phillwanyone in from the complaints department?00:53
phillw trusty-alternate-amd64.iso != http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/releases/trusty/release/lubuntu-14.04-alternate-amd64.iso ?00:53
phillwthe name ing structure has been changed?00:55
cjwatsonDailies are always like that00:55
cjwatsonHave been for the last ten years00:55
phillwcjwatson: are we on name or number.00:55
cjwatsonDailies by name, release by number00:55
phillwcjwatson: it has not not for the last 4 years as there was a script that captured the ISOS.... in fact, I do recall you grabbing a lubuntu one from my mirror?....00:57
cjwatsonI beg to differ.00:58
cjwatsonPerhaps your mirror renames stuff or something, but dailies have always been like this.  I wrote the initial code ten years ago and have done most of the work on it ever since.00:58
phillwsome one changed it, as the script no longer works and the guy who wrote it has said he cannot be bothered to re write the entire thing... and he is a ubuntu member :P00:59
cjwatsonNo, nobody changed this.00:59
cjwatsonIf your script broke then it isn't for this reason.00:59
phillwcjwatson: go argue with a ubuntu member who wrote the script and leave me out of it... bottom line... no backups now done.01:00
cjwatsonFor example maybe it hardcodes codenames and just needs to be updated with recent ones.01:00
cjwatsonNo, you're dragging me into it.01:00
cjwatsonDon't drag me into something and then tell me to leave you out of it.01:00
cjwatsonNot to mention that I have no idea where this script is or who I might talk to (but it's really not my responsibility, since as I say we didn't change the naming structure on our end).01:01
phillwcjwatson: nope, I only provide the hosting area, it is a ubuntu guy who's code has worked to mirror up until this release.... I'm just letting you know. The guy is unit193 ... As I've had so much fun with the non-pae kernel working... I'll let you chat, if you wish, to wxl01:03
phillwcjwatson: someone changed the naming system01:03
cjwatsonhe's welcome to come and ask for help, but I'm not going to independently chase up the authors of various third-party mirroring scripts.01:03
cjwatsonNo, nobody changed it.01:04
phillwcjwatson: I'll ask him to get in touch.01:04
cjwatsonYep, the scheme of naming dailies by codename is literally over ten years old.  First code for that predates my initial checkin of cdimage on 14 July 2004.01:09
phillwcjwatson: he now does not wish to come on here for you to actually state that the naming has changed...01:11
cjwatsonThough admittedly it was "warty-i386-1.iso" back then.  The first point where it's recognisably the modern naming scheme was r28 on 12 October 2004.01:11
cjwatsonphillw: I'm happy to look at the script if pointed to the current running source code01:13
phillwcjwatson: kk, let me just fetch it.01:14
phillwcjwatson: as always, thanks... I'm just grabbing it now...01:20
cjwatsonphillw: That script only contains code to mirror milestone releases of one kind or another.  It contains no code to mirror daily builds.01:25
cjwatsonSo I wouldn't expect it to work for the current 14.04.1-candidate daily builds.01:25
phillwcjwatson: it is only there to hold mailestones, but it seems that naming was changed in a1 for 14.0401:27
cjwatsonWhat URL exactly?01:27
cjwatsonAll you said was "trusty-alternate-amd64.iso".01:27
phillwcjwatson: it changed... -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 665845760 Feb 25 16:36 lubuntu-14.04-beta1-alternate-amd64.iso01:28
phillwthe release number was replaced with name01:29
cjwatsonWhat URL exactly?01:29
phillwThis is very new.01:29
phillwit was cdimagae01:29
cjwatsonWhat URL exactly?01:29
cjwatsonSeriously, there's no point giving me other information - this is the information I need01:30
phillwnotice any difeerence?01:31
cjwatsonNo, that's a URL that works.  I need you to give me a URL that doesn't work.01:31
cjwatsonI can't notice any difference because you haven't given me the thing to compare against.01:31
phillwusing name instead of number01:32
cjwatsonWhat URL exactly?01:32
cjwatsonWhere is the URL that uses a name, that you are complaining about?01:32
phillwcjwatson: zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/20140623.1/utopic-alternate-amd64.iso.zsync01:33
cjwatsonThat's a daily build.01:33
cjwatsonYour script doesn't mirror daily builds.01:33
cjwatsonSo it can't be that.01:34
phillwcjwatson: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/317/builds01:34
phillwthat's the link for the buiold01:34
cjwatsonFinally!  You're talking about utopic alpha-1.01:34
cjwatsonYou said "trusty-alternate-amd64.iso" above, and "14.04".01:35
phillwalways worked in the past.. not working this time :)01:35
cjwatsonYou never once mentioned utopic.01:35
cjwatsonSo, alphas have been named like daily builds (i.e. using the codename instead of number) at least back to August 2010, possibly before but I don't have accurate records before then.  (Reference: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-archive/ubuntu-archive-tools/trunk/revision/132, lines 94-95)01:37
