not all you can just abort11:55
apacheloggerRiddell: shadeslayer: you know, for the qt5 ports it might actually worthwhile to wire up recipes11:55
apacheloggeryofel: ic11:55
yofelwhat I said is true when running it locally at least, it can feed its output directly into the dak database, but we don't use dak11:56
MamarokRiddell: my fund application for the LiMux event was accepted :)12:14
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=== greyback is now known as greyback|lunch
RiddellMamarok: yay!12:19
Mamarokyep, that's really nice :)12:21
Mamarokbut we are not many yet, any more people attending?12:22
apacheloggerthere's kde people attending as well IIRC12:23
apacheloggerah there's a new notes12:23
apacheloggerhm, software-properties icon is broken somehow12:28
apacheloggeror maybe I forgot to set it12:28
apacheloggerwho knows :S12:28
Riddellapp icons are still a bit broken for me, kmenuedit doesn't work, app template one doesn't work12:31
apacheloggerkmenuedit wouldn't surprise me if it has none set12:31
apacheloggergiven that its kaboutdata appears pretty kaput12:31
Riddellstill I'd like to know why it doesn't work in the kapptemplate one I made https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119388/12:33
apacheloggerCMake Warning (dev) at /usr/share/ECM/modules/ECMInstallIcons.cmake:205 (message):12:34
apachelogger  ecm_install_icons() with no ICONS argument is deprecated12:34
apacheloggerthat maybe?12:34
apacheloggerRiddell: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qapplication.html#windowIcon-prop12:37
Riddellapachelogger: that just installs it, they still get installed12:38
Riddellapachelogger: I was hoping that aboutData.setProgramIconName() would do that for me12:38
apacheloggerRiddell: works for me12:39
apacheloggerI think12:39
Riddellshows the gear icon?12:39
apacheloggerRiddell: http://i.imgur.com/Mveh1Ke.png12:40
apacheloggerRiddell: you did install, right? :P12:40
apacheloggeruhh, recipe build seems to work nicely for qt5 packaging12:41
Riddell-- Installing: /usr/share/icons/hicolor/16x16/apps/./moo.png12:42
Riddellyep it installs12:42
Riddellapachelogger: are you using the plasma 5 packages or the neon packages?12:43
Riddellapachelogger: anyway can you take a screenshot of the app for kapptemplate?12:43
apacheloggerRiddell: you have frameworkintegration installed, right? :P12:43
RiddellI do12:43
apacheloggerRiddell: what's you icon theme in systemsettings?12:43
Riddellapachelogger: breeze12:44
apacheloggerRiddell: rm .cache/*kicon*12:45
apacheloggerthen try again12:45
Riddellrm ~/.cache/icon-cache.kcache; moo  makes no difference12:46
Riddellit is spooky12:46
Riddell'"Theme tree: (Breeze)"' pointless debug output annoys me12:47
apacheloggervery curious12:48
Riddellcan I have my screenshot now?12:48
apacheloggerthing is also, I think mine is going entirely through the cache12:48
apacheloggerI have no file access on moo.png12:48
apacheloggerRiddell: can't do dropshadow though12:49
apacheloggerkwin doesn't like novulsululuooo12:49
Riddelllovely, thanks12:51
Riddellshadeslayer: no kjs in the archive?13:03
Riddellshadeslayer: khtml, kdelibs4support13:05
apacheloggerAn unhandled exception occurred:13:05
Riddellshadeslayer: kiconthemes13:05
apacheloggername 'KStandardDirs' is not defined13:05
Riddellapachelogger: it's in support no?13:05
Riddellshadeslayer: kjsembed13:06
apacheloggerRiddell: it's not in python tho :P13:06
apacheloggeranyway, problem is that usb-creator decides to use different ways to lookup the data assets when run from source and when run from install path13:06
apacheloggerdidn't catch that 13:06
apacheloggerin software-properties it works all the same13:07
apacheloggerI tell you the python software we have is a work of madness13:07
apacheloggerthere's no common solutions, no shared stuff, no code style or structure that is the same13:08
apacheloggerit's like a reinvention of the reinvention of the reinvention13:08
Riddellmostly it's ports of the ubuntu stuff13:08
apacheloggerand those are inconsistent as well13:08
apacheloggerbut all apps I have seen have kde specific logic to deal with a) translations and b) encoding13:09
apacheloggerand all were different13:09
apacheloggerand by different I don't mean they looked slightly different... they were doing entirely different things to achieve the same goal13:09
apacheloggerone of them has a like 20 sloc function to translate qt ui files and the other has 4.....13:10
* apachelogger always almost accidentally deletes ppas when wanting to delete a package -.-13:11
apacheloggerit's got the same icon, is at the almost the same location, and it has an annoying page with an ugly button that looks like the build-retry page which I learned to ignore13:12
apacheloggermuchos dangerous13:12
apacheloggershadeslayer: are you planning to land qtcurve in the archive btw?13:14
=== greyback|lunch is now known as greyback
* apachelogger pokes launchpad with a stick13:20
apacheloggeris it just me or are some builders really really slow?13:21
BluesKaj'Morning all13:25
shadeslayerapachelogger: ^^13:26
shadeslayerlets see13:27
shadeslayerkubotu: imager build13:27
shadeslayerguess not13:27
apacheloggerdidn't feel like it clearly13:28
shadeslayerkubuntuBot: imager build13:32
apacheloggershadeslayer: you could take him to a different channel  you know13:35
apacheloggershadeslayer: #apacheloggerslounge is always free :P13:35
RiddellSick_Rimmit: hola, wanting to look at opencv today?13:50
