maps|wrkyay think iv got strongswan working with ios00:28
penguin42what size hammer did you need?00:29
maps|wrkyay its working00:29
maps|wrki was getting confused by xauth-generic and how to enable the plugin00:29
maps|wrkall i had to do was install strongswan-plugin-xauth-generic00:29
maps|wrki was making it harder than needed00:30
mappshey MooDoo05:48
mappslive near cornwall? go find some lego05:48
MartijnVdSfree lego!05:50
mappsanyone been legoland05:51
mappsuk or dk one05:51
mappscan anyone help me06:03
mappsspent ages setting up strongswan..it works well connects06:03
mappsbut no internet through it..ive enabled ip forwarding and got a masquerade iptables rule06:04
Myrttitoday in UUK's nature photography https://www.flickr.com/search/?tags=fensproblems&sort=relevance&user_id=78835633%40N0007:05
mappshotel hells back yay07:08
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.07:22
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jujharmsg NickServ IDENTIFY jujhars13 gHY70XrKMh08:21
MooDoojujhars13: change your password, you pasted that into the channel08:23
jujhars13i know08:24
jujhars13sorry, me being a noob08:24
jujhars13I generated a new one - thanks08:24
MooDoojujhars13: lol don't worry :)08:24
DJonesI hate to say this, but can somebody turn the sun down a bit09:16
DJonesMedium roast instead of hot roast would do09:16
Myrttiit's overcast over here and I'm happy09:19
dogmatic69_just turn it off09:19
foobarryis it nice out?09:25
foobarryi can't see a window09:25
MooDooyea it's nice here in notts09:26
MooDooin fact I've just opened the window09:27
DJonesI always wish that on the weather forecast, they'd also give the temperature in the sun and not just in the shade as normal09:29
Myrttioh you mean something like this09:30
Myrtti[09:28:45] <@Myrtti> .weather PE282TL09:30
Myrtti[09:28:46] < pohjantahti> , United Kingdom: Temperature: 20.9°C, feels like: 21.8°C, wind: 2.1  m/s, humidity: 85%, pressure: 1022 hPa, cloudiness: 24%09:30
Laneygood old PE2809:31
DJonesMyrtti: Not sure if that shows the difference, that seems like its just taking the air temperature in the shade and adjusting for a rise due to the wind, full sun temperatures can be a fair bit higher (5-10C)09:33
Myrttiprobably yeah09:33
LaneyI remember when we got renamed from PE17 5 to PE28 409:34
Laneyhalcyon days09:34
DJonesAt the end of last week driving up to hospital, the car's gauge was showing about 28C, once we stopped and parked up in full sun, the gauge went up to 38C09:35
MyrttiLaney: you're that close by?09:37
LaneyMyrtti: not any more09:37
Laneyparents are though09:37
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javohi there13:01
diddledanthat was a quick day13:03
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)13:07
foobarryneed jelly sweets13:08
Myrttimeh, nobody has done an irssi ppa yet...13:11
javoDunno if any of you were here thwn, but days ago a was in despair about a crash in my 14.04 after actualizing the  ubuntu-base package13:13
javono network, no sound, no graphic card13:14
bigcalmpopey: ddrescue to copy old drive to new drive, gparted to resize the new drive partition. Worked a treat, didn't have to install a new boot loader13:15
javoWell, today I've found the sollution.... easy, almost obvious, like the hidden note in Poe's tale13:15
bigcalmAh, popey is on holiday13:16
daftykinsbigcalm: was that the drive that was going bad?13:59
bigcalmdaftykins: I don't have any drives going bad. Just very full drives14:08
daftykinsah ok, must've been someone else14:09
bigcalmI've only ever had 1 SSD go wonky on me before and that was some time ago14:10
diplodaftykins, twas me :)14:13
daftykinsany progress yet sir?14:14
diploWell someone I knows lappy :)14:14
diploI've told them it's broke, they cost this new.. that was Wednesday I think last week :)14:14
diploSo I'm guessing they don't want it fixed or they're busy14:14
daftykinsi had a really interesting one with a friends girlfriends PC, she works from home on it so it behaving is quite important14:14
daftykinsi'd been watching the SMART info which was racking up the value in an ECC correcting field as well as the 'Read Error Rate' one14:15
