phillwballoons: still about?00:48
average_guyif manual partitioning fails to create btrfs, what package do I file the bug against?02:26
average_guyubiquity right?02:29
phillwhi, can the duty boss explain this...03:14
phillwphillw@piglet:~/Desktop/ISOs$ zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20140722.2/trusty-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync03:14
phillwfailed on url http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20140722.2/trusty-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync03:14
phillwcould not read control file from URL http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20140722.2/trusty-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync03:14
phillwinfinity: ping....03:19
average_guythe http download link for the trusty server img is a dead link03:19
phillwaverage_guy: it seems most things are dead.... I'm trying to raise some staff, but they seem to have run away03:20
average_guyjust tryin to add fuel to the fire03:20
average_guystill testing what I can03:20
phillwno need to... I can not even test what I want ...03:21
infinityphillw: Those URLs are missing a /trusty/ in them.,03:23
infinityAre you getting those from the tracker?03:23
* infinity looks.03:23
infinityIndeed, the tracker lies...03:24
phillwinfinity: I've been told to use iso tracker, which is broken and cdimage....03:24
phillwboth are lying03:24
infinitycdimage can't "lie".03:25
phillw14.04.1 is due for release thursday evening.... ..... I doubt this will have been fully tested03:25
infinityphillw: The URL you're looking for is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/trusty/daily/20140722.2/trusty-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync03:26
* phillw is being a good boi and not commenting on the idiots who have worked towards 14.04.1 :P03:27
infinityI'm trying to sort out how to fix the display in the tracker.03:27
infinityphillw: Not commenting on the "idiots", is quite a comment.03:27
phillwinfinity: honest, my friend, it was meant in humour... it is for this I had to leave03:28
average_guythe images I have cached from 2 hrs ago are still good to go tho right?03:29
phillwinfinity:  ^^ ?03:29
infinityaverage_guy: THat depends on which images those are.  Nothing moved in the last 2h...03:29
infinityaverage_guy: So, if you're claiming the ones you have aren't there anymore, you have the wrong ones.03:30
average_guyi'm using testdrive and it still says everything is cool, but server didn't show up in it so I went digging and realized all of the liks were dead and was worried that testdrive may not have the right ones03:32
infinityI don't use testdrive, so really can't say.03:32
infinityThe right server images are http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/trusty/daily/current/03:33
average_guyty infinity03:33
phillwaverage_guy: they've had that much fun with iso tracker, it's amazing it has been re-started after being so broken. It goes to show that the guys and gals who look after it do what ever is needed.03:33
average_guywell, you get what you pay for phillw, you can only be so mad at volunteers03:35
phillwI'm a volunteer :P03:35
average_guyI'm sure whoever maintains the tracker is too03:36
phillwinfinity: do you need http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/317/builds/70672/testcases doing?03:36
infinityUpgrade tests, you mean?03:37
infinityWouldn't hurt, but shouldn't be the top priority.03:37
phillwinfinity: we've done as many of http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/317/builds for what kit we have... if other teams want a bit of help, lubuntu will try to help out. For Mac / PPC stuf... that is for them. We try to keep a working base system.703:40
infinityAnyhow, the tracker and I aren't getting along.  To fix any download URL it's showing, just insert /trusty/ before the 'daily-*' bit.03:40
phillwahh, it still boloxed with you>?03:41
infinityIt didn't magically fix itself, no. :P03:41
phillwahh. I cannot log into the system now.... ubuntu one is broken03:42
phillwand now I cannot log in.... which is odd, as I can log into wiki and launchpad03:45
average_guythere is no 14.04.1 server img for i386 or amd64 infinity?03:46