Riddellmeh if I want to compile anything kde4 that cares about activities I need to remove plasma-workspace and desktop13:54
Riddellupstream sucks!13:54
* apachelogger doesn't want to package debconf qt5 port with recipe :'<14:05
kubotufeed branches had 9 updates, showing the latest 614:38
apachelogger The next import is scheduled to run as soon as possible. 15:09
apacheloggerI think lunchpad is too busy to let me work on the qt5 ports ...15:10
shadeslayerapachelogger: anything left to port btw?15:13
shadeslayerI can have a look at it on Friday15:13
apacheloggerbut xnox wanted to do that anyway, so best check with him15:17
apacheloggerRiddell: how's kdesudo going btw?15:17
apacheloggershadeslayer: ah well, and all of muon15:17
apacheloggernot particularly blocking though15:17
shadeslayerI'm going to leave that beast to Aleix 15:17
xnoxapachelogger: what do you mean about ubiquity?!15:18
xnoxi see nothing outstanding15:18
apacheloggerxnox: qt5 porting15:20
Riddellapachelogger: was working yesterday, not done anything today and needs a bunch of tidying up, then it needs proposed to go into plasma, I guess another day's work15:21
xnoxapachelogger: oh porting to qt5, right, haven't started that yet.15:21
xnoxapachelogger: there are vague plans around it.15:22
apacheloggershadeslayer: ^15:22
Riddellapachelogger: question is whether I should do more 4.14 beta tomorrow or kdesudo or 4.04.115:22
apacheloggerI do think kdesu (5) needs to have alternatives support added, I don't think I have seen that yet15:24
apacheloggerwithout that we cannot smoothly hijack kdesu calls15:24
Riddellapachelogger: alternative debian package system or more internal to kdesu15:25
RiddellI did port kdesu to sudo back in the day but its split architecture means it doesn't remember the password15:25
Riddellso we switched to kdesudo15:25
apacheloggerI think we used diversion at some point and I switched it to alternatives because diversions would break every other year15:25
apacheloggerRiddell: kdesudo doesn't do that either (anymore)  (for unknown reasons)15:26
apacheloggerso we might as well use kdesu :P15:26
Riddellremember the password? sure it does15:26
Riddelldid yesterday when i was testing15:26
RiddellI had to run sudo -k lots to forget it15:26
apacheloggerRiddell: maybe kdesudo needs to be fixed for that then15:28
apacheloggerRiddell: at any rate, if password remembering is the only reason we'd want to keep kdesudo I'd just ditch ignore that shortcoming and use kdesu15:28
apacheloggerI mean, there's next to no cases where something needs sudo to begin with15:29
apacheloggerin fact I have a hard time to come up with a recent kdesudo run :P15:29
apacheloggerah, inproperly set up users will get sudo queried when mounting devices I thinkg15:30
Riddellyes there's a lot fewer now thanks to polkit15:30
yofelsoftware-properties IIRC uses kdesudo15:31
apacheloggermh, I'd assess whether kdesu wit h sudo wouldn't be better15:31
apacheloggeryofel: not for long15:31
yofelbut it's not that much that uses it, so kdesu should do the job15:31
apacheloggerin fact I already had made the port to dbus and it was merged, somehow I then didn't port our stuff to the dbus api though :P15:31
apacheloggerRiddell: oh and kdesudo surely doesn't remember since 13.04 or so15:31
yofelwhat? meaning my stupid bug workarounds are still in there? :D15:32
apacheloggerand no one complained AFAIK, so I really don't think remembering is that much of a killer feature anymore15:32
apacheloggeryofel: in kdesudo?15:32
apacheloggerthere's a 14.10 card to make it less shitty15:33
Riddellit remembered yesterday in my frameworks port!15:33
apacheloggerI'll probably do that on the qt5 port though, seems more convenient anyway15:33
apacheloggerRiddell: wut :O15:33
apacheloggermaybe kde4 is kaput ;)15:33
apacheloggerI definitely recall kdesudo not remember the password15:33
apacheloggertwas back when my system had a kate I could use kdesudo on15:34
apacheloggerThe program 'kate' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:15:34
yofelyeah, doesn't remember it here15:34
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:40
lordievaderLets see, can I find a vm to test 14.04.115:40
shadeslayerRiddell: feel free to do whatever you want with krunner btw, clearly packaging doesn't matter15:43
shadeslayerand we're all just whiling away our time here15:43
Riddellyep, we should just package kdesrc-build and leave it at that15:44
Riddellshadeslayer: krunner updated for your review and upload15:45
yofel!info kdesrc-build15:45
ubottukdesrc-build (source: kdesrc-build): tool for building KDE from its source repositories. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.15.1-1 (trusty), package size 162 kB, installed size 616 kB15:45
Riddellit's all anyone needs15:45
shadeslayerRiddell: E: krunner source: version-substvar-for-external-package libkf5runner5-dbg -> libkf5runner-bin15:48
shadeslayerfixed and uploaded15:50
Riddellhave some bonus points for reviewing15:50
yofelThe following packages will be REMOVED:15:57
yofel  plasma-widget-milou-kf515:57
yofelintentional ^ ?15:57
Riddellit was renamed I think15:59
* yofel goes back to upstart for the time being - too many service restart issues in updates :(16:00
RiddellI'm making frameworks libraries with a qml module have an implicit dependency on that module in the .symbols file16:00
Sick_RimmitRiddel: Hey sorry, just got back from a meeting, yes am right up for opencv, would it be OK to start this evening after dinner, in about an hour and half ?16:00
