achiangjjohansen: sarnold ^^ ??00:01
achiangmhall119: ha! but you have to get my second line in there too ;)00:01
jjohansenachiang: you can see them in the kernel dmesg, or in /var/log/syslog00:01
achiangjjohansen: ok, grep -i deny|deni in syslog shows nothing00:02
achiang(i mean, with proper grep syntax... i did 2 greps)00:02
jjohansenwell at least you can be fairly confident that apparmor isn't one of your problems00:03
mhall119achiang: done00:04
achiangmhall119: ;)00:05
kenvandinejgdx, thx!00:45
desiredHi all!05:45
desiredmay I successfully install ubuntu touch on htc desire sv?05:47
dholbachgood morning07:08
mvohey dholbach! welcome back07:12
dholbachhey mvo07:13
dholbachmvo, how's life over there?07:13
mvodholbach: good, a bit warm but otherwise great07:13
dholbachmvo, haha, yeah, I can imagine :)07:13
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mardytvoss: it seems that the package for libdbus-cpp-dev is missing a dependency on libdbus-1-dev08:09
tvossmardy, hmmm ... let me see08:10
mardytvoss: because without it I get build errors (/usr/include/core/dbus/argument_type.h:25:23: fatal error: dbus/dbus.h: No such file or directory)08:10
tvossmardy, yup, patching08:10
tvossmardy thanks08:11
mardytvoss: do you need a bug filed?08:11
tvossmardy, nope, thanks08:11
mardytvoss: excellent, thanks08:11
Chipacaanybody got any hints as to what “unable to switch security profile: No such file or directory” when trying to launch a helper means?08:49
Chipacait's a new one :-/08:49
tvossmardy, hey there. So how do I tell qmake to select a specific compiler version, ideally by setting env variables?09:29
tvossmardy, also, how can I tell qmake to not tell me g++ {args} in the build logs but the actual compiler being used?09:29
mardytvoss: I never did that, but it could be that invoking it as "qmake QMAKE_CXX=my-compiler" should do the trick09:34
mardytvoss: as for how to log it, I've no idea; maybe if you override it as above it will show "my-compiler" instead of g++?09:34
greybacktvoss: qmake a bit strange, doesn't use that QMAKE_CXX for linking. To do that you need to set QMAKE_LINK & QMAKE_LINK_SHLIB too09:56
brendandjgdx, hey09:57
jgdxbrendand, hey09:57
brendandjgdx, is your branch all up-to-date with the test fixes now?09:59
jgdxbrendand, yup, pushed the Eventually improvements just now09:59
brendandjgdx, do you have pre-built debs which are up-to-date as well?09:59
jgdxbrendand, no, but give me 20 mins10:01
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mardytvoss: in the trust-store's Request structure, what is in the "from" field? Is it the apparmor profile of the client?10:09
tvossmardy, yup10:09
tvossmardy, in general: the application id, which is usually filled in from the app-armor profile10:09
mardytvoss: cool. Do you know if there is an API somewhere to get from the application ID to the desktop file? (I know it's fairly easy, but I'd like to avoid duplicating code if such API already exists)10:11
tvossmardy, not sure, best to ask saviq10:11
tvossmardy, what do you need the .desktop file for?10:11
mardySaviq: ^ :-)10:11
mardytvoss: pretty name and icon10:11
Chipacamy phone now won't boot :-/10:17
Chipacatried both devel and devel-proposed10:17
ChipacaI get adb, can shell in, but it doesn't actually boot -- it just sits there showing "Google"10:17
Chipacamardy: the .desktop file is, for click, the versioned app id + ".desktop". AFAIK there isn't an api.10:18
* Chipaca tries "recovery"10:22
jgdxbrendand, might take a while, I got a hash sum mismatch10:23
Chipacathat didn't work :-(10:24
brendandjgdx, ok. i think your tests mostly look good. i'd avoid just checking for the length of lists and actually match the content with what's expected, if you can10:25
Chipacahow do I “check my partitions on the device”? got this on reflashing: 2014/07/23 11:26:26 Cache formatting was not successful, flashing may fail, check your partitions on devic10:27
jgdxbrendand, right, I forgot to look at that. Will now10:27
pstolowskijdstrand, ping11:29
Chipacadoes setting the image to writeable turn off adb? that's three times it's booted after making it writeable and no adb comes up11:37
Chipacano device on 'adb devices' i mean11:37
Chipacaand the fourth worked11:38
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Chipacajdstrand: ping, about "unable to switch security profile"11:48
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jdstrandChipaca: hey. where are you seeing that?12:51
