Aki-ThinkpadHey for the qtcreator plugin wizard, what do I specify for the qtcreator-sources and qtcreator-build?00:26
mihaпо-русски ктонить балакает?06:32
dpmmorning rpadovani, I tested launching Reminders from Qt Creator using the emulator and the phone as targets, and it seems to work on both. Did you set -DCLICK_MODE=on?06:49
dholbachgood morning07:08
mzanettidpm: :D07:35
mzanettidpm: You've hit the only other thing in my calendar :D07:36
mzanettidpm: however, it's just the daily standup. Won't last longer than 10 mins. I'll jump over to the reminders hangout asap07:37
justCarakascongrats dpm on the promotion :)07:40
dpmhi mzanetti, ok, sorry, I generally look at the calendar to see if it conflicts, but this time I just moved it to 30 mins later07:46
dpmthanks justCarakas :)07:46
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dholbachjdstrand, do you think we should do a click-reviewers-tools upload and push it to the sdk release ppa too?10:38
nik90mzanetti: hey, can I merge https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/15-world-clocks/+merge/227539 ? I fixed all the comments that you had.11:50
mzanettinik90: let me skim over it11:51
mzanettinik90: yeah, approved11:52
nik90mzanetti: thnx.11:53
nik90dpm: ping (discuss translation issue with regards to city names)11:54
dpmhey nik90, where did we leave the discussion?11:59
* nik90 doesn't remember11:59
nik90dpm: but do you know what the situation is though?11:59
nik90dpm: I can do a short recap :)11:59
nik90dpm: so we have a XML file which contains a list of popular cities and country names as can be seen at https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/20-world-clocks/+merge/22764612:00
dpmit's about providing translated city names in the search and on displaying the world clocks, right?12:00
nik90dpm: the question is how do we get this translated?12:00
nik90dpm: yes12:00
nik90unfortunately online results don't help with populating the list, they only help with searches made12:01
nik90so even If I could use the translated names from geonames.org for instance, it won't help with the translation of the popular city list shown12:02
dpmnik90, to have translations for these preseeded cities, you'll have to find a way to put them in a QML or JS file. XML is really hard to translate12:03
nik90dpm: ok that I can do12:04
nik90dpm: but its gonna be a hard time for translators :/12:04
dpmhow many cities are there, roughly?12:05
dpma lot12:05
dpmI see12:05
nik90dpm: yeah...100+12:05
nik90dpm: I created that list manually..painful process12:05
dpmnik90, in Ubuntu desktop we've got a package called iso-codes that contains the translations for cities. Apps can use it to show localized city names without the need to translate them in the app. However, I don't know if it's accessible to Qt12:06
dpmthe other option is to use the packaged translations from cldr.org, but I'm not sure if they're accessible to Qt either12:08
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dpman option would be to fetch the .po files of iso-codes and put them in the clock app's source tree12:10
nik90dpm: is there anyone who might know about this? I will try hunting through the Qt locale docs12:10
dpmtsdgeos might know12:11
dpmso far, I can see two options:12:11
dpm- Put the preseeded cities in a .js or .qml file and mark them for translation (easiest, but hardest for translators)12:12
dpm- Fetch the .po files for cities from the iso-codes package, put them in the clock source tree and have the app read those translations12:13
dpmActually, something else:12:13
dpm- Fetch all translated city names from geonames.org and put them on an offline, local database to load cities and their translations from12:14
dpmthese are some of the things I can think of12:15
nik90hmm I will investigate more on the 2nd and 3rd options12:16
dpmand actually, option 1 might not be too hard for translators. They'll see suggestions for city name translations in Launchpad, so in most cases it will be a matter of pointing and clicking12:16
dpmthat's because Launchpad presents suggestions from translations in all other projects12:16
dpmso if a translation team translated a city name in iso-codes, and that same city is up for translation in clock,12:17
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dpmthen the translation will be shown as a suggestion that can be clicked and added as a translation for clock12:17
dpmand with this, I'll go for lunch, bbl ;)12:18
nik90dpm: thnx12:19
tsdgeosdpm: sorry, can you repeat/summarize?12:43
nik90tsdgeos: Hi, I can do that12:46