infinityaverage_guy: Oh, weird, current is wrong.  Sigh.03:47
average_guythat seems odd03:47
infinityaverage_guy: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/trusty/daily/20140722.3/03:47
average_guymuch gooder, thx03:47
infinityOh, because those are in pending, and going through automagic QA.03:47
phillwthis point release seems a bit mixed up... This is what happens when kate leaves.03:48
average_guyi see, I will just test something else03:48
infinityphillw: Kate's been gone for several releases and point releases.03:49
infinityphillw: If you want to just insult me directly because I got a bit behind on some things, go nuts.  I'm really enjoying all the snide comments.  They're SUPER HELPFUL.03:49
infinityaverage_guy: No, no.  Manual testing on server much appreciated (and needed).03:50
infinityaverage_guy: It's just the current/pending directories are weird while the automated stuff is going on.  The numbered directory is fine.03:50
average_guyok then infinity, dnloading now03:50
average_guydon't let phillw get under your skin, I may be new at this but I can tell it is not going to plan for anyone atm03:52
phillwaverage_guy:  I know infinity well enough and hold in enough esteem that we only 'chat'. He's a 'BOSS' so regardless of discussion, if he says "DO THIS" the reply is "how quickly"....04:57
average_guyAh ha, making a mental note of that phillw04:57
phillwaverage_guy: the list is actually quite scary.....05:00
average_guywhy do you say that phillw?05:02
average_guythere are more chiefs than indians in here?05:03
phillwaverage_guy: there are always more chiefs than indians!! It is the structure of things :D05:05
phillwaverage_guy: how else would you have some one to help answer your questions and take you under their wing?05:06
phillwis anyone going to actually fix the iso tracker site for zsynk links?05:29
phillwzsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20140722.2/trusty-alternate-i386.iso.zsync05:29
phillw:: SIGH :: I cannot test that ISO05:30
ianorlinyep didn't sync new version in testdrive either06:02
pittivila: FYI, http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/autopkgtest/autopkgtest.git/commit/?id=5022106:05
bapoumbaping balloons :)06:37
elfyno chance bapoumba - fast asleep :)06:42
bapoumbaaw.. Hey elfy :)06:42
bapoumbastill get that 404 on lubuntu or ubuntu daily iso..06:42
bapoumbalooking for trusty elfy :)06:45
elfyseems all of the images are named wrong or something06:45
bapoumbathis one looks like it06:46
bapoumbaand works06:47
elfyyea - should be able to get what you need from there06:47
bapoumbayes, download has started06:47
bapoumbabut the previous links are giving 404s06:48
elfyyea - issue with the tracker it seems - I did try to read the backlog in here06:48
bapoumbahttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/trusty/daily-live/current/trusty-desktop-i386.iso < this is the one I'm dling06:49
elfyyep - ubuntu - you wanted lubuntu as well, that's the last link06:50
vilapitti: ack ! I've upgraded to 3.2.3~ yesterday to stay close to your trunk06:50
vilapitti: and Hi !06:50
bapoumbayes elfy, thanks :)06:50
elfywelcome as always :)06:50
pittivila: I meant, that's the test classes spec we talked about yesterday06:51
* bapoumba should have looked closer yesterday elfy :)06:51
elfymorning pitti06:51
elfybapoumba: well I could have too, but it was late :)06:51
vilapitti: yup, understood. I should have said: I've *also* upgraded ;)06:51
bapoumbaindeed elfy06:52
jibelbapoumba, that's a bug in the tracker. I'll see if I can fix that, but nothing guaranteed06:53
pittihey elfy, how are you?06:54
jibelgood morning06:54
pittivila: nice06:54
pittivila: I'm going to upload 3.3 now, FYI, to get the CLI shortcuts and some fixes in06:54
elfypitti: good thanks - you the same I hope :)06:54
pittielfy: I'm good as well, tahnks06:54
vilapitti: ack, I'm subscribed to autopkgtest-devel by the way so I'm keeping track06:55
jibelbapoumba, download links for lubuntu and ubuntu are fixed. I'll do other flavours later today.08:16
bapoumbathanks jibel :)08:17
bapoumbafound them at another place, but regular users may just have walked away from a 404 :)08:17
average_guyhow do I file a bug report frm within a live session (lubunu 14.04.1)?11:14