jdstrandChipaca: also on booting the device, does 'top' in adb shell show that apparmor_parser is working?12:54
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dholbachmvo, are you still working on https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click-reviewers-tools/check-libs/+merge/225166?13:02
mvodholbach: sort of, I created a branch for click that is pending the a code review. the idea is to generate the list of availalbe libs on click chroot generation, then we don't need to carry it in this branch. but the remainder of the branch is still good I think13:04
mvodholbach: maybe jdstrand might be interessted to take a first peak at https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click-reviewers-tools/check-libs/+merge/22516613:04
mvodholbach: I also plan to reuse this code to pull in libs in click chroot build :)13:05
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mvodholbach: fwiw, https://code.launchpad.net/~mvo/click/generate-framework-initial.libs/+merge/225810 is the part that just collect the initial libs13:08
mardytvoss: when I call the query() method on the trust-store, I get a runtime exception "Missing executor, cannot run"; what am I doing wrong?13:09
tvossmardy, let me check, can you share your code somewhere?13:10
tvossmardy, did you obtain the store instance by calling resolve_store_in_session_with_name13:12
mardytvoss: yes, let me push the code somewhere13:14
tvossmardy, ack and thx13:14
jdstrandmvo: I've added it to my todo13:14
mardytvoss: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mardy/ubuntu-system-settings/other-app-access/revision/817 (see trust-store-model.cpp, line 109)13:16
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Chipacajdstrand: I think it's down to versioned vs unversioned app ids for the helpers13:36
Chipacaneed to track down where we broke that13:36
jdstrandso the apparmor policy will be the full APP_ID13:36
jdstrandif you try to change profile to a subset of the APP_ID, it won't match what is loaded in the kernel13:37
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derek-gI want Ubuntu phone. srsly people - speed it up.13:47
tvossderek-g, thanks for the motivational words ;)13:47
derek-gtvoss, What do we want? Ubuntu phone! When do we want it? NOW!13:49
rpadovanibzoltan, o/ Do you have an ETA on bottom edge component in SDK?13:51
AtqueIs there any phones for sale with Ubuntu Touch installed yet?13:52
derek-gAtque, I know - right?13:53
Atquederek-g: You think you recognise me?13:54
bzoltanrpadovani: shame, but no13:54
derek-gAtque, no. I don't know u bro. But I'm also waiting for Ubuntu phone to come out.13:54
Atquederek-g: Oh, yeah, fair enough.13:54
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Atquederek-g: Yeah, seems promising... I am hoping it support the GNU userland fairly well.13:55
rpadovanibzoltan, so, I have to suppose that it will after RTM?13:55
geniiAtque: The Meizu MX3 can be found for purchase but it's not yet in general circulation13:55
bzoltanrpadovani: yes13:55
rpadovanibzoltan, gotcha, thanks :-)13:55
Atquegenii: Does it have Ubuntu Touch on it off the shelf?13:56
bzoltanrpadovani:  please ask on 4th of August agan13:56
Atquegenii: It seems to say "Flyme OS 3.0"13:56
derek-ggenii, do u mean - with Ubuntu preinstalled?13:57
geniiAtque: The Flyme OS is Android with tweaks from them13:59
geniiAFAIK none are shipping yet with Ubuntu pre-installed.13:59
derek-ggenii, NO!14:00
derek-ggenii, andoid won't do14:00
MacSlowjdstrand, ping14:00
sergiusensdavmor2: did you have any luck with mms?14:00
MacSlowjdstrand, sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday... team-dinner got "inbetween" :)14:00
jdstrandMacSlow: hey-- I don't have it yet. there was a problem with the query and I had to start over (it takes hours)14:00
MacSlowjdstrand, ah ok14:01
jdstrandMacSlow: I'll let you know when I have it14:01
derek-gso - they say by the en of the year. That doesn't mean December 29-th'ish?14:01
MacSlowjdstrand, in any case... should I not be online when it finishes, an eMail will do to14:01
MacSlowjdstrand, thanks again!14:01
davmor2sergiusens: sent a message from my wifes phone last night received it twice in quick succession not re-recieved it again yet14:02
mardytvoss: did you have time to look into the crash?14:02
sergiusensdavmor2: but do you have the wire captures?14:04
cwaynejdstrand: heya, i just saw michi updated that apparmor/unity-scopes-api bug14:05
geniimhall119: Any idea when Meizu may be shipping?14:05