nik90tsdgeos: In the clock app, we are supposed to provide a local list of popular cities in the world that a user can select from.12:47
nik90tsdgeos: at the moment, we do this by providing a data model in an xml file. However this file cannot be translated.12:47
nik90tsdgeos: and we were wondering how best to go about this12:47
nik90tsdgeos: here is an example of the xml list data, https://bazaar.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/20-world-clocks/view/head:/app/worldclock/world-city-list.xml12:48
tsdgeosi think easiest (may not be the most engineering smart) is just make the thing that creates the .po file parse that file and with some bash/grep make it end in a fake cpp file that gettext parses12:49
tsdgeosand then just pass the name you get from the xml thorgh gettext12:49
* nik90 thinks12:51
nik90tsdgeos: what do you need the fake cpp file for? Can't gettext parse the xml file directly?12:54
tsdgeosnik90: not as far as i know12:55
tsdgeosthere's other tools to generate .po files from xml though12:55
tsdgeosyou may want to check them12:55
nik90tsdgeos: btw shouldn't it be a .pot file instead of .po file so that launchpad can show that template to the translators?12:55
tsdgeospot file12:56
tsdgeoswhich you should already have one12:56
nik90tsdgeos: not yet, but soon enough. This is for the new clock app reboot which is missing some infrastructure still12:56
nik90tsdgeos: but yeah I found http://itstool.org which translates xml files12:57
tsdgeosthat one will translate it inside the xml file12:57
tsdgeosit's another option12:57
tsdgeosthen you need to read the xml taking the language into account12:57
tsdgeosintltool should also help you creating a .pot from xml12:58
jdstranddholbach: hi! re 0.8, I think we are close. I'd like https://code.launchpad.net/~jdstrand/click-reviewers-tools/lp1346481 in it (I should finish that today)13:00
jdstranddholbach: however I think there is a problem in debian/rules for calling out over the network. have you tried building in a ppa?13:00
dholbachjdstrand, https://code.launchpad.net/~dholbach/+recipe/click-reviewers-tools-daily looks like it builds just fine13:01
jdstranddholbach: right-- that is not using the debian directory from trunk though, right?13:03
dholbachjdstrand, that should be just trunk13:04
jdstranddholbach: specifically, update-frameworks and update-apparmor-policy are not being called in clean13:04
jdstrandhmm, normally when I set up a daly build, it doesn't use what is in the tree. maybe this is setup different13:05
jdstranddholbach: (I don't see those in the build log)13:05
dholbachjdstrand, yeah - at least speaking for update-frameworks that was intended13:05
dholbachas there's not net connection on the buildd, I didn't want to run it and have it fail and stop the build - I assumed that it'd be run by a developer locally13:05
jdstranddholbach: fyi, I just copied update-apparmor-policy to work like update-frameworks, but I made a note that this may need to move to a new target to work on buildds13:05
jdstranddholbach: yes, good thinking-- I just thought clean got called during the build13:06
jdstrandyou can see it does in the build log. eg: rm -rf build *.egg-info .pybuild13:07
jdstrandyou can see the 3 lines before our update scripts13:07
jdstrandbut, the debian/rules for this build seems old13:07
dholbachjdstrand, I catch the urllib exception (on timeouts, etc.) and let it exit(1) and use  -(python <...>)  in the clean target13:08
dholbachI thought that was a good way to deal with it13:08
jdstrandmaybe it is all correct and will work right13:09
jdstrandI just don't see it being called at all in the build log13:09
jdstranddholbach: ok, I just checked the source package, it is in there13:11
jdstranddholbach: oh, does '-' prepended before the command silence it?13:11
jdstrandI forget all the makefile fun13:11
dholbachjdstrand, I assumed that it'd just ignore the return code13:11
jdstrandwell, it seems to be working, so I think we can move on13:12
jdstranddholbach: sorry for wasting your time13:12
dholbachno, don't worry - I'm glad you had a thorough look at it as well13:12
jdstranddholbach: I'll work on that other branch, but feel free to test 212~ubuntu14.04.1 if you want13:12
dholbachok cool13:13
jdstrandI did my testing in a shroot without the extra apparmor deps and it all worked well13:13
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neasnHelo every one I am just starting to develop for ubuntu touch.14:37
davmor2in reminders is there a plan to introduce the checlist function or can you do that already and I haven't figured out how?14:44
justCarakaswelcome neasn14:45
