pittiGood morning04:17
pablohCan somebody recommend an lightweight display manager? (I've been using Qingy for a while but it's hard to get it working on some hardware)05:54
RAOFlightdm? :)06:12
mvopitti: good morning! what do you reckon are the chances for https://launchpadlibrarian.net/180534575/gobject-introspection_1.40.0-2ubuntu1_1.40.0-2ubuntu2.diff.gz to go upstream into debian? it seems to work fine from my limited testing, the only issue is that the gir libs need adjusting now in their gir1.2-foo.install file (/usr/lib/girepository-1.0/* -> /usr/lib/*/girepositoriy-1.0/*)06:22
pittimvo: for debian, no problem; the hardcoded /usr/lib/girepository-1.0/ is a bit ugly for upstreaming, though06:44
pittimvo: I'll commit our changes to Debian06:46
mvopitti: hold on a sec06:46
pittimvo: err, wait06:46
pittimvo: are the typelibs actually platform dependenct?06:46
mvopitti: this will cause ftbfs for the packages that build with the new gojbect-introspection06:46
mvopitti: the fix is trivial, just updating the install path06:46
pittimvo: in any way, this requires a note to ...06:46
mvopitti: if you think thats ok, I'm all for it :)06:47
pitti... d|u-devel-announce@ at least, and a transiiton06:47
mvopitti: I don't know how platform dependent the typelibs really are, but they are different on the arches, not sure what plays a role here06:47
mvopitti: I can prepare a ppa with this change and test build of the rdepends to ensure we don't run into nasty corner cases. or do you think the gir stuff is all well behaved?06:48
didrockshey mvo, bonjour pitti!06:49
mvohey didrocks, good morning06:49
pittimvo: well, at this stage (RTM) testing can never hurt, although I'm not sure how much introspection we actually use on touch (probably very little)06:50
mvopitti: very little indeed, just 2 gstreamer libs right now iirc06:51
pittimvo: so, the announcement to the devs is the main thing to do then06:53
mvopitti: all right, let me draft something this morning.06:54
willcookemorning all07:09
willcookeseb128, Chromium 35 is in.  I think ChrisCoulson took care of it07:09
willcooke36 has issues07:09
didrocksmorning willcooke07:11
willcookehey didrocks07:12
willcookedidrocks, are you UTC +1 ?07:12
didrockswillcooke: yeah, just one hour in the future compared to you :)07:13
willcookeso is it 8:13 for you?07:13
didrocksno, it's 9:13, with dailight saving07:13
willcookeahh, ok - so you're still an hour ahead of me then07:14
willcookedidrocks, the reason I ask is that I really need to catch up with you, but I don't think I'll be able to do it until say 3pm your time07:14
willcookeis that ok>07:14
didrockswillcooke: that's fine, no worry! I usually go for running at lunch time :)07:15
willcookehrm, you know what didrocks - we should have continued our journey down to Oz & NZ and paid those guys a visit, since we're half way there anyway07:19
RAOFwillcooke: Come down to Hobart, it's lovely!07:20
didrockswillcooke: ahah, that would have been a really neat idea. And you can even tell this is for team building to meet robert ancell :)07:20
willcookeRAOF, didrocks  - I'll see if rickspencer3 will pay :D07:21
willcookeright - bbiab, school run07:22
didrockswaow 600 on /lib, don't ask why I couldn't log in into that container07:29
didrocksthe base image is right though07:29
* didrocks purges and redownload to see if the container is corrupted07:30
didrockshey czajkowski!07:30
didrockswaow, the container is really corrupted…07:33
* didrocks tries back to build it himself07:33
didrocksand relaunch a remote build07:34
czajkowskididrocks: gooood morning you happy chappy!07:59
didrocksczajkowski: did you leave to your conference already?08:00
czajkowskididrocks: yup arrived last night in Munich so at todays hackathon and lots of Ubuntu machines being used over here08:00
czajkowskinice to see it being used out and about by random people08:01
czajkowskithat table is currently hacking mongodb ubuntu and censors for the the day08:01
didrockswaow, excellent!08:01
czajkowskiyup will try and get this page updated during the day https://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/munich-iot-hackathon-planning/participations but then you cna see what is built08:02
czajkowskialso a very useful site!08:02
Laneyhey hey ho ho08:04
willcooke'sup Laney08:04
didrocksczajkowski: great!08:04
didrocksmorning Laney08:04
willcooketkamppeter, I just pimped the Open Printing  summit via G+08:04
willcookeI'll see if someone who actually has some followers (popey) can re-share08:05
