mgodzillalubuntu 14.04 software center - how do i install apps w/ the proper credentials?00:04
mgodzillasystem says i'm not allowed to perform this action.00:05
mgodzilla\\test2\SHARED\Other Apps\Jenzabar\jenzabar 4.6 patches\
ianorlinmgodzilla: you enter your password in the account when you log in but your accuont needs adminstrator privledges00:06
ianorlinfor example if your screensaver went on you could accidently log in to guest account00:07
mgodzillalookin' at users and groups now.00:07
ianorlinwhich doesn't have those privledges00:07
mgodzillathank you for the insight ianorlin.00:14
* mgodzilla googles oodles00:14
genoobiehey all03:52
santhosh_how to enable desktop-sharing in lubuntu 14.0405:36
phillwsanthosh_: have a read of http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/remote-desktop-sharing-in-ubuntu-14-04/1640 I use ssh -X05:51
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santhosh_how to enable remote desktop on lubuntu 14.0406:17
santhosh_how to enable remote desktop on lubuntu 14.0406:33
wxlsanthosh_: what exactly are you trying to accomplish? connecting via remote desktop with lubuntu or connecting to lubuntu with remote desktop? and which remote desktop? and what os is the other machine running?06:48
santhoshhai wlx iam enable desktop sharing in lubuntu when i try to conncet windows pc it is getting error08:11
santhoshit is same as ubuntu 14.04 also08:11
santhoshiam enable desktop sharing in lubuntu when i try to conncet windows pc it is getting error09:03
randinthello, I'm on Lubuntu 32-bit. I installed graphics drivers for my GPU (NVIDIA GeForce MX420), using this tutorial (http://ubuntuguide.net/how-to-install-nvidia-graphics-driver-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick-meerkat). now for some reason I can't choose any resolutions other than 640x480. how could I fix this? before I installed the drivers, my default was 1280x1024.11:04
joernhi randint11:16
joernthat tutorial is way too old11:16
joernunfortunately, you can't use the propietary drivers with Lubuntu11:18
joernso you need to remove it with:11:19
joernsudo apt-get remove nvidia-current nvidia-304 --purge11:19
randintjoern: ok, I'm back. lets see11:21
randintjoern: ok, will do that11:22
joerndid you have any problems with the preinstalled driver?11:22
randintjoern: though these drivers solved the other problem. I had problems with icons disappearing11:22
randintjoern: and this additional driver solved the problem11:23
joernthe drivers didn't really solve anything, it could not be loaded at all11:23
randintjoern: well it seems to have solved it11:23
joernI guess your system did fall back to the vesa standard driver11:23
joerninstead of using nouveau, which is for Nvidia cards11:24
randintjoern: well, if it really did fall back to the standard driver then how can't I change the resolution? :O11:24
joernvesa doesn't support high resolutions11:24
joernnouveau supports higher resolutions, but has bugs as you have experienced11:25
randintjoern: but before installing the additional drivers, my default resolution was 1280x102411:25
randintjoern: but your suggestion is to remove the added drivers and then deal with the icon problem separately?11:26
joernbecause your system used nouveau. after installing the official nvidia driver, your system did fall back to vesa which doesn't support your screen resolution11:26
randintjoern: ok, I'll try11:26
joernyou are lucky, most of the times the screen just stays black with the wrong driver11:26
randintjoern: lol, I'm wondering how I could've explained that to my client11:27
randintjoern: but after this command: sudo apt-get remove nvidia-current nvidia-304 --purge11:28
randintjoern: should I restart?11:28
randintjoern: or it'll prompt me to restart?11:28
joernyes, everything should be reverted after a restart11:28
randintjoern: ok, after restart I'll give you the screenshots, what's bugging me with the icons11:29
randintjoern: ok, going to restart. fingers crossed :)11:29
randintjoern: brb11:29
randintjoern: ok, I'm back. everything's how it was before11:35
randintjoern: and the icons are f-ed up again11:35
randintjoern: screens in a sec11:36
joernI guess it is the same problem like here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=222313411:36
randintjoern: no idea, they're not describing how the icons exactly look like11:38
randintjoern: ok, here are the screens: http://imgur.com/a/CGobw11:42
joernI see, randint11:48
randintjoern: any suggestions?11:52
