RAOFHm. I really need to fix keymapping before using the unity8 desktop session :)02:12
SarvattRAOF: you and your dvorak..05:01
RAOFC++, why you no map (list)?06:47
dufluRAOF: Wha/06:58
RAOFduflu: I want to iterate over the result of applying a function elementwise to an existing iterator.06:58
RAOFWithout constructing an unnecessary container.06:59
RAOFThis would typically be called “map’06:59
RAOFOr possibly “apply”06:59
dufluRAOF: Temporary results in a loop you don't wish to modify to accept  an apply functor?07:00
* duflu feels dirty for knowing what that means07:01
RAOFI'd like to construct a list of SharedLibraries from a directory iterator07:04
RAOFNow, I can do this by iterating over the directory, constructing the SharedLibrary, and shoving it into the list.07:05
RAOFBut I'd *prefer* to just pass an iterator to the list constructor.07:05
dufluRAOF: I think most real-world problems involve picking and choosing from lists, and not a blind 1:1 mapping. As such, there's little re-use value in C++ providing that for you.07:11
dufluBesides, C++ is already massive in spec07:11
RAOFWell, that's very simple07:12
RAOFmap(filter(thing, predicate), functor) :)07:12
RAOFBasically I wish iterators were substantially more powerful, because it's really awesome to be able to operate on them.07:12
dufluI wish iterators had a common base class and weren't a pure pattern07:13
mzanettihey, anyone aware of efforts to make freeglut run on mir? I think its just the input part that uses XInput. The rest seems to be ok already.07:14
* mzanetti was trying to compile VoltAir on the phone07:14
duflumzanetti: I remember the simplicity of GLUT fondly. Would be nice but not aware of any efforts07:16
RAOFduflu: _Yes_07:17
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RAOFalan_g: No, my blocking comments weren't addressed. On the other hand,  https://code.launchpad.net/~raof/mir/fix-unnecessary-virtual-package/+merge/227862 is simple and resolves them :)08:23
alan_gRAOF: sorry. I got the incantation I used from both fginther and sil2100 so I let the majority rule.08:24
RAOFalan_g: Yeah, that's totally reasonable.08:25
RAOFI clearly need to poke sil2100 and fginther with a cluebat :)08:25
alan_gRAOF: the more I get to understand the debian/control file the more I feel we've got wrong. Is that normal?08:30
RAOFNot normal, no.08:31
RAOFHm. Now that I look at it...08:31
* alan_g goes to look at a problem he does understand08:34
RAOFExcellent plan!08:35
* RAOF → dinner08:36
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greybackanpok: hey just checking in, any progress with https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/134695211:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1346952 in Mir 0.5 "[qtcomp] Random crash in Mir input when running AP tests: [terminate called after throwing an instance of '...' what(): assign: File exists] when constructing a mir::AsioMainLoop::FDHandler" [Critical,New]11:40
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kdub_hey folks12:06
Saviqalan_g|lunch, hey, I'll join you for the interview with Jawad, sit in on your part and then do mine when you'll be relieved ;)12:15
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anpokgreyback|lunch: debugging it - so yes reproducing the issue..12:27
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alan_g|lunchSaviq: ack12:57
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racarr_Good morning!14:31
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groot_racarr_, evening :)14:44
groot_I need some help compiling mir14:44
racarr_groot_: ok! Lets give it a go! What are you trying so far?14:45
groot_racarr_, I'm trying to follow the cross-compile section of this http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/building_source_for_android.html14:46
groot_just changed saucy to utopic14:47
groot_also downloaded mir tarball from here http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/0.5/revision/1792?start_revid=179214:48
groot_hope it's ok. I'm now confused with cross-compiler. Shoul I try install g++-arm-linux-gnueabihf/utopic ?14:50
racarr_Is your desktop trusty?14:51
racarr_I'm not 100% sure you can crosscompile from trusty to utopic14:51
racarr_kdub_: ^?14:51
groot_unfortunately yes14:51