cjwatsonWe only start using the version numbers once we reach beta01:37
phillwcjwatson: I have a a guy who just runs the script.. he said it did not work as "someone" had messed yp the naming. As I'm not the most popular person on release I've kept quiet. However after today's "get the first point release out" I though I may try my luck at chatting and getting a kick ban :)01:38
cjwatsonI therefore strongly suspect that this script has always been broken for alphas, but nobody noticed; it will have worked as of beta01:38
phillwcjwatson: the script had alphas....01:38
cjwatsonBut I can assure you that this is not a recent change.  You're only noticing it now because you're actively paying attention to an alpha.01:38
cjwatsonThe script may have done, but they did not work.01:38
cjwatsonIn the form you showed me, it will only have worked for betas on, back as far as I can remember.01:40
phillwcjwatson: you're a boss, you're also a boss I follow exactly... As always, thank you for your time. There is a completely crazy question I'd like to ask about alternate install....01:40
cjwatson(Before 2010, it was reliant on whoever happened to be doing the publishing holding the correct rule in their head, so it's possible there was some inconsistency then, although I don't remember any.  Since mid-2010 it's been scripted.)01:42
phillwcjwatson: why does the alternate ISO try to grab all the info from internet instead of using what is on the ISO?01:43
cjwatsonIt doesn't grab it all from the network, only some.  The "some" is because in general it has to in order to provide things like complete language support.01:45
phillwcjwatson: okiees, seems like I need to beg for a couple of scripters to tidy things up. If they do have proposed fixes, is there any on the release team who would review and sponsor?01:45
cjwatsonPeople are welcome to propose merges and they land in our mailbox, but as far as I can see there is nothing to change on our end.01:46
phillwcjwatson: for lubuntu it grabs 729 / 729.... I disable internet when it tries01:46
cjwatsonThe naming is a matter of policy.01:46
phillwI recall when an alternate ISO could actually do an upgrade.... happy days :)01:47
phillwI was told that I would need someone to update that script?...01:49
cjwatsonphillw: That script has nothing to do with us.02:00
cjwatsonSo you may well need somebody to update it, but not the release team.02:00
cjwatsonAnd, as I say, the fact that alpha release files are named using the codename rather than the release version is a matter of longstanding policy.02:01
phillwcjwatson: I have issued an invite to you... it is, of course, to you if you accept02:01
phillwcjwatson: some times coders telling coders stuff is easier on us guys who do tsting :)02:02
cjwatsonIt's much easier if you get into the habit of reporting problems literally rather than paraphrasing.02:02
cjwatsonThis would have been much quicker if I'd had an expected/observed URL right from the start.02:03
phillwhi, anyone got working links for the 14.04.1 ISOS@03:17
infinityphillw: I sent out an email explaining how to fix them.04:19
ginggsIs the someone who could approve nvidia-graphics-drivers-* in the Trusty queue, please?09:46
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bluesabreHey everyone!11:00
bluesabreWe've reached verification-done for the following packages... is it possible to release them into trusty-updates?11:01
ubot93Launchpad bug 1331871 in lightdm-gtk-greeter "[SRU] Please backport lightdm-gtk-greeter 1.8.5 to trusty" [High,Fix committed]11:01
ubot93Launchpad bug 1323405 in menulibre "[SRU] Please backport menulibre-2.0.4 to trusty" [High,Fix committed]11:01
bluesabrecjwatson, as today's vanguard, would you mind taking a look at the above?11:03
cjwatsonbluesabre: I'm not going to touch trusty right now due to 14.04.1 in preparation - any changes to trusty-updates may require respins11:04
cjwatsonbluesabre: talk with infinity11:04
bluesabreinfinity, would you mind taking a look?  One of the bugs fixed in menulibre is of a critical nature... when the issue happens with the current package, alacarte and menulibre will no longer function without deleting the menu file11:06
bluesabreAt the very least, if we could get menulibre uploaded, only the xubuntu isos would request respins11:06
Riddellkubuntu images are oversized, removing gdb from them seems the best way to fix that, I've uploaded apport to do so but it needs a rapid SRU, not sure if that's possible. bug 134756511:20
ubot93bug 1347565 in apport "apport recommends gdb" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134756511:20
Riddellinfinity: are you the dude to bless trusty changes ↑ ?12:06
xnoxRiddell: isn't the best way to explicitly seed gdb-minimal, before seeding apport-kde, instead of uploading sru like that?12:18
xnoxand then upload updated meta (if needed)12:18
Riddellhmm, maybe12:19
Riddellinfinity: which would you prefer?12:20