joernwell, that graphic card needs the driver series nvidia-96, which isn't compatible with 14.04's X-Server11:52
joernnvidia-96 is avaible in 12.04, but Lubuntu 12.04 has reached end-of-life, Xubuntu 12.04 reaches end-of-life April 201511:54
joernyou could try to downgrade kernel and X to the versions from 12.04, but I don't know if that causes problems - have never tested that11:54
randintjoern: hmm, this distro I'm using is a localised version of Lubuntu. I think it should be based on Lubuntu 14.0411:57
randintjoern: and their website says, that it's a "long-term support release"11:57
randintjoern: when I'm in the file manager and hovering over the folders, then the folder icons come and go11:58
randintjoern: aa, you were talking of 12.0411:59
joernI did take a look on the website of Estobuntu, it's really based on Lubuntu 14.0412:00
joernso if you can't live with that bug, the only solutions are: use another distro/derivative based on 12.04 or downgrade X and kernel in your Estobuntu, but I really don't know if that screws your installation12:02
randintjoern: it was promoted quite a lot in the media, as a replacement for WinXP12:02
randintjoern: my client probably can live with that, but it seems a bit ugly for me12:02
joernyes looks ugly and unprofessional12:03
joernknow what you mean12:03
randintjoern: since you're not certain about downgrading X and kernel, which distros would you recommend for an older PC that are "based on 12.04"?12:05
joernwhat are the other speccs of that computer?12:05
randintjoern: Pentium 4 2.4 GHz . not sure about RAM, I'll look it up12:06
randintjoern: and if I understand this output correctly, then there seems to be 512 MB RAM: http://pastebin.com/s2uMc9N012:10
joernyes that's correct12:10
randintjoern: I'm using Linux Mint Cinnamon version at home, but I'm not sure if this PC would take it12:11
randintjoern: by "take it" I mean how fast would it be12:11
joernthere still some options, then. LXLE 12.04 (based on Lubuntu 12.04 and extends the "lifetime" with updates from the community), Bodhi Linux 2.4 (has a desktop environment which is very fast, but a bit complicated from my point of view).  Linux Mint MATE 13, maybe? Debian LXDE is very light and stable and simmilar to Estobuntu12:12
randintjoern: guess he can live with that. it'd take the time again to install the whole thing12:15
randintjoern: but thanks12:15
corederany idea when lxqt is to be released?15:41
phillwsomeone else who does not know the meaning of patience :/15:56
genoobiehey all16:07
genoobieinstalling lubuntu on my second laptop16:08
phillwgenoobie: run the self test on the installation medium.... Just do it :P16:10
mpmcphillw: Will Lubuntu switch to LXQT? :)16:11
phillwmpmc: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/14.1016:11
phillwQt5 has arrived16:12
mpmcCan't wait to try it, the screenshots on Lxqt look like KDE though.16:12
joernit looks awesome and works quite good :-)16:13
mpmcjoern: Is it good on slower hardware?16:14
joernyes :D16:14
joernit's a bit unstable and there is still some missing functionality, but the devs are working on it16:15
phillwmpmc: there is a dev ppa for it, but at present I'd suggest running it in a VM16:19
mpmcphillw: I think I'll wait, I'm in no rush :)16:20
phillwpeople like joern and julien may break it while doing dev work.. I have not got a decision as to if we will have a parrallel release for 14.1016:20
phillwit is more likely to be 15.0416:21
genoobiehey all16:22
genoobiesorry to bug everyone again16:22
genoobieI have a cq50 laptop, lspci says I have an atheros wireless card and driver in use is ath5k16:23
genoobiebut ifconfig doesn'nt bring up anything16:23
genoobierfkill shows no soft block, but hard blocked yes16:24
genoobierfkill unblock 0 0 doesn't change it16:25
phillwgenoobie: try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216017716:25
mpmcI owned a HP compaq once with an AMD Turion R70 x64 the thing got mega hot even when idle.. Won't buy HP Laptops ever again.16:25
genoobieyes, this thing cooks!16:26
phillwthere are other options from my search, but that has a [SOLVED] tag, which I always recommend 1st16:26
genoobiephillw, just google?16:27
genoobiephillw lshw reveals "DISABLED"16:28
phillwgenoobie: with a tweak or two :P If that does not help, head over to http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=336 have a read of the sticky and ask on there16:29
genoobiephillw, hey17:22
genoobieare you still here17:22