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davmor2sergiusens: pass14:09
sergiusensdavmor2: heh, but I can't help you without that :-)14:09
pstolowskijdstrand, ping14:10
brejochi! i've seen that work for the push notification system has already been started. is there some kind of blueprint available to get the bigger picture?14:13
tomtiger11Why does #ubuntu-tv redirect here? Canonical dropped that too?14:14
ogra_tomtiger11, ubuntu-tv is suspended until ubuntu-touch is done/ready ... then ubuntu-tv will be resumed one day and be *based* on ubuntu-touch14:20
robjhthats bad. i dont like fingerprints on my tv :S14:21
ogra_robjh, ubuntu-touch will also be the base for the next desktop ... (in fact it will be the base of all graphical ubuntu in the future)14:22
ogra_having the fingerprints on the desktop will surely get you used to have them on your tv too14:23
robjhtime to switch to another disto. i wonder if theres one called "distance"14:23
ogra_heh, what scares you ?14:24
robjhim kidding ^^;14:24
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jdstrandMacSlow: np14:39
jdstrandpstolowski: hey14:39
pstolowskijdstrand, hi! any idea what that may be? https://bugs.launchpad.net/mediascanner/+bug/134760914:40
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347609 in mediascanner "Mediascanner doesn't scan files - apparmor denial errors on image #145" [Undecided,New]14:40
pstolowskijdstrand, any recent changes that could affect that? i've seen it every time after flashing in the last couple of days, including --wipe14:41
jdstrandpstolowski: fsuid=32011 ouid=014:41
jdstrandpstolowski: you need to chown the files to the phablet user14:41
jdstrandpstolowski: they are currently owned by root14:41
pstolowskijdstrand, oh my...14:41
pstolowskijdstrand, makes sense... i ad push'ed them14:41
pstolowskijdstrand, thanks!14:42
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jdstrandwhen adb is set as the phablet user, that should help people a lot with this (it comes up from time to time)14:43
barryi seem to be unable to flash my device.  i had restored android and probably did something stupid (i "encrypted the device").  now every time i try to `ubuntu-device-flash --channel=ubuntu-touch/devel-proposed --bootstrap` it goes through the whole process, but after the reboot, android is still running not ubuntu.  how can i put ubuntu on the device... or am i screwed?14:47
barryhmm, maybe factory reset...14:49
dobeybarry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OJWJE0x7T4Q14:51
dobeyin case factory reset doesn't owrk ;)14:52
barrydobey: haha!14:53
* barry sees a spinnibuntu14:56
jgdxanybody know what this means? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/7842378/14:59
jgdxI get it when a qml app tries to create a GSettings object for the touch.system-settings schema.15:03
jgdxdobey, ^ have you seen that before?15:04
dobeyi have not15:06
jgdxit went away by reinstalling the schema from via apt15:11
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kenvandineseb128, can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/content-hub/api_v1/+merge/22794816:10
kenvandinepmcgowan, seb128: settings in silo 4 is good to publish, just waiting for silo 8 to land16:13
kenvandinepmcgowan, can you test my call forwarding branch?  seb128 approved it but didn't have sim to test and wanted a test before top approving16:15
pmcgowankenvandine, sure, got a deb?16:17
kenvandinegrab the output.zip16:17
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seb128kenvandine, https://wiki.debian.org/PackageTransition the R,B should be versionned there16:31
seb128kenvandine, +1 then16:32
seb128kenvandine, I'm calling it a day, feel free to approve it once you change the version thing16:34
Transfusionhi, I'm following the porting guide and I've reached the Build point; however as I've suspected it errors out with *** Can't find default configuration "arch/arm/configs/aries_defconfig"! because the target is AOSP but the defconfig is suppoesd to be cyanogen_aries_defconfig16:45
Transfusionis trying to build part of AOSP with the CM kernel a good idea16:46
pmcgowankenvandine, tested, works, commented in the MP16:48
Transfusionoh well, ln -s ed it, let's see how the build goes16:49
kenvandinepmcgowan, thx16:55
alecutvoss: hi! In the click scope I need to get some timestamps from a json service, in ISO8601 format; and afterwards I need to show those as strings formatted for the user's locale. Do you have any recommendations on which library to use to hold timestamps in C++11?16:58