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jibelwhere can I find the livefs build logs of 14.04.1?12:56
jibelnm, I got the answer13:00
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xnoxinfinity: cjwatson: i'm failing to work out why lubuntu trusty daily-live does not have btrfs-tools, yet it's present in utopic.13:14
ubot93Launchpad bug 1347345 in ubiquity "lubuntu/trusty/i386 missing btrfs-tools and hence fails to create btrfs filesystem" [High,Triaged]13:14
cjwatsongood question13:17
cjwatsonxnox: Needs r194 from lubuntu.utopic seeds backported to lubuntu.trusty13:18
cjwatsonxnox: Sorry, r29413:18
xnoxcjwatson: makes sense.13:19
cjwatsonHowever we have a bit of a problem applying that because updating tasks post-release is hard13:19
cjwatsonI'd recommend backporting it anyway, but I think it might unfortunately be necessary to SRU livecd-rootfs with changes to install the relevant additional packages manually in the case of Lubuntu13:20
cjwatsonFortunately it's just five packages or six for powerpc (you can disregard wamerican from platform.trusty/live-common for this purpose, I think)13:20
cjwatsonam I making sense?13:21
xnoxyeah, kind of. you lost me at SRU livecd-rootfs though =)13:22
cjwatsonlive-build/auto/config, look for the main lubuntu config block, add some appropriate "add_package live ..." lines13:24
cjwatsonwith the justification that these packages were accidentally left out of the lubuntu-live task in trusty and are now hard to get in there properly13:25
xnoxcjwatson: ack. kind of like ever-moving signed kernels. but in this case "forgotten" packages.13:30
cjwatsonYeah, sort of.  Bit of a mess :(13:32
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zequenceHi. The links to Ubuntu Studio images at http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73692/downloads and http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds/73693/downloads are pointing to the wrong url paths13:57
jibelzequence, known issue. I fixed some but not all13:57
zequencejibel: Ok13:58
jibelzequence, links to ubuntu studio images are fixed14:03
zequencejibel: Thanks14:04
jibelinfinity, for mythbuntu, ubutnu-core, ubuntu-gnome, ubuntu-kylin, ubuntu-server the build number on the tracker is 20140722.2 (.3 for server) but they don't exist on cdimage.u.c14:23
jibellatest build is either 20140722 or 2314:23
jibelinfinity, nm, wrong release, too much copy/paste14:32
jibelI'll fix the links on the tracker for those too14:32
jibelI fixed the download links on the tracker for the flavors and ubuntu desktop. Ubuntu server and core will have to live with broken links for the moment15:01
jibelsuperm1, hey, mythbuntu is untested and the release of 14.04.1 is tomorrow.15:37
superm1tgm4883: ^ have you looked at all?15:37
jibelstgraber, same for edubuntu, there is no result on the tracker.15:39
jibelJackYu, ypwong can you test ubuntu-kylin before the release tomorrow.15:41
JackYujibel, sure, we  will do it asap.15:47
jibelJackYu, great, thanks!16:08
apwwho manages the text which is shown for update-manager release notes16:13
apwas i think the utopic ones are still saying trusty, and when testing with the bad test descriptions we have for upgrades16:13
xnoxapw: it's a tarball in the archive that bdmurray typically uploads?16:13
apwit makes detecting you did it wrong hard16:13
xnoxor mvo16:14
jibelapw, I replied to your bug report and asked bdmurray to have a look16:16
apwjibel, great thanks16:17
jibelisn't trusty-update frozen. There are updates of oxide available after a fresh installation.16:23
infinityRiddell: Do we actually care deeply about oversized images anymore?16:32
infinityjibel: I assume the security team is happily disregarding any such freezes.16:32
Riddellinfinity: not too much, although the html page looks ugly16:34
infinityRiddell: The HTML page for the release doesn't list oversized, just the dailies do. ;)16:36
Riddellnot a problem then16:36
infinityRiddell: Anyhow, SRUing apport to swap the recommends wouldn't help, as gdb will remain in the desktop task.16:36
infinityRiddell: Since we can't fix tasks post-release. :/16:36
Riddellokey dokay, we'll go with these16:36
Riddelltime to crack on testing16:37
infinityRiddell: A hack to livecd-rootfs to swap the packages would work (it'd be ugly, but work), if you deeply cared.16:37
infinityRiddell: Anyhow, yeah, if you don't actually care about point releases being a bit over 1G, easier to take the "it's the same as release but a bit bigger, so probably no regressions, yay" approach, and test away. :)16:37
infinitybluesabre: If you guys are committed to a rapid testing turnaround, we can look at squeezing a fix in for you.  Looks like menulibre is only on xubuntu images.16:39
infinityjibel: stgraber is on vacation, I'm getting the kernel team to test edubuntu for him.16:55
infinitybluesabre: Just let me know how you want to proceed.  We can promote menulibre to updates and re-spin just for you if you're down with re-testing ASAP.16:58
