c107Sawubona, #ubuntu-motu.04:08
c107Ubuntu unjani na?04:08
abhi-hi what is the convention for version numbering for building packages from git04:27
RAOFabhi-: Generally something like $LAST_VERSION+gitYYYYMMDD04:32
RAOFOptionally, adding .$SHA04:33
RAOFSo, either 0.4.3+git20140723 or 0.4.3+git20140723.ab36c1f04:33
ScottKAdding the sha is common, but nonsense.04:34
ScottKSince versions have to be monotonically increasing, adding the sha doesn't mean you can package two snapshots from the same day.04:34
abhi-RAOF, ScottK thanks04:35
abhi-ScottK: so $LAST_VERSION+gitYYYYMMDD is prefered?04:35
RAOFScottK: It can be helpful in answering the “does this package have this upstream commit in it” question, though.04:35
ScottKRAOF: Sounds like perfect information for the changelog04:36
ScottKFor versioning, it's just clutter.04:36
Unit193Though I have seen $NEXT_VERSION~gitYYYYMMDD, oddly.04:37
RAOFThat often depends on upstream's versioning.04:37
RAOFI'd do that if, for example upstream bumps their autotools version immediately after release.04:38
ScottKUnit193: That works to.  It can either be since last version (+) or before next version (~).04:38
dholbachgood morning07:08

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