belkinsapmatulis, thanks and re the wiki admins team: I think I want to do that for the next meeting after Aug's meeting.14:29
pmatulisbelkinsa: alright, so let's remove it14:50
belkinsaOn it.14:50
belkinsapmatulis, done.14:51
pmatulisbelkinsa: got the email, thx14:52
belkinsaNot a problem, anything else?14:52
pmatulisbelkinsa: nope.  i'll also be updating the agenda soon as well as sending out a reminder email about next meeting14:52
belkinsaOkay, and thanks for sending out a reminder (when you do it).14:53
pmatulisbelkinsa: done21:09
belkinsapmatulis, I saw.22:15

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