kdub_doesn't work as well as you'd like it to sometimes14:51
racarr_I dunno maybe someone will say they have dsone it and it works but my guess i\s no...I didn't think you could install the utopic G++14:51
racarr_groot_: If you don't want to upgrade your system...probably building on the phone itself is your best option14:52
groot_racarr_, wouldn't that take more time ? Also how can I compile in phone (native compile?)? Cross-compile seemed easier.14:54
groot_kdub_, how can I compile now? I want to test your fix :)15:00
kdub_its more of an experiment15:00
kdub_but native on-the-phone compile is slow, but you don't have to set up cross compiling15:01
racarr_groot_: rCompile in phone../.isn't the fastest lol15:01
racarr_from the phone, you first have to apt-get build-dep mir15:01
racarr_then you just get the mir build directory and build it like normal15:01
racarr_mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. -DMIR_PLATFORM=android;15:01
groot_racarr_, I don't have net connection in phone :(15:02
greybackracarr_: question on Mir's client buffer queue scheme: say client is starting up and Mir allocates it 3 buffers. Client draws its first frame and swaps. Does the compositor render that frame, or the 2 other yet-to-be-drawn-into frames have to be rendered first15:03
racarr_greyback: The compositor should render that frame I think15:04
racarr_the only requirement is that there is always a buffer available for the compositor15:04
racarr_groot_: Hmm presumably we can get it for you with15:04
racarr_adb or something15:05
greybackracarr_: ok ta15:05
groot_racarr_, I'll do it. Give me the commands serially :D15:06
racarr_groot_: I am just thinking...there is no obvious waya (to me) gimme just a minute...I need to listen to some other stuff too lol15:07
groot_racarr_, no problem. Take your time.15:07
racarr_groot_: I dont really know...there must be some trick to get USB networking working15:13
racarr_but I dont know it or the magic incantation to reveal it on google :p15:13
racarr_so I can't really suggest anything better than downloading the deps and copying them over to phone...15:14
racarr_you need a net connection lol15:14
racarr_No wifi? :(15:14
anpokgalf_: how did you switch to 4.9 with arm-linux-gnueabihi-g++15:14
anpokalf_: ^ :)15:15
alf_anpok: added '-4.9' to cmake/LinuxCrossCompile.cmake15:17
anpokah :)15:17
groot_racarr_, ohh :(. I don't know whether wifi is running or not. Is there a way I can access it through terminal ? I use router in my house so connecting will not be a probelm.15:21
racarr_groot_: if you run phablet-network on the host system it will copy over your15:22
racarr_wifi config to desktop15:22
racarr_if you are using that15:22
racarr_if not...you will have to use wpa_supplicant or some such to connect to wifi via terminal15:22
AlbertAgreyback: right it will draw that latest ready frame15:22
racarr_connecting to wifi on desktop then using15:22
racarr_phablet-network sounds easiest15:23
greybackAlbertA: thanks for confirming15:23
AlbertAgreyback: it will not wait to fill the queue15:23
groot_racarr_, I'll try now and let you know.15:29
racarr_groot_: :)15:32
racarr_lol....46 files modified for touchspots15:32
racarr_doesn't seem quite right15:32
groot_racarr_, I don't use wifi in my desktop, desktop has broadband connection which is connected through router. So, there'll be config, right ?15:37
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racarr_groot_: Yeah...15:50
racarr_you will have to google like...connecting wifi terminal, sort of stuff :p I don't remember the exact options, etc15:50
racarr_if you have wifi encryption you will need to use15:50
racarr_its pretty easy15:50
tvossgroot_, you want nmcli15:57
racarr_oh that sounds true :p15:58
groot_tvoss, how to use it ?16:00
tvossnmcli --help gives you an overview16:01
tvossgroot_, should be something nmcli device wifi connect WIFI_NAME16:01
tedgdednick, When I pass the FD to the helper I set MIR_SOCKET to "fd://%d", right?16:02
groot_tvoss, alright I'll give it a try.16:02
tvosstedg, yup16:03
tedgtvoss, Hmm, okay.16:04
tedgIs there a way to get QtUbuntu to give more info than this: QUbuntu: Could not create application instance16:04
groot_tvoss, connected to wifi, but speed is slow :)16:10
