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shadeslayeris there a way to ask launchpad all the packages a team is the maintainer of?10:09
shadeslayeralternatively, ask launchpad for all the packages where maintainer = foo10:10
shadeslayerwgrant: ^^10:12
wgrantshadeslayer: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/+maintained-packages10:14
shadeslayerwgrant: but via the api :p10:14
shadeslayernothing jumps out here https://api.launchpad.net/1.0.html#team10:15
wgrantshadeslayer: I've traditionally used structural subscriptions combined with Person.getBugSubscriberPackages.10:15
wgrantSince it's rare that the maintainer field is actually what you want in Ubuntu.10:15
shadeslayerwgrant: well, I wanted our status scripts here http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/buildstatus/kubuntu-buildstatus.html to figure out the package list automagicall10:16
shadeslayer*automagically via LP10:16
shadeslayerinstead of having them hardcoded10:17
wgrantshadeslayer: I'd just use grep-dctrl.10:17
wgrantLaunchpad provides no direct way to query that information.10:17
shadeslayerwell that's weird10:21
shadeslayergrep-available -FMaintainer Kubuntu -s Source works fine on trusty but not on utopic10:21
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TrevinhoHi, is it possible to target a bug to a new serie and milestone using the launcpadlib api?14:32
Trevinhodobey: oh, nice I was trying to find how, but I've not been able so far14:37
dobeybug.createTask(target=project_series), then get the bug_task for that and change bug_task.milestone to the milestone you want, iirc14:42
Trevinhodobey: that's for new bug? As I'd like it to change old bugs14:44
dobeyTrevinho: it's for either.14:45
dobeywell to create a new bug, you'd have to first create a new bug on the project itself, and you could probably just directly create it on the series14:46
dobeyyeah, a new bug would just be bugs.createBug(target=project_series, description="blah blah blah", title="Some bug somewhere") and then get the resulting bug_task and change the milestone on it14:50
Trevinhodobey: weird, my bug task instances have no addTask/createTask methods14:53
dobeyTrevinho: no, createTask is on the bug, not on the bug_task14:53
dobeybug and bug_task are different things :)14:54
Trevinhomh, ouch :P14:54
Trevinhodobey: ok, thanks14:55
dobeybug is a collection of bug_tasks, comments, attachments, basically14:55
Trevinhoyeah, i figured it14:55
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ddvallaunchpad shows two different names when logged in.  One is the first part of the email address the other my user name it's confusing.  Why does this happen?17:16
dobeyone is the display name (generally should be your name), and the other is your username17:20
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sergio-br2trying to use sbuild, and i got this error:18:36
sergio-br2E: 10mount: mount: unknown filesystem type 'overlayfs'18:36
sergio-br2E: trusty-amd64-5d3109e2-8915-4e2d-befc-8c0dc154f71d: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start18:37
sergio-br2Chroot setup failed18:37
sergio-br2previously sbuild was working18:37
dobeysergio-br2: not sure what to tell you, but i don't see how that is related to launchpad. :)18:38
sergio-br2well, I'm trying to send a package to my PPA, but i want to test in a clean environment here first18:39
sergio-br2you know a better irc to talk about?18:39
dobeymaybe #ubuntu-packaging or #ubuntu-devel18:39
sergio-br2ok, thanks18:40
basketballwhat does status whishlist mean19:16
basketballi mean importance19:17
cjohnstonbasketball: depends on the project, but in general, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Bug%20importances has the meanings19:18
Dudytzhi all ... i can publish my debian packages in launchpad or only ubuntu packages?19:24
dobeyDudytz: if you're asking about PPAs, i think you can only build for supported ubuntu releases19:36
Dudytzdobey: is there any "launchpad" like service to host debian personal packages (like PPA)?19:40
dobeyi don't know19:41
Dudytzdobey: ok, thank you!19:49
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LiamWI was wondering if anyone here has any experience with source recipes23:29
LiamWBecause my PPA isn't building correctly anymore23:32
LiamWI can still build it locally without a problem23:32
LiamWIt fails with a strange line23:33
LiamWdpkg-deb: file `chroot-autobuild/build/buildd/inkscape_0.48.5+31~ubuntu14.10.1_amd64.deb' contains ununderstood data member data.tar.xz , giving up23:33
LiamWI'm going to stay connected for a long time23:35
wgrantLiamW: Which build is that?23:56
LiamWIt's all of them now23:57
LiamWLet me pull up the recipe23:57
wgrantLiamW: Those all look successful to me.23:58
LiamWThey lie23:58
LiamWLook at the size of the generated deb files23:58
LiamWThey don't have any binary data in them23:58

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