genoobiemucked around with the ath5k adapter and finally got it "unblocked"17:22
genoobieshows up in ifconfig17:22
genoobiehow come I can't find the gui for it17:23
genoobieor it doesn't appear in the "taskbar"17:23
ianorlingenoobie you need to apply updates to get it as there was a bug18:01
RudeViperHello all18:03
phillwgenoobie: I'm back... been preparing food, but I see ianorlin has you in hand18:05
RudeViperI have installed lubuntu 14.04 on a new machine. I am having a real problem with the screenblanking after 10 minutes.... I havelooked on severalwebsites and used their suggestions - ie installing xscreensaver and using the lxsession default manager to turn this off but nothingworks.... Can someone PLEASE tell me how to turn this thing off - it's being set up to run headless and I will be using18:06
RudeViperremote to admin it - whenever it blanks screen I can't do anything till I physically go and log back into the machine18:06
phillwRudeViper: 1st thing is to do18:08
phillwsudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get uprgrade18:08
phillwfrom there there is help.18:08
phillwfrom memory, you need the new screensaver app.18:10
phillwRudeViper: found the critter... bug 128132318:12
ubottubug 1281323 in One Hundred Papercuts "Lubuntu/Xubuntu Live session locks when away from keyboard" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/128132318:12
ianorlinso run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade will work for genoobie18:15
RudeViperok so no way to fix it in 14.04 yet then18:20
phillwRudeViper: it is fix released... follow what it says in the bug report....18:25
RudeViperI don't see that anywhere18:26
genoobiephillw: getting a bit stuck here18:27
RudeViperok I see where it says todisable light locker but that doesn't show up anywhere - what I'm trying to do (and see if it works) is to remove light-locker18:29
genoobiemuch better18:29
genoobiephillw, okay I am running into a bit of a problem18:29
genoobiephillw, been at this for almost 2 hours18:30
genoobiefirst had to throw a couple options onto the ath5k.conf18:30
genoobieno_hw_rfkill_switch and nohwcrypt18:30
genoobiebut my scans still come up empty18:30
genoobieI could verify that the antenna are connected properly18:31
Glycancould someone help me with xbindkeys?18:37
GlycanIt says it can't capture keys18:37
silverlionGlycan: sorry, am the wrong person :(18:39
Glycanokay, thnaks x)18:46
phillwGlycan: I suggest asking on the mailing list. if https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Keyboard does not answer your question(s)18:48
GlycanIt's not consistant with my setup for some reason18:49
genoobiephillw, ugh, I checked the antenna18:49
GlycanAnd this is kinda urgent...18:49
genoobieeverything is fine18:49
GlycanOkay, how about something else: how do you add a bash command as an action to ~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml ?18:50
Glycanwait, no, got it18:51
genoobieany help would be most appreciated18:51
phillwgenoobie: I suggest raising a request on the forum, I'm not familiar with your hard ware for WiFi and at times it does seem like a black art. You can try #ubuntu but it is a crazy mad busy channel... I'd still go for making a post on the forum.18:52
genoobiethat's right, I just lost that link18:53
phillwgenoobie: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33618:54
Glycanthanks a bunch, everyone18:55
phillwGlycan: did the wiki sort it for you?18:57
Glycanno, the source18:57
RudeViperphillu - looks like removing ligh-locker is the ticket18:58
phillwRudeViper: there is our 1st point release for 14.04 due out on thursday. We're hopeful that these really annoying bugs will have been squished19:00
phillwall those with fixes have been applied accross the entire family.19:00
RudeViperok cool - thats the only one I have found so far - but i'm just running it as a minecraft and home file server for learning purposes....19:04
phillwRudeViper: if you want to keep on top of bugs, and even report them in a manner that the devs can understand, then between the gaming, you may like to have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/ (Oh, and I know a couple of people who know minecraft servers. but that is off-topic)19:07
RudeViperNow that I could use phillu - someone to help me get the server to start with the machine - nothing I have tried works -19:11
phillwRudeViper: what server?19:13
RudeViperit's craftbukkit 1.7.219:16
phillwfood time... bbl19:17
Ahmuck-Jrhi hi.  i'd like to do a dist upgrade19:25