brendandballoons, hey - about your workaround for calendar-app failures - are you sure there isn't a better way?14:47
dpmmzanetti, rpadovani http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7842316/14:47
balloonsbrendand, hey.. a "better" way? Sure, fix the helper14:48
balloonsbut it's non-trivial14:48
balloonsI predicated my mp with 'hacky' ;)14:49
justCarakasdpm do you know if someone is working on the multiple google calendars in 1 google account ?14:49
ZanvalHello, I am a developer who just made his first android development experience and wants to get an overview of the Ubuntu App Development. How would I create a local database (sqlite e.g.) in ubuntu sdk?15:02
ZanvalMaybe I should also not that I am interested in QML as well as HTML5 App Development.15:03
ElleoZanval: the QtQuick.LocalStorage module gives you access to that sort of thing in QML: http://qt-project.org/doc/qt-5/qtquick-localstorage-qmlmodule.html15:17
ZanvalElleo: Thanks, thats exactly what I was looking for. :)15:26
ElleoZanval: great :)15:29
mzanettikenvandine: hey, I tried to compile VoltAir on the phone. Got stuck when freeglut wanted xinput stuff. Did you perhaps already solve this with your Box2D works?16:30
Elleomzanetti: box2d and qml-box2d don't have any dependencies like that, so I'd assume not16:36
kenvandinemzanetti, i got it to build without messing with the xinput stuff16:55
kenvandinebut it crashes :)16:55
kenvandinesorry, i meant without patching out that16:56
kenvandineit crashes after scene selection i think, maybe that's because it needs xinput16:57
mzanettiso that VoltAir game has a dependency on liquidfun which seems to contain box2d and freeglut. and freeglut in there uses xinput16:57
kenvandineoh... maybe i built it with the system freeglut rather than embedded16:58
kenvandinei seem to recall running into problems there, and turns out that is only needed for some of the liquidfun examples16:58
kenvandinemzanetti, just a minute, let me check what i did in my build16:59
mzanettiI've tried with -DFREEGLUT_GLES2 to make it pick up gles stuff, but that led to the above...  maybe there's some more switches, yeah17:00
kenvandinemzanetti, that's my diff17:01
kenvandinespecifically to force gles2 headers17:01
mzanettihmm... interesting... I guess you're not building the freeglut stuff at all then...17:02
kenvandinefreeglut is only included if you build the liquidfun examples17:03
mzanettiI thought so too but then I found another place where it gets included17:03
kenvandineif you disable the examples in liquidfun it skips that17:03
kenvandineunless they've changed it since i branched :)17:03
mzanettiI might be wrong too... let me have a look17:04
kenvandinei haven't updated my branch, my clone was from the 16th17:04
kenvandinei did have to monkey with paths somewhere17:04
kenvandinebut not seeing that in the diff17:04
kenvandineoh right... liquidfun was actually missing, they said it was a submodule17:04
kenvandinebut it wasn't :)17:04
mzanettiyeah, same here17:05
mzanettiI manually cloned it into there17:05
kenvandineso i grabbed the tarball and stuck it in the right place17:05
kenvandinei grabbed the release tarball17:05
mzanettihmm, that might make a difference then17:05
mzanettiprobably worth a try running master with your way of building17:05
kenvandineliquidfun 1.1.017:06
kenvandinemaybe you can fix the crash :)17:06
kenvandinemzanetti, i cleaned up my hacks a little and pushed to github17:22
mzanettikenvandine: cheers. will give it a try17:23
kenvandinejust added my click bits too17:24
ahayzenkenvandine, ping17:32
kenvandineahayzen, pong17:32
ahayzenkenvandine, just playing about with the content-hub things ... followed the instructions to use the browser on bug 134744417:33
ubot5bug 1347444 in Ubuntu Music App "Music app does not expose download handler" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134744417:33
ahayzenkenvandine, and got a url of file:///home/phablet/.cache/com.ubuntu.music/HubIncoming/1/mp32 as the incoming... note there is no file extension? is that correct17:33
ahayzenkenvandine, i'm wondering if it was supposed to be 2.mp3 ..but something has gone wrong in the browser export?17:34
ahayzenkenvandine, or whether i've mucked up (which is also possible)17:35
ahayzenno ^^ path is what contentItem.url.toString() is showing17:36
kenvandinethat sounds like the browser didn't get a proper filename17:37
kenvandineElleo, ^^17:37
ahayzenDownload request for storage-new.newjamendo.com/download/track/1108495/mp32 got cancelled by embedder17:39
ahayzenfile:///usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/qt5/qml/Ubuntu/Content/ContentPeerPicker.qml:233: TypeError: Cannot read property 'peers' of null17:39