knome'ubuntu-bug packagename' or simply open launchpad and file it11:15
average_guyah, ok.  Thank you knome11:16
average_guyok, when I type "ubuntu-bug ubiquity" I get "This is not an official Ubuntu package. Please remove any third party package and try again."11:22
average_guyI filed the bug last night manually through launchpad and whoever got asked me to do it again from apport in the live session.  I have recreated the bug (#1347345) but I cannot figure out how to jump through this darn hoop11:26
average_guyare you around xnox?11:48
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jibelbug 134734512:20
ubot5bug 1347345 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "fails to create btrfs filesystem" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134734512:20
xnoxjibel: let me try that.12:21
jibelaverage_guy, I tried with Ubuntu and it worked fine. I'll try with lubuntu12:21
average_guyI have not had the same problem in any other flavor either jibel12:22
jibelaverage_guy, is it 32 or 64bit ?12:22
jibelright it crashed12:26
average_guyglad it's not just me :P12:26
jibelxnox, partman and syslog attached to the bug report12:29
jibelxnox, FYI this was in qemu with a disk of 8G and 6GB allocated to /12:30
xnoxjibel: yeah, it looks like partman did not like btrfs at all there.... *fun*12:31
jibelI'm retrying with ubuntu 32bit12:31
jibelit's odd that same disk layout works fine with ubuntu desktop i38612:36
average_guyand xubuntu and U server.  seems specific to lubuntu12:37
jibelxnox, btrfs-tools    3.12-1 is not seeded on lubuntu. It might be useful for btrfs support :)12:40
xnoxjibel: lolz.12:40
xnoxjibel: yes, it might well be very useful. it should be a ubiquity dep, no?12:40
jibelxnox, it's a recommends12:42
jibelxnox, do you know where are the livefs build logs for LTSes12:46
jibellogs in http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/trusty/ stop at the release in april12:47
xnoxjibel: it's all in launchpad now.12:54
xnoxjibel: cause we use launchpad to build images.12:54
jibelah, I missed that change12:54
* xnox doesn't know the urls.12:55
phillwjibel: / xnox can you add, or do I need to ask Julien ?14:28
jibelphillw, add what?14:29
phillw(13:40:25) jibel: xnox, btrfs-tools    3.12-1 is not seeded on lubuntu. It might be useful for btrfs support :)14:29
jibelphillw, ah, xnox is on it14:29
phillwbtrfs is checked at boot time... obviously no one has actually used it yt :) thanks :)14:29
xnoxjibel: phillw: i'm working on fixing it.14:46
phillwxnox: thanks :)14:47
jibelballoons, can you remind me the name of the lp project for the test cases on the tracker?14:58
elopioubuntu-qa: can I get a review here please?15:43
jibelbdmurray, could you have a look at bug 1347763 ?16:00
ubot5bug 1347763 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "upgrading from Ubuntu 13.10 to Ubuntu 14.04.1 triggers a release announcement indicating 14.04 is in development" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134776316:00
jibelbdmurray, http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-development must be updated for 14.0416:01
jibelxnox, did you test 14.04.1 with ovmf or should I do more tests?16:25
xnoxjibel: i test is last week, so before the candidate images were available.16:26
jibelxnox, okay. I'll give it a try.16:26
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elfyballoons: if you've got a minute https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1347801/+merge/22796417:39
elfylet's cheer up xnox :)17:40
om26erubuntu-qa: would anyone like to review  https://code.launchpad.net/~canonical-platform-qa/messaging-app/test_helper_to_send_sms_from_suggested_contact_list/+merge/227817 :-)17:40
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jibelballoons, do you remember how to add upgrade tests to the tracker. Last time I did it was 2 years ago and my memory is a bit rusty17:43
balloonsjibel, yea.. we have special lts to lts tests as well that should be added17:43
elopioom26er: I'll do it.17:44
jibelballoons, ah I think i found it in builds17:44
balloonsjibel, excellent17:44
om26erelopio, thanks17:45
balloonsyou'll see things like Upgrade LTS (Image), Upgrade LTS17:45