Ahmuck-Jrbut it does not appear to do anything.  suggestions?19:26
Ahmuck-Jri'm not even sure what dist i am on19:26
Ahmuck-Jrnm, got it19:35
genoobiehey phillw one last question19:40
genoobiethe wireless worked in lubuntu 11.0419:40
genoobiewould that be any help to solve this problem?19:40
RudeViperI think he might be eating - lol19:40
genoobieRudeViper, thanks19:40
RudeViperI am sure he will be back19:40
genoobieI've been at this wireless now for 4 hours19:41
genoobiethat's ridiculous19:41
phillwI am back from my nutricianal cycle19:41
genoobiephillw, the question was, if I know that the wireless worked in 11.9419:41
genoobiewould that be any help in solving this puzzle?19:41
phillwgenoobie: you can report it as a regression19:42
genoobiesame link?19:42
GlycanHello again.19:46
GlycanMy home and end keys aren't working in libreoffice, how might I go about debugging?19:46
Glycan(or in other programs, for that matter)19:47
phillwgenoobie: raise a new bug, but refer back to where it was fixed. That massively increases the chance of it being cherry picked and added to recent kernel. I cannot guarantee it will be, but you do increase your chances. I've been told that in such instances it is a lot less painful to get something like http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mini-Wireless-802-11-Adapter-Antenna-Black/dp/B00ARQS7ZW/ref=pd_cp_computers_319:47
genoobieoh, hrm19:49
genoobiemy kids would break that in no time19:49
genoobieI guess it's just strange that it once worked, but doesn't any more.19:49
phillwyou can do it without the ariel :)19:49
phillwgenoobie: then do please raise a bug report.19:50
phillwgenoobie: I'd still advise asking on http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33619:53
snxsHello, i just installed Lubuntu on a virtual machine,  just finished updating and went to install virtual guest additions to get a bigger screen I get a successful installation but even if i switch to full screen, it wont go full screen, im left with black bars on the side, how can i fix this ?20:04
rafaellagunahave you installed the proprietary drivers? they might be needed20:05
snxsseems so, i don't have an option for my specific resolution 1280x800,20:10
rafaellagunait's very unsual, yes20:11
snxsnot sure what drivers im looking for though20:11
rafaellagunaanyway, if you use a nVidia card you cant tweak it a bit. open "software and updates" and open the drivers tab to see what do you need20:11
snxsdon't :(, im on a mbp 13 inch,20:12
snxshas Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB20:12
RudeViperI'm back20:18
rafaellagunasnxs, so no drivers needed20:18
rafaellagunahello RudeViper20:19
rafaellagunasnxs, can't you tweak the full screen function with VBox itself?20:19
snxsrafaellaguna: not sure, where do i tweak it, i thought it was a tweak on the xorg conf file that i do not have on my etc/x11 folder..20:22
rafaellagunanot anymore, the xorg config must not be modified, it's not practical20:23
rafaellagunaat least with nVidia20:23
rafaellagunaI talk about some options in VBox about full-screen, in my case, with Windows, it happened the same, but with Ubuntu it worked20:23
snxsoh yes i go to full screen but still not full, im sure i need to manually add my resolution ,20:26
rafaellagunayes, and you should have specify at any place in the app20:26
snxsthis doesn't work... there is not lxdm service, nor a xorf -configuration ..20:27
rafaellagunaI told you, even some xorg conf files are missing now20:28
RudeViperphillu can pm you a question20:28
rafaellagunaphillw, ping20:28
snxssucks... not sure what to do next lol20:30
phillwRudeViper: sure20:31
GlorfindelI was trying to get lubuntu 14.04 to live boot on my (low powered) system, but it isn't doing it right. The booting screen was rather... 16 bit. And after it finishes it just has a black screen that is flickering20:40
Glorfindelany solutions?20:40
rafaellagunaGlorfindel, if it's so low powered computer, you should try the Alternate installer20:40
rafaellagunait's text based20:40
GlorfindelI want to live boot it, the alternate doesn't do that AFAIK?20:41
rafaellagunano, it hasn't live session20:42
rafaellagunabut it works, it installs the system20:42
Glorfindelbut is there any reason for the default one to do that? The pc runs Window xp and MS office 2007 just fine20:43
rafaellagunanow you say, if XP runs Lubuntu must too20:43
rafaellagunawhat graphcis card do you have?20:44
phillwGlorfindel: alternate is a stripped down version, it does not have what desktop iso has. It has jobs that desktop cannot do :)20:44