seb128good morning desktopers08:05
Laneywie gehts?08:07
seb128hey didrocks Laney willcooke czajkowski08:07
seb128Laney, you?08:07
didrocksre seb128!08:07
seb128willcooke, @chromium, ack, thanks08:07
seb128didrocks, re ;-)08:07
seb128willcooke, did you see my comment yesterday about eventual travelling and when that would be likely to be?08:07
* willcooke scrolls back08:07
seb128it was in query08:08
seb128just wondering if you could figure out if we had some travelling planned after the summer and when08:08
willcookeseb128, didnt get it - the wifi in Blue Fin is sometimes dodgy08:08
willcookeseb128, I understand there /might/ be something in October, but I will find out for certain08:09
willcookedo you guys use some kind of IRC proxy?08:09
seb128willcooke, thanks, would be handy if we want to e.g book holidays08:10
willcookesomething which is a bit more "store and forward"08:10
seb128I don't08:10
seb128larsu, Laney and some other do08:10
Laneyyeah, screen+irssi08:10
Laneysome people like irccloud08:10
larsuscreen+irssi for me as well08:10
larsuon a raspi08:10
* willcooke checks it out08:11
didrockswillcooke: I did use irssi + bip. And after some years, realized that if people want to reach me when I'm not there, emails is better :)08:11
didrocksI have then only to backlog emails08:11
didrocksand not emails + irc + …08:11
seb128emails also include content usually08:11
seb128not just "ping" ;-)08:12
didrocksreally true! :)08:12
Laney'ping' is better08:12
Laneywaaaaaay more ignorable :-)08:12
didrockswillcooke: so, I guess you're warned now, don't ping without adding context ;)08:12
willcookehehe - yeah I saw that yesterday :)08:12
willcookeI have a habit of doing that :/08:13
tkamppeterwillcooke, thanks for pimpimg.08:17
willcookedpm, https://plus.google.com/108554416426692294217/posts/jKQh1NmjrPo08:20
seb128willcooke, do you know if the chromium update is going to go to other series than utopic as well?08:20
willcookedpm, is that something that one of the Ubuntu official accounts could re-share/tweet about?08:21
willcookeseb128, hrm - good question, I don't know.  Jamie said Chris sponsored it in, so I assume that Coulson?08:21
willcookeI can ask him08:21
willcooke(if it is)08:21
seb128it's chrisccoulson yes08:21
seb128he doesn't seem to be online though08:21
willcookeI'll find him...08:22
seb128he might just not be up yet08:22
seb128https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser btw, for the versions/by serie08:23
seb128Laney, are you reviewing the developer mode mr?08:23
dpmhi willcooke, let me have a look08:28
ogra_whee, thanks !08:28
dpmwillcooke, https://plus.google.com/100887841569748798697/posts/CRKD6jJEjyF08:32
willcookedpm, woot - thanks dude08:33
willcookethere you go tkamppeter!  250k followers :)08:33
willcookeyayay chrisccoulson08:33
willcookechrisccoulson, morning chap!  Sorry to pounce on you the second you log in08:34
chrisccoulsonhi :)08:34
willcookechrisccoulson, the sponsorship of Chromium 35 you kindly did yesterday - is that for all series or just U?08:35
chrisccoulsonwillcooke, just for U. chad says cr36 will be ready by thursday, which I'll upload to all releases08:35
chrisccoulsonI didn't see the point in pushing cr35 to all releases, only to update it again a couple of days later08:35
willcookechrisccoulson, word08:39
willcookeLaney, bird = word?08:39
Laneyso they say08:39
willcookeI didn't know08:39
LaneyI thought everybody had heard08:40
Laneybird being the word08:40
seb128chrisccoulson, ready on thursday, waiting to see :p08:43
seb128cr35 was "ready" for like 3 weeks before it got uploaded08:43
chrisccoulsonhi seb128 :)08:43
seb128I hope we don't keep doing the same to hit then "oh, next one is coming, let's do this one" and never upload anything08:43
seb128because it's always take ages and by the time things are tested there is a new one08:44
seb128chrisccoulson, hey ;-)08:44
chrisccoulsonseb128, hmmm, cr35 was only ready last week. at least, that's when the builds ended up in https://launchpad.net/~canonical-chromium-builds/+archive/ubuntu/stage08:44
seb128well, it was "almost ready" for a while before that08:45
seb128but if cr36 is ready this week or next, it's fine I guess08:45
seb128let's see08:45
chrisccoulsonYeah, hopefully08:45
tkamppeterwillcooke, great, still too much paper needed ...08:46
didrocksremember that cr34 is really buggy08:46
didrockslike the loosing tabs and so on08:47
didrocksnot great for a LTS08:47