daftykinsif you tried to do more than one thing at once, due to low RAM in the system too, it'd be so incredibly painful to use14:15
daftykinssort of 30+ seconds to run a text editor14:15
diplothat sucks :/14:16
diploI see most newer laptops actually have a fairly decent amount of ram, all the ones I get are Vista with 1gb ram!14:16
daftykinsit was a natty little Dell with an early sandybridge i3 ~2100, so no slouch. an SSD popped in and weeeee \o/14:16
daftykinshaha, damned Vista14:16
awilkinsSSDs in a particular niche have been far more reliable than spinny rust14:24
awilkinsThat's in my external caddy for work <-> home office transit14:24
awilkinsi) They are shock tolerant14:25
awilkinsii) They don't kill the rubbish power electronics in external caddy controllers as much as spinny rust does14:25
awilkinsThe power surge that a spinning drive does on startup apparently taxes the cheap drive controllers in external caddies until they start to die14:26
awilkinsBecause I had to replace the caddy about as much as the drive when I was using them14:26
awilkinsVery happy with an SSD in a combo eSATA / USB box though14:27
awilkinsNice 3.5" bay for my desktop at home as well14:27
awilkinsAnd I have quite hefty data loads  on those SSDs and they've not expired from use yet14:28
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daftykinsah this is so much easier the second time around14:35
daftykins(now that it's me doing the whole job :D - iPhone 4 disassembly)14:36
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mappsThey chargedmy card 400 quid and didnt even tell me15:21
mapps'just put a card down to secure reservation'15:21
mappsyea nice one15:21
foobarrywho? strip club?15:23
foobarryno reputable establishment would do such a thing15:24
mappsriga apartment15:26
mappsput me off using booking.com again tbh15:34
mappsno emails telling me nothing..i chose to pay cash on arrival15:34
funkyHatmapps: I've used booking.com several times, had no problem cancelling a booking after putting my card details down16:14
funkyHatI'm pretty sure they hold the card details and don't give them to the hotel16:15
funkyHatmapps: oh, I didn't read far enough up to see the bit where you say they charged. Dodgy.16:15
funkyHatmapps: someone in #ubuntu-offtopic works for them and may be able to look into it for you16:16
funkyHatLast night I used 'cheapoair' to book flights and car hire... hopefully nothing goes wrong D;16:21
mappswhee u going16:27
daftykinsmapps: sorry, saw your message last night but it was waaaay past my bedtime :>16:48
daftykinsjust taken apart that iPhone 4 again to replace the power button, all fixed \o/16:48
mappsi hate taking iphones apart tbh16:49
daftykinsit went really smoothly this time16:50
daftykinswhich is great because there's a bit of dirt right in front of the front facing camera i'll have to clean =|16:50
mappsi need to get a new touchpad for this rv52016:51
mappsso annoying with it having broken16:51
mappsi could just use a mouse i guess16:51
daftykinscan't believe this whole tool set and replacement cost me £2.9916:55
mappsswan and openvpn on my box16:55
mappsopenvpn was fine until that ios issue which i cant find any help with16:56
daftykinsbut all working with strongswan now?16:56
mappsiphone 5 connected atm16:57
mappsand hopefully it wont disconnect when phone auto locks16:57
mappsthat was the only issue i had with openVPN16:57
mappsgonna leave both running16:57
mappsthat show the strain is cool17:02
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daftykinswhat's that about?17:05
mappsvampire show17:20
mappsan outbreak thing17:20
mappsfx show..really good :D17:20
MattJSomeone... recommend a stack for DIY dyndns17:29
daftykinsMattJ: switch to noip ;)17:53
MattJI'm done with third parties17:54
MattJI used noip a long time ago17:54
MattJI need wildcard subdomains17:54
daftykinsi see18:09
gebbioneanyone uses anacron? i would like to understand how i should set up things such that anacron crons stdout is logged somewhere as it looks like at the moment it is not loggin in syslog18:31
