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ab__Is there a way to tell the computer to reboot and enter the UEFI automatically?  My keyboard doesn't get recognized in time to hit del.02:41
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w__Привет, меня кто-нибудь слышит..?09:19
naftilos76Hi, accessing an ftp server with utf-8 encoding enabled through kde dolphin fails to correctly display greek characters while filezilla and other clients work flawlessly. There is a bug as seen in the net associated with dolphin and konqueror. Does anybody know if there is a workaround?10:41
shadeslayernaftilos76: which release of KDE / Kubuntu ?10:43
naftilos76Sorry, i am on kubuntu 14.04 fully updated10:44
shadeslayernaftilos76: might want to comment on the bug to poke the dev to fix it10:45
naftilos76Probably yes10:46
naftilos76it is really a shame that so many things are problematic while this was not true before kde410:47
yossarianuknaftilos76: That was true years ago kde 4.x is pretty useful now.11:24
yossarianukthere is also trinity  - https://www.trinitydesktop.org/11:24
yossarianuk(not supported for (k)ubuntu 14.0411:25
ironhoofIn kubuntu 14.04 is there a place to put a script so it launches when it comes out of screensaver?11:52
BluesKaj'Morning all13:25
EvilRoeyBluesKaj:  hello :)13:54
BluesKajhi EvilRoey13:56
m_tadeuhi...I'm having a problem on a laptop which doesn't allow me to click on anythin inside windows14:22
m_tadeuso mouse clicking/overing is not working inside the window area, but it's working on the desktop (panels, background, etc)14:25
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gzaerGot a problem, I hope you guys can help- Just baught a new DEll P2214h screen and I want to connect it to my lenovo G500 laptop (runing kubunut ofcourse) so I won't need to look at that lousy screen anymore. problem is that my computer only recognizes my vga connection and not the hdmi (using hdmi 2 DP cable). can anyone help with that?14:33
gzaerforgot to mention- i have intel graphics card14:34
lordievaderGood afternoon.15:40
h4z4rdhello evry one17:11
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kingbeowolffor some reason my mouse cursor freaks out and looks all buggy17:40
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nik1which package contains the kde bookmark manager? I think it's used to manage the konqueror or krusader bookmarks18:26
nik1I think it's called kbookman or so18:32
bpromptnik1:    I could be wrong but I think might be the konq-plugins18:32
bpromptit isn't in your installation?18:32
bpromptthough I should say that I do not have konq-plugins installed, yet konqueror has it18:33
nik1it's not a kubuntu :D it's ubuntu (well, only window manager) and I use some kde apps18:33
jdolesUbuntu Debug Symbol Archive Automatic key is invalid when I do apt-get update. Why can't you keep basic stuff working?18:33
nik1bprompt: ah, got it: it's /usr/bin/keditbookmarks of package kde-baseapps-bin :)18:36
bprompti see :)18:38
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jdolesWhy are people like ikonia (i.e. ops in #ubuntu-ops) in this channel?19:07
lordievaderjdoles: Because we need ops in here too?19:08
jdolesIt's not that I care one bit about the answer, btw. All I would like to see it to ban ikonia from this channel. I am allergic to just about anything that comes out of that things mouth.19:08
jdolesI can't imagine that ikonia can do anything remotely useful.19:08
lordievaderjdoles: Actually his advice, though it might be harsh, is often right.19:08
jdoleslordievader: actually, I really, really don't need convincing.19:09
lordievaderRight, enough pointless discussing.19:09
jdoleslordievader: actually, I think and have known that ikonia has been a retard since the beginning of time.19:09
jdolesAdditionally, everyone defending ikonia is also counted in that group.19:09
lordievaderjdoles: You know this is exactly the behaviour to get yourself banned right?19:09
jdoleslordievader: I don't wish to be a part of a group who can only ban and has nothing to say in return.19:10
jdoleslordievader: all you show is weakness.19:10
lordievaderAs if I didn't say so ;)19:11
ikoniaapologies for the foolish behaviour19:11
ikoniait will not be returning19:11
lordievaderikonia: No problem, I know him longer. The only thing he can do is complain.19:11
ikoniathat will now stop19:12
TBotNikAll: Have a php script using "fwrite" to auto edit some files, but always get "permissions denied" or "is not writable" on the files.  I read the files with "ls -al" and all permissions are 775 with owner being user:users for user:group. How do I change these to write from my php script?19:55
newlinuxsorry for my dumb question because i am new to linux. Is KDE Plasma 5 and KDE 5 same thing?20:22
qdatanewlinux: I'm behind the times meself but I thought Plasma is the desktop shell that you see - the wallpaper, taskbar, and the like whereas KDE 5 would refer moreso to KDE SC where SC is 'Software Compliation' and is referring to all of KDE in it's entirety20:28
qdataand by 'all' of KDE I mean all the other applications like Kmail, Dolphin, etc20:29
newlinuxqdata, hmm... so is KDE 5 released?20:33
newlinuxqdata, when it will release?20:34
qdatadon't know yet - right now the initial porting from Qt4 to Qt5 is what's going on (Qt being the underlying toolkit)20:35
qdatawhat you've probably seen as 'released' is just/only Plasma for some very early loook and see for bleeding edge folks and devs20:35
qdataI think a handful of apps are underway the porting to Qt5 as well, but's still all in it's fairly early stages20:36
qdataas time goes by you'll see more and more apps such as Konsole, Kmail, etc getting ported to Qt5 and eventually when all of the totality of the 'Software Compilation' catches up that's when you will see a release of KDE 5 SC20:38
qdatabut as far as a time frame is concerned about 'when' such a release might occur I don't have a clue20:39
qdataprobably best to watch the news from KDE itself20:39
qdataI think they may have a very rough timeline in mind but it's still very early on and would be subject to change as problems are found and fixing broken stuff slows things down20:41
rbergspeaking of kde 5.. has anyone gotten any of the kf5 ppa's to work? I get nothing but segfaults with any of the ppa's20:42
qdatarberg: not me - I haven't/won't touch any of it as I need to use my computers for $real_life work output and not as a playground time sinkhole (I'm not a dev)20:43
qdataI will wait until it's 'ready'   :-)20:44
rbergI am doijng "$both" over here :)20:45
qdatain case of any interest: http://kde.org/announcements/plasma5.0/20:47
rbergohh that looks so nice20:48
qdatawell, after the KDE 3.5.xx  to  KDE 4.xx.xx debacle some years back I'm heartened to see this go around seems to be like it's going to be better20:49
newlinuxqdata, thanks a lot :)20:53
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