czajkowskiTrevinho: has the patience of a saint! we at least have a bug reported this time https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/1347494  still working on the back trace08:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347494 in unity (Ubuntu) "Logging in doesn't load unity desktop on admin account" [Undecided,New]08:49
* didrocks doesn't know why containers produced on docker hub are broken…08:53
didrocks(bad permissions on directories)08:53
czajkowskiTrevinho: for some unknown ditty reason it seems to hate unity-dbgsyms E: Unable to locate package unity-dbgsyms08:53
czajkowskiare they built for utopic could that be it?08:53
didrocksSweetshark: did you get the same issue?08:54
didrocksseems to be https://github.com/dotcloud/docker/issues/589208:54
* didrocks reads08:54
Sweetsharkdidrocks: havent run into that yet, but will look out now ;)08:57
* didrocks is trying -s=devicemapper as suggested08:58
Laneyczajkowski: dbgsym not dbgsyms, and you have to have enabled that repository if you didn't already https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProgramCrash#Debug_Symbol_Packages09:02
seb128czajkowski, you need the ddeb source matching you normal apt sources09:04
LaneyI just reproduced the "gstreamer 1.4" leak09:09
Laney..........only I was still on 1.2.409:09
didrocksSweetshark: yeah, so if you add users that are non root, don't use trusted builds for now, rather, build them yourself09:09
didrocksSweetshark: there is no workaround/fix apparently yet09:09
* didrocks followed up on the bug09:09
seb128Laney, lol09:11
seb128Laney, so blaming the gst update wrongly?09:11
seb128Laney, how do you reproduce it?09:11
Laneyseb128: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/media-hub/+bug/1346821/comments/5 I did that09:11
ubot5Launchpad bug 1346821 in media-hub (Ubuntu) "media-hub-server uses all system's memory (sigkill send to init)" [Critical,New]09:11
Laneyload an album, then click the second half of the slider to make it go to the next song09:12
seb128did you downgrade base as well?09:15
seb128or only gst?09:15
LaneyI didn't downgrade09:15
Laneyjust on an old image09:16
willcooketkamppeter, you're muted at your end I think09:29
willcooketkamppeter, I heard you for a second there09:30
seb128tkamppeter, do you know if canon mg6350 printers are known to have issues/not work with trusty? the printer is correctly detected/added by system-config-printer, printing makes the printer receive the job (it says so on its small lcd screen) but nothing gets out of the printer then09:31
seb128it's like the job was invalid and dropped by the printer or something09:32
seb128not sure how to debug, some website recommends just installing the driver from the constructor website09:32
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didrocksok, going for exercising!10:33
czajkowskiLaney: any sweet chance you're in london this week ?10:48
Laneyczajkowski: nope10:48
Laneycome to GUADEC next week? :-)10:49
czajkowskiI've had 3 weeks of no tracel I'm enjoying this :p10:49
Laneyactually I will be changing trains @ stp to get there ...10:50
tkamppeterseb128, the Canon printers have USB problems. Try the command "lpadmin -p <queue> -o usb-unidir-default=true" for the print queue.10:54
tkamppeterseb128, See "USB printer does not print or prints garbage" on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPrintingProblems10:54
seb128tkamppeter, thanks, that one is a wifi one, and it works with the ppd from canon10:56
tkamppeterseb128, if this works out, report a bug on http://www.cups.org/str.php, post the "lsusb" output (USB product/vendor IDs) and make/model of the printer. Or edit /usr/share/cups/usb/org.cups.usb-quirks and attach the patch to your bug report.10:56
seb128tkamppeter, ok, thanks10:56
tkamppeterseb128, for WiFi/Network I do not have any known problems of Canons. For WiFi printing in general I had only problems with my FritzBox router, but the FritzBox support helped me and fixed the firmware bug. I am running development firmware now and the printer works. Printer is HP though.10:59
tkamppeterseb128, no I remember that there are users of LiveBox routers who had problems with printers connected via IPP (independent of wired or wireless), these users have to replace the ipp://... URI by ipp14://...11:01
willcookeSweetshark, just set up a 1:1 weekly - let me know if you want to move it11:02
willcookelarsu, ditto11:04
willcookeLaney, ditto11:05
Sweetsharkwillcooke: should be fine if we really do this hard timeboxed as I have a weekly call (Engineering Steering Committee at LibreOffice on 16:00CEST on Thursday) right after that.11:11