shadeslayerRiddell: somehow zenity gets pulled into the ISO btw16:00
yofelmight as well figure out suspend with upower 0.9916:00
yofelshadeslayer: what does the germinate output say?16:01
Sick_RimmitRiddell: ^^16:01
RiddellSick_Rimmit: aure16:01
RiddellSick_Rimmit: sure16:01
shadeslayeryofel: this is for 5 btw16:01
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Great, will ping you in a little while, thanks16:02
yofelshadeslayer: I assumed as much :P16:02
shadeslayeryofel: well, it's no there in the seed16:02
shadeslayerso something else must be causing it16:02
yofelwell yeah, but germinate will tell you where it gets it from...16:03
shadeslayeryofel: no, it doesn't end up in the meta package too afaict16:03
yofeldo you have the germinate output at hand?16:03
shadeslayernope, I can run it though16:03
shadeslayerwrong one :p16:03
Riddelldon't see it in desktop or desktop-common16:03
Riddelloh the plasma 5 image16:04
yofelplease do, it should log the reason for every package in the seed, not just the explicit ones16:04
yofelshadeslayer: btw. is there a guide that tells how one makes sddm work?16:07
shadeslayersudo service sddm start ?16:07
shadeslayermake sure you have the maui theme?16:07
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842642/16:07
yofelmaui is installed, start hangs for ~10s, then fails16:07
shadeslayertry sudo sddm16:08
shadeslayerdoes that work16:08
yofelthat froze the terminal16:08
shadeslayernote that sddm will start on tty116:09
yofelyeah, it froze tty116:09
yofelshadeslayer: do you have the germinate output? That should have zenity somewhere in it16:10
shadeslayeryofel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842642/16:15
yofelshadeslayer: not that, the folder that Riddell pointed to16:15
shadeslayeraha, wait16:15
shadeslayer* Chose zenity to satisfy im-config16:15
shadeslayerthought so16:15
shadeslayerwill need fixing in zenity16:16
* yofel wonders how quassel, firefox, 2x dolphin, plasma + services can use up 5G of memory [firefox is 1G of that]16:17
shadeslayeryofel: KDE 4? or Plasma 5?16:20
shadeslayersounds like a  mem leak16:20
yofeltop is fun, I have 14 akonadi_* processes16:22
yofelmake that 17 with mysql and akonadiserver16:22
yofelso, sudo sddm does at least switch me to tty1 and starts X16:28
yofelbut I never see it16:28
shadeslayeris this bare metal?16:29
yofelyeah, my eeePC with it's 945GME16:29
shadeslayernot a clue really then16:30
shadeslayerits known to be shit with VBox16:30
shadeslayerbut should work with actual hw16:30
yofelwait, it did start X, so let me check the log of that16:30
shadeslayeryofel: well, logs should be in /var/log/sddm16:30
yofelthere is a sddm.log, which doesn't really tell much16:31
shadeslayerd_ed: ^^16:31
kubotufeed branches had 10 updates, showing the latest 616:38
shadeslayerScottK: did you ever hear back on your insights bug16:44
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Hi I'm ready when you are 17:30
Riddellhi Sick_Rimmit 17:32
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you'll need an ssh key, do you have one?17:32
Sick_RimmitHello, I'm ready to have a go at merging opencv17:32
Sick_RimmitYes, my key is lodged with launchpad too17:32
Riddelloh yes17:33
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ssh ubuntu@ec2-54-205-86-101.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:33
Riddellrun  byobu17:33
RiddellSick_Rimmit: great17:35
Sick_RimmitOK done17:35
RiddellSick_Rimmit: we've on a shared screen on this ec2 cloud server17:35
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so I think first thing would be to make a directory called current and apt-get source opencv17:35
Riddell(oh I should say other people use more fancy tools for this than I tend to use)17:36
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Looks good17:37
RiddellSick_Rimmit: now make another directory called debi and dget the debian source17:37
Riddellwhich you can get from packages.debian.org17:37
Sick_RimmitRiddell: is ther an apt command for that ?17:38
Riddellcos it's not in the archive, that's kindae the purpose of the exercise :)17:39
Sick_RimmitRiddell: OK17:39
Riddellgo to https://packages.debian.org/src:opencv17:39
Sick_RimmitOK, hangon let me see if ... ah 17:39
Riddellclick sid17:39
Riddellfind the opencv_2.4.9+dfsg-1.dsc link at the bottom17:39
Sick_Rimmitah OK got it17:41
RiddellSick_Rimmit: dget17:42
Riddellwhich uses wget to download the .dsc orig and debian.tar17:42
RiddellSick_Rimmit: looking at the debian changelog there, no changes mentioned, great17:43
RiddellSick_Rimmit: looking at the current ubuntu changelog, there's a few changes in the ubuntu package17:43
Sick_RimmitOK, I'm with you mainly17:43
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so to merge we take the debian package, make the same changes again in the package and voila17:44
Sick_Rimmitdget clearly do some special magic17:44
Riddellit just works out what the three URLs are you need to wget17:45
Sick_Rimmitmay I look around for a moment17:45
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ok I just made a diff file so we see the differences in the packaging, there's a few bits in there we need to copy over, nothing much17:45
Sick_Rimmitbear with me, just need to catch up17:46
Riddelloh, more testing needed17:49
Sick_RimmitOK, So perhaps we need to update the changelog to reflect the changes17:49
RiddellSick_Rimmit: we need to start with the .orig tar from debian17:49