arsendaftykins  \o/18:54
funkyHatgebbione: if you install a MTA, postfix for example, the output of your cron jobs will be emailed to you19:01
daftykinsarsen: what-o sir, how be tricks?19:10
davmor2daftykins: the What-o-sir sounds like an invention from Wallace and Grommit19:11
daftykinswho knows what this brain absorbs19:12
arsengood thankye. busybusy, new job soon.19:16
arsenjust attempting to figure out what's up with my lappy. out of the blue it's decided i'm no longer allowed to do anything after i log in :D19:16
daftykinsarsen: O_O mac?19:17
daftykinsand job hopping again eh, crikey19:17
arsennegatory, dell xps m1330 - ubuntu.19:18
daftykinshell i can't talk, still not got a proper one \o/19:18
foobarryanyanyone with a 9yr old son in yr4 wanna do some market research and get ££19:18
arseni probably hit "yes" whilst drunk on "do you want to install updates you dont need and will break your gfx?" :((19:18
daftykinsi've just been given a core 2 duo macbook, an ubuntu running HP laptop and an iPad19:26
daftykinswell not given given :D19:26
daftykinsbut to transfer data from ubuntu to the MBP, then get the pics doing their iCloud magic19:26
arsentempted to buy an ipad mini in a week or so, i miss my old ipad but it was uncomfortably heavy for reading19:26
daftykinshaha you should try my HP Touchpad - you need a robot arm to hold that thing up19:27
arsenbut i'll be back on a MBP very shortly, i just kinda want my laptop to hold out as my infront-of-the-tv device.19:27
arsenwould be awesome for it to not break itself, this seems to be a regular with ubuntu :/ lol.19:27
* penguin42 did spend a while gawping at a Samsung 12.2" protab in the shop the other day - it's a glorious display; fortunately I'm too tight to buy it19:27
arsenim in the US for a few weeks, ipad mini is some stupid percentage cheaper there19:28
daftykinslol 723 updates available19:28
daftykinsshe wasn't kidding when she said she doesn't do updates19:28
daftykinspenguin42: :D19:29
arsensneaky suspicion my laptop has been updated and sat without reboot for a while, causing this problem im suffering. would be nice if there was a "undo last update" command19:29
daftykinsare you getting wallpaper+mouse pointer then nothing else of your DE?19:31
arsenblack screen, cursor, nothing else.19:31
arseninterestingly, i discovered the other day my friend works for canonical @:o19:32
arsenso, nvidia/xserver/driver reinstall doesnt do anything to fix. hmph19:33
daftykinscan you get to a TTY?19:33
daftykinsinstall pastebinit and "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" :O19:33
arsenooh clever.19:34
arseni think in my new job im gona be here a lot more :)19:34
daftykinsthough you might have to be on wired i guess, as command line wireless would be a pain19:34
arsenonce settled in you should visit when you're about.19:34
daftykins:D sounds good19:34
daftykinsi could always use a stone closer to London as an excuse to help visit a certain lady friend in the area ;)19:35
daftykinsshame the boss doesn't have his place anymore, that was handy19:35
arsenwell, im still working in the city, but i live earlsfield way these days. new job is in a fancy new office :)19:36
daftykinsno more cycle commute? :O19:37
arsenyeah i cycle every day still - doesnt stop my gut growing though xD19:37
arsen~16miles a day19:38
daftykins103 - [    10.740] (WW) Warning, couldn't open module nvidia19:38
arsenyeah just installing that again, will re-run/test19:38
daftykinslooks like it's put a new kernel on perhaps and not generated the module for it19:38
arsencorrect, my bad though, rather than ubuntus. was broken irrespective of that :D19:39
daftykins^_^ is it really an nvidia-only laptop, or a funky intel on-die and nvidia chip hybrid - aka nvidia optimus?19:39
arseni believe it's nvidia - 8400M GS i think.19:40
daftykinsooh ok old school19:40
arsenyeah its a .. well, its crap. i just found it in a cupboard and it has been my sofa-friend for a year now :(19:41
arsenstill miss my old mac air 11, but new job gives me a new mac pro, so that'l make me happy again.19:41