balloonsand testsuites for each one.. see http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/admin/config/services/qatracker/testsuites/367/edit17:45
balloonsyou got it :-)17:47
balloonselfy, approved17:47
elfyballoons: ok - ta - I'll get it done then17:47
* balloons high-fives elfy 17:47
jibeldone and the tracker didn't explode17:48
balloonsyep, looks good jibel17:48
balloonsbelieve it or not, we actually were prepared for LTS upgrade tests :-)17:48
elfyballoons: all done17:53
phillwhi, did https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker/+bug/1281323/comments/10 make it to the point release for x and l ?18:13
ubot5Launchpad bug 1281323 in One Hundred Papercuts "Lubuntu/Xubuntu Live session locks when away from keyboard" [Undecided,Incomplete]18:13
phillwit was actually fix released...18:13
phillwballoons: this is one weird test case? Is it for manual or robots? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1310/info18:20
balloonsnope, it's manual18:20
balloonswhat's confusing?18:20
phillwballoons: for a start, it says18:21
phillwDesktop Upgrade18:21
phillwLTS Desktop Upgrade (Lucid)18:21
phillwServer upgrade18:21
phillwKubuntu Upgrades (temporary measure until image upgrades are supported)18:21
phillwLTS Desktop Upgrade (Precise)18:21
phillwand also "Ensure FAMILY is looking from all new versions by running 'software sources'. Select the updates tab, and make sure the 'Notify me of a new FAMILY version' option has the 'For any new version' selection"18:21
phillwwhich is about as clear as mud :)18:22
elfyso report a bug phillw18:22
balloonsphillw, you are not meant to read it on that page18:22
balloonsclick the test in question and click the expander18:22
phillwelfy: it is a mandatory test for between now and thursday :P18:23
ianorlinoh so FAMILY is basically like a varible for which flavor you use18:23
elfyphillw: and it's not any different now than it was on the 22nd April18:24
elfyso it's nothing new - if it's a bug18:24
phillwballoons: and and the expander is where?18:24
phillwelfy: (18:43:26) jibel: balloons, do you remember how to add upgrade tests to the tracker. Last time I did it was 2 years ago and my memory is a bit rusty18:24
phillw(18:43:46) balloons: jibel, yea.. we have special lts to lts tests as well that should be added18:24
phillwSo, I want to do it :)18:25
balloonsphillw, elfy ^^18:26
balloonsianorlin, yes, the raw text isn't meant to be read.. You'll notice it renders nicely18:27
balloonsclick the word testcase in the grey bar right at the top and it toggles the testcase text18:28
phillwballoons: I'm now here... http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases18:29
phillwwhat do I click?18:29
balloonswhatever testcase you want18:29
balloonssee the pics18:30
balloonsclicking upgrade takes you here: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results18:30
balloonsthen read the testcase.. it's hidden by default in a toggle18:30
balloonsclick the word testcase at the top of the page to expand it18:30
phillwballoons: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results --> Detailed info --> http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1310/info18:30
balloonsnope, don't click detailed info18:31
balloonsthe testcase is on http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results18:31
balloonssee the second pic in my link, it's showing it expanded18:31
phillwballoons: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results clicking on detailed info gives you the test case?... Why is it not working on there?18:32
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phillwballoons: try http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/testcases/1439/info18:33
balloonsphillw, detailed info is info about the testcase18:33
balloonsit is not meant for you to read and follow18:33
balloonsthe testcase is displayed on the results paghe18:33
phillwwhich is correctly formatted test case, which happens to work?18:33
balloonsdetailed info gives you historical information and information about where the testcase is used..18:33
phillwballoons: you seem to be missing me... http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results is where I report the result.... Where is the instructions to actually run the test?18:35