Riddelladd a new changelog17:49
Riddellmerge in the old changelog entries17:49
Riddellthen merge in all the packaging differences17:49
Riddellthen test17:49
Sick_RimmitYep, OK this rings beels17:49
Sick_Rimmitor even bells17:49
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so cp debi/*orig* .17:50
Riddelluntar it17:50
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you had it17:52
RiddellSick_Rimmit: tar xf  is all it needs, it'll detect the compression type17:53
Sick_RimmitAh ok17:53
RiddellSick_Rimmit: and copy the debian/ from the debi packaging as well into the extracted opencv source17:53
Riddelldch -i to add a new changelog entry17:55
Sick_RimmitOh I hate being watched. my keyboard dyslexia gets bad 17:55
RiddellI can see your every typo :)17:56
Riddellmake the entry say Merge with Debian, reamining changes:17:56
Riddelland put in your own name and e-mail for the fame and glory17:56
Riddellsave that, we'll do the copy and pasting next17:56
Riddellcopy and paste the time :)17:57
Riddellcos you're a year out there17:58
Sick_RimmitWhat edit is this17:58
RiddellSick_Rimmit: emacs of course, are there any others?17:58
Sick_RimmitI have never used emacs17:58
Sick_RimmitSome Vi17:58
Sick_RimmitBut almost always nano17:58
Sick_Rimmitno worries though17:59
Riddell"badly formatted trailer line" it's moaning that you need two spaces after your e-mail address17:59
Riddelladd those in17:59
Riddellyou can use nano17:59
Sick_RimmitOh Boy!!18:00
Riddellwhat have you done?18:00
Sick_RimmitI broke it18:00
Riddellno it's all good18:00
Sick_RimmitOK I think it's right now18:00
Riddellbut for the next trick you might need something more than nano18:00
Riddellit needs both changelogs open and copy/paste between them18:01
Riddellwhich I don't think nano can do18:01
RiddellSick_Rimmit: want me to just do it?18:01
Sick_RimmitYes let me watch18:01
RiddellSick_Rimmit: there I copied in the list of remaining changes18:01
Sick_RimmitOohh clever18:02
RiddellSick_Rimmit: and here I copied in the whole of the old ubuntu changelog at the place where we diverged from debian18:02
Sick_RimmitOK, still with oyu18:03
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so you can see there's only 1 debian version we have to update for18:03
RiddellSick_Rimmit: now we need to look at that diff file and merge in any changes which are still relevant18:04
Riddellthe first one being that Maintainer change in debian/control which debian asks us to do18:04
RiddellSick_Rimmit: want to copy and paste that in?18:04
Riddellthat's just less18:05
Riddellpress q to quit18:05
Sick_RimmitNope, I getting foxed by the tools18:06
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you can use kate if you want18:06
Sick_RimmitNah, I'm lost18:06
Riddelljust I can't watch then18:06
Riddellwant to use kate?18:06
Sick_RimmitI'm struggling with my shell short cuts Ctrl+Shift+C18:07
RiddellSick_Rimmit: right, so use kate18:07
Riddellin kate click the url bar and open  sftp://ubuntu@ec2-54-205-86-101.compute-1.amazonaws.com/home/ubuntu/mnt/opencv/18:07
Riddellthen open DIFF18:08
Riddelland debian/control18:08
Sick_RimmitOne moment, I might be able to get his18:08
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you want to open the DIFF file18:09
Riddelland copy and paste (locally with your mouse)18:09
Riddellthe Maintainer changes18:09
Riddellinto debian/control18:09
Riddellnope, not that one :)18:10
Sick_RimmitNo other way round, I want to add the kubuntu maintinaer18:10
Sick_Rimmitlike this18:11
Riddellyep, 1 line done, lots more to go :)18:11
Riddelljust after that is another line with the modified debian maintainer18:12
Sick_RimmitHangon just going to get another shell onto the box18:13
Riddellthat's a good idea18:13
Sick_RimmitAh blow18:14
Sick_RimmitOK 'm getting there18:15
Riddellyou quit byobu?18:15
Sick_RimmitNah I'm out of byobu, 18:16
Sick_RimmitI'm on there server, and can get to the director, which I have done in a second shell.18:16
Riddellok well you're on your own then :)18:17
Sick_Rimmitbut In the original shell I can seem to get back into byobu18:17
Riddellcan or can't?18:17
Riddelllooks like you're in18:17
Sick_RimmitAh right18:18
Sick_Rimmithang on let me get reorganised18:18
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so next change in DIFF is those changes for !ppc64el18:21
Riddelldunno who has a ppc64el machine to care but we'll be nice to them and copy it over18:22
Sick_RimmitI'm pretty certain I have no idea what I am doing18:25
RiddellSick_Rimmit: voila, just replace "ocl-icd-opencl-dev," with "ocl-icd-opencl-dev [!ppc64el],"18:26
Riddellnext one is "libopencv-ml-dev"18:26
Riddellreplace that with "libopencv-ml-dev, libopencv-ocl-dev [!ppc64el]" 18:27
Riddell(with a new line in there)18:27
Riddellsearch for "Conflicts: libcvaux-dev (<= 2.1.0-7), libhighgui-dev (<= 2.1.0-7)" to find where that needs done18:27
Riddellin the diff  + lines are from debian and - lines are from ubuntu18:29
Sick_RimmitI'm sorry Riddell, I have no comprehension of the principle at play here, so I just blindly cut, copy paste.18:29
Riddellwe want to put the - lines in the package (assuming they're still relevant changes)18:29
RiddellSick_Rimmit: here's where the next change is18:30
Riddellyou can see in the DIFF  +libopencv-ml-dev18:30
Riddellthat's from debian so we want to change it to the ubuntu values18:30
Riddell-        libopencv-ocl-dev [!ppc64el]18:30
Sick_Rimmitdid you make the other change above, whilst I was not looking >18:30