alecuthe options I'm considering are boost or Qt; else, using plain C strftime16:59
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alecuI mean strptime, and then strftime17:04
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rickspencer3mhall119, shall I follow the lead on reddit and change my job title to "Random Guy"?17:24
dobeyanyone know anything about PageStack? like if its immediate parent is not a MainView, does it still result in the header and toolbar being updated, in the app, or does it only do that if MainView is the immediate parent?17:25
mhall119rickspencer3: I think "neverhearofhim" might be more specific :)17:29
mhall119it seems you have to play guitar or go into space for people to know who you are these days17:29
mhall119if you can play space guitar, everybody will know you17:30
dobeynot space goat?17:31
sarnolddavid bowie? :)17:31
mhall119dobey: don't play with space goats17:31
cwayneare there space goats in goat simulator17:33
dobeytell that to popey : http://goatsimulator.gamepedia.com/Space_Goat17:33
dobeycwayne: yes, yes there are.17:33
cwaynegreat, now i have to buy it17:33
dobeyis it possible to do string formatting in qml?17:36
mhall119dobey: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/qml/sdk-14.10/QtQml.String/17:36
dobeylike ("<a href='https://foo'>%s</a>", _("Le foo"))17:36
dobeyah ok17:37
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dobeymhall119: do you know if it's possible to connect to a signal to know when the back "<" is clicked in the new header?17:41
mhall119dobey: if it's from a PageStack you can use onCurrentPageChanged17:43
dobeymhall119: it's from inside a Loader inside a Flickable, inside a qml file that is loaded and embedded in online-accounts-ui :-/17:45
dobeyonline-accounts creates a new empty account when it loads our plugin, but for some reason it's not deleting that account when back is pressed. we were working around this by connecting up to the back button in the old toolbar, but the switch to new headers broke that :-/17:46
mhall119dobey: that seems like the wrong approach, you should be responding to the screen with the account losing focus or visibility17:48
mhall119but, this sounds more like a question for Kaleo, he understands that stuff better than I do17:49
dobeywell really, i shouldn't be doing anything. online-accounts-ui should do it17:49
dobeyshould delete the account it created, that is17:49
dobeyi'm not sure why it's sticking around actually17:49
dobeyi just know how it was worked around before, and noticed that the new header switch broke that17:49
dobeyoh joy. and it lokos like all the other plug-ins just exit/crash when i try to add any accounts ohter than u1, on my n4 :)17:51
awe_sergiusens, was a thumbnail in the message-indicator ( or snap decision ) ever discussed?  If I send a MMS w/out text, the notification and message indicator just show an the caller-id17:58
awe_well...the message-indicator also shows the time/date17:58
dobeywhere the heck does stderr/stdout of system-settings and online-accounts-ui go on the phone?17:59
awe_sergiusens, fyi I re-closed the nuntium & messaging-app tasks for the AT&T bug, couldn't reproduce...18:00
ahayzen_dobey,  ~/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-ubuntu-system-settings-.log ?18:01
dobeyahayzen_: thanks18:05
sergiusensawe_: that's a salem_ question; I don't have the designs; I just get the requests that he needs to get them done.18:08
salem_awe_, we discussed that with designers already. it is in our todo list.18:10
salem_awe_, but we dont have support for thumbnails in notifications or messaging-menu, so we will describe with a short text what was received in the mms.18:11
awe_salem_, ok thanks!18:17
dobeybah. QT_NO_DEBUG. no wonder i am not getting any log messages :(18:21
dobeywhich is also kind of weird, considering i do see a single qDebug() message getting printed. but none of the others i expected :-/18:22
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acleansheetDoes anyone know when all apps will be downloadable on Ubuntu phone?18:49
awe_sergiusens, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/powerd/+bug/134785618:54
ubot5Launchpad bug 1347856 in powerd (Ubuntu) "powerd doesn't turn on screen for incomimg MMS messages" [High,Confirmed]18:54
awe_sergiusens, powerd listens for IncomingMessage/ImmediateMessage signals18:55
awe_which aren't generated for MMS messages18:55