slangasekstgraber: hmm, so you're not available to do the edubuntu point release validation? :)17:01
jibelinfinity, okay, I'll cover the LTSP test if no one have the setup ready.17:04
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bluesabreinfinity: Yes, please do. Got confirmation from our QA lead, and I will also be available to image testing (sounds like we have more on board as well)17:08
elfyinfinity: yea, xubuntu is commited to a rapid test turnaround17:09
elfywhat time do we need to mark them as released?17:09
infinitybluesabre: Alright, I'll make it happen right now.17:12
elfythanks infinity17:12
bluesabreinfinity: thanks!17:13
infinitybluesabre: Unfortunately, the lightdm-gtk-greeter change would force a respin of lubuntu, studio, and myth as well, so I'd rather not do that one unless you can get them all to agree to re-test.17:14
infinitybluesabre: But menulibre, we can do with minimal impact.17:14
bluesabreinfinity: yeah, we can leave lightdm-gtk-greeter out for now17:14
elfyresult of having a small team I guess17:19
infinitybluesabre: Just waiting on that to publish and then I'll re-do your ISOs shortly.17:23
bluesabregreat, thanks again :)17:23
tgm4883jibel: let me look17:31
jibeltgm4883, also a tester reported bug 1347779 and bug 1347823 specific to mythbuntu. If you can confirm or add a comment on the report17:33
ubot93bug 1347779 in syslinux "FAMILY boot screen doesn't show up" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134777917:33
ubot93bug 1347823 in ubuntu-manual-tests "System stuck when pressing the "Watch TV" button" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/134782317:33
tgm4883jibel: i'll test those as well17:35
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infinitySomething I'm pretty sure Unity8/Mir still doesn't do right.17:46
infinityPaste fail.17:46
infinityLa la la.17:46
Riddellinfinity: what's new in these images?17:49
tgm4883Does this mean I should hold off on testing the http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/mythbuntu/trusty/daily-live/20140722.2/trusty-desktop-amd64.iso image?17:50
infinityRiddell: Those aren't new images, just the upgrade testing tasks.17:50
infinitytgm4883: See above.17:50
tgm4883so i'll test on then17:50
infinityThe only images I'm respinning currently are xubuntu's, everyone else's are staying put.17:51
jibelinfinity, netboot and cloud images are not on the tracker. are they added manually?17:56
utlemmingjibel:  I'll add cloud images early next week17:56
infinityjibel: netboot is added when d-i is uploaded, which happened before the milestone was created.17:57
infinityjibel: But since netboot isn't actually tied to a point release (ie: I can update d-i any time), I'm not amazingly fussed either.17:57
infinityjibel: If you want to spin through a quick smoketest of current netboot just to confirm it's not broken (though, really, I suspect half our infrastructure would fall over if it was), that wouldn't hurt my feelings, I guess. :P17:58
jibelinfinity, I'll do it after dinner18:14
jibelhm, upgrade from saucy is broken https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Upgrade/job/upgrade-ubuntu-saucy-trusty-desktop-amd64/139/18:14
infinityUgh, that's the same subtle apt loop breaking bug we were working around at release time...18:16
jibelbdmurray, did you see reports with this failure http://paste.ubuntu.com/7843200/ ?18:16
infinityI don't think there's much we can do about it in the next two days.18:16
tgm4883Where do I go to edit test cases again?18:38
tgm4883jibel: anything special I need to do to pass these ISOs, I've invalidated both bugs due to incorrect test cases, and I'm testing the last test case now18:45
infinitybluesabre / elfy ^^18:47
bluesabreinfinity: thanks!19:01
jibeltgm4883, mark the tests as passed for mythbuntu on the tracker http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/318/builds19:17
jibeltgm4883, the project for the test cases is lp:ubuntu-manual-tests19:17
tgm4883jibel: already marked as passed, I'll take a look at that project19:18
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balloonstgm4883, yes you can simply checkout lp:ubuntu-manual-tests and propose corrections20:58
tgm4883balloons: I'm doing something wrong then21:06
tgm4883I tried doing a merge request, but it says it's not mergable21:07
balloonstgm4883, you should bzr push to the ubuntu-manual-tests projects.. so like  lp:~mythbuntu/ubuntu-manual-tests/mythbuntu-testcase21:17
balloonsthat should make proposing easy21:17
tgm4883balloons: I thought I tried that, but let me do it again21:17
balloonstgm4883, it just makes it easier for the mp, as the target branch should be correct, etc21:17
tgm4883balloons: as usual, you are correct. That worked much better, thanks21:19
balloonsjust the 1 line change? I can approve and push now21:19
tgm4883yea just the 121:20
balloonsk, just a sec21:20
balloonsk, should be updated on the tracker tgm488321:22
tgm4883balloons: looks great. Thanks21:23

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