ahayzenkenvandine, noticed ^^ in the end of the browser log17:40
kenvandinethat's normal17:40
ahayzenkenvandine, ah ok is that as it hands over to the downloader thing?17:40
kenvandinewe've seen that on some images from google images17:41
kenvandinethe download url doesn't include the extension17:41
ahayzenkenvandine, firefox figures out the real filename with an extension when going to the url ...17:41
kenvandineor a proper filename17:41
ahayzenkenvandine, assume it is sent in the http header?17:42
kenvandinewe get something like "image" from as the filename17:42
kenvandineyeah, not sure17:42
kenvandineElleo knows the details17:42
ahayzenkenvandine, guess we need to hear from the browser guys17:42
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Letozaf_nik90, hi, I have merged and now running clock app gives me this error: file:///home/letozaf/autopilot-tests/reboot/app/worldclock/UserWorldCityList.qml:20 module "Timezone" is not installed    cannot find how to install it19:32
nik90Letozaf_: hmm that is one of the custom C++ plugins for clock app19:44
nik90Letozaf_: if you look at README.developers, it will show how to build the plugin19:45
Letozaf_nik90, how do I install or get it ?19:45
nik90Letozaf_: once you do that you should be able to run the clock app19:45
Letozaf_nik90, sorry didn't read the line before my answer... thanks19:46
nik90Letozaf_: np, let me know if it works since when I ran your branch this morning, the userWorldCityList.qml file wasn't there yet, so I am hoping you won't run into issues19:47
Letozaf_nik90, ok19:47
Letozaf_nik90, I got the libtimezone.so but where do I have to copy it ?19:55
nik90Letozaf_: I am not sure, normally qtcreator knows where the .so library file19:56
nik90Letozaf_: what happens when you run autopilot run ubuntu_clock_app ?19:57
Letozaf_nik90, I got the same error19:57
Letozaf_nik90, let me past the output19:57
Letozaf_nik90, http://paste.ubuntu.com/7843705/19:58
Letozaf_nik90, line 5419:58
nik90Letozaf_: can you revert the merge and work with the old rev?19:59
Letozaf_nik90, sure19:59
nik90Letozaf_: I haven't changed anything alarm wise for the past few revisions. So it should be fine.19:59
nik90Letozaf_: I will need to figure this out with balloons about what to change in the cmake files19:59
Letozaf_nik90, ok no problem20:00
balloonsnik90, will the reboot have native code?20:01
nik90balloons: it already has two c++ plugins20:01
balloonsI should ask differently.. are the plugins external?20:02
balloonsi you have an external plugin, you need to package it and the tests will need it as a depends20:02
nik90balloons: external? Its part of the clock app. So no separate packages for the c++ plugins20:03
balloonsif it's part of the same project and binary, then that takes care of it, but you'll have to compile it20:03
nik90balloons: its part of the same project20:03
balloonsI might be failing to speak in the proper terms20:03
nik90balloons: Letozaf_ compiled it using cmake .. && build20:03
nik90balloons: no I think I am not that familiar with this stuff :)20:03
balloonsI'll have to actually look at it I guess20:03
nik90balloons: I used the App with QML Extension Library template from qtcreator if that makes sense20:04
balloonsnik90, sadly that doesn't help me personally.. certainly not without looking, hah20:05
nik90balloons: this is the branch https://code.launchpad.net/~carla-sella/ubuntu-clock-app/alarm-tests/+merge/227816 that Letozaf_ is working on20:06
balloonsanyways, remind me to have a look.. I can't do it at the moment. cmake requires real brainpower20:06
nik90balloons: hehe20:06
nik90balloons: let me know when you want to tackle this. I will tag along20:06
balloonsperhaps this makes a good friday night activity20:07
balloonsI'm so crazy20:07
Letozaf_balloons, :D20:07
mzanettianyone here has an idea for a name for a tower defense game?20:21
kenvandinemzanetti, you have some code in your game for level loading right?  i'd love some ideas or help with something general purpose for bacon2d :)20:22
mzanettikenvandine: hmm... what I have atm is rather specific for that game... but I guess it should be possible to abstract it. I'm not really familiar with bacon2d yet20:23
kenvandinemzanetti, yeah, it's one of my longer term goals20:24
kenvandineprovide some general purpose level loading and user saving of levels20:24
mzanettihow would you need the data in the end? Is there some existing data structure already which needs to be filled?20:24
kenvandineabstracting as much data out of the code as possible20:24
kenvandinemzanetti, those are the things i don't know much about...20:25