groot_racarr_, how to compile mir? please give me the commands serially :)16:11
dednicktedg: passing to the trust helper? or the prompt provider?16:11
tvossgroot_, I cannot help with the speed16:12
tvossgroot_, in the mir root directory, call dpkg-buildpackage16:12
tvossgroot_, that likely will fail with a list of missing build dependencies that you have to install16:12
dednicktedg: you need to pass the trusted socket to the helper, and the new_fd_for_prompt_provider sockets to the providers.16:12
tedgdednick, Yes, to the prompt provider.16:12
tedgdednick, So passing that socket to the provider as "fd://%d"16:13
dednicktedg: yup16:13
groot_tvoss, where's the mir directory? It's not in the root directory.16:15
tvossgroot_, you have to branch mir by calling bzr branch lp:mir16:15
groot_tvoss, I've the files in pc.  Push them will do ?16:16
racarr_groot_: ^16:16
racarr_then; cd <into-the-mir-source-directory>; mkdir build; cd build; cmake .. -DMIR_PLATFORM=android; make16:17
racarr_wait patiently16:17
tedgdednick, Good, know any reason that QtUbuntu couldn't create an application instance then?16:19
groot_racarr_, alright :)16:22
groot_racarr_, this error happened http://paste.ubuntu.com/7842738/16:25
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dednicktedg: check unity8 logs?16:31
dednickanything saying rejected?16:32
dednicktedg: did you start the trust helper with trusted socket?16:32
tedgNo, it's not saying rejected.16:32
tedgThink I must have the wrong number.16:33
groot_racarr_, I think I've to install 14.10 on desktop :P16:36
racarr_groot_: It looks like you forgot the apt-get build-dep mir part16:37
groot_racarr_, you're right!!! I forgot you mentioned that. I'll give this another go.16:39
racarr_brb in ~2016:42
groot_racarr_, still got error " You must put some 'source' URIs in your sources.list". List doesn't contain the package16:52
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racarr_groot_: apt-get update17:13
racarr_should take care of it17:13
groot_racarr_, OK, I'll try again tomorrow. I've to go now. I'm not gonna give up :). Thanks for helping me.17:18
AlbertAcamako: kgunn: so there's a bug that already has a fix on devel...17:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347789 in mir (Ubuntu) "Crash in USC during mir::compositor::BufferQueue::BufferQueue::operator()" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:20
AlbertAcamako: kgunn: should that be backported to the 0.5 series?17:20
kgunnAlbertA: yep...we will need thta17:25
kdub_here's a fun one17:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347828 in Mir "glmark2 [desktop] effect=shadow:windows=4 failure on mx3" [Undecided,New]17:41
racarr_kdub_: For me that doesn't even qualify as a fun in the sense of like this is a nice hairy one bug17:46
racarr_and more of just a "off to the crying closet"17:46
racarr_type bug17:46
racarr_failed acquire CCB space17:46
racarr_not to mention ScheduleTA "didnt work properly"17:47
kdub_yes, very informative :)17:47
racarr_E/IMGSRV ( 3519): :0: KEGL_SGXDestroyRenderSurface: Timeout failed on waiting for previous render op17:47
racarr_is kind of interesting17:48
racarr_kdub_: Perhaps it has something to do with fences17:48
racarr_i.e. like17:48
racarr_surface is being destroyed17:48
racarr_before the actual rendering of the last frame17:48
racarr_E/IMGSRV ( 3519): :0: FreePDSFragBuffers: PDS fragment buffer for render surface still in useE/IMGSRV ( 3519): :0: FreePDSFragBuffers: PDS fragment buffer for render surface still in use17:49
kdub_something, im' thinking some resource problem perhaps around contexts17:49
kdub_but we'll just see17:49
racarr_good luck :D17:50
AlbertAaahhh the good old KickTA...17:57
racarr_:( I want to write...18:03
racarr_constexpr size_t size = someMirGeometrySizeWidth*height*MIR_BYTES_PER_PIXEL(pixel_format)18:04
racarr_(where the geometry and pxiel format are constant as well)18:05
racarr_so that I can then write uint32_t pixels[pixel_size] {} and use automatic storage so that {} can be used to initialize the whole thing to black18:06
racarr_I mean...lol it's purely a matter of conveniencee18:06
racarr_but unfortunately can not use18:06
racarr_IntWrapper with18:06
racarr_because it's not a http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/concept/LiteralType18:06