GlorfindelIntel integrated20:44
Glorfindelphillw: what do you mean?20:45
rafaellagunaI hate Intel20:46
GlorfindelThe screen is only 800x600 though20:47
rafaellagunaeven with XP and its drivers?20:47
phillwGlorfindel: what I state, alternate is more for servers. In fact only lubuntu alternate and server now use it. It requires less cd space and lower resources to install.20:48
Glorfindeleven what with xp and its drivers?20:48
rafaellagunayou run XP on it, didn't you?20:48
rafaellagunaso you needed drivers20:48
rafaellagunaand it got a higher resolution than 800x600?20:49
rafaellagunacan I ask what year is that pc from?20:50
GlorfindelIt had ME on it20:50
rafaellagunagod's sake!20:50
Glorfindelbut the previous owner updated it20:50
Glorfindeland upgraded the RAM20:50
Glorfindelso it has 256 mb20:50
Glorfindeland a 700mhz cpu20:51
rafaellagunaplease, the cpu?20:51
rafaellagunait's proved that Lubuntu worked on computers like this: Dell 128mb ram, 6gb disk, Pentium3 650mhz20:52
Glorfindelthat is almost what I have: Dell Inspiron 250020:53
rafaellagunabut as they say, it worked like an elephant on a l20:53
Glorfindel20 gb hdd20:53
rafaellaguna*on a mood pool20:53
Glorfindelsssslllloooooww you mean?20:53
rafaellagunathis are the requirements: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu20:54
rafaellagunait's  because of the cpu generation, Pentium3 is almost archaeological :P20:54
Glorfindellol yeah, I have a Celeron20:55
rafaellagunayou should try Alternate installer: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu20:56
rafaellagunayou just click on one of those wonderfull buttons I made :P20:56
Glorfindel:D ok, you actually made them?20:57
rafaellaguna(and Glorfindel , I'm not saying this, but have you tried Puppy Linux? if it doesn't work with Lubuntu...)20:57
rafaellagunaanyway the requirements are similar20:57
GlorfindelI am using it right now20:57
GlorfindelOn a much more powerful pc20:59
Glorfindelso there is like NO freezes20:59
Glorfindelwhich is awesome20:59
rafaellagunasorry, I can't think nothing better than the Alternate20:59
GlorfindelWell if nothing works I will just install DSL21:00
Glorfindelworks with 64mb of ram21:00
GlorfindelAnd comes with an IRC client!!21:01
rafaellagunayou have Slitaz too, I love that desktop21:01
rafaellagunahi anarkhos21:02
anarkhosi want to install lubuntu on an acer netbook, but:21:02
anarkhos1) there's no cdrom, and 2) id prefer not to wipe out the two usb devices i have that function properly. which installation method would you then suggest?21:03
phillwanarkhos: buy a new usb stick21:04
anarkhoswhat about some network boot?21:04
Glorfindelyeah, like the two dollar 1gig sticks21:04
phillwanarkhos: you even have a chance of making one that works as https://help.ubuntu.com/community/mkusb is in RC status21:06
GlorfindelActually rafaellaguna, I did try Slacko Puppy on my system but the gui wouldn't show21:06
Glorfindeljust the mouse cursor lol21:07
GlorfindelWell thanks for the help :)21:07
phillwGlorfindel: if you do try mkusb, do please report back how you get on.21:08
rafaellagunaSlitaz, it's amazing, Glorfindel21:08
Glorfindelok, I'll check that out as well21:09
Glorfindelno torrent to download means it'll take a while though :P21:09
genoobiebefore posting in network and wireless make sure you are updated21:10
genoobieI hope the update fixes the issue21:10
Glorfindelso I got to a tty22:28
Glorfindelwhat commands can I use to set the video mode to 800x60022:28
GlorfindelI can also get a vt up I think22:28
Glorfindelhard to see with the screen going bonkers22:28
geniiGlorfindel: Perhaps see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution#Adding_undetected_resolutions22:29
Glorfindelthanks :)22:29
geniiGlorfindel: Also, if you are in the GUI and want to cycle through available resolutions, the keyboard combination of:  ctrl-alt-<numpad + or - >22:31
Glorfindel0.0 that would be most helpful :)22:32
geniiThere might be one that is usable at least for the moment22:32
Glorfindelthanks again!!22:32
geniiYou're welcome22:32
GlorfindelIt WORKED!!23:06
RudeVipergood grief - how so much of the information we need for lubuntu is wrong on ubuntu site?23:26
phillwRudeViper: depends on how much you corrected recently...23:37
RudeViperROFLMAO - thats a good one - Finaly found it but not on Ubuntu site OR wiki - sudo-juice.com worked perfect - lol23:38

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