Riddellnope, you go ahead18:30
RiddellI just scrolled down to the next change point18:30
Sick_RimmitAh ha, OK OK 18:31
RiddellSick_Rimmit: not quite, add in both lines I pasted above at 18:3018:31
Riddellthat's one, the other one is "libopencv-ocl-dev [!ppc64el]" (you have it wrong for "libopencv-ml-dev [!ppc64el]")18:33
Riddellnice :)18:33
Sick_RimmitOK let see18:33
Riddellnext one change "libopencv-ocl-dev (= ${binary:Version})," to "libopencv-ocl-dev (= ${binary:Version}) [!ppc64el],"18:34
Riddellyou'll need to search with control-w to find where that is first18:34
Riddellyep there18:35
Riddellyep, update that Breaks line18:37
* lordievader goes to test 14.04.1 i38618:37
Riddelllordievader: oh and upgrade testing needed too if you're able18:37
soeeplasma-widget-milou-kf5 renamed to milou now ? i18:37
lordievaderRiddell: From Precise? I saw I still had a Precise VM logical volume (not sure if Precise is actually on there)18:37
Riddelllordievader: yeah I guess both precise and saucy18:38
RiddellSick_Rimmit: magnifico, save it, that file is done18:38
Riddellsoee: yep18:39
Sick_RimmitOK, I think I got that, just the earlier bulk paste you did, but I have an understanding of what is taking place18:39
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you see the next change to libopencv2.4-java.install ?18:39
RiddellSick_Rimmit: that looks like the filename has changed for the new version and debian has updated that in their packaging18:40
RiddellSick_Rimmit: we will want to keep that debian version because it'll be the same filename in our package18:40
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so nothing for us to do there18:40
RiddellSick_Rimmit: understand?18:40
lordievaderGroovy, the Precise-lv actually contains Precise. Time to upgrade ;)18:41
Sick_Rimmit@ L222 and L223 yes18:41
Sick_RimmitYes now I understand18:41
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so the next change we have to care about is libav10.patch18:41
Riddellwhich is a file change, we either want to keep the file debian has added or not18:42
RiddellSick_Rimmit: "Support building with the upcoming Libav 10 release"18:42
Riddellthis sounds like a good thing so I say we keep it18:42
RiddellSick_Rimmit: do you agree?18:42
Sick_RimmitMay we don't want that support as we want it to build with current..18:43
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ah smart thinking18:44
RiddellSick_Rimmit: but I know other places have had to be patched for libav10 so I think here will too18:44
yofelutopic has libav10 so you most likely want that18:44
RiddellSick_Rimmit: it'll be an API change so we can find out by compiling it18:44
Riddellif it compiles then we've done the right thing18:45
Riddellthe next change in DIFF is just adding that patch to debian/patches/series so we keep that too18:45
Sick_Rimmithangon grokking18:46
Sick_RimmitI'm getting what;s going on with this DIFF file now.. the mist is clearing18:47
Riddellthe next change in DIFF is an update to debian/patches/support_multiarch, debian usually know better than me what they're doing with multiarch so we'll keep that too18:47
Riddellfinally a change in debian/rules to support armhf, we will want to copy over those changes18:48
Sick_RimmitLoads of cahnges to the libav patch.. 18:48
Sick_Rimmitnothing for us to do here thought18:48
Riddellwith a patch file you usually either want it or you don't18:49
Sick_RimmitOK @L100418:49
Sick_Rimmitname change, we'll keep that18:50
Riddellif you're having trouble reading the debian/patch changes it's a diff of a diff, so don't bother about what's in the files, it'll mess with your mind, just care about the files18:51
Sick_RimmitOK EOF, I believe the DIFF changes are complete18:51
RiddellSick_Rimmit: debian/rules changes need to go in18:51
Sick_RimmitAh didn;t spot that18:51
Riddellcopy in the lines starting from "# No GL on armhf"18:52
Riddelland remove "-DWITH_OPENGL=ON"18:52
Sick_RimmitWhy remover OPENGL=ON18:56
RiddellSick_Rimmit: that's lower down18:56
Riddelldebian has it set so it always adds -DWITH_OPENGL=ON18:56
Sick_RimmitAh I see18:57
Riddellthe lines you just pasted in set it on or off depending on whether it's on armhf18:57
Riddellso scroll down until you get to the bit where is always has -DWITH_OPENGL=ON18:57
Sick_RimmitSO how did you know that line needed ot be removed18:58
Riddellreading the diff file it shows that debian has that "-DWITH_OPENGL=ON" while the ubuntu one has "No GL on armhf"18:58
Riddellthe changelog we copyied over earlier said it was a change in ubuntu to "don't build OpenGL on armhf"18:58
Sick_RimmitAh right, I would not have had that level of knowledge to know that18:58
Riddellso this is the way to do that18:59
RiddellSick_Rimmit: lovely, save and quit nano18:59
Riddellall changed copied over, we're ready to compile and test it18:59
Riddellany questions?18:59
Sick_RimmitAh, OK, perhaps its moving a little fast for me, but I am getting to understand quite a lot18:59
Riddellit probably doesn't help that you're not very familiar yet with all the basic packaging stuff19:00
Riddelland you're not too familiar with command line text editors19:00
Riddellbut it should be good to go now19:00
Sick_RimmitYes, can you put that original magic diff command into here so I can copy it can go read the manpage19:00
RiddellSick_Rimmit: that one I just typed in19:01
Riddellalthough many people prefer to use magic merge tools that do such things for you19:01