arsenroyally screwed it now xD19:43
daftykinsugh why is the Finder refusing to copy this persons pics from my NTFS formatted external HDD19:43
daftykins'item already exists with name' - no it doesn't!19:44
funkyHatUse rsync19:44
arsenthat is strange, daftykins19:44
daftykinsman this thing still has a 160GB mechanical HDD, nasty19:45
arseni think mine does too.19:45
arsensomeone pointed out an old small ibm to me the other day -found them on ebay cheapo. looks nice.19:45
maps|wrkhi all19:45
maps|wrkaha dafty19:46
maps|wrkmaybe you can help19:46
daftykinsah yes native rsync, now to remember the basic syntax to do this file copy19:46
maps|wrkquite annoying , i got strongswan working using cert + key and XAUTH password right - but its DOING THE SAME THING when my phone locks it loses VPN connection and doesnt auto reconnect19:46
maps|wrki want it to stay perm connected or reconnect19:47
arsenlenovo x220 it was. not bad for the cash.19:47
maps|wrkthis is the same issue i had with openvpn:(19:47
arsenit dies when you LOCK the phone, or when it times out?19:47
maps|wrkwell, it seems that when the phone auto locks it kills the connection?19:48
maps|wrkive turned auto lock to never to see what happens19:48
maps|wrknope iOS19:48
arsenwhich client?19:48
maps|wrkand i had the exact same issue with openVPN which was why i switched to strongswan19:48
daftykinsmaybe it's an Apple regression / thing19:48
maps|wrkusing ios inbuilt vpn connection19:48
arseni think its the wifi thats the problem then - doesnt wifi turn off when phone locks?19:49
arsenbut presumably it'd reconnect on unlock :s19:50
maps|wrknah this is on 3g19:50
maps|wrkand it doesnt reconnect when you unlock19:50
maps|wrkive left it unlocked and just seeing if it keeps connection19:50
maps|wrkbut does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this; and how to rectify it, anything,19:51
daftykinsfunkyHat: thanks for that... seems to be chugging along, odd that it trips up with a graphical copy!19:51
maps|wrkive enabled mobike mobike=yes in ipsec.conf19:51
maps|wrkcant see anything i can do server side to fix this19:51
funkyHatdaftykins: np :) OSX's rsync is *slightly* incompatible with GNU rsync so I brew install it but that won't affect you for a local copy obviously19:54
daftykinsweirdly rsync is echoing a path to me that's not visible in Finder19:54
funkyHatI think calling it gnu rsync is nonsense actually...19:54
daftykinsMavericks seems to have obfuscated any kind of "show hidden files" option? :)19:54
funkyHatYeah, there isn't one as far as I know19:55
maps|wrkso now with the phone with no auto locks..vpn staying connected19:55
daftykinsmaps|wrk: i don't have the slightest clue with that one i'm afraid, no experience with VPNs, limited Apple use and so on19:55
diddledanhmm, how did that end up in my spambox? Qasly Rmutr wants to transact with me a small nest egg of 23.2trillion US Dollars19:55
funkyHatdiddledan: good job you spotted it!19:56
diddledanhe wrote it as US$23200000.00Million, however19:56
daftykinsthat's a lot of dorrah19:56
diddledanhans brix would be proud, as would kim jong il19:57
diddledanin other news, is anyone else so ronery?19:57
arsenhm, so bumblebee also gives blackscreen/cursor19:58
maps|wrkhave you got an android device daftykins ?19:58
daftykinsarsen: don't think you're running optimus tech to make use of bumblebee though sir, if i were you i'd "apt-get remove --purge nvidia*" to hopefully revert to nouveau then see how that goes19:59
maps|wrkcare to try my vpn on your droid whenm you have a sec? just to see if it works right on yours19:59
maps|wrkwhen locking etc19:59
daftykinsarsen: if you could "lspci | pastebinit" that'd help confirm that's an nvidia only graphics setup we're dealing with :>19:59
daftykinsmaps|wrk: yeah i've got a spare i could fiddle with, though yeah think i'm gonna do food first :D20:00
daftykinsforgotten the time as always O_O20:00
maps|wrkthanks mate, m essage me when you got the time:D cheers20:00
daftykinswill do!20:01
daftykinsugh rsync warning: some files vanished before they could be transferred20:01