racarr_oh maybe it coudl be though18:07
racarr_I don't really understand the deep details of constexpr lol18:07
josharensonrandom question, does/will mir support SDL?18:26
racarr_josharenson: Yes!18:26
josharensonwoo hoo!18:26
racarr_courtesy of bschaefer18:26
racarr_who can help with issues and such im sure.18:27
racarr_95% sure it's SDL2 only18:27
racarr_whatcha up to?18:27
josharensonthanks, no issues, just wondering if I'll be able to play old games18:27
bschaeferjosharenson, you wont be able to play SDL 1.2 atm (until some layer gets put into place)18:31
bschaeferjosharenson, but anything for SDL2 will work with mir!18:31
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josharenson bschaefer thats awesome, thanks18:32
bschaefer(if you really want to mess with SDL1.2 + mir you'll need this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~brandontschaefer/+junk/sdl1.2-mir)18:32
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bschaeferthey aren't accepting patches for 1.2 soo yeah18:33
bschaeferjosharenson, np!18:33
racarr_kdub: How should I implement mga::Buffer::write(void*,size_t)19:22
racarr_I'm open to the idea that I shouldn't19:22
racarr_I just can't remember which android thing has which19:22
racarr_for the touchspots, which end up being kind of like single buffered software clients19:23
racarr_ / cursor19:23
racarr_oh I see. gralloc_module_t :)19:25
kdub_racarr_, I guess I'd want to avoid it19:35
anpokis there a way to verify expectations added to a mock at the end of a scope?19:35
anpokrather let the test fail unless expectations are met..19:36
kdub_racarr_, you mean like mg::Buffer::write()?19:36
kdub_anpok, you can verify explicitly19:36
kdub_like Mock::VerifyAndClearExpectations()19:36
racarr_kdub_: Yeah19:43
racarr_to upload cursor images in to the buffer19:43
kdub_racarr_, the pain there is all the pixel formats19:47
kdub_so like, on the client side, we have a way to map it and return the address, but spare the client side buffer the pain of regulating all the pixel format stuff19:47
kdub_like, the intention is to?19:49
anpokkdub_: hmm it never fails19:50
racarr_I guess I should look at how the client side works on android19:50
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kdubracarr_, like, whats the outer loop? to write to a cursor on the server side?19:52
racarr_the outer loop?19:53
kdublike, the larger picture of what having Buffer::write would accomplish19:54
racarr_oh yes19:54
racarr_to write to a cursor on server side.19:54
racarr_write seems like a good choice because 1. they are always small buffers. 2. on mesa you can't even create GL contexts from the cursor buffer.19:55
kdubso, its probably a little easier to structure like19:59
kdubthe platform has some writer object19:59
racarr_I thought about that for a bit but coudln't think of20:01
racarr_alternate implementations, is it easier?20:02
kdubyeah, just because iirc, the mga::Buffer doesn't have access to the gralloc mapping stuff anymore20:02
kdubwhereas the platform could just keep the gralloc as a singleton20:03
kdubor... even I guess that there could be a mg::Buffer::write(std::vector<Pixels>const&) and android could do a gl draw under the hood? (and mesa would just do the memcpy)20:04
robotfuelkgunn:  do you know a good person I can ask to triage this unity8 crash? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/134788620:05
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347886 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/unity8:6:__assert_fail_base:__GI___assert_fail:operator:std::_Function_handler:operator" [Undecided,New]20:05
kdubracarr_, I guess I'm not feeling strongly that one is better than the other :)20:07
kdubother than it probably has to be behind the platform abstraction, and we should have stronger types than void* for the pixels we want to use20:08
* kdub dreams of bool mir::PixelFormat::ABGR8888::premultiplied()20:08
kgunnrobotfuel: i'd like alf_ to take a look at that tomorrow....20:11
kgunnit looks like it might be mir related20:12
kgunnrobotfuel: do you know which image that is/was ?20:15
robotfuelkgunn: yesterday's proposed image20:16
kgunnrobotfuel: ok so something like ~14320:16
kgunnrobotfuel: any chance we understand/know what the device was doing ? or was this just random monkey ?20:16
