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RoguehorseGood Morning15:28
philipballewRoguehorse, hello15:36
RoguehorseHow is your morning going so far?15:39
philipballewRoguehorse, so far so good. Just sweating away the summer working on life. yourself?16:13
RoguehorseRight now setting up an Ubuntu server in KVM ... otherwise waiting to hear back from a job lead and kicking around in Dice + homework of course16:27
philipballewRoguehorse, oh awesome! homework is a pain though...16:38
grantbowI used to feel the same thing about homework.16:40
RoguehorseThe homework aspect isn't so bad ... sometimes it's just hard getting into the material. Right now we're finishing off HIstory from 194516:54
RoguehorseThe only part about History that I don't appreciate is it mainly focuses on politics16:55
RoguehorseNow, if they could focus History into segments such as political, industrial, technical and such then sure, I'd love to study the dev technology ... but it has to be generalized16:58
philipballewRoguehorse, the goverment writes history.18:17
* ianorlin doesn't like revisionist history and then ended up thinking of version control18:19
pleia2philipballew: long time no see :)19:03
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