Riddellor to get the diff off merges.ubuntu.com19:01
Sick_RimmitAh well you created a DIFF file, perhaps the switch was -urN19:01
Riddellyes you're right19:02
Riddellfixed in terminal screen19:02
Sick_RimmitYep great..19:02
Sick_RimmitI'll get me head round that with man19:02
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ready to compile?19:03
Sick_RimmitI'll also go check out emacs19:03
Riddellyou won't regret it :)19:03
Riddellok you will19:03
Riddellbut you'll regret it less than vi19:03
Sick_RimmitI really am not much on vi19:03
Sick_RimmitWhat I like about nano is the easy access to the help menu's,19:04
Riddellyes nano is great, just has the major limitation of only opening 1 file at a time19:04
Sick_RimmitOK I am ready to compile now19:04
Riddell(I think, maybe it's changed since I last looked)19:04
RiddellSick_Rimmit: this ec2 is a rather sweet little server with 8 processors19:04
Riddellso run  debuild -j8  to compile it19:05
Sick_RimmitJust copying that command so I can man it later19:05
RiddellSick_Rimmit: stop stop19:06
RiddellSick_Rimmit: you uncompressed and are not re-compresssing it19:06
Riddellthat'll probably change some timestamp or something19:07
Riddelljust copy the .orig over from the debi/ directory19:07
Sick_Rimmithangon I'll fix19:07
Riddellso we have exactly the same .orig as Debian19:07
Riddellcp debi/*orig* .19:08
Riddellno recompressing!19:08
Sick_RimmitAh ha OK19:08
Riddellwhee, lots of build-dependencies to install19:09
Riddell /usr/lib/pbuilder/pbuilder-satisfydepends19:10
Riddellthat's the magic command to install them19:10
Riddellor you can apt install and do lots of copy and paste19:10
Sick_Rimmitthat's jolly clever19:11
Riddellit is, not sure why it's hidden away in /usr/lib19:11
Sick_RimmitThis is going to take some practice, and there are loads of holes in my picture, but I feel good about making some progress19:12
RiddellI hope you're making notes :)19:13
Sick_RimmitYes, and I will write this up later, like I did last night with digikam19:13
Sick_RimmitMy usual method of information retention, is just to keep beating myself with the same pointy stick19:14
Sick_Rimmituntil it resonates19:14
RiddellSick_Rimmit: groovy installed, debuild -j8 again19:14
Sick_RimmitOK lets try that again19:14
shadeslayerRiddell: still at the office? :o19:15
Riddellshadeslayer: yep19:15
RiddellSick_Rimmit: looks like we're smoking, time to have a cup of tea or do some 14.04.1 candidate test installs, whatever makes you relax :)19:16
Sick_RimmitHey, so will this take a while to compile, and what will happen at the end, a shiny .deb ?19:17
RiddellSick_Rimmit: it says it's at 3% so yes it'll take some minutes19:17
Riddelland yes you'll get a .deb at the end if all goes well19:18
Riddellthis is quite a complex package so you'll get lots of .debs19:18
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Mind blowing stuff man19:18
* Sick_Rimmit wanders off dazed and looking for coffee pot19:19
Riddellhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv/2.4.8+dfsg1-2.2ubuntu4/+build/6128550 Finished on 2014-06-25 (took 53 minutes, 19.0 seconds)19:19
* genii makes a fresh batch19:19
Riddellthat's the last compile on the ubuntu servers so take your time, you have an hour19:19
yofelmhm, coffee, good idea19:20
Riddell"We are very happy to tell you that we accepted your submission" gosh I'm going to be talking at akademy19:20
RiddellI should work out what to talk about19:20
geniiRiddell: Congrats19:21
Riddellgenii: thanks! what for?19:25
Riddelloh the submission19:25
geniiHehe, yes19:25
Riddellthis is my chance at fame and glory19:25
Riddellah glasgow is having a party, that's nice for them19:34
Riddellalthough why do they have to have english presenters for the biggest sports occation in scottish recent history? another reason for a yes vote19:34
lordievaderRiddell: (Updated) Precise tells me no new release is available -.-19:43
Riddelllordievader: you'll need to do it manually19:43
Riddellthe automated popup isn't turned on til after .1 is out usually19:44
lordievaderRiddell: By changing the sources you mean?19:44
Riddellrun kubuntu-devel-release-upgrade19:44
lordievaderRunning :)19:46
20WAAT1LPguys.. any idea when kde 4.13.3 will be available for kubuntu 14.04 via ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa19:51
20WAAT1LP 19:51
Riddell20WAAT1LP: nobody is working on it yet, we've got plasma 5 and 14.04 beta as higher priority I'm afraid19:52
geniilordievader: As I understand, 14.04.1 is available tomorrow, which means LTS->LTS should be automatically available after that19:53
20WAAT1LP@riddell okay fair position i can live with that 4.13.2 runs so smooth and stable here 19:53
Riddellgenii: he's testing it to make sure it works before we release :)19:53
Riddellmore testing welcomed19:54
20WAAT1LPand yeh plasma 5 good luck with it :) i run it sometimes and i like what i see but the workflow i have now with 4.13.2 i just dont wanna give up on this :P19:54
geniiRiddell: I don't have Precise installed anyplace anymore now.... running Utopic on this box and Trusty on most of the others19:54
Riddellperfect, you can test 14.04.1 install :)19:55
geniiRiddell: Is in the normal kubuntu ppas or ninja?19:57
Riddellgenii: ISO images to install19:57
geniiOK, I'll download then test on one of the boxes here in a few hours when i finish work19:58
Riddellgreat, much appreciated19:58
RiddellSick_Rimmit: if you can take yourself away from singing glaswegians, your compile is ready20:16