penguin42you didn't want them anyway20:02
daftykinsdestination size is actually larger than the source, more files too O_O20:03
daftykinsi'm gonna call that a success.20:03
arsenwonder if the old 173 driver works20:03
daftykinsarsen: yeah for something that old i'd stick to nouveau sir, purge that nvidia* !20:03
daftykinsi'm getting really irritated by my das keyboard dropping 's - that's right, o's20:04
arseni gots a filco :o20:04
funkyHatdaftykins: run it again with --delete to make them the same size20:04
daftykinsooo <-- meant to be 520:04
penguin42daftykins: It just drops them?20:04
daftykinspenguin42: yeah i have t hit the key a few times t get an o =|20:05
daftykinsas you can see from that sentence >_<20:05
* penguin42 uses Model M's - but I do feel it occasionally loses a character but it's difficult to tell if that's just my fast but chaotic typing20:05
penguin42daftykins: oh20:05
daftykins:D i did clean it up and it resolved my issues with dropped s's, a's and e's20:05
penguin42daftykins: It sounds like you've got a duff o key then20:05
funkyHatUsually when one of my keys doesn't work properly I just need to press it really hard to dislodge the crumb that's stuck under it20:05
penguin42daftykins: Is it a membrane job?20:06
diddledaninsane in the membrane20:06
arseni thought DAs was a mechcanical keyboard?: o20:06
daftykinspenguin42: the das is a blue cherry switch mechanical20:07
penguin42daftykins: It sounds like you broke your cherry20:07
arsenguest account works20:07
* arsen removes monitors.xml20:07
penguin42daftykins: either that or maybe solder problems on the bottom of the key?20:07
directhexpenguin42: ibm model m has a shitty controller, with very little key rollover. i'd expect lost characters20:07
daftykinsarsen: which 'buntu is on thar?20:07
daftykinsand standard unity job?20:08
daftykinssir you're EOL! :)20:08
arsenneg, flashback20:08
penguin42directhex: It probably doesn't help that it's a PS/2-usb controller as well20:08
daftykinsi'd rather PS/2 native \o/20:08
penguin42actually, thinking about it - it IS PS/2 native today - native on my home machine, converter when I run it on my work laptop20:08
funkyHatGirlfriend and her guest are watching the opening ceremony. Seriously cringey20:09
arsenand yeah, EOL daftykins :( wasnt expecting it to just die on me though :D20:09
maps|wrkceremony of what20:10
funkyHatCommonwealth Games20:10
funkyHatI was totally unaware it was even on20:10
daftykinsfunkyHat: this really is quirky, --delete tells me 3 "file has vanished" and yet i don't see them listed in Finder on the source external disk. i have no idea how they can disappear XD20:11
arsenwish i had tried that earlier20:11
daftykinsit's also now tripped up on an IO error 020:11
arsenso my guest account works fine, my user gives me a black screen. probably isnt nvidia xD20:11
daftykinsconfound you 'o'!20:11
diddledandaftykins: have you tried in the terminal?20:12
daftykinsarsen: yeah silly me, i dove straight past that you were making it to X fine20:12
penguin42oh that's weird20:12
arsenFact - Jason Statham was a diver in the 1990 commonwealth games.20:12
penguin42Virgin have just sent me a thing saying now you're on faster broadband why not change your wifi password to make it easier to share20:13
daftykinsdiddledan: viewing? yep just confirmed they don't show up20:13
* SuperEngineer is confuse. if I ask rythymbox to open a converted cassette to mp3 file it wants to download 20Mb og i386 addons#!20:13
daftykinspenguin42: perhaps you should change it to your house name/number ;)20:13
funkyHatdaftykins: I have vague suspicions that OSX's filesystem support outside of HFS is more flakey than they let on20:13
* SuperEngineer is on a 64 bit machine - & VLC deals with the files AOK20:14
daftykinsfunkyHat: :D copying via NTFS was probably not wise20:14
arsenwhich ntfs driver do you have daftykins ?20:14
daftykinswell this is just the clients' macbook20:14
funkyHatI'm thinking about trying UFS when I get a new USB hard drive20:14
daftykinsso stock mavericks20:14
arseni used to use osx/ntfs extensively  (definitely rsyncing etc), never had issues20:14
