daftykinsheya, spam message from 'smegmaking' in #ubuntu, via PM04:14
daftykinscontains racism, abortion and politics :/04:17
ikonia/ban/whois smegmaking06:13
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ubottuIn ubottu, ivebeenlinuxed said: !hello is test14:40
IdleOneno it isn't14:52
IdleOnetest is test14:52
k1lseven_: hi15:56
seven_k1:hi boddy15:56
k1lhow can we help you?15:57
seven_kde error15:57
seven_ubuntu error15:58
k1lwell, this is not a technical ubuntu support channel15:58
seven_what is that15:59
k1lyou know what channel that is. you have been here before16:01
seven_no i don't show what is this16:03
k1lseven_: you misbehaved in other ubuntu channels and got kicked, muted and banned there. then you came here to call names. and on top of all you are not even running an ubuntu.16:05
k1lso stop playing games.16:06
seven_yes i run ubuntu and i don't play games16:07
seven_i only play minecraft16:09
k1lseven_:  please leave this channel when you dont want to clarify something about your behaviour and bans.16:15
seven_nobody chat with me im so sad16:18
seven_you idiots never help an old man17:04
Picihow pleasant.17:06
IdleOneh00k: apparently you're an idiot who doesn't help old men17:22
h00kIdleOne: NO U17:48
h00kIdleOne: old-man-not-helper!17:48
jdolesUbuntu Debug Symbol Archive Automatic key is invalid when I do apt-get update. Why can't you keep basic stuff working?18:31
jdolesEven basic testing would have uncovered that.18:32
ikoniajdoles: this channel isn't a support channel, so if you need something from the operator team, please state it, if not, please /part the channel18:54
Picijdoles: Is there something that the operator team can help you with here?18:58
jdolesI need you bunch of fools to become more intelligent.18:58
PiciI guess not.18:58
ikoniahe's got too much history18:58
PiciI know.18:58
ikoniahe's in ##linux slating fedora and suse for being failures, run by idiots etc etc18:59
ikoniaand ubuntu18:59
ikoniahe has no real value to anythig he says18:59
ikoniaso lets not entertain it18:59
bazhangthats all he does18:59
ikoniaexactly - he's gone18:59
bazhanghe's the anti-linux guy18:59
phunyguyikonia: hey, I am going to need you to become more intelligent... mmkay?  Thanks.19:08
phunyguy(Is that even possible?)19:09
Unit193ikonia: In case you missed the pings ---> #kubuntu has him now.19:10
ikoniaI did miss the pings - thank you19:10
Unit193Any time.19:11

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