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Yes I am here, looks like the was a signing issue and some Lintian E: Errors20:17
RiddellSick_Rimmit: right it doesn't have your gpg key on the server, that's fine if it's trying to sign it it means everything else is good20:17
Sick_RimmitWow - look at all those shiny debs20:18
Sick_RimmitNow, that was FUN !!20:18
Riddelllintian does checking for common errors, I'm not too fussed about them, if it's good enough for debian it's good enough for us20:18
RiddellSick_Rimmit: so test they install fine, dpkg --install *deb20:20
Sick_RimmitOK, do I made some reasonable notes, there are a few things I need to read up on, but there is only one thing for it20:20
Sick_RimmitNeed to do it again, on something else20:20
Sick_RimmitOK lets give it a go20:20
Sick_Rimmitwhat do you think20:21
Sick_RimmitMmm looks good20:22
RiddellSick_Rimmit: cool, I think we're ready to upload20:23
RiddellSick_Rimmit: back in the sources run  debuild -S  to build the source package20:23
* Sick_Rimmit grins20:24
Sick_RimmitLooks good20:25
Riddellsigning it20:25
Riddelldebsign -r ubuntu@ec2-54-205-86-101.compute-1.amazonaws.com:mnt/opencv/opencv_2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu1_source.changes20:26
Riddellthat'll do it20:26
* Sick_Rimmit takes notes20:27
RiddellSick_Rimmit: take a look in opencv_2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu1_source.changes to make sure it's sane20:27
Riddellshould contain three files to upload20:27
Riddelland be uploading with the right version number to utopic20:27
Sick_RimmitWell it looks OK to me20:29
RiddellSick_Rimmit: dput ubuntu opencv_2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu1_source.changes20:30
Sick_RimmitOne sec I can't see the 3 files, let me look again20:30
geniiCrap. Disk /dev/sdc: 1000 MB, 1000341504 bytes      ls -l trusty-desktop-amd64.iso     ... 1078804480 20:31
Sick_Rimmitit shows only two files20:31
* genii looks for a 4G one20:31
RiddellSick_Rimmit: ooh well spotted20:32
RiddellSick_Rimmit: run  debuild -S -sa  to make sure it includes the .orig tar20:32
Sick_RimmitTheir they are20:34
Sick_RimmitDo they needed to be resigned now ?20:34
RiddellSick_Rimmit: signed20:34
Sick_RimmitAh yes 20:35
Sick_RimmitRiddell: happy to sign20:36
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I've doe it20:36
RiddellI've done it20:36
soeeguys need help :/20:36
Sick_RimmitOK cool20:36
RiddellSick_Rimmit: I do that remotely20:36
Sick_Rimmitgive 2 minutes dog wants a tinkle20:37
Riddellnormally I'd just do it locally but because the gpg keys aren't on this server (to stop you stealing my identity) I run that remove version of debsign20:37
soeeafter latest upgrades, when i try to login i have familiar error "Could not start D-Bus. Can you call qdbus" but qt5-default is installed20:37
soeeso it moves me back to login screen20:38
soeesome other package is now required to make it work ?20:39
Sick_RimmitOK sure.. btw Im back20:39
RiddellSick_Rimmit: dput it20:40
RiddellSick_Rimmit: do it do it!20:41
Riddelladd a --unchecked20:41
Riddellit's because my gpg keys aren't on the server20:41
RiddellSick_Rimmit: do it do it!20:41
Riddellhold your breath!20:42
* Sick_Rimmit Woo Hoo20:42
Riddelland breath out20:42
Sick_RimmitOK so the jobs done. 20:43
Riddellyep I think so20:43
Riddellwell hopefully20:43
Sick_RimmitI figure if I update my pbuild I will get the opencv version I need to build digikam, am I correct20:43
Riddellnow it needs to compile on the ubuntu launchpad build servers20:43
Sick_RimmitWhich will happen automagically overnight yes ?20:43
Riddellyep, you can watch it compiling at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv20:44
Riddellnow if you want to you can copy the .debs to your local machine to use them there20:44
Riddellor I can keep this server alive if you want to do digikam on it20:44
Riddellbut maybe that's enough for tonight and you want to go back to watching the empire20:45
Sick_RimmitWhoa look at that there's my name.. I'm now "mostly harmless"20:45
yofelyou're now part of the sneaky ninja troupe :P20:46
Riddellsubject: [ubuntu/utopic-proposed] opencv 2.4.9+dfsg-1ubuntu1 (Accepted)20:46
RiddellThank you for your contribution to Ubuntu.20:46
Riddellaccepted e-mail is in20:46
RiddellSick_Rimmit: not sure if you get that e-mail or not?20:46
Riddellprobably not20:46
Sick_RimmitAh let me look20:47
Sick_RimmitNo, no email for me20:47
Sick_RimmitOK, so for me I think I now need to add this last phase to my notes, and sleep on the new data to assimilate20:48
Sick_RimmitThen tomorrow, I'll go back to building digikam on my local machine, hopefully with the new debs built by the build server overnight20:48
Sick_RimmitThis would be my preferred plan20:49
RiddellSick_Rimmit: sudo poweroff to kill the ec220:50
Sick_RimmitNow that was alot of fun, I didn't understand all of it, but I feel I could have another crack at something like that, and probably fudge my way to a result after falling into a few man traps20:52
RiddellSick_Rimmit: it's a complex package this so you've been dropped in at the deep end20:52
Riddellat some point it'll be worth packaging up something small and simple to do it from scratch20:52
Sick_RimmitRinse, Repeat, Observe20:53
Sick_RimmitSure, happy to keep attacking this until I get it down20:53
soeehere is topic @ the dbus issue, but this soulution wont help as there are no any lines like that in startkde https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/130480520:54