arsenah. hm.20:14
diddledandaftykins: if the files are there then rsync will try to copy. if they're not then it won't - finder will hide certain files such as those beginning with a .20:15
arsendoes NTFS-3G still work?20:15
diddledanarsen: no20:15
arsenarh :<20:15
SuperEngineer...& why aren't y'all listening to UUPC podcast? ;)20:15
diddledanSuperEngineer: link?20:15
daftykinsthis MBP is really ramping up the fans20:15
* funkyHat doesn't do podcasts really20:15
SuperEngineerdiddledan: #uupc20:15
SuperEngineer[the rest is in the /title20:16
diddledanI can listen via irc?!20:16
arsenhttp://podcast.ubuntu-uk.org:8000/uupc.mp3 -< is what i found20:16
daftykinsarsen: apologies for the misleading approach anywho! i think that xsession errors file might be more handy for what's up with your account, although these guys will be able to advise better since i don't even use desktop 'buntu20:16
SuperEngineerthnks arsen20:16
arsendaftykins  - no probs, you arent expected to immediately solve all problems :p20:16
arseni rarely touch anything desktopy in the linux world, aside from my TV laptop.20:17
arsenwell, as in - i dont do anything other than use it for SA tasks, and work = centos, sadly.20:17
daftykinsi sense this macbooks vents need a clean20:17
* directhex now has a MBP20:17
daftykinsooh-err CentOS20:17
daftykinsdirecthex: choice?!20:17
arsenooh directhex - is that your first?20:18
directhexdaftykins: sort of. everyone at the company has apple laptops, and it's generally very useful to have similar tech to your co-workers, for access to things like spare chargers20:18
* funkyHat has rMBP. Feels dirty.20:18
directhexLinux marceline 3.13.0-24-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 10 19:11:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux20:19
daftykinsdirecthex: very true20:20
arsenthese days lots of smart people use apple stuff, so life as a sysadmin with a mac isnt as terrible an idea as it once may have been.20:20
directhexi'm not a sysadmin any more20:20
directhexi'm an engineer20:20
arsenwhat are you engineering? i think my job title involved 'engineer', i tend to build stuff rather than monitor it.20:21
* penguin42 hands directhex an oily spanner20:21
funkyHatMy job title says 'Engineer' too20:21
daftykinswhoa, is this actually standard? this MBP has a kind of "flip latch" on the underside that popped open the HDD+battery compartment20:21
* SuperEngineer says =120:21
arsencrazy - a mac that lets you open it?!20:21
funkyHatdaftykins: I think so on some of the older ones yes20:22
* SuperEngineer is an engineer - [bet you'd never have guessed from the nick] but for me ... Brunell was an Enginner - not me20:22
funkyHatAlso removable RAM? Lucky ;P20:22
directhexwebcam no worky on linux :(20:23
diddledandirecthex: you need to pull the firmware out of os x20:23
penguin42SuperEngineer: For some reason I now have an image of you in a big tall hat20:23
directhexdiddledan: not on macbookpro11,x20:23
directhexdiddledan: not supported, full stop20:23
diddledanoh :-(20:24
daftykinsoh yeah, there we go - typical totally clogged carpet between fan + heatpipe assembly20:24
daftykinsbest take pics so i can charge accordingly :P20:24
funkyHatdirecthex: is that the newer retina one?20:26
SuperEngineerpenguin42: yup - that's a compliment! I'll try it tomorrow & see how the customers react ;)20:26
directhexlatest model20:26
arseneugh - any ideas what config files would cause my flashback DE to fail to start.. works fine via guest user.20:26
foobarrythe internet loves popey20:29
foobarrywas googling a resizefs question http://www.redhat.com/archives/ext3-users/2011-June/msg00015.html20:29
foobarrytop 5 hit20:29
foobarryif i resize (shrink) a 3tb volume by 50GB, but there's only 20gb of files on it, will it still take ages?20:30
funkyHatfoobarry: which filesystem?20:30
funkyHat(The answer is 'probably yes' in any case, 'definitely yes' if NTFS)20:31
foobarryi've got some work to do this w/end20:31
foobarryall because i thought installing to usb would work ok20:32
penguin42foobarry: I doubt it'd take that long if it's that empty20:32