willcookeSweetshark, sure, no worries.  I think once we get in to the swing of things it won't take 30 mins11:13
willcookewho is at guadec next week? seb128, didrocks, Laney?  attente too?11:25
Laneyyes, & larsu & desrt11:25
willcookeexercise time for me now.  bbiab11:32
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larsuwillcooke: I'll be on a train this Friday for our 1:1 (going to GUADEC)12:47
willcookelarsu, no worries, we'll catch up soon12:51
larsucool, thanks12:51
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seb128willcooke, oh, forgot to reply for the guadec list, but what Laney said ;-)13:07
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seb128kenvandine, hey, are you going to review the dual sim work from Jonas?13:37
kenvandineseb128, yup13:38
seb128kenvandine, great, thanks ;-)13:38
seb128kenvandine, what happened to the landing from yesterday btw?13:39
kenvandinemerge problems then pep8 test failures13:39
kenvandinei'm going to finish it up this morning13:39
seb128is anyone working on fixing those?13:39
kenvandineit was building when i left yesterday13:39
kenvandinethey got fixed late13:39
seb128kenvandine, should https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/ubuntu-system-settings/call_forwarding/+merge/227761 bet set as "work in progress"? CI run and I said that's all you wanted from it13:39
kenvandineit's ready now13:40
kenvandinea review would be great :)13:40
seb128is Jonas doing one?13:40
seb128I can have a look as well13:40
kenvandinei haven't asked13:40
seb128let me look first13:40
seb128if I feel like another review is welcome I can ping him13:40
seb128kenvandine, when you said 'they got fixed", you are speaking about the pep8 error? where? I didn't see a new mr?13:41
seb128or is that a new commit on one of those listed?13:41
kenvandinenew commit13:41
kenvandineit's all built in the silo now13:41
seb128land it!13:41
kenvandinei just need to do a round of testing13:41
kenvandineafter my next meeting though :)13:41
Laneyglad that pep8 is working now13:45
Laneybtw I saw some dual sim MP come in and I was suspicious that it seems to duplicate the qml for the single and dual case13:50
LaneyI'd think it ought to be possible to handle both in the same file13:50
Laneyjust in case anyone reviews this13:50
asacseb128: whats our gstreamre source package?13:53
asace.g. launchpad ubuntu link at best13:53
seb128asac, https://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer1.013:53
asacah good13:53
seb128still discussing that sync?13:54
seb128btw Laney said it's also happening with the old version13:54
asacseb128: not sure ... just got asked how we can e better in coordinating such pieces with stakeholders before dropping them13:55
asacat best it causes confusion and distraction for folks that are knee deep in making gstreamer magic happening for phone13:56
asacif that happens without them knowing13:56
seb128yeah, that makes sense13:56
asacwhat are your thoughts?13:56
seb128I guess we could create a table of packages that need confirmation before being synced, with their owners13:56
seb128but then we need to owners to be responsive and look at the pending syncs13:56
seb128rather than being busy and ignore those13:57
asacso proactive merge/sync work management13:57
seb128otherwise we stay on outdated unsupported versions13:57
LaneyI bet £10,000 that list will be 'everything on the phone'13:57
seb128and we loose the benefit of being close from Debian13:57
seb128Laney, and I bet for quite a part of the list there are going to be no active owner13:57
seb128like if libpng has a an update13:57
seb128or libzlib13:57
seb128or libelf13:58
asaci think its an interesting topic for the distro to figure13:58
seb128what we currently have works fine most of the time13:58
seb128it's just a bug, we get bugs through silo landings as well13:58
seb128those happen13:58
Laneylooks like it wasn't even a bug13:59
seb128we have britney also to protect the image13:59
Laneyso we're actually discussing something that wasn't even a problem13:59
seb128if we have tests in place to catch issues...13:59
Laneywhich seems a bit mad13:59
seb128but potentially a such sync could create an issue/introduce a new bug13:59
Laneya problem is that this report blinded people who then didn't even look into the problem13:59
seb128but silo landing as well13:59
seb128our testing is not perfect13:59
LaneyI better go have lunch or else I'll EOD without having eaten :P14:00