awe_is there a nuntium interface and appropriate signal for powerd to monitor for MMS messages?18:56
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sergiusensawe_: a dbus signal or such?19:17
sergiusensawe_: MessageAdded could be a good candidate; that's what telepathy ofono tracks. Not sure it would be too early though19:19
sergiusensawe_: why don't we just track notification bubles? should solve a potential issue for any of the cases19:20
awe_sergiusens, sure...notifications seem reasonable to me, although I don't know much about the API19:29
sergiusensawe_: I think rsalveti recalls his days with notify-osd, he can help19:36
sergiusensbut it's most likely a method_call and not a signal19:36
sergiusenswould need to check that19:36
awe_sergiusens, I just created the bug.  Will discuss tomorrow during the stand-up19:37
awe_I have other things I need to clear from my plate19:37
rsalvetiwe don't want the system to be up for any notification necessarily19:38
rsalvetialso, that's on power basically to keep the device awake19:38
sergiusensrsalveti: why not?19:38
rsalvetiand not to wake up the device, that's done by kernel/rild via a short wakelock19:39
sergiusensrsalveti: if it can do things in the background (system service), and wants to osd something; it certainly should be allowed19:39
rsalvetiwe first need to see if in this case the system is indeed going up once a new message is in19:39
rsalvetisergiusens: we don't want anyone to control or access that19:39
rsalvetiotherwise you could change it to always request a suspend blocker19:40
sergiusensrsalveti: well I'm not saying access; just have powerd track notify-osd19:40
rsalvetibut knowing the amount of issues we had with notify-osd itself, I'd not add anything in there19:40
rsalvetipowerd shouldn't track these services19:40
rsalvetipower should only track services that are responsible for bringing up the device from suspend19:41
sergiusensrsalveti: I'm not in the internals; not sure it should track nuntium either; ofono surely knows when it gets a push, as it shoves it to nuntium19:41
rsalvetiwhen that's not the case, the app should request a suspend blocker19:41
rsalvetiwonder why ofono is not sending any signal in this case19:42
rsalvetiis it sending any signal on incoming mms?19:43
sergiusensrsalveti: it's not a signal, it's a method_call19:43
rsalvetior just sending stuff directly to nuntium?19:43
sergiusensrsalveti: that's why I mentioned the ofono/mms stuff is convoluted19:43
sergiusensrsalveti: when nuntium launches, it registers an agent against ofono and then ofono calls a service I need to create19:44
sergiusensthe service, being an agent19:44
rsalvetiso it's not sending any sort of signal19:44
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: nuntium should probably tell powerd when it gets that push19:44
sergiusensit could easily just spawn a signal and make everyones life easier19:45
ChickenCutlassvia a dbus signal19:45
rsalvetia signal would be enough19:45
ChickenCutlasssorry to jump in19:45
sergiusensChickenCutlass: well if powerd tracks signals; it should be MessageAdded19:45
sergiusenswhich is what I mentioned in the bug19:45
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: I forget what powerd already listens for19:45
sergiusensChickenCutlass: powerd listens for IncomingMessage/ImmediateMessage signals19:46
ChickenCutlasssergiusens: so if we added MessageAdded we would be good19:47
sergiusensChickenCutlass: I don't like signals as it means we can activate the screen when the osd has already been displayed though19:47
sergiusensChickenCutlass: yup; as good as it has been for the other things19:47
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mzanetticwayne: pushed an update to the app. hope you like it19:53
cwaynemzanetti: how many beers is this gonna cost me :P19:54
mzanetticwayne: lets see if the update works for you first19:55
mzanettistill needs to go through the qa queue19:56
mzanettiwant a click package?19:56
cwaynemzanetti: sure!19:56
mzanetticwayne: http://notyetthere.org/data/com.ubuntu.developer.mzanetti.tagger_0.3.0_armhf.click19:56
cwaynemzanetti: ah, much better :D19:59
cwaynelike, at least 2 beers worth :P19:59
mzanettiworks for me :)19:59
cwaynemzanetti: but really, thank you, this is a huge help :)20:01
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mzanettino worries. happy to help out20:02
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balloonsmardy, ping20:35
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