ubottuUbuntu bug 1304805 in kde-workspace (Ubuntu) "KDE desktop login failure: "Could not start d-bus. Can you call qdbus?"" [Critical,Fix released]20:54
Sick_RimmitRiddell: Thank you, for spending so much of your valuable time with me, I really enjoyed it, and I learned alot20:55
lordievaderPff, Precise -> Trusty upgrade is slow on this VM. Its been at it for about an hour, and still 2 hours remaining. Think I'm gonna let it run over night.20:55
Riddelllordievader: yeah it can take a while20:56
soeeloool :D i just hacked startkde ...21:04
soee_ok to be able to login i replaced: qdbus=$qbindir/qdbus21:05
soee_with hardcoded path: qdbus=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qdbus21:05
yofelsoee_: what does 'qtpaths --binaries-dir' say for you?21:19
soee_yofel: qtpaths: could not exec '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qtpaths': No such file or directory21:20
yofelthat's bad21:20
soee_thats after todays upgrades21:21
yofelqttools5-dev-tools: /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/qt5/bin/qtpaths21:21
yofelwhy's that in dev tools21:21
soee_do not ask me :)21:21
yofelapachelogger: sane solution recommendation please ^21:22
Riddellaah I knew there was a reason that was in there21:22
Riddelladd it back would be the most obvious sane solution21:23
yofelI'll do that for now then21:23
yofeluntil harald wakes up21:23
Riddellit's his birthday isn't it? he probably won't wake up21:23
yofelgood point21:23
yofelwell, he can fix it on monday I guess :D21:23
to_Thanks for Kubuntu!21:24
Riddellyou're welcome to_ :)21:25
to_In related news :-) in /var/log/syslog I see this message "usb_modeswitch: please report the device ID to the Linux USB developers!". I've searched in Google, but I can't find the way to report it21:25
soee_yofel: so what exactly is the issue here ?21:26
yofelsoee_: missing dep21:26
soee_ah, ok21:26
geniiRiddell: OK, trying to install onto my netbook now. Boots OK off USB so far.21:26
* genii makes more coffee21:27
geniiOn the Welcome screen it still says 14.04 and not 14.04.1 , has this been changed yet?21:28
Riddellit won't be, it's all the same for users21:29
soee_yofel: when it fixed shall i restore default values in starkde ?21:33
soee_*it is21:33
yofelthey'll get overwritten by the update21:33
soee_nice, thank you21:33
geniiHm, Disk Setup doesn't warn if there's already an OS on the drive.21:34
genii( this netbook was dual-booting Android X86 and Kubuntu ) . I just went with defaults and nuked everything. 21:39
geniiIs libc6-dev supposed to be installed by default?21:46
Riddellgenii: in trusty yes, I just fixed it today in utopic21:50
Riddellgdb at fault21:50
geniiOK, install went fine, reboot time.21:50
geniiAll black until greeter ( no splash, etc)21:52
geniiPlasma desktop installed but it should have picked plasma-netbook21:53
yofeldesktop/netbook is decided on startup, what's the test system?21:54
geniiyofel: Acer One D250 Netbook. 2G ram, 60G Vertex3 SSD21:55
geniiNo, wait, after desktop loads it is netbook interface and not desktop. Threw me off by the description in greeter which normally says which 21:55
yofelyeah, it's the same session in the greeter21:56
lordievaderRiddell: The upgrade Precise to Trusty took a while, but it went without issues :)22:04
Riddelllordievader: please tick the box on iso.qa22:05
geniidmesg and syslog output all look normal, all default apps open and close fine.22:05
lordievaderRiddell: Done ;)22:08
geniiThe only thing in syslog which looks odd is to do with PA and dbus-daemon22:08
Riddellwe're the only flavour to have an upgrade test, go Kubuntu!22:09
genii"[pulseaudio] main.c: Unable to contact D-Bus: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NotSupported: Unable to launch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X11"22:11
geniiSound works, however. 22:14
* lordievader time to go to bed, sleep well22:17
geniiRiddell: Should I test hibernate/sleep ?22:18
yofelsleep would be nice, hibernate shouldn't be an option22:19
geniiyofel: I had to unlock the bar to add both of them as options... Testing sleep now22:20
yofelI mean it shouldn't be available in kickoff22:20
yofelas it's disabled by default (if you do run it all it should do is lock the screen)22:20
geniiSleep and wakeup from sleep works fine here.22:21
geniiIf there's anything else you'd like tested let me know, I'll have that machine sitting here next to me until I wrap up down here ( about 2 hours)22:25
soee_Dolphin does not use new qtcurve theme ?22:26
DarkwingMigration back to KDE and Kubuntu complete. 22:26
DarkwingIs there a recommended path to plasma5?22:27
RiddellDarkwing: two, depends if you're on trusty or utopic https://community.kde.org/Plasma/Packages#Kubuntu22:29
DarkwingLooks like I'll jump to utopic. 22:30
DarkwingThinkPad X1 entering the Utopic testing. 22:30
DarkwingFinally getting off unity. Lol22:38
to_Thanks for Kubuntu. Good bye!22:39
DarkwingTruly looking forward to being back.22:40
DarkwingNot sure if I'll leap back into docs or go a different direction though. 22:49
DarkwingI want to do more community driven things22:50
Riddellplenty of areas to help with22:52
DarkwingI've been doing a lot of web work lately.22:52
DarkwingAlso been doing a lot of ingress lol22:53
Riddellwe've a new website in progress22:57
DarkwingI shall take a look. Making the leap to Plasma523:03
geniiThe new site looks good.23:06
DarkwingSddm or lightdm?23:06

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