robotfuelkgunn: version_detail: ubuntu=20140722.1,device=20140717.1,version=14420:17
robotfuelkgunn: it was the random monkey :/20:17
kdubkgunn, robotfuel what about https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/fix-1335481-0.5/+merge/227497 ?20:20
kdubseems somewhat in the same ballpark20:20
robotfuelkdub: it looks very close +120:22
racarr_kdub: sorry lol...alt tabbed and then....distraction20:25
robotfuelkdub: I've added that to the bug, thanks20:25
racarr_yeah I was thinking maybe android could do the GL draw under the hood....its probably easiest to use some sort of writing thing I guess though...with the android platform20:26
racarr_and yeah....there are enough instances of void *pixels now20:26
racarr_ill start looking in to something better lol20:26
racarr_I just tested the touchspots on the phone in20:28
racarr_demo server shell20:28
racarr_and they have20:28
racarr_window decorations20:28
racarr_forgot about that20:28
racarr_hmm what am I going to do there20:29
robotfuelkgunn: it looks like this one is also a mir issue https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/+bug/134790120:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347901 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/system-settings:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:boost::throw_exception" [Undecided,New]20:33
kgunnrobotfuel: ah crap i can't see it...20:35
kgunnrobotfuel: is there something i can do to see these bugs by default20:35
* kgunn vaguely remembers mail from duflu20:36
robotfuelkgunn: my copy paste glitched https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/134790120:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347901 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/system-settings:6:__gnu_cxx::__verbose_terminate_handler:__cxxabiv1::__terminate:std::terminate:__cxxabiv1::__cxa_throw:boost::throw_exception" [Undecided,New]20:37
robotfuelthat should work20:37
robotfuelkgunn: "void mir::client::rpc::MirSocketRpcChannel::send_message(const mir::protobuf::wire::Invocation&, const mir::protobuf::wire::Invocation&)" is what I see in the trace20:38
robotfuelit doesn't look like it was able to complete the whole stack trace :/20:39
kgunnrobotfuel: following the link, looks there may be enough tho... kdub that one looks like its eminating from android platform possibly ??20:41
kdubkgunn, I was looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity8/+bug/134788620:43
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347886 in unity8 (Ubuntu) "/usr/bin/unity8:6:__assert_fail_base:__GI___assert_fail:operator:std::_Function_handler:operator" [Critical,Confirmed]20:43
kduband this one https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/3f606cde0c8ce2787f2a2ae3ed4b1a73738d975e20:46
kdubthe stack passes through the android code, but it looks like it throws somewhere around the ipc stuff, I'd say that looks like a different one20:47
kduboh, actually, i guess if the server was asserting and failing20:47
kdubthen maybe the client is just saying "wheres my server" in that stack trace20:48
tedgkgunn, Silo 6 with the QtComp doesn't seem to start for me. Does it need to be rebuilt after the gcc build?21:32
kgunntedg: make sure you install ubuntu-touch21:32
kgunnalso add proposed to your sources list21:32
kgunntedg: i put a note at the top of the wiki....its been frustrating a lot of folks21:33
kgunni updated the instructions21:33
kgunnsilo 8 is gumming up the works21:33
tedgAh, k21:35
racarr_ok touchspots are 95% done except the fact that they receive22:13
racarr_window decoprations22:14
racarr_going outside for a little bit (been at desk since 7 lol...ordered lunch in)22:14
racarr_then will be back to work on that22:14
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racarr_thomi: Are touchspots black on orange or purple on orange or black on purple or black or23:24
racarr_red on yellow23:24
thomiracarr_: huh?23:24
thomibzr diff23:25
racarr_I mean has anyone already23:25
racarr_picked the colors23:25
thomisomething bright I guess23:25
racarr_ubuntu orange + black outline23:25
thomisounds good to me23:26
thomithat'll match those fancy videos the design team produce :)23:26

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