xnoxcjwatson: in os-prober, i see $WINOSDATA interface to list all windows partitions. Where is WINOSDATA set? also, I believe this type of patch is also needed to be applied in os-probes/mounted/x86/efi/20microsoft as os-prober/ubiquity, when booted in efi mode don't find anything to resize.12:16
cjwatsonIIRC that was for migration-assistant and is dead code12:17
xnoxcjwatson: horum, i think i need something similar. os-prober at the moment only finds "Microsoft has an UEFI bootloader in system /efi partition", doh. And doesn't tell ubiquity et.al. that the installation is in fact on msftdata /dev/sda5 which could be resized to do along side installation.12:20
cjwatsonHm, really not sure, sorry.12:21
* xnox jumps into d-i to see if that does the right thing, maybe everything is doing everything correct - it's just ubiquity state logic that needs fixing.12:28

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