daftykinstypical dust buildup :>20:32
foobarryi'll backup and try it first20:32
foobarrynow i have to resize my data partition and install OS onto disk20:32
foobarry2 options: SW RAID the OS20:33
foobarryor install the OS onto spare 20GB disk and dd it as a nackup20:33
funkyHatYes. Do both20:36
funkyHat(except use some proper imaging tool rather than dd)20:36
arsenlovely, daftykins !20:36
daftykinsarsen: glad at least the MBPs are easy to work on :)20:37
arsensurprised it was that easyt to open! new gen mbp?20:37
daftykinsancient this one, core 2 duo20:38
daftykins'tis a 5,120:38
arsenseriously - why am i listening to this UUPC podcast.. i don't get the desire to inject 1940s wartime music into linux podcasts.20:38
Laneyhow about you consider turning it off20:39
directhexarsen: it's free.20:39
arseni did, Laney.20:39
Laneygreat success20:39
directhexarsen: 1940s wartime music is out of copyright, so can be used for musical bridges without paying a license fee20:39
arsenpartly why i put it on, directhex - interesting discussion. however this is a long music bridge...20:40
arsenhm, havent listened to linuxoutlaws for a while.20:40
Myrttimy solution is to not listen to any techie podcasts20:41
arsensome are tollerable, Myrtti :D20:41
Myrttimost of them are too long for my attention span20:42
Laneyhuh, it got mostly dark20:45
Laneyshould move inside20:45
arsenOk - so i get a blackscreen/cursor post login via lightdm, irrespective of xfce/gnomeflashback etc, but only on my user, guest account is fine. :/20:52
daftykinslook into that xsessionerrors file sir20:53
daftykinsi think it lives as a hidden in your ~20:53
arsenyeah not many clues20:54
arsen"dbus pre-start process terminated with status 2"20:54
arsenthe only error20:54
daftykinsdiddledan's your man ;)20:55
* arsen looks into .cache/upstart20:57
* daftykins goes to eat20:57
arsenwell that was ..fun. thanks upstart.20:59
arsenpermissions on files inside ~/.cache/upstart lacking +x, don't get why that would be.20:59
arsenmaybe i should now break it again with a dist-upgrade20:59
penguin42why should they have +x ?21:02
penguin42if they're not executable21:02
arsenpenguin42  - folder had 0600, should of been 0700 apparently. moved out the way, rebooted, cache was recreated with 070021:08
maps|wrkwhat tio do21:15
daftykinsmaps|wrk: o/21:43
daftykinsmaps|wrk: so any word on whether there's an app client for android, or?21:44
maps|wrkah sorry didnt see21:44
maps|wrkthere is21:44
arsenwow, dist upgrade is system heavy21:45
arseni could coook my bacon lardons on my cpu right now21:45
daftykinsarsen: how d'you mean? load or download size?21:46
arsensadly i already had a crap cheese sandwich21:46
arsenmy 60meg internet seemed to demolish the downloads pretty quickly, but the system load is ... well, irc is hard work right now21:46
daftykinsmaps|wrk: alright just got my spare messabout device on charge, so will give you a prod once it's up and installed21:47
* arsen wants to buy a 911 GT3 :<21:47
arsen(and somehow install ubuntu on it?!?)21:48
daftykinswouldn't be surprised if Canonical tries to get in on the new in-car scene Apple and Google are going for ;)21:49
arsenyeah an ex colleague is now the finance manager in the canonical office :o21:49
arsenor something like that.21:49
arsenlinkedin always turns up surprises.21:50
daftykinsreminds me, i wonder what the old girl decided to waste my time with on facebook this time21:55
daftykinsshe thinks the best way to point you to something is put your name in, so then the email comes through with absolutely no reference to what it's about21:56
daftykinsparents - know your limits!22:01
arsenany plans to be over on the mainland?22:02
daftykinsi do have a mate intending to do a house move from the Kensington and Chelsea area apparently, down toward Lewes (near Brighton) but he's not been in touch22:04
arsenim watching some wtf TV.. "Breaking the faith" .. about FLDS escaping kids..22:06
daftykinsi have a Thunderbirds episode on XD22:06
daftykinsso trying to train my cat up with this new electronic flap is head-against-wall bashingly challenging22:07