balloonsphillw, they are also on that page18:35
balloonsthe results and the testcase are on the same page18:35
balloonshttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73750/testcases/1310/results has the testcase up top, the results on the bottom18:35
phillwwould you be so kind as to say where? because they are not at Detailed information on the testcase18:36
balloonsplease look at the pic18:36
phillwballoons: AHA!!! .... sorry, but that should be more 'evident'.... I'll crack on :)18:40
balloonsphillw, :-) that change was made some time ago.. I'm not a huge fan of it18:40
phillwWell, it just wasted about 30 mins of our time... not too sure how many testers just give up.18:41
phillwthe fact that is not consistent does not really help :(18:42
balloonsevery page is the same with the expanding testcase18:43
balloonsthere's no reason for you to view detailed info18:43
phillwballoons: I suggest that you make it clear on the wiki... (and possibly mailing list). It's a change that is news to me.18:45
balloonsubuntu-qa, can I get a review: https://code.launchpad.net/~nskaggs/ubuntu-calendar-app/fix-1343916/+merge/22783818:55
elopioballoons: I'm looking at that one right now.18:55
elopioballoons: so after dragging, you do a click. How does that work? It hides the popup?18:58
balloonselopio, yea I tossed that in there late last night.. the pop-up eats the click. It's hardly the ideal solution but it does work18:58
elopioright, I just wanted to understand, not complaining.18:58
balloonslol.. I just managed to get something that will pass in jenkins. We could try to find something more elegant up to and including a proper solution but this is something18:59
elopioballoons: I won't have time this or next week for a proper solution, so this seems good enough.19:00
balloonsyea, I don't have time atm either to spend19:00
elopioballoons: should I top approve?19:01
balloonsif you are happy then yes19:02
elopioballoons: oh, there's a problem.19:03
elopiooh, no, you got it perfect, you even updated the test_data19:04
balloonsyea, I added the ability to select the calendar.. we should expand that at some point when you can indeed save to another calendar19:04
elopioI would have written exactly the same code. Even the TODO comment. You should be scared balloons.19:05
* balloons becomes one with the master19:06
balloonshonestly though, my python skills have certainly improved since a year ago19:07
elopioI'm not feeling ok. I need to find more reasons to mark things as needs fixing. It's time to look for a new pep ;)19:07
balloonsohh.. that's always fun19:08
balloonsI wonder if barry would have a suggestion/19:08
davmor2barry says relax wait no that was Frankie I always get them confused19:10
balloonsafternoon Letozaf_19:34
Letozaf_balloons, buona sera :)19:34
balloonsLetozaf_, buonasera. stai bene?19:39
Letozaf_balloons, si e tu ?19:40
balloonssi si19:40
Letozaf_balloons, :)19:40
Letozaf_balloons, do you know what I am missing, I get this error on clock app after merging:  file:///home/letozaf/autopilot-tests/reboot/app/worldclock/UserWorldCityList.qml:20 module "Timezone" is not installed19:44
balloonsLetozaf_, a qml error looks like19:45
Letozaf_balloons, no matter nik answerd19:45
balloonsmissing import19:45
balloonsahh :-)19:45
Letozaf_balloons, :P19:45
Letozaf_balloons, :)19:45
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jibeldavmor2, bug 1347884 does it happen on 14.04.0 too ?20:31
ubot5bug 1347884 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "The mac 14.04.1 isos fail to restart after ejecting the cd" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134788420:31
davmor2jibel: it happened on and off, off more than on. This has pretty much been every install, everything is fine with the install it just doesn't reboot20:32
jibeldavmor2, ok, so not a regression20:33
davmor2jibel: I think it might be the same cause and has just worsened20:35
balloonselopio, ping20:52
davmor2jibel: so 3 installs had no reboot and 2 were okay21:18
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phillwxnox: did you get btrfs support into lubuntu 14.04.1 ?22:09
elopioballoons: pong22:51

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