Laneybeen trying to merge -bad 1.4, speaking of gst ...14:01
* Laney screams14:01
LaneyI was in the wrong directory when building the source package so it didn't get rebuilt so the build failed again14:01
* Laney force afks14:01
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willcookeCome to the Ubuntu On Air engineering update - I'm totally live dudes14:20
seb128oh, indeed you are there!14:25
willcookeexposing my ignorance in public14:26
seb128willcooke, xdg-utils is a bunch of scripts to deal with things like "open that file", "inhibit screen locking", which tries to do do the right thing for the desktop env in use14:27
willcookethx seb12814:27
seb128that was a weird question to ask14:27
willcookekicks mhall11914:27
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Laneywillcooke: seems like a bit of a baptism of fire...14:49
mvowillcooke: ubuntu-on-air on day3? woah, what a ride for you :)14:50
seb128Laney, nobody decided for settings on line length changes15:06
seb128the document Jussi pointed to seems to be a "unity" one15:07
seb128e.g trying to be standard accross our projects iirc15:07
seb128I'm still undecided with the 80 chars, that feels like a too high constrains for modern width screens, though I agree it can be handy in some cases15:08
LaneyI guess people don't bother having code side by side any more15:09
seb128but even on my laptop screen with qtcreator and a sidebar I can easily go to 110 chars15:09
seb128side by side is useful for debugging when you do old/new version, but otherwise do you use it?15:09
Laneyall the time15:09
Laneyif you want to get rid of it then just do it15:10
LaneyI just resent being linked to some random document15:10
ogra_and your screen pnly allows 160 chars ?15:10
Laneyactually it's 14115:10
seb128Laney, I've no strong opinion, I just find that the 80 chars is easy to hit and does make for some extra wrapping which is less comfortable to read sometimes15:11
seb128but it's not a big deal either15:11
ogra_Laney, time to drop that 14" VGA monitor ... its 2014 !!15:12
seb128but yeah, I'm not wanting to change unless those guideline are something documented as being our standards for all projets we work on15:12
seb128ogra_, it's called a laptop15:12
ogra_seb128, sure ... but 141 chars !15:12
seb128my laptop does 136 chars15:13
seb128we don't all have hidpi ;-)15:13
ogra_my laptop does a *lot* more ... do you guys only work on tty consoles ?15:13
seb128no, it's gedit or qtcreator15:13
seb128but resolution is not 1900 here15:13
seb128it's 130015:13
ogra_ah, old HW :)15:13
Laneydon't even know what it is, possibly 1280x96015:14
seb128not so old, but those resolutions are better for my eyes15:14
seb128if I were on 1900 I would adapt the font and hit around the same number of chars15:14
seb128well, anyway, not an useful discussion15:15
Laneyanyway I'm aware I'm the only one who cares15:15
ogra_heh, yeah15:15
Laneyso, fine by me if it makes everyone else sad15:15
didrocksseb128: Laney: the recommendations are 120 at most actually, to have the content readable15:16
didrocksintellij set 120 by default, whereas they tweak that value to 100 in Android Studio15:17
LaneyI checked what GNOME say and they say up to 120 too15:17
didrocksyeah, seems the standard to have readable content (longer makes it hard to read)15:17
LaneyI want a linter to enforce this now >:)15:19
Laneyespecially if it fails the build15:19
* Laney gets excited15:19
didrocksLaney: it's called pep8 :p15:20
didrocksoh C++, meh ;)15:20
Laneypep8 says 79 btw15:20
didrocksyeah, that's their default15:21
didrocksyou can tweak it though15:21
Laneyup to 10015:21
didrocks(as in udtc)15:21
didrocksI'm using 120 for both, but 100 can be a good start :p15:21
Laneypep8 is quite clear15:22
didrocksLaney: https://github.com/didrocks/ubuntu-developer-tools-center/blob/master/.pep815:22
Laneyindeed you can override it15:22
Laneyby pep8 I mean the document15:22
didrocks(I exclude the virtualenv directory, most of the standard python library fails miserably)15:23
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seb128ok, calling it a day16:32
seb128Laney, have a nice early w.e, see you in Strasbourg16:32
seb128good evening desktopers16:33
Laneyseb128: cheers, see you there16:33
Laneyhave a good evening!16:33
* didrocks goes as well16:49
didrockssee you in Strasbourg Laney!16:49
Laneyhave a good two days16:50
didrocksthanks ;)16:50
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willcookeEODing now too - toodle pip17:07
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