kenvandinei want to go through some of the existing game engines that provide it and see how rich that stuff has to be20:25
mzanettikenvandine: I guess in the end you'd just need some object "Level" that holds all the stuff required to build up the scene20:30
mzanettilike, "backgroundImage", "enemyCount", whatever20:30
mzanettia model holding a list of all existing levels20:30
mzanettiand then the Game {} object maybe a property currentLevel20:31
mzanettito change level and get current level's properties20:31
kenvandinewe have a currentScene20:31
kenvandineand the levels would be scenes20:31
kenvandinewe also have a tiled map branch in the works20:31
* mzanetti looks up Scene docs20:31
kenvandineto load scenes from tiled maps20:31
mzanettiyeah well, in the end it doesn't matter what it is...20:32
mzanettijust holds some strings for urls to image files and integers for game stuff20:32
mzanettisomething like that I'd imagine20:32
kenvandinejust something to make it easier for game developers to create cool games20:32
mzanettikenvandine: this is how people can create level packs for my game: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/+junk/ubuntudefence/files/head:/data/levelpacks/20:33
mzanettiso this could be parsed in a generic way, reading all properties instead of the predefined I have here20:34
kenvandineprobably coordinates too, etc20:34
mzanettiand then building up the model holding all this stuff20:34
mzanettiwould need to do something with bacon2d to find out how it works20:35
kenvandinemzanetti, cool, i'd love input and/or help :)20:35
kenvandinewe hang out in #bacon2d too :)20:36
mzanettiwanted to do a simple tanks game anyways when the current projectCount decreases again20:36
mzanettiso... I'm still looking for name for the tower defense game20:37
kenvandineno ideas off hand... sorry :)20:37
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gerlowskijaballoons: looks like I've got the tests running on the desktop with a VM setup; thanks for the help!22:43
Elleokenvandine, ahayzen__: download manager currently doesn't make use of the filename section of the content-disposition header; there's a bug logged for it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-download-manager/+bug/1205355 last time I spoke to mandel about it it sounded like it might take a while though23:01
ubot5Launchpad bug 1205355 in ubuntu-download-manager "Content-Disposition is not used to get the file name" [Medium,In progress]23:02
ahayzen__Elleo, hmmm because i *think* this is stopping mediascanner2 picking up the file as it doesn't have an extension23:05
ahayzen__...and we need to be able to reload the mediascanner2 models to complete the process anyway as you currently have to restart the app to see changes23:06
Elleoahayzen__: quite possibly, we have the gallery append extensions to files that are missing them at the moment to work around this there23:07
Elleo(using qt's mimetype detection and extension mapping)23:07
ahayzen__Elleo, hmm but we would have to assume the file extension for the music as we have no way of telling what it is (we are pure QML)23:07
ahayzen__unless there is a way in QML...23:07
Elleoahayzen__: in that case you might want to ping mandel when he's about and see if there's any chance of him bumping that up his priority list23:08
Elleopersonally it's something I'd like to see sooner rather than later, as there are lots of services that give pretty bad filenames from just taking the end of the URL (which is what download manager currently does)23:08
ahayzen__Elleo, ok thanks which IRC channels does he hang around on?23:08
Elleobut I know mandel has a lot on his plate already, so it just might not be feasible23:08
ElleoI think he's usually around on #ubuntu-touch23:09
ahayzen__Elleo, i can add music-app as also affects and explain the situation, so that it is documented if u want?23:09
Elleoahayzen__: yeah, that'd be good23:09
ahayzen__Elleo, ah yes i spot him, but it is like 1/2am for him so i'll try him tomorrow and add to the bug now :)23:10
Elleoahayzen__: okay, great23:10
Elleoit's 12am here too, and I have to be up at 6 to get off to the sprint again, so I'm going to disappear now too ;)23:10
ahayzen__Elleo, thanks for ur help :) ... we'll get webbrowser -> music-app working eventually :)23:10
Elleono worries :)23:10
ahayzen__Elleo, yeah i'm in the UK as well23:10
ahayzen__Elleo, last stage will then be to somehow reload/stream the mediascanner2 models so we can get the metadata as it is indexed23:11
Elleoyeah, that'd be nice23:12

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