daftykinsshe sits 18 inches from it looking through the clear kitchen window going "wat"22:07
daftykins"what do you mean you held it open for me on the way out so i should know i can come back in too!?"22:07
arsenoh joy. laptop is back - but upgrade stayed22:10
maps|wrkdid it install?22:11
arsenstayed? failed..22:11
arsennow its rolling back :<22:11
diddledancan ubuntu rollback a failed upgrade safely?22:15
arsenwho knows.22:15
arsenthats what it said it was going to do..looking at the output it looks more like it's finishing the install22:15
arsenthis could be fun.22:15
diddledanI can't say I've ever witnessed such an event - many moons ago it just failed and left it there22:15
diddledanI haven't had a failed upgrade in a long time22:16
daftykins"dear diddledan, i broke things... have left for you to clean up, much amuse! - Ubuntu.22:16
diddledando-release-upgrade or the gui tend to get it right for me22:16
arsenyeah im using the gui.22:16
arsenfollowed the documentation, figured dist-upgrade is probably a thing of the past.22:17
maps|wrkdaftykins:  ?:D22:17
penguin42arsen: generally it's do-release-upgrade these days - it pulls in some separate fixes22:19
arsenhm, it says the upgrade completed but there were some errors.22:19
diddledanthat sounds scary22:19
diddledan"dear arsen, I broke things, but I don't know what.. have left for you to clean up, much amuse! - Ubuntu"22:20
arsenpretty much.22:20
penguin42arsen: Any particular errors?22:21
daftykinsmaps|wrk: phone still sat over there, will look22:26
daftykinsi always use dist-upgrade \o/22:26
arsenanywhere they'd be logged penguin42 ?22:27
* arsen looks22:28
penguin42arsen: well, probably /var/log/dist-upgrade maybe but I bet some of the other places in there22:28
penguin42arsen: Generally speaking it's best to remember error messages22:28
arsentbh as it claimed it was going to revert, i didnt pay much attention22:29
maps|wrkthanks :D22:30
penguin42arsen: In that case perhaps it has and you'll hit reset and find yourself still in the current version22:30
arsenworth a go22:31
maps|wrklet me kow when done daftykins  thanks22:31
arsencan always pull files off here i guess.22:31
arsenbrb, lets gamble.22:31
penguin42arsen: It was nice knowing you22:31
arsenit claims 14.04 :D22:32
arsenok, i've got a lovely fade-in effect on windows, that struggles to render.. best turn that off22:33
arsenmy screen looks sharper. hm.22:34
diddledanarsen: the upgrader downloaded some extra pixies to add to the ones already inside your monitor22:35
arsenyeah, ubuntu-pixel-injector22:35
diddledanmore pixies = more time to paint sharp edges22:35
arsengraet package.22:35
daftykinsmaps|wrk: plugged into lappy to charge \o/ got strongswan installed22:36
daftykinsgotta setup a profile hmm22:36
arsenlong time since i used strongswan :D22:36
daftykinsmaps|wrk: apparently i have to enter a gateway, user + pass22:37
daftykinsyeah maps wanted to fiddle with it so i offered to be the client ^_^22:37
diddledandaftykins: quickest and easiest hack evar22:37
daftykinsdiddledan: hmm?22:38
daftykinsaww yeah debut of Thunderbird 3 \o/22:38
daftykinswhat a nerd i am.22:38
daftykinsbut these 60s shows are so good XD22:38
diddledandaftykins: convincing maps|wrk to let you penetrate his network without touching any code22:39
maps|wrkaha ok22:39
maps|wrkbut wait22:39
diddledandaftykins: you're out of date we're on 31 now: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/22:40
daftykinslol too22:40
arseni watched an episode of the simpsons earlier22:41
arsenMarge basically raped Homer22:42
* penguin42 wonders if arsen lives in the same multiverse as the rest of us22:42
arsenshe became a body builder and forced him .. the next scene was him the morning after looking like a victim22:43
arsenpretty funny22:43
arsenneedless to say, dont do a google video search for that. trust me.22:46
daftykinsarsen: got this old HTC One X+ nvidia tegra3 device from my mum, unlocked the bootloader via HTC and put cyanogenmod on, damn does it fly now compared to all that